Binging with Babish: Krabby Supreme from Spongebob Squarepants


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish8 tháng trước

    You’re all under arrest.

  2. unkel

    unkel3 tháng trước


  3. Thi ngan Pham

    Thi ngan Pham3 tháng trước

    I just watch a ad about a girl who got arrested

  4. TheSneakyDude125

    TheSneakyDude1254 tháng trước

    I like the beard

  5. Plasmaz

    Plasmaz4 tháng trước


  6. Sonic Fan1579

    Sonic Fan15794 tháng trước

    Uno reverse card

  7. Jas DD

    Jas DD2 giờ trước

    Babish: *shows you exactly how to do it* Also Babish: I hope you don’t do this

  8. Eric Davis

    Eric Davis5 giờ trước

    So no babish version dang

  9. That one guy from Hs

    That one guy from Hs10 giờ trước

    Nobody: Babish: 3:49

  10. Raoul Brown

    Raoul Brown11 giờ trước

    Good thing you didn't forget the pickles.

  11. David Castro

    David Castro11 giờ trước

    3:46 best part

  12. Ayyad Hammami

    Ayyad Hammami13 giờ trước

    When no nut november is over 3:49

  13. Alkesm

    Alkesm19 giờ trước

    I stg. Cartoons make every food look so good

  14. Paolo Scacco

    Paolo Scacco19 giờ trước

    you mean.. krabby SUPREME PATTY

  15. Hugo Olofsgård

    Hugo OlofsgårdNgày trước

    Babish: *makes absolute dream meals* Me: *watches this while eating macaroni and meatballs*

  16. Stoners Opinion

    Stoners OpinionNgày trước

    Lil Nas X made that Old Town Road to drop a hint and Babish do a Mayonnaise cumshot to drop a hint 🤷🏼‍♂️ ionknow

  17. bobby barrera

    bobby barreraNgày trước

    Karin i found the secret formula

  18. Saucy

    SaucyNgày trước

    I got heartburn just watching this.

  19. Behold_ Rebecca

    Behold_ RebeccaNgày trước

    I can feel my arteries clogging up just by watching this, haha

  20. Djatsoris26

    Djatsoris26Ngày trước


  21. SSDD Life

    SSDD LifeNgày trước

    It looks delicious...

  22. Ash Taylor

    Ash Taylor2 ngày trước

    The ending was more than I can handle

  23. A loser 999

    A loser 9992 ngày trước

    3:50 You know, just a simple crop can ruin that whole image...

  24. Shane Angus

    Shane Angus2 ngày trước

    Next you should make a Krabby Double Deluxe and eat it in one bite.

  25. Christian Kirch

    Christian Kirch2 ngày trước

    Me: I should try this recipe :babish ADD A CUP OF VODKA

  26. Antonio Morra

    Antonio Morra2 ngày trước

    Now you gotta make the monster Krabby patty and my life will be complete

  27. CoDNomad9

    CoDNomad92 ngày trước

    This is scotlands national dish

  28. Chameleon

    Chameleon2 ngày trước

    And he did the mayo \m/

  29. Apache Helicopter

    Apache Helicopter2 ngày trước

    LIKED and SUBSCRIBED. You Sir are a steely eyed missile man

  30. Castrik NM

    Castrik NM2 ngày trước

    Number of people who actually made this burger against Babish's wishes 🔽

  31. Blue Shell

    Blue ShellNgày trước

    Yeah, no.

  32. Drei

    Drei3 ngày trước

    3:48 saw my mom doing this at the middle of the night.

  33. mowafaq the boss

    mowafaq the boss3 ngày trước

    What the freak😲.is that a cum bottle😲

  34. SheepTV

    SheepTV3 ngày trước

    Have you ever tried to make bread using ground bones a-la Jack and the Beanstalk? Is that even possible?

  35. Blue Shell

    Blue ShellNgày trước

    scuse me wHAT

  36. Arvid Johansson

    Arvid Johansson3 ngày trước

    3:52 when it's ur first time and u didn't think it be that much.

