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Bad Day at Work Compilation 2017 || Best Funny Work Fails Compilation 2017


  1. Mark Henderson

    Mark Henderson13 giờ trước

    You would think the woman at 2:52 was witnessing a terrorist attack with that scream JESUS CHICKEN

  2. Andrew

    Andrew2 ngày trước

    i swear to god wheelbarrows need to be reinvented. ive hurt my self or fucked up with a wheelbarrow way too many times

  3. Joshua White

    Joshua White3 ngày trước

    I know they got fired 😂

  4. R. Bushmann

    R. Bushmann5 ngày trước

    7:14 love the to old guys,there go his

  5. dan wheeler

    dan wheeler5 ngày trước

    1:35 why your package is late...

  6. Mars World

    Mars World10 ngày trước


  7. Martin Archer

    Martin Archer10 ngày trước

    Can you identify the ones that were staged, I can.

  8. Keith Whitty

    Keith Whitty10 ngày trước

    Seen email all before

  9. Ron JL White

    Ron JL White11 ngày trước

    @7:24...clean the fuckin floor...HAHA

  10. lily jo

    lily jo11 ngày trước

    0:48 I really shouldn’t be laughing

  11. VangelosecondoMarco

    VangelosecondoMarco12 ngày trước

    Ho solo capito che l'uomo sta subendo un'involuzione piuttosto che evolvere.

  12. Zed1967

    Zed196712 ngày trước

    1:14 Coca Cola delivery.

  13. Iennal

    Iennal12 ngày trước

    Fake 2017 video

  14. jonathan hendrix

    jonathan hendrix13 ngày trước

    Quantity cooking away defqwp ignore pretty peer rise juror.

  15. ShysterLawyer

    ShysterLawyer13 ngày trước

    WTH? 9:36 you'd have to be totally brain dead to do something like that on purpose.



    ahhh damn

  17. Madelyn Jansen van Vuuren

    Madelyn Jansen van Vuuren13 ngày trước

    why the fuck do woman always have to fucking shout when something happens i mean fucking seriously

  18. Jerry Brown

    Jerry Brown14 ngày trước

    The dude that got hit in the head with a piece of plywood (4:20) screamed worse than a little girl, he must be one of them liberal-snowflake I've heard about, lol

  19. Lord Belial

    Lord Belial16 ngày trước

    9:35 If that guy isn't dead. Then he probably wished he was. Fornicate me!.

  20. Tallo Spagh

    Tallo Spagh17 ngày trước

    2:46 She screams like Flaky

  21. MTTM

    MTTM18 ngày trước

    9:00 i would be so hurt

  22. John Morris

    John Morris19 ngày trước

    08:44 Delivered!

  23. Bobby Lee

    Bobby Lee19 ngày trước

    Thanks for the cooking videos, all recipes for disaster!🙈

  24. J B!

    J B!20 ngày trước

    Just a stupid cunt screaming in the background. No composure whatsoever

  25. Christian Olivas

    Christian Olivas20 ngày trước

    5:04, biggest twist in VIreporter history.

  26. Dylan Maldonado

    Dylan Maldonado20 ngày trước

    9:34 is fake

  27. Something Clever

    Something Clever20 ngày trước

    7:11 the reason mandatory retirement should exist. that and it frees up jobs for the next generation.

  28. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith20 ngày trước

  29. COLATA

    COLATA21 ngày trước

    Science may cure cancer some day but it will never find the cure to a woman who hysterically screams for 0 reason

  30. Jacob Mcmahan

    Jacob Mcmahan21 ngày trước

    The dude at 4:15 is a pussy.

  31. Wayne Wood

    Wayne Wood22 ngày trước

    ... uhh i think a couple of those guys may have died...

