Binging with Babish: Dutch Baby from Bob's Burgers


  1. Skooter571

    Skooter571Ngày trước

    This is the only recipe that basically has no prep time. Meaning I could actually make it

  2. simon pol

    simon pol3 ngày trước


  3. Angry Crab

    Angry Crab3 ngày trước

    So... It's a Yorkshire pudding?

  4. Robert Bosch

    Robert Bosch6 ngày trước

    I am Dutch, but I have never seen a Dutch baby like this in my entire life. Kinda makes me wonder how or where it originated.

  5. Robert Bosch

    Robert BoschGiờ trước

    @isamidnight You might be right, though I haven't done my reasearch :p

  6. isamidnight

    isamidnightNgày trước

    My family calls these German Pancakes. Maybe it's a corruption of Deutsche baby?

  7. RedSquidz

    RedSquidz8 ngày trước

    Anyone know the end tune?

  8. emily-sioux

    emily-sioux8 ngày trước

    You will never tell my British brain that this is NOT a sweet Yorkshire pudding. I refuse to believe any different

  9. Emzie 78

    Emzie 788 ngày trước

    Putting pancake batter in an over is basically a brittish yorkshire pudding, they're so good. Most people have them with roast dinners

  10. Jesse Hofman

    Jesse Hofman11 ngày trước

    Why do you Americans put Dutch in front of things that aren’t even Dutch, like i’ve been Dutch my whole goddamn life and i’ve never seen this thing before

  11. TacitIron Hav

    TacitIron Hav9 ngày trước

    Because of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Who I think are actually German?

  12. Bumblebee_on_a_Cactus

    Bumblebee_on_a_Cactus15 ngày trước

    “You probably have what you need in the fridge right now. You just need a blender and a casket iron skillet” Me, a dumbass: *Why would my blender and casket iron skillet be in the fridge?*

  13. MerrynNails

    MerrynNails19 ngày trước

    Even though I’m dutch, I only found out about dutch baby’s this week... Honestly it’s something we never eat in the Netherlands

  14. Wo1fpaq72

    Wo1fpaq7220 ngày trước

    So toad in the hole without the toad?

  15. Dan McCabe

    Dan McCabe20 ngày trước

    You sound like Bob. Are you Bob?

  16. Auristella Zarate

    Auristella Zarate22 ngày trước

    "Mmm you can't even taste the baby."

  17. ElZamo92

    ElZamo9223 ngày trước

    Bold of you to assume that I have something more than half an old jar of sun dried tomatoes.

  18. andrewthezeppo

    andrewthezeppo23 ngày trước

    You don't need a blender or cast iron skillet. We make these pretty regularly at my house and just whisk the batter with a fork(who wants to clean a blender?) and use a pie pan

  19. Me 1234

    Me 123424 ngày trước

    About 2,000 dollars less than an American baby 😂😂😂

  20. just jack

    just jack25 ngày trước

    No one: Train: *stuck*

  21. Loathe Life

    Loathe Life25 ngày trước

    I'm not going to have another good Christmas yet again lol smh!

  22. Dave Post

    Dave Post26 ngày trước

    That's a big Yorkshire pudding.

  23. caleb jaymes

    caleb jaymes27 ngày trước

    Lotta diabetes

  24. Guru

    Guru28 ngày trước

    "Dutch baby batter" I feel uncomfortable.

  25. Ann Duren

    Ann DurenTháng trước

    fun fact its german not dutch

  26. Jesper

    JesperTháng trước

    I’m dutch and I can tell you: We don’t make these in The Netherlands.

  27. ginger !

    ginger !7 ngày trước

    these are like the least dutch thing ever hahahaha

  28. Jesper

    Jesper22 ngày trước

    Dragonhunter 24 not that I know of.

  29. Dragonhunter 24

    Dragonhunter 2422 ngày trước

    So you guys are using condoms?

  30. Jesper

    Jesper26 ngày trước

    ironlion45 it’s pannenkoeken by the way.

  31. ironlion45

    ironlion4526 ngày trước

    This recipe is a type of German pancake. However, it was introduced to the US in the early 20th century as a "Dutch Baby", probably due to Americanizing "Deutsch" to "Dutch". The batter is very similar to what you might use to make a pannekoeken though. The main reason this rises so much is due to being baked in a high-sided pan which lets it "climb", a bit like a souffle.

  32. dos dandelions

    dos dandelionsTháng trước

    Ew... Sugar is so bad for you. Give me a savoury Dutch Baby instead please.

