Binging with Babish: Secret Ingredient Soup from Kung Fu Panda


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with BabishTháng trước

    Whoops I forgot to add the dew of a single ginkgo leaf and the energy of the universe

  2. Nintendo Kid

    Nintendo Kid3 ngày trước

    What do you think of kays cooking

  3. Moss

    Moss4 ngày trước


  4. khanjan upadhyay

    khanjan upadhyay16 ngày trước

    Can you find out the ingredients used in Nissin Top Ramen Curry ?

  5. kobra kai

    kobra kai16 ngày trước

    Didn't pos dad stop putting radishes in the soup after he got po

  6. MCCB Family

    MCCB Family23 ngày trước

    That would solve all the problems of the world

  7. Corzappy

    Corzappy2 giờ trước

    The secret ingredient is love. Not sure if that’s actually said in the movie but it definitely sounds like some shit they’d pull.

  8. evvignes

    evvignes10 giờ trước

    Just one word......sunshine.

  9. Adliza Yang

    Adliza Yang11 giờ trước

    You should make food from Chowder lol I wanna see if it’s even possible 😂

  10. Tim Le

    Tim Le11 giờ trước

    10:31 I went blind for 20 seconds

  11. TheFamilyCat

    TheFamilyCat16 giờ trước

    Until your whole house smells like warm spicy pork water...LOVE IT! xD

  12. ShadowRunner3k

    ShadowRunner3k18 giờ trước

    "develop the gluten".... As a Celiac i am terrified!

  13. Nils Kätzchenfleisch

    Nils Kätzchenfleisch19 giờ trước

    01:19 I am sure it is not a pigs penis because that would be shaped like a corkscrew. If you don't believe me, look it up

  14. MatthewGetsThatBread

    MatthewGetsThatBread19 giờ trước

    Yo at 5:09 he was straight jacking off the dough

  15. adolf yeetus

    adolf yeetusNgày trước

    No one: Mr ping trying to get his ingredients at 3 a.m : po.... Get the shovel

  16. MadHat.

    MadHat.Ngày trước

    Ok so... Instant Noodles, got it

  17. xxLaylaNovaxx

    xxLaylaNovaxxNgày trước

    0:19 hey uh can you move i was watching that

  18. Alessio Prosdocimo

    Alessio ProsdocimoNgày trước

    Guys, trust him. It is a pig’a tail!

  19. Mya G

    Mya GNgày trước

    my old (asian) grandma has said that the most important part is gluten percentage (so you were spot on in using bread flour), and the ratio between water and flour; as traditional methods didn’t use any extra ingredients like potassium carbonate or even salt. if done right, the dough should be shiny, and soft and piable, where the weight and elasticity of the dough would just stretch itself out when you swing/pull it, much like stringy cheese. an oiled board also helps as some oil will stick onto the surface of the dough and help it not tear. ✌️

  20. Gerald Corvitz

    Gerald CorvitzNgày trước

    Where my minecraft cake? but still, so far you've made several dishes that I'll make when I'm old enough to buy my crazy ingredients for cartoon/TV/VideoGame food!

  21. Hoang Hoang

    Hoang Hoang2 ngày trước

    me playing minecraaft while listening to this video. The video: are we sure this is a pigs tail fellas? then also me rewinding the video to seeing a thicc pig tail

  22. pulpo detinte

    pulpo detinte2 ngày trước

    even the food in kung fu panda makes you work out

  23. Didi d.k.s.

    Didi d.k.s.2 ngày trước

    I wish my mouth was bigger

  24. Robert Girtakovskis

    Robert Girtakovskis2 ngày trước

    “Are you sure this is a pigs tail fellas?” Ok ok ok ok ok Ok stOP *RIG H T T H E R E *

  25. Eric -

    Eric -2 ngày trước

    No dood mr ping stoped useing radishes and it changed his life forever

  26. Chimera

    Chimera2 ngày trước

    I would personally love to see the food from Spirited Away.

  27. Sophia Soto

    Sophia Soto2 ngày trước

    Pigs usually have their tails cut off as babies or else they will literally cannibalize each other’s tail so most likely that was not a “pigs tail”

  28. Coarse

    Coarse2 ngày trước

    Isn’t a secret anymore smh😤

  29. Yuga Gannon

    Yuga Gannon2 ngày trước

    im sorry..your efforts were amazing and those inspiring words at the end were instantly nullified just for a joke at the end..just..why u.u

  30. Big guy 31601

    Big guy 316012 ngày trước

    In order for it to be special you just have to believe it's special.

