Binging with Babish: Sumbitches from How I Met Your Mother


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish2 tháng trước

    Okay so how do you pronounce caramel: the right way or the wrong way?

  2. Simpossible

    Simpossible7 ngày trước

    if its JUST caramel then its cara-mel but if its combined with something else like caramel corn then it car-mel

  3. Snow derp

    Snow derpTháng trước

    hecking like kara mel

  4. Lisa Russell

    Lisa RussellTháng trước

    The right way!

  5. Duck Boye

    Duck Boye2 tháng trước


  6. J T Zito

    J T Zito2 tháng trước


  7. OneAndOnly Chewy

    OneAndOnly ChewyNgày trước

    Care-A-mel that’s how it’s pronounced

  8. Preytal

    PreytalNgày trước

    i can now say it without the guilt of me cursing!!!

  9. Thanrick

    Thanrick2 ngày trước

    I say caramel like caramel

  10. David L.

    David L.2 ngày trước

    I don't have an oven...

  11. andy rocksteady

    andy rocksteady3 ngày trước

    Have you done Stinson's hangover fixer elixir?

  12. Nathan Lomnicky

    Nathan Lomnicky4 ngày trước

    I think it’s care-a-mal just like character

  13. LordApollyon

    LordApollyon4 ngày trước

    Im gonna eat sumbitches later..

  14. Rainbow Osprey

    Rainbow Osprey4 ngày trước

    Care - uh -mell

  15. tosheayna renne

    tosheayna renne4 ngày trước

    How it’s spelled... Caramel 😉

  16. Andrew Embrey

    Andrew Embrey4 ngày trước

    I say caramel instead of caramel, people who say caramel are weird, its pronounced caramel.

  17. CyberRedd

    CyberRedd5 ngày trước

    When I say caramel, in my head its "care-a-mel" and when i speak its "car-mel"

  18. Some Random Dude That Does Stuff

    Some Random Dude That Does Stuff6 ngày trước

    I say it like car-mel

  19. Camden Dortzbach

    Camden Dortzbach6 ngày trước

    I say it caramel, wait, dang it.

  20. sadyeehaw

    sadyeehaw7 ngày trước

    uhm, it's pronounced caramel. duh

  21. Adam Apple

    Adam Apple7 ngày trước

    It’s caramel

  22. Mikel Angelo

    Mikel Angelo8 ngày trước

    You never mention adding wine to your food in videos, so I figured that I need to drink a bottle before I start cooking. Am I on the right track?


    DJ SCR4TCHK4T8 ngày trước

    *3:51** When your parents catch you watching Netflix when you're supposed to be asleep*

  24. dad bear

    dad bear8 ngày trước

    Ok. Caramel=softer. Carmel* being hard.

  25. OakAnteater 9707

    OakAnteater 97079 ngày trước

    I say caramel.

  26. Waffle Productions

    Waffle Productions10 ngày trước

    I say caramel the correct way

  27. Darius Kikstra

    Darius Kikstra10 ngày trước

    Care-uh-mel is correct

  28. Barca Fan Club

    Barca Fan Club10 ngày trước

    I rushed as soon as I read "SupBitches"....was terribly disappointed!

  29. - Andria -

    - Andria -11 ngày trước

    You are a stinker ❤

  30. Alice Theblackrabbit

    Alice Theblackrabbit11 ngày trước

    Ha hah More like Sumbitchs Cookies.

  31. Mieu Dien

    Mieu Dien11 ngày trước

    So he's on the plane for 3 days?

  32. Edward Whittle

    Edward Whittle12 ngày trước

    Make teds turturkeykey from how I met your mother

  33. NiaJada Jeffries

    NiaJada Jeffries13 ngày trước

    I pronounce it: care - uh - mell

  34. กวินตรา กาญจนภูมิ

    กวินตรา กาญจนภูมิ15 ngày trước


  35. Wesley's Studio

    Wesley's Studio15 ngày trước

    I am in a important meeting so fuck it i going home and doing these sonbitches

  36. z beeblebrox

    z beeblebrox15 ngày trước

    I've always used the two pronunciations as a way to differentiate types of caramel. If you're talking about cooked sugar/caramelization, that's "car-mel". But if you're talking about the chewy candy made with milk and sugar, that's "car-a-mel". I don't know why this isn't just the official categorization, honestly. It makes perfect sense.

  37. Asbestos

    Asbestos15 ngày trước

    People who say carmel not caramel still call their dad “daddy” and say coinkydink.

