Blind Ice Cream Taste Test


  1. Fulckan Unturned

    Fulckan Unturned3 giờ trước

    Why not make a stick with 2 holes to hit cones

  2. Fulckan Unturned

    Fulckan Unturned4 giờ trước

    Why not give them spoons lol

  3. Jacob Ballenger

    Jacob Ballenger7 giờ trước

    Now that's Demi Lovatos kind of spoon...

  4. Davin Dove

    Davin Dove22 giờ trước

    wheres blue belll

  5. The American pickle

    The American pickle22 giờ trước

    I live near a Ben and jerry's ice cream factory cuz they make it in vermont gooooooooo Ben and jerry's

  6. Nathan Spencer

    Nathan Spencer23 giờ trước

    Which do you prefer? Icy or creamy

  7. Holo Holo

    Holo HoloNgày trước

    Wait you don’t have icecream and winter ummmmmm you pour unfortunate souls

  8. Victoria Gray

    Victoria GrayNgày trước

    I hate the slurping Link is doing.. #ASMR lol

  9. Parker Berry

    Parker BerryNgày trước

    Blue bunny and blue bell is da way to go

  10. Felix Boccella

    Felix BoccellaNgày trước

    Can we get rip in the chat for Rhetts lactose intolerance

  11. Ethan Hair

    Ethan HairNgày trước

    Where's the Blue Bell?! That definitely is the best.

  12. Josh Conn

    Josh Conn2 ngày trước

    I'm was trying to figure out why they had to put 10 or 12 scoops of each type of ice cream in the Commune Spoon when they were each only going to take a bite apiece. Then I remembered that this is ice cream, so that whoever was holding the Commune Spoon could just eat the rest of the scoops themselves after Rhett and Link were done.

  13. Peter&Alicia GAMING

    Peter&Alicia GAMING2 ngày trước

    Hey! I grew up in the dairy town of Oregon, Tillamook. But boy! let me tell you, Tillamook ice cream will always be the first I've ever tasted, and the best I've ever had.

  14. Gamer Geek

    Gamer Geek2 ngày trước

    tillamook is my favorite :)

  15. Cole Duersch

    Cole Duersch2 ngày trước

    In Utah we've got two college creameries and oh my gosh they are both so good

  16. Tea Londo

    Tea Londo2 ngày trước

    For someone who works in a Froyo shop, this happened in May. All the employees just screamed

  17. Breath you out Breath you in

    Breath you out Breath you in2 ngày trước

    Rhett "hmm hmm hmm" after tasting the sec ice cream And link trying to get more ice cream and its not even there Rhett liking his up lip trying to get the ice cream of has me dying 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Ailurophile

    Ailurophile2 ngày trước

    I'm not American so I have no idea how any of those taste.

  19. Georgia Gordon

    Georgia Gordon3 ngày trước

    No turkey hill?

  20. DavidMoreno De Miguel

    DavidMoreno De Miguel3 ngày trước

    how about baskin robins

  21. Annika Amon

    Annika Amon3 ngày trước


  22. StoryTeller

    StoryTeller3 ngày trước

    Y’know here in the Midwest, instead of calling it “Dreyer’s” we call it “Edy’s”

  23. LifeWithKins

    LifeWithKins3 ngày trước

    This is invalid without blue bell

  24. Ze Best Bagguet

    Ze Best Bagguet3 ngày trước

    that spoon is the most impractical thing ever

  25. ωнιяl

    ωнιяl3 ngày trước

    My favorite ice cream is from ice cream social 💙

  26. Mattias _

    Mattias _4 ngày trước

    before even watching i know its gonna be haegen dasz and tillamook

  27. Isaac Michael

    Isaac Michael5 ngày trước

    I feel bad for Link, cause he’s lactose intolerant

  28. Jill Forrest

    Jill Forrest5 ngày trước

    No blue bell?!? Sad sad day for Texas

  29. Jiralhanae

    Jiralhanae5 ngày trước

    Where do I get this prices?? Ben n Jerrys is like $7 and freaking Bryers is $5.99 here!

  30. Zoe Wilson

    Zoe Wilson5 ngày trước

    💗💗💗💗. Ice cream 🍨

  31. Allison Holly

    Allison Holly5 ngày trước

    After reading through these comments I tried the Blue Bell ice cream. It’s pretty flavorless.

  32. Jazmine Sanchez

    Jazmine Sanchez5 ngày trước

    Rhett you're wrong I don't love ice cream

  33. Vicky O'Malley

    Vicky O'Malley6 ngày trước

    I like when they say it’s definitely not “this brand” but it really is 😂😂

  34. Karam D

    Karam D6 ngày trước

    I cannot hear anything while Rhett is cleaning his beard

  35. jerka johansson

    jerka johansson6 ngày trước

    put Link in the corner with the ugly hat. so did they in in the old schools before and wrote "Dumb Ass" on the hat

  36. John  Walker

    John Walker6 ngày trước

    Does it have to be from the same spoon?!?! Disgusting!!!

