Blind Ice Cream Taste Test


  1. Lucky Clover

    Lucky CloverGiờ trước

    I have bigger arms then link and I’m 12 sorry link big fan btw love you gues

  2. binkari

    binkari6 giờ trước

    "but rhett..... you got...... one correct."

  3. Billy Vatcher

    Billy Vatcher14 giờ trước

    Hmm it should have been the I Scream King. KIIIIING!

  4. Mary Anne Ayumi

    Mary Anne AyumiNgày trước

    do they throw away the ice cream from the spoon after they tasted it?

  5. Tinker Dasher

    Tinker Dasher2 ngày trước

    Blue Bell is the best

  6. Phantom Cat

    Phantom Cat3 ngày trước

    Everyone is talking about how good Blue bell ice cream is, and I don't know what blue bell ice cream is.......

  7. maxiking 881

    maxiking 8815 ngày trước

    Thats not icecream, thats creampie

  8. Johnathan Brown

    Johnathan Brown5 ngày trước

    Tilla-muck... not mook

  9. Hunter Savage

    Hunter Savage6 ngày trước

    Why don’t you give them spoons to hold in their hands!?

  10. Lowden Pratt

    Lowden Pratt6 ngày trước

    Ok but honestly Stewarts has the best ice cream

  11. E.G. Savage

    E.G. Savage6 ngày trước

    I love ice cream

  12. maxpf

    maxpf7 ngày trước

    the commune spoon really ruined it for me, damn :D

  13. The 6 dweebs who can't speak Spanish

    The 6 dweebs who can't speak Spanish8 ngày trước

    Watching them eat the ice cream is disturbing

  14. Skeeter Jackson

    Skeeter Jackson9 ngày trước

    many vanilla ice creams are flavored with beaver anus flavor

  15. RainAngel111

    RainAngel1119 ngày trước

    Love how confident Link was on this one.

  16. Jenna Lynn Bindel

    Jenna Lynn Bindel10 ngày trước

    My midwestern heart is breaking at their reviews of Blue Bunny

  17. Cory Beale

    Cory Beale10 ngày trước

    Missing out on that Blue Bell ice cream boys.

  18. Molly McCullough

    Molly McCullough11 ngày trước

    Where’s blue bell?

  19. SillyLittleMunky

    SillyLittleMunky12 ngày trước

    Tillamook is pretty tasty. They don't skimp on the additions. Their butter pecan is awesome-o.

  20. Drfootfoe

    Drfootfoe13 ngày trước

    Dreyers (AKA Edy's) is way better than Breyers. Yall are crazy. Breyers is the worst.

  21. JB Jacobs

    JB Jacobs13 ngày trước

    The Dairy Bar at University of Connecticut! hehe In the 70s, there was a brand called Louis Sherry. It was so fantastic.

  22. JellyfishGroupStan

    JellyfishGroupStan13 ngày trước

    vegan ice cream taste test?

  23. Apocalypse MVP

    Apocalypse MVP13 ngày trước

    I feel bad for everyone who hasn’t experience blue bell ice cream,

  24. Moose1188

    Moose118814 ngày trước

    Uhhhh why no Blue Bell?

  25. Edwards, Betty, and Turner fam Awesome fam

    Edwards, Betty, and Turner fam Awesome fam14 ngày trước

    My favorites are your least favorites

  26. Joseph Gregory

    Joseph Gregory15 ngày trước

    Best ice cream=LaKing's Confectionery in Galveston Texas

  27. Jennifer Wyatt

    Jennifer Wyatt16 ngày trước

    Please do away w the commune spoon. Omg 🤦🏻‍♀️ I couldn’t focus on anything else 😂

  28. Emz597

    Emz59716 ngày trước

    B&J is better than HD 😂 can't really say for the others as we don't have the others in the UK

  29. Stuff

    Stuff16 ngày trước

    Fyi all the special flavors of breyers (the ones that say frozen dairy dessert) are made from powder. Its fake ice cream. So good thing they used vanilla

  30. Zeiro Tolerance

    Zeiro Tolerance17 ngày trước

    Link: it's got a hint of something Rhett: VANILLA!

  31. Christian Bartow

    Christian Bartow17 ngày trước

    How could people dislike this

  32. ElveraBasilisk

    ElveraBasilisk17 ngày trước

    9:54 for mustache maintenance

  33. Michael Angelo

    Michael Angelo18 ngày trước

    Hagen dasz, Ben and Jerry's and dreyer's are the only ones I like in the lineup

  34. Loops oOoOo

    Loops oOoOo18 ngày trước

    "ICE CREAM IS BACK! THE ICE CREAM IS BACK! WINTER DIDN'T KILL US! AND THE ICE CREAM IS BACK!" Are they referencing something? Where is that from!?

