BLACKkKLANSMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters August 10


  1. The Username

    The Username3 giờ trước

    Never seen someone really pronounce the ‘h’ in white like that

  2. druzeman1969uk

    druzeman1969uk3 giờ trước

    This is a straight to DVD movie . Nice soundtrack but that's about it

  3. Jstone2525

    Jstone25257 giờ trước

    Vile anti American sjw crap (trying to make 95% of Americans kkk, democraps are the started and populate kkk). Deport these illegals.

  4. Yakhouba Kallo

    Yakhouba Kallo10 giờ trước

    Black power

  5. Perkeles

    Perkeles10 giờ trước

    Jasper Pääkkönen? Mitä vittua?

  6. Shady 596x

    Shady 596x11 giờ trước

    Y’all are retarded, it ain’t like he’s saying “fuck while people let’s kill them all”

  7. bish0p2004

    bish0p200411 giờ trước

    With the creation of the gangsta rap mentality, the criminal behavior that black folks engage in, the rejection of education and anything remotely civilized, and most black folks in America being as obnoxious as humanly possible, I wonder if people like Ron Stallworth regret going after the kkk.

  8. Speek No Evil

    Speek No Evil11 giờ trước

    Long live Wakanda.... Another black racist movie. Kill the white people theme. Yea this will help the race tension in America. Smart move.

  9. Alan Malcheski

    Alan Malcheski11 giờ trước

    those must be the same black undercover cops who dressed up like kkk to go to Trump rallies and pretend to support Trump. They forgot to wear gloves. Cops are dumb.

  10. Ajesh Benny

    Ajesh Benny12 giờ trước

    Any john david washington fans here

  11. Ajesh Benny

    Ajesh Benny12 giờ trước

    Wow Denzel Washington Son

  12. Ajesh Benny

    Ajesh Benny12 giờ trước

    John David Washington Rockez

  13. Ajesh Benny

    Ajesh Benny12 giờ trước

    John David Washington

  14. Papiros

    Papiros13 giờ trước

    So, people complain about JonTron and PewDiePie being racist, yet, we have movies like this?

  15. Tiny feet

    Tiny feet14 giờ trước


  16. Michael C.

    Michael C.15 giờ trước

    anything with Spike Lee behind it is already racist.

  17. WallyWest

    WallyWest16 giờ trước

    #BlackLivesMatter #BlackPower #ALLHAILMARTINLUTHERKING

  18. Harald Haram

    Harald Haram17 giờ trước

    I need to watch this!

  19. Phillip Symonds

    Phillip Symonds21 giờ trước

    SpiKKKe Lee this looks like it's going to be another bullshit race movie. Do something not about race for once...GEEEEEZ this shit is old. KKKylo Ren really? LOL

  20. Hunter Jones

    Hunter JonesNgày trước

    Gee a movie about racism from Spike Lee, how original....

  21. John Smith

    John SmithNgày trước

    More garbage....

  22. dEezNuts2xx

    dEezNuts2xxNgày trước

    Eddie Brock is now David Duke

  23. Travis Payne

    Travis PayneNgày trước

    My Dad moved my family to Colorado in 1968. Fuck Spike Lee for making such a bullshit, make a dollar, coon and WASP giggle fest mockery of what really happened in Colorado Springs. If Spike Lee was such a Black film revolutionary, he would do a film about the white supremacist happenings that is still going on in and around Colorado Springs and Fort Collins Colorado. David Duke was the least dangerous of hunkys to deal with in this state at the time - and it's still like that. Spike Lee lost my respect with this one. He sold out. Boule shit head.

  24. liberia

    liberiaNgày trước

    Why you gotta call another black man coon? Why are you belittling a man that has attempted to elevate the black community. I swear if you werent black i would say FU*K you, but i just cant. Why cant you just say you dont like the way it looks?


    SPIDER CUTTERNgày trước

    Always sunny in Philadelphia’s cricket. God bless America 🤣🤣

  26. The Mexican Piggy

    The Mexican PiggyNgày trước

    Evertime he says white it reminds me of when stewie says cool whip

  27. Chey Bailey

    Chey BaileyNgày trước

    The way Adam slowly turned around in the chair and the look on his face had me in tears 😂 Im so seeing this movie when it comes out, Spike Lee is a total Genius

  28. Robert san diego

    Robert san diegoNgày trước

    Ricky Jerret!!

  29. Cute Porg

    Cute PorgNgày trước

    I came for Kylo

  30. O Dominic

    O DominicNgày trước

    My mainest man Spike Lee back with the mastery.

  31. Z0L0M0N_K1LLER

    Z0L0M0N_K1LLERNgày trước

    Kylo Ren! 😂 Going to see this for the laughs, Eric Foreman, what a cast.

