Binging with Babish: Bear Stew from Red Dead Redemption 2


  1. Aaron JC

    Aaron JC12 giờ trước

    1:13 - 1:23 - Should we also pay no attention to the plactic bag at the corner?

  2. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan23 giờ trước

    1:53 Babish: Bay Leaf Boris: *DA BAY LEAF or maybe three*

  3. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan23 giờ trước

    0:01 that god damn hurt you god damn son of a gun!

  4. Blue Snake171

    Blue Snake171Ngày trước

    You would've made a young Arthur Morgan there.

  5. Janezs John

    Janezs JohnNgày trước

    Never ever bite the knife like that. Your hand can slip and you can cut all tendons in the palm. Always put the thumb at the end of the knife handle so you can prevent hand from sliping.

  6. Wolf Cub

    Wolf CubNgày trước

    I'm dying at the fact that his voice isnt all that bad, but some of the dialogue needs to be dumbed down 😂 I'm laughing so hard it hurts LENNAAAAAAYYYYY

  7. Chase Bader

    Chase BaderNgày trước

    Question where did you get that form from

  8. Sigma XIII

    Sigma XIIINgày trước

    1:20 my favorite! 😂 "No reason to cut it up all fancy, we ain't cookin' or the queen here..." Love this channel!!!

  9. Muhammad Awais

    Muhammad AwaisNgày trước

    loved it man

  10. Pearllyn miriam

    Pearllyn miriamNgày trước

    Lol you sound exactly.lik Arthur

  11. Andrew Hernandez

    Andrew Hernandez2 ngày trước

    “It’s 2018”

  12. A.T.U Soldat

    A.T.U Soldat2 ngày trước

    *we just need Babish And muneh...”

  13. Zack Mendez

    Zack Mendez2 ngày trước

    I swear it need potatoes 😁😁

  14. Bbufkinator

    Bbufkinator2 ngày trước

    To be fair, it didnt exactly join arthurs clean plate club either as he leaves so much at the bottom 😭

  15. Carrie Moorby

    Carrie Moorby2 ngày trước

    That’s so cool Arthur Morgan came to film this with you!

  16. Ultra_axe781

    Ultra_axe7813 ngày trước

    I see you are using a proper thook

  17. jonejungle

    jonejungle3 ngày trước

    Should have called it red dead redemption stew but spelled like two

  18. Ultimis Richtofen the one and only Richtofen

    Ultimis Richtofen the one and only Richtofen3 ngày trước

    DUTCH oven

  19. Paul

    Paul4 ngày trước

    wait people are still eating bear and deer in 2019?

  20. aieden

    aieden2 ngày trước

    deer, yeah bear, not so much. i'm also curious as to why you would think no one would eat deer in 2019 lol

  21. narfnavi

    narfnavi2 ngày trước

    dear is delicious and definitely eatable but bear meat is supposedly not good for you but yeah

  22. Roman Zadorozhnyy

    Roman Zadorozhnyy3 ngày trước

    ....yea..why wouldnt they?

  23. I’m just a Random YouTube account

    I’m just a Random YouTube account4 ngày trước

    Back in the day we had a very special salt. You wanna know what salt it is? It’s called *Kosher Salt*

  24. Sugar Skull47

    Sugar Skull474 ngày trước

    Most Arthur's talked in his whole life

  25. Bone Daddy 69420

    Bone Daddy 694204 ngày trước

    Omg i remember watching this video when it came out lol. I was playing rdr2 late at night. I started to love the characters so early in the story. Then i went to sleep after a long day of greeting, shooting and robbing people and watching this vid. Sometimes life is just so peaceful, even when you know your life sucks u kinda love it as it is, thats the feeling i got from this game.

  26. Still Motion

    Still Motion4 ngày trước

    2:21 I can hear a little bit of babish in there

  27. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith5 ngày trước

    Why don't you make the stew from cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  28. SauliusLT cool

    SauliusLT cool5 ngày trước

    Cmon, I am going to cry if you chop your finger off when cutting like that DD:

  29. kickback4me

    kickback4me6 ngày trước

    Yo Babs do food from Skyrim

  30. Muhammed Kocak

    Muhammed Kocak6 ngày trước

    This is what I call an original content, well done Babish

  31. Petty Pendergrass

    Petty Pendergrass6 ngày trước

    that voice :)

  32. John Riley

    John Riley7 ngày trước

    Chrom wants to know your location.

  33. Vutch Dan Der Linde

    Vutch Dan Der Linde3 ngày trước

    Nice FE joke.

