BIXBY 2.0 on Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Everything You Need to Know


  1. J. Roberto Batista

    J. Roberto Batista11 ngày trước

    Most people who criticise Bixby don't actually know how to use it. Great video, by the way!

  2. Truth Seeker

    Truth Seeker11 ngày trước

    My phone was sitting near me while watching your video, when you started talking to BIXBY, my BIXBY responded to your commands lol

  3. John Donaldson

    John Donaldson16 ngày trước

    Bixby can be handy for verbally asking it to make changes to the phone, this is not a feature of Google. However much of Bixby seems to be a system within a system. I can disable the weather "card" because it is redundant. I already have a weather app. The same is true for almost all of the other "cards". I generally have little use for Bixby. It just seems to be annoying at best.

  4. Turkishh killer

    Turkishh killer18 ngày trước

    This is super weird i was watching this vid on my s9 when he said hi bixby my bixby said hello

  5. Romario Arrondell

    Romario Arrondell28 ngày trước

    Can I unlock my phone using my voice with the 2.0?

  6. lanunselatable

    lanunselatableTháng trước

    I told Bixby one morning to shut down my alarm. Then Bixby told me to unlock my phone first. WTF are you for if i have to touch my phone then?

  7. Bills Sawshop

    Bills SawshopTháng trước

    Bixby is a very simple program that really doesn’t do much

  8. portinesty RL

    portinesty RLTháng trước

    Me:Check my card status Bixby:It is ok and thank you for the money :)

  9. Elvis Sanchez

    Elvis SanchezTháng trước

    It feels to me like a forced feature on to us. I am not a big fan of Bixby or any other assistants. The worst part is it has a dedicated button. Lol...

  10. Joshua Cabauatan

    Joshua CabauatanTháng trước

    Is bixby dictate no more?

  11. albino redneck

    albino redneckTháng trước

    Bixby sucks balls. ask bixby "whats the weather?", you never know what you'll get. ask google the same and you will get the weather where you are at. ask Siri the same question and you will get the weather. I have NOT found one use for bixby. on google or Siri you can put your address in your contacts and ask for directions home( if you name it home) and they will pop up a map and driving direction to that address.... bixby just replies it doesn't KNOW. again,,,BIXBY SUCKS BALLS. stick with GOOGLE, SIRI, ALEXA,,,,,hell there are plenty of free assistants to download that work far better than BIXBY.

  12. Xavier Breath

    Xavier BreathTháng trước

    Interestingly, this video wouldn't play on my Mac. Had to switch to a Windows machine. Not the first time I've had this happen with videos about the Note 9.

  13. Catalin Colceriu

    Catalin ColceriuTháng trước

    Bixpy is so much beather thene siri!

  14. abujeniah a

    abujeniah aTháng trước

    Thank you, great job, well done

  15. Ajay aneesh

    Ajay aneeshTháng trước

    Any voice lock feature!!

  16. M Hisham

    M HishamTháng trước

    My note nine screen is turnd off with pattern and finger print how can I unlock the screen using Bixby Voice command ????

  17. aries ram328

    aries ram328Tháng trước

    Clifton heights stand up lol

  18. Billy Ridgeway

    Billy RidgewayTháng trước

    I work in Taiwan and bought a brand new Note 9 in a store. Shopping in Bixby Vision only gives results from Japan. I've heard of others with the same problem.

  19. Romantok

    RomantokTháng trước

    This is the best tutorial about Bixby that I see. I understand all a lot better now. Thanks a lot.

  20. Angela Rudge

    Angela RudgeTháng trước

    That was brilliant! Thank you so much!

  21. Slavescu Emanuel

    Slavescu EmanuelTháng trước

    I will never forget the night a few years ago when I got a glimpse of a sci-fi future! I got into bed and as I turned on my side, I realized I hadn't set the alarm for the next morning. So without moving from my now very comfortable position I tried something on my new phone: "OK google, set an alarm for tomorrow at 6:30". And sure enough I was greeted with "OK, alarm set for tomorrow at 6:30" I felt like I'd just stepped into the future! It was unreal! Sure this was no mister Handy the robotic butler, but it did help me out with only a simple voice command. It was such a cool feature! Why can't bixby do that? Why can't it set an alarm without asking me to unlock my phone? Come to think about it, what's the point of using ANY voice command if you have the phone already unlocked and in your hands? I understand the need for security with a lot of the phone's functions, but surely users can decide for themselves where the extra security is welcome and where it's just a nuisance.

  22. albino redneck

    albino redneckTháng trước

    exactly. Siri will ALSO WORK as an alarm.

  23. Robert Small

    Robert SmallTháng trước

    Bixby - for simpletons who are to stupid to change phone settings and ... lazy people who can't move thier fingers.