  32. lizerazu

    lizerazu22 ngày trước

    i did only laugh at 9:33

  33. ProAndTagonist

    ProAndTagonist22 ngày trước

    Why is nobody talking about 9:34

  34. Chris Pulido

    Chris Pulido22 ngày trước


  35. xxdfoster

    xxdfoster23 ngày trước

    @4:14 over and over again

  36. Justin Watkins

    Justin Watkins24 ngày trước

    Why the fuck is that lady screaming.. my gawww

  37. max antract

    max antract24 ngày trước

    My coke you bastards

  38. Shepherd boy

    Shepherd boy25 ngày trước

    Many of these are not funny. When people are hurt - not funny. There is a huge difference between someone letting a skid of beer fall off a truck and a guy getting a railway track in the face. Come on. If you laughed at that there is something seriously wrong with you.

  39. Andreas Hoppe

    Andreas Hoppe26 ngày trước

    7:12 LMFAO double fail :D

  40. Andyboys

    Andyboys26 ngày trước

    3:00 The screaming stopped the cranes from falling and saved hundreds off lives...

  41. Thesilentghost74

    Thesilentghost7426 ngày trước

    Pepsi challenge

  42. Diabolo Match

    Diabolo Match27 ngày trước

    Faaahk! I was cringing at the fireman part! I'm glad he didn't topple off of the truck. 😓

  43. Brandon H

    Brandon H27 ngày trước

    Lol 5:50 happened to a guy at my ols job not too long ago

  44. G Lo

    G Lo27 ngày trước


  45. I love Kpop

    I love Kpop27 ngày trước

    some is not funny tho

  46. Manly Man

    Manly Man27 ngày trước

    2:48, what the fuck, shut up?? You ain't over there, shut your trap.

  47. zondaintheair

    zondaintheair28 ngày trước

    Who needs Hollywood, we have enough bad actors here.

  48. Antonio Gonzales

    Antonio Gonzales29 ngày trước

    9:45 best by far

  49. Luis tío Phil Villanueva

    Luis tío Phil Villanueva29 ngày trước

    LOL 2:48 Screaming hahaha , aaaaaaaaahh aaaaaah! Sorry this make ma laugh

  50. tribefenatic

    tribefenaticTháng trước

    7: 11 I cracked up for several hours

  51. tribefenatic

    tribefenaticTháng trước

    3: 30 was this the same guy that dropped another load in the previous clip? He was quick in finding another job after being probably sacked for his first blunder

  52. The Death Twitch

    The Death TwitchTháng trước

    I don't like it

  53. The Tinker

    The TinkerTháng trước

    Donald Trump - "You are FIRED"

  54. ChefSkittlez BAVA

    ChefSkittlez BAVATháng trước

    The guy with the beer at the end 😂😂😂

  55. Dezmon Monroe

    Dezmon MonroeTháng trước

    9:45 😂😂

  56. david vincent

    david vincentTháng trước

    9:37 so it's the new trend on facebook, knocking people and then trying to wake them with iced water ?

  57. andrew moonbeam

    andrew moonbeamTháng trước

    8:44 I was thinking dog+pallet=Fish Called Wanda..

  58. Ricardo Fernando

    Ricardo FernandoTháng trước

  59. Paulo Santos

    Paulo SantosTháng trước

    Achei que a mulher tivesse sido atingida por algum estilhaço.

  60. Puppy Puppi

    Puppy PuppiTháng trước

    the subnormality exist!

  61. Fuck to your face!!

    Fuck to your face!!Tháng trước

    That nonexistent superpower women believe they have that if they scream and cry loud enough that they can undo something horrible that has happened.

  62. Kawolski

    KawolskiTháng trước

    the worst death was that asshole that got hit by the bulldozer LOL

  63. Most Hated

    Most HatedTháng trước

    Kawolski Didn’t hurt though. He was out right away.

  64. Kawolski

    KawolskiTháng trước

    the best scream was the bitch screaming when the boat collapsed

  65. Victor Clutch

    Victor ClutchTháng trước


  66. Isaac Ixtupe

    Isaac IxtupeTháng trước

    At 1:16 it was a Coke-Cola driver that infiltrated Pepsi’s headquarters.

