Binging with Babish: Brock's Onigiri from Pokémon


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish7 tháng trước

    Gosh I just can't apologize enough for the mix-up.

  2. D H

    D H15 ngày trước

    I guess they won't taste so bad since they're like close cousins. If you're going to to make this again, try to cook the rice with a pot instead of a pressure cooker, and cooling the rice with a fan or something while you're mixing the vinegar. The onigiri/sushi ball will have a more firm texture, and be less watery. Nice video, anyway.

  3. Freel Teel

    Freel TeelTháng trước

    So... I've never ever added vinegar for onigiri. It's usually just plain. Vinegar is added specifically for sushi.

  4. Melissa Krautheim

    Melissa KrautheimTháng trước

    Noble sempai approved this message

  5. Zicky Kane

    Zicky KaneTháng trước

    ...i think he did it on purpose!

  6. Night Sky

    Night SkyTháng trước

    Hey babish, make a cube shaped onigiri

  7. evvignes

    evvignes14 giờ trước

    What watch are you wearing? Thanks

  8. The great and powerful Doge

    The great and powerful DogeNgày trước

    Wonderful jelly donuts, 10/10!

  9. Levelmake

    Levelmake3 ngày trước

    I never knew onigri meant Jelly Doughnut In Japanese

  10. Matteo Campo

    Matteo Campo3 ngày trước

    Rice of onigiri balls is usually not seasoned with vinegard, just salt.

  11. Samuel Sankaralingam

    Samuel Sankaralingam3 ngày trước

    🍙 🍙 🍙

  12. YEET BOI

    YEET BOI4 ngày trước

    Ah yes, -onagiri- *jelly filled donuts*

  13. Adam Ken

    Adam Ken4 ngày trước

    OK Whiteboy

  14. Evan Abeling

    Evan Abeling4 ngày trước

    Do you think cutting the kelp into smaller pieces would help it seem less slimy?

  15. Forest Fox

    Forest Fox4 ngày trước

    God I love jelly filled donuts

  16. Red Foreman

    Red Foreman5 ngày trước

    Hey, you made jelly filled donuts.

  17. Bert The dude

    Bert The dude6 ngày trước

    nice brock reference at the end tho

  18. Ender Yılmaz

    Ender Yılmaz7 ngày trước

    what i dont like making about onirigi is that it burn my hand XD

  19. ashbats

    ashbats7 ngày trước

    The first time I made onigiri I was about 13 and deep in my weeb phase. Was very determined to make it the traditional way which means you get to nearly burn your hands while shaping the rice. Gotta love it.

  20. Conqueror Ezreal

    Conqueror Ezreal7 ngày trước

    Andrew, you forgot to include the April Fool's Day Jelly-Filled Donuts episode in your playlist

  21. Eliza Beth

    Eliza Beth8 ngày trước

    probably a bit too much water

  22. Claire Thomson

    Claire Thomson8 ngày trước

    I'd give this video a second like just for adding the drying pan nod at the end of the video.

  23. ii Snopel

    ii Snopel9 ngày trước

    Dislike is from Wendy for using pickled plums.

  24. Hapz_

    Hapz_9 ngày trước

    did you just pronounce sake as "sak-E" its not "sak-E" its "sak-ey"

  25. Miss Arie And Me

    Miss Arie And Me10 ngày trước

    But why does your beautiful stove top not have a self starter

  26. Taste The Doom

    Taste The Doom10 ngày trước

    i see what you did thier and yes it's looks stopid 4:31 XD

  27. ButterScotchFox

    ButterScotchFox11 ngày trước

    Nah bro those are jelly field doughnuts trust me I know one when I see one

  28. Gamer929

    Gamer92911 ngày trước


  29. Mirora 221

    Mirora 22112 ngày trước

    I love Jelly filled doughnuts

  30. theRoyalVariety

    theRoyalVariety12 ngày trước

    Is there a gif of Babish making the rice snowman dance?

  31. Emz

    Emz14 ngày trước

    You cook rice like a baby Use your hand and eye !!!

  32. sandakureva

    sandakureva15 ngày trước

    My Japanese teacher used to make me onigiri in exchange for repairing her computer. Entirely worth it.

