Best of the Worst: Spookies, Action USA, and Alien Private Eye


  1. Rex Vandorpe

    Rex Vandorpe7 giờ trước

    I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! I also had to turn down the volume while watching this because Rich Evans's laugh was keeping my wife awake...

  2. JoJones

    JoJonesNgày trước

    Doctor Acula. Dr. Acula. DrAcula. Fuck.

  3. Kyle McLean-Bailey

    Kyle McLean-BaileyNgày trước

    Glad to see you boys have a copy of Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except

  4. Jeffrey Peters

    Jeffrey Peters2 ngày trước

    my god, that guy with the high pitched voice makes this unwatchable. I tried, but it's like nails on a chalkboard,

  5. Grindhead Jim

    Grindhead Jim3 ngày trước

    Rich's laugh continues to provide me with vitality.

  6. dewidiot79

    dewidiot793 ngày trước

    Tim is fucking funny as fuck in this episode. Get him on more please!

  7. ark

    ark4 ngày trước

    Awdios Huxley

  8. DragonZeara

    DragonZeara4 ngày trước

    Am just sayin, Bruno Mars coppied alien Private eye.

  9. wannabecriminalman

    wannabecriminalman4 ngày trước

    The Real Spoopies would have a good initial run, but then studio meddling would turn it into Wolfman And The Real Spoopies, and it's all downhill from there.

  10. Farsight

    Farsight4 ngày trước

    I am looking forward to seeing more Tim, dudes hilarious

  11. Cyber Demon

    Cyber Demon4 ngày trước

    I remember Early Edition! Didn't know it lasted several seasons, I thought it was just one.

  12. pidgeo5

    pidgeo55 ngày trước

    OH MY GOD! At 0:45, is that Crippled Masters that I see? Oh man, I remember seeing that in college. Has RLM ever done a BOTW with kung-fu action movies? I'd love to hear their take on it. :D

  13. Sebastien McCarthy

    Sebastien McCarthyNgày trước

    pidgeo5 does samurai cop count?

  14. Reviathan

    Reviathan5 ngày trước

    33:51 Look at the front of the car closely!

  15. Carlosonebillion

    Carlosonebillion6 ngày trước

    Fun fact: Meth releases 7 times more dopamine in the brain than sex, and 3 1/2 times more than heroine! So the drug in this movie is apparently baby shit

  16. Chris Dooley

    Chris Dooley6 ngày trước

    I’m so happy to see Ron Jeremy lost weight and found a sense of humor. Got to love that mustache still

  17. Lisa J

    Lisa J6 ngày trước

    Why did you cut off Rich's anti vax speech? I make all my parenting decisions based on Rich's opinions. Now I don't know if I should vaccinate my kids or not!!!

  18. Neil M

    Neil M7 ngày trước

    45:50 i love happy mike and rich

  19. Marcus Sol

    Marcus Sol7 ngày trước

    Alien private Eye!?!?! Is that like a cop from space, a Space Cop if you will

  20. Erling Hansen

    Erling Hansen7 ngày trước

    1000000 quiblids? What is this? Frog Fractions?

  21. Erling Hansen

    Erling Hansen7 ngày trước

    That table is so big. They must be compensating for something

  22. Krogg Rache

    Krogg Rache8 ngày trước

    wtf a mustasche guy? Who the hell is he?!

  23. Krogg Rache

    Krogg Rache8 ngày trước

    Well to be honest I'm loving him. A lot better than the balding fat man with a beard.

  24. Michael Ripka

    Michael Ripka8 ngày trước

    I will never not laugh at Jay’s Luring Hag impression.

  25. Adam Kreutinger

    Adam Kreutinger9 ngày trước

    My wife is in love with Rich Evans.

  26. speier

    speier9 ngày trước


  27. SuperDevolution

    SuperDevolution9 ngày trước

    Oh, Best of the Worst. At least I'll always have you *cries in beer*

  28. Stirner's Retrowave

    Stirner's Retrowave10 ngày trước

    Nice of the mayor of moon from Space Cop to come down to earth and watch some bad movies with the RLM crew.