  24. mindminer

    mindminerTháng trước

    Bixby sucks big-time. I have a galaxy 9 and a Note 9. If this shit continues it will not be a Samsung the next time...

  25. Alan Martinez

    Alan MartinezTháng trước

    Can you activate Google Assistant with your voice like on the s8?

  26. Douglas Lima

    Douglas Lima2 tháng trước

    Hello. I really enjoyed your video. Bixby on my Galaxy note 9 isn't working when I ask it to Scroll down... Do you know if I'm missing enabling something? Thanks!

  27. Odesola Juwon Saheed

    Odesola Juwon Saheed2 tháng trước

    Hi Saki, Is the voice unlocking password available with the Bixby 2.0?

  28. robino41510707

    robino415107072 tháng trước

    +sakitech Did they remove Bixby unlock? Before I could use an unlock word or phrase to unlock my phone for Bixby to complete an action. Now Bixby ask me to unlock the phone first. Highly annoying when my phone is a few feet away.

  29. paul deacon

    paul deacon2 tháng trước

    Hi Saki! I'm sorry but this is about the edge screen video, u know that u can have the button either on the left or the right of the home screen, well when I touch the buttons in the top right of the screen to change this it says report or something! Is there anything I can do about this please?? Thanx Saki!! 😀

  30. Kenneth Ray Noay

    Kenneth Ray Noay2 tháng trước

    Hi Saki, Good day! thanks for the tips. Just wondering if there's still a bixby voice password during unlocking the phone.

  31. Quein Nam

    Quein Nam2 tháng trước

    Bixby 2.0 ❤❤❤❤❤. That is so cool state of the art technology. Hi Bixby!!!

  32. ThomasH

    ThomasH2 tháng trước

    I heard so many bad things about bixby but it sounds so handy. Thanks for this video! Didn't expected this at all!

  33. Debaditya Roy

    Debaditya Roy2 tháng trước

    How can I get bixby 2.0 on s9plus??? help me plz..

  34. hybrid green

    hybrid green2 tháng trước

    Samsung does that..unless you speak English, mandarin or korean... good luck

  35. Ramiz Alxasov

    Ramiz Alxasov2 tháng trước

    Hi Saki can you please explain to me how to get voice unlock with security voice code on note 9. I hade on my note 8 but on my note 9 I can’t find that option.

  36. Diego Daminelli

    Diego Daminelli2 tháng trước

    After the update to Bixby 2.0 many commands stopped working. For example with Bixby 1.0 when I said "hide notifications content in lock screen" Bixby was doing that, but 2.0 does not. How is it possible?

  37. Ryan Landry

    Ryan Landry2 tháng trước

    Bixby is a lost sucks. Having that useless button on my phone and no way to delete the so called assistant from my phone bites as well.

  38. Sammy S

    Sammy S3 tháng trước

    Why My Bixby Doesn't Speaks??Any Problem Or I Have To Enable It..

  39. Phil PJ Davis

    Phil PJ Davis3 tháng trước

    Recently 2.0 was updated with bugs and fixes. Voice wakeup ect.. I still have trouble getting Bixby to wakeup on voice command! I actually think it got worse? I had to uninstall and reinstall after clearing the cache and data to try and get it to wake up! I tried to record more wakeup commands. Im beginning to think if you don't say "Hi Bixby" exactly the same way as recorded, RE: Voice tone, loudness ect, it won't work? Other things are, Quick commands! I use the command word "Home" to turn off/on Exp: Bluetooth, Wifi, Waze. Bixby also mistakes the word "Home" for "Going Home", a command used for Google maps to find a route home and opens Google maps when i just arrived home? Also, i set a short command (Call Susan) which has her mobile number and last name attached. Bixby brings up a list of all contacts with Susan's name. IE: Linda (Susan's) friend, Lori (Susan's) sister and asks me to choose when i already assigned her full contact name and mobile number? Their are other inconsistencies that are present? Cannot answer a call on time before call goes to voicemail? Need longer ring time? The sensitivity makes no difference for me? Please look into these flaws!

  40. nycbike73

    nycbike733 tháng trước

    I just purchased a note 9 and my first Samsung Device. Love it so far and I now see why so many people enjoy their note 9 phones

  41. Claire Breuleux

    Claire Breuleux3 tháng trước

    I can't get the other program when I click onto the left button !

  42. Neeraj Chhibber

    Neeraj Chhibber3 tháng trước

    I like Bixby it will be developed in near future but above all I like sakitech videos and your way of explaining keep it up good bless you .

