Bonus Binging with Babish: A Quiet Place



    KONO DIO DA INVADER5 giờ trước

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  2. Eddie Schall

    Eddie Schall14 giờ trước

    Hey Babish next time you clean a trout run your thumbnail firmly along the spine it has no fishy taste at all after that

  3. gh0stslayer247

    gh0stslayer24717 giờ trước

    That was a shit movie

  4. Charlie Bear

    Charlie BearNgày trước

    Frasier is on Netflix now.

  5. FrozenSpaghetti

    FrozenSpaghettiNgày trước

    did anyone else watch the number the whole time?

  6. Schwabbel

    Schwabbel3 ngày trước

    "I thought I heard fish"

  7. sirgaz

    sirgaz4 ngày trước

    *spoilers* I haven't see the movie myself but I started reading the synopsis for this movie from wikipedia the first paragraph being "Throughout the first three months of the year 2020, most of Earth's human and animal populations have been wiped out by sightless extraterrestrial creatures. The creatures, which attack anything that makes noise, have hypersensitive hearing and indestructible, armored skin." To which my FIRST and IMMEDIATE though was "there weakness is 180 dB skrillex". Lo and behold "switches the device back on and places it on a nearby microphone, amplifying the feedback. Painfully disoriented, the creature exposes the flesh beneath its armored head, allowing Evelyn to fatally shoot it with a shotgun." These aliens should of been defeated as soon as they encountered a tanker rocking a sound system, it took me less than a second to figure this out, what a stupid monster. BRING ON THE NOISE MARINES!

  8. Isaiah Valentin

    Isaiah Valentin5 ngày trước

    So you just watch a video with no sound and dub it. Youre doing a voice over of yourself? That just seems like a hard thing to act out cause it all already happened, yet you react like its currently happening. Shouldnt you just put captions in this vid. Like when you lost your voice. Itd make a lot more sense.

  9. Colter Davidson

    Colter Davidson6 ngày trước

    For future reference, I , a Fisherman scale and fillets fish everyday, just a good tip don't scale any fish with the sharp side. It just dulls the blade.

  10. jumpy213

    jumpy2136 ngày trước

    Honestly if the video was silent that’d be pretty funny

  11. ANdr3w C0rLeu

    ANdr3w C0rLeu7 ngày trước

    For this week we will be creating an assortment of greens

  12. mickael cordero-villaman

    mickael cordero-villaman7 ngày trước

    I want to see you do "pretty patties" from sponge Bob. In....... every color shown (green, red, blue, yellow, purple, orange). Your move babish....

  13. Ahmed S

    Ahmed S7 ngày trước

    Did the corn husk affect the taste?

  14. Matteo Quinones

    Matteo Quinones8 ngày trước

    Can we get this on your website?

  15. Alpha DaWolf

    Alpha DaWolf9 ngày trước

    *great for 3am!!*

  16. devin augo

    devin augo10 ngày trước

    Never cleaned the fishes bloodline

  17. Raigoth

    Raigoth10 ngày trước

    I couldnt get over the fact that you didnt cut out the blood line inside the fish against the spine.

  18. Johan Harris Zain

    Johan Harris Zain11 ngày trước

    Babish: *accidentally makes noise Alien: You forgot to put kosher salt

  19. Age Restrictions

    Age Restrictions8 ngày trước

    Good boofer

  20. the earl of gