BLACKPINK - 'SOLO' + '뚜두뚜두(DDU-DU DDU-DU)' + 'FOREVER YOUNG' in 2018 SBS Gayodaejun


  1. Ayahanda Zaini

    Ayahanda Zaini5 phút trước

    Blackpink i love your video😍

  2. 찬옥장

    찬옥장14 phút trước

    제니 목소리 엄... 바뀐 것 같아..........요!

  3. Ais aist

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  4. Kami 03915

    Kami 0391525 phút trước

    Too much :/

  5. Heartbreak 심장 마비 인

    Heartbreak 심장 마비 인31 phút trước

    Happy birthday my queen Jennie 💜💜

  6. k아리

    k아리40 phút trước

    BlackPink is the Revolution~next~~~50Mviews ~24h now 1.606.240Mviews~good job! blinks fighting💖❤️

  7. Masungsung Wibowo

    Masungsung Wibowo41 phút trước

    Cakep banget black PING nyanyi nya lain😍😍😘😎😘😎😘

  8. Vitória Game

    Vitória Game43 phút trước

    Love U Rosé e Lalisa

  9. Wiyo Gina

    Wiyo Gina48 phút trước

    suka banget

  10. Thurayyah Thurah

    Thurayyah Thurah54 phút trước

    Are there Koreans?? 😯😯😯😯😯😯

  11. Andrea Romero Vega

    Andrea Romero Vega54 phút trước

    Jisoo looks incredibly beautiful

  12. Sergio Aguirre

    Sergio Aguirre55 phút trước

    Forever 😚😚


    BOLERPAH GAMINGPRO56 phút trước

    나는 검은 색 핑크색을 좋아한다. 새로운 비디오가 또 있으면 행복하다.

  14. rie lee

    rie leeGiờ trước

    I love them ALL ❤️

  15. Hypnotis Gaming

    Hypnotis GamingGiờ trước

    I want tongues like jennie

  16. kevin wittek

    kevin wittekGiờ trước

    I want Rosé to sing me to sleep...or talk me to sleep,I'm not picky

  17. Pare Home

    Pare HomeGiờ trước

    Jisoos voice is like a echo LOL LOVE KEEP IT UP GIRLS




  19. aulia rossa

    aulia rossaGiờ trước

    am i the only one notice jennie voice became softer and somewhat cute-ish when singing live ? last time her voice use to be rough and energetic. but i still love her though

  20. jikookmin bf

    jikookmin bfGiờ trước


  21. peaches and cream

    peaches and creamGiờ trước

    Jisoo and Rosè, their vocals were on point as always. Jisoo looking so fucking perfect, so does Rosè. Lisa's out here killing me with her dancing. Jennie and Lisa's rapping OMG.

  22. Teresa Rodriguez

    Teresa RodriguezGiờ trước

    Es increíble y hermosa 🤩🤩🤩

  23. Javiera Mansilla Cofre

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  24. ngun zi

    ngun ziGiờ trước

    i liked all your viedeo

  25. ngun zi

    ngun ziGiờ trước

    hi jennie and Rose and lisa and jisoo

  26. Fernanda Cipriano

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  27. rozita madadian

    rozita madadian2 giờ trước

  28. {🍒} -;美しい

    {🍒} -;美しい2 giờ trước

    ¿Soy la única que le pareció algo básica la presentación? idk

  29. Jhaycee Dipad

    Jhaycee Dipad2 giờ trước

    ohhhh what the f***??!!! this is what i really wanted to see...... thanks for uploading this.. solo blackpink!!! yeah

  30. Liliam Candia

    Liliam Candia2 giờ trước


  31. chimi army

    chimi army2 giờ trước

    lisa esta muy flaca :c que se alimente un poco mejor

  32. ashley escobar

    ashley escobar2 giờ trước

    happy birthday jennie tarde pero❤❤❤ las amamos una 💌blink

  33. Elena mishra

    Elena mishra2 giờ trước

    Lisa is genius... I would love to see her solo

  34. Byun Bacon

    Byun Bacon2 giờ trước

    너를 너무 사랑해 Jennie! 싸움!

