Bad Instagram: Fake Fact Accounts


  1. Liza Awesome

    Liza Awesome13 giờ trước

    No one: Literally no one: 1st graders: When do I get to eat the ants? I wanna eat those ants!

  2. This channel was a mistake

    This channel was a mistake21 giờ trước

    A sister, a shadow of your mother, who knows every inch of you. *Your exact hip size is 34.2 cm.* *Your wrist size is size 4.* *Your hair is the color dd01746* *your hair is 1 cm long on each strand.* *You cannot escape me, Jonathan.*

  3. Jimmy Murray

    Jimmy MurrayNgày trước

    The random generated word game can be hard in some cases. Since it might generate a real word using the random letters.

  4. Riverdale._.Løver

    Riverdale._.LøverNgày trước

    *C A T E R P E L L E R*

  5. Pugman Pug king

    Pugman Pug kingNgày trước

    I istaly stood up and started drinking water

  6. Aava Howells

    Aava Howells2 ngày trước

    U do know whales can jump...

  7. YouWereHere

    YouWereHere3 ngày trước

    Me: wow I can’t believe that happens when you drink water standing up Me: * drinks water standing up *

  8. Jay B

    Jay B3 ngày trước

    Did you know? Did you know MOM?!? DO YOU KNOW THAT?? DO YOU?? Dang, I didn’t know mom.

  9. Jillian Ketter

    Jillian Ketter3 ngày trước

    Danny: hey Greg! It’s Danny! Me: hey Danny! It’s Greg!

  10. Faith Clarke

    Faith Clarke4 ngày trước

    Maybe they deliberately made the ads so bad so people would make videos about advertising! lmao

  11. Cozy Cade

    Cozy Cade4 ngày trước

    that guy who invented email was named that but he lived in the USA and went to college in New Jersey

  12. Opal Gehard

    Opal Gehard4 ngày trước

    S(he) h(ate)d (her) boyfriend bec(a)u(s)e he kept playing game(s) during dinner

  13. Ryaen Cantrell

    Ryaen Cantrell4 ngày trước

    2:05 scared me fr ahh

  14. jonathan epperson

    jonathan epperson4 ngày trước

    Every time he says Jonathan it makes me nervous. Don’t do me like this, man.

  15. Why do i have this name

    Why do i have this name5 ngày trước

    Mice are actually more attracted to sugery things. Like sugar rods

  16. Irl Weeb

    Irl Weeb5 ngày trước

    Fun fact: the majority of rats actually cannot eat cheese because even though they'll eat almost whatever just to be eating something, especially if its something that smells strongly (like cheese), cheese can mess up their stomachs and cause them to feel ill bc a lot of rats are lactose intolerant.

  17. Cesar Estrada

    Cesar Estrada5 ngày trước

    Danny: when my grandma said don't drink water standing I said f you grandpa

  18. katieastrophe

    katieastrophe5 ngày trước

    damn i didnt know that my arthritis was caused by drinking water while standing. i wish i had listed to my pawpaw

  19. Lazarus

    Lazarus5 ngày trước

    Mice (and rats) like sweet things, so you might want to try some of the following things if you do have mice or rats: candy, watermelon, sweet cherries, literally just any sweet food. Also, if food is scarce... mice will eat mice

  20. Lazarus

    Lazarus5 ngày trước

    Umm it's not Aryurveda but Ayurveda, that ad made some sad memories come up

  21. Veah Brammall

    Veah Brammall6 ngày trước

    I turned on my notifications and subscribed And liked 😂💖

  22. Amitis Berry

    Amitis Berry6 ngày trước

    someday Edgar Allen Poe will turn into a beautiful butterfly!

  23. Joey Grissom

    Joey Grissom6 ngày trước

    Whales jump, breaching counts as jumping

  24. Roblox is Kinda Fun

    Roblox is Kinda Fun7 ngày trước

    9:38 umm i get the joke but uhhh snails are not animals just sayin

  25. Sarah White

    Sarah White7 ngày trước


  26. Riley Alexander

    Riley Alexander7 ngày trước

    12:02 this is actually true and it's i n s a n e

  27. Lucy Moore

    Lucy Moore7 ngày trước

    "c a t e r p e l l a r"

  28. Venisa Reynolds

    Venisa Reynolds7 ngày trước

    No freaking way! When you were talking about the little balls connected and you had to collect numbers or something, the one that had the caption can you math or something, the same freaking ad came on! Its called snake vs. Block!!!!

