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Bohemian Rhapsody Official Trailer Breakdown


  1. Lynda Motl

    Lynda Motl7 ngày trước

    It's a movie.....a very good get over the right hair/right decade thing and just enjoy the MUSIC!!! I LOVED THE MOVIE, QUEEN, THE CASTING, THE FILMING, THE MUSIC AND ABOVE ALL RAMI DID AN OSCAR WINNING JOB WITH FREDDY!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The AUKS

    The AUKS7 ngày trước

    If you watched our review you’d know that I loved the film despite the massive timeline changes, also you might want to spell Freddie’s name correctly (Queen fans will tear you up for things like that)

  3. Vincent Van gogh

    Vincent Van gogh11 ngày trước

    spot on! dude, its like you saw the movie already

  4. Mark Baker

    Mark Baker11 ngày trước

    The film really resonated with me, especially the scene where Freddie tells Mary he's bisexual, and she says youre gay Freddie, as i had to go through that too, and my ex wife ( whom im really friendly with ) said that scene destroyed her , as it did me !!

  5. Mark Baker

    Mark Baker11 ngày trước

    My (then ) wife and i and some friends were at Heaven ( A gay club in London ) in the early 80's and she went to the bar to get a round in and suddenly realised she was next to Freddie, the barman automatically went to Freddie and he said " No this lady was first" she said " No, after you" he said " No absolutely after you , i insist " so she was absolutely star-struck and shows what a gentleman he was and he touched her left arm, she didnt wash it for weeks !! LoL !!

  6. The AUKS

    The AUKS11 ngày trước

    Mark Baker What a great story, shows what a great person he was

  7. Mark Baker

    Mark Baker11 ngày trước

    Thanks for your comments Auks ........i've subscribed !!

  8. Mark Baker

    Mark Baker11 ngày trước

    I nearly never watched this review because it sounded a bit negative, but i watched it and Loved it, i grew up listening to Queen but was never a "Super-Fan" like you, and as i listened to you i found it very enlightening to listen to your comments and marvelled at your knowledge, I've just been to see the movie with my boyfriend and LOVED it ! I knew some of the songs were out of sequence , but for me as a lay-man it didn't matter i just really enjoyed it and thought all the actors were amazing !! But am really glad i watched your review ! Mark London

  9. The AUKS

    The AUKS11 ngày trước

    Mark Baker Thanks for giving it a chance, glad you liked the video and the movie

  10. Rulya Ard Mhacha Farley

    Rulya Ard Mhacha Farley14 ngày trước

    I just really hope it's abt Queen & what a great band they were & not just using Mercury's life for Hollywood leftist manipulative bs. Rami looks like he does an excellent job as Freddie, from the trailer.

  11. The AUKS

    The AUKS13 ngày trước

    Rulya Ard Mhacha Farley Freddie’s life is obviously a large part of it as his story is quite interesting and remarkable

  12. One MercilessMing

    One MercilessMing14 ngày trước

    Watching a movie or a play requires a willing suspension of disbelief. If you're not willing to suspend your disbelief, then you've got no business attending the theater/movie house. For those who aren't familiar with the phrase, Alan Nation of the Washington Times stated that, "[a willing suspension of disbelief] is a literary term of art referring to one of Aristotle's principles of theater in which the audience accepts fiction as reality so as to accept a catharsis, or a release of tension in order to purity the soul." This, reported by William Safire in the NY Times.

  13. The AUKS

    The AUKS13 ngày trước

    One MercilessMing Oh I see, so you don’t have any kind of actual response to the points I made on my previous comment where I proved you wrong, so you’ve resorted to name calling, how mature of you 🙄

  14. One MercilessMing

    One MercilessMing13 ngày trước

    +The AUKS You really ARE immature--and not well educated, either. Now run along. You're being put on IGNORE.

  15. The AUKS

    The AUKS13 ngày trước

    One MercilessMing Suspending your disbelief would be believing the cast are Queen and allowing yourself to become immersed in the story, there’s a difference between that and the facts being correct I understand why these changes have been made and I’m fine with them but when this trailer was initially released we had no idea they were making changes, now they’ve explained why the changes had to be made I’ve accepted them Your condescending attitude is totally unnecessary and incredibly rude

  16. One MercilessMing

    One MercilessMing13 ngày trước

    +The AUKS You didn't have one. If you're so thin-skinned as to become quickly offended by someone EDUCATING you on why fiction works and why your silly adherence to "just the facts, ma'am"--with apologies to the producers, writers, actors, and directors of the 1950s TV drama, "Dragnet"--then you're not mature enough to try to tell others what and how to think about a movie that has neither the time, the audience interest, or the money to make a day-by-day documentary. That's the operative word: the movie is NOT a documentary. Now do run along. And do try to grow up.

  17. The AUKS

    The AUKS13 ngày trước

    One MercilessMing what’s your point ?

  18. KEMET1971

    KEMET197115 ngày trước

    It's a MOVIE not a documentary.

  19. The AUKS

    The AUKS15 ngày trước

    KEMET1971 I know this and that’s what I’ve been saying this whole time

  20. Lauren Anon

    Lauren Anon16 ngày trước

    Freddie only truly loved Mary. The rest of it was for sex. When he felt bad he went Mary. Freddie was a lonely man because he was gay. I don't think he truly was gay, but he had to experiment with all of his money. He had to do something bad.

  21. The AUKS

    The AUKS16 ngày trước

    Lauren Anon What a horrible thing to say, yes Freddie loved Mary more than his other partners but he truely was bisexual and found that love again later in his life with Jim Hutton (who he’d probably still be with today had they not passed away) There’s no place for your homophobic views on this channel or anywhere

  22. Richardichard

    Richardichard17 ngày trước

    You know, you could just go and see the film instead of freeze framing every second of the trailer and analysing it...!?

