Blind Ice Cream Taste Test


  1. Cody Johnson

    Cody Johnson11 giờ trước

    Where on earth is the Blue Bell ice cream?

  2. Elizabeth Schrader

    Elizabeth SchraderNgày trước

    Link has cheeks for days!

  3. Raz3 MK

    Raz3 MKNgày trước

    cheap ice cream is better than quality icecream... tbh i like my 4 cornetos for £1 instead 3 cornetos for £3

  4. william tillkvist

    william tillkvistNgày trước

    every time Links puts his tongue out to find the food or whatever it may be. I die inside please stop.

  5. Maryan

    Maryan2 ngày trước

    9:39 that’s what she said

  6. Maryan

    Maryan2 ngày trước

    8:05 that’s what she said

  7. Egg Boy

    Egg Boy2 ngày trước

    Breyers is so good but not natural vanilla, its like 4x creamier if u get homemade vanilla trust me

  8. MrSnotMan

    MrSnotMan2 ngày trước

    6:27 LMFAO

  9. Rachel Foran

    Rachel Foran3 ngày trước

    You guys bought the low fat Dreyers! Im so upset. That's my favorite ice cream ever. But the low fat is gross. You guys need to redo this!!

  10. Clara Blaser

    Clara Blaser3 ngày trước

    Oh my god they’re saying Tillamook wrong. It’s Till- uh- mook like chinook salmon, it’s not oo it’s u! Trust me I live here!

  11. sundae6969

    sundae69693 ngày trước

    Haagen dazs is the best ice cream 🍦

  12. Rachel H

    Rachel H3 ngày trước

    Where I live, we don't have Blue Bunny or Tillamook, and Dreyers is called Edy's.

  13. Flakyki

    Flakyki3 ngày trước

    I didn't know this video existed! I had recommended it like 5 mins ago on another video

  14. Brian Adam P

    Brian Adam P3 ngày trước

    Starting to think Link is a supertaster as he’s really good in differentiating food - and might explain why he doesn’t like a lot of stuff..

  15. Becca Benny

    Becca Benny4 ngày trước

    I thought it was Til-a-muck

  16. Aidan Presley

    Aidan Presley4 ngày trước

    Do blind fast food sauce

  17. Ethan Daulton

    Ethan Daulton4 ngày trước

    No Graeters??

  18. YourDoing2much stop

    YourDoing2much stop4 ngày trước

    Mayfield dude wtf

  19. kasey colleen

    kasey colleen5 ngày trước

    there is one reason i am never moving from texas, BLUE BELL!!!

  20. Tbhx Jess

    Tbhx Jess5 ngày trước

    I was eating Ben and Jerry’s watching this

  21. Tbhx Jess

    Tbhx Jess5 ngày trước

    Haagen Dazs is my fave and it is expensive where I live like 4 pounds per tub

  22. Rox Teppes

    Rox Teppes5 ngày trước

    I always wonder what they do with the huge ammounts of food they only take samples from !? Does the crew eat it afterwards or what ?

  23. zsteck7

    zsteck76 ngày trước

    Ok first complaint I’ve had on these videos. For the love of god use a smaller spoon so they can actually get a reasonable amount. Don’t get me wrong this was hilarious but just saying.

  24. Kevin Devlin

    Kevin Devlin6 ngày trước

    Pronounced Tilla-muk

  25. TideGypsy

    TideGypsy7 ngày trước

    Tillamook is my favorite followed by Haagen Dazs. The others taste so artificial to me.

  26. John Christensen

    John Christensen7 ngày trước

    STOP SAYING "tih-lah-MOOK" everytime!! ITS 'TIH-lah-muk"!!!

  27. Just Josey

    Just Josey7 ngày trước

    What about blue bell wtf

  28. Da Reyes

    Da Reyes8 ngày trước

    What aboutt blue bell??

  29. Jane Newlin

    Jane Newlin8 ngày trước

    You should have included friendlys and turkey hill!

  30. ashley lonardo

    ashley lonardo8 ngày trước

    Seeing Link get so excited at the end as he wears a hat resembling a dunce cap is... absolutely amazing.

  31. HardyWeeed

    HardyWeeed8 ngày trước

    They look like kittens trying to find a nipple.

  32. Chantal Ward

    Chantal Ward9 ngày trước

    Link is such a gourmet when it comes to ice cream. Not so much other foods. “Do you have a hint of salt?” Lol this is awesome.

  33. Cream cheese 5

    Cream cheese 510 ngày trước

    Tillamook is the best ice cream of all time. Oregonians where you at?