  35. Crazy Kitty

    Crazy Kitty19 ngày trước

    Blue bell is actually my favorite brand

  36. iMRM.1472

    iMRM.147220 ngày trước

    blue bell *home made vanilla* is the best, but chocolate is still better

  37. IT Gaming

    IT Gaming20 ngày trước

    You guys should do a recreation of the old taste tests you did, and see if you learned anything! That'd be awesome

  38. Tanya Moore

    Tanya Moore22 ngày trước

    Please never use the big spoon again!!! It was giving me anxiety the entire time!! 😬

  39. Jessica Alicea-Carter

    Jessica Alicea-Carter22 ngày trước

    Jk 2020???

  40. Jessica Alicea-Carter

    Jessica Alicea-Carter22 ngày trước


  41. nalec12

    nalec1222 ngày trước

    What? No Blue Bell? Pathetic xD

  42. m4a44

    m4a4422 ngày trước

    My spoon is too big...

  43. Morgan Deskin

    Morgan Deskin24 ngày trước

    8:05 am I the only one who laughed far too hard at what Link said?

  44. Stella Elkhenizy

    Stella Elkhenizy24 ngày trước

    Stooooopid spoon lol

  45. Anna&McKenna

    Anna&McKenna26 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who likes blue bell?

  46. Nadine xoxo

    Nadine xoxo26 ngày trước

    Who else eats ice cream in the winter?... oh ok just me then..

  47. Chris Hayes

    Chris Hayes26 ngày trước

    Where I'm at we have Edy's instead of Bryer's. Anyone else? Or is this a glitch in the matrix.

  48. rselby0654

    rselby065426 ngày trước

    Omg where is Blue Bell?!

  49. cjpfeufer

    cjpfeufer27 ngày trước

    Homemade Vanilla is so good from stores

  50. cjpfeufer

    cjpfeufer27 ngày trước

    Blue bunny is good too

  51. cjpfeufer

    cjpfeufer27 ngày trước

    Ben and Jerry’s or friendlys

  52. Singing Through Life

    Singing Through Life27 ngày trước

    Ice scream You scream Give me that Give me that ice cream

  53. trash can

    trash can27 ngày trước

    Häagen-Dazs Is crazy expensive here in Spain!! Like 10€ for the small cheesecake one :/

  54. CM 09 0800

    CM 09 080028 ngày trước

    They should watch this and see how they reacted....

  55. InStyle4Freestyle

    InStyle4Freestyle28 ngày trước


  56. ELPAdog

    ELPAdog28 ngày trước

    Im half way in and the best part of this is I realized you dont even eat ice cream with your hands, dont even need the commune spoon haha

  57. Chri Mitc

    Chri Mitc28 ngày trước

    Just give em both a small spoon, my god

  58. y tho

    y tho28 ngày trước

    Commune spoon? *Soviet anthem play in background*

  59. Misty Hall

    Misty Hall29 ngày trước

    I love how so many ppl have commented on the fact that they didn’t do Blue Bell Ice Cream.


    SLOVIC BOI29 ngày trước

    at 9:08 watch at o.25


    SLOVIC BOI29 ngày trước

    watch 7:52 at 0.25

  62. Olivia S.

    Olivia S.Tháng trước

    Vermont air makes Ben and Jerrys the best it can be

  63. FallenAngel 69

    FallenAngel 69Tháng trước

    I live in Iowa and it never dawned o me that wells blue bunny made it all the way to cali

  64. Oregon western railroad Productions

    Oregon western railroad ProductionsTháng trước

    Man that hurt being a oregon native seeing no one geuss tillamook

  65. Tabitha Nichter

    Tabitha NichterTháng trước

    Just so you know it’s winter right now in Kentucky and there’s snow everywhere and I’m still eating ice cream I had some yesterday

  66. Amber Hanna

    Amber HannaTháng trước

    I want you to know, that I come here often just to hear Link exclaim "Ice cream is back, the ice cream is back! Winter didn't kill us, and the ice cream is back!" because it truly make me happy. I wish winter would go away already.

  67. Sydney Williams

    Sydney WilliamsTháng trước

    None of these compare to Blue Bell but its hard to find outside of the south :(

  68. S M

    S MTháng trước

    Blue Bell is the BEST

  69. Jacob Summers

    Jacob SummersTháng trước

    Its pronounced tillamuk

  70. Jack Morin

    Jack MorinTháng trước

    Ben and Jerry’s reigns supreme! All hail Vermont!

