Binging with Babish: The Good Place


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish6 tháng trước

    Sorry I didn't make my own peeps, I'll leave that to the professionals (aka Claire Saffitz)

  2. Izzy Is just tired

    Izzy Is just tired11 giờ trước

    I would die for claire from the bá test kitchen

  3. Noah Hastings

    Noah Hastings19 ngày trước

    I would die for CFTBATK and for a collab between BWB&CFTBATK

  4. ForeignHour

    ForeignHour29 ngày trước

    I would commit crimes against humanity to see you and Claire do a baking Basics episode or something. Please.

  5. Julius Caesar

    Julius CaesarTháng trước

    I would die for Claire from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen

  6. Ezra Neal

    Ezra NealTháng trước

    @Deshawn Edwards buttersmEar... makes everything taste a little bit butter :)

  7. Kyle Gutierrez

    Kyle Gutierrez12 giờ trước

    I don't know why most people think champurrado is Filipino when they had to import their cocoa from Mexico in the first place

  8. The Gaming Debate Show

    The Gaming Debate Show22 giờ trước

    I mean I'm no chef or hell, normal person. I've eaten home made chili with some weird shit from chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, steak, burgers, ice cream.

  9. Quiet Sadness

    Quiet SadnessNgày trước

    Bro, I just realized that when he cleans his stove he can just look back and completely clean it

  10. ABGoldie

    ABGoldie2 ngày trước

    You should do Chidi’s Favorite Meal the “Fish in Peanut Sauce” as Eleanor called it

  11. Russell Lonethunder

    Russell Lonethunder3 ngày trước

    Fuckin love this show 😂😂😂😂

  12. MonsterPlayz

    MonsterPlayz7 ngày trước

    Put the peepers in the chili pot Chidi anagonyay

  13. liveadhdtv

    liveadhdtv7 ngày trước

    Champorado is a breakfast

  14. Aly Paige

    Aly Paige8 ngày trước

    I want to have passionate sex to the background music.

  15. jack roberts

    jack roberts12 ngày trước

    The one problem here is you cut the poppers in half when taking off the cap and hollowing out the jalapeño is superior structurally and allows more cheese into the popper and the cap can be put back and fried like these or one can use any number of edible adhesives homemade or otherwise

  16. Alexi Felton

    Alexi Felton13 ngày trước


  17. Matthew dewey

    Matthew dewey14 ngày trước

    I was surprised you didn't try Frozen yogurt.

  18. tinks Patel

    tinks Patel14 ngày trước


  19. Fletcher Hamilton

    Fletcher Hamilton15 ngày trước

    Peeps are not readily available in an ordinary supermarket in Australia

  20. just be happy

    just be happy18 ngày trước

    Pretty sure everyone from Texas is saying "those aren't poppers." Here in Texas jalapeno poppers are jalapenos wrapped in bacon with the cheese filling.

  21. just be happy

    just be happy13 ngày trước

    @The Abortion Florida, that explains it all. Even outside of Texas jalapeno poppers aren't deep fried shitnuggets 😂🤣

  22. The Abortion

    The Abortion14 ngày trước

    The character is from Florida and hes specifically talking about buffalo wild wings

  23. Lafayette Mulligans

    Lafayette Mulligans18 ngày trước

    Didn’t realize it until now but My personality is very similar to Chidi’s, stressed and screaming.

  24. Late Night Smite

    Late Night Smite18 ngày trước

    For a chef, you have a very weak stomach

  25. Eru Ilúvatar

    Eru Ilúvatar19 ngày trước

    You should have at least added chili to the rice pudding 😤

  26. Sean Kav

    Sean Kav20 ngày trước

    Who doesn’t like making chilli though, chilli is the best, and fun to cook

  27. Shoot'EmUp!

    Shoot'EmUp!20 ngày trước

    Oh, are we not going with Oliver Babish anymore? Just Andy/Andrew now?

  28. Rion Robinson

    Rion Robinson21 ngày trước

    It's like in one episode its called "food" and he just goes to the grocery store gets a chicken strip and goes home puts it in the microwave and eats it. And the whole episode goes like that and he doesn't talk at all


    CARSAIG FILMS22 ngày trước

    Is your name Andy?

  30. Cesar Beltran

    Cesar Beltran22 ngày trước

    That first dessert chili looks amazing omg

  31. Watson and Daughter

    Watson and Daughter22 ngày trước

    This guy would die on GMM

  32. Just A D00d On YT

    Just A D00d On YT23 ngày trước

    Ok so can we agree that peanut m&ms are better than any other types (this obviously doesn’t apply if you have an allergy you poor thing 😩)

  33. Jwg II

    Jwg II23 ngày trước

    We Filipinos sometimes eat champorado with dried salty fish. And it’s delicious

  34. roberto soler

    roberto soler24 ngày trước

    Wouldn’t dominican, abichuela con dulce be closer to dessert chile.

