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Bohemian Rhapsody Official Trailer Breakdown


  1. CrookedShorts

    CrookedShortsGiờ trước

    It is so nice hearing a true Queen historian critiquing this trailer. You were fair and optimistic. Thank you!

  2. Green Gator

    Green Gator21 giờ trước

    Who gives a crap what ‘pisses you off?’ The movie and Rami Malek have the acceptance & approval of the actual band members.

  3. The AUKS

    The AUKS20 giờ trước

    Green Gator Clearly you care cause you watched the video 😜 Also if you were any kind of Queen fan, you should’ve been a tad annoyed by the inaccuracies initially as well

  4. Lane Hewitt

    Lane HewittNgày trước

    In the final shot the WWRY stomp slows down as they burst on to Wembley as the "Of The World..." line from We Are The Champions bleeds out like the tone of an ECG monitor so I'm guessing that's Freddie's slipping the veil moment into heaven. Just a guess. Can't wait to see it though.

  5. The AUKS

    The AUKS23 giờ trước

    Lane Hewitt The final shot at Live Aid in the trailer is actually from their performance of Radio Ga Ga and they’ve just put Rock You over the top

  6. Giuseppe Chisari

    Giuseppe ChisariNgày trước

    Same scene, another error. We Will Rock U, is a Brian's song. Correct. But the original version of the song, wasn't the one the one we all know, and the one that they are performing here. Instead Brian initially wrote a complete "normal" rock song. It was Roger, that randomly started it like that, and so they decided to record it like that.

  7. The AUKS

    The AUKS23 giờ trước

    Giuseppe Chisari I don’t think that’s true

  8. elenatria

    elenatriaNgày trước

    I agree with everything you said, and after watching your vid I'm even more hyped about the movie if that's even possible. I do believe "you're a legend, Fred" could be a scene during Live Aid (even if Roger's hair is totally inaccurate). Roger's line is the kind of uplifting yet desperate thing to say to someone who's about to die and also give the greatest performance of his life (Live Aid). As for Roger looking at the camera in agony, and seeing how he's dressed in "funeral clothes" (how symbolic) it could totally be them being announced Freddie's death as you said. At the same time, I had the impression the movie would end with Live Aid UNLESS it *starts* with Freddie's death and goes backwards, kinda Citizen Kane-ish. Or maybe that scene is just the band being announced the most horrible news ever, Freddie's diagnosis.

  9. The AUKS

    The AUKSNgày trước

    elenatria I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the film opened with an ill Freddie almost as if the movie that follows is him reflecting on his life

  10. Sara Anna-Maria

    Sara Anna-MariaNgày trước

    I find it interesting, that you praise Malek's accent, 'cause I can hardly understand what he's saying ;-)

  11. The AUKS

    The AUKSNgày trước

    Sara Anna-Maria He’s as close to Freddie as anyone would be able to get

  12. Dee Banks

    Dee Banks2 ngày trước

    Fan boys are not happy in life.

  13. Jon Dunmore

    Jon Dunmore3 ngày trước

    I agree completely with your criticism of We Will Rock You being represented incorrectly with Freddie during his 80s look. I thought Brian and Roger had to sign off on this - how could they let this BIG DETAIL go unnoticed? It looks stupid! I agree.

  14. The AUKS

    The AUKS3 ngày trước

    Jon Dunmore It’s clearly not an error, it’s been done to benefit the story as they have so much to fit in

  15. Scott Barber

    Scott Barber4 ngày trước

    I noticed in the trailer that in the operatic recording of bohemian that all four of the band members were involved, which was not the case, only Brian, Roger, and Freddie actually were part of that.

  16. The AUKS

    The AUKS4 ngày trước

    Scott Barber I imagine that’s because people who aren’t Queen fans would be confused as to why only 3 of them are there

  17. Doug Steele Guitarist

    Doug Steele Guitarist7 ngày trước

    What's the release date of the movie?

  18. The AUKS

    The AUKS7 ngày trước

    Depends where you’re from but the premiere is late Oct

  19. KamilMB

    KamilMB9 ngày trước

    I soppous, that the scene with "We will rock You" is not actually about WWRU. In the '80 they did the "Radio GAGA", and that gives the audience sth to do :) so I kind a think, that this is to missleed us, and that the scene actually refers to "Radio GAGA" but it is boulid into the trailer like it this.

  20. The AUKS

    The AUKS8 ngày trước

    KamilMB Definitely something to be excited about

  21. KamilMB

    KamilMB8 ngày trước

    The AUKS Ok let it be that way. Eitherway this is the film I am looking forward the most this year. As in the past years I was looking forward for STAR WARS (not any more) this is how I feel about BoRhap this year. I am so going to see it at least twice in theaters.

  22. The AUKS

    The AUKS8 ngày trước

    KamilMB It’s not a mistake, it’s a creative decision they’ve made to fit everything in while still keeping a good pace to the film

  23. KamilMB

    KamilMB8 ngày trước

    The AUKS Well yes, Roger did. I know that... egch... I have nothing :) Still I hope they wont make such a mistake.

  24. The AUKS

    The AUKS8 ngày trước

    KamilMB But then it’s still wrong because Brian didn’t write Radio GaGa, so it’s obviously we will rock you and they’ve shifted the timeline a little

  25. John Carter

    John Carter10 ngày trước

    Wondering about the origin of the 'FEARLESS LIVES FOREVER'.

  26. The AUKS

    The AUKS9 ngày trước

    John Carter No I don’t think so, it’s probably a reference to ‘who wants to live forever’ as well but nothing more than that

  27. John Carter

    John Carter9 ngày trước

    Oh. Ok; thought that maybe Brian or Roger had espoused it in their years with Freddie.