  71. jenae hardcastle rogers

    jenae hardcastle rogersTháng trước

    You can’t leave out Blue Bell wow guys come on

  72. shawn

    shawnTháng trước

    *I have several questions*

  73. That betch

    That betchTháng trước

    Haagen daaz is my fav! I was so mad when they didn’t guess it right 😂

  74. BoogieDownProduction

    BoogieDownProductionTháng trước

    Tilamonk is the best out of those choices. Blue Bell would also be a good addition. All the others have excess gum as thickening agents and less milk because its cheaper, some have to be labeled "frozen dessert" because they dont have the required % of cream to be called ice cream kinda like tequila and agave

  75. Sofie Toftgaard

    Sofie ToftgaardTháng trước

    Cause we’re terrified of what’s around the corner.... DOWN IN FOOOREST. WE’LL SING A CHOOORUS!!! Josh is real guys...

  76. The Lunch Files

    The Lunch FilesTháng trước

    That commune spoon was hilarious! Is it me or is that spoon moving alot? Hahaha! Love it!

  77. Krisily Meldrum

    Krisily MeldrumTháng trước

    The name of the game literally cured my depression

  78. Maddie Spencer

    Maddie SpencerTháng trước

    In Texas ice cream is a year round thing

  79. GodHimselfInTheFlesh

    GodHimselfInTheFlesh2 ngày trước

    It’s year round everywhere


    OKCSABOTTháng trước

    Never heard of Tillamook

  81. Marisol Romo

    Marisol RomoTháng trước

    On behalf of all Texans... Where's the Blue Bell?

  82. E J O

    E J OTháng trước

    Rhett: this end keeps hitting me in the face for some reason Link: *proceeds to bounce spoon up and down* 😂😂😂

  83. Hey Man

    Hey ManTháng trước

    You guys should have tries Blue Bell

  84. Vic.

    Vic.Tháng trước

    Uhmmm is Dreyer’s’ actually Edy’s????

  85. Ethan Anderson

    Ethan AndersonTháng trước

    Where is the blue bell???

  86. Brian Allman

    Brian AllmanTháng trước

    Links face at 13:08 is golden

  87. Amy Whitney

    Amy WhitneyTháng trước

    What about Frendleys

  88. Master Of All

    Master Of AllTháng trước

    What a funny idea to have two men eat from the same spoon lol

  89. Joseph H

    Joseph HTháng trước

    Dreyer's looks a lot like edy's

  90. Bex Goo

    Bex GooTháng trước

    Please For the Love of All Things mythical try Ben and Jerry's Caramel almond brittle non-dairy ice cream I by far think is the best ice cream !I keep going back to it I keep paying almost four bucks for it and I love it! Whatever game you have to play with everything you have to do please try it! Also I know it's random but if you ever do a macaroni and cheese taste test you have to add in HEB easy melt mac and cheese the yellow and red box that is the best one in the Box trust me you guys I hope my taste buds don't fail you and I hope you can try these H-E-B is a store in Texas if you can't order or anything let me know I will send you a box myself so you guys can try it and of course I added an extra box for the crew love you guys keep it mythical

  91. Gabriella

    GabriellaTháng trước

    No Edy's ice cream cause they all ready won even tho dreyers has the same container as edy's

  92. Ivo Deltchev

    Ivo DeltchevTháng trước

    Just do 2 piles of ice cream in the same spoon. So damn messy and gross

  93. Princeyomi

    PrinceyomiTháng trước

    before even watching, haagen dazs is gonna take the cake.

  94. Jasmine Salazar

    Jasmine SalazarTháng trước


  95. Hannah M

    Hannah MTháng trước


  96. red slime

    red slimeTháng trước

    I was eating ice cream while watching this episode.

  97. Debra Monahan

    Debra MonahanTháng trước

    My favorite ice cream is Cold Stone Creamery

  98. Kim Jong-un

    Kim Jong-unTháng trước

    Cookies n cream great value is prob the best on the market .

  99. Nova Knight

    Nova KnightTháng trước

    They could’ve had two separate spoons.

  100. Jada Loren

    Jada LorenTháng trước

    y’all have never had blue bell though, aka the best 🥴🤤

  101. Priscilla Morales

    Priscilla MoralesTháng trước

    They missed the chance to make a “dairy king (instead of queen)” joke