  38. Andrew Small

    Andrew Small16 ngày trước

    Do the 7 layer salad from how I met your mother.

  39. Karen Horn

    Karen Horn16 ngày trước

    How many cups are 8 1/2 ounces of flour

  40. The Fox The Raven

    The Fox The Raven17 ngày trước

    We pronounce it Cah-Rah-Mel in our household

  41. Samuel Cooper

    Samuel Cooper17 ngày trước


  42. GetGutKid

    GetGutKid18 ngày trước

    Why didn’t babish make his own caramel lol ?

  43. Geo

    Geo18 ngày trước

    My (extremely southern) aunt says caramel like "keramelz"

  44. camryn casey

    camryn casey18 ngày trước

    the fact theres a pic of the blanket studio makes it 10x better

  45. BunnyQueen

    BunnyQueen19 ngày trước

    What if you can't eat them? I can't eat them.. Not that I am allergic to the ingredients. Just can't have the ingredients because of something called.. "Hashimoto's". (It's a pain trust me) I have to stop eating certain things that contain: Dairy, soy and gluten. Yes- I am fully aware that I am watching a channel that makes food with these products but it doesn't mean I can't watch it! I love watching these videos.. It passes the time and plus- I get to learn about food. I'm not much of a cooker but I enjoy baking. Keep up the good work Babish!

  46. Krankar Volund

    Krankar Volund19 ngày trước

    Well, without peanut butter it seems really good :D

  47. James Cowling

    James Cowling19 ngày trước

    I pronounce them as: "Caramels"

  48. Judy Vallas

    Judy Vallas19 ngày trước

    My grandmother insisted it’s car-a-mel. So I either say it that way and feel pretentious, or I say car-mel and feel like a traitor to Grandma.

  49. Papa Hardbassov

    Papa Hardbassov20 ngày trước

    *aggressive drooling*

  50. Thien Bui

    Thien Bui20 ngày trước

    Binging with Babish: use high quality dark chocolate. Me: dang, guess I’ll starve

  51. Mario Javier Aguirre Morales

    Mario Javier Aguirre Morales17 ngày trước

    Yeahhhh, that happens to me too

  52. Schmore

    Schmore20 ngày trước

    the title is something else tho

  53. teresa grace Borik

    teresa grace Borik20 ngày trước

    Newly subscribed!! Spotted you on BA Test Kitchen. Your humor is quirky and cerebral , nerdy funny similar to my own. Definitely enjoyable. Am a Vegan chef. Love your concept or niche. Playful and fun. Thanks babish.

  54. Marra Joelle

    Marra Joelle20 ngày trước

    Because I feel like no one reports back having made the recipe lol... I made these last night and was mildly skeptical because the dough was very wet but the cookies were delicious! I just did peanut butter chocolate because I'm lazy but they were still delicious. I used corn syrup instead of glucose but I still liked the texture.

  55. Scarlett Mcguigan

    Scarlett Mcguigan21 ngày trước

    I can’t make them right now! Even though they look fabulously delicious, I have to get ready for school!

  56. Scott Jones

    Scott Jones22 ngày trước

    Please teach me how to make the macadamia-white chocolate SUBWAY cookie ;)

  57. Joseph Ashby

    Joseph Ashby22 ngày trước

    ca - ra - mell

  58. Nessa

    Nessa23 ngày trước

    I say carAmel in my head and carmel out loud

  59. jack boyd gardiner

    jack boyd gardiner23 ngày trước

    care a mells

  60. Yoryie Munoz

    Yoryie Munoz24 ngày trước

    “Let me know how you say it below” wEll yOu cAnt hEaR mY vOicE tHrouGh a ComMenT cAn yOu BaBisH

  61. Fabulous Kitty 5000

    Fabulous Kitty 500024 ngày trước

    I say car mull

  62. gumtoy 7185

    gumtoy 718524 ngày trước

    There are SomeB*tches roaming around the world

  63. Review TO

    Review TO25 ngày trước

    I say caramel

  64. Spencer Blevins

    Spencer Blevins25 ngày trước

    1:23 " room temperature which is going to help it cream very quickly and easily; about one minute." I've never before seen my sex life so easily summed up into a single phrase.

  65. Solar

    Solar25 ngày trước

    >makes cookie dough >doesn't eat it raw You absolute animal.

  66. The System

    The System25 ngày trước

    i’m so glad i found this