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Bazzi feat. Camila Cabello - Beautiful (Official Video)


  1. Aaron Leguizamon

    Aaron Leguizamon55 phút trước

    This video has a beautiful concept

  2. Ruth Gaming

    Ruth Gaming56 phút trước

    Camila gave the life to this song😍😍😍


    EPIC SHOTS56 phút trước


  4. Cristian Villacres

    Cristian Villacres56 phút trước

    Camila is orgullo LGBT 🌈🌈🌈

  5. Princess Amber

    Princess Amber56 phút trước

    so sad that such a beautiful music video was made to such a garbage that all we are about now...just having gucci clothes and one even want a steady relationship just "i think u look hot in your gucci now lets fuck" mentality >.>

  6. HAWT

    HAWT57 phút trước

    Im here for camilla

  7. dipankar Roy

    dipankar Roy57 phút trước

    I was waiting for this video since days....

  8. Unicórnio Trouxa

    Unicórnio Trouxa57 phút trước

    Caralho Camila Se for continuar me fodendo assim eu quero ao menos uma pensão

  9. My NIVE

    My NIVE58 phút trước


  10. AJ Brie Larson

    AJ Brie Larson58 phút trước

    Camila is an absolute ANGEL no doubt man ! her voice is so angelic !!!

  11. Miguel Á. Ceular

    Miguel Á. Ceular58 phút trước

    Omg, he's harassing her

  12. Cristian Villacres

    Cristian Villacres58 phút trước

    Camila is Beautiful 🌹

  13. Rey Mark Gamolo

    Rey Mark Gamolo58 phút trước

    I really like this pop song because my Bazzi and me are thesame voice. 🤗

  14. Sweet Camila

    Sweet Camila59 phút trước

    ✨ Camila is my girl crush ✨

  15. Đức Bùi

    Đức Bùi59 phút trước

    Jerome Price remix is better

  16. Rizky Zim

    Rizky Zim59 phút trước

    Is this a new advertisement from Axe ?

  17. Golden Tyche

    Golden Tyche59 phút trước

    My angel 😍 camila cabello ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. David N

    David NGiờ trước

    You ruin bazzi's song.

  19. AprilxLopez

    AprilxLopezGiờ trước

    #1 on trending !! Queen C 👑💙😍😘💗

  20. Ahong Khen

    Ahong KhenGiờ trước

    Good song 💕💕💁

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  22. Aidan Almendarez

    Aidan Almendarez59 phút trước

    Uh... nah fam

  23. Miko S

    Miko SGiờ trước

    Its like romeo and juliet played by leanardo de caprio

  24. CoCo Chan

    CoCo ChanGiờ trước

    I got goosebumps when the clock. Strucked 12 🤧. I didn't want it to end 😭😭😭😭😭

  25. Lauren Cabello

    Lauren CabelloGiờ trước

    Camila Cabello beautiful Ángel 👼😍

  26. Natasha Rangkuti

    Natasha RangkutiGiờ trước

    I am addicted to this MV and this song.

  27. Aneiza Salles

    Aneiza SallesGiờ trước

    A Camila é um anjo e eu posso provar

  28. ariana marie

    ariana marieGiờ trước

    An real angel👼 so good💖

  29. Aneiza Salles

    Aneiza SallesGiờ trước


  30. Xairaxs

    XairaxsGiờ trước

    the video clip is so BEAUTIFUL 😍😍

  31. Cia xo

    Cia xoGiờ trước

    here before 10M views ;)

  32. moon man

    moon manGiờ trước

    another video about the same song? why?

  33. Xairaxs

    XairaxsGiờ trước

    this is BEAUTIFUL 😍😍

  34. Nicole Kelly

    Nicole KellyGiờ trước

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 brazil

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    my videos 2018Giờ trước


  36. 26purplereign

    26purplereignGiờ trước

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  37. Ahong Khen

    Ahong KhenGiờ trước

    I'm actually waiting for Camila and bazzi kissing on this video music 😁😂🕺✨

  38. SwordArt online

    SwordArt onlineGiờ trước

    Nothing can compare when you naked

  39. darr rangel

    darr rangelGiờ trước

    Te amo Camila Cabello!

  40. taisynha tv

    taisynha tvGiờ trước

    Uau betiful

  41. Ahri Arcade

    Ahri ArcadeGiờ trước

    such a beautiful beautiful beautiful video and collab 😍

  42. Melvin Sapno

    Melvin SapnoGiờ trước

    indeed a Masterpiece 💕

  43. Gaurav Jha

    Gaurav JhaGiờ trước

    INDIAN hit like here🙌👍

  44. Melvin Sapno

    Melvin SapnoGiờ trước


  45. Try Panigoro

    Try PanigoroGiờ trước

    camilla looks amazing 😩💛💛

  46. Yolirene Soriano

    Yolirene SorianoGiờ trước

    Camila you're my lucky star 💖

  47. Mila Morrison

    Mila MorrisonGiờ trước

    Bazzi is trending at #1??? Damn congrats!!👏👏

  48. kriz Gamboa

    kriz GamboaGiờ trước

    Alguien habla español en estos comentarios o soy la única 😂😂😂😂excelente video 🖒👏👏👏👏👏

  49. Ali Mammadov

    Ali MammadovGiờ trước


  50. Reeh Smith

    Reeh SmithGiờ trước

    Essa Camila é muito beautiful😍

  51. Victoria Núñez

    Victoria NúñezGiờ trước

    Victoria’s Secret angel!!

