Binging with Babish: Pancakes from Uncle Buck (feat. Dan Souza and a Giant Robot)


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish3 tháng trước

    According to Dan, the first weird pancake is avoidable by using less fat in the skillet - have you guys EVER had a halfway decent pancake come out first?

  2. B.H. games

    B.H. games14 ngày trước

    My dad has aculaly made some really good looking ones first time

  3. Galaxy Drawer

    Galaxy Drawer20 ngày trước

    my best pancakes are the first ones

  4. Real Barret Lewis

    Real Barret Lewis22 ngày trước


  5. henrique patricio santos

    henrique patricio santos22 ngày trước


  6. Yeeter Parker

    Yeeter Parker29 ngày trước

    My mom somehow managed to get the first one to work.

  7. ComicSams

    ComicSams11 giờ trước

    There's a place in New Orleans (City Diner) that makes large pizza sized pancakes. Amazing and filling

  8. Alan E Hernandez

    Alan E HernandezNgày trước

    “This is a graph of time... vs robot”

  9. I like to draw things Anime mainly

    I like to draw things Anime mainlyNgày trước

    "Just to really drive it home"(short pause) *Slaps John Candy's face on robot drawing*- Binging With Babish..2019

  10. Roger Schaeffer

    Roger Schaeffer2 ngày trước

    LMAO I instantly thought "Laser Cats"

  11. Fred3209

    Fred32093 ngày trước

    "I'm gonna flip the fuck out of this pancake" probably

  12. BGr

    BGr3 ngày trước

    It was truly a thing of beauty 😢😭

  13. GameMaker 3_5

    GameMaker 3_53 ngày trước

    *You should see the toast I couldn't get it through the door!*

  14. Cameron Bailey

    Cameron Bailey4 ngày trước

    Is it just me or does he kinda sound a tiny bit like deadpool

  15. JazzYolo

    JazzYolo4 ngày trước

    I feel like Mac is gonna watch this and be like "WTF I would have come on to eat a giant pancake"

  16. Djatsoris26

    Djatsoris266 ngày trước

    One of if not the best movie of all time

  17. David Morin

    David Morin6 ngày trước

    Also featuring John Candy

  18. morgan megurine

    morgan megurine7 ngày trước

    That uncle buck guy seems cool. (I haven’t seen the movie)

  19. ChaoswarriorX

    ChaoswarriorX8 ngày trước

    I feel like he wasted time and resources on with those pan sized pancakes. He understood the size of the pancakes he wanted yet he still went and used small pans

  20. ThatGuy777

    ThatGuy7773 ngày trước

    Ain't nothing wrong with stockpiling pancakes for an apocalypse ruled by pancake-flipping robot overlords.

  21. Elizabeth Francioso

    Elizabeth Francioso10 ngày trước

    See Boston is good for somethings, go us

  22. Jacob Lynch

    Jacob Lynch10 ngày trước

    We have scales for you. This, is a math formula. Fractions. Denominator.

  23. Christian philipMC

    Christian philipMC11 ngày trước

    Poor pancake :(

  24. Elijah James

    Elijah James13 ngày trước

    RIP John Candy

  25. yankeeman690

    yankeeman69013 ngày trước

    Long live pancakes!!

  26. UltimaKeyMaster

    UltimaKeyMaster13 ngày trước

    "Whatever god you pray to." And now my mind substituted that for "PICK A GOD AND PRAY."

  27. B.H. games

    B.H. games14 ngày trước

    This guy heard you roman was like fuck it I got nothing better to do

  28. G-Unit1111

    G-Unit111114 ngày trước

    I love the Wile E. Coyote style drawings of what they think is going to happen.

  29. GunslingerInGlasses

    GunslingerInGlasses15 ngày trước

    The pitch scene was choice.

  30. Isaac mason

    Isaac mason15 ngày trước

    This man some how got a whole tech company to make an overkill Belgian waffle maker

  31. Cadmium and Wilsin

    Cadmium and Wilsin17 ngày trước

    Ok but what was with that absolute fucking poetry at the end there?

  32. June Sekai

    June Sekai18 ngày trước

    What do you mean this isnt "tasty's making it big feat: Binging with Babish"?

  33. Daniel 111

    Daniel 11118 ngày trước

    anyone else notice the robot's name is ass?

