Binging with Babish: Eggs Florentine from Frasier


  1. michael dietz

    michael dietz2 ngày trước

    Fraiser is such a good show.

  2. Wimpy Denton

    Wimpy Denton10 ngày trước

    I have just cooked this, only difference where onions in the spinach and not a poached egg but a fried one.. And as topping some roasted nuts... Was absolutely amazing... And my girlfriend loved it.. So thanks for the idea!

  3. MinerMaster

    MinerMaster15 ngày trước

    I thought this was Gordon Ramsay for a second and I was like ew but then I saw it was the B man himself and I was like yum

  4. Thomas Parikka

    Thomas Parikka16 ngày trước

    Is there a reason the English muffin recipe doesn't use any salt? I made them and they seemed kind of flat tasting without at least a little.

  5. Isaiah Valentin

    Isaiah Valentin19 ngày trước

    Just make your own ketchup. It probably would go well if it was unsweetened. Or not because no one likes to make their own ketchup. There has to be some ketchup based sause and/or a really nice brand of store bought ketchup that pairs really well with this.

  6. Thaumatomane

    Thaumatomane24 ngày trước

    Big and foamy, melange... sooooo may Frasier references! :D

  7. Tre Wilder

    Tre Wilder25 ngày trước

    Would be pretty cool to see Boss's/Sojiro's Curry from Persona 5 get made. You even get to see most/all of the ingredients each time you make it.

  8. Benjimeme Taylor

    Benjimeme Taylor27 ngày trước

    Can you do pretty patties or kelp shakes

  9. Bendy Fish

    Bendy FishTháng trước

    he called us son so we are his children canonically

  10. Jordan The Awesome One

    Jordan The Awesome OneTháng trước

    Hey Babish, can you include the cup measurement if you dont have access to a gram scale? Thanks😊

  11. MattrickBT

    MattrickBTTháng trước

    The best part about Frasier for this channel is you could literally make about 50 videos on it alone. I hope you a video about Chilean Sea Bass with over-braised chard paired with an aggressive zinfandel one day!

  12. Realass Nigga

    Realass NiggaTháng trước

    Love how he says “it’s gone be sticky”🤣

  13. Jeff E

    Jeff ETháng trước

    When you do your surprised hands do you also surprise face too?

  14. ram tree

    ram treeTháng trước

    1:00 is that a jojo reference?

  15. Glen Haywood

    Glen HaywoodTháng trước

    Glad I left Vegas. Place is a shithole to live in.

  16. Floki Arms

    Floki ArmsTháng trước

    Well as Martin says, Lilith is weird.

  17. Rosalyn Robinson

    Rosalyn RobinsonTháng trước

    Please make Jeeve's famous invigorating drink from Wooster and Jeeves!

  18. Bryan Werner

    Bryan WernerTháng trước

    Cooking this was both fun and immensely rewarding. Sadly I couldn’t make the dough but toast worked...kinda...and I don’t have a blender but whisking worked for me.

  19. Lirza

    LirzaTháng trước

    I'm not gay but eggs florentine and bendedict is eggs florentine and bendedict

  20. yeetmaster

    yeetmasterTháng trước

    medium sieve Sam

  21. LifeLostSoul

    LifeLostSoulTháng trước

    Eggs florentine is so much better with fresh spinach and a slice of 🍅. Like it feels wrong for it to not have a slice of 🍅 and most places I eat it also offer it with 🥑.

  22. Марія Левчук

    Марія ЛевчукTháng trước

    Niles and Lilith??? A night of passion? Damn it, Babish! I started watching this show because of you and you go ahead and spoil it. Bad, bad Babish!

  23. Okumura Rin

    Okumura RinTháng trước

    Lol this was playing while i had sleep paralysis

  24. Jacobe Perrier

    Jacobe PerrierTháng trước

    Did you quote Everybody Loves Raymond with the nooks and crannies?

  25. Cam And Minnepeg

    Cam And MinnepegTháng trước

    Okay but seriously fellow Frasier fan: the most famous dish in the series: Duck à l’orange. 🦆 🍊

  26. Juan Perez

    Juan PerezTháng trước

    I thought that ketchup bowl was bigger than that wtf 😂😂

  27. lilbitchanair parow

    lilbitchanair parowTháng trước

    Banish bring cute trying to do food porn

  28. Rabea Halim

    Rabea HalimTháng trước

    a recipe I'm going to try for sure!