  31. DatWaveyBoi

    DatWaveyBoi2 ngày trước

    Ah yes my favourite longan fruit It’s called dragon eye fyi idk why I made this comment it makes me look like an assshooooleeeee

  32. Banana God

    Banana God3 ngày trước

    Soooo the secret ingredient is Pork right? So thats mean all the pigs are cannibals

  33. Your Highness Cucumber Bro

    Your Highness Cucumber Bro3 ngày trước

    2:54 that'd make banging with babish

  34. dupadupadoo69

    dupadupadoo693 ngày trước

    fuck. why dont late night ramen places exist near me...

  35. TheSmellyBanana 84

    TheSmellyBanana 843 ngày trước

    does anyone realise 4 is an unlucky number(in china)

  36. broke spot

    broke spot3 ngày trước

    My mans just whiped up some pig penis 😂

  37. Yoel Armas Jr.

    Yoel Armas Jr.3 ngày trước

    "You Have To Believe It's Special"

  38. Puff is Jiggly

    Puff is Jiggly3 ngày trước


  39. MC Fixer

    MC Fixer4 ngày trước

    Only change I'd make is swapping the pork with rabbit or hare, or maybe deer if you have issues with the floffy bons

  40. the dog of hope

    the dog of hope4 ngày trước

    Nice face

  41. Outlaw7263

    Outlaw72634 ngày trước

    Do the canteen meals from monster hunter world

  42. Rica Ivory

    Rica Ivory5 ngày trước

    "Knead for 40 mins. Give it all you got to develop the gluten" got it babish *gets in car and heads to Asian grocery store 5 min away for noodles, and meat at the food court*

  43. What Even

    What Even5 ngày trước

    *binging with baldy*

  44. mowafaq the boss

    mowafaq the boss5 ngày trước

    Maybe that's a pig's penis😂

  45. why do I exist?

    why do I exist?6 ngày trước

    1:07 wait aren’t they curl- oh wait oh no

  46. Goldz Foxxie

    Goldz Foxxie6 ngày trước

    HHMMMMMM *Kidnaps Pig customers and makes food out of them*

  47. Alex Stewart

    Alex Stewart6 ngày trước

    *perilous noodle situation*

  48. John Mountain

    John Mountain6 ngày trước

    anyone notice the rolex?????

  49. Ezra G

    Ezra G6 ngày trước

    I've always wanted to do hand pulled noodles again (first attempt ended up as a failed discount excuse of a spaetzle) and after watching this video, I now know what to watch when I actually come around to doing so.

  50. William Wrede

    William Wrede6 ngày trước

    I love how you don’t cut anything mishaps, it makes ur vids hilarious and unique. :)

  51. Anomaly

    Anomaly6 ngày trước

    Oh man pig dick

  52. Bronson Walz

    Bronson Walz7 ngày trước

    Star aniss

  53. Manuel Romero

    Manuel Romero7 ngày trước

    Me: wait what the heck is that... oh thank goodness it’s just a pig’s tail.

  54. TheAceOfFIre

    TheAceOfFIre7 ngày trước

    "I am going to need you to get ALL the way off my back about the noodles."

  55. Isaiah Metzger

    Isaiah Metzger7 ngày trước

    that danm soup looked to good in the film for no reason

  56. Maryam Naqawe

    Maryam Naqawe7 ngày trước

    I swear nothing on this channel is halal.

  57. Paolo Antonio Lomotan

    Paolo Antonio Lomotan8 ngày trước

    He"s lowkey telling us to improve ourselves by doing something new, or something we don't do on a daily basis, except if it was your job: learn how to make your own noodles.


    SHARVANI MISRA8 ngày trước

    "Go ahead and lower your expectations..." My go-to statement to everyone in my life, particularly my parents.

  59. Babybanannelise

    Babybanannelise8 ngày trước

    The millet ramen from dr.stone!!

  60. Sabito Rust

    Sabito Rust8 ngày trước

    Plz make Udon noodle ramen from Demon Slayer xD

  61. Dreaming Requiems

    Dreaming Requiems9 ngày trước

    Asian food can be so simple but at the same time extremely hard to make

  62. Galactic Puppy J.R.

    Galactic Puppy J.R.9 ngày trước

    *Are you sure this is a pig’s tail, fellas?* **proceeds to wiggle it around** *DANG BABISH*

  63. karmatias11

    karmatias119 ngày trước

    Suuuuure. "pigs tail"



    Jun’s kitchen recommends putting the dough in a bag and stepping on it.

  65. I Am Geezus

    I Am Geezus9 ngày trước

    You should’ve added either 3 or 5 points of the scallops. The number 4 is considered unlucky in China.

  66. Albert Nave

    Albert Nave9 ngày trước

    He likes to play with fire.