  34. Ashley Joramo

    Ashley Joramo9 ngày trước

    Cream cheese 5 me! Love Tillamook!!!

  35. New King

    New King10 ngày trước

    Should have had Bluebell in this

  36. Heather Leeth

    Heather Leeth10 ngày trước

    Blue Bell people! !!

  37. Sarcasm

    Sarcasm10 ngày trước

    Love GMM but damned that I can't shake the feeling of being annoyed about the continuous food-play food-waste. I mean... did it *have to* be a giant spoon with an absolute crapton of ice cream on it every time, that two people shove their faces in?

  38. Mysticatical

    Mysticatical11 ngày trước

    I know I’m late but I’d like to add a obligatory ‘it’s til-AH-muk, not til-AH-mook’ okay ty friends

  39. Tyler Lashway

    Tyler Lashway11 ngày trước

    Up in upstate New York, we have a convenience store/ gas chain called Stewart’s. I absolutely LOVE their ice cream

  40. Jakiah Pearson-Gray

    Jakiah Pearson-Gray11 ngày trước

    Y’all didn’t do blue bell KSKSKKS

  41. Paul Stanley Videos

    Paul Stanley Videos11 ngày trước

    BLUE BELL!!!

  42. The Nerdy Burritos

    The Nerdy Burritos11 ngày trước

    *yAs QuEeN*

  43. Kevin Penfold

    Kevin Penfold11 ngày trước

    No Trader Joe’s 😭 their vanilla ice cream is fantastic!

  44. Koopsta Knicca

    Koopsta Knicca11 ngày trước

    Idc what this says Hagen das is the best ice cream by FARRR

  45. FeelTheLack

    FeelTheLack12 ngày trước

    I think Tillamook is *technically* custard because it has egg in it.

  46. Fre sha Va ca do

    Fre sha Va ca do12 ngày trước

    Dreyers??? We call it edys

  47. Fre sha Va ca do

    Fre sha Va ca do12 ngày trước

    As you can see we can’t is just iconic

  48. Simmy Penn-Kout

    Simmy Penn-Kout12 ngày trước

    i cant stop laughing. when they both "look" for the spoon. it kills me

  49. Truth To Be Revealed

    Truth To Be Revealed12 ngày trước

    Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Bean 🍨

  50. Aiden Valdovinos

    Aiden Valdovinos12 ngày trước

    Rhett's beard is like food finding sensors

  51. Zeus He

    Zeus He12 ngày trước

    Watching 2 men probably french kissing a spoon

  52. lovelyshine 2o2

    lovelyshine 2o212 ngày trước

    1:44 was not expecting it to be that big

  53. Souper

    Souper13 ngày trước

    Blue bell is all you eat when you’re from texas

  54. Carebear McGee

    Carebear McGee13 ngày trước

    Blue Bell for sure would have been near the bottom of the list.

  55. Chelsea Peterson

    Chelsea Peterson14 ngày trước

    Where's Nestle, real dairy or chapmans ?

  56. luqmanr

    luqmanr16 ngày trước

    man... I want some ice cream now lol

  57. jake ashby

    jake ashby16 ngày trước

    Where do I get a shirt like the one link is wearing I love that lol

  58. MangaIsMyLife

    MangaIsMyLife16 ngày trước

    2 big mammals eating ice cream

  59. Z-Marotrix

    Z-Marotrix16 ngày trước


  60. Insolentish

    Insolentish17 ngày trước

    That vanilla ice cream that Costco has

  61. Sofea Richie

    Sofea Richie17 ngày trước

    Damn 2guys with 1big ass spoon that’s hot 😂

  62. Bridget Czarnecki

    Bridget Czarnecki18 ngày trước

    Btw, I’m from a town very close to Tillamook, and it rhymes with book, not duke. No offense, just letting you guys know.

  63. Bhart Singh

    Bhart Singh18 ngày trước

    Who noticed the ice cream drop on Rhett's shirt slide down 8:48

  64. Doomsday 72

    Doomsday 7218 ngày trước

    Blue bell

  65. Kieran Shae

    Kieran Shae18 ngày trước


  66. Mokel Entertainment

    Mokel Entertainment19 ngày trước

    2:21, "i think i got a little bit on my beard" rhett, its not called a beard, its called a flavor saver

  67. Toxic Diamond

    Toxic Diamond19 ngày trước

    I'm watching gmm at the afternoon

  68. xydoit

    xydoit19 ngày trước

    Link said that Ben and Jerries has the same taste as Hagen Daz

  69. xydoit

    xydoit19 ngày trước

    It was very funny. Do that again with chocolate ice cream.