  43. Grizzlyjds

    Grizzlyjds3 tháng trước

    I'm sure that Bixby is fine but I just swapped from an IPhone 8 plus and I asked Bixby to find me somewhere to get a hair cut. It showed me local restaurants. And no matter what I tried it would not show me a place to get a haircut. So then I figured maybe it wants Barbershop so I tried that. did not work. So for not really enjoying Bixby

  44. Jaykumaren Iyasamy

    Jaykumaren Iyasamy3 tháng trước

    Hi can we add Chrome on Bixby?

  45. Jaykumaren Iyasamy

    Jaykumaren Iyasamy3 tháng trước

    Hi. Can u explain abt Bixby Vision pls?

  46. Mai Huynh

    Mai Huynh3 tháng trước

    So Bixby is the same as "ok Google "??? What is the differences between both of them??

  47. Chivirak Meth

    Chivirak Meth3 tháng trước

    Do your battery drain up quickly with this feature turn on?

  48. Steven Hatfield

    Steven Hatfield3 tháng trước

    Bixby is awful and Samsung is worse. Have to register and give private info to disable Bixby. What a farce.

  49. YourScreamsAreInVain

    YourScreamsAreInVain3 tháng trước

    You need a modern wallpaper! Your current one is just too retro and Windows XP like for a modern smartphone 😩


    AQEEL AHMED3 tháng trước

    Bixby is worst in note 9 soon i will make video of it

  51. Tammy Henson

    Tammy Henson3 tháng trước

    Ty for this video! Very helpful😊👍

  52. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott3 tháng trước

    I would love to see a Bixby 2.0 vs the other latest mobile AI.

  53. Phil PJ Davis

    Phil PJ Davis3 tháng trước

    Bixby 2.0 worse than 1.0. Does not find "Check Upgrades" anymore. No connection on standard data. Does not know the difference between a custom "Home" quick command set as a batch and a preset "Home" command, which opens Google Maps to direct you home. Which is set as default, even after deleting the preset! Has trouble determining a command using "Voice" and using the button. Can't complete the command using voice to make a call but using the button on same command works fine.

  54. Naitik Agarwal

    Naitik Agarwal3 tháng trước

    Can you tell me how can i do bixby voice password in galxy note 9

  55. Coplay

    Coplay4 tháng trước

    I thought Bixby was stupid until I watched this. I'm gonna give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks Saki

  56. bikenutt1000

    bikenutt10004 tháng trước

    Thanks Saki. I had turned Bixby off on my S8 plus but after watching 2 of your videos I have turned it back on with my Note 9. Thanks for the clarification on this service!

  57. kaneshima kumaroho

    kaneshima kumaroho4 tháng trước

    Why ma note 9 ...dont have anything under service menu???

  58. Reshad Nazim

    Reshad Nazim4 tháng trước

    my bixby is showing no services when I press services. why?

  59. pat ballard

    pat ballard4 tháng trước

    great video you do a great job i watched a lot of them before switching from iphone to note 9. i thought i saw a spot to set a voice password. But i cant find it now. do you recommend setting one? and how do you set one? thanks

  60. ET Vapes

    ET Vapes4 tháng trước

    Can you have Bixby and Google assistant both I want the home bottom to launch Google assistant

  61. MASTER

    MASTER4 tháng trước

    How to unblock Whit voice ? (Bixby)

  62. Douglas George

    Douglas George4 tháng trước

    Excellent! Now waiting for my new Note 9 to be delivered.

  63. Leandro L. Sorinhach Fortes

    Leandro L. Sorinhach Fortes4 tháng trước

    there was a time that you said "hi bixby"and it woke up my phones bixby lol

  64. Leandro L. Sorinhach Fortes

    Leandro L. Sorinhach Fortes4 tháng trước

    and i was using headphones! she hears from headphone sound also

  65. Subliminal Chaos

    Subliminal Chaos4 tháng trước

    Can Bixby create a custom command that sounds an alarm (alarm clock) every 6 hours? Great video!

  66. Bobby Clotman

    Bobby Clotman4 tháng trước

    Learned a lot especially not to watch this video too loudly with Bixby running lol, everytime you said hi Bixby off she went...

  67. Alberto González

    Alberto González4 tháng trước this Emeril Lagasse speaking?

  68. Niko Santos

    Niko Santos4 tháng trước

    tip: do not watch this with your note 9 nearby...

  69. iu soloman

    iu soloman4 tháng trước

    So, what about Google?

  70. avatarfin

    avatarfin4 tháng trước

    bixby sucks. can't get it to work at all on new s9

  71. Joel Philbrook

    Joel Philbrook4 tháng trước

    Mine doesn't work at all 😂

  72. Mahmood Shaltoot

    Mahmood Shaltoot4 tháng trước

    Amazing , it makes life easy indeed

  73. Terry Olay

    Terry Olay4 tháng trước

    Bixby has become useless. It is unable to perform simple functions like uninstalling apps, etc that the earlier version of Bixby was capable of. This needs to be fixed or they need to allow us disable or remap the button.