  28. The AUKS

    The AUKS9 ngày trước

    John Carter Probably just a line created by the marketing team in reference to how Freddie was fearless on stage and in his work and as result his legacy will live on forever

  29. kokoro nagomu

    kokoro nagomu10 ngày trước

    this is interesting and well thought out, very nicely explained. the original surviving members were at the filming almost daily, according to interviews of rami malek so the scenes had their approval.

  30. The AUKS

    The AUKS10 ngày trước

    kokoro nagomu Thanks for checking out the video Yep, Brian and Roger were there for a lot of filming (not all of it cause I think they were on tour)

  31. amstel 54

    amstel 5411 ngày trước

    You really take your Queen seriously 😮 I think it looks good.

  32. The AUKS

    The AUKS11 ngày trước

    amstel 54 The movie is looking great that’s for sure

  33. WickedCats

    WickedCats12 ngày trước

    The. Other band mates seemed to have been a big part of the film. As long as they are okay with it, I’m good.

  34. The AUKS

    The AUKS12 ngày trước

    WickedCats Yeah I think with them overseeing everything the film is in good hands

  35. Salanewt Vlogs

    Salanewt Vlogs13 ngày trước

    I was really angry at that part, I was like “Freddie with a moustache in ‘77?? But he didn’t have a moustache until 1980 in the video for Play The Game” That was my initial reaction, then the track listing was revealed, now it makes much more sense. It’s between Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1979) and Another One Bites the Dust (1980), but it all depends on whether or not they keep the releases for those two songs the same or not

  36. The AUKS

    The AUKS12 ngày trước

    Salanewt Vlogs It’s getting exciting that’s for sure

  37. Salanewt Vlogs

    Salanewt Vlogs12 ngày trước

    I can’t wait until October 24th!

  38. Salanewt Vlogs

    Salanewt Vlogs12 ngày trước

    The AUKS I agree

  39. The AUKS

    The AUKS12 ngày trước

    Salanewt Vlogs It’s clearly been done to fit everything in and that’s ok if the movie is better for it

  40. Denise Gordon

    Denise Gordon13 ngày trước

    You are so wrong. F the fact the fact these scenes have him wearing a mustache. The world is only lucky it has changed enough to even tell the story. You are too young to have known what it was to be like in the closet as a Queen fan in the late 70s and 80s. ( straight or gay). I remember so well the comments made by main stream America, of they are a bunch of fags, they are are so queer, lets kick those people asses who like them. Grow up and appreciate this movie even exists. And in case you aren't from the USA, it doesn't matter Aussies, Brits, almost all English speaking countries though they were all a bunch of fags, in the worst sense of the words.

  41. The AUKS

    The AUKS12 ngày trước

    Denise Gordon Yeah I can only imagine what a drastic change in look that was when no one was really expecting it

  42. Denise Gordon

    Denise Gordon12 ngày trước

    The AUKS I agree with you at last my friend. I apologize for my flaming responses. No one was more surprised than I to see Freddie’s new look in 1980s at Market Square Arena. He had evolved beyond the magazines pictures into a phase that totally surprised everyone. No one except his closest knew what he had gone through, much less why. Though I saw first hand the beginnings of what would become the AIDS epidemic, I was already afraid of its outcome and that he would become a victim of it. My anger, and previous replies are reflective of what happens when you allow a Hero’s life become too self identified with your own. Peace.

  43. The AUKS

    The AUKS12 ngày trước

    Denise Gordon I was never having a go at anything, I was just saying that the moustache during we will rock you is a pretty significant timeline shift which, at the time this video was filmed, we didn’t know such drastic changes had to be made

  44. Denise Gordon

    Denise Gordon12 ngày trước

    I agree there is no need to get into a flame war, but truth is you are old enough to be his grandson, and like all children it is easy to criticize other people’s attempts to portray him in in the modern world. Perhaps in forty years your fans will be having the same disagreements. In the same vein as Henry II, Leonardo, Einstein.

  45. The AUKS

    The AUKS13 ngày trước

    Denise Gordon wow, maybe you should chill for a second, all Queen fans know this movie is a big deal and therefore we need to get it right, you only get one chance at this, so it has to be the best it can be Also, I have no doubt it was a tough time in the 70s and 80s (especially for people who were gay) but don’t criticise other people because you think having lived through that time makes you more of a fan than those who didn’t

  46. Vapor Roger

    Vapor Roger14 ngày trước

    I remember the time when I bought my first Queen album. It was 1974 and I was in middle school. I didn't know nothing about the band Queen at this time, never heard a song before. Just bought it, because the cover looked so cool. I went to a friend and he said: "I don't think, it's good music. I still love The Sweet." The first track was Brighton Rock and that song changed our both lives forever. We went to a concert in 1978, no support band, only classical music came out of the speakers and then Queen on stage. Best day of my life

  47. The AUKS

    The AUKS13 ngày trước

    Vapor Roger Your so lucky to have seen them live, consider me jealous 😜

  48. Niurka Napoles

    Niurka Napoles14 ngày trước

    Ok el films, pero no vuelvas a morir Freddy.Please.

  49. november rain68

    november rain6814 ngày trước

    Excellent analysis of this movie“Bohemian Rhapsody “! I will be watching on Nov.2nd.

  50. november rain68

    november rain6814 ngày trước

    It was my pleasure!

