Binging with Babish: Calzones from Seinfeld


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish18 ngày trước



    AFIQUE QURANE5 ngày trước

    Im the 5k like yeet

  3. Fist Fight Anims.

    Fist Fight Anims.8 ngày trước

    Binging with Babish hey banish, I know this is a pretty big request of you, but do you think that you could get Gordon Ramsay on the show for 10M? If you could that’d be awesome! Thanks!

  4. Chung Hung

    Chung Hung11 ngày trước

    Binging with Babish Could you make the time sandwich from adventure time

  5. Roy Bruno

    Roy Bruno12 ngày trước

    There is An Episode on Family Guy where Quagmire Becomes a chef and he makes various Dishes he makes it look good actually. It would be Cool to see you Recreate it

  6. PUR3JUSTiC3 _

    PUR3JUSTiC3 _12 ngày trước

    Make the sandvich from team fortress 2

  7. Ruby Newman

    Ruby Newman6 giờ trước

    Can you make the melancholy candy from because of winndixie

  8. Santiago Arevalo

    Santiago Arevalo8 giờ trước

    Spanish subtitles please


    EMMA NONE OF YOURS9 giờ trước

    My aunty Adrienne makes slamming eggplant parmesan

  10. Reavere

    ReavereNgày trước

    Make the calzones from Parks and Rec... food poisoning includes.

  11. Jason Phillips

    Jason PhillipsNgày trước

    You need to poke 3 holes on top of the calzone before you cook. This will let the steam out and maintain integrity of crust when you cut. You also may want cut the heat a bit and cook slower!

  12. RealBriGang

    RealBriGangNgày trước

    My big curiosity is why not vent the calzone to prevent the puffing? True, I never had a calzone when I lived in NYC, but in Buffalo at least, we always have them vented, and often with a more artisinal rolled finish to close the dough.

  13. Donal Welch

    Donal WelchNgày trước

    Well, I now know what I want for dinner. Thanks Andrew.

  14. RoninXDarknight

    RoninXDarknightNgày trước

    Meatballs are one of my favorite calzone fillers :D

  15. Matthew Curmi

    Matthew CurmiNgày trước

    Let's get that pronunciation right: Cal - tso - ne (e pronounced).

  16. Edward Schmidt

    Edward SchmidtNgày trước

    Shredded low fat Mozzarella? Fuck that

  17. Sky Brooks

    Sky Brooks2 ngày trước

    I know I'm just some random but my job is a pizza shop and to avoid that doming you want to score the top. It will keep all your fillings nicely tucked in and comfortable and help reduce the moisture. Also some garlic butter painted over top with some white spice makes it all the much better. Love your show been watching probably since the begining.

  18. sophie fawcett

    sophie fawcett2 ngày trước

    You say stuff like lets get that moist outa ma zone and im actually into that

  19. Bendemption

    Bendemption2 ngày trước

    Here in Puerto Rico we add on the exterior of the breading some garlic butter for a crunchier outside texture and it really makes the difference 🤩

  20. fred fry

    fred fry21 giờ trước

    Great to know!

  21. Bendemption

    Bendemption2 ngày trước

    Just one pointer.. the calzone looks a tad bit to dry in the outside

  22. Bendemption

    Bendemption2 ngày trước

    You always make the best recipes

  23. EasternBlocRobotCowboy

    EasternBlocRobotCowboy2 ngày trước

    Nothing worse than a moist zone

  24. Daniel Brown

    Daniel Brown3 ngày trước

    hey bro, I'm from Rochacha too. If you don't want the zone to inflate, just pinch a little hole or two on top before it goes in the oven.

  25. Julian Mier

    Julian Mier3 ngày trước

    Can make GD Scallops from Big Mouth?

  26. zuuded

    zuuded3 ngày trước

    Imagine having a cooking show. Where in you make foods from tv shows and movies. And you make Calzone’s. BUT NOT FROM PARKS & RECREATION

  27. Mormorda 666

    Mormorda 6663 ngày trước

    Food porn 😍😛

  28. That Guy Harambe

    That Guy Harambe4 ngày trước

    For anyone watching this, please cut slits into your calzone BEFORE you put it in the oven - It will get rid of all that pesky doming he had such a problem with.

  29. Koolmidx

    Koolmidx4 ngày trước

    Could vacuum the sauce to remove bubbles if you have a vacuum pump

  30. Megan San

    Megan San4 ngày trước

    You should do the lunch buffet scene from Fargo! It’s an interesting combo! Love your channel!

  31. Watjalukinat

    Watjalukinat4 ngày trước

    Who would put an eggplant in a calzone?

  32. memelyfe42

    memelyfe425 ngày trước

    whoever puts eggplant on pizza is as bad as people who like pineapple on pizza

  33. Chop Happy

    Chop Happy5 ngày trước

    Those calzones look so yummy! I love Seinfeld and I love making calzones on my channel! Great video!

  34. hornek

    hornek5 ngày trước

    you forgot to mention the pita pocket prevents it from dripping. THE PITA POCKET!

  35. No no

    No no5 ngày trước

    Why did I get so many likes? Like omg

  36. Dave K.

    Dave K.5 ngày trước

    More jokes!!!!! Hahaha the tone in your voice when you mess up (like almost drop something), dude you make me laugh so hard. Keep up the great content!!

  37. BadgerOWesley

    BadgerOWesley5 ngày trước

    Please do a real calzone. Just cheese and some spices. Extra shit is and has been a blight on calzones.

  38. Angela Kindness

    Angela Kindness6 ngày trước

    Epstein actually killed himself

  39. P. Schmoney

    P. Schmoney6 ngày trước

    Follow Life of Boris' Recipe Videos

  40. Steffan Kitchener

    Steffan Kitchener6 ngày trước

    Foursies for Sharesies

  41. RM rm

    RM rm7 ngày trước

    can anyone tell me what dough machine he is using???

  42. BeatriceTheLunaFan Est.2004

    BeatriceTheLunaFan Est.20048 ngày trước

    Do “Rare Who Roast Beast” from “Dr Seuss, How The Grinch Stole Christmas”

  43. Bree Wood

    Bree Wood6 ngày trước

    Yuh....he did dat already dude

  44. Daughter-Of -Loki

    Daughter-Of -Loki6 ngày trước

    He already did fam.

  45. Euly Cervera

    Euly Cervera8 ngày trước

    That looks so good 😋 I want some now. But I will always find it funny that in Spanish Calzon means underwear, and calzones is the plural form

  46. Syahidah Abidin

    Syahidah Abidin8 ngày trước

    How many kitchenaid does he have? I thought I saw in another video he has a kitchenaid in another colour

  47. Alloin Baptiste

    Alloin Baptiste8 ngày trước

    Mama Mia ...

  48. Rocio Sanchez

    Rocio Sanchez8 ngày trước

    Calzone...sounds like saying underwear in spanish lol. . But a good recipe to follow ♡