  29. SlimShadow

    SlimShadowTháng trước

    2:59 Me watching my food in the microwave

  30. Jonathan Zimmerman

    Jonathan ZimmermanTháng trước

    BLENDER HOLLANDAISE!!?? Oh Babish. Somewhere the chef that taught you all this is cringing. It’s better and easier the classic way! Chef up and grab that whisk!

  31. Chris Draco

    Chris Draco2 tháng trước

    what kind of wrap does he put over the bowl the dough rises in?

  32. Dutch Blades

    Dutch Blades2 tháng trước

    5:50 That physically hurt.

  33. Michael Corso

    Michael Corso2 tháng trước

    Siv - ester Siv-loan

  34. João Lucas Fraga

    João Lucas Fraga2 tháng trước

    To be sure, Lillith Sternin isn't exactly a normal person...

  35. Steven Wallman

    Steven Wallman2 tháng trước

    You could serve it on a hubcap because..........there’s no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise.

  36. Lindsey Simmer

    Lindsey Simmer2 tháng trước

    ah Niles...

  37. Denise Servanez

    Denise Servanez2 tháng trước

    Pleasedo the chocolate cream pie in Julie & Julia

  38. No Clear Reason

    No Clear Reason2 tháng trước

    Twisted Sifter

  39. ChrisTrapYT

    ChrisTrapYT2 tháng trước

    I think putting tomato slices on it would be a good substitute for the ketchup...

  40. Joe

    Joe2 tháng trước

    Why did you no longer have your intro?

  41. Karmav3

    Karmav32 tháng trước

    What kind of watch is that?

  42. Kassy's weird gacha's bloop

    Kassy's weird gacha's bloop2 tháng trước

    Where's the tossed salad?

  43. Nirmal Kirtisinghe

    Nirmal Kirtisinghe2 tháng trước

    Can you make all the stuff that they didn't have in the donut shop in Weird Al's Albuquerque?

  44. Prodromos Peios

    Prodromos Peios2 tháng trước

    0:37 so black people should not eat this?

  45. Ken Roberts

    Ken Roberts2 tháng trước

    disappointed he didnt make his own water

  46. jotabeas22

    jotabeas222 tháng trước

    "What beautiful pillows upon which our eggs can lay their heads" So... Boobs? I'm calling boobs.

  47. Kappa Kappa

    Kappa Kappa2 tháng trước

    He didn’t say Kosher Salt. *He didn’t say Kosher Salt.*

  48. Sunny Dlight

    Sunny Dlight2 tháng trước

    Cheers is a a bit more better than Frazier in my opinion.

  49. Shiori Nakamoto

    Shiori Nakamoto2 tháng trước

    Hollandaise sauce is supposed to be made with Castriq, right? (idk how to spell that haha)

  50. SCBJQ

    SCBJQ2 tháng trước

    I usually add a little sauteed minced onion and feta to my spinach.

  51. steadyforge

    steadyforge2 tháng trước

    Glad I use the same exact mixer found it at a garage sale black for $10 bucks new in box

  52. Stapp Suck

    Stapp Suck2 tháng trước

    I love that Babish is such a big Fraiser fan! I fall asleep to the show just about every night.

  53. Impulse 311

    Impulse 3113 tháng trước

    "tossed salad and Eggs Florentine", just doesn't have the same groove to it, I guess.

  54. aingea v

    aingea v3 tháng trước

    why am i watching this rn,,,,, i need to get two fillings and so i can’t eat

  55. Col

    Col3 tháng trước

    That’s one of the best episodes, my god-

  56. Lunky Straydog

    Lunky Straydog3 tháng trước

    Looks good

  57. Jaime Lynn

    Jaime Lynn3 tháng trước

    nobody told me English muffins are weird pancakes wtf

  58. Tobin Kovoor

    Tobin Kovoor3 tháng trước

    Nice Easter egg with the melange

  59. lawlshane

    lawlshane3 tháng trước

    Ketchup? I am WOUNDED

  60. Heavymetalization

    Heavymetalization3 tháng trước

    rip those two perfect specimens at the end