  51. The AUKS

    The AUKS14 ngày trước

    november rain68 Thanks for checking out the video

  52. Matteo Guarino

    Matteo Guarino15 ngày trước

    I think they condensed all the story of the band between 1970 and 1985, choosing Live Aid as the climax and beginning of the end

  53. The AUKS

    The AUKS15 ngày trước

    Matteo Guarino Yeah I think that’s been confirmed

  54. Cynthia Lindsey

    Cynthia Lindsey15 ngày trước

    I can't wait for the movie. 😃

  55. The AUKS

    The AUKS15 ngày trước

    Cynthia Lindsey Yeah it’s pretty exciting

  56. Bimal M.S

    Bimal M.S16 ngày trước

    Loved the video.

  57. The AUKS

    The AUKS16 ngày trước

    Bimal M.S Thanks mate

  58. Elizabeth Trainer

    Elizabeth Trainer17 ngày trước

    For Christ sake, as a diehard Queen fan I understand this is a FILM, not a frikken documentary...relax man!

  59. The AUKS

    The AUKS17 ngày trước

    Elizabeth Trainer I don’t think I’m the one that needs to relax

  60. JLBZombie

    JLBZombie18 ngày trước

    Freddie I think is talking to Dr. Actkinson who was his personal doctor.

  61. The AUKS

    The AUKS18 ngày trước

    JLBZombie Maybe, but I would think his doctor would know exactly how much time he has left

  62. spring kelly

    spring kelly20 ngày trước

    I'm thinking that perhaps Rami Malek just didnt look enough like Freddie so maybe that's why they gave him a mustache early on.

  63. The AUKS

    The AUKS20 ngày trước

    spring kelly I doubt it, it’s probably got more to do with them having to fit so much into 2 hours and still have the story move at a smooth pace

  64. spring kelly

    spring kelly20 ngày trước

    Sometimes scenes that make it into a trailer are not even in the final film version.... so we kinda just have to wait and go see the film.

  65. The AUKS

    The AUKS20 ngày trước

    spring kelly I heard the first cut of the movie was 3 hours long, so there’ll definitely be a fair few deleted scenes hopefully on the DVD

  66. spring kelly

    spring kelly20 ngày trước

    +The AUKS I'm loving the trailers though so I hope to see all these scenes properly in the movie! 😄

  67. The AUKS

    The AUKS20 ngày trước

    spring kelly True, it’ll be interesting to see if anything we’ve already seen doesn’t make the cut

  68. parkviewmo

    parkviewmo21 ngày trước

    Just an slightly slightly off-track comment: Ben Hardy is a handsome man and a talented actor. Yet . . . this is one of the few films where the actor playing a real person is not as beautiful as the real person they play. I am not just fan-girling on Roger Taylor. Actually, while I love them ALL, Brian May is my real connection among the four--his approaches his guitar playing and his song-writing. But Roger Taylor was absurdly beautiful--sometimes I think it even interfered with an understanding of how very smart he is and what subtle and creative musician. IMHO. I am sure Ben Hardy will do a great job. Just sayin'. :-)

  69. The AUKS

    The AUKS20 ngày trước

    parkviewmo I’d agree that Ben definitely looks the least like his character compared to the others but hopefully his performance will help us ignore that

  70. Magnolia

    Magnolia21 ngày trước

    Can we just appreciate that they’re making a movie about one of the best bands of all time? Can we not appreciate they’re introducing an immortal band to a new generation? Please?

  71. The AUKS

    The AUKS20 ngày trước

    Magnolia That’s what’s so important about this, Queen have already seen an increase in popularity just from the trailers alone, I can only imagine what the film could do especially if it’s good

  72. Rhinosfan 2015

    Rhinosfan 201521 ngày trước

    What hit songs do you think might not make the cut for the film

  73. The AUKS

    The AUKS21 ngày trước

    Rhinosfan 2015 If you check out our channel, we made a video about what songs might be in the film

  74. Spydr Mac

    Spydr Mac22 ngày trước

    I was impressed with your notes on the trailer. I too prefer this one to the first. I have a feeling that I might be much more forgiving with a few details than you or other die hard Queen fans. I love the music of Queen and I also love the guys in the band. I do, however, feel a closer connection to Freddie. I suppose this has something to do with the life long journey I've had as the mother hen to several fantastic gay men. I'm also quite attracted to "broken people". Darling Freddie seems to serve as a prototype for my little gay family! Watching a version of his life story will obviously link up to actions of my own, certainly near the end of his life. By the time Freddie died, I had already lost over a dozen friends to AIDS. When the line, "what if I don't have any time?" is spoken in the trailer, I can't hold my tears. I don't know exactly what the scene is about but I know exactly how it feels. Those awful words uttered so often in the world. I do hope the film makers are careful with this story of Queen. All of the band members were broken to some degree and I don't want to see outlandish ideas of them on film...unless of course it's the truth. Cheers to what I hope will be an epic tale of a band I've loved for 45 years. And now, "The Show Must Go On"!

  75. The AUKS

    The AUKS21 ngày trước

    Spydr Mac I’m sure the film will be everything you hope for and more

  76. Armin Petschelt

    Armin Petschelt22 ngày trước

    I just hope they include some of the lesser known songs.

  77. The AUKS

    The AUKS22 ngày trước

    Doing All Right has been confirmed by Tim Staffel so it looks like we’ll be getting a few deeper cuts

  78. Μichalis V

    Μichalis V22 ngày trước

    MASSIVE MISTAKES with the moustache while they were doing News of the World and the Fat Bottomed Girls (Jazz ‘78) being in the Queen II era? WTF? NO.. I’m disappointed.

