Blind Ice Cream Taste Test


  1. Jeramie T

    Jeramie T8 giờ trước

    Should have had blue bell

  2. Jayme Bellinger

    Jayme Bellinger14 giờ trước

    i had to do a math project in college sampling 5 different ice cream brands and writing a report on which one was best based on value, taste, and price. A lot of math equations involved with that one.

  3. Shawn Palumbo

    Shawn Palumbo21 giờ trước

    Velvet is the best Ice cream ever.. Then Blue Bell, I'll go with Ben and Jerry's on this list tho..

  4. Jenna H.

    Jenna H.Ngày trước

    That is an ADORABLE shirt Link! Cuz I love all the things on the shirt 😄

  5. Kaia Blauser

    Kaia Blauser2 ngày trước

    Plz slap Link with the spoon

  6. SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man

    SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man2 ngày trước

    U didn't do blue bell one of the most common

  7. Emily Con

    Emily Con3 ngày trước

    Haagen Dazs per Rhett: cold and vanilla,how insightful Rhett

  8. Katie F

    Katie F3 ngày trước

    Dreyers with real milk and tillamook are soooo good. At Disneyland, they serve hand scooped dreyers Ice cream on Main st and it’s the best Ice cream I’ve had in my whole life! I usually get either strawberry, chocolate chip, or cookies and cream. So yummy

  9. empaintsthesky

    empaintsthesky3 ngày trước

    Am I the only one upset by the commune spoon?? You can’t tell me there wasn’t an easier way to eat this. They could have put it in a bowl since you don’t touch it with your fingers anyway lol. Idk found that method cringey and wasteful of ice cream 😭 Side note after further observation they look like blind kittens searching for mamas milk 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Kara Bench

    Kara BenchNgày trước

    empaintsthesky Definitely gross but probably the most entertaining method I’ve seen yet😂😂

  11. joeyvesh13

    joeyvesh133 ngày trước

    Feed yourselves, it’ll make a better bit.

  12. Tyler Sobolewski

    Tyler Sobolewski5 ngày trước

    Ok, literally I like Breyers better than Hagendas. The latter is just too thick and not decadent enough. Breyers has so much flavour and they overdo their extract so their mint and vanilla bean is to die for

  13. Jared Ferris

    Jared Ferris5 ngày trước

    I my very biased opinion vanilla is trash.

  14. Samarra Masengi

    Samarra Masengi5 ngày trước

    ppl be commenting about blue bell but i don’t know what that is, big love to baskin robbins

  15. Jasmine Morales

    Jasmine Morales5 ngày trước

    This makes me happy cause ben n Jerry's is my fav

  16. Derek Kras

    Derek Kras6 ngày trước


  17. Brooke Hall videos

    Brooke Hall videos6 ngày trước

    You spelled king wrong

  18. Clayton Derry

    Clayton Derry7 ngày trước

    You should of used blue bell also

  19. MMH Productions

    MMH Productions7 ngày trước

    steak taste test

  20. MMH Productions

    MMH Productions7 ngày trước

    chicken sandwich taste test

  21. Mollie Jo Baylor

    Mollie Jo Baylor8 ngày trước

    Where is the bluebell?

  22. cptn

    cptn8 ngày trước

    im sorry but the spoon wasnt funny at all and just gross

  23. nah dylan

    nah dylan8 ngày trước

    the Commune Spoon is my least favourite food delivery mechanism to this day

  24. weldingbro

    weldingbro9 ngày trước

    Best Vanilla ice cream hands down is Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla

  25. Mollie Jo Baylor

    Mollie Jo Baylor8 ngày trước

    weldingbro agreed

  26. Michael Schneider

    Michael Schneider10 ngày trước

    give em spoons and do it individually, and that thing is packed with ice cream.

  27. em c

    em c11 ngày trước

    I was confused about Dreyers. On the northeast it's called Edy's

  28. Katt Ramen

    Katt Ramen11 ngày trước

    God I really hope Rhett took lactose pill before this.

  29. Samuel Erwin

    Samuel Erwin11 ngày trước

    No blue bell?

  30. Gijs W

    Gijs W11 ngày trước

    Actually got a b&j ad on this

  31. give your friend a hug!

    give your friend a hug!13 ngày trước

    I didn't know how badly I needed to hear Rhett say, "Yas, Queen"

  32. Justin Hoskins

    Justin Hoskins13 ngày trước

    Link hitting the spoon with his chin was the funniest shit y'all have done on this show in YEARS.