  23. The AUKS

    The AUKS17 ngày trước

    Richardichard We analyse the trailers because we’re excited about a movie which hasn’t come out yet, when It comes out, I’ll go see it and no doubt love it You’re just another prime example of someone whose first instinct is to attack and criticise and I’d feel sorry for you but frankly I just don’t give a shit

  24. AERI

    AERI18 ngày trước

    When watching this, I did get slighly annoyed because of the time line issues, but then I thought "Fuck it", this film is epic. I thought it covered as much as possible in the 2 hours 15 minutes. It is a work of art. It doesn't matter how anal you are over the time line, just bloody enjoy it. That Live Aid concert, in IMAX, was bloody amazing.

  25. Mary Wellen

    Mary Wellen19 ngày trước

    Things you can put up with? Every movie takes liberties. If the original members of Queen are ok with these aspects of the movie and no complaints from the family etc, then we should just sit back and enjoy.

  26. The AUKS

    The AUKS19 ngày trước

    Mary Wellen I’ve clearly said multiple times that I understand why these changes have been made and I’ll enjoy the film regardless Maybe listen to what’s being said rather than looking to criticise or attack someone the first chance you get

  27. Nigel Wood

    Nigel Wood19 ngày trước

    not really nterested in your opinion.

  28. The AUKS

    The AUKS19 ngày trước

    Nigel Wood What else would it possibly be ?

  29. Nigel Wood

    Nigel Wood19 ngày trước

    The AUKS because I didnt realize it was just a person's personal view.

  30. The AUKS

    The AUKS19 ngày trước

    Nigel Wood And yet you clicked on the video 🤔

  31. MetteC5

    MetteC520 ngày trước

    Great nuanced and insightful breakdown, Matt. Thanks.

  32. MetteC5

    MetteC519 ngày trước

    +The AUKS Welcome buddy. I of course subscribed ;)

  33. The AUKS

    The AUKS19 ngày trước

    MetteC5 Thanks Mate

  34. Sarah Leach

    Sarah Leach22 ngày trước

    Biography movies are never completely accurate. They stylized so many movies with costumes often inacurate . Your very informed about queen . try to enjoy the film and not be a costume designer.or writer or director. Because of your knowledge its bound to be dissapointing.think of fire in the sky .Hollywood takes so much freedom. They write stuff even if Its untrue . Look at braveheart. From sarah a costume designer

  35. The AUKS

    The AUKS21 ngày trước

    Sarah Leach Yeah I think once you realise this, it’s mostly fine and you can go in with an open mind

  36. brokenwings420

    brokenwings42022 ngày trước

    Roger did not get to be by Freddie's side at death.

  37. The AUKS

    The AUKS22 ngày trước

    brokenwings420 Yeah but they’ve changed some things for the movie

  38. Missy Firestone

    Missy Firestone24 ngày trước

    Man! I’m a huge queen fan and the we will rock you scene totally slipped past me. You are SO right he doesn’t have a mustache during that time. Very excited for the movie! I already have my tickets for next week ❤️

  39. The AUKS

    The AUKS24 ngày trước

    Missy Firestone It’s crazy how close we are to release day

  40. The Account Remains the Same

    The Account Remains the Same24 ngày trước

    I feel like a better way to fully show Queen’s history through a biopic would be a television series

  41. The Account Remains the Same

    The Account Remains the Same25 ngày trước

    Not to spoil but I heard the movie ends around Live Aid.

  42. The Account Remains the Same

    The Account Remains the Same24 ngày trước

    The AUKS Makes sense because it’s hard to fit 15 years of a band’s history into 2 hours.

  43. The AUKS

    The AUKS24 ngày trước

    The Account Remains the Same There’s going to be a fair few changes but it’s mostly changing when things happened not what happened

  44. The Account Remains the Same

    The Account Remains the Same24 ngày trước

    The AUKS Also I hope there’s not too much changes to the Queen timeline in this film. But there probably will be.

  45. The AUKS

    The AUKS25 ngày trước

    The Account Remains the Same That’s been well known for a while now

  46. cameron baiers

    cameron baiers25 ngày trước

    I wonder why they didn’t stay true to the timeline & exact fashion/Freddie style in the 70s.

  47. The AUKS

    The AUKS25 ngày trước

    cameron baiers They have to fit everything from 15 years into 2 hours while still telling a coherent and structured story

  48. LouAnn Lavigne

    LouAnn Lavigne26 ngày trước

    Geez your talking us to death. You are not the main character in this clip. I really don't think Freddy would give two craps how much you get pissed off! You talk too much! Tell me, are you interviewing the clips or, yourself!

  49. Kevin Amburgey

    Kevin Amburgey26 ngày trước

    An anemic Freddy Mercury

  50. Richard K

    Richard K27 ngày trước

    So Brian May's recollection might not have periodically correct... he signed off on the story after all.

  51. The AUKS

    The AUKS26 ngày trước

    RVREVO X3 The changes to the story are so they can fit 15 years into 2 hours, nobody got it wrong

  52. yogalover1960

    yogalover196027 ngày trước

    Just wait and see the movie before being a critic of facial hair and wardrobe! Appreciate the brilliance of QUEEN / Freddy Mercury they’ve tried to put on screen.

  53. The AUKS

    The AUKS27 ngày trước

    yogalover1960 This is my opinion on seeing the trailer initially, maybe these changes will be justified in the movie but if not the criticism is fair

  54. Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know

    Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know28 ngày trước

    Could it be he donned the mustache in the wrong era because Rami’s fake teeth would’ve been obvious, the mustache covered the teeth better. Think Rami said that in one interview.

