Binging with Babish: Roast Beast from How The Grinch Stole Christmas


  1. lunarcentauri

    lunarcentauriNgày trước

    anyone else get their mind blown when Babish retrieved the new razor head straight from the case!?

  2. Ninja Kitty

    Ninja KittyNgày trước

    Roast beast

  3. TheGamingAllo

    TheGamingAllo2 ngày trước


  4. Christopher Fortney

    Christopher Fortney5 ngày trước

    Sorry, wrong knife for deboning, brah. You managed it though. Definitely looks like a beast from Whoville! Well done, overall!

  5. tyovo

    tyovo6 ngày trước

    Noooooo mr beast

  6. Your Daddy

    Your Daddy6 ngày trước


  7. karda009

    karda0098 ngày trước

    Now more than ever is the best time for a Green Eggs and Ham sequel

  8. YoukuroKageStudios

    YoukuroKageStudios8 ngày trước

    Extra points for having a shave sponsor to the Jim Carey Grinch's dismay.

  9. ChitChatCAT

    ChitChatCAT8 ngày trước

    Please tell me you took your socks off for the bit

  10. Henry Eccleston

    Henry Eccleston8 ngày trước

    I think a layer of stuffing between a roast beef wrapped in a turkey might be a better replica?

  11. Ghost

    Ghost9 ngày trước

    babish is one of the few guys rocks the bald

  12. hayley segan

    hayley segan9 ngày trước

    yo babish, where your whole foods green eggs and ham lol

  13. Kristen Roberts

    Kristen Roberts12 ngày trước

    babish is a whole mess😂😂😂 didnt think the shave club thing thru all the way🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. Mr. Sr

    Mr. Sr13 ngày trước


  15. Mark Perrenoud

    Mark Perrenoud16 ngày trước

    2 things that will let you film inside a hot shower... 1st... use a cheaper lens that you don't mind possible damage to, because you need to coat the lens thoroughly with RainX Anti Fog Fluid. This will likely solve the problem by itself, but the second part... is to warm the lens first. you can do this with a hair dryer or heat gun if you are careful. Lens fog is a combination of moisture and temperature difference... by using the RainX you prevent the moisture, and prewarming the lens to about 110 degrees will prevent the temperature variance problem. Thusly you can film inside a warm shower and be comfortable.

  16. gjian galac

    gjian galac16 ngày trước

    Hahahaha i like your humor

  17. Juan The Snow Leopard

    Juan The Snow Leopard17 ngày trước

    Dayum, that turkey is thicc

  18. Jack Seely

    Jack Seely18 ngày trước

    yoooo Rashid lol

  19. Emerald Gamer

    Emerald Gamer18 ngày trước

    “But Babish, you don’t shave...” “oh...”

  20. Brendan Coulter

    Brendan Coulter19 ngày trước

    I do like that Babish showers with not only his shirt, but his apron as well. Saves water on laundry, good for the environment.

  21. jesot

    jesot19 ngày trước

    Lost me at cranberries in stuffing. Goddammit.

  22. T R

    T R20 ngày trước

    very good video....i cant wait to see what kind of holiday stuff he does this year..... it would be cool to see many different cultures in holiday dishes

  23. Adrian Benningfield

    Adrian Benningfield21 ngày trước

    Couldn't you open the window to let the steam out? Either that or heat up a sink of water to 90°c and apply water liberally?

  24. zemar's 51 backwards guys

    zemar's 51 backwards guys21 ngày trước

    Babisb dont beat your meat! Unless it too cragly😂

  25. Marley Berry

    Marley Berry22 ngày trước

    “This will be a patreon exclusive”


    GAITTHEGREAT22 ngày trước


  27. Shiitake Gaming

    Shiitake Gaming24 ngày trước

    Why didn’t he just turn the hot water on to warm up after he was done with the shot🤣

  28. Gerard Bernatek

    Gerard Bernatek26 ngày trước

    Why didn't you just take a hot shower at the end? Asking for a friend

  29. Dogipie

    Dogipie26 ngày trước

    Mmhh bondage turkey, my favourite christmas dish

  30. MrYutbe57

    MrYutbe5728 ngày trước

    Babish that watch is amazing.

  31. Michael Horodowicz

    Michael HorodowiczTháng trước

    Ooh this looks good.

  32. Homie Dodo bird

    Homie Dodo birdTháng trước


  33. Muzifi

    MuzifiTháng trước

    3:51 *bdsm turkey bdsm turkey*

  34. Simone Martinez

    Simone MartinezTháng trước

    It’s a Goose. “The Christmas Goose”

  35. Jordan The Awesome One

    Jordan The Awesome OneTháng trước

    He's sooo good at voice impersonating!!

  36. Andrew Eccles

    Andrew EcclesTháng trước

    Babish in a swimming pool

  37. Theo Coulombe

    Theo CoulombeTháng trước

    You like Chef John too! Very cool.

  38. Cookie Games99

    Cookie Games99Tháng trước

    Some say that the apron is his actual skin

  39. Bill Dawn

    Bill DawnTháng trước

    Well that’s a really stiff ad lol

  40. dan cobar

    dan cobarTháng trước

    Pro tip: Use a hair dryer to pre warm the lense to prevent fogging.

  41. Hoshimaru57

    Hoshimaru57Tháng trước

    Anyone else call roast beef roast beast as a family tradition from this story? There’s also a type of ice cream called Heavenly Hash that we call Who Hash.

  42. Woebegone Kenobi

    Woebegone KenobiTháng trước

    That one Grinch quote was better than the entirety of the new Grinch movie

  43. jdzencelowcz

    jdzencelowczTháng trước

    Might I suggest to all the folks at home that your roast beast be wild pig, they're a very real pest in America that's very really edible, so why not eat them?

  44. Vince Misa

    Vince MisaTháng trước

    Shower scene 🤣🤣

  45. David Lang

    David LangTháng trước

    It's called a surgeon's knot.... js

  46. TNT-Nitrogen

    TNT-NitrogenTháng trước

    never thought kratos would be affected by the cold :)

  47. Char Johnson-Blythe

    Char Johnson-BlytheTháng trước

    Now Babish.... Lol

  48. WookieWalker

    WookieWalkerTháng trước

    Holy crap a chef john callout!

  49. Faith Scarborough

    Faith ScarboroughTháng trước

    You're deadpool with smooth skin and a beard

  50. Nawasa Arthur

    Nawasa ArthurTháng trước

    Nice watch

  51. No no

    No noTháng trước

    *Parents walk in on me watching porn* "It wasn't porn! It was a clip from a movie I'm watching, I swear I didn't know it was in it!" *Parents walk in on fully clothed Babish in the shower* "...I-..can't explain, I'm sorry."

  52. sniperdragon707

    sniperdragon707Tháng trước

    my goodness! that looks delicious!

  53. ursine82

    ursine82Tháng trước

    i think ill try this with a whole chicken to start?

  54. Federica Cucchetti

    Federica CucchettiTháng trước

    i like my turkey *BONELESS*

  55. Y A

    Y ATháng trước


  56. Y A

    Y ATháng trước


  57. Y A

    Y ATháng trước


  58. Gabe Slaton

    Gabe SlatonTháng trước

    3:44 THICC

  59. Caleb Hill

    Caleb HillTháng trước

    You choose to be bald?

  60. Natalie Katzman

    Natalie KatzmanTháng trước

    Damn... I was hoping for a real shower scene.