  79. The AUKS

    The AUKS22 ngày trước

    The Fat Bottomed Girls one makes no sense but the moustache can be excused if it serves a greater purpose to benefit the film

  80. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones22 ngày trước

    Some excellent observations. At minute 6 regarding Freddy's look being out of continuity with the time of the scene. Real Queen fans are going to catch that very quickly. It's amazing with their large budget, there would be a problem as blatant as this. I think most Queen fans are fairly well read on the history, so the idea that the writers of the film needed to change some significant historical facts as a vehicle for drama......rings false. Why not just tell the story the way it happened?

  81. The AUKS

    The AUKS22 ngày trước

    Tom Jones They can’t possibly fit 20 or so years into a two hour movie and have it flow seamlessly and be paced well as a movie, clearly things have had to be altered for this reason and that’s fine as long as the movie is great

  82. Charla Cain

    Charla Cain23 ngày trước

    He is talking to John. He told him before he told the other lads.

  83. The AUKS

    The AUKS23 ngày trước

    Charla Cain Whether that’s true or not I’m not sure they’ll have it play out that way in the film

  84. elizabeth luz LoveOfMyLife

    elizabeth luz LoveOfMyLife25 ngày trước

    Guaranteed to blow your mind Wanna Try?

  85. Sandra Golden

    Sandra Golden26 ngày trước

    39 was on night at the Opera

  86. The AUKS

    The AUKS26 ngày trước

    Sandra Golden All good 👍🏻

  87. Sandra Golden

    Sandra Golden26 ngày trước

    +The AUKS you're right. Apologies

  88. The AUKS

    The AUKS26 ngày trước

    Sandra Golden Maybe next time double check before jumping to the comments trying to prove someone wrong

  89. The AUKS

    The AUKS26 ngày trước

    Sandra Golden No I said in the film it looks like 39 will be placed in the sheer heart attack era (helps if you listen)

  90. Sandra Golden

    Sandra Golden26 ngày trước

    sorry I misunderstood. It's where they place it?

  91. Caren B

    Caren B27 ngày trước

    Hey! Nice job! 🤴🏻

  92. The AUKS

    The AUKS26 ngày trước

    Caren B Thanks Caren

  93. Belinda Kennedy

    Belinda Kennedy28 ngày trước

    Am surprised the band allowed the errors.anyway the film is going to be great.

  94. The AUKS

    The AUKS27 ngày trước

    Belinda Kennedy I think they probably had long discussions about the errors but decided that the story flows better this way

  95. Simon Sansome

    Simon Sansome28 ngày trước

    During the mid-1970's to early 80's, there was a look that gay men (mainly in New York and San Franciso) adopted called 'The Clone.' This look included tight jeans, sleeveless or very short sleeved t-shirts, usually worn with either work boots or trainers. It is well known at this point in Freddie's life he spent a great deal of time in both cities and adopted this look so it's not impossible for him to have had it in the late 70's at the very earliest. Freddie was attracted to 'manly' looking men and this look was all the rage (taking it further he even dabbled in the leather scene, as witnessed in the Crazy Little Thing Called Love video - although it's very toned down!!!)

  96. The AUKS

    The AUKS28 ngày trước

    Simon Sansome I guess it’s not impossible but we know it’s not what really happened

  97. gasmmusic

    gasmmusicTháng trước

    "What if I don't have time?" could be said to anyone. The guy in the suit could (and most likely is) in another scene altogether. Freddie could be talking to someone else (like Mary, for example) when he delivers that line. Also, Queen weren't around when Freddie died. They all saw Freddie weeks and days before but none of them were present on 24 November. Roger was walking to Freddie's house when he was told "Don't bother coming, he's gone." Roger has even said so in interviews.

  98. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    gasmmusic We know the band weren’t around the day Freddie died but we also know this film is taking a bit of a creative licence and will change things around to create the best possible story

  99. ClickArt Greece

    ClickArt GreeceTháng trước

    1)The "What if I don't have time" part that Malek says, maybe is about Freddie afraid that he has the HIV virus. If you see the documentary about his life "Who wants to live forever" at 35:00 a biographer and his friend says about an incident and 2) Why noone says about the similarity of John Deacon with his actor?

  100. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    ClickArt Greece Yeah I definitely mention that in the video, that the “what if I don’t have time line” could be about his aids diagnosis or suspicions Mazello looks almost identical to Deacon at times but we’ll have to wait and see what his performance is like

  101. andrew price

    andrew priceTháng trước

    you are right about the look and time lines of Freddies look etc . will it impact on the film ? like you say to die hard Queen fans yes I think it will piss me off too . being as the gods are involved you would think they would be bob on with the looks of it . the details for Queen fans who know their stuff little bits like the foot stomps etc should of been in , to those non queen buffs it would open up the myth and legend of how they played the tracks were made . will the faults bother me ? a little but Im so excited about the film I can maybe let them go . the 1st trailer gave me goose bumps with the first ahhhh oooooooh

  102. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    andrew price I’m sure I’ll be too excited to be nit picking every mistake (at least first time around haha)

  103. andrew price

    andrew priceTháng trước

    i agree , I still expect my wife to tell me to shut up when I see faults and to just watch the film . its the untold only the band members can know stuff and how much of the legendary stories are explored or changed from what we already know . the cast seem right I couldnt see Borat being Freddie as thats all I would see is the character rather than the actor playing him

  104. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    andrew price Now we know what sort of changes to expect, I think I’ll be able to accept them more than I would’ve if we were going in blind expecting it to be 100% accurate

  105. Nadine Skogen

    Nadine SkogenTháng trước

    Is it just me or does it look like at the end of the trailer the crowd is doing the arm thing *clap* *clap* *raise* that they do for radio gaga, not we will rock you ?