  55. The AUKS

    The AUKS27 ngày trước

    Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know I know the script has changed multiple times over the years but pretty much everything Sacha said wasn’t true I have seen Queen and Adam Lambert live but not the original lineup

  56. Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know

    Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know27 ngày trước

    The AUKS Thank the lord. 😬👍

  57. Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know

    Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know27 ngày trước

    The AUKS When Sacha was offered the role do you know if the script was different back then? Plus have you seen Queen live?

  58. The AUKS

    The AUKS27 ngày trước

    Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know Sacha Baron Cohen was lying about that, this movie ends with Live Aid so Freddie clearly doesn’t die midway through

  59. Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know

    Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know28 ngày trước

    I’ve also heard they kill Freddie off half way through the movie, rest of it is about the band members carrying on. Think Sacha mentioned this in one interview + he wanted to play more of Freddie’s wild side and they didn’t want to so he got dropped.

  60. The Gaming Kitchen

    The Gaming Kitchen29 ngày trước

    This was a damn good breakdown

  61. The AUKS

    The AUKS29 ngày trước

    The Gaming Kitchen Thanks mate

  62. donna sanchez

    donna sanchez29 ngày trước

    I am excited to see this film , the only thing I wish they would have done is put brown contact in the guy who plays Freddie

  63. donna sanchez

    donna sanchez29 ngày trước

    cool, got it

  64. The AUKS

    The AUKS29 ngày trước

    donna sanchez He tried brown contacts and found they interfered with his performance

  65. TedBronson1918

    TedBronson1918Tháng trước

    When you start talking about Freddie's mustache and hair being incorrect you lose me. That's when I think you're over-analyzing things.

  66. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    TedBronson1918 Not really, his moustache look was in tune with the fashion of the time in the gay community and really it represents the kind of activities he was getting into that put him in a bad place, having that look 3 years earlier doesn’t make a whole lot of sense

  67. Chantelle Adlington

    Chantelle AdlingtonTháng trước

    I love that because of this movie, Queen is getting so much hype, I'm really hoping in introduces more people to their amazing music. There's already been lots of VIreporter accounts reacting to Queen for the first time and loving what they're hearing and I'm all for it! 👏🙌

  68. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Chantelle Adlington That’ll be one of the great things about the film is it’ll bring in new fans

  69. Sharon Prentice

    Sharon PrenticeTháng trước

    I wonder if it were not pointed out to me, would I have noticed Freddie’s anachronistic look in the 70s. I might well have, because I remember especially a particular mid-70s TV appearance, and his long curly hair, and my mom observing “He has quite a pretty face;” then when I saw him later with the cropped hair, mustache and wife-beater, thinking eww, I don’t like this rough trade look on him. So in contrast to his bandmates, I think the actor’s appearance is a bit jarring here.

  70. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Sharon Prentice Should be interesting to see how it plays out in the film

  71. Ratelzwatel

    RatelzwatelTháng trước

    Here's my breakdown of the Queen history without changing facts. Trying to make clear that the real Queen history is clear and (tragically) beautiful enough for a 2 hour movie: 1970s - Mercury is in love with his girlfriend Austin - Mercury turns up as fan of May's and Taylor's band - Their band breaks up - With Mercury, they form a new band - Deacon joins this new band named Queen - experimental albums like 'Queen II' and 'Opera', great succes despite doubts - Mercury struggles with his sexuality, his relation with Austin - May wants easier music, which the audience can join: 'We Will Rock You' 1980s - Mercury dives deep into gay scene, grows "gay clone" moustache - "gay club" album 'Hot Space', press conference - Queen falls apart, Mercury has his own manager - resurrection, Live Aid, 'Radio Gaga', Queen is back on top! - Mercury gets gay relation with Hutton - Mercury finds out he has AIDS, as tragical result of gay scene - last albums, Queen more together than ever 1990s - Mercury dies, after he gives Austin his house and most of his fortune What is so difficult about this?

  72. right spyder

    right spyderTháng trước

    my mom is a die hard queen fan & if the movie makers only casually researched about them & left out the critical things, i think it will be a huge disappointment for the people who have seen them from the start till the end. i hope they didnt target just the millennials cuz there are lot of people from the 70s,80s etc still alive. BTW excellent breakdown! 👍🏻

  73. right spyder

    right spyderTháng trước

    wow thats a good news! thanks.

  74. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    right spyder They have cast actors for child Freddie as well as Freddie’s parents so there should be something in the film about that

  75. right spyder

    right spyderTháng trước

    I worry that they wouldn't include much of his childhood, his college days where he learned about fashion designing which became the reason behind his infamous costumes. Mercury's parents & their relationship(I guess this might be taken over by Mary Austin's part since more literature is available about that) . So mostly the road to Becoming Freddie mercury parts might be omitted . but I have to agree with what u said , they can't include every aspect of his life in a 2 hr movie.

  76. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    right spyder Thanks for checking out the video What makes you think they’ll leave stuff out ?

  77. Brucethegoose

    BrucethegooseTháng trước

    Dude we don't give a crap about his gayness. You must be gay yourself.

  78. Ratelzwatel

    RatelzwatelTháng trước

    4:03 and 4:47 The Mercury actor blatantly covered with lots of make-up morbidly looks to me like Mercury in the early 1990s, covered with make-up to mask his illness. And I find him looking rather small, like a midget version of Mercury.

