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Billie Eilish - WHEN I WAS OLDER (Music Inspired By The Film ROMA/Audio)



    ROXANA PFGiờ trước

    one of her best songs for sure

  2. Alexandra Fragoso

    Alexandra Fragoso8 giờ trước

    This song remember a little "amor eletro - a máquina

  3. Alexandra Fragoso

    Alexandra Fragoso8 giờ trước

    Only the instrumental

  4. Ayesha Catalano

    Ayesha Catalano16 giờ trước

    Beyond anything.

  5. Annalisa Seibert

    Annalisa Seibert21 giờ trước

    this is her BEST SONG and i will DIE fighting for this

  6. Sailor Moon

    Sailor MoonNgày trước

    Başlangıcını duyunca aklıma hep "Kol Düğmeleri" geliyor. Sonra onu dinleyeyim diye düşünürken şarkı bitiyor ve ben bu şarkıdan hiçbir şey anlayamıyorum. Hayat çok yorucu. :(

  7. Ms Somebody

    Ms SomebodyNgày trước

    Is anyone not going to be talking about the dog barks towards the end?

  8. Jericho Hermsen

    Jericho HermsenNgày trước

    This song gives me such vivid imagery, even more than most of her songs. It's like I can see the sounds. Beautiful

  9. •-• 00000000000000000

    •-• 000000000000000002 ngày trước

    Who saw me before on another video?

  10. Mysterious Wolf

    Mysterious Wolf2 ngày trước

    This needs a music video!! :o

  11. BryceStawski

    BryceStawski2 ngày trước

    I really like the use of a vocoder in this. It makes her voice sound hesitant as if she were drowning. It really fits the theme of the lyrics.

  12. Sofía cruz Medina

    Sofía cruz Medina2 ngày trước

    México y Estados unidos no hay muro que nos detenga arriba Billie Eilish y Roma

  13. Roxi Cora

    Roxi Cora2 ngày trước

    Billie 💖✨👑💞🎶💗💫

  14. SkyJamPH

    SkyJamPH2 ngày trước


  15. Danny B

    Danny B2 ngày trước

    It sounds like a lullaby! I could sleep to this!


    ROYAL CRYBABY KWEEN2 ngày trước

    She used auto tune to give the sound of being water

  17. When Namjoon said you have no jams

    When Namjoon said you have no jams2 ngày trước

    It's really cool! And that's why I'm gay for Billie

  18. ღ Echo ღ

    ღ Echo ღ2 ngày trước

    The beginning without the adio sounds like the song lapis sings Or is that just me

  19. samara

    samara8 giờ trước

    yeah ur right

  20. Leon Vanderschaaf

    Leon Vanderschaaf2 ngày trước

    I get goosebumps whenever I listen to this track.

  21. Elif Gunes

    Elif Gunes3 ngày trước

    i wach the movie and i see a man hoe whas naked end my MOM WHAS THERE 2 LOVE BILLIE EILISH

  22. 505

    5053 ngày trước

    This song makes me want to watch the couch on the TV

  23. Urii Sanin

    Urii Sanin3 ngày trước

    you can cleary hear the autotune for a reason guys! DO you rlly think it wud be made that obvious if she needed it to help her sing???

  24. Gacha Alejandro and Ray Xxx

    Gacha Alejandro and Ray Xxx3 ngày trước

    Roma Is a super boring movie...just saying

  25. verifiedpig

    verifiedpig4 ngày trước

    This song is perfect.

  26. Shield S.

    Shield S.4 ngày trước

    I loved the movie

  27. moriah

    moriah4 ngày trước

    this is actually really creepy and i like it

  28. Omega is a true blink

    Omega is a true blink4 ngày trước

    i played this at a roller rink and scared all the 7 year olds..