  106. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Nadine Skogen Yeah I mentioned this in one of my other Bohemian Rhapsody videos that it does look a lot like Rock You has been put over the top of the Radio Ga Ga stuff in the trailer

  107. Brendan McCloskey

    Brendan McCloskeyTháng trước

    Queen. Historically and statistically one of the biggest record-breaking bands in global rock history. And some retard signs off on a populist piece of shit movie for non-Queen fans. I wouldn't watch this if it brought Freddie back.

  108. Brendan McCloskey

    Brendan McCloskeyTháng trước I could go on. But I don't need to.

  109. Brendan McCloskey

    Brendan McCloskeyTháng trước Game over.

  110. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Brendan McCloskey This movie will introduce or re-introduce a whole new generation to Queen and their music, I think maybe you need to stop being so closed minded and give this film a chance (any true Queen fan would be excited to see our band back in the spotlight in a big way)

  111. kara karshner

    kara karshnerTháng trước

    Rami isn't the only one singing in the movie. The music is actually a combination of 3 ppl, rami, freddie and Marc.

  112. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    You’re right, it’s probably mostly Freddie and Marc but it’ll be interesting to hear Rami singing a bit as well

  113. Karen Peterson

    Karen PetersonTháng trước

    Freddie's PA, Peter Freesone, spoke highly of the movie as entertainment yet would of liked the movie to show Freddie laughing/sense of humor more.

  114. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Karen Peterson The movie was only finished recently and Freestone made those comments a number of months ago so it’s fair to say he hasn’t seen the final cut just yet

  115. Karen Peterson

    Karen PetersonTháng trước

    I'm flattered that you responded yet I'm concerned that the movie is already finished and we won't see that gift of Freddie. Hopefully, I'm wrong. His wit/humor was so apparent. A shame to not share.

  116. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Yeah I saw that, Brian said they were still working on the final cut of the film until recently so maybe they’ll add a bit more of that in

  117. Charles McKenna

    Charles McKennaTháng trước

    Didn't Brian & Roger have production control? Why would they let Brian's WWRY show Fred with a moustache?

  118. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    I’d imagine it’s because the writers explained the reasons why they made the changes and Brian and Roger decided the film benefits from it

  119. Adam Jurewicz

    Adam JurewiczTháng trước

    Rami Malek is shorter than Freddie by quite a bit and I'm finding it real distracting when they show the whole band with pee wee Freddie. They could have had Rami stand on something.

  120. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Adam Jurewicz I don’t think it needs to be that exact, again this is something only die hard Queen fans would notice so it’s probably not a huge deal

  121. Trevor Thompson

    Trevor ThompsonTháng trước

    Love this thanks for sharing I hope this film opens up Freddie mercury to a whole new generation of fans long live King Mercury

  122. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Trevor Thompson Hopefully not just Freddie but everything Queen as well

  123. Trevor Thompson

    Trevor ThompsonTháng trước

    There are always mistakes in films like this if you are a fan you're going to spot things like this

  124. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Trevor Thompson Of course and if the changes have been made for a reason that the movie benefits from then that’s ok

  125. Sean Stout

    Sean StoutTháng trước

    Love your passion for Queen. I'm huge fan. Granted i'm only 28. But yeah can't wait!!!!

  126. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Sean Stout The great thing about Queen is how so many different age groups and generations are into their music

  127. Penny Lane

    Penny LaneTháng trước

    Your right only true queen fans will pick up on it

  128. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Penny Lane Yeah it might be a minor detail to some but it’s glaringly obvious to the fans

  129. Peter Gianakopoulos

    Peter GianakopoulosTháng trước

    They are trying to tell A story. I think its reasonable to assume it is not meant to be catalogue of all his physical appearances.

  130. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Peter Gianakopoulos It’s not hard to have the correct look at the right time, but obviously it’s been done due to fitting the story into a 2 hour film

  131. Bill Bill BillBill

    Bill Bill BillBillTháng trước

    outstanding! You're spot on with your commentary. The creative license taken just in this short trailer is worrisome. The Time traveller simile was precisely what I had thought in the WWRY portion. As a guitarist, I spotted Brian playing with a bow in the studio. To the best of my knowledge, that never happened. he was able to get violin like tones and sustained combination of settings on his guitar and amp, volume knob swells, and actually using his right hand finger on the higher registers of the fretboard to set off extended sustain. I've seen Page using a violin bow, but I don't believe May ever did. despite seeing a good solid handful of inconsistencies in less than 3 minutes, I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie. I Am mortified that they are going to sabotage the entire operation with all this creative license. Queen and Freddie Mercury were creative enough.

  132. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Bill Bill BillBill This film will do exactly that and will give Queen the respect and legacy they deserve

  133. Bill Bill BillBill

    Bill Bill BillBillTháng trước

    +Bill Bill BillBill I do appreciate Rami Malek's channeling of Mercury. The role of Brian is also impressive.