  79. Ratelzwatel

    RatelzwatelTháng trước

    What is all this excitement about this Rami actor? Everything I say about him is wrong? Just because I don't find him a good Mercury at all? Just because I think Mercury deserves a much better portrayal? In other VIreporter comment sections, his 1970s Mercury is compared with portraying Mick Jagger. Tastes differ. I feel bothered by you rather defending this Rami than Mercury. Everything I write here is in defense of Freddie Mercury. I say Mercury deserves a much better, much more accurate portrayal than what I've seen of this movie so far. And why do you make a long breakdown video about a trailer, if a trailer isn't enough for an impression of what to expect?

  80. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Ratelzwatel What bothers me is you’re criticising the entire movie based on a trailer and everything you’ve said about Rami is just plain wrong and that’s been confirmed by everyone who’s seen the movie to this point who says Rami is so close to Freddie it’s eerie

  81. Ratelzwatel

    RatelzwatelTháng trước

    Why do you get so personal? I honestly dislike what I've seen so far, for reasons I've explained in this comment section. You look to me like you just want to like this movie, despite your own criticism and doubts. I think Mercury deserves a much, much better production than this. I think the actor makes Mercury look silly, annoying and one-dimensional. Mercury's showmanship was so much more, including a subtle twinkle which I think is just sorely missing here. Mercury is so much more than just growing a moustache and putting a fist up in the air.

  82. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Ratelzwatel You’re lying if you say there isn’t stuff to like in these trailers and if that’s the case then you clearly are looking to criticise the movie before giving it a fair go

  83. Ratelzwatel

    RatelzwatelTháng trước

    And what about the fact that I like Queen's music and admire Mercury's showmanship? What does that say about my mindset? Just because I dislike what I've seen of this movie, without trying to explain it away, I must be a bad reviewer? What would that say about your mindset? I seriously think the kids in the music video 'The Miracle' (1989) do a superior job in portraying a believable Queen.

  84. Ratelzwatel

    RatelzwatelTháng trước

    I'll stick to the rockumentaries, with the real Mercury! The trailer looks to me like an expensive school musical. And the Mercury actor doesn't convince me, he isn't half as subtle as Mercury. The kids from music video 'The Miracle' (1989) did a better job. Mercury wearing a moustache during 'We Will Rock You'? At the time (1977) when he was still with Austin, a woman? The moustache is notably part of the "gay clone" look which began just before 'Hot Space' (1982). If they can't even get this important timeline right, about Mercury's life and sexuality, I'd rather have the facts.

  85. Ratelzwatel

    RatelzwatelTháng trước

    I don't care why they made those changes, because the result is not portraying Queen! You keep on hoping that there must be some reason for making those changes for the sake of telling a story. As if the true Queen story is really so complicated to portray in 2 hours, without blatantly shifting around songs, decades and moustaches. I was hoping for a movie about *Queen*. And this expensive, fact shifting school musical is just not Queen. Your informative breakdown video convinced me even more of that, despite your attempt to tone down your very own "pissed" criticism about the shifting.

  86. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Ratelzwatel You don’t know why they’ve made the changes, they very well may be justified for the benefit of the story, it’s not possible to take 15 years and put that into 2 hours without having to shift things around

  87. Ratelzwatel

    RatelzwatelTháng trước

    Why would I pay to watch a movie which already shows blatant, messy mistakes ("adjustments") in just the trailer? Wouldn't that be a waste of money and time? I'd rather buy a Queen album or a good Queen documentary. You go watch the movie. Have fun, lots of fun! Judging your own criticism towards the trailer (being "pissed" as you say in your video), I'm willing to bet you're going to be terribly disappointed.

  88. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Ratelzwatel There could be any number of reasons why they’ve made these adjustments, at the end of the day this is a movie and has to follow a story structure otherwise this film will be a mess Wouldn’t it make more sense to see the film and see why they’ve made these changes and then form an opinion ?

  89. Ratelzwatel

    RatelzwatelTháng trước

    I have considered why this has been done, patiently listening to your long defense (in your video) which sounds to me you're trying to convince yourself in order to like this movie. If this "adjustment" has been done intentionally, I'd say it's even more of a mistake! And I've explained why I think so. There's a clear difference between the 1970s Queen and the 1980s Queen, with 1980 basically being a clear turning point. What storyline can served by needlessly and blatantly mixing up timezones? Yeah, but now a new audience will get to know Queen... Well, what "Queen" do they get to know? Imagine the confusion when they get to watch the music video for 'We Will Rock You' (1977). What is this confusion good for? Serving a needlessly muddy storyline?

  90. Silverhorse1970

    Silverhorse1970Tháng trước

    The album Hot Space was not all that bad really. there is more than one song that was done with bowie. I have those songs i have piles and piles of unreleased and rare stuff by queen. it took me years and years to get ahold of a lot of trading over paying for it but it was worth it. I know there is more out there and i will find it

  91. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Silverhorse1970 Yeah I actually don’t mind hot space all that much and I’ve heard one other song Bowie did with Queen

  92. Silverhorse1970

    Silverhorse1970Tháng trước

    this rami guy is gonna take a lot of shit and praise for doing this. I absolutely hate it when someone tries to do a queen cover like you see on American puke fest or Canadian barfarama. it urkes me that these fuckin morons think they are Freddie mercury and can sing like him. STOP IT! Rami took a huge chance doing this and i have yet to see it i have just seen the trailers. I hope it was done with justice kindness and above all respect for Freddie and queen.

  93. Rainer Vilumaa

    Rainer VilumaaTháng trước

    You have such fire within you. You are a man of passion and spirit. I would like to do you.

  94. Alan Thorpe

    Alan ThorpeTháng trước

    Brilliant run through of the trailer.

  95. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Alan Thorpe Thanks for checking it out

  96. Swedish American

    Swedish AmericanTháng trước

    Freddie cut his hair and grew the mustache around 1979. After the Jazz album and tour.