  29. Hunter

    Hunter10 ngày trước

    What is it about 80s movies and their awkward mid shot pauses 31:26

  30. thibaut barguil

    thibaut barguil10 ngày trước

    On my death bed I'll be asking for Spoopies. No doubt about that.

  31. Angus MacKnight

    Angus MacKnight10 ngày trước

    22:53 Yeah...what the hell is that noise supposed to be? Are they actually farting, or did someone think “that’s what a roar sounds like?”

  32. Joseph Delgadillo

    Joseph Delgadillo11 ngày trước

    YES it's Mac's dad again in Action USA

  33. Butt Munchly

    Butt Munchly11 ngày trước

    Mike looks weird.

  34. Pranas K

    Pranas K11 ngày trước

    We need Pool Boy: Drowning out the Fury

  35. Marco Palomba

    Marco Palomba11 ngày trước

    I did remember Early Edition

  36. Scott B. Smith

    Scott B. Smith11 ngày trước

    Was the alternate title for "Alien Private Eye" "Creating Lemro-Zar"?

  37. Tommy Law

    Tommy Law12 ngày trước

    7:00 Mack's Dad is an action hero

  38. TheVerySeriousLewis

    TheVerySeriousLewis12 ngày trước

    So I looked it up and Nikki Hill was a Olympic boxer in the 80s and was in a bunch of shity ass movies as rolls that didn't matter

  39. theblahtaco

    theblahtaco12 ngày trước

    Lem Rozar?

  40. King Berzerk

    King Berzerk12 ngày trước

    Tim is fun. I like Tim.

  41. Caleb B

    Caleb B12 ngày trước

    I watched the shit outta early edition as a seven year old.

  42. Brendan O'Keeffe

    Brendan O'Keeffe12 ngày trước

    I managed to find a dvd of Spookies that 16x9 widescreen and remastered in 2K, my movie collection feels a little more complete.

  43. PurpleXing

    PurpleXing12 ngày trước


  44. Illuminati Supporter

    Illuminati Supporter12 ngày trước

    Well sex isn't always that great, a cold beer is better than sex sometimes

  45. Michael Schwartz

    Michael Schwartz12 ngày trước

    You know why I love this show? THE SPECIAL EFFECTS ARE FANTASTIC

  46. SteffiHenri1992

    SteffiHenri199212 ngày trước

    So I may be in the minority here but I thought it was really really weird the way your guest (Tim apparently?) is just...there. No introduction, I don't remember if they even mentioned his name. One of the weirdest guests for me, just because he wasn't treated like one. And he isn't one of the Canadian guys where you're like "oh yeah, him" - this Tim is in like one other episode that apparently I never watched it so I was so confused for the beginning of this one. Really really weird, I didn't watch the first half properly because I was just waiting for the RLM guys to introduce him (like they do with everyone else!!!) but nope, nada.

  47. SteffiHenri1992

    SteffiHenri199211 ngày trước

    +Erling Hansen fair enough, I don't need to know his life story, but a quick "hey this is blah from blah" is pretty standard for the RLM guys. The Canadian boys always get an introduction even though we all know them well by now... Just saying, it's weird to me

  48. Erling Hansen

    Erling Hansen11 ngày trước

    He was on black spine #2 where they introduced him. They can't do the origin story every episode 🤣

  49. The Opal Fox Channel

    The Opal Fox Channel13 ngày trước

    "... Oh, black DISKS... " That was a sneaky good one

  50. Sebastian Brinkmann

    Sebastian Brinkmann13 ngày trước

    Rich Evans did a great job with that table.

  51. Kacper Iwo Matuszewski

    Kacper Iwo Matuszewski14 ngày trước

    How the fuck is the air rich and sweet at night, if there's 10 suns over Lemro's planet?