  134. Bill Bill BillBill

    Bill Bill BillBillTháng trước

    +The AUKS I don't disagree. However, many of us were inspired to play guitar because of Brian. Admittedly, however, in my case I started playing guitar because I realized that I could never sing like Freddie. having seen Queen live in 1982 on the Hot Space tour, I've followed the band's every move. So I suppose one could call me "one of THOSE people" who would rather see an accurate rockumentary. With so many inconsistencies in just the trailer, I fear that this movie will be very misleading. These inconsistencies may seem minor in the greater scheme of things, but I can only imagine noticing each additional inconsistency the movie is likely to contain. That said, I will not miss this film...and I'll likely see it numerous times in the theater, then of course will purchase the most deluxe version of the bluray when it's released. Undoubtedly, this will serve to make the band even bigger, and will hopefully inspire a new generation of musicians to compose, record, and perform with elevated standards. I am confident this will introduce their brilliant catalog, not just a greatest hits compilation, to an amazed new audience.

  135. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Bill Bill BillBill I feel most of these changes will be understandable if it’s to the movies benefit as we want it to be a great movie and if that means they had to make changes to fit everything in then that’s at least somewhat understandable I think the violin bow is just a more visual way to represent their experimentation in the studio, the average movie goer isn’t going to want to sit and watch them explain the intricacies of his guitar work, so this is just a more visual way to easily represent them trying ideas outside the box

  136. Bill Bill BillBill

    Bill Bill BillBillTháng trước

    tones and sustain using*

  137. Bill Bill BillBill

    Bill Bill BillBillTháng trước

    we will rock you is the scene, right? posting this comment BEFORE hearing your breakdown.

  138. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Bill Bill BillBill you got it 😂

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    Holy shit you look like my friend but older version.

  140. The AUKS

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    Is that a good or bad thing ? 😜😂

  141. FaZe Solo

    FaZe SoloTháng trước

    i am worried about that if they don't get it right they might not don't add freddie's death my money is on that this film might get it right i also heard there was a orignal script of the film but they canceled it because it would make them look bad the orignal version explained more of what went behind the back stage i won't judge this film when it comes out because this is freddie mercury we are talking about this film is what i have been so hyped for ever since i heard about on the radio last year year i have my fingers crossed

  142. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    FaZe Solo I think it’ll do a great job of telling their story while still being an entertaining movie and as a result Queens popularity may see a rejuvenation (not that it needs it )

  143. FaZe Solo

    FaZe SoloTháng trước

    you know your stuff

  144. The Jurassic King

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    FaZe Solo why did you steal Aiden projects profile picture?

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    FaZe Solo haha nice

  146. FaZe Solo

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    The AUKS she has a vintage queen shirt wich i'm wearing on opening night

  147. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    FaZe Solo Wow should’ve asked for a cameo in the movie 😂😜

  148. FaZe Solo

    FaZe SoloTháng trước

    The AUKS my mom has been to live AID at the stadium

  149. Jake Arama

    Jake AramaTháng trước

    Finally someone who saw that also with the we will rock you scene

  150. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Jake Arama Yeah glaringly obvious for Queen fans

  151. voidz

    voidzTháng trước

    This has the potential to be one of the greatest movies ever

  152. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    voidz For Queen fans it might just be THE greatest 😂

  153. Jamie Mason

    Jamie MasonTháng trước

    And you are?

  154. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Jamie Mason What ?

  155. Wayne Page

    Wayne PageTháng trước

    As superb as the film is looking, the songs not being used in the year they were writen in the film is a very poor decision to of been made in my opinion ('Fat Bottomed Girls' for 1974, why? Is it for loyalties reasons?) They'll be making out that Freddie wrote 'Who Wants To Live Forever' next because he knew of his illness! A film being made for entertainment or not, use songs factually or it starts getting hammy/clumsy like a C4 documentary (i'm sure you'll all know which Queen one i'm referring to!).

  156. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Wayne Page The main reason we believe they’ve done this is just to fit the songs and the important storylines into the movie

  157. Brian David

    Brian DavidTháng trước

    you're adorable

  158. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Thanks ? I guess

  159. Kaden Vanciel

    Kaden VancielTháng trước

    I feel like that "We Will Rock You" scene takes place in the early 80's. They can't have been recording at that time. I feel that when it was the 1980's, Brian May wanted to play a song by him that everyone can play. I guess Mercury guessed that rhythm as "We Will Rock You", since they already recorded in 1977. I still feel that this doesn't take place at that time.

  160. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Kaden Vanciel I’m pretty sure they’ve moved Freddie’s look forward to 1977 and what we see is still the recording process for we will rock you

  161. Sergio Gonzalez

    Sergio GonzalezTháng trước

    i saw an early screening of Bohemian Rhapsody and from your trailer breakdown, i can say you’ve got most of it correct

  162. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Sergio Gonzalez I’ll be that excited I’m sure I’ll love it regardless 😂

  163. Sergio Gonzalez

    Sergio GonzalezTháng trước

    The AUKS oh, it’s a great film! i’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you see it

  164. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Sergio Gonzalez Hopefully that’s a good thing

  165. Leighann Arsenault

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    This was awesome!!!

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    Leighann Arsenault Thanks for checking it out

  167. EliteK1ng88

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    Their gonna change it... These some of these scene are experimental ... .... Trailers dont always mean that part of the film is gonna be in there

  168. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    EliteK1ng88 I think Freddie having the moustache for Rock You will still be in there

  169. Diane The Wolfpanther

    Diane The WolfpantherTháng trước

    10:17 I think that’s supposed to be Peter Freestone, his dresser (and lover).

  170. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Diane The Wolfpanther Freestone himself has confirmed he’s not in the film

  171. ted coffman

    ted coffmanTháng trước

    How old were you before Freddy died? I lived it. Its to bad you werent there.

  172. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    ted coffman Was born after his death unfortunately

  173. Long John silver

    Long John silverTháng trước

    They seem to have moved the aids storyline forward by 12 to 18 months (85 instead of 86 - 87), so is Jim even in this?