  97. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Swedish American Yep, which was a good two years after we will rock you

  98. Quad Runner

    Quad RunnerTháng trước

    Just enjoy your movie stop over analyzing it

  99. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Quad Runner Where’s the fun in that ?

  100. hopkins berry

    hopkins berryTháng trước

    the only thing that has surprised me is that they did not have the actor build his body frame. I have yet to see if they remembered to fill out his trousers - he hadn't nothing to worry about there. He was a well-defined man & when well strong. a kind, decent beautiful man. I will probably watch it once or not at all - too painful still. I have to wonder why people do not understand that 'Freddie Mercury' was a persona - not the man himself.

  101. hopkins berry

    hopkins berryTháng trước

    yup he did. Some things in life are best left back in the years gone by. I was extremely surprised when this film was announced & I am not surprised that MA refused to let them film in GL. Over & out.

  102. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    hopkins berry Freddie legally changed his name so to everybody he knew he was Freddie (maybe except family) but he definitely did have an on stage persona different to his real personality

  103. Lokemele Wakaki

    Lokemele WakakiTháng trước

    I miss Freddie 😔...... the music is amazing!!

  104. Max A

    Max ATháng trước

    Mate it’s a bloody moustache

  105. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Max A It’s a movie telling a real story so any inaccuracies have to be questioned

  106. Nathan Young

    Nathan YoungTháng trước

    Maybe they were afraid to CGI the moustache out.

  107. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Nathan Young 😂😂😂

  108. cynthia cook

    cynthia cookTháng trước

    Marc Martel is doing the vocals for this movie, along with Rami.

  109. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    cynthia cook The vocals in the film are mostly Freddie with Martel filling in the gaps

  110. Karen Holland

    Karen HollandTháng trước

    This is a film I will see in the theater. I haven't bothered for at least 5 years but as a Queen fan since age 6 in 76 I am excited to see this.

  111. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Karen Holland Yep this is definitely one that has to be seen on the big screen that’s for sure

  112. Platinum Black

    Platinum BlackTháng trước

    HIV ― LIE! You goddamn bastards will all have your heads, cocks, testicles and vaginas tortured and cut. ✂ Dog shit dump trumptards: eat shit and choke. All your buttholes will be hammered. 🔨 FUCK USA!

  113. Williamg209

    Williamg209Tháng trước

    also didnt brian may not make it to freddies house and got told on the phone not to bother

  114. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Williamg209 haha all good, either way I don’t think it’ll be in the film

  115. Williamg209

    Williamg209Tháng trước

    i have been misinformed then, dam it

  116. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Williamg209 nah it was Roger, he was called by Peter Freestone while on his way to see Freddie

  117. Williamg209

    Williamg209Tháng trước

    huh i thought it was brian

  118. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Williamg209 That was Roger but again I think this will be altered from what really happened

  119. Williamg209

    Williamg209Tháng trước

    i thought they weren't including the HIV thing to make it less sad and more family friendly

  120. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Williamg209 They aren’t having the film go into his suffering and declining health but they are definitely touching upon his diagnosis

  121. Mikey Micstar Sprunt / High School Drop -Outs

    Mikey Micstar Sprunt / High School Drop -OutsTháng trước

    YOUR RIGHT ABOUT the scene looks 70's ish and Fredy having a facial hair. In that time News Of The World was done. Fredy had shoulder length hair and no Facial Hair at all like Spread Your Wings . My Personal fav. Inspirational !! and that was 2008

  122. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Mikey Micstar Sprunt / High School Drop -Outs It’s about 95% true to what happened but they had to make changes otherwise the film would have to be 3 or 4 hours long

  123. Mikey Micstar Sprunt / High School Drop -Outs

    Mikey Micstar Sprunt / High School Drop -OutsTháng trước

    Well if it doesn't ring true to the scene . How well will it ring true to the truth of what really happened or is it just a fictional film?

  124. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Mikey Micstar Sprunt / High School Drop -Outs Yeah I think it’s just what has to happen when trying to fit 15 or so years into a 2 hour movie

  125. Lara

    LaraTháng trước

    Excellent breakdown. I think i'm the only one on the planet who thinks Malek looks nothing like Freddie, but he's a solid actor so I'm excited about the movie. Looking forward to your review of the entire film.

  126. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Lara Thanks for the kind words, I think when it comes to Rami, you aren’t gonna find many actors who look exactly like Freddie

  127. Queenfan 1975

    Queenfan 1975Tháng trước

    I'm thinking that we will rock you scene could be a bit of trailer trickery

  128. The AUKS

    The AUKS29 ngày trước

    Rhinosfan 2015 Yeah It will no doubt be great and the changes aren’t that drastic compared to other “true story” movies

  129. Queenfan 1975

    Queenfan 197529 ngày trước

    +The AUKS it looks like it's in the movie, but it doesn't bother me, biopics are always inaccurate but great films

  130. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Rhinosfan 2015 Don’t get your hopes up, I think it is what it looks like

  131. aaafarah

    aaafarahTháng trước

    I would have liked to see how it was originally done, banging the old boards on the floor.

  132. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    aaafarah I think they want to tie it back into the crowd element

  133. jill Mahaffey

    jill MahaffeyTháng trước

    So sad. Won't be watching anytime soon. Thanks you

  134. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    jill Mahaffey Why not ?

  135. gene colon

    gene colonTháng trước

    Guy u have to understand maybe he had a mustache on his recording time- and shaved it during promotion. And his personal persona he had a mustache. And Shaved it when he was with queen tour.