  32. Tom S

    Tom SNgày trước

    Hate.. it's for profit, all day

  33. Tom S

    Tom SNgày trước

    Geee... why do we still have racial tensions? Oh because we keep renewing them. This movie and all the propaganda shit out by Hollywood is the real racism. Nothing seems to happen that isn't on just TV or as a result of watching television. Wake up.

  34. PumpkinEskobarr

    PumpkinEskobarrNgày trước

    I didn't get my Undercover Brother sequel, but this will do just fine.

  35. PumpkinEskobarr

    PumpkinEskobarrNgày trước

    HhhhWhite... say it like you hocking up flem.

  36. Gary Styles

    Gary StylesNgày trước

    Spike lee has never done anything good in his life the little prat

  37. Smoovadatious

    SmoovadatiousNgày trước

    He really sounds just like Denzel though.

  38. King Pro

    King ProNgày trước

    Lookkks pretty good.

  39. El Mestizo gObLiNo

    El Mestizo gObLiNoNgày trước

    David Duke

  40. roset

    rosetNgày trước

    Childish Gambino should be innit

  41. GlassOfWater

    GlassOfWaterNgày trước

    roset because he is black?

  42. Максим Марич

    Максим МаричNgày trước

    Why, why-y our dear УП "Киновидеопрокат" shows in Minsk cinemas all the superhero shit from Marvel but never even tries to bring to the screen some really worthy US films like "American Satan" or "Logan Lucky"?! That's just not fair! I'm pretty sure "BLACKkKLANSMAN" will also be available in Belarus on dvd only and it pisses me off (((

  43. Jarra de Cola

    Jarra de ColaNgày trước

    Looks very interesting. Can't wait. Also: TORILLE!!! Hyvä Pääkkönen!

  44. Carla Meh

    Carla MehNgày trước

    ADAM DRIVER!!! ❤️

  45. Lavaboyz

    LavaboyzNgày trước

    so this is how it feels like when Undercover Brother meets Kylo Ren.

  46. Donnie Darko

    Donnie DarkoNgày trước

    Nice Divide and Conquer Jew tactics Nigger.

  47. crunkwun

    crunkwun2 ngày trước

    I hate your black bastards, you *stink*! I hate your black skin. I hate your black pants. I hate black pepper. I hate black keys on a piano. I hate my gums, because they're black. I hate Whoopi Goldberg's *lips*. I hate the back of Forrest Whittaker's neck. Huh? Most of all, I hate that black-ass Wesley Snipes.

  48. 4th Chairman

    4th ChairmanNgày trước

    How much do you want for me to cross your bridge?

  49. Ardimo Harsa

    Ardimo Harsa2 ngày trước

    They made Clayton Bigsby a film

  50. junkevil

    junkevil2 ngày trước

    Oh hey, Spike Lee is producing more race bait for the popcorn eating masses to get offended by. Some things never change.

  51. Antzon 777

    Antzon 7772 ngày trước

    thanks spike, made me like david duke even more!!!

  52. Filthy Bum

    Filthy Bum2 ngày trước

    Now we know the real reason why Eric left Africa.

  53. TheColorOfCaramel

    TheColorOfCaramel2 ngày trước

    I forgot Spike Lee was making this movie, it's based on a true story for those who are wondering what's going a nutshell it's about a black detective who infiltrated a faction of the KKK, with an ingenious idea......that I'm truly surprised didn't get him killed.

  54. kingcurt 1997

    kingcurt 19972 ngày trước

    This shit willl be dope Asf. 💯😄😄😄

  55. DAVE

    DAVE2 ngày trước

    What is Kyle ren doing here

  56. quad11

    quad112 ngày trước

    wow, much propaganda this trailer is. anyone see how edgy spike lee was being at the cannes panel? must be hard to stay relevant to mainstream culture these days

  57. Reaper Gaming

    Reaper Gaming2 ngày trước

  58. misscutie22

    misscutie222 ngày trước

    He looks like Keanu Reeves

  59. Anonymous Caller

    Anonymous Caller2 ngày trước

    Mmmm, bacon

  60. Primie Rose

    Primie Rose2 ngày trước

    Black Americans have so much beautiful history which is constantly being ignored. When it is your very own Black American producers and film directors helping America erase our own success we gain after the civil war and generations beyond, it's a real problem. There is more to the Black American ... our history is more than racism.

  61. 4th Chairman

    4th Chairman21 giờ trước

    +Babygirl Well, why don't you do something about it? Make a film, it's easier now to make independent films that reach a large audience. And, I may be white, but I know how it feels to be underrepresented and discriminated against.

  62. 4th Chairman

    4th Chairman21 giờ trước

    +Babygirl Wrong reply to wrong person. My bad.

  63. Primie Rose

    Primie RoseNgày trước

    okay slavery is everywhere. white people do deal with it. they don't talk about it. they enslave the white women. they molest their children kidnap the white women for sex a lot of porn is illegally made all the United States hello!! the topic of my conversation is black directors and producers having the power to cast their people in a better motion picture but continue to write the same old racism story. okay?