  52. Weird Video Games

    Weird Video Games14 ngày trước

    These videos should have a visual warning that Rich Evans is about to laugh so I can turn it down and not wake up my wife.

  53. Weird Video Games

    Weird Video Games14 ngày trước

    I keep a list of movies on Best of the Worst that I plan to track down and buy. Action USA didn't make my list until the hero drove through those people's house and then it exploded. Now it's double underlined.

  54. Bisco Who

    Bisco Who15 ngày trước

    "If you throw Death off a roof, he explodes..." - Mike Stoklasa

  55. Bisco Who

    Bisco Who15 ngày trước

    Those horny muck men though...

  56. Dr. Applesauce

    Dr. Applesauce15 ngày trước


  57. Dr. Applesauce

    Dr. Applesauce15 ngày trước

    14:51 so low budget they couldn't even afford helium for the balloons.

  58. Nieghorn

    Nieghorn15 ngày trước

    I now know that the milk truck exploding on The Simpsons wasn't so much a spoof of big budget action films but an homage to low budget action films like Action USA!

  59. Nieghorn

    Nieghorn15 ngày trước

    33:52 ... the guys always notice random stuff, but no comment about the car almost hitting something scurrying across the road?!

  60. Omagari Toshi

    Omagari Toshi15 ngày trước

    33:36 Will Smith is in Action USA???

  61. Pacific Blue & Green

    Pacific Blue & Green15 ngày trước

    How can anyone stand Rich Evan's laugh? The only part of RLM that I dislike.

  62. Kevin Patterson

    Kevin Patterson15 ngày trước

    alien private eye is a very literate movie based on its Audious Huxley reference

  63. Dan Skyder

    Dan Skyder16 ngày trước

    Action USA looks so fun I actually want to watch the film

  64. Dan Skyder

    Dan Skyder16 ngày trước

    Rich was so great in this episode

  65. Patrick Mike

    Patrick Mike17 ngày trước

    @33:39 starring Will Smith

  66. Jacuzzi Winkles

    Jacuzzi Winkles17 ngày trước

    Jay’s such a hunk, I swear to god I was heterosexual before watching RLM wtf bro

  67. LORD MAV B.M.P

    LORD MAV B.M.P17 ngày trước

    Around 52:00 you can spot danny glover and daniel Radcliff

  68. LORD MAV B.M.P

    LORD MAV B.M.P17 ngày trước

    Why is mario on red letter media. One wrong tunnel and boom, your in Milwaukee!

  69. Groovy Rothko

    Groovy Rothko17 ngày trước

    imagine how unfunny this episode would have been if josh was there instead of tim

  70. Kairu Hakubi

    Kairu Hakubi17 ngày trước

    Spookies _Spookies_ *Spookies* An unopened copy of Spookies _Another unopened copy of Spookies_

  71. Arempy 58

    Arempy 5817 ngày trước

    Lemro? Rem Lezar? They must be connected!

  72. Dichotomous

    Dichotomous18 ngày trước

    1:00:27 You can't tell me that's not Ren Höek.

  73. Stefan Mikkelsen

    Stefan Mikkelsen18 ngày trước

    Nice u got Luigi for this episode. Greetings from Norway.

  74. sena jabeen

    sena jabeen18 ngày trước


  75. Kirill Voronyuk

    Kirill Voronyuk18 ngày trước

    In way after "Audi-us Huxley"

  76. The Coil Of Sihn

    The Coil Of Sihn18 ngày trước

    silver hearts...5 yellow moons...10 orange suns...and purple horseshoes! It's the Planet Of Lucky Charms!

  77. wmckin11

    wmckin1118 ngày trước

    Holy crap, I think I actually watched some episodes of Early Edition. I had totally forgotten about that show!

