Binging with Babish: King of the Hill Special


  1. Neolexious Neolexian

    Neolexious Neolexian4 giờ trước

    The last dish looked tasty, but.. it's literally all sugar. It's got fructose (in the apple slices), it's got half a pound of sucrose (in the brown sugar), and heck, it's even got lactose if you top it with ice cream.

  2. Andrew W.C.

    Andrew W.C.5 giờ trước

    I have a feeling Peggy would have gotten store-bought meatballs.

  3. Cyrus Lever

    Cyrus Lever6 giờ trước

    How do you not know wtf a fritos pie is. You're making it wrong

  4. SermonFapple

    SermonFapple12 giờ trước

    Spapeggy meatballs needs OATMEAL. Common mom thing to do as a meat filler that magically makes half a pound of beef feed a family of 4.

  5. Dream Wolf

    Dream WolfNgày trước

    So Apple Brown Betty is like Apple Crisp, but without the oats...

  6. Arthur Lopez

    Arthur LopezNgày trước

    Andrew you got it wrong man, Peggy adamantly insists that margarine be used in her Brown Betty, she’s made it that way since 1976!

  7. Levelmake

    Levelmake4 ngày trước

    Babishs wife: Births baby Babish: so I hear some people eat the umbilical cord Babish wife: guess we could do th- Babish: okay so were gonna start by making our blend

  8. Claudia Duran

    Claudia Duran4 ngày trước

    In the Thanksgiving episode, Peggy said she used margarine for Brown Betty, not butter.

  9. Small Hollingshed

    Small Hollingshed4 ngày trước

    Wolf brand chili is actually wonderful

  10. James Silly

    James Silly4 ngày trước

    6:16 is it on fire in the back right corner

  11. Day Larusso

    Day Larusso2 ngày trước

    no its supposed to bubble like that when done :) my first time making it i thought it was on fire to

  12. Alexandra Sawyer

    Alexandra Sawyer5 ngày trước

    please revisit this!

  13. Kate

    Kate5 ngày trước

    Babby I love you but nobody bakes their frito pie

  14. Shawn Michael Scott

    Shawn Michael Scott6 ngày trước

    orange juice

  15. Isaiah Valentin

    Isaiah Valentin6 ngày trước

    Can you make meatballs with chips instead of panko or dry bread.

  16. Veldel

    Veldel7 ngày trước

    Hank is to good for Peggy

  17. Tyler’s Burning Treehouse

    Tyler’s Burning Treehouse8 ngày trước

    I’m too European for this shit

  18. Paolo Antonio Lomotan

    Paolo Antonio Lomotan8 ngày trước

    That woman sounded like Marguerite Baker.

  19. ChaoswarriorX

    ChaoswarriorX8 ngày trước

    Could you recreate everything from the restaurant episode of Jojo Diamond is unbreakable

  20. Ck93

    Ck938 ngày trước

    Oh mann.. that apple pie looks soooo delicious

  21. Tophership

    Tophership8 ngày trước

    Please continue to do your own commercials for sponsor products! I love the show and the content..... but damn you made that sponsor your bitch!

  22. Axel Fuhr

    Axel Fuhr11 ngày trước

    I always add a little sugar to tomato sauce for acidity. Why do you say it doesnt work? (for personal knowledge improvement)

  23. Skylar Shaye Lindemann

    Skylar Shaye Lindemann13 ngày trước

    This show is a treasure and kids these days will never get to enjoy it 😔

  24. Joseph Evans

    Joseph Evans13 ngày trước

    Imagine trying to make that Randy Travis joke without watching the episode, Peggy didn't try to poison Randy Travis, someone else got sick from eating an apple brown betty that Bobby dropped and they thought it was poisoned and then they thought Peggy was poisoning them.

  25. skippymagrue

    skippymagrue13 ngày trước

    As a Texan, I choose Hormel chili.

  26. FiliPhoDeo

    FiliPhoDeo13 ngày trước

    Filipino spaghetti tastes good and it has a lot of sugar in it ;)

  27. Wu

    Wu13 ngày trước

    Sugar does help with the acidity...

  28. w8w0t sayitagain

    w8w0t sayitagain13 ngày trước

    My apple watchman chiga version was a rice pudding, saw a video about a guy pointing out that if you add egg yolk it makes it a custard, and like that I started giving a shit about making nice food. I'm also chemistry graduate so cooking is technically in my degree

  29. Kaden Tibula

    Kaden Tibula14 ngày trước

    Do y’all... not make frito pie in other states? Is that really a Texas thing?