  74. Bertha Collins

    Bertha Collins4 tháng trước


  75. GäpplêChék C

    GäpplêChék C4 tháng trước

    I tried saying "go to the setting" but it's not working. Anyone can help?

  76. codpieceofjustice

    codpieceofjustice4 tháng trước

    I might give Bixby another chance

  77. Jagubar Ali

    Jagubar Ali4 tháng trước

    Vry nice briefing. Really enjoyed the video. Thank u Mr. Saki.

  78. nonshatter7

    nonshatter74 tháng trước

    Nice review. Custom commands sounds really useful.

  79. Drew Busch

    Drew Busch4 tháng trước

    I called Samsung 3 time, 3 hrs remote access, hard reset to make dictation work that is not on note 9 lol

  80. HanTal U

    HanTal U4 tháng trước

    You're the best my friend LOL

  81. stephen har

    stephen har4 tháng trước

    hey there, thanks for making this video. it's been helpful. Just need u to assist on a matter. When i plug in AUX cable to connect with my car stereo I can't activate Bixby voice, can this be solved ??

  82. Drew Busch

    Drew Busch4 tháng trước

    Can I talk the Bixby and get him the text my messages

  83. Drew Busch

    Drew Busch4 tháng trước

    How do I get it to dictate so I don't have to type

  84. vdiitd

    vdiitd4 tháng trước

    Nice video. Not sure if ¹you reply to comments, but if you do, I have a question: I really love the quick command thing! But is there any way to activate a quick command at any specific time? That would really help. Thanks.

  85. deejaay

    deejaay4 tháng trước

    What kind of case you have on your GN9.

  86. Lavdrim Bexheti

    Lavdrim Bexheti5 tháng trước

    How to improve voice recognition

  87. James Bond

    James Bond5 tháng trước

    Why does yours work whenever you say Hi Bixby ? i've never been able to get mine to work either on my S8+ or my Note 9

  88. James Bond

    James Bond5 tháng trước

    Must be the UK accents as it has never worked for me , it recognises my voice when setting it up saying Hi Bixby , but does nothing when i say Hi Bixby , a load of garbage forced on the customers .

  89. Rayne Bow

    Rayne Bow5 tháng trước

    I want Bixby custom chat on note 9 anyone know how?

  90. Ajay aneesh

    Ajay aneesh5 tháng trước

    Hey saki please tell how to enable voice lock

  91. varun aware

    varun aware5 tháng trước

    I want to disable Bixby forever even with the Bixby button . Please tell me what to do sir 😭😭 . I touch Bixby button everytime while controlling volume rockers. I don't need only Bixby

  92. G. Warren Brathwaite

    G. Warren Brathwaite5 tháng trước

    Was there a change from Bixby to Bixby 2.0 where you can't unlock the Note 9? It appears that there are only a few functions that you can use while the phone is locked

  93. gio957

    gio9575 tháng trước

    hi bixby, uninstall yourself.

  94. danish khan

    danish khan5 tháng trước

    awesome and awesome video you made thnx alot


    BONOKI BONOKI5 tháng trước

    thank you, most informative...

  96. myyou tubeaccount

    myyou tubeaccount5 tháng trước

    Ok ask it to unlock (option gone in note9) you can't. so you might as well just tap the fucking icons job done.

  97. Budar Endario

    Budar Endario5 tháng trước

    Now it’s time to defeat Siri and Google Assistant

  98. nicko 97

    nicko 974 tháng trước

    Lol it wont happen

  99. TonyMaloneHairArtist

    TonyMaloneHairArtist5 tháng trước

    Can we unlock the note 9 with a voice password through bixby? I could with my S8+....can’t find it in this note 9

  100. jadbanuelos2010

    jadbanuelos20105 tháng trước

    Thanks for the great tutorials. I've never used Bixby in the past but definitely am now. Only problem I'm having is trying to use the Bixby button to dictate text messages. Can you help please

  101. C Fornieles

    C Fornieles5 tháng trước

    Thanks for the video. Do you know how can I change the white color to black on the phone settings. Same like Bixby has its settings

  102. justin k

    justin k5 tháng trước

    Bixby is garbage compared to google. I have to repeat myself all the time to get it to pick up words.

  103. Keval Patel

    Keval Patel5 tháng trước

    Hii what case u used in this video can tell me wher can i buy

  104. Oscar

    Oscar5 tháng trước

    We do all respect Bixby is a horrendous application I don't want to sound bad but seriously don't keep Pusheen this awful application