  29. Red velvet Trash

    Red velvet Trash3 ngày trước

    Omega is a true blink lol 😂

  30. Lady Mimi

    Lady Mimi5 ngày trước

    الاغنية كلش حلوة😍😍

  31. Crystal_candy fun

    Crystal_candy fun5 ngày trước

    I remember hearing this song on radio and then this is I look at this song and it's from my fav singer JUST WOW

  32. MaddieDahPotatoGurl :3

    MaddieDahPotatoGurl :35 ngày trước

    Who's better? Like - Billie Comment - Bīllïë ëllïšh

  33. awesomedude335 _

    awesomedude335 _5 ngày trước

    Producer: how much autotune? Billie: yes P.S. I know why she did that, and I LOVE IT

  34. TheCrescentMan

    TheCrescentMan5 ngày trước

    It reminds me Luhan songs

  35. мюслч

    мюслч5 ngày trước

    autotune + Billie eilish = Lil Billie

  36. Xialoh

    Xialoh5 ngày trước

    First song I've heard from her and it's pretty amazing. This is gonna be on repeat for a while.. I take it most of her songs aren't like this though. Shame.

  37. shinnok 99

    shinnok 995 ngày trước

    Ikr same. I just lost sth very precious in my life and i found this song. I actually cried when i heard it for the first time and i know its going to be on repeat for some time

  38. elizabeth leigh

    elizabeth leigh5 ngày trước

    am i... am i drowning? wait... i can hear heaven! *ohmahgod*

  39. alexa c

    alexa c6 ngày trước

    billie is a pretty human and thats it

  40. Red velvet Trash

    Red velvet Trash5 ngày trước

    alexa c ?

  41. zknfhjnzh

    zknfhjnzh6 ngày trước

    can anyone help me please? i wanna listen to more songs like this one but i cant find any

  42. Nikita Nair

    Nikita Nair6 ngày trước

    The chorus sounds so familiar Can anyone say which song this sounds like??

  43. LeotheTinyNinja

    LeotheTinyNinja6 ngày trước

    one of the best songs I have ever heard needs a music video

  44. ROMANEッ

    ROMANEッ7 ngày trước

    I want a Shawn-Billie collaboratiooon

  45. Вася Волк

    Вася Волк8 ngày trước


  46. Løser _Rin

    Løser _Rin8 ngày trước

    Roma is my name! XD

  47. Red velvet Trash

    Red velvet Trash5 ngày trước

    Løser _Rin lucky 💕

  48. oopsie

    oopsie8 ngày trước

    how the hell does she sound so good in Autotune?

  49. E 26

    E 269 ngày trước

    Why this is inspired on ROMA ?

  50. alemir1975

    alemir19759 ngày trước

    Impressive when you remember she is just a teenager. This girl is so authentic and talented.

  51. Adrian Matej Gračanin

    Adrian Matej Gračanin9 ngày trước

    I dont like this song

  52. Red velvet Trash

    Red velvet Trash5 ngày trước

    Adrian Matej Gračanin cool

  53. Lily Baltazar

    Lily Baltazar9 ngày trước

    Put the speed to 1.25 its more normal speed

  54. Curtney Love

    Curtney Love9 ngày trước

    Since she used the autotune in here, now y'all haters know she doesn't use autotune to her other songs and how different her voice sounds. 🖐🏻😪

  55. Leslie Goetsch

    Leslie Goetsch10 ngày trước

    This song needs to be in the show Riverdale I bet a million likes it be good

  56. Boris Kachmar

    Boris Kachmar10 ngày trước

    I love you! I love you! I love you! Thank you so much for your being! (Sorry for my engish)

  57. morgana shert

    morgana shert11 ngày trước


  58. kurkurmopo oo

    kurkurmopo oo11 ngày trước

    2 seconds and I got shivers

  59. george munoz

    george munoz11 ngày trước

    Does anyone know the instrument in 2:39 and how to play it, please someone answer it’s driving me crazy.

  60. remixbeb

    remixbeb12 ngày trước

    A mix between "Manni 2elak" by Soapkills and "Corona Di Spine" by Meg, two songs I love. So obviously I like this one too. A lot! ♥

  61. Ulyana Alexandrovna

    Ulyana Alexandrovna12 ngày trước

    Кто после Соболева?