  136. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    gene colon He didn’t, it’s been confirmed that Freddie didn’t have a moustache until around 1980

  137. Lyn Croughan

    Lyn CroughanTháng trước

    God you are annoying , true queen fans know the facts , if this helps boost and introducing to a whole new generation job done , brian may over saw the making of this movie if he accepts it then so do i . Just watch the movie enjoy it stop nit picking , moan moan moan .

  138. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Lyn Croughan I’ve had nothing but good things to say about this movie and I’ve said multiple times that I’m ok with the changes to the story as the reasons for it have since been revealed Maybe you need to ask yourself why you’re so quick to complain and criticise when you clearly haven’t heard the full extent of someones point

  139. Cat Gamer

    Cat GamerTháng trước

    I love queen

  140. Paula Zemeckis

    Paula ZemeckisTháng trước

    god, malek wasn''t half as hot as freddie was.

  141. De Ducky

    De DuckyTháng trước

    Any chance of some kind of transcript or captions (easy to do on VIreporter- just not the autocaption...). Many thanks.. just thought I'd put that out there.

  142. Brian Reynolds

    Brian ReynoldsTháng trước

    Can we have less edit cuts please! Thought I was watching Max Headroom for a bit...

  143. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Brian Reynolds That’s VIreporter mate, no time for fancy transitions

  144. mr abc

    mr abcTháng trước

    I noticed that regarding moustache in trailer & we will rock you I’m not a geek either ! I hope this is the only cock up! Excuse pun 😉

  145. KevAng039

    KevAng039Tháng trước

    Wasn't his official diagnosis of HIV in 87 or 88?

  146. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    KevAng039 it’s mostly because they are trying to fit 15 years or so into a 2 hour movie, so some things have been changed to make the film work

  147. KevAng039

    KevAng039Tháng trước

    +The AUKS oh ok, I didnt know they did that for the movie. Any reason for the 'stache when discussing we will rock you? Just curious.

  148. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    KevAng039 It’s been confirmed multiple times that he will receive his diagnosis before Live Aid in the film (they’ve changed this so they can touch upon his illness in film)

  149. Geoff Powell

    Geoff PowellTháng trước

    A Biopic of one of the greatest bands in history should have as few falsehoods and inaccuracies as possible. Moving songs to different eras does nothing to make the movie flow better. I can already imagine I'm going to be horrified by the liberties they have taken. Good little breakdown though.

  150. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Geoff Powell I think when you see the film it’ll all make more sense, you can’t have rock you and champions at the same time as the film will have to brush over one whereas if you spread them out it won’t be song after song

  151. Gregory J

    Gregory JTháng trước

    great vid and review,, thank you

  152. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Gregory J Thanks for checking out the video

  153. Tom

    TomTháng trước

    Well fair dinkum mate they r trying to fit like 20yrs in 2hrs. And Bryan and roger r both happy with it so that’s the most important thing.

  154. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Tom I’m pretty sure I said this exact thing in the video

  155. Liz Williams

    Liz WilliamsTháng trước

    We have waited a very long time for this movie. So glad it happened. Can't wait to see it!!

  156. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Liz Williams Almost hard to believe it’s finally happening

  157. Hannah Mueller

    Hannah MuellerTháng trước

    The band members overlooked the film, so maybe they didn't feel like knitpicking. I agree how weird Freddie looks with a moustache in the 70s, but they probably didn't mind. And they actually did fill an arena and did a full fledge concert.

  158. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Hannah Mueller Brian and Roger were involved in the movie all the way Also they didn’t fill an entire arena with people, that’s mostly cgi

  159. Diane The Wolfpanther

    Diane The WolfpantherTháng trước

    The band weren’t in Freddie’s house when he died. Roger was on his way over when Phoebe called and said, “Don’t come. He’s gone.”

  160. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Diane The Wolfpanther And Freddie didn’t have a moustache during the making of we will rock you, clearly they’re changing some things to benefit the movie

  161. Ron Simkins

    Ron SimkinsTháng trước

    Do you really think that the people who pay money for this movie really care about facial hair? This is like the cumic boys who are pissed about Marvel not following the cumic details while Disney rakes in billions of noncumic dollars! Do they care?

  162. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Ron Simkins The facial hair is representative of the timeline which means they’ve made changes to the actual history of Queen

  163. Amanda Blythe

    Amanda BlytheTháng trước

    The piano is likely a Boosendorfer, which is what he typically played. And they are super shiny and beautiful. They are hand made, every step of the way. They're the Ferrari of pianos =D

  164. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Amanda Blythe Must be expensive to get one for the film

  165. Veronica Matchett

    Veronica MatchettTháng trước

    I'm so excited about this movie and my take on it is: it will be colossal, magnificent, unsurpassable and the most epic of all epics. This is a movie where Queen will sing "WE WILL ROCK YOU" and we will be there stomping, hooping, crying and showing all the emotions we reserve for only bands as iconic as QUEEN !

  166. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Veronica Matchett It’s gonna be big, no doubt

  167. MushTroqua

    MushTroquaTháng trước

    I hope they use Marc Matel for the 1970s down to the 1980s then bring in Gary Mullen to do the 1980s version. You can’t deny how Gary Mullen sound so alike with the older Freddie!

  168. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    MushTroqua It’ll be Freddie mostly and by the sounds of things you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Martel and Freddie

  169. Jim Provenzano

    Jim ProvenzanoTháng trước

    "There's only room in this band for one hysterical queen." - That's going to become a classic line!

  170. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Jim Provenzano One of many I’m sure

  171. CrookedShorts

    CrookedShortsTháng trước

    It is so nice hearing a true Queen historian critiquing this trailer. You were fair and optimistic. Thank you!

  172. CrookedShorts

    CrookedShortsTháng trước

    My pleasure!