  33. John White

    John White16 ngày trước

    It's painfully obvious in every video that Babish has never worked in a restaurant

  34. saikogrrl

    saikogrrl16 ngày trước

    Isn't kombu usually used for making dashi stock? I don't think it's usually used for eating, because yeah it is thick and rubbery. 🙂

  35. Aaliyah Bee

    Aaliyah Bee16 ngày trước

    🍙now I know what that emoji is

  36. xupPer223

    xupPer22317 ngày trước

    A true man of culture watches and uses original Japanese voices and not dub.

  37. Eyal Bronstein

    Eyal Bronstein17 ngày trước

    Do you mean "Brock's jelly filled doughnuts"?

  38. BlackHawkRider

    BlackHawkRider18 ngày trước

    thumbs up for the indoor rain.

  39. _VideogamemasterVGM

    _VideogamemasterVGM19 ngày trước

    The big question is how Brock made these without a stove, cooking tools, and non-rotten ingredients

  40. Makeda Speckled Beauty

    Makeda Speckled Beauty20 ngày trước

    Gosh I love kombu and umeboshi onigiri. ( ´・ω ก` )

  41. TheDingo 579

    TheDingo 57921 ngày trước

    Don’t you mean jelly donuts?

  42. So What Is my Name?

    So What Is my Name?21 ngày trước

    Dude what the hell? They're obviously donuts!

  43. roselover2525

    roselover252521 ngày trước

    Yep... Jazz cigarettes.

  44. Jason Bacchus

    Jason Bacchus22 ngày trước

    When you trust the dub and but then you go to the sub

  45. Wlad Tokarev

    Wlad Tokarev23 ngày trước

    *from Naruto

  46. charlie mcfacefuck

    charlie mcfacefuck23 ngày trước

    I want to throat fuck Misty...

  47. Panda 2.0

    Panda 2.024 ngày trước

    What my mother and I do instead of adding salt to the rice, we salt our hands. You add salt to your hands after you put water in them

  48. Anh Hoang

    Anh Hoang24 ngày trước

    you should have used wakame seasweed.

  49. Black Sinichi

    Black Sinichi24 ngày trước

    This channel is awsome

  50. Steel Bar

    Steel Bar25 ngày trước

    that's a lot of sugar

  51. Lieutenant Dude

    Lieutenant Dude25 ngày trước

    I still don't know why it was so hard to say rice balls or dumplings instead of donuts. Like, Americans don't know what dumplings are?

  52. Phillip J

    Phillip J26 ngày trước

    Water boarding causes psychological damage in the short term while over the longer term if you have time to let your prisoner stew the water droplet torturer, has a more insidious effect.

  53. Billy Walsh

    Billy Walsh26 ngày trước

    Ah you mean jelly-donuts!

  54. Nazish Talati

    Nazish Talati27 ngày trước

    Dude I love your watch

  55. Alex Loomis

    Alex Loomis27 ngày trước

    Fastest way to clean your sushi rice = put it on a strainer and use the spray nozzle at point blank range and shake until its been rotated enough

  56. toxic death

    toxic death27 ngày trước

    Nothing beats a jelly filled doughnut. Lost Pause would agree

  57. gary gerold

    gary gerold28 ngày trước

    Don’t you mean jelly donuts


    B SE BHAGGU28 ngày trước

    Make ohagi from twin star exorcist

  59. Hamilton and JJBA ate my soul

    Hamilton and JJBA ate my soul29 ngày trước

    him: its very chewy and lethery :( me: *heavy breathing* perfect

  60. My Neighbors

    My Neighbors29 ngày trước

    "Jazz cigarettes"

  61. Nomnom Bathbomb

    Nomnom BathbombTháng trước

    *lost pause intensifies*

  62. Joseph Bastidas

    Joseph BastidasTháng trước

    0:40 the panic in how you said that reminded me of Bob Belcher

  63. Brian Duffy

    Brian DuffyTháng trước

    binging anime with babish

  64. a guy

    a guyTháng trước

    How have you not done poke puffs from the xy series

  65. Test Fortester

    Test FortesterTháng trước

    Brock is a pedophile rapist