  62. Luisa Lizbeth Franco

    Luisa Lizbeth Franco12 ngày trước

    Billie + Cuarón = MAGIC🤩

  63. Katie

    Katie13 ngày trước

    I take when I was older as meaning when she was a little kid before any of her problems started. She was 'older' because she was happy then and didn't have any worries. But over the years things have weighed on her and kind of made her younger.

  64. ccas minn

    ccas minn13 ngày trước

    Guys! Zoey (the copycat) came out with a song today and it sounds similar to this! I think she’s still copying Billie! You go check it out on Instagram her user is @ mezoeylily

  65. Exotic Pets

    Exotic Pets13 ngày trước

    The beat makes me Rest In Peace. It’s so... no words. Billie, you never fail to amaze me with your music.

  66. Maria Filippa

    Maria Filippa14 ngày trước

    It's slow and nice but creepy at the same time and I LOVE IT ❤

  67. Tairon / Morales

    Tairon / Morales14 ngày trước


  68. Witch Solo

    Witch Solo15 ngày trước

    Im freaked out that picture looks like me 😱

  69. amin ka

    amin ka15 ngày trước

    I love the melody at the begining

  70. Brex 10

    Brex 1015 ngày trước

    Autotune does not immediately equal bad, most people just don't use it right, but this was handled great. And it sounds great.

  71. xmus jaxon flaxon waxon

    xmus jaxon flaxon waxon15 ngày trước


  72. Megan Pantrey

    Megan Pantrey15 ngày trước

    This song is so scary to me it actually gives me shivers

  73. Shinigami Kitsune

    Shinigami Kitsune15 ngày trước

    When you're literally drowning underwater but you don't even try to swim to the surface *since the beat's fire asf*

  74. Danish Dragon

    Danish Dragon15 ngày trước

    Anyone got other songs like this?

  75. Alerquina Marley

    Alerquina Marley15 ngày trước

    Uma das melhores da Billie

  76. Alerquina Marley

    Alerquina Marley15 ngày trước

    Melhor música do álbum...

  77. Gabi Fernanda

    Gabi Fernanda15 ngày trước

    Fuck, this part "I'm still a victim in my own right but I'm the villain in my own eyes" just make me cry a lot, its so fucking hard to listen something that you think about yourself... The song is great, I really loved, but the final of it is to painful. Fuck, you're good at making people feel through the music. (Sorry for my poor English)

  78. Katie G

    Katie G15 ngày trước

    Is this Finneas' work? I hear Chris Corner inspirations.

  79. Chara Frisk

    Chara Frisk16 ngày trước


  80. Jonathan Depaolini

    Jonathan Depaolini16 ngày trước

    Una de mis favoritas.

  81. Garvey Toure

    Garvey Toure16 ngày trước


  82. Mar Stylinson

    Mar Stylinson16 ngày trước


  83. Joselyn Luzania

    Joselyn Luzania17 ngày trước

    What I haven't commented on this yet. 😭😶

  84. liza arooj

    liza arooj17 ngày trước

    Does anyone else noticed his brother's voice ? I didn't in the beginning until now when I used headphones 😶

  85. Edna Louis

    Edna Louis17 ngày trước

    Oh lord, so good.

  86. Anastasia McAvoy

    Anastasia McAvoy17 ngày trước

    1. I was eternally depressed and went to sleep 2. I woke up 3. I met Billie 4. I took a photo with her 5. I was eternally happy Know for what had really happened: read it in order of: 3,4,5,2,1...