  34. VelocitySkeptic

    VelocitySkeptic19 ngày trước

    Babish : wow we got a giant robot to make GIANT PANCAKES! Matt stonie: are you challenging me?

  35. Natanel Arnson

    Natanel Arnson19 ngày trước

    This is truly a great moment in the history of mankind. And probably the biggest pancake ever made?

  36. NameAname E

    NameAname E20 ngày trước

    Who else thought the robotics guy was gonna be like “Wtf is wrong with you”

  37. Cameron yeetiboi

    Cameron yeetiboi21 ngày trước

    8:26 😂😂😂

  38. Blake Cole

    Blake Cole21 ngày trước

    This actually looks like it would be super fun to do. Could you imagine how fun science class would be if this is what you had to figure out on a week long project?

  39. The lord Grim the reaper

    The lord Grim the reaper22 ngày trước

    So you just wear an apron everywhere?

  40. Daniel Pessoa

    Daniel Pessoa22 ngày trước

    The real question is how they made the original pancakes in the movie. I somehow doubt they built a pancake flipping robot.

  41. Storm

    Storm22 ngày trước

    When Babish was presenting the idea it felt like a 7-year old trying to convince his mom to buy him a toy

  42. The Devils Own

    The Devils Own25 ngày trước

    But what does the toast look like?

  43. i am a person

    i am a person25 ngày trước

    Let’s see tasty top that


    SINISTER CHICKENS26 ngày trước

    A weapon to surpass metal gear

  45. William Alfred Paul

    William Alfred Paul26 ngày trước

    That's one way to spend your weekend.

  46. DJ

    DJ27 ngày trước

    I had to pause after that first robot flip attempt. Laughing too hard.

  47. Dhan_man 07404

    Dhan_man 0740427 ngày trước

    Technology hasn't ever had such an important role in our life until this

  48. Randy Robison

    Randy Robison27 ngày trước

    It's funny... I remember having pancakes a lot as a kid because it was cheap and easy... yet now I find myself asking just how much making this pancake costed...

  49. Corey Reid

    Corey Reid27 ngày trước

    Robot pancakes, making robot pancakes Take some robot and you put it in a pancake Robot pancakes, that's what it's gonna make Robot pancaaaaaakess!

  50. Bloomingfungus 9

    Bloomingfungus 928 ngày trước

    The mad man did it, he did it...

  51. Eonwulf

    Eonwulf28 ngày trước

    So how'd they do it in the movie all those years ago or is it just an inedible prop?

  52. Ben

    Ben28 ngày trước

    Uncle buck is an elite movie

  53. fulcrum 29

    fulcrum 29Tháng trước

    6:01 Babish: "with some extra lube"

  54. esotericVideos

    esotericVideosTháng trước

    It is the year 3000, the world is over-run by machines, they have destroyed the human race because humanity failed to make sufficiently big pancakes. This robot insurrection all started when their was a malfunction in the robot featured in this video (aka the JohnCandyTron)

  55. brad0war

    brad0warTháng trước

    'Ah yeah, Autodeask? This is NASA, we're having a problem with this robot are we brought from you. It just yeeted one of our astronauts into space. You guy have any idea why?'

  56. Jazzy Jazz

    Jazzy JazzTháng trước

    why do i feel like i just watched an episode of the office?

  57. Christian Pederson

    Christian PedersonTháng trước


  58. Urmumlol

    UrmumlolTháng trước


  59. Malcolm Johnson

    Malcolm JohnsonTháng trước

    As a current engineering student, this is what I should strive for

  60. Jimmy Johnson

    Jimmy JohnsonTháng trước

    Next the world's biggest tameez

  61. Legman688

    Legman688Tháng trước

    Geez, how tall is Dan Souza?

  62. CamChowder 6995

    CamChowder 6995Tháng trước

    I have never been prouder to be an American

  63. armawillo

    armawilloTháng trước

    I love how invested the engineers got in making this massive pancake 😂

  64. Robert69

    Robert69Tháng trước

    Millions of dollars of robots actually used the way I like it

  65. Dave Post

    Dave PostTháng trước

    Why is the first pancake different from the rest?!?!?! Also, what kind of flour? Cake, AP, or bread?

  66. Noberto Sanchez

    Noberto SanchezTháng trước

    John Candy would be proud.