Best of the Worst: Spookies, Action USA, and Alien Private Eye


  1. Blind Kraken

    Blind Kraken4 ngày trước

    That's fucking Mac's Dad from It's Always Sunny in Action USA!

  2. Dominic Kenny

    Dominic Kenny4 ngày trước

    Not gonna lie I came back just to hear Mike say "I like that spookie"

  3. Project Redfoot

    Project Redfoot5 ngày trước

    So, that's the guy from the Last Plinkett Review, right? The one who famously shat himself on live TV & crashed into a BK?

  4. Thomas Carter

    Thomas Carter6 ngày trước

    This guy's laugh makes me have to turn down the volume every 5secs . Shit laugh like a human

  5. Project Redfoot

    Project Redfoot5 ngày trước

    How fucking dare you?!

  6. Christina Peterson

    Christina Peterson6 ngày trước

    Rich's laugh never gets old.

  7. Dab Council

    Dab Council8 ngày trước

    1:07:20 If you keep replaying this it seriously doesn't look like Jack is making that weird

  8. fro16883

    fro168838 ngày trước

    1:12:12 the moment of tooth.

  9. Trekkie Junk

    Trekkie Junk10 ngày trước

    Tim is a great addition to BOTW. Next time you're thinking you need another guy on the show, and you want to text Josh, put the phone down, and just get Tim instead.

  10. Robert King

    Robert King10 ngày trước

    Guy with moustache played a hipster in previous episode. Thank fuck I have realised this.

  11. TechMetalRules

    TechMetalRules10 ngày trước

    Jack's shirt with the cartoon possum sleeping under some mushrooms... anyone know anything about it?

  12. King Golf

    King Golf11 ngày trước

    "If you're going to the molesting tree, bring some snowballs" "Punch him in the dick! I'm trying!" "The REAL Spoopies" "Dude Rocco tried many chairs" "Fuck no! You go balls out, car chases, gun fights, TITTIES!" "You deserve to die bitch!" "Under the ten suns, it feels like a lifetime" I don't know who the fuck Tim is, but I do know he needs to be on every episode from now on

  13. Fiannix

    Fiannix12 ngày trước

    that guys laugh is amazing, I'd pay good money to give him a high five..... to the face..... with a chair.

  14. Flavio C.

    Flavio C.13 ngày trước

    Rich's laugh is gettin sweeter each day ♥

  15. scrxxncxp

    scrxxncxp16 ngày trước

    wow they got the actual real super mario for this video!!!!

  16. Vitor Gross

    Vitor Gross16 ngày trước

    holy shit, it's Mac's dad!

  17. Nicholas Knudson

    Nicholas Knudson17 ngày trước

    Did nobody notice that one of the first credits was Will Smith? 33:39

  18. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito17 ngày trước

    Tim should permanently replace josh

  19. Chris Dooley

    Chris Dooley17 ngày trước

    Actually I liked the new guy. He added a new voice which considering Mike was on probation for numerous BOTW offenses was a good thing lol

  20. Eel Eye

    Eel Eye18 ngày trước

    44:19 Dat unintentional chord formed by their voices is amazing, almost avant-garde stuff

  21. Mabs

    Mabs19 ngày trước

    Hey, I remember Early Edition. It was pretty great.

  22. Spikeelsucko

    Spikeelsucko20 ngày trước

    Spookies is all but literally Castlevania: America, minus a charismatic monster slaying character.

  23. Paul Sciarra

    Paul Sciarra20 ngày trước

    My mom was an extra on Early Edition all the time! They filmed in Chicago

  24. Wowo Mah

    Wowo Mah21 ngày trước

    Action USA sucked so much that it turned me into one of those lust filled fart monsters...

  25. Fecxor Fecxor

    Fecxor Fecxor23 ngày trước

    “Who needs cleverness when you have blunt stupidity?” Put that on a t-shirt.

  26. Jesse Kennedy

    Jesse Kennedy23 ngày trước

    This show warms my quipletts 🙂

  27. lolman105

    lolman10523 ngày trước

    46:28 i have a sinking feeling it was mike who edited this video

  28. RickRaptor105

    RickRaptor10522 ngày trước

    Look at the credits at the end. It was Jay.