  37. Cordelia Ferrera

    Cordelia Ferrera6 ngày trước

    Link trying to find the spoon when it’s not there is me when my mom tells me to stop eating dessert

  38. Cordelia Ferrera

    Cordelia Ferrera6 ngày trước

    “Yas queen” Exsqueal me it is yasssss qween

  39. tristen brown

    tristen brown6 ngày trước

    Blue bell is the best

  40. Xoxo Xoxo

    Xoxo Xoxo6 ngày trước

    Kind of turned on watching the one wth the beard eat the ice cream right off the giant spoon he just so dammn sexy jajajaajajjaja

  41. Xoxo Xoxo

    Xoxo Xoxo6 ngày trước

    Blue bell is number one im bout to eat goom cake and brides wedding cake yummm

  42. lol72

    lol727 ngày trước

    Why no blue bell

  43. Twiinii TrageDy

    Twiinii TrageDy7 ngày trước

    tøp anyone?

  44. MicahFoReel

    MicahFoReel7 ngày trước

    8:05 ... That's what he said😂😂

  45. Deepspace1insight

    Deepspace1insight7 ngày trước

    To be fair- that's the Slow Churned version of Dryers. Slow Churned is a low fat (half the fat) variety of the regular Vanilla flavor. Everyone knows low-fat versions of anything is normally worse tasting.... So it's a bit of a unfair comparison as they should've used the normal regular-fat (non-slow churned) version.

  46. Cristian Colon

    Cristian Colon7 ngày trước

    when link wanted more and spoon was not thair I died dead

  47. Jennifer Burdette

    Jennifer Burdette7 ngày trước

    It’s tilla MUK . They make it about 20 miles from where I live . Lol it killed me every time they said it.

  48. Pat R

    Pat R7 ngày trước

    Use your own damn spoons

  49. TheCriminalViolin

    TheCriminalViolin8 ngày trước

    Tillamook is said how it is spelled with NO syllable emphasis anywhere within it ;) You two were saying it with an emphasis on moo, making k it's own syllable. It was what I expected, but sounds a little odd honestly haha. Some incorrectly say it as "Tillamock" too. I'd spell it out to show it's enunciation, but there is no possible way to do it since it would remain as the exact same spelling haha. Also missed out with Umpqua not being there too :D

  50. OhNeverMindItsJustMe Alex

    OhNeverMindItsJustMe Alex8 ngày trước

    I scream You scream We all scream Cos we’re terrified

  51. Juan Valencia

    Juan Valencia8 ngày trước

    9:06 part had me rolling on the floor dying of laughter 😂😂😂

  52. Aikuh Ahgase

    Aikuh Ahgase8 ngày trước

    Bat walang Selecta dito?

  53. CursedFlame101

    CursedFlame1018 ngày trước

    Not TillamOOk, Tillamook, as in book. Sorry lol

  54. Kristina Taylor

    Kristina Taylor8 ngày trước

    Dryers didn’t steal from everyone on the east coast it’s Eddy’s

  55. Brisa Hamzaj

    Brisa Hamzaj8 ngày trước

    Link: thats not me Link: (bounces spoon up and down with chin)

  56. kayce m.

    kayce m.8 ngày trước

    this is so disgusting to watch 🤢

  57. Steve Slumpff

    Steve Slumpff9 ngày trước

    I'm probably not the first person to make this suggestion, but these blind folds should have googly eyes attached to them from time to time. I suggest adding them on occasion. Makes for great comedy. Rhett and Link's character suits adding googly eyes IMO.

  58. Steve Slumpff

    Steve Slumpff9 ngày trước

    I mean look at Rhett's beard after each serving. That's hilarious. Googly eyes...

  59. CalisRemedy

    CalisRemedy9 ngày trước

    Best ice cream is thrifty

  60. Lucina Rosewood

    Lucina Rosewood9 ngày trước

    I love how they don't click bait and it's actually them doing weird stuff. My kind of channel. 💙

  61. Kiki Farm

    Kiki Farm9 ngày trước

    This is the science I need

  62. Christian Miller

    Christian Miller9 ngày trước

    Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla is the best

  63. Amanda Hladasz

    Amanda Hladasz9 ngày trước

    I wanna know where they're at bc the ice cream prices are so cheap. B&J near me is like 5 bucks and Haagen-Daz (spelling?) is almost 7 bucks! 😂 Breyer's is 4.69 and Dreyer's is only a dollar store find 😂

  64. Pinty Schminty

    Pinty Schminty9 ngày trước

    I think litterally laughed for this whole video

  65. Pinty Schminty

    Pinty Schminty9 ngày trước

    Who else thinks Rhett and Link as are hott?😂🤣

  66. Supersnatchural

    Supersnatchural9 ngày trước

    Bryers isn’t even ice cream

  67. Dolly Games

    Dolly Games9 ngày trước

    I want Rhett to eat me like that ice cream... Sorry, couldn't help it.

