Binging with Babish: Breakfast from Howl's Moving Castle


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish5 tháng trước

    Oh and you can slow-roast the super-thick (1"+) slabs of bacon to create...a bacon steak. You're welcome.

  2. Parvez Alam

    Parvez AlamNgày trước

    although I don't eat pork this still looks great I was pondering on the thought if you could show us how to make beef bacon thank you one your greatest fans ps I've tried and tested a lot of your recipes thank you .👍

  3. Blue Shell

    Blue Shell19 ngày trước

    That reminds me of the fact that Japanese A5 wagyu often has been described as "fatty enough to be considered bacon steak", so I'm thinking this could be the poor man's wagyu.

  4. Советская Россия

    Советская Россия21 ngày trước

    Sounds like the recipe for a stroke but ok.

  5. Советская Россия

    Советская Россия21 ngày trước

    @Straw Hat Luffy why?

  6. who else but zane?

    who else but zane?7 giờ trước

    Ghibli has the best food

  7. Sohan Dsouza

    Sohan Dsouza20 giờ trước

    You've got cartoon cheese too. 🤣

  8. Itai Sprachman

    Itai Sprachman21 giờ trước

    *puts Kosher salt on pig meat* wait that's illegal?

  9. Mr Mansassin

    Mr MansassinNgày trước

    Why Not Ichiraku Ramen

  10. Snowdrop snow star

    Snowdrop snow starNgày trước

    You should of saved the skin to make pork rinds

  11. Cure Ruby

    Cure RubyNgày trước

    0:34 I needed this

  12. J b

    J b2 ngày trước

    That’s a lot of salt

  13. blue weaboo

    blue weaboo2 ngày trước

    Its castle in the sky

  14. mr vibe check

    mr vibe check2 ngày trước

    My dude that's not how you do it, you silly man You throw the egg shells in fire!

  15. anonymous miss K

    anonymous miss K3 ngày trước

    Not thick enough buddy.. 😂😂

  16. Hugh M9

    Hugh M93 ngày trước

    Whats with all the stoner references recently

  17. LEN R

    LEN R3 ngày trước

    0:35 the bacon: *harder daddy*

  18. julemanden uden gaver

    julemanden uden gaver4 ngày trước

    Why destilled water...?

  19. Owen Bradley

    Owen Bradley4 ngày trước

    This guys Definatley into BDSM

  20. Kavyn

    Kavyn4 ngày trước


  21. shiza H

    shiza H5 ngày trước

    *pork belly exist** babish: *SLAP*

  22. Hanoa Freitas

    Hanoa Freitas5 ngày trước

    Like a freshman trying to hold in a bong rip lol

  23. simple guy

    simple guy6 ngày trước

    but *slap* 0:33

  24. Loogaroo

    Loogaroo6 ngày trước

    "I"m gonna try using this stovetop smoker." HOLY SHIT THESE THINGS EXIST?!?! I live in an apartment building so I can't have an outdoor grill or smoker. Having one of these things would be soooooo nice for making ribs.

  25. Blazin Ace

    Blazin Ace6 ngày trước

    Something about this episode and hearing babby talk about thicc bacon keeps me coming back to it.

  26. eaglesclaws8

    eaglesclaws86 ngày trước

    I love that they got Billy Crystal to do calsifers voice. At least I think it's him, I never actualy checked.

  27. Holdthis L

    Holdthis L6 ngày trước

    that bong joke with the smoker was so unexpected

  28. Fritzgerald Gabriel

    Fritzgerald Gabriel6 ngày trước

    I thought that was a Gameboy 2:20

  29. ya436

    ya4367 ngày trước

    1:52 "My boi is ready to get smoked". Man, you know that food is loyal to you. When they get smoked. Just to keep you alive.

  30. A Lazy Boi

    A Lazy Boi8 ngày trước

    I miss this movie

  31. Zeke Pearson

    Zeke Pearson9 ngày trước


  32. Chris Syz

    Chris Syz9 ngày trước

    Subbed not dubbed

  33. MrYouarethecancer

    MrYouarethecancer10 ngày trước

    Nkgga you watched the sub? Foh with that shit.

  34. games. com

    games. com10 ngày trước

    B O I!!