  173. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    CrookedShorts Thanks for checking out the video

  174. Green Gator

    Green GatorTháng trước

    Who gives a crap what ‘pisses you off?’ The movie and Rami Malek have the acceptance & approval of the actual band members.

  175. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Green Gator Clearly you care cause you watched the video 😜 Also if you were any kind of Queen fan, you should’ve been a tad annoyed by the inaccuracies initially as well

  176. Lane Hewitt

    Lane HewittTháng trước

    In the final shot the WWRY stomp slows down as they burst on to Wembley as the "Of The World..." line from We Are The Champions bleeds out like the tone of an ECG monitor so I'm guessing that's Freddie's slipping the veil moment into heaven. Just a guess. Can't wait to see it though.

  177. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Lane Hewitt The final shot at Live Aid in the trailer is actually from their performance of Radio Ga Ga and they’ve just put Rock You over the top

  178. Giuseppe Chisari

    Giuseppe ChisariTháng trước

    Same scene, another error. We Will Rock U, is a Brian's song. Correct. But the original version of the song, wasn't the one the one we all know, and the one that they are performing here. Instead Brian initially wrote a complete "normal" rock song. It was Roger, that randomly started it like that, and so they decided to record it like that.

  179. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Giuseppe Chisari I don’t think that’s true

  180. elenatria

    elenatriaTháng trước

    I agree with everything you said, and after watching your vid I'm even more hyped about the movie if that's even possible. I do believe "you're a legend, Fred" could be a scene during Live Aid (even if Roger's hair is totally inaccurate). Roger's line is the kind of uplifting yet desperate thing to say to someone who's about to die and also give the greatest performance of his life (Live Aid). As for Roger looking at the camera in agony, and seeing how he's dressed in "funeral clothes" (how symbolic) it could totally be them being announced Freddie's death as you said. At the same time, I had the impression the movie would end with Live Aid UNLESS it *starts* with Freddie's death and goes backwards, kinda Citizen Kane-ish. Or maybe that scene is just the band being announced the most horrible news ever, Freddie's diagnosis.

  181. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    elenatria I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the film opened with an ill Freddie almost as if the movie that follows is him reflecting on his life

  182. Sara Anna-Maria

    Sara Anna-MariaTháng trước

    I find it interesting, that you praise Malek's accent, 'cause I can hardly understand what he's saying ;-)

  183. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Sara Anna-Maria Stop with the condescension, I get that your opinion is your opinion but you seem like many people who are going into this with a closed mind

  184. Sara Anna-Maria

    Sara Anna-MariaTháng trước

    repeating your opinion does not invalidate my statement, darling.

  185. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Sara Anna-Maria He’s as close to Freddie as anyone would be able to get

  186. Dee Banks

    Dee BanksTháng trước

    Fan boys are not happy in life.

  187. Jon Dunmore

    Jon DunmoreTháng trước

    I agree completely with your criticism of We Will Rock You being represented incorrectly with Freddie during his 80s look. I thought Brian and Roger had to sign off on this - how could they let this BIG DETAIL go unnoticed? It looks stupid! I agree.

  188. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Jon Dunmore It’s clearly not an error, it’s been done to benefit the story as they have so much to fit in

  189. Scott Barber

    Scott Barber2 tháng trước

    I noticed in the trailer that in the operatic recording of bohemian that all four of the band members were involved, which was not the case, only Brian, Roger, and Freddie actually were part of that.

  190. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Scott Barber I imagine that’s because people who aren’t Queen fans would be confused as to why only 3 of them are there

  191. Doug Steele Guitarist

    Doug Steele Guitarist2 tháng trước

    What's the release date of the movie?

  192. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    De Ducky The movie releases October 24 in the UK (Queens hometown) November 1 here in Australia and November 2 in the US

  193. De Ducky

    De DuckyTháng trước

    I'm seeing that it will be released November 2- I don't know where the premiere release of late October is happening.

  194. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Depends where you’re from but the premiere is late Oct

  195. KamilMB

    KamilMB2 tháng trước

    I soppous, that the scene with "We will rock You" is not actually about WWRU. In the '80 they did the "Radio GAGA", and that gives the audience sth to do :) so I kind a think, that this is to missleed us, and that the scene actually refers to "Radio GAGA" but it is boulid into the trailer like it this.

  196. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    KamilMB Definitely something to be excited about

  197. KamilMB

    KamilMB2 tháng trước

    The AUKS Ok let it be that way. Eitherway this is the film I am looking forward the most this year. As in the past years I was looking forward for STAR WARS (not any more) this is how I feel about BoRhap this year. I am so going to see it at least twice in theaters.

  198. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    KamilMB It’s not a mistake, it’s a creative decision they’ve made to fit everything in while still keeping a good pace to the film

  199. KamilMB

    KamilMB2 tháng trước

    The AUKS Well yes, Roger did. I know that... egch... I have nothing :) Still I hope they wont make such a mistake.

  200. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    KamilMB But then it’s still wrong because Brian didn’t write Radio GaGa, so it’s obviously we will rock you and they’ve shifted the timeline a little

  201. John Carter

    John Carter2 tháng trước

    Wondering about the origin of the 'FEARLESS LIVES FOREVER'.

  202. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    John Carter No I don’t think so, it’s probably a reference to ‘who wants to live forever’ as well but nothing more than that

  203. John Carter

    John Carter2 tháng trước

    Oh. Ok; thought that maybe Brian or Roger had espoused it in their years with Freddie.

  204. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    John Carter Probably just a line created by the marketing team in reference to how Freddie was fearless on stage and in his work and as result his legacy will live on forever

  205. kokoro nagomu

    kokoro nagomu2 tháng trước

    this is interesting and well thought out, very nicely explained. the original surviving members were at the filming almost daily, according to interviews of rami malek so the scenes had their approval.