  29. SeeFood Diet

    SeeFood Diet23 ngày trước

    Lust crazed muck men. The heroes we need but do not deserve...

  30. Stephan Hey

    Stephan Hey24 ngày trước

    sorry, not enough mike stoklasa in here.. stopped watching

  31. ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose

    ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose25 ngày trước

    My life is basically Reneeeeee!

  32. MrRJPMusic

    MrRJPMusic25 ngày trước

    Never going to watch them again..........when is the next best of the worst

  33. Lifeina Realway

    Lifeina Realway25 ngày trước

    What is happening, the subs going down drastically from 1.2 to 1 mill. Is it happening or is it VIreporter having some issues

  34. Mr. Jacobs

    Mr. Jacobs26 ngày trước

    I'm pretty sure Action USA was shot in my city. Lol

  35. Sandor Enckell

    Sandor Enckell25 ngày trước

    Mr. Jacobs Waco, Texas

  36. RJ

    RJ26 ngày trước

    I really wish that Jay had misheard Rich and yelled out "Oh, BLACK DICKS" instead. Oh well.

  37. Boog609

    Boog60926 ngày trước

    I absolutely love how at 21:24 everyones reaction to the pot being thrown is just to fuckin die laughing

  38. SD Brand

    SD Brand26 ngày trước

    18:14 Spookies VHS is still in the box on the table while they're watching it.... Frauds!

  39. 2% milk

    2% milk28 ngày trước

    the epitome of 2019 western males

  40. RJ

    RJ28 ngày trước

    More like skim milk.

  41. Branden Kassinger

    Branden Kassinger29 ngày trước

    Spirit Halloween provides 90% of all explosives in Hollywood.

  42. Pedro Gomes

    Pedro Gomes29 ngày trước

    Ah yes, the classic Mortal Kombat roster featuring Radon, Loo Kong, Minus Zero and Scorpious

  43. Jacob S

    Jacob STháng trước

    They're half-right about Spookies. The original production shutdown because it ran out of money and the producer shelved it. It had two or three directors. Two years later, the producer hired another director to write a script to wrap round the existing footage, shot it and edited it into the movie. There's actually a feud between the original directors and the one who did the rip-off Phantasm/zombie/cat-man stuff. Fun fact: the house where this movie was shot is the John Jay estate. John Jay, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin celebrated the signing of the 1783 Treaty of Paris in the same house where all this crazy shit was committed to celluloid.

  44. Arthur R

    Arthur RTháng trước

    Rich Evans laughing at the fart monsters is magical

  45. lxxo

    lxxoTháng trước

    How Jack says “Yes, Cameron. I’ll close the fucking door” at 27:09 fucking kills me

  46. biffmercury

    biffmercuryTháng trước

    Sadly, the distributor cut a lot of the best special effects shots out of SPOOKIES.

  47. Stigma Custom Collectibles

    Stigma Custom CollectiblesTháng trước

    Yo, any body notice Spoopies, Spider women Victim wears a shirt with his own portrait!

  48. CR Smyth

    CR SmythTháng trước

    When you go to the town molesting tree to share snowballs just remember... its not those types of snowballs

  49. Zetetik -

    Zetetik -Tháng trước

    Just never, ever visit that tree if all you have are Twinkies...

  50. Jeffrey Riley

    Jeffrey RileyTháng trước

    19:04 Tim: "I'm behind this Billy kid." Jay: "Cause' he's got a sack lunch?!"

  51. carlwinslo

    carlwinsloTháng trước

    I love how Lemro refers to himself as "an alien" and even in their alien currency a million is still the standard verbage for "alot"

  52. Erling Hansen

    Erling HansenTháng trước

    Have watched this episode more than 5 times. Now I have to keep watching it

  53. Austin Strong

    Austin StrongTháng trước

    I just realized that the hitman/guy from Hack-o-Lantern is Mac's dad on Always Sunny in Philidelphia.

  54. JJ Mcnab

    JJ McnabTháng trước

    The devil's son?

  55. aidan groves

    aidan grovesTháng trước

    If you do 5 times a couple hundred times, you're addicted and its better than sex, you die 5 times 100 percent.

  56. Azurehue22

    Azurehue22Tháng trước

    Jay is so high def in this video~!