  64. Babygirl

    BabygirlNgày trước

    4th Chairman we wouldn’t have to bring race into it if it wasn’t constantly a problem upon us black ppl, we are still living in a society where it’s still has an effect on us this generation, you white ppl don’t know what it’s like living as a black person in America. So of course y’all would try to say to get over it bc it doesn’t effect y’all in anyway shape or form.

  65. 4th Chairman

    4th ChairmanNgày trước

    But...then why do your people constantly bring up racism and discrimination? Constantly? I agree with you that there is more to black culture than racism, and slavery, but you aren't exactly doing yourselves any favours by continually bringing up the past.

  66. Sam Hyde

    Sam Hyde2 ngày trước

    Niggers be like

  67. ashamedfather

    ashamedfather2 ngày trước

    But Adam looks Jewish

  68. Shay GK

    Shay GK2 ngày trước

    need more movies about race!!!

  69. Pranav Veluri

    Pranav Veluri2 ngày trước

    mini denzel!

  70. VideoGameStupid LC

    VideoGameStupid LC2 ngày trước

    70's version of Undercover Brother... even though he acted like he was from the 70's in that movie already...

  71. Upgraded Butter

    Upgraded Butter2 ngày trước

    Kylo ren joins the kkk

  72. Rhian James

    Rhian James2 ngày trước

    Adam driver is sooooooooo handsome. 😍😻💋💕

  73. Channie B

    Channie B2 ngày trước

    He sound like Denzel Washington

  74. 4th Chairman

    4th Chairman2 ngày trước

    SJW's, shut up, shut up! This film had better not be panned by you idiots, this looks awesome!

  75. paladin productions

    paladin productions2 ngày trước

    The right h'white man

  76. remo what

    remo what2 ngày trước

    I thought they were doing a remake for a minute there.

  77. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez2 ngày trước

    Gotta say, this is the first Spike Lee film in a while that I'm genuinely interested in seeing

  78. Philip Faulkner

    Philip Faulkner2 ngày trước

    I was sold on it when I saw Adam Driver.

  79. Jugey Bean

    Jugey Bean3 ngày trước

    race-baiting sjw bullshit

  80. Jugey Bean

    Jugey BeanNgày trước

    I'll rephrase. It might be a good movie. It might be entertaining and informative, who knows. I'll go see it. Alls im saying is watch with a critical eye; the director is very political and a total sjw

  81. Vance Carter

    Vance Carter2 ngày trước

    Jugey Bean be quiet bitch

  82. Geometry Dash NizroX

    Geometry Dash NizroX3 ngày trước

    Wait is that Kylo Ren in the thumbnail

  83. The One

    The One3 ngày trước

    It's ironic because Peele and Lee are both racist

  84. 4th Chairman

    4th ChairmanNgày trước

    +The One Uh, are you sure they're anti white? Or is it just that they support the black community? Which is a positive, not a negative.

  85. The One

    The OneNgày trước

    4th Chairman Lee has always hated whites and I've seen some of Peele s comments

  86. The One

    The OneNgày trước

    4th Chairman proof? You should research it

  87. 4th Chairman

    4th ChairmanNgày trước

    +The One I'm not up to date with either individual.

  88. 4th Chairman

    4th ChairmanNgày trước

    +The One Any proof?

  89. barefoot arizona

    barefoot arizona3 ngày trước

    Zionist ran Hollywood is obsessed with Hitler and the KKK

  90. Searean Moon

    Searean Moon3 ngày trước

    lol, the only problem I have is this is all taking place on stolen #indigenous lands and that is not mentioned I bet or cared about... When talking about the ongoing genocide of the indigenous of this half of the world your answer can not be "yeah, so?"... The indigenous did not bring the African slaves here remember!!!!!! So you are part of the systematic oppression and suppression of the indigenous and like the european war criminals do not plan on leaving these stolen lands... If you want to stay, forget this "amerikkka" system and find the real indigenous peoples of your area and support them or leave, it is that simple!!!

  91. Duncan Gardner

    Duncan GardnerNgày trước

    and what have you done about it??

  92. 4th Chairman

    4th ChairmanNgày trước

    +Searean Moon I agree. It has been a pleasure. Take care.

  93. Searean Moon

    Searean MoonNgày trước

    lol, I would say "issues" :p I find you interesting too, thanks for the chat! I do think just simple communication such a this, 2 people seeing each other as people does change the world.