  29. billie eilish

    billie eilish7 ngày trước

    is it weird how many victoria secret ads im getting on danny’s videos

  30. rover run

    rover run8 ngày trước

    One of the favourite food of mouse is corn

  31. rover run

    rover run8 ngày trước

    2:07 2:12 I wonder why you don't play it at dinner

  32. modestas bloze

    modestas bloze8 ngày trước

    WELL, the cat onemight just be true, because you see, cats are the animals that lead the spirits to theyre afterlife. im weird

  33. yeet oof

    yeet oof8 ngày trước

    Theres scientific proof that when you stand and drink water its bad for your kidneys 🤷‍♀️ Oh and this one time i was at the airport and i had to take a pill but there was no place to sit. When i drank my water i was stood up and i drank it with my left hand and this lady sat down gave me THE DIRTIEST LOOK EVER like istg

  34. Erica Raths

    Erica Raths8 ngày trước

    Dwayne Johnson really did sent a tweet basically implying he knew about Osamas death, an hour before President Obama announced it. 😂 But he has a cousin in the Navy Seals that basically told him.

  35. 김하랑

    김하랑9 ngày trước

    3:30 I bounced 26tmes

  36. Hayley McClure

    Hayley McClure9 ngày trước

    Cookooo what the heck go back to school you frickin idiots

  37. Derpy_david !

    Derpy_david !9 ngày trước

    You’re an idiot bc whales jump all the time

  38. Destroyer Plays

    Destroyer Plays9 ngày trước

    Someday Edgar Allen Poe will turn into a beautiful butterfly! Heyo!

  39. Bethbunny

    Bethbunny9 ngày trước

    12:40, MEEE every morning

  40. Dear Arin Hanson

    Dear Arin Hanson9 ngày trước

    Ah, agg

  41. juana Ogaz

    juana Ogaz10 ngày trước

    some of them might be from Jacksfilms

  42. maya lily

    maya lily10 ngày trước

    and so the saga begins

  43. Phillipa Knowleds

    Phillipa Knowleds10 ngày trước

    4:19 **vine flashbacks to 'jonathan i don't love you anymore'**

  44. isaacanimates

    isaacanimates10 ngày trước

    One day edgar allen poe will turn into a butter fly

  45. DJ Barrett

    DJ Barrett11 ngày trước

    My fans making unbiased websites about how were the biggest growing family on the internet oh, yeah definitely not biased

  46. Лашын Анджелич

    Лашын Анджелич11 ngày trước

    Next GMM episode: are you math enough?

  47. Xsniper BOSS

    Xsniper BOSS11 ngày trước

    We may be the fastest growing but you know who the fastest decreasing is? James Charles(aka the sisters(I think))

  48. wolfie tofuu

    wolfie tofuu11 ngày trước

    5:29 or its high on catnip

  49. Alex is too blue

    Alex is too blue12 ngày trước

    Someday Edgar Allen Poe will turn into a beautiful butterfly

  50. Amy Gumm

    Amy Gumm12 ngày trước

    Check it out. Not quite a squarespace website, but I mean the Urban Dictionary is pretty good too

  51. ALDC Tea

    ALDC Tea12 ngày trước


  52. Ivy loves tøp

    Ivy loves tøp13 ngày trước

    *i l l e g a l l y s k i l l e d*

  53. Rose Prince

    Rose Prince13 ngày trước

    Okay so you know that people actually named Greg watch him and they just respond with "hi danny"

  54. •savy•ann •

    •savy•ann •14 ngày trước

    Notifications are on!! I am truly Greg!😂😘

  55. lazy edits K CP .-. OwO

    lazy edits K CP .-. OwO14 ngày trước

    You divorce a boyfriend? Divorce=Married couple Break up=boyfriend and girlfriend

  56. ruby clark

    ruby clark14 ngày trước

    ghost busters captured ghosts what about them

  57. ASBC

    ASBC14 ngày trước


  58. Sarah Cridelich

    Sarah Cridelich14 ngày trước

    Mice like peanut butter and chocolate. I have had a mouse problem before and peanut and chocolate chips worked really well for the traps, brownies worked a little bit better. Mice suck. I'm glad I don't have any now.

  59. Dermit the Krog can’t get monitized

    Dermit the Krog can’t get monitized15 ngày trước

    Is it just me or does the guy at 6:27 look like Drew Gooden?

  60. Half Decent

    Half Decent14 ngày trước

    Which one 😂

  61. Rachel Wendell

    Rachel Wendell15 ngày trước


  62. crescent wil

    crescent wil15 ngày trước

    this B clearly hasn’t watched adventure time.