  35. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung2 giờ trước

    well the camera man was a bit good

  36. Naznet Ávila

    Naznet Ávila2 giờ trước

    i love jisso 😘

  37. BTS BTS

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  38. Oof J

    Oof J2 giờ trước

    JISOO ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. maria jose da conceiçao gomes machado

    maria jose da conceiçao gomes machado2 giờ trước

    3:09 OMG queen

  40. •*Tracy Edits*•

    •*Tracy Edits*•3 giờ trước


  41. Its Sakie

    Its Sakie3 giờ trước

    Them:Who is the powerful kpop girl group? Me:

  42. Uma Fã

    Uma Fã3 giờ trước

    Elas cantando ao vivo é horrível..



    happy birthday jennie i love u

  44. Lee Hi

    Lee Hi3 giờ trước

    Jennie's rap is fire..

  45. Lamisa Nedi Hossain

    Lamisa Nedi Hossain3 giờ trước

    jissoo looks so good in this aaah i can’t ❤️

  46. Sofia Hosaini

    Sofia Hosaini3 giờ trước

    Jennie used to be my bias and now ive realized that YGs favourite is Jennie and they always give her the better outfits, the most singing parts/ the best singing parts , and everything. i just feel all the members should be treated equally! 🤷‍♀️

  47. 박형석

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  48. buse b

    buse b3 giờ trước

    This girls are so perfect. But Jennie performed two performances perfectly and so professional. Why this is not spoken? Why stupid people always hate Jennie? Because she is just perfect. Haters gonna hate. Jennie is perfect.

  49. XC XD

    XC XD3 giờ trước

    제니야 사랑해💜💜

  50. minituremuirin

    minituremuirin3 giờ trước

    HAPPY BDAY JENNIE (and lisa slay)

  51. جوهرة الانمي

    جوهرة الانمي3 giờ trước

    اكو عرب بطيارة😂💖

  52. r y a n l i a n g

    r y a n l i a n g3 giờ trước

    i wish lisa and rose would put on more weight they’re so skinny

  53. Sandra Simone

    Sandra Simone3 giờ trước

    2019 blackpink tem que ir no brasilll

  54. نسيب زين الدين

    نسيب زين الدين3 giờ trước

    Lisa I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Maira Akikhatova

    Maira Akikhatova3 giờ trước

    lisa my love❤️😘😘😘

  56. Demian Cariello

    Demian Cariello3 giờ trước

    Dubstep is so 2007, this sounds old af

  57. fu mark

    fu mark3 giờ trước

    Solo 4.5/10 Dududu 6/10 Young ?/10

  58. hobijhope

    hobijhope3 giờ trước

    the way rose walks was sAsSy

  59. hobijhope

    hobijhope3 giờ trước

    Happy birthday jenduki

  60. Hidmi Wansanatha

    Hidmi Wansanatha4 giờ trước

    Who's watching this video in 2019? 👇


    EXOPTIMIST D4 giờ trước

    Jisoo's visual is no joke. IT'S LETHAL

  62. Mısra Karaaslan

    Mısra Karaaslan4 giờ trước

    I love you Jennie and i am turkish Jennie is so beautiful 💖💗💗🌷

  63. Veronica Rivero

    Veronica Rivero4 giờ trước


  64. Luna The Dark Wolf

    Luna The Dark Wolf4 giờ trước

    How is she doing that hand thing?? 😂😂

  65. dando haikal

    dando haikal4 giờ trước

    Rose slayingggggggg...🤩🤩🤩🤩

  66. Wish Jordanne

    Wish Jordanne4 giờ trước

    Why does BlackPink sound so terrible without the software they use?! XD Jesus Lord they have no actual talent.

  67. Lena Otaku

    Lena Otaku4 giờ trước

    There songs are better than the rest of the girlgroups because they use EDM. Fight me.

