Binging with Babish: Calzones from Seinfeld


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  2. Hair Transplant Network

    Hair Transplant Network2 ngày trước

    I love the backflip music

  3. The CoolBoye

    The CoolBoye15 ngày trước

    In italian they mean socks

  4. Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes

    Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes15 ngày trước

    What’s the difference between high quality ricotta cheese and low quality ricotta cheese?

  5. Rheyse

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  6. Anashe Chingosho

    Anashe Chingosho22 ngày trước

    What about the we bare bears calzone

  7. Memow Da kitty

    Memow Da kitty8 giờ trước

    Whenever I got a calzone when I was like 8, I would laugh because it’s like calzones witch is underwear

  8. Victoria Ávila

    Victoria Ávila9 giờ trước

    So, here. "Calzones" in spanish means panties. And I'm too inmature to watch this video without laughing about it every five minutes.

  9. Victoria Ávila

    Victoria Ávila9 giờ trước

    This kind of looks like a gourmet version of a popular dish in my country.

  10. CyanCelestial

    CyanCelestial11 giờ trước

    local locale low-cal calzone-zone zone

  11. CyFr's Corner

    CyFr's Corner19 giờ trước

    Also known as a panzarotti and a puffio

  12. Benbebop

    BenbebopNgày trước

    Bro how saturated are those tomatoes.

  13. RYRY

    RYRYNgày trước

    i thought cal zone had ricotta while a stromboli had mozzarella

  14. Arzyan Alam

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  15. Dolphinboi

    Dolphinboi2 ngày trước

    "Don't let me into my 'zone"-16 year old Kanye working at pizza hut

  16. Maximiliano Arjona

    Maximiliano Arjona2 ngày trước

    So, can I use a Dutch oven instead of pizza stones?

  17. Somar Jela

    Somar Jela3 ngày trước

    First pizza is much better than the second. Blistering ruins pizza.

  18. Joseph VanPinxteren

    Joseph VanPinxteren3 ngày trước

    this episode also makes me love press and seal. hell yeah

  19. halicon74

    halicon743 ngày trước

    I like pepperoni and spinach in my zones

  20. Zamorak15395

    Zamorak153953 ngày trước

    Is there any way to eliminate doming on the inside?

  21. razorblazer 05

    razorblazer 052 ngày trước

    Slit the top of the dough. It acts as a steam vent

  22. Asian Shaggy

    Asian Shaggy4 ngày trước

    How do i do an eggplant emoji

  23. Asian Shaggy

    Asian Shaggy4 ngày trước

    Got it

  24. Asian Shaggy

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  25. Skylos Foxtrot

    Skylos Foxtrot4 ngày trước

    No eggplant joke?

  26. Adam Bletcher

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  27. Quiet Sadness

    Quiet Sadness4 ngày trước

    Remember, a Pizza has the toppings and cheese on the dough, a calzone has the toppings inside the dough, served with tomato sauce on the side, while Stromboli is the same thing as the Calzone, but cut into slices, and open.

  28. ezrabrooks12

    ezrabrooks125 ngày trước

    LOOK'D GOOD!!!!!

  29. Roo Tehconqueror

    Roo Tehconqueror5 ngày trước

    vent the dough

  30. TonyDX94

    TonyDX945 ngày trước

    Cutting slits or tearing a hole on top would solve the dining isssue

  31. Diego

    Diego6 ngày trước

    Fun little fact: There is no s ending here in Italy. In fact, it's not an Italian word if it doesn't end in a vowel (with some exceptions). If it ends in a a vowel, it's Italian. If it doesn't end in a vowel, the word is borrowed from another language. So, Calzone is just one, Calzoni is plural. Same with Panini. Panini is plural, a Panino is just one. Paninis is like saying Sandwicheses. Now you know some Italian :)

  32. Enrico Bertoncello

    Enrico Bertoncello6 ngày trước

    the sauce for the pizza should be only tomato. no onion, no garlic, no chili, no spices. Basil and oregano can be added after cooking

  33. covenant11

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  34. Nicholas Domitraschuk

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  35. IG _datnamedoe

    IG _datnamedoe7 ngày trước

    I take your videos as educational

  36. Theanthropic Eyedolatry

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  37. ps1 hagrid

    ps1 hagrid8 ngày trước

    Who played Jerry on Seinfeld?

  38. AcesInMyPocket

    AcesInMyPocket8 ngày trước

    Are u magic

  39. Mariana Perez Raya

    Mariana Perez Raya8 ngày trước

    *Spanish speakers be wheezing*

  40. Will Dearborn

    Will Dearborn8 ngày trước

    You should deep fry one some time It’s a far better option.

  41. The senate

    The senate8 ngày trước

    I am having a hard time understanding how one calzone (which is essentially a pizza folded in half) equals 2x the pizza dough as one pizza but you do you I guess

  42. Matjan Thking95

    Matjan Thking958 ngày trước


  43. Fed

    Fed8 ngày trước

    I just got my gallbladder removed. Why the heck am i watching this??