    KEEP RUNNING17 ngày trước


  88. Anastasia McAvoy

    Anastasia McAvoy17 ngày trước

    Billie Eilish - WHEN I WAS OLDER 00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:19 ⇆ㅤ ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤ↻

  89. Anastasia McAvoy

    Anastasia McAvoy17 ngày trước

    Sand? *a little in my blood* Invisalign? *Out* Bad guy? *DUH* Xanny? *Don't need it* Crown? *wearing it* Good girls? *go to hell* Gay? *I wish you were* Call you back? *when the party's over* My heart? *Wore it out on a chain* My strange addiction? *you* Friend? *buried* The world? *blurry* Feeling? *scattered* I love you? *you said it* All songs? *put together* Joke? *old* Hotel? *Trivago*

  90. Andrea

    Andrea17 ngày trước

    What kinda creeps me out is that I can vividly picture this and it's not even my memories what the fuck

  91. Anny Karolyne

    Anny Karolyne17 ngày trước

    One of my favorites

  92. { Young God } Msp

    { Young God } Msp18 ngày trước

    This song is inspired by a netflif original movie called "Roma" As you can see.this movie was Made by an oscar winner Alfonso Cuaron

  93. Jime Dreamer

    Jime Dreamer18 ngày trước

    pls billie eilish feat die antwoord, that would be best song ever

  94. Ece ‘

    Ece ‘18 ngày trước

    from joana cedida

  95. RoyalRedPanda19

    RoyalRedPanda1918 ngày trước

    *when the party's over* i will go home to *my boy* and tell him i have a *bellyache* because someone held her *hostage* and fed her bad food, and then they told her to *watch* them *bury a friend* THE END :)

  96. sad bro

    sad bro18 ngày trước

    There is literally no such thing as a bad Billie Eilish song

  97. Temur Topuria

    Temur Topuria18 ngày trước

    Walking though Brooklyn streets, listening to this at dawn-I feel it in my bones.

  98. hailey gizell

    hailey gizell18 ngày trước

    no words can express how badly i want jesse rutherford to cover this song

  99. Max Allen

    Max Allen19 ngày trước

    Just got done watching the movie. Wow

  100. Baby Cakes

    Baby Cakes19 ngày trước

    Friend? Buried Billie? Bad guy Weave? Snatched I could lie? Say I like it like that Lover? In the gutter Take me? To the rooftop Ilo? Milo 15 flares? Inside those ocean eyes Saw? In a crown Zombies? 6 feet under Lovely? Isn't it Crush? Gay Hold my? Invisalign Play? Came out Back? Watched Heart? Burned Birthday? Bullshit Open? Sea Kiss? Not there Soul? Inside a treasure chest Hotel? Trivago

  101. Blue Miaou

    Blue Miaou19 ngày trước

    I personally like how autotune was used here because billie doesn't rely on the autotune for the notes, since she already sings perfectly. the autotune just adds this extra feeling of water stuck in your throat, and you try to spit it out, in vain.

  102. Valentina Isabela Polanco Pérez

    Valentina Isabela Polanco Pérez19 ngày trước

    Es increíble todo lo que ase billie ❤️😭 gracias por estar aquí Billie

  103. Ali0The0King

    Ali0The0King19 ngày trước

    Thx to that kid in the movie we have a nice song

  104. Dina Ray

    Dina Ray19 ngày trước

    I love her voice, music and how smoothly rhythms changing from one to another... amazing! But I wish it was better words... too much... and to watch her not cool as well. Not a fan of this kind of aesthetic...

  105. The Something

    The Something19 ngày trước

    The End of the World?

  106. Molina Koshy

    Molina Koshy19 ngày trước

    btw im your huge fan and i will never ever hate on you! :3 Any haters out there kick them in there nuts! >:3

  107. Molina Koshy

    Molina Koshy19 ngày trước

    its raelly good but its like using alot of alot of autotune

  108. chiefcalled

    chiefcalled17 ngày trước

    It’s supposed to sound like she’s drowning

  109. Ali0The0King

    Ali0The0King19 ngày trước

    I swear songs like this give me the portal (game) vibes ... idk why

  110. Ali0The0King

    Ali0The0King4 ngày trước

    +River Has A Life i actually changed the portal stories mel main menu to this instrumintal

  111. Ali0The0King

    Ali0The0King4 ngày trước

    Valve pls p3 nowww

  112. Ali0The0King

    Ali0The0King4 ngày trước

    +River Has A Life os*

  113. River Has A Life

    River Has A Life4 ngày trước

    SAAAME Dude, I swear, it's Gladys. I literally can't, this is literally Gladys