  206. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    kokoro nagomu Thanks for checking out the video Yep, Brian and Roger were there for a lot of filming (not all of it cause I think they were on tour)

  207. amstel 54

    amstel 542 tháng trước

    You really take your Queen seriously 😮 I think it looks good.

  208. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    amstel 54 The movie is looking great that’s for sure

  209. WickedCats

    WickedCats2 tháng trước

    The. Other band mates seemed to have been a big part of the film. As long as they are okay with it, I’m good.

  210. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    WickedCats Yeah I think with them overseeing everything the film is in good hands

  211. The Boss Salanewt

    The Boss Salanewt2 tháng trước

    I was really angry at that part, I was like “Freddie with a moustache in ‘77?? But he didn’t have a moustache until 1980 in the video for Play The Game” That was my initial reaction, then the track listing was revealed, now it makes much more sense. It’s between Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1979) and Another One Bites the Dust (1980), but it all depends on whether or not they keep the releases for those two songs the same or not

  212. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Salanewt Vlogs It’s getting exciting that’s for sure

  213. The Boss Salanewt

    The Boss Salanewt2 tháng trước

    I can’t wait until October 24th!

  214. The Boss Salanewt

    The Boss Salanewt2 tháng trước

    The AUKS I agree

  215. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Salanewt Vlogs It’s clearly been done to fit everything in and that’s ok if the movie is better for it

  216. Denise Gordon

    Denise Gordon2 tháng trước

    You are so wrong. F the fact the fact these scenes have him wearing a mustache. The world is only lucky it has changed enough to even tell the story. You are too young to have known what it was to be like in the closet as a Queen fan in the late 70s and 80s. ( straight or gay). I remember so well the comments made by main stream America, of they are a bunch of fags, they are are so queer, lets kick those people asses who like them. Grow up and appreciate this movie even exists. And in case you aren't from the USA, it doesn't matter Aussies, Brits, almost all English speaking countries though they were all a bunch of fags, in the worst sense of the words.

  217. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Denise Gordon Yeah I can only imagine what a drastic change in look that was when no one was really expecting it

  218. Denise Gordon

    Denise Gordon2 tháng trước

    The AUKS I agree with you at last my friend. I apologize for my flaming responses. No one was more surprised than I to see Freddie’s new look in 1980s at Market Square Arena. He had evolved beyond the magazines pictures into a phase that totally surprised everyone. No one except his closest knew what he had gone through, much less why. Though I saw first hand the beginnings of what would become the AIDS epidemic, I was already afraid of its outcome and that he would become a victim of it. My anger, and previous replies are reflective of what happens when you allow a Hero’s life become too self identified with your own. Peace.

  219. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Denise Gordon I was never having a go at anything, I was just saying that the moustache during we will rock you is a pretty significant timeline shift which, at the time this video was filmed, we didn’t know such drastic changes had to be made

  220. Denise Gordon

    Denise Gordon2 tháng trước

    I agree there is no need to get into a flame war, but truth is you are old enough to be his grandson, and like all children it is easy to criticize other people’s attempts to portray him in in the modern world. Perhaps in forty years your fans will be having the same disagreements. In the same vein as Henry II, Leonardo, Einstein.

  221. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Denise Gordon wow, maybe you should chill for a second, all Queen fans know this movie is a big deal and therefore we need to get it right, you only get one chance at this, so it has to be the best it can be Also, I have no doubt it was a tough time in the 70s and 80s (especially for people who were gay) but don’t criticise other people because you think having lived through that time makes you more of a fan than those who didn’t

  222. Vapor Roger

    Vapor Roger2 tháng trước

    I remember the time when I bought my first Queen album. It was 1974 and I was in middle school. I didn't know nothing about the band Queen at this time, never heard a song before. Just bought it, because the cover looked so cool. I went to a friend and he said: "I don't think, it's good music. I still love The Sweet." The first track was Brighton Rock and that song changed our both lives forever. We went to a concert in 1978, no support band, only classical music came out of the speakers and then Queen on stage. Best day of my life

  223. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Vapor Roger Your so lucky to have seen them live, consider me jealous 😜

  224. Niurka Napoles

    Niurka Napoles2 tháng trước

    Ok el films, pero no vuelvas a morir Freddy.Please.

  225. november rain68

    november rain682 tháng trước

    Excellent analysis of this movie“Bohemian Rhapsody “! I will be watching on Nov.2nd.

  226. november rain68

    november rain682 tháng trước

    It was my pleasure!

  227. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    november rain68 Thanks for checking out the video

  228. Matteo Guarino

    Matteo Guarino2 tháng trước

    I think they condensed all the story of the band between 1970 and 1985, choosing Live Aid as the climax and beginning of the end

  229. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Matteo Guarino Yeah I think that’s been confirmed

  230. Cynthia Lindsey

    Cynthia Lindsey2 tháng trước

    I can't wait for the movie. 😃

  231. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Cynthia Lindsey Yeah it’s pretty exciting

  232. Bimal M.S

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    Loved the video.

  233. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Bimal M.S Thanks mate

  234. Elizabeth Trainer

    Elizabeth Trainer2 tháng trước

    For Christ sake, as a diehard Queen fan I understand this is a FILM, not a frikken documentary...relax man!

  235. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    Elizabeth Trainer I don’t think I’m the one that needs to relax

  236. JLBZombie

    JLBZombie2 tháng trước

    Freddie I think is talking to Dr. Actkinson who was his personal doctor.

  237. The AUKS

    The AUKS2 tháng trước

    JLBZombie Maybe, but I would think his doctor would know exactly how much time he has left