  35. Jack Zei

    Jack Zei25 ngày trước


  36. G• a• c• h• a• Y• e• e• t

    G• a• c• h• a• Y• e• e• t25 ngày trước

    You should make the 3 layer cake from the good place. Made by chef Patrica

  37. sami Castaneda Marrtinez

    sami Castaneda Marrtinez26 ngày trước

    7:28 its buffalo bills

  38. Mattsup

    Mattsup26 ngày trước

    You can also use Oatmeal to make champorado

  39. ANGELica rANGEL

    ANGELica rANGEL27 ngày trước

    I only started to watch the Good Place because I saw this video. Revisiting this video again , I get it

  40. UwU OwO

    UwU OwO27 ngày trước

    I love The Good Place so much

  41. Noah Sundseth

    Noah Sundseth27 ngày trước

    You forgot the nothing flavored frozen yogurt

  42. Adri Rizo

    Adri Rizo28 ngày trước

    I nearly pucked! Yuck!

  43. Peachslushie {Ray}

    Peachslushie {Ray}28 ngày trước

    Babish!! do the food from Jane the Virgin!!!! Please

  44. Maya Gatzemeyer

    Maya Gatzemeyer29 ngày trước

    what about the chowder fountain? or THE BURRITO?

  45. Jay Rafols

    Jay Rafols29 ngày trước

    Thank you, for making a Filipino dessert that I love till now.

  46. Katie C

    Katie C29 ngày trước

    i’ve been binging these vids all day and now i am so hungry ahahhaha

  47. bubba bubba

    bubba bubbaTháng trước

    That's some boujee ass champorado, I'll tell you that.

  48. Fire Star

    Fire StarTháng trước

    Little pinch of kosher salt *pours in full cup* Anyone notice that? Just me? Ok.

  49. Gavin Burgess

    Gavin BurgessTháng trước

    I saw some mary jane at the end there

  50. Ella Hamilton

    Ella HamiltonTháng trước

    yOu PuT tHe PeEpS iN tHe ChIlLi PoT aNd AdD tHe M ‘ń’ M’ š

  51. Kawaii Snow

    Kawaii SnowTháng trước

    the fact that he kept tasting the rice and then mixing with the same spoon is causing me so much pain

  52. Olivia Rivera

    Olivia Rivera29 ngày trước

    No one else ate it though.

  53. PseudoPsychoSports

    PseudoPsychoSportsTháng trước

    "It tastes kinda like I took a freshly deep fried shrimp and dipped it into white chocolate"

  54. Hellisper Muntageo

    Hellisper MuntageoTháng trước


  55. Mr. Pineapple

    Mr. PineappleTháng trước

    You had me at shrimp dispenser.

  56. Dizzynoodles

    DizzynoodlesTháng trước

    Aren't Filipinos Tropical Mexicans?

  57. Gianna Youpel

    Gianna YoupelTháng trước

    When I saw the clip of Chidi in the preview I screamed no

  58. Ryan Harrell

    Ryan HarrellTháng trước

    I prefer a cheddar popper! I bet that chili was so bad! Thanks for the cool video!

  59. Blue Guy

    Blue GuyTháng trước

    Thats a weird ass champorado

  60. Marine Boopity

    Marine BoopityTháng trước

    Hell yess champorado! My childhoodd

  61. Grantia Moisejeo

    Grantia MoisejeoTháng trước


  62. Samantha Snailer

    Samantha SnailerTháng trước

    "Put the peeps in the chili pot and add the m and ms" "Put the peeps in the chili pot...." "and it makes it taste BAD."

  63. Joe Anderson

    Joe AndersonTháng trước

    Jason hasn’t once said in the series that he likes Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s Stupid Nick’s Wing Dump

  64. Garrick Carroll

    Garrick CarrollTháng trước

    Hey, we have a recipe which we called cracker candy. Since it’s close to holiday season you might want to do it

  65. Uncle Jay

    Uncle JayTháng trước


  66. Benjamin Wright

    Benjamin WrightTháng trước

    im making the rice pudding right now with caramel m&ms

  67. Penelope Katz

    Penelope KatzTháng trước

    What about frozen yogurt?

  68. Maz Selby

    Maz SelbyTháng trước

    Fun fact: None of the shrimp that Eleanor eats are real shrimp! They’re made of tofu because Kristen Bell is a vegetarian. (Also all of the frozen yogurt is actually mashed potatoes, because real fro-yo would melt)

  69. Alexi Felton

    Alexi Felton7 ngày trước

    Jamie Waller-jones it’s not I’m just f*cking with you😂😂😂

  70. Jamie Waller-jones

    Jamie Waller-jones7 ngày trước

    @Alexi Felton why is it ruined? :P

  71. Alexi Felton

    Alexi Felton13 ngày trước

    thanks for ruining my favorite show

  72. JayBeh Kay

    JayBeh Kay13 ngày trước

    Some of the shrimp were also rubber to make up the number they needed and occasionally Kristin would accidentally grab and bite one of these

  73. Todoroki Shōto

    Todoroki Shōto15 ngày trước