  30. Eric Davis

    Eric Davis15 ngày trước

    God Danmit babish

  31. Tyson Moore

    Tyson Moore16 ngày trước

    Pour a shot of fireball over that brown bettt

  32. SHREK

    SHREK17 ngày trước

    You made the frito pie wrong I'm from texas and eat frito pie all the time yo un forgot the layer of cornbread

  33. InnocentGuillotine

    InnocentGuillotine18 ngày trước

    The person who said if you can't handle spaghetti at its worst you don't deserve it at its best never had my paternal grandmother's spaghetti (she was not a good cook, lovely woman, bad cook)

  34. Dreamboyy 999

    Dreamboyy 99918 ngày trước

    Where is the cross section

  35. Krankar Volund

    Krankar Volund19 ngày trước

    "It taste like every spaghetti and meatball your parents had cooked for you" Well, my parents never made me spaghetti and meatballs, we eat spaghetti à la bolognaise XD

  36. Paul M

    Paul M19 ngày trước

    They poisoned Brookes and Dunn. She tried to drown that song stealing Randy Travis.

  37. dandy relos

    dandy relos21 ngày trước


  38. Adrian Guardado

    Adrian Guardado21 ngày trước

    Is it wrong to have the spaghetti and sauce separate until your ready to eat?

  39. Sparrow

    Sparrow21 ngày trước

    I hate spaghetti but I love meatballs, oh the huge manatee.

  40. Jonne Kuusysi

    Jonne Kuusysi21 ngày trước

    That chili looked like shit

  41. CharcoalBeard FlankSteak

    CharcoalBeard FlankSteak22 ngày trước


  42. The dilettante Gamer

    The dilettante Gamer22 ngày trước

    Taste is subjective ... unless you're talking about American cheese, the use of American cheese is an accepted fact.

  43. YoungWizrd bomb squad

    YoungWizrd bomb squad22 ngày trước

    Babish makes me wanna do something with my life

  44. Josh McIver

    Josh McIver23 ngày trước

    when he started making the second dessert recipe I thought he was going into "here's how Babish is gonna make spaghetti better" and was SUPER confused about the apples.

  45. Tech Дэнни

    Tech Дэнни24 ngày trước


  46. Michael Del Villar

    Michael Del Villar24 ngày trước

    My parents never made me spapeggy and meatballs

  47. Energetic Liberator

    Energetic Liberator26 ngày trước

    I'm obsessed with koth. I love this!!!

  48. Kelli Sees

    Kelli Sees26 ngày trước

    If someone’s going through the trouble of actually baking a frito pie instead of just chucking warm chili and nacho cheese into a hotdog boat (or the chip bag), they’re probably not using American cheese 😂 probably Colby

  49. Dennis Barnes

    Dennis Barnes27 ngày trước

    Not yellow american

  50. Dennis Barnes

    Dennis Barnes27 ngày trước

    Yellow Canadian

  51. RedstoneGodLike

    RedstoneGodLike28 ngày trước

    Use filipino spaghetti sauce I tried it and ... I fell in love.. Love at first taste

  52. cwonin cucumber

    cwonin cucumber29 ngày trước

    this is just a 8 minute roast while making mediocre food

  53. Nabil Massoud

    Nabil MassoudTháng trước

    Hank would be truly proud if you used a propane oven

  54. DeadlyArrow1012

    DeadlyArrow1012Tháng trước

    Dunkey would have been proud

  55. Young Cappi

    Young CappiTháng trước

    Bro this recipe is already wrong because it wasn't made by Peggy herself

  56. Tactical Ace

    Tactical AceTháng trước

    Babishes wife: has a baby Babish: remember to season with salt and pepper

  57. Aidan Beattie

    Aidan Beattie14 ngày trước

    Let these flavors get to know eachother

  58. Tactical Ace

    Tactical Ace15 ngày trước

    Nether Dominater lol😂😂😂😂

  59. Nether Dominater

    Nether Dominater15 ngày trước

    Tactical Ace The Babish family traditional baptism

  60. Marvey James Elman

    Marvey James Elman23 ngày trước

    Salt & pepper / olive oil memes are for Gordon Ramseys only. Please delete this comment.

  61. Tactical Ace

    Tactical AceTháng trước

    eden lamb Lol😂😂😂

  62. Gungis Grand

    Gungis GrandTháng trước

    I am proof that not every Texan likes Freto Pie

  63. Cheetah SEC

    Cheetah SECTháng trước


  64. Chloe

    ChloeTháng trước

    American cuisine is something else

  65. Quin Woods

    Quin WoodsTháng trước

    Not all eating chili is hot dog chili, but all hotdog chili is Eating chili

  66. Mel Francois

    Mel FrancoisTháng trước

    I've never seen that toon in my life but I like watching his videos