  33. Myah Ackerkand

    Myah Ackerkand15 ngày trước

    I'm from the midwest and the fact that whitey's isn't up there makes me so upset

  34. Danielle Valero

    Danielle Valero15 ngày trước


  35. Skelassassin

    Skelassassin15 ngày trước

    no blue bell? :(

  36. The Aquatic Blader

    The Aquatic Blader15 ngày trước

    this is almost he 1337th episode and i love Haggin das ice cream bars i think they exist

  37. Labella Vita

    Labella Vita15 ngày trước

    Rhett trying his best but still missing the ice cream in his beard is a mood 😂

  38. Raptor Nugget

    Raptor Nugget15 ngày trước

    As someone who lives less than an hour away from Tillamook, it annoys the shit out of me how they pronounce it. I thought they were pronouncing it like that as a joke at first and then I realized... 😑

  39. Jake Elliott

    Jake Elliott16 ngày trước

    Its called edys on the east coast

  40. Megan Behrmann

    Megan Behrmann16 ngày trước

    Rhett, I love your beard, but please NEVER slurp your mustache again 😖😷

  41. Kelly Reardon

    Kelly Reardon16 ngày trước

    Dreyers is called Eddys where I live

  42. PaytonMemesYT

    PaytonMemesYT16 ngày trước

    The noises they were making while eating the ice cream were noises I heard before...

  43. Evelyn Herrera

    Evelyn Herrera16 ngày trước

    i scream, you scream, we all scream cus we're teriffied.

  44. Trevor Brightly

    Trevor Brightly16 ngày trước

    This is my new favorite episode of gmm...Yas Queen!

  45. Bella Paul

    Bella Paul16 ngày trước


  46. Mcbear 291

    Mcbear 29116 ngày trước

    The Ice Cream is back! The Ice Cream is back! Winter didn't kill us! The Ice Cream is back! 🤣😂🤣😂

  47. packers12to80

    packers12to8016 ngày trước

    Where is blue bell?? They have the best vanilla in the game.

  48. Joey Jaa

    Joey Jaa17 ngày trước

    Close your eyes at 9:36 and listen to what they say.

  49. Summer The emo girl

    Summer The emo girl17 ngày trước

    I rock the mic like a vandal

  50. Peshcracker_love c3

    Peshcracker_love c318 ngày trước

    cant you just buy ice cream in winter?

  51. Alex Summers

    Alex Summers19 ngày trước

    Men with beards should not do these things.

  52. 0theamazingone

    0theamazingone20 ngày trước

    Blue bell is the best it might be a southern brand tho not sure

  53. Matt Gould

    Matt Gould20 ngày trước

    The more I watch him, the more I realize that Link is an idiot and an a**.

  54. TheWolfsinthemoon

    TheWolfsinthemoon21 ngày trước

    i don't have an acquired taste for Ben and Jerry's, so I guess I will be trying Haagen-Dazs yay!

  55. Tatsuhiro Satou

    Tatsuhiro Satou23 ngày trước

    Its pronounced tillammuck even though its spelled tillamook, great icecream though the other flavors are way better. But i am a little biased being for that general area of Oregon and having family friends work at the factory for decades.

  56. Paeton Laturner

    Paeton Laturner23 ngày trước

    Breyers is the fakes ice cream I’m hope no one actually eats that shit

  57. Dustin Zeh

    Dustin Zeh24 ngày trước

    There is an ice cream monster and we are going to go lick it!

  58. Sgt. VinDoy

    Sgt. VinDoy24 ngày trước

    Tillamook is local to me! WOOOO

  59. Gabriella Louise

    Gabriella Louise24 ngày trước

    Häagen das so good, so exspensive

  60. sr5idontneednoguy

    sr5idontneednoguy24 ngày trước

    Tillamook actually is pronounced like “cook” or “took” or “hook.” Tilla-mook. The High School sports teams are the Tillamook Cheesemakers. I don’t know what their mascot looks like but those poor kids should be the Tillamook Tigers. Worst name ever. Anyone got some more cringeworthy High School team names?

  61. Mashood Siddiqui

    Mashood Siddiqui25 ngày trước

    where is the blue bell

  62. Dale Lemaster

    Dale Lemaster25 ngày trước

    Come to Michigan and look up Cook's Farm Dairy go there and try their ice cream best I ever had

  63. Victoria Furlough

    Victoria Furlough25 ngày trước

    No blue bell 🤨

  64. Ayaan Khan

    Ayaan Khan27 ngày trước

    11:04 11:04 11:04 11:04 11:04 11:04 11:04 Rewinds for 1 like

  65. PickleStar

    PickleStar27 ngày trước

    Where is my great value brand? 😂😂

  66. Kelsey Lasiter

    Kelsey Lasiter28 ngày trước

    Laughed so hard I cried watching this video! I love the blind taste test videos Rhett & Link! 😂😂

  67. MysticalMapleLeaf

    MysticalMapleLeaf28 ngày trước

    Talenti tops all of those

  68. M FC

    M FC29 ngày trước

    Lol, is this when Rhett discovered he is lactose intolerant?? Also, could they have picked a more uncomfortable way to pass the ice cream? 😂😂

  69. Will Duffek

    Will Duffek29 ngày trước

    No Edy's or Bluebell?