  63. Cameron W

    Cameron W15 ngày trước

    What even was that rock game? I can’t find it

  64. ciaberger

    ciaberger16 ngày trước

    it's been years since the release of his iconic "letter" vine and his go-to boyfriend name is *still JONATHAN.*

  65. M&MS

    M&MS16 ngày trước

    mice are actually lactose intolerant also mice love peanut butter

  66. Marlo Hearnden

    Marlo Hearnden16 ngày trước

    lmao i searched up the fastest growing army and it said greg

  67. flutt3rby3 _

    flutt3rby3 _16 ngày trước

    0:11 Make sure you don’t do that in England. 😂

  68. Maya Tamika

    Maya Tamika17 ngày trước

    10:25 Asteroid, no crashing! Asteroid, no crashing! Asteroid, no crashing!

  69. Larz The Raccoon

    Larz The Raccoon17 ngày trước

    At this point when you look up what the fastest growing army on the internet is, it's all about Greg. We've done it boys.

  70. Carlie Flowers

    Carlie Flowers18 ngày trước

    I Live on a this dude's Dahlia farm and can confirm farm sounds are tractors.... Tractors all day... Roosters and cows sometimes but always tractors...

  71. Valdemar Bech-Jansen

    Valdemar Bech-Jansen18 ngày trước

    I’m I the only one to see that the lid from the water bottle at 5:51 is still screwed on?😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. JB JFX

    JB JFX18 ngày trước

    i wouldn't blame you have to the cats see ghosts

  73. Abdulrahman Alsulaiti

    Abdulrahman Alsulaiti18 ngày trước

    When you search the fastest growing army on VIreporter Danny: am I a joke to you

  74. Haya Alqurishi

    Haya Alqurishi18 ngày trước

    I can't watch your videos without setting the speed at 1.5

  75. Half Decent

    Half Decent14 ngày trước

    Oh wow that’s real nice

  76. Zuah Chun

    Zuah Chun19 ngày trước

    can't whales jump... ? or is that just called breaching water surface and is just them propelled rather than jumping thru the water?

  77. Natalie Elgin

    Natalie Elgin20 ngày trước

    Maybe she was legally allowed to leave her boyfriend 🤔

  78. ShadoCipher

    ShadoCipher20 ngày trước

    12:50 No

  79. waflleee

    waflleee20 ngày trước


  80. IQ_the Queen

    IQ_the Queen21 ngày trước

    Delirious army is better

  81. Ethan Ellison

    Ethan Ellison21 ngày trước

    I had a pet rat they hated cheese (I've had 4) they love tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce

  82. Possum boi

    Possum boi21 ngày trước

    *W H E N D O I G E T T O E A T T H E A N T S ! ? ! ? !*

  83. donutdude47

    donutdude4721 ngày trước

    I'm new who's Greg?

  84. Maria Ross

    Maria Ross22 ngày trước

    apparently drinking while in the standing position only hurts your kidneys

  85. Hawra M

    Hawra M22 ngày trước

    The suspense when he’s sitting 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  86. Pumba Cubing

    Pumba Cubing22 ngày trước

    Mice like peanut butter

  87. Proxy1811

    Proxy181122 ngày trước

    12:41 has me crying laughing.

  88. Diy Worldwide

    Diy Worldwide23 ngày trước

    Caterp E ller

  89. Split streme

    Split streme23 ngày trước

    Either I'm southern af or he says caterpillar weird

  90. Asanda Hlongwane

    Asanda Hlongwane24 ngày trước

    Somr day Edgar Allen Poe will turn into a beautiful butterfly

  91. katie stallworth

    katie stallworth24 ngày trước


  92. samuel mondal

    samuel mondal25 ngày trước

    Fun Fact : You go to a hospital to get possessed by ghosts

  93. Guinea pig POWER

    Guinea pig POWER25 ngày trước

    MattShea r/shittymoblegameads

  94. zolandi

    zolandi25 ngày trước


  95. Marin Lacson

    Marin Lacson25 ngày trước

    Anyone know that myth that dogs can see ghosts. But.....cats?

  96. Bec SocSci

    Bec SocSci25 ngày trước

    The faceless man is marcc zuccenburg

  97. Bec SocSci

    Bec SocSci25 ngày trước

    Why do those Indian accounts keep referencing Ayudeuri? Lool

  98. Bec SocSci

    Bec SocSci25 ngày trước

    This is the clean cut type of person I like. Plus funny enough to make me cry laughing 😂

  99. Annelise Galindo

    Annelise Galindo26 ngày trước


  100. ಠ_ಠピーチミルク

    ಠ_ಠピーチミルク26 ngày trước

    5:47 I love having mystical powers allowing me to drink my water bottle with the cap on🙏😌

  101. Space Cadet

    Space Cadet26 ngày trước

    my grandma had mice problems in her old house and peanut butter worked well for her.

  102. kylee h

    kylee h26 ngày trước

    When he started saying “meeee” everyone in my house was asleep and I laughed so loud