  174. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Long John silver Yeah I think it’ll be something similar in Bohemian Rhapsody with Kenny playing a minor role in the story

  175. Long John silver

    Long John silverTháng trước

    Yeah, Freddies a supporting character, the guy playing Freddie obviously hasn't had the input from Roger and Brian that Malek has and hasn't attempted Freddies accent but isn't terrible, it's worth a watch, very surreal they have Characters from Kenny's sketch show pop up to explain his state of mind. It's interesting as they also have Freddie with a Mustache 1979 when they recreated the clip of him on the Kenny Everret show. They'll be overlap but Freddie played a bigger part in Kenny's story as he helped Kenny come to terms with being gay.

  176. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Long John silver I don’t love the time shifts they’ve made but if there’s a genuine reason why they’ve done it that benefits the movie then I’ll be mostly ok with it I haven’t seen the Kenny Everett biopic but I’ve heard Freddie’s in there

  177. Long John silver

    Long John silverTháng trước

    Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to seeing it, and we won't really know what it's like until we have seen it, it's just that i've found a few things about it a bit odd. Have you seen Best Possible Taste: The Kenny Everett Story? It's a pretty good docudrama.

  178. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Long John silver From what we’ve seen so far it seems they’ve got the balance right as they really aren’t changing the most important aspect which is who Freddie and the guys were as people

  179. gaius julius

    gaius juliusTháng trước

    Well... we don't know they played with history yet. Let's see the movie first.

  180. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Thomas Langdon Well we know they have but I agree we should still go in with an open mind

  181. Riri Bosigu

    Riri BosiguTháng trước

    Since I'm skeptical about this film, I will be checking back with YOU after it's release ;) Thanks for all your insight.

  182. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Riri Bosigu Thanks for checking out the video

  183. Sy Lent E.

    Sy Lent E.Tháng trước

    and they shouldve added lenses

  184. Sy Lent E.

    Sy Lent E.Tháng trước

    they should reshoot the scene with the correct look for the era

  185. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Sy Lent E. They’ve obviously made the change for a reason that benefits the story, so perhaps we should have an open mind about this

  186. Will E. Fisturgash

    Will E. FisturgashTháng trước

    When I saw the second trailer that was the first thing I noticed that Brian is introducing We will rock you to Freddie and he has a mustache and the very short hair. I was like hold up, Freddie’s clone look didn’t come until the middle of the Game tour and News of the world tour was late 77’ to 78’.

  187. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Will E. Fisturgash Yeah they’ve obviously made the change for some story reason probably to fit everything into 2 hours

  188. Russ Helms

    Russ HelmsTháng trước

    Awesome I agree totally with everything you said. The one thing I picked up was in the scene were their talking about We Will Rock you, how tiny Rami is to the others . I know Brian was tall but between Freddie, Roger and John their wasn’t a huge height difference, Rami just looks so small for Freddie, I personally hope Mary gets a lot in this movie because she was the one constant in Freddie’s life, I mean he left her almost everything even his ashes, so I hope her part is shown for what it was, dedicated to Freddie’s life

  189. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    carol keating It’s great to see the die hard fans are passionate but at a certain point we’ve gotta realise that this film can’t possibly 100% accurate

  190. carol keating

    carol keatingTháng trước

    The AUKS exactly some people nit pick over ANYTHING

  191. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Russ Helms I don’t think Ramis height really matters all that much as long as his performance is solid

  192. Mark Flower's

    Mark Flower'sTháng trước

    Has rodger or Brian made any comments so far about the movie? I would love to know how they feel about how accurate it is or isnt

  193. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Mark Flower's Brian and Roger have both been involved in overseeing the production of the movie, Brian has also seen it and said while there’s a few things they need to tweak, it brought him to tears

  194. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Mark Flower's Brian and Roger have both been involved in overseeing the production of the movie, Brian has also seen it and said while there’s a few things they need to tweak, it brought him to tears

  195. Mr. Birdy

    Mr. BirdyTháng trước

    Well if avengers infinity war made good I’m pretty sure this will make it becouse I mean three different places in one movie

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    Mr. Birdy haha ok

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    Mr. Birdy Well it’s midday over here but sure 😂😜

  201. Todd Costantino

    Todd CostantinoTháng trước

    For what it's worth in regards to your theory that the band's being told that Freddy's past on in the scene in the room where Roger is looking back at the camera in shock... I just rewatched the first trailer and there's a scene in the same room where everyone is hugging... or, did you mention that?

  202. bandfreak03

    bandfreak03Tháng trước

    I’m gonna agree with you on We Will Rock You, I hope they will change that. For the last part that you’re talking about that could possibly be when they told them Freddie passed away, I think it could be them preparing for his funeral, if that’s the case because when Freddie passed away, Roger wasn’t with him or in his house. He was on his way to Freddie’s house, when he received the call that he shouldn’t bother coming because Fred’s gone.

  203. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    EvaDoesMakeup _ They might change how the band find out about Freddie’s passing, just to make the film more emotional

  204. Zach_Are_I Ah

    Zach_Are_I AhTháng trước

    14:18 youre probably right. But in reality Roger was in a car on his way to see Fred 300 yards away from the house when his phone rang and he got the news. So perhaps not.

  205. Zach_Are_I Ah

    Zach_Are_I AhTháng trước

    How about the shot at 12:20 where it looks like queen is walking thru the green room and sea of other performers to the stage. You can really feel the tension and nervousness by the looks on their faces. Also the professional seriousness.