  94. 4th Chairman

    4th ChairmanNgày trước

    +Searean Moon You're quite an interesting fellow. Yes, I disagree with her mass power, I am not fooled by their fancy, kind looks. I'm part Irish too, so I have...issues with the monarchy shall we say XD

  95. Searean Moon

    Searean MoonNgày trước

    I haven't heard anything to cause me alarm about it, things created as a "reaction" are always more, what is the word, aggressive maybe?, and it was formed because they are being openly murdered in cold blood and no westerner really cares... not indigenous worldwide, I mean just this half of the world, not all indigenous everywhere. only a few hundred years, it is a massive amount!! Mass slaughter! true genocide as they tried to wipe us off the face of the world (and failed)... I think it is a stupid system, if she has so much power why does she not wield it for good, instead lets them run rampant harming the world and destroying not only the people but the environments too. That is evil, pure and simple...

  96. Erik Killmonger

    Erik Killmonger3 ngày trước

    Can't wait! Love this trailer and Ball Of Confusion will always be the bomb.

  97. Gavin Mitchell

    Gavin Mitchell3 ngày trước

    Yes let’s get it

  98. Professor Pineapple

    Professor Pineapple3 ngày trước

    Get wide like kylo ren

  99. Patricio Dillon

    Patricio Dillon3 ngày trước

    1:20 is cringy, but the rest is cool

  100. Nathan Higgins

    Nathan Higgins3 ngày trước

    Did those racists just say *ALL* power to *ALL* people. They are merely adding to the systemic white oppression.

  101. 4th Chairman

    4th ChairmanNgày trước

    All people should be free and fairly treated. This is a no brainer.

  102. Nathan R.

    Nathan R.3 ngày trước

    Ok but Adam Driver is ❤️

  103. Crash//Burn Crash//Burn

    Crash//Burn Crash//Burn3 ngày trước

    David Duke seems like a nice guy.

  104. MrFlipperInvader782

    MrFlipperInvader7823 ngày trước

    I'm guessing Adam secretly does want to join the KKK

  105. Sad Man

    Sad Man3 ngày trước

    I hate all people. Especially ones with skin.😀

  106. Sarah Xaidi

    Sarah Xaidi3 ngày trước

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  107. Cris J

    Cris J3 ngày trước

    Tarantino is somewhere screaming his aas of at this

  108. Erik Killmonger

    Erik Killmonger3 ngày trước

    Fuck Tarantino, that overrated hack.

  109. Mystic Madman

    Mystic Madman3 ngày trước

    More Kool-Aid for the boyz in tha hood

  110. Valelacerte

    Valelacerte3 ngày trước

    That dirty race-pimping midget cunt, Spike Lee, can ram his shitty move up his scarred anus. Why the fuck does the movie industry put up with this racist old cunt? The KKK was created by the Democrats, you cheese dick, the party you vote for, the pro-slavery party and creators of Jim Crow. Trump has done more for the black community than that Communist faggot O'Bummer ever did.

  111. Erik Killmonger

    Erik Killmonger3 ngày trước

    Okay, you spewed your ignorance and your lies, now you can crawl back into your sewer, Trumprat. And ask yourself, who does the KKK support TODAY? It sure ain't the Democrats, you shit-for-brains racist moron.

  112. Pheeble Philosopher

    Pheeble Philosopher3 ngày trước

    Lmaaaoooo for the first time in a decade Spike Lee has made a film I wanna see, guess he got his swagger back. And big ups to JD Washington, he has actually talent & not just riding his father's legacy.

  113. Donna Alexander

    Donna Alexander3 ngày trước

    Looks like Spike Lee may have finally made a good movie

  114. Luis Felipe Chiquito Aguilar

    Luis Felipe Chiquito Aguilar3 ngày trước

    Ok 👍 así es como se trata un tema controversial de manera irreverente, frecuentemente se me olvida que spike lee es el quentin Tarantino original.

  115. GothamKnightRX

    GothamKnightRX3 ngày trước

    Ben Solo joined the KKK??? Rey would not apporve of this.

  116. Roy Steele

    Roy Steele3 ngày trước

    My dick is bigger than the pygmy spike,and I'm white!! Plus there are more brains in the head of it than in the shrunken head of that little African leprechaun! Fuck that cock sucker!

  117. Fortnite WelchGamer

    Fortnite WelchGamer3 ngày trước

    Why do the main characters look like John wick and the disco guy from fortnite

  118. Tar Rockin

    Tar Rockin3 ngày trước


  119. Optimus JudyHopps

    Optimus JudyHopps3 ngày trước

    Black power! And BLACK LIVES MATTER!


    MONEYPRO MUSIC3 ngày trước

    America first sounds alot like Trump oh wait...

  121. Jake M

    Jake M3 ngày trước

    Yo it's the homie from Ballers!!!

  122. J.A. Richardson

    J.A. Richardson3 ngày trước

    A little comedy in it too 🤔😁

  123. J.A. Richardson

    J.A. Richardson3 ngày trước

    He sound like his dad for a second God Bless White White America funny shit 🤗