  68. 댐 간자나

    댐 간자나4 giờ trước

    I love lisa

  69. yuliieth Muñoz violeth

    yuliieth Muñoz violeth4 giờ trước

    Rose ❤️ como siempre tierna😊😊😊

  70. ฺBenjarat Chootaptim

    ฺBenjarat Chootaptim4 giờ trước


  71. Zümra Bulut

    Zümra Bulut4 giờ trước

    best eight minute ever

  72. โลกสวย นางฟ้านางสวรรค์

    โลกสวย นางฟ้านางสวรรค์4 giờ trước

    Love Lisa

  73. Dudane Se

    Dudane Se4 giờ trước

    I hate this camera

  74. the nobody

    the nobody4 giờ trước

    Is it just me or does it sound like she is saying "bitch na na solo"

  75. Rai Dosjan

    Rai Dosjan4 giờ trước

    Почему когда Лиса поёт но показывают Джису и Розэ ???😢😭

  76. Leia T

    Leia T4 giờ trước

    Lmao Jennie really has the best outfit. The bias.

  77. Pomod Indeem

    Pomod Indeem4 giờ trước


  78. Aly Wild

    Aly Wild4 giờ trước

    love you rose💖💖💖💖

  79. Javier Liza

    Javier Liza4 giờ trước

    ahora no me queda dura de que jennie es el alma de black pink.

  80. Eren Jaeger

    Eren Jaeger4 giờ trước

    Bitch now I’m solo is what I keep hearing

  81. Анна Верона

    Анна Верона4 giờ trước


  82. Hope Morin

    Hope Morin5 giờ trước

    Why did YG make BP do solo with Jennie like i know it was the end of the song but still, they should have done it like how CL performed Baddest female and then 2NE1 came out and they sang together after

  83. Gamzelino

    Gamzelino5 giờ trước

    please tell me they had pizza after this... lots. omg. something with lots of calories.

  84. Trife

    Trife3 giờ trước

    True I love them but they seriously need to add some more weight

  85. Gamzelino

    Gamzelino5 giờ trước

    not hatin. i love their music but they look extremely unhealthy like the cant even dance properly... idk whats going on but they always look thinner.... sorry not sorry. just noticed

  86. Ahmet Eski

    Ahmet Eski5 giờ trước

    bizim trendde ne işiniz var mk

  87. jisoo kim

    jisoo kim5 giờ trước


  88. tình nhi baby

    tình nhi baby5 giờ trước

    Love rose

  89. jisoo kim

    jisoo kim5 giờ trước

    Kill me Omg blackpink so perfect😍

  90. Flor Ferreyra

    Flor Ferreyra5 giờ trước

    Me gusta bastante Black Pink, pero en vivo, cantan del asco.

  91. Paria Ro

    Paria Ro5 giờ trước

    *For New Blink* ❤❤ 4:27 *Jisoo : Visual , Lead Vocal* 2:12 *Jennie : Main Rapper , Lead Vocal* 7:01 *Rose : Main Vocal , Lead Dancer* 4:03 *Lisa : Main Dancer , Lead Rapper , Sub Vocal , Maknae* *Hope Help U* ❤🙏

  92. Valery G

    Valery G5 giờ trước

    la siento muy creida jennie :/

  93. Salma Aljure Bernal

    Salma Aljure Bernal5 giờ trước

    Las amo

  94. k아리

    k아리5 giờ trước

    BlackPink is the Revolution~🎉BlackPink in your area🎉 ~24h now 1.422.646Mviews~good job! blinks fighting💖❤️

  95. İsra Yücedağ

    İsra Yücedağ5 giờ trước

    Rapping✔ Vocals✔ Dancing✔ Visuals✔ Charisma✔ Instruments✔ Funny and kind✔ Body goals✔ 👑Jennie Kim everyone👑

  96. Crafter frater

    Crafter frater5 giờ trước

    Please give more lines to lisa !! Her voice is damn amazing !!!!

  97. Marlone Melo

    Marlone Melo5 giờ trước

    Love u lisa

  98. abood mustafa

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  99. Thaw Thaw

    Thaw Thaw5 giờ trước

    Always loveclisaaaa

  100. Tinimylove

    Tinimylove5 giờ trước

    5:17 Jennie's smile to Jisoo is so adorable

  101. 楊芷蘋

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  102. selin oz

    selin oz6 giờ trước

    Karılarıma bak be