  70. Will Duffek

    Will Duffek29 ngày trước

    Wait nevermind, Dreyer's is the same as Edy's. Which is crazy because I always though of Edy's as incredibly good but out of my price range. But still, Bluebell?

  71. Sports54

    Sports5429 ngày trước

    It is pronounced til-a-muk not mook

  72. its_txki Games

    its_txki GamesTháng trước

    What about Dean’s?

  73. Zay Zay

    Zay ZayTháng trước

    You're definitely saying Tillamook wrong

  74. Alexandra Nandin

    Alexandra NandinTháng trước

    No Blue Bell :'(

  75. Hyde 700r

    Hyde 700rTháng trước

    Sick! is the place

  76. notalatteboy

    notalatteboyTháng trước

    Blue bell isn’t on this y’all are fake southerners smh

  77. Joey Flowers

    Joey FlowersTháng trước

    My daughter was born on Tuesday. As I'm watching this I'm thinking. . Rhett look like a baby learning to eat... Then. He says it outloud haha. Perfect.

  78. gathin1

    gathin1Tháng trước

    List did not include Blue bell.....your list is invalid

  79. Victoria Rose

    Victoria RoseTháng trước

    I got so confused when I saw dryers because it’s the same packaging and logo as Edy’s.. turns out they are the same brand, but on the east cost they use the name edy’s while on the west coast they use the name dryer’ I the only one just discovering this?!?

  80. Michael Murry

    Michael MurryTháng trước

    Sorry the real winner is Blue Bell!!!

  81. Mandy

    MandyTháng trước

    I feel like they lowkey hate each other

  82. rlulich

    rlulichTháng trước

    So, not that it *really* matters, but the 'oo' in Tillamook is not pronounced how it looks. It's more of an 'uh' sound. So instead of 'Tillamoook', it's actually 'Tillamuck'. :)

  83. Sarah Chesley

    Sarah ChesleyTháng trước


  84. KT Platinum player

    KT Platinum playerTháng trước

    Where i am dryers is called edys

  85. TheNumberSEvan

    TheNumberSEvanTháng trước


  86. William W

    William WTháng trước

    You should have used normal spoons. That was just gross

  87. William W

    William WTháng trước

    you guys accidentally used vanilla instead of chocolate

  88. Viktorija Dukoski

    Viktorija DukoskiTháng trước

    Missed opportunity to crown themselves the Dairy King

  89. Evil Odlaw

    Evil OdlawTháng trước

    Love the show just wish they didn't waste so much food all the time.

  90. Leewise

    LeewiseTháng trước

    That woman's voice is by far the worst thing about this show... It's horrible!

  91. Anonymous Dinosaur

    Anonymous DinosaurTháng trước

    Blue Bunny HOMEMADE VANILLA is the best!

  92. Erin Carter

    Erin CarterTháng trước

    tWo GuYs OnE sPoOn

  93. That Active Investor

    That Active InvestorTháng trước

    How'd I miss this episode???

  94. alice gray marks

    alice gray marksTháng trước

    Link's enthusiasm is delightful.

  95. Paula Wynn

    Paula WynnTháng trước

    Pretty stupid concept

  96. Nick Moyer

    Nick MoyerTháng trước


  97. Rachel Bevill

    Rachel BevillTháng trước

    I'm from texas... sorry I gotta say bluebell is THE BEST

  98. Jennifer Herzog

    Jennifer HerzogTháng trước

    Well, I've always wondered whether HaagenDaz, Ben and Jerry's or Blue Bell was better. I guess I should hope some money and try to find out! I WISH the guys has Blue Bell in this contest. Would have saved me some coinage and calories! Where are my Blue Bell fans?!

  99. ¿Do Geese See God?

    ¿Do Geese See God?Tháng trước

    HOW COULD TILLAMOOK COME IN 3rd?! WHAT?! But honestly, I didn't know anyone had Tillamook outside Oregon. Like, our cheese is everywhere, but I didn't think the ice cream would be! (Chocolate malt is the best flavor!)

  100. Preston Jones

    Preston JonesTháng trước

    Tillamook is the best ice cream, but I feel like they messed up and should have picked not vanilla bean. French Vanilla would have been the smoothest and most rich flavor out of all of them. I feel like Tillamook got cheated out of this one.

  101. Nite Nite

    Nite NiteTháng trước

    This test is invalid. You didn’t test blue bell

  102. Joik

    JoikTháng trước

    Tillamook is easily the best ice cream on the market

  103. BluJay

    BluJayTháng trước

    What do you say we go get some sewer coffee, sewer cake, and Safeway Ice Cream?