BEST Las Vegas BUFFET! Wicked Spoon VS Bacchanal BEST VALUE All You Can Eat


  1. Strictly Dumpling

    Strictly DumplingTháng trước

    What's your favorite buffet in Vegas?

  2. Queen ASMR

    Queen ASMR3 ngày trước

    Cravings at Rio! Their ceviche and crab legs are amazing!

  3. Kamiko Senpai

    Kamiko Senpai7 ngày trước

    @OuuGamerGirl hoe you gonna ask that when he literally makes a 22 minute video about how he likes the food........................................................

  4. Prabhjot Singh Minhas

    Prabhjot Singh Minhas11 ngày trước

    I watch foodporn

  5. Mars Bars

    Mars Bars12 ngày trước

    Circus circus!

  6. Mars Bars

    Mars Bars12 ngày trước

    Circus circus ! only buffet in Vegas where you can be a kid again ...

  7. Harjinder Singh Lotey

    Harjinder Singh LoteyNgày trước

    Awesome review!

  8. Chef Nathaniel Williams

    Chef Nathaniel WilliamsNgày trước

    The boi getting some VIreporter time🤣🤣🤣 How bout those Saints!!!

  9. Jay S

    Jay S2 ngày trước

    I’m sorry but I feel like you can only eat seafood at a place that’s close to the ocean.

  10. Chaitanya Kolli

    Chaitanya Kolli2 ngày trước

    When Mike says "not bad", he secretly indicates you to avoid trying it :P

  11. Mr Nice

    Mr Nice3 ngày trước

    I've never seen bone marrow offered anywhere. Even here in Little Saigon, California, Pho restaurants throw out bones---and bone marrow----onto garbage. I love it. Am going to Wicked Spoon for that. Also the Mac'n Cheese bar. Unbelievable.

  12. Queen ASMR

    Queen ASMR3 ngày trước

    Adding this to my list when I get back to Vegas!

  13. ellbe Coloyan

    ellbe Coloyan4 ngày trước

    I want go there to eat.

  14. hotneo7

    hotneo79 ngày trước

    Last time I went they didn't have the lobster, only the lobster bisque, and they stop doing the lychee sorbet which was the highlight of the meal. If the Bacchanal can bring back the lychee sorbet and make it a house special, I will come back!

  15. Amanda Kristen

    Amanda Kristen9 ngày trước

    Hey Mike!!!! Don’t know if you’ll see this but I had a question for you. How does someone become a travel blogger??

  16. hotneo7

    hotneo710 ngày trước

    I wonder if the made to order soup station is still there. The cheesy clam soup hits the spot.

  17. geeky12ful

    geeky12ful10 ngày trước

    If you really like Pork Posole I can send you a recipe I got in Santa Fe over 30yrs ago ago that is wonderful.

  18. MyFavBookBronteJaneEyre

    MyFavBookBronteJaneEyre10 ngày trước

    Just ate at the wicked spoon last Sunday afternoon. The desserts were amazing and the pasta was good, but the steak/lamb/meats were just okay. I don’t think I would go back.

  19. Atle M

    Atle M10 ngày trước

    Gotta have some gravy with the beef, man.

  20. William Pratt

    William Pratt10 ngày trước

    Why didn't you get or try any sushi?

  21. Prabhjot Singh Minhas

    Prabhjot Singh Minhas11 ngày trước

    Man,loved your vlogs....

  22. archana arun

    archana arun11 ngày trước

    Whoo the thumbnail chef looks like your twin brother

  23. Lithilic

    Lithilic11 ngày trước

    I went out of my way to go to the Bacchanal in Vegas because I heard good things about it being the best. It is an up scale buffet but it is still buffet food. I was not impressed with the quality and flavor for the money that it cost for dinner. Go once, try it, but I recommend putting that money towards mid/high end dining experience elsewhere in Vegas.

  24. kevin madrid

    kevin madrid12 ngày trước

    So the baccanal the one that probably sponcered you to say they are better lol we get it VIreporter is becoming the next news channel

  25. patay gutom

    patay gutom12 ngày trước

    Las Vegas here :)

  26. Shuonjiku

    Shuonjiku12 ngày trước

    Who want the song ?

  27. Balázs Szűcs

    Balázs Szűcs12 ngày trước

    Mike: I don't recommend doing this. Also Mike: I'm going to do it anyway. Also also Mike: This is actually pretty good.

  28. Betrayal

    Betrayal13 ngày trước

    jackie chan?

  29. Mountain Girl

    Mountain Girl13 ngày trước

    My best friend and I went there. Food was pretty good! However, I wouldn't recommend it if you eat like a bird.

  30. dbsommers1

    dbsommers114 ngày trước

    Ah yes, wonderful Vegas food.

  31. HotwheelsGamer 458

    HotwheelsGamer 45814 ngày trước

    How many calories does this man eat??