  44. Ahnaf Raihan

    Ahnaf Raihan8 ngày trước

    I appreciate you being a perfectionist with these videos. You have a lot of influence and going the extra mile here probably has a huge ripple effect on how people cook

  45. joshualucas

    joshualucas8 ngày trước

    this guy really is a shit cook lol

  46. Hayden Peeples

    Hayden Peeples10 ngày trước

    Me: about to investigate comments for parks and rec references Babish: don’t worry for you parks and rec fans I’ll be investigating the low-cal calzone zone in a later episode I feel seen

  47. QueenKaito

    QueenKaito10 ngày trước

    As someone who makes ricotta-filled pierogies at home pretty often i knew immediatly that ricotta was gonna make the bottom soggy lol. Glad you went over how to drain ricotta! A lot of people dont know how, we usually use a weight and leave it overnight

  48. TwiggleZz

    TwiggleZz10 ngày trước

    "Exploring the low cal calzone zone" This part needs more attention

  49. ECL28E

    ECL28E7 ngày trước

    Calcalzonezone. He already covered the turturkeykey

  50. gravity shots

    gravity shots10 ngày trước

    Yeah Americans need to learn about scottish calzones

  51. Patrik

    Patrik10 ngày trước

    What kind of hippie puts eggplant in a Calzone?!?!

  52. Seeing Eye

    Seeing Eye10 ngày trước

    Quitate los calzones ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

  53. Curt-quito

    Curt-quito11 ngày trước

    Una empanada?

  54. DNT KHV

    DNT KHV11 ngày trước

    That looks like a pizza croissant 🥐 lmao

  55. Kaylee Moore

    Kaylee Moore11 ngày trước

    Best thing to put in a calzone is apple and bacon 👀 don’t knock it till you try it it’s AMAZING

  56. Hoxto licious

    Hoxto licious12 ngày trước

    My local pizzeria makes the calzone with a bit of pizza sauce in the inside and on the outside of calzone with cheese, adding gyros meat, tomatoes and thinly sliced onions, but before putting the pizza sauce and after all the topping they add a bit of mozzarella, and holy shit, that tastes amazing, it's not really a calzone, more like a gyros calzone but their dough is not as thin on the top.

  57. SeanyBoy

    SeanyBoy12 ngày trước

    ben wyatt is jumping rn

  58. Boe Dillard

    Boe Dillard12 ngày trước

    Looks fantastic! I envy you have access to good cheese. I live in CA and MY GOD the dairy products here are all flavorless. Milk takes like it has gone bad 2 days after you buy it even though it says it has a week left before it expires. The extra sharp cheddar is almost like polly-o mozzarella, the mozarella out here has all the flavor of tofu wrapped in plastic. Butter has far less flavor than crappy brand margerine. California cows are happy cows - happy cows must make dreadful milk. They advertize non stop for CA dairy products - they don't need to in NY, VT or Wisconsin. Any dairy product you buy back in NE is great even the shoprite or stop & shop brand cheeses are delicious!

  59. collarmole

    collarmole13 ngày trước

    I love how you always show the enhanced version. King shit.

  60. Rama Nrusimhadevara

    Rama Nrusimhadevara13 ngày trước

    If this guy was my home ec teacher...

  61. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover13 ngày trước

    Most laugh tracks were recorded in the late 40’s. You’re listening to dead people laugh in your favorite nick at nite shows

  62. FraserK s

    FraserK s5 ngày trước

    @Roger Dodger its still sticks to the theme . People with dead humor . Jk

  63. Roger Dodger

    Roger Dodger5 ngày trước

    Ben Dover Seinfeld didn’t use a laugh track, it’s a live studio audience

  64. Taurvex ।

    Taurvex ।9 ngày trước

    @Mighty Commander better than this comment

  65. Mighty Commander

    Mighty Commander11 ngày trước

    @Dylan Our cars are powered by exploding dead dinosaurs

  66. Dylan

    Dylan12 ngày trước

    Ben Dover I consume dead people’s books, movies, art, recipes and hell probably even their dead bodies.

  67. Twi John

    Twi John13 ngày trước

    “Thanks to visual aids”

  68. Liam Mancuso

    Liam Mancuso14 ngày trước

    You should make homemade mcdonalds

  69. May Floydweather

    May Floydweather14 ngày trước

    Calzone is just worse pizza

  70. Tzorb

    Tzorb14 ngày trước

    The second i saw this video i thought of the low cal calzone

  71. Jake The Dawg

    Jake The Dawg14 ngày trước

    but the first pizza ( not cold fermented dough ) looks better and i’d definitely choose that considering only looks

  72. Sdhhxd B sdcb

    Sdhhxd B sdcb14 ngày trước

    0:47 I know how much you love ovens, so I put an oven, inside you’re oven

  73. killian howell

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  74. ChickenTendees

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  75. magic maniac

    magic maniac14 ngày trước

    😩 I haven't had lunch today

  76. sharu812

    sharu81214 ngày trước

    Do you have to let the cold fermented Dough rise it in room temperature for a certain amount of time or can you use it as soon as you take it out of the fridge?