  70. Syedbader Hussain

    Syedbader Hussain19 ngày trước

    Why would this have to be so disgusting can't they just get 2 separate spoons

  71. Trav Plays

    Trav Plays19 ngày trước

    dryers went bankrupt a week later xD

  72. Zac Attack

    Zac Attack19 ngày trước

    At 9:07 i died

  73. eamakayla

    eamakayla19 ngày trước

    When there was no spoon for Link I was crying laughing

  74. eamakayla

    eamakayla19 ngày trước

    I wish I could see Rhett’s face when he said “YAS QUEEN”

  75. JDM Raves

    JDM Raves20 ngày trước

    Ben & Jerry's is my numero uno. In particular, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Mmmm.

  76. Josielox arroyo

    Josielox arroyo20 ngày trước

    Rhett guessed two of the ice creams twice dyerer's and blue bunny. Did anyone else catch that

  77. EarthMonster260Studios

    EarthMonster260Studios20 ngày trước


  78. KaCo Karla

    KaCo Karla20 ngày trước

    Ugh I hate vanilla ice cream

  79. TheDeadCobra

    TheDeadCobra20 ngày trước

    Vanilla is best Ice Cream, Strawberry is second best and the mint the third best and Banana is fourth best Everyone has a different tastes from you

  80. logan oslund

    logan oslund20 ngày trước

    Tilamook is easily the best, although that might be kinda biased because I live in Tilamook.

  81. TheNitroPsycho

    TheNitroPsycho20 ngày trước

    I lol'ed when y'all said the ice cream shop can open their doors for summer....come to Florida my friends, ice cream shops are open year-round. When other states say get ready for cold of fall and winter, that doesn't apply to us lol

  82. Morgan Lancaster

    Morgan Lancaster21 ngày trước

    yeeyee I live in the ice cream capital of the world

  83. Chuck Jones

    Chuck Jones21 ngày trước

    Haha Tillamook has the best quality even more then haggen daaz

  84. Shelby Morgan

    Shelby Morgan22 ngày trước

    Breyers will never touch my mouth. Edy's is one of my favorites. Never ever heard of a few of these.

  85. Wayne Kie

    Wayne Kie22 ngày trước

    Link makes the show cringe worthy , no social skills

  86. JP Palmer

    JP Palmer22 ngày trước

    Come on y’all didn’t even try the best it’s freakin blue bell!

  87. Jessica McCauley

    Jessica McCauley22 ngày trước

    As someone from Wa. It’s Till-a-muck.

  88. Natalie Hornback

    Natalie Hornback23 ngày trước

    The best brand isn't even in this video, the best brand is definitely Private Selection or special selection I forget exactly what it's called. PS cookies and cream is the best ice cream flavor out there!

  89. J N

    J N24 ngày trước


  90. Mister Wolf

    Mister Wolf24 ngày trước

    I honestly prefer Bryers. I find Häagen Dazs overcompensates flavor wise on simple flavors, and it's too rich. Blue Bunny is good for flavors like Bunny Tracks, and likewise Ben & Jerry's is better with its specialty flavors. Breyers feels like it's great for unadulterated no nonsense ice cream on the flavors like mint chip and vanilla. Never had the other two brands.

  91. 3CultureTV

    3CultureTV24 ngày trước

    the squeak @10:43

  92. Steven Paniagua

    Steven Paniagua24 ngày trước

    The whole time I was just like... you could have used a generic cone... you don't hold ice cream in your hands.

  93. Corey Barry

    Corey Barry24 ngày trước

    This test is automatically invalid because Blue Bell wasn't included and is considered to be the best in the South. You both should know better!

  94. Rebecca Keim

    Rebecca Keim24 ngày trước

    Blue bell! Blue bell!

  95. lionheartedgirl49

    lionheartedgirl4924 ngày trước

    -10 for all because plain vanilla is nasty

  96. Rakeena Anderson

    Rakeena Anderson25 ngày trước

    Blue Bell is the best.... period

  97. Ashy Diamond

    Ashy Diamond25 ngày trước

    Link blames the person holding the spoon for it moving meanwhile he's banging his chin on it making it go crazy

  98. Rebecca Cloud

    Rebecca Cloud25 ngày trước

    it's like watching two baby pigs eat.

  99. Stephen Zancheez

    Stephen Zancheez25 ngày trước

    Why are they Blindfolded?

  100. Yelisbelle Torres

    Yelisbelle Torres26 ngày trước

    Icecreammmmmm!!!! 😍😍😍

  101. SuperPokemon11111

    SuperPokemon1111126 ngày trước

    Blue bell would win