  33. MegaAaron42

    MegaAaron42Tháng trước

    This makes a nice cinnamon glazed hard tack or a really really bad dutch baby i followed instructions exactly to the letter

  34. Mista Play

    Mista PlayTháng trước

    Did you do the meatsiah

  35. Craig tucker

    Craig tuckerTháng trước

    How to make a Dutch baby. Step one:get a Dutch boy and a dutch girl and wait nine month's and there you go a dutch baby

  36. Alex Soto

    Alex SotoTháng trước

    According to Linda, it only took 20 minutes for the Dutch Baby to arrive

  37. Kami Kuru

    Kami KuruTháng trước


  38. Jack Parker

    Jack ParkerTháng trước


  39. Camper

    CamperTháng trước

    You measure tits in cups not ingredients.

  40. ShizaAnimations

    ShizaAnimationsTháng trước

    “About 2,000$ less than an American baby”

  41. i want yum

    i want yumTháng trước

    Come from the Netherlands, it’s quite accurate

  42. malut saguir

    malut saguirTháng trước

    I have a great vagaries

  43. malut saguir

    malut saguirTháng trước

    I am a beautiful girl

  44. malut saguir

    malut saguirTháng trước

    Fuck mewsssseeeee

  45. malut saguir

    malut saguirTháng trước

    Lovfev you

  46. malut saguir

    malut saguirTháng trước

    What theat rtaitaran Frye

  47. malut saguir

    malut saguirTháng trước

    Ok ease lo vd Mseee

  48. RoryKenneigh

    RoryKenneighTháng trước

    So basically it's a Sweet Yorkshire Pudding?

  49. Anne Veenhoven

    Anne VeenhovenTháng trước

    The way I'm Dutch but never heard of this

  50. herguttentag9000

    herguttentag9000Tháng trước

    Probably the badest thing to ever come out of babish his kitchen.. That train.

  51. Chris Spencer

    Chris SpencerTháng trước

    That's pretty much what English people call a Yorkshire pudding there is a savory called toad in the hole.

  52. flip Bakker

    flip BakkerTháng trước

    don t forget, you ca also jsut but some bacon, apples, banana in that dutch baby, then sprinkle some cinnamon over it when you're done.

  53. lil' one

    lil' oneTháng trước

    So that is how I born

  54. StaticFlash

    StaticFlashTháng trước

    I might actually try to make this

  55. Sir_Duckington

    Sir_DuckingtonTháng trước

    I'm dutch and don't know what a dutch baby is XD

  56. Joe Seward

    Joe SewardTháng trước

    Baby batter wow.

  57. Soham Sengupta

    Soham SenguptaTháng trước

    "I'm going to show you how to customise your Dutch baby" What is this, the Sims?

  58. hasarutoe tensakey

    hasarutoe tensakeyTháng trước

    So da goal is diabetes

  59. Shu

    ShuTháng trước

    Ahh. I made this in my Home Ec class owo

  60. DapperJazz

    DapperJazzTháng trước

    That little train has my heart..

  61. meamjustme

    meamjustmeTháng trước

    As a dutch person i just want to add: What the fuck is a Dutch baby XD

  62. People’s Republic Of China

    People’s Republic Of ChinaTháng trước

    You can’t even taste the baby

  63. peffiSC2source S

    peffiSC2source STháng trước

    01:43 Dutch Baby-batter. lol

  64. SXXXLT

    SXXXLTTháng trước

    the only thing i made from this channel

  65. Joel

    JoelTháng trước

    I'll just note Dutch baby pancakes are actually American, and the Dutch have never even heard of them.

  66. Joel

    JoelTháng trước

    Floris Bordewijk yep, al hoewel het er wel lekker uit ziet, dus ik denk dat ik het maar eens moet proberen!

  67. Floris Bordewijk

    Floris BordewijkTháng trước

    Half of the process mildly resembles a Dutch pancake, but as soon as the cinnamon syrup drizzle went in and he had the audacity to put it in an *oven* all relation was lost

  68. Gijsbert Koens

    Gijsbert KoensTháng trước

    I wish we had dutch baby's in the Netherlands

  69. murrfeeling

    murrfeelingTháng trước

    They just call em' babies there, I reckon.

  70. Elijah Horn

    Elijah Horn2 tháng trước

    My favorite is when I put the Dutch baby in the oven. It smells so nice

  71. Sky Quinn

    Sky Quinn2 tháng trước

    i just want my dutch baby not to be ginger

  72. Classic Cobra

    Classic Cobra2 tháng trước

    ¿Qué día due ayer?