  68. Dolly Games

    Dolly Games9 ngày trước

    I haven't had a large variety of ice cream but i do have my favorite's! • Ben & jerries cookie dough • haagen daz's strawberry & cream And of course... Haagen daz's baileys Irish cream 😍

  69. Zuubz

    Zuubz10 ngày trước

    I’m sorry but... Two guys one spoon

  70. Spencer Krey

    Spencer Krey10 ngày trước

    wtf there's not even bluebell that's the best. I named my cat after it. Bluebella

  71. Farax Xaaji

    Farax Xaaji10 ngày trước

    I wish I had ice cream to eat

  72. Jane Prendergast

    Jane Prendergast10 ngày trước

    Is Links shirt from Naolito?

  73. Azekel Imre

    Azekel Imre10 ngày trước

    Rhett and Link should make show similar to Master Chef.

  74. Ashley Seider

    Ashley Seider11 ngày trước


  75. GDGames

    GDGames11 ngày trước

    I had Haagen Dazs in Paris, France when I went on vacation, simply the best ice cream I've ever tasted!

  76. Jade Curran

    Jade Curran11 ngày trước

    I’m in winter and eating ice cream

  77. Billy Boy

    Billy Boy11 ngày trước


  78. ApexPredator0922

    ApexPredator092212 ngày trước

    Winter is coming

  79. Stu nj Ekh Ekh

    Stu nj Ekh Ekh12 ngày trước

    The commune spoon is the worst and best invention ever.

  80. Hanna Lockhart

    Hanna Lockhart12 ngày trước

    Ben and jerrys ❤️

  81. Kramer._.Laugh

    Kramer._.Laugh12 ngày trước

    13:08 has me dying

  82. Colby Monta

    Colby Monta13 ngày trước

    This has to be the most boring ist thing ever

  83. Miss. Unicorn Vlogs

    Miss. Unicorn Vlogs13 ngày trước

    Colby Monta rude

  84. Morgan Furr

    Morgan Furr13 ngày trước

    I don't like ice cream

  85. Morgan Furr

    Morgan Furr11 ngày trước

    I know...I don't like soda,candy or sweets either

  86. Miss. Unicorn Vlogs

    Miss. Unicorn Vlogs13 ngày trước

    Morgan Furr WHATT

  87. Blaise Evans

    Blaise Evans13 ngày trước

    Blue Bell???

  88. Alexandra Park

    Alexandra Park13 ngày trước

    its pronounced Tillamuck...... pls don't say mook

  89. Bumbleplex03

    Bumbleplex0313 ngày trước

    The best ice cream is Mayfield dairy ice cream

  90. Lindsey Darby

    Lindsey Darby13 ngày trước

    You're both wrong, Bluebell is best

  91. Shiny

    Shiny13 ngày trước

    I live in Oregon and Tillamook is our #1 ice cream here lol

  92. Bhupinderjit Chana

    Bhupinderjit Chana13 ngày trước

    When I first started watching these two, I thought they were lumberjacks hiding in Canada. Man was I shocked when I found out they were from California.

  93. dsdqwefqwed

    dsdqwefqwed13 ngày trước

    The taste is just... blaheu.

  94. Hopeless Games

    Hopeless Games13 ngày trước

    why not blue bell?

  95. Deanna Jackson

    Deanna Jackson13 ngày trước

    Aww... No Turkey Hill?

  96. Kathy Bartley

    Kathy Bartley14 ngày trước

    The “o’s” in Tillamook or short not long. As in “foot” rather than “loose”.

  97. The Brocean Show

    The Brocean Show14 ngày trước

    I love it

  98. Lin612

    Lin61215 ngày trước

    I thought Rhett was lactose intolerant? He must of had a bad time later....

  99. John Brice Bender

    John Brice Bender15 ngày trước

    You didn't have Blue Bell so you already failed to get the best so the video isnt worth watching. Sorry.

  100. Julia wrestledabearonce

    Julia wrestledabearonce15 ngày trước

    Every Texan knows Blue Bell is the only ice cream that matters💦💦

  101. Tony Smith

    Tony Smith15 ngày trước

    You should’ve tried Umpqua and you’re pronouncing Tillamook wrong it’s Tilla-muck. Umpqua and Tillamook are good brands from Oregon you notice Tillamook more up north and Umpqua down south. Love the series!

  102. thicc dan

    thicc dan15 ngày trước

    Tillamook is my favorite

  103. Last Warning

    Last Warning15 ngày trước

    its funny how he thought that the really smooth one was ben and jerrys but ben and jerrys thing is all about texture because of the founders didnt have a sense of taste he relied on texture

  104. Last Warning

    Last Warning15 ngày trước

    why no blue bell that the best stuff you can get hands down