  34. VideoGameHelp

    VideoGameHelp7 ngày trước

    Tfw he paid a lot for all these meats when if you live in an area where you can hunt you could just ya'know, go kill a bear/dear/rabbit.

  35. ck_

    ck_7 ngày trước

    I realise that the video can't get too long but had you gone at a little but slower pace Arthur's impression would have been even better

  36. SILVER-XGold Gameplay

    SILVER-XGold Gameplay7 ngày trước

    Dam Arthur let him self go bad Shit

  37. Mr. Marsoneter

    Mr. Marsoneter7 ngày trước

    My favourite episode

  38. TenGallonHead_ l

    TenGallonHead_ l8 ngày trước

    I'm impressed with this dudes Arthur Morgan voice

  39. GamersGet Rekt

    GamersGet Rekt8 ngày trước

    This isn't the real Arthur. He isn't coughing any..

  40. Hallowsound Productions

    Hallowsound Productions8 ngày trước

    Make bacon soup from bendy and the inc machine

  41. Despa Cito

    Despa Cito8 ngày trước

    Any of y’all cry when Arthur dies He didn’t deserve to die he gives the players a real connection mostly because we have had relatives lot ourselves who has had it happen to us

  42. Kris I guess

    Kris I guess5 ngày trước

    Spoilers fuck off

  43. Giancarlo sol

    Giancarlo sol8 ngày trước

    Holy fucking's Arthur fucking Morgan.. *Tears begin to fill my eyes*

  44. Sam R

    Sam R9 ngày trước

    *exaggerated Russian voice* Only mother Russia makes best bear stew in siberia

  45. Shiv Silverhawk

    Shiv Silverhawk9 ngày trước

    Best episode EVER!!!

  46. Drizzzz

    Drizzzz9 ngày trước

    Such a good content creator man I really love your videos and how inclusive you are man keep striving

  47. LuvZixi

    LuvZixi9 ngày trước

    Never had bear meat, rabbit, or venison and considering my picky eating habits and closed mind when it comes to new foods, I don't think I ever will-but damn did this stew make me rethink everything

  48. Marvell Alvaro Darmawan

    Marvell Alvaro Darmawan9 ngày trước

    What am I suppose to deglaze the fond with? You said deglaze but you weren’t very specific. Could someone please suggest what I should use?

  49. killerbug 12

    killerbug 129 ngày trước

    5:16 song in the background?

  50. AnOrdinaryEgg

    AnOrdinaryEgg9 ngày trước

    *When you go on a resturant and you forget Winnie the pooh :*

  51. bad channel

    bad channel9 ngày trước

    God I love this

  52. Dark Light

    Dark Light10 ngày trước

    He eats the stew with a fork...

  53. GunslingerInGlasses

    GunslingerInGlasses10 ngày trước

    In the wise words of Stan Smith “kudos on your commitment to the bit.”

  54. Ty Thompson

    Ty Thompson10 ngày trước

    Who is better binging with babish or gorden Ramsey

  55. Haxwell Eddison

    Haxwell Eddison10 ngày trước

    Speaking of food in video games, you could do an entire segment on the food dishes in Final Fantasy XV.

  56. What’s it Called

    What’s it Called10 ngày trước

    Arthur all we need to make this stew is some money and some GOD DAMN FAITH

  57. LookMedusa Ttv

    LookMedusa Ttv10 ngày trước

    I played that game three times now and still haven't killed that bear.

  58. sam sung

    sam sung10 ngày trước

    Fuck that, last time I ate bear I got sick.

  59. xXalohaXx

    xXalohaXx10 ngày trước

    This showed up in my recommended a year after I've watched it 13 times when it came out

  60. Dr. Eetswa

    Dr. Eetswa10 ngày trước

    Coyote peterson

  61. Seagull

    Seagull10 ngày trước

    3:18 ah yes, because of course in the 19th century they only had dutch ovens and bowls had not been invented yet, because forming clay into liquid containers is definitely not one of the first inventions man ever made

  62. Dana Harvey

    Dana Harvey10 ngày trước

    I wouldn't be too worried about the watch, although a pocket watch would have probably been more authentic looking. Wristwatches were definitely a thing in the late 19th century. Bear is good eatin' too. Had bear roast one time and I thought it was better than beef.

  63. dick buttkiss

    dick buttkiss10 ngày trước

    Heavy Dutch oven 🤔🤔

  64. Master Derp

    Master Derp11 ngày trước

    Did you film this in Tahiti?

  65. Basha Hex

    Basha Hex11 ngày trước

    Dear Mr Babish If it is not to much can you please cook up food from this game call Monster Hunter? I never played the game before but the food looks amazing.