  35. Ducker

    Ducker12 ngày trước

    "Holds in smoke as good as a college freshman taking his first bong hit"

  36. Lawrence Patrick

    Lawrence Patrick12 ngày trước

    Simple things are best.

  37. Noah Willems

    Noah Willems13 ngày trước

    1:37 3-5 hou..DAYS????

  38. John Titor

    John Titor13 ngày trước

    That Bacon!! Wrong wrong wrong!!!

  39. Olivia Paparo

    Olivia Paparo13 ngày trước

    May all your bacon B U R N

  40. Erich Fabian

    Erich Fabian14 ngày trước

    But did you eat that entire thing of cheese???

  41. Dxran ·

    Dxran ·14 ngày trước

    I would've stopped cooking when I finished the bacon.

  42. CamoKoopa182

    CamoKoopa18215 ngày trước

    I never watched howls moving castle, but seeing the guy crack eggs while holding a wooden spoon at the same time in the same hand is impressive. Even I couldn't do that.

  43. Sean-Michael Strachan

    Sean-Michael Strachan15 ngày trước

    Of course this video exists and I'm sure glad it does.

  44. Kamron Drury

    Kamron Drury15 ngày trước

    It's funny cuz I know high school freshmen who could probably out smoke Tommy Chong

  45. MysteerieYugi

    MysteerieYugi15 ngày trước

    Can you perhaps make the food that Chihiro's parents eat in the beginning of the movie?

  46. Touhami kawther

    Touhami kawther15 ngày trước

    I never clicked on a video faster

  47. T Gamerz

    T Gamerz17 ngày trước

    0:34 *Slap the meat like a pro and will tenderize NO PROBLEMO!!*

  48. Nicholas Holmes

    Nicholas Holmes17 ngày trước

    How about the watermelon from Grave of The Fireflies?

  49. Yeet at the speed of light

    Yeet at the speed of light18 ngày trước

    God I love the movie so much

  50. Carlos Yepez

    Carlos Yepez18 ngày trước

    I thought the bacon at the beginning was a cloth

  51. Anonymous C.K.L.B

    Anonymous C.K.L.B18 ngày trước

    Allllllll you do is season your food with salt and pepper. I’m not trying to hate but that’s just weird

  52. Luca Stephens

    Luca Stephens17 ngày trước

    Anonymous C.K.L.B Have you ever...watched one of his videos before? In fact, have you ever eaten a meal before? No savoury food which doesn’t already incorporate a large amount of either isn’t improved by a little salt and pepper

  53. AcTive

    AcTive19 ngày trước

    9/10 you didnt threw the egg shell into the fire.

  54. flawless potato

    flawless potato19 ngày trước

    Do more studio ghibli’s food, please!

  55. RaVen Lawson

    RaVen Lawson19 ngày trước


  56. Harry Blum

    Harry Blum20 ngày trước

    yo imagine putting thick cut bacon in at the same time as the eggs and expecting them to cook at the same time like they do in the movie.

  57. A Boring Guy

    A Boring Guy20 ngày trước

    Merry go round is such a good song

  58. Papa Hardbassov

    Papa Hardbassov21 ngày trước

    Vaccum sealer: am i a joke to you?

  59. A normal Guy

    A normal Guy21 ngày trước

    how to make a simple breakfast look awesome

  60. Dinosaurmojo54

    Dinosaurmojo5421 ngày trước

    Slapped that meat lol

  61. Ayako G

    Ayako G21 ngày trước

    miyazaki movies will always be my favorite

  62. Kevin Fox

    Kevin Fox22 ngày trước

    Danny was here.

  63. ThePlagueDoctor

    ThePlagueDoctor22 ngày trước

    That's sad if your a college freshman taking your first bong rip😂 What was this college freshman doing during high school? Smoking blunts and joints😂

  64. Silver Lining

    Silver Lining15 ngày trước

    Imagine thinking this is something to brag about.

  65. DeathYu125

    DeathYu12523 ngày trước

    Everybody gansta till the bread comes from the 4th dimension

  66. Ruby soldier

    Ruby soldier24 ngày trước

    me an anti anime: im sorry sir its time for you to leave

  67. Adele M

    Adele M24 ngày trước

    Please do more Miyazaki!