  37. Springday Autumnmoon

    Springday Autumnmoon3 ngày trước

    Man you using vodka for the batter just gave me the mental image of the Krusty Krab having vodka in the kitchen.

  38. villa jah

    villa jah3 ngày trước

    Tiny whisk gang

  39. Terry Lynn

    Terry Lynn3 ngày trước

    Plankton wants to know your location

  40. UniquePurple

    UniquePurple3 ngày trước

    *i hope you have a valid reason to eat an instrument*

  41. Alpha Doughnut

    Alpha DoughnutNgày trước

    UniquePurple Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument

  42. E.TemuulenProductions

    E.TemuulenProductions3 ngày trước

    *Swallowing With Babish*

  43. gon hiro

    gon hiro4 ngày trước

    Meme review

  44. Joshua Randall

    Joshua Randall4 ngày trước

    It's all about the mayo

  45. Danielle Sene

    Danielle Sene4 ngày trước

    I want you suck at cooking and babish to make something together 😂

  46. SAKE!!! SAMURAI!!!!

    SAKE!!! SAMURAI!!!!4 ngày trước

    Binging with barnicle head

  47. Aaron Villanueva

    Aaron Villanueva4 ngày trước

    I'm impressed with that mayo cum shot didn't became a meme.

  48. Fluraux

    Fluraux5 ngày trước

    Yes batter the burger mhhhmhmmhm

  49. Crazy psycho

    Crazy psycho5 ngày trước

    This man needs to make a kelp shake

  50. enigmaprism

    enigmaprism5 ngày trước

    thanks! i hate it.

  51. Chaos The Hedgehog

    Chaos The Hedgehog5 ngày trước

    Could you do a good burger?

  52. Christopher Cain

    Christopher Cain5 ngày trước

    Next do bubble bass’s order!! I'll take a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe on a raft, 4x4 animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease; make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.

  53. Cherp uwu

    Cherp uwu5 ngày trước

    Congratulations now you are a barnacle head

  54. Sherry Sink

    Sherry Sink5 ngày trước

    I like a hint of mayo, but dude... a whole mouthful? That must have been pretty gross. I appreciate the entertainment (you know I laughed, while also being horrified, LOL), so let me just say: thank you for always being willing to going above and beyond. And yikes... *hands you a big glass of water :D


    TEA DISSCOVERY5 ngày trước

    That looks fricking good

  56. Andrews Original Videos

    Andrews Original Videos5 ngày trước


  57. Sir Macaroni

    Sir Macaroni5 ngày trước

    3:51 the f e a r in his eyes I died

  58. Brian Goldsmith

    Brian Goldsmith5 ngày trước

    3:49 😂😂😂😂

  59. Nick Pax

    Nick Pax6 ngày trước

    Start with some easy going conversation, add a pinch of sarcasm and a sprinkling of "what am I doing with my life". Then stir in some obscure recipe a cartoon network chef...🤦‍♂️ dreamt up, role into a ball and deep fry till golden brown. There you go. You now have a plate of feel good to last ONE day. Repeat tomorrow...😝

  60. David Reyes

    David Reyes6 ngày trước

    No one: Prison dudes trying to get a bag of fritos: 3:49

  61. Ben Pittman

    Ben Pittman6 ngày trước

    Her: “I’m saving myself for marriage!” Also Her: 3:49

  62. AllAim.

    AllAim.6 ngày trước

    so like how much i gotta pay you to be my chef for a week

  63. gangster of game's ygo

    gangster of game's ygo6 ngày trước

    krabby patty isnt a burger its a crabcake

  64. 4F Productions

    4F Productions6 ngày trước

    No ones allowed to make a meme of that... Oh my dear friend... It’s too late... What’s done is done... Let the memes commence...

  65. Aadityaa Prabakar

    Aadityaa Prabakar6 ngày trước

    That would be around 2,000 cal

  66. Akash Kalehe

    Akash Kalehe6 ngày trước

    The mayonnaise at the end was perfect

  67. Adi Tolove

    Adi Tolove7 ngày trước

    How’d you get the secret formula?

  68. Damien Stone

    Damien Stone7 ngày trước

    Why ad Vodka to the batter?