  67. Aan Rizaldy

    Aan RizaldyTháng trước

    Oohh!!! 5:06 😵

  68. Noteman

    NotemanTháng trước

    This proves non of these idiots ever received an education. Minimum wage, minimum brains.

  69. Bohan Hu

    Bohan HuTháng trước

    I am confused as if they already knew what will happen and film it

  70. misstrKevin

    misstrKevinTháng trước

    Aahhh! Daymn! Ugh!

  71. itssandytime

    itssandytimeTháng trước

    2:46 Someone shut her up!

  72. Dinosaur Player

    Dinosaur PlayerTháng trước

    that dude @ 4:15 totally overreacted. such a small little hit.

  73. VIMAL

    VIMALTháng trước

    All the fucking complications hapns only becz of carelessness and over smartness of man.

  74. Gar Nunce

    Gar NunceTháng trước

    @4:41 get of ur fat ass to get the bag of chips you fattie

  75. Tj

    TjTháng trước

    Stolen transition

  76. Money Chasin

    Money ChasinTháng trước

    Hahah people really like to see other people fail at doing something kinda sad :( :)

  77. Kim Jong Fun

    Kim Jong FunTháng trước

    Don't quite see how people dying or getting seriously injured is funny...

  78. Mohammed Ajaz

    Mohammed AjazTháng trước


  79. Sharlele Tea Room

    Sharlele Tea RoomTháng trước


  80. Mr. Wayne

    Mr. WayneTháng trước

    4:16 🤣🤣🤣

  81. Martin Mayr

    Martin MayrTháng trước

    Blame particularly drain wrong imply rope active lamp somehow.

  82. 101darkmonkey23

    101darkmonkey23Tháng trước

    1:20 Mountain Dew worker: sign here plz Black guy: ok Mountain Dew worker: here you go Mountain Dew splats everywhere Black guy:f*** you

  83. Damian Nowakowski

    Damian NowakowskiTháng trước

    8:20 O ku... rwa? :D

  84. Sol Bambi

    Sol BambiTháng trước

    2:47 that situation really didn't require the screaming,

  85. Hitman 420

    Hitman 420Tháng trước

    2:55 what is the bitch screaming for

  86. Fadhil Al-Rasyid

    Fadhil Al-RasyidTháng trước

    Nice job guys 🤘👍

  87. BoscoLSPDFR - SaucySoviet - JDEDEddy

    BoscoLSPDFR - SaucySoviet - JDEDEddyTháng trước

    3:01 so fucking annoying

  88. Cornelius Deats

    Cornelius DeatsTháng trước

    04:14 lmfao!

  89. TheCompton1963

    TheCompton1963Tháng trước

    4:13 the funniest!!!

  90. RobinHoodGuy

    RobinHoodGuyTháng trước

    The ones where you have to place the pallets on the ground from the trucks, what is the correct way to do that?

  91. Henning Hanke

    Henning HankeTháng trước

    dumme russen dumme ammis dumme chinesen.......das ist die Atommmacht in unserer welt^^

  92. Tony Sotto

    Tony SottoTháng trước

    2:44 when you slide your dick into her ass

  93. महेश्वर प्याकुरेल

    महेश्वर प्याकुरेलTháng trước

    Not bad days only idiots.

  94. Chris Sternfeld

    Chris SternfeldTháng trước

    4:15 wat a little bitch


    SARAH ALITháng trước

    8:59 I hope no body was sitting in that car! 😱

  96. Connor

    ConnorTháng trước


  97. Boulder the fat

    Boulder the fatTháng trước

    Why do people scream while holding the camera ?

  98. Angel Gonzalez

    Angel GonzalezTháng trước

    I have a coment for every incident but i guess the title sums it up



    Omfg 3:00 stfu!°

  100. Laura Hayward-Price

    Laura Hayward-PriceTháng trước

    6:25 thought that was a chicken