  206. Zach_Are_I Ah

    Zach_Are_I AhTháng trước

    Well they don't shoot movies in the right order. Maybe they don't want to super man his mustache off. And maybe you were not in the studio and before they used boards and what not the stomp stomp clapped.

  207. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Zach_Are_I Ah Rami Maleks moustache is fake so they wouldn’t have to Superman anything off

  208. Kimberly Sikorski

    Kimberly SikorskiTháng trước

    THe BAND manager. Freddie told the band manager Jim Beach BEFORE he told anyone else, and Jim had to keep the secret which made him uncomfortable.

  209. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Kimberly Sikorski It’ll be interesting to see if that’s how it happens in the film

  210. JaMSuperFly

    JaMSuperFlyTháng trước

    I can’t believe it’s really happening 😢🤗

  211. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    JaMSuperFly Yeah it’s pretty exciting

  212. Cico Ciciak

    Cico CiciakTháng trước

    Queen band was a masonic project to propagate a neo-marxist agenda.

  213. AlbieStarr

    AlbieStarrTháng trước

    If you read anything about the movie you would have known that it ends in 1985 at Live Aid. No AIDS, no deathbed.

  214. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    AlbieStarr The producer and Freddie’s PA have both confirmed that Freddie’s diagnosis takes place before Live Aid in the film

  215. AlbieStarr

    AlbieStarrTháng trước

    The movie isn't going to talk about Freddie's AIDS because it ends at Live Aid which was in 1985 and he was only diagnosed in 1986 or 7. The line "what if I don't have time" means either he's afraid of not getting everything done before dying or he feels like there's something wrong with him but he doesn't know what it is. Stop talking about his illness because it's not going to be there.

  216. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    AlbieStarr There is a video here on VIreporter of Peter Freestone (Freddie’s PA who spent months on the set) talking about the movie and how they had to change things around to make it fit into a 2 hour movie (one of those things was moving his diagnosis from 1987 forward to before Live Aid)

  217. AlbieStarr

    AlbieStarrTháng trước

    The AUKS and you know that because? They specifically said they don't want to talk about his illness and that's why they ended it in live aid.

  218. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    AlbieStarr Freddie was diagnosed in 1987 in reality but they’ve changed when he is diagnosed in the movie so they can fit it all in

  219. AlbieStarr

    AlbieStarrTháng trước

    The AUKS Jim Hutton said Freddie was diagnosed in April 1987, I tend to believe his partner more than his PA

  220. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    AlbieStarr The producer and Freddie’s PA have both said that Freddie’s diagnosis takes place before Live Aid in the film

  221. Lukey Pooky

    Lukey PookyTháng trước

    Very Insightful, awesome video! Keep up this great work man and you’ll grow FAST :)

  222. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Lukey Pooky Cheers for the kind words mate

  223. The Kratome

    The KratomeTháng trước

    The day Freddie Died, Roger was in his way to the Lodge. A few miles to the lodge, someone call him, told him 'dont bother to come, freddie already dead'.. So sad,..

  224. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    The Kratome Yeah really sad, I wonder if we’ll see this or something like it in the film

  225. TheQueensWish

    TheQueensWishTháng trước

    Thanks for your detailed breakdowns! I agree on that bothersome Freddie look during WWRY. Why Brian and Roger allowed I have no idea. The film ends on a high point, their history making Live Aid performance. You won’t have to see Freddie sick or dying I promise. Also this movie is rated PG-13.

  226. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    TheQueensWish Don’t be surprised if we see maybe a scene at the end from 1991

  227. rahmij

    rahmijTháng trước

    You say about the scene with the three band members in Freddie's front room and that it could have been when they received the news of Freddie's death. I'm sure Roger has said that he was on the way over to Freddie's house when he received a phone call from Peter Freestone (Freddie's PA) not to come over as Freddie has gone.

  228. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    rahmij Like some other things we’ve seen, I’m sure they’d change that to fit the scene they want

  229. I666U

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  230. kawhi stephkd

    kawhi stephkdTháng trước

    Well, this is JUST a teaser trailer. It’s meant to tease. Actually the trailer is beautifully intetesting. Makes me want to watch the movie.

  231. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    kawhi stephkd Yeah the trailers have really been great, even with the inaccuracies in the timeline I think I’ll still love this movie

  232. Faradilla Zakia

    Faradilla ZakiaTháng trước

    PLEASE BRING IT TO INDONESIA. I'm a queen fan from Indonesia so please :(

  233. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Faradilla Zakia No problem, thanks for watching the video Hopefully the movie is coming to some cinemas near you

  234. Faradilla Zakia

    Faradilla ZakiaTháng trước

    The AUKS okay thank you for your reply 😁😁

  235. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Faradilla Zakia If you look around online there’s already a list of the countries where it’s being released

  236. Mademoiselle Minou

    Mademoiselle MinouTháng trước

    I hope it becomes the #1 movie in the World

  237. Grant Baechler

    Grant BaechlerTháng trước

    Would have rather them do it in 2 movies. Cover the first decade in the first one...there is so much i feel they will leave out this way.

  238. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Grant Baechler I think that’d be great for us fans but it’s probably best to keep it to one movie

  239. CTRLZ OW

    CTRLZ OWTháng trước

    Maybe they avoided having him shaved or he would look less like Freddie and more like mr.robot idk

  240. Andreas Tobiaz

    Andreas TobiazTháng trước

    Am i the only one who want them to include the making of "These Are The Days of Our Lives"?

  241. The AUKS

    The AUKSTháng trước

    Andreas Tobiaz I think they’ll probably include something from 91, but it might be them recording the show must go on