  32. B C

    B C14 ngày trước

    I've been to wicked spoon before, it's pretty good for a buffet. The bone marrow wasn't very good when I went. I'm actually most amazed by how much you can eat! lol Keep it up :P

  33. Super Pew

    Super Pew15 ngày trước

    Ive been there it is ok in my opinion

  34. cucarrell1

    cucarrell115 ngày trước

    Wicked spoon absolutely blows. There is no comparison between it and Caesars bac

  35. CC Cuộc Sống Mỹ

    CC Cuộc Sống Mỹ16 ngày trước

    i love your video so much, thanks

  36. Earthwolker

    Earthwolker16 ngày trước

    that shrimp looks so good, i wanted to get some. then i remembered i was allergic :(

  37. Reet Kwatra

    Reet Kwatra16 ngày trước

    i literally thought mike was in the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  38. X F

    X F16 ngày trước

    The wicked spoon's food looks like they gave up lol


    MMASHADOW16 ngày trước

    Has their ever been fired duck?

  40. David Nguyen

    David Nguyen16 ngày trước

    Anyone know what the song right at the beginning of the video is called???

  41. Kay Loaf

    Kay Loaf17 ngày trước

    That green sauce that was crusted onto the plate seriously grossed me out!

  42. Kay Loaf

    Kay Loaf13 ngày trước

    @Mountain Girl seriously! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was grossed out by that!

  43. Mountain Girl

    Mountain Girl13 ngày trước

    Gah, me too. I probably would've started gagging. I can't handle crap like that. Lol

  44. Jonathan Boda

    Jonathan Boda17 ngày trước

    Awesome review!!!!! Can't wait to re-visit Vegas!

  45. SuperLimerick

    SuperLimerick17 ngày trước

    wow wow makes me hungry

  46. Julie Cairns

    Julie Cairns17 ngày trước

    You should take Uber or Lyft whenever you visit Vegas. From whichever airport terminal, just follow the "Rideshare" signs. That way you never have to stress about parking fees at the different hotel/casinos, getting through heavy traffic and trying to figure out where the entrance is to each hotel/casino. Just a helpful tip. 😊

  47. sarah Johnson

    sarah Johnson17 ngày trước

    Just now i had my dinner n hes mking me hungry agn hmmmm

  48. Tluangtea Khiangte

    Tluangtea Khiangte17 ngày trước

    Watching Mike eat.. I get full after swallowing too many Saliva.. (Mouth watering much) 😅

  49. Dennis Beacham

    Dennis Beacham17 ngày trước

    Man, for a little guy he can eat!

  50. Eric Davids

    Eric Davids17 ngày trước

    I'm not impressed...not in my to eat list

  51. manuel cheung

    manuel cheung18 ngày trước

    man, the amount of times you said 'bone marrow' in this video...LMAO

  52. Mick Foley

    Mick Foley18 ngày trước

    Thank you for the recommendations!

  53. James Campbell

    James Campbell19 ngày trước

    Those cheese fries looked AMAZING!!! 😳😳😳

  54. Pedro P

    Pedro P19 ngày trước

    I think this dude got super dooper high before he went inside the buffet.

  55. Huw Kealy

    Huw Kealy20 ngày trước

    Mikey I finally made it to W Hotel Taipei. Insaaaane!!!!!

  56. Huw Kealy

    Huw Kealy20 ngày trước

    They have A5 wagyu nigiri.... and unlimited A4 wagyu steak.

  57. juicewrek1 702

    juicewrek1 70220 ngày trước

    I think the best buffet in vegas is at the M resort

  58. mad jack

    mad jack20 ngày trước

    slap this bitch bone marrow eater

  59. simplystephy

    simplystephy21 ngày trước

    Bucchanal and Wynn buffets all the way!!!

  60. Sin Nombre

    Sin Nombre21 ngày trước

    I know you were hungry but it felt as if someone was timing you! Little too rushed.

  61. Heather F

    Heather F21 ngày trước

    I like the brunch buffet at Wicked Spoon, they have a decent variety.

  62. lukeGO

    lukeGO21 ngày trước

    I did not like the Bellagio. It was overpriced for the quality I got.

  63. Gab Desaray

    Gab Desaray21 ngày trước

    The Youngblood’s t-shirt! We got fire baby 🔥

  64. Henna du plessis

    Henna du plessis21 ngày trước

    How much food can you possibly stuff into your body at one sitting?. I feel sick just watching you.

  65. LETS EAT

    LETS EAT21 ngày trước

    I just bite my headset..

  66. Bill Latibay

    Bill Latibay21 ngày trước

    Ate at the bacchanal once and by the way it looks on your video, it did improved.

  67. José Gamboa

    José Gamboa21 ngày trước

    The guy with the Youngbloods shirt, so cool Brodie! 😂👌🏼

  68. Ian Toledo

    Ian Toledo21 ngày trước

    First song name?