  78. TheM00ndawg

    TheM00ndawg18 ngày trước


  79. Percy Chekov

    Percy Chekov19 ngày trước

    i love u mustache man

  80. Sam Haynes

    Sam Haynes19 ngày trước

    Someone made a edit of the original movie on VIreporter without the reshoot stuff. It's a much better film without the zombie warlock guy. Hopefully one day the original cut will be available.

  81. Jeff Blount

    Jeff Blount19 ngày trước

    Without Rich, this whole thing goes belly up.

  82. asparagusman

    asparagusman19 ngày trước

    please do Terrorvision (1986)

  83. GenophefeElisabeth

    GenophefeElisabeth19 ngày trước

    Did somebody say *SPOOKY MONTH*???

  84. Francis Carey

    Francis Carey20 ngày trước

    33:53 micropenis man almost hits a chipmunk

  85. danekarl

    danekarl20 ngày trước

    I remember early edition! Weird AF. Cat delivers the newspaper and his friend is randomly blind. It wasn't amazing but it was a basic and interesting premise.

  86. Mega Zeta

    Mega Zeta20 ngày trước

    Ballistic: Lemro vs. Rem Lezar

  87. Bill Lynch

    Bill Lynch20 ngày trước

    JACK! So excited to see you wearing a NADDPOD shirt. Awesome.

  88. Evan Skinner

    Evan Skinner11 ngày trước

    Yes! I was so excited when I recognized it

  89. Benjamin Johnson

    Benjamin Johnson20 ngày trước

    Creating Lemro Zar

  90. Zepper2019

    Zepper201920 ngày trước

    I'm going to watch this between 5 and 99 times.

  91. Greg Mehlin

    Greg Mehlin21 ngày trước

    I don’t think enough people are talking about how hilarious Tim is

  92. Just Andre

    Just Andre6 ngày trước

    I don't think enough people are talking about his shirt.

  93. Querty Beighteen

    Querty Beighteen21 ngày trước

    @34:41 I want a video clip of just this.

  94. Creoshin

    Creoshin21 ngày trước

    Rich Evans Never got vaccinated, and look how HE turned out.....

  95. Gustavo Pérez Ramírez

    Gustavo Pérez Ramírez21 ngày trước

    HEY! I do remember Early Edition you hack frauds.

  96. Liezl Bohnen

    Liezl Bohnen21 ngày trước

    It took me marathoning RLM to realise the VHS pillow on the couch is ALSO a Nukie VHS...

  97. Lane Stewart

    Lane Stewart21 ngày trước

    When are we going to see James Rolfe come on for like 10 episodes I m running out of air holding my breath guys

  98. Jake

    Jake21 ngày trước

    damn I gotta get that Aku shirt

  99. stereomike111

    stereomike11121 ngày trước

    that wasn't great editing Jay

  100. UpUpBobby

    UpUpBobby21 ngày trước

    Don't hurt that Spookie!

  101. Lennart Voogt

    Lennart Voogt21 ngày trước

    this is problably the best episode of best of the (genres??? i guess???) Great job you guys. amazing editing by Jay as well

  102. Tommy Two Tacos

    Tommy Two Tacos21 ngày trước

    Every morning when I awake, with the pains and regrets of an old man who has misspent his years weighing me down, I inevitably contemplate the ways by which I can accelerate my approaching demise. Then I remember the sound of Rich Evans laughing, and somewhere within that sound I find the strength to face at least one more day on this heartless, cold mud-ball we call home. Somewhere in the sound of Rich Evans laughing, I find the one tiny shred of redemption I need to give a fuck about anything.

  103. Eric Kennedy

    Eric Kennedy22 ngày trước

    Who is the new guy ? where is josh?

  104. Ryan Conway

    Ryan Conway22 ngày trước

    Tim is probably my favorite RLM guest. Sorry Canadians, you got bumped :(

  105. Art Kub

    Art Kub22 ngày trước

    Man, our boy Jack is aging.

  106. HealingChurchPotluck

    HealingChurchPotluck22 ngày trước

    Rich Evans should visit a cancer ward just so people can die laughing