  52. Marcia Fabre

    Marcia FabreGiờ trước

    Romeo and Juliet mixed with Cinderella 🦋

  53. Zoe Lilly Intro

    Zoe Lilly IntroGiờ trước

    *#1 on trending*

  54. Shay

    ShayGiờ trước

    OMG Camila's voice 😍😦

  55. luthenzo oliveira

    luthenzo oliveiraGiờ trước

    Brasil alguém

  56. Duane XO

    Duane XOGiờ trước

    Camila & Bazzi both look amazing , great video, great collab, great song!!!

  57. Samuel Valenzona

    Samuel ValenzonaGiờ trước

    Who waited for this!?

  58. The Random Person is Yu

    The Random Person is YuGiờ trước




    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

  60. click my profile

    click my profileGiờ trước

    First it is Precious, now Beautiful? Jesus fuck.

  61. La Lest

    La LestGiờ trước

    It's a quarter after 3.. listening to Camila and Bazzi.

  62. Group Raito Digital

    Group Raito DigitalGiờ trước

    Come here to check out Camila's new work, stay for the music. Number 1 trending is badass.

  63. Qurotul A'yun

    Qurotul A'yunGiờ trước

    Like it ❤️❤️❤️❤️💞

  64. Rechard Fame

    Rechard FameGiờ trước

    Camilla I just thought to let U know 🙌

  65. Ariana Grande

    Ariana GrandeGiờ trước

    21hours Ago 1.8M views wow this song is so fame love you Camila and bazzi❤❤❤

  66. Filme Terror0194x

    Filme Terror0194xGiờ trước


  67. Bella Gianni

    Bella GianniGiờ trước

    First Consequences ,now this thank the Lord🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💕💕😩😩

  68. Ical Renoza

    Ical RenozaGiờ trước

    Damn bazzi u got move

  69. Sarah Mel

    Sarah MelGiờ trước

    Aaahhh my godddddddd cuteeeeee I cannnootttt

  70. Dr Pop Pimple

    Dr Pop PimpleGiờ trước

    OMG Blackhead removal on FACE LOL >>>>

  71. Estrella Rodríguez

    Estrella RodríguezGiờ trước


  72. Olivia

    OliviaGiờ trước

    im kind of tired of the fairytale shit from camila

  73. Quishanty Coffy

    Quishanty CoffyGiờ trước


  74. Daeyna Deshaun

    Daeyna DeshaunGiờ trước

    Gorgeous.... Ethereal....

  75. thicc chicc

    thicc chiccGiờ trước


  76. bfsever uk

    bfsever ukGiờ trước

    Who's here before 2 million views

  77. Mas Ferry

    Mas FerryGiờ trước

    this music always in my head..

  78. Daniel Adami

    Daniel AdamiGiờ trước

    I remember when I heard this last year when you were just starting out. My friend was subscribed to a person who released songs before the artist published them

  79. Skyler S_103

    Skyler S_103Giờ trước


  80. Mary David

    Mary DavidGiờ trước

    Camila Cabello

  81. camila

    camilaGiờ trước

    this video is art

  82. tnzm

    tnzmGiờ trước

    Bazzis next video is gonna be 3:15 because it gets suggested and this video is exactly 3:15 minutes long

  83. Jessica H

    Jessica HGiờ trước

    love this

  84. Yachulo Magh

    Yachulo MaghGiờ trước

    Love camila

  85. Jade Insigne

    Jade InsigneGiờ trước

    They have chemistry gosh😍

  86. AyeItsNoura

    AyeItsNouraGiờ trước

    i saw bazzi open up for camila, now hes doing the forum?? ayy!

  87. ķìmø_ uu

    ķìmø_ uuGiờ trước

    5awti gouloili la vrt ana mn dzeyr chkoun y3rf ti9a gang kan sme3 ghnaytou beautiful ghalta foto copie wti9a tl9ha fi juillet sma camile cabello sr9t mn ti9a wla kfh 😂😂😂😂😂 in english camella cabello stole a the song from an algerian singer ._.

  88. Whisperer Krueger

    Whisperer KruegerGiờ trước

    Bazzimila.....I ship it

  89. Pauline Flores

    Pauline FloresGiờ trước

    Romeo and Juliet + Cinderella + The Fallen = Beautiful Angel (ft. Camila Cabello) music vid ✨

  90. nickelbink

    nickelbinkGiờ trước

    I need a stripped version of this please!

  91. Natasha Somerholder

    Natasha SomerholderGiờ trước

    My current favorite song😍😍😍

  92. Ahmad 5.H

    Ahmad 5.HGiờ trước

    The Best Collab In 2018

  93. Aqeel Anjum

    Aqeel AnjumGiờ trước

    sir di baazi lag jave.. :p

  94. BenedictBima wicaksono

    BenedictBima wicaksonoGiờ trước

    Is dat the havana oh nana girl ?

  95. NathaliaHTC

    NathaliaHTCGiờ trước


  96. Ahmad 5.H

    Ahmad 5.HGiờ trước

    Cinderella Is A Cuban -American Beautiful Girl !!!!!😍💕

  97. Swaggy Mood

    Swaggy MoodGiờ trước

    Wow this is so original and cool!♡

  98. Franchesca Barragan

    Franchesca BarraganGiờ trước


  99. Akasuna no Sasori

    Akasuna no SasoriGiờ trước

    any ph fans here !!!! tang ina nyu po!!

  100. Brandon Lei

    Brandon LeiGiờ trước

    I hope that dress is Gucci

  101. Aeron RJ

    Aeron RJGiờ trước


  102. Jaciara Brasil

    Jaciara BrasilGiờ trước

    Linda linda linda linda linda ❤