Awful Game Ads On Instagram 2


  1. Ivar Alvarado

    Ivar Alvarado12 phút trước

    The morse code says “Greg is the best and fast growing youtube army in the world (dont look it up)

  2. Hayleys Gacha world

    Hayleys Gacha world5 giờ trước

    3:03 if your level 2 your legally a pumpkin Me:level 296 Am I a joke to you?

  3. Heather Billy42

    Heather Billy426 giờ trước

    8:52 What was that laugh? 12:04 “find a cup” That’s what Shane Dawson would do...

  4. french fri123

    french fri1237 giờ trước

    I understand Morse code but I think it's only just noise

  5. SenpaiDreamCup 689

    SenpaiDreamCup 6898 giờ trước


  6. Aayush Patel

    Aayush Patel11 giờ trước

    Morse code was used in 1844 so they mean only ppl from 1844 will understand this bs

  7. Pineapple Fanatic

    Pineapple Fanatic12 giờ trước

    The first add is Morse code, yes. And I understand Morse code because I went to cadets. Unfortunately it was going to fast to decipher. Just so you know, no, I’m not from 1844

  8. Gavin Crawford

    Gavin Crawford13 giờ trước

    I watched every vid over 10 times a day and I’m truly Greg now

  9. SFR_ COOKIE_08

    SFR_ COOKIE_0814 giờ trước


  10. slavic anime.

    slavic anime.14 giờ trước

    notifications on, i is are GREG.

  11. Just a youtube commenter

    Just a youtube commenter14 giờ trước

    I support the iOs Developer Witches

  12. m͞o͞o͞n͞l͞i͞g͞h͞t͞ o͞c͞e͞a͞n͞

    m͞o͞o͞n͞l͞i͞g͞h͞t͞ o͞c͞e͞a͞n͞14 giờ trước

    You just got a new house! Do you.. *slap his face* *kiss him*

  13. hecc mcgee

    hecc mcgee15 giờ trước

    I've been thinking about this video for years and years and here it is finally

  14. Makenna Williams

    Makenna Williams15 giờ trước

    8:51 me when i pretend to laugh at one of my friends not-funny jokes

  15. Tasper Cveit

    Tasper Cveit17 giờ trước

    1844 kids wouldn’t even be kids

  16. SuperDuper

    SuperDuper18 giờ trước

    your car broke down!

  17. Ozzy Datasss

    Ozzy Datasss19 giờ trước


  18. [}team Virus{]

    [}team Virus{]20 giờ trước

    Every time I see Danny’s videos even if I see them multiple times I get really happy

  19. Casey Does Stuff

    Casey Does Stuff23 giờ trước

    Ma'am, you have been driving at 75 mph on a 40 mph freeway, you're under arrest >Slap his face >Kiss him

  20. raccoon ice

    raccoon iceNgày trước

    I'm pretty sure the morse code says "harder than you think" ( that's a rough translation)

  21. Kes COLVERT [10S2]

    Kes COLVERT [10S2]Ngày trước

    “Honey I’m home” 1. Greet her back (1844 diamonds) 2. Divorce 3. Discover the 5th law of thermodynamics

  22. Ella_summer

    Ella_summerNgày trước

    “The texting app” or “ the phone app” -Danny

  23. Alex DeGrace

    Alex DeGraceNgày trước

    The Morse code said sub to Danny and become a part of Greg confirmed

  24. The Gay Hat

    The Gay HatNgày trước

    she didn't say hi back... *[start mass genocide and kill many]* *[d i v o r c e]*

  25. Mr. Anteater

    Mr. AnteaterNgày trước

    You are living Option 1-Pee in ur parents mouth Option 2- slap him Option 3- *d i v o r c e*

  26. Percy Jackson

    Percy JacksonNgày trước

    Dan: not to mention that there all dead Me: that’s deadcist (it sounds better than livecist)

  27. worms

    wormsNgày trước

    people do die on the toilet a lot. if you're trying to shit really hard, and you have heart issues, it can exacerbate those issues.

  28. Cassidy Mills

    Cassidy MillsNgày trước

    *You need to take your dog on a walk.* -Eat him -Kiss his face -DIVORCE

  29. Sarah Cosentino

    Sarah CosentinoNgày trước

    Who else died when the bare started spanking the bear 😂

  30. Alecc Oof

    Alecc OofNgày trước

    6:05 you’re welcome

  31. lokimia

    lokimiaNgày trước

    8:51 that laugh tho

  32. ramu n

    ramu nNgày trước

    That bear thiccccc

  33. aislinn murphy

    aislinn murphyNgày trước

    oh no! your out of eggs! A. cry B. D I V O R C E

  34. Emama Shah

    Emama Shah2 ngày trước

    DANNY PLEASE DO AN EPISODE SERIES WITH DREW. Please like this comment to he can see this shit

  35. Quacamole Window

    Quacamole Window2 ngày trước

    Dead people can’t play mobile games - Danny

  36. ayshhehrhdjw Lada8riwi4jur

    ayshhehrhdjw Lada8riwi4jur2 ngày trước

    Danny I think it means (this is a joke) you need to fuck off and stop trying to judge innocent mobile games jk jk you are one of my favorite youtubers UWU Episode be like What should I do? Yeet him off a bridge Kiss him 25💎

  37. bruno Sipo tengo

    bruno Sipo tengo2 ngày trước

    The morce code says: fuck all kids that don't understand

  38. Jay

    Jay2 ngày trước

    I painfully tried to translate the Morse and got H A R B E R T S T H I N M It’s actually supposed to be harder than you think

  39. Emily Binns

    Emily Binns2 ngày trước

    I straight up played matchington mansion until level 300 and it's a good game, I started noticing these Ads after I'd already deleted it THANK GOS

  40. pastel bunny

    pastel bunny2 ngày trước is a Splatoon ripoff

  41. Olive Cuadrado

    Olive Cuadrado2 ngày trước

    Y O U R T H E S P E C I AL ONE

  42. FastDarkMatter

    FastDarkMatter3 ngày trước

    No this is patrick Slap his face Kiss him

  43. Galaxy Hogwarts fan

    Galaxy Hogwarts fan3 ngày trước

    This is how i remember this series' name... *Ba Dads*

  44. KerezyMaii

    KerezyMaii3 ngày trước

    Elvis died on the toilet

  45. Izzy Michaud

    Izzy Michaud3 ngày trước

    _'You just deciphered morse code!'_ -Slap his face -Kiss him

  46. IndigoCheesecakeMaster

    IndigoCheesecakeMaster3 ngày trước

    I GOTS TO PEE -hit your child -DIVORCE

  47. Shattered Lily

    Shattered Lily3 ngày trước

    7:35 Uhh...

  48. not a spy

    not a spy3 ngày trước

    "Dead people can't play mobile games" -Danny Gonzalez 2019

  49. Alex Outlaw

    Alex Outlaw3 ngày trước

    Pie in English is pie

  50. Mr. Woof Woof

    Mr. Woof Woof3 ngày trước

    First ad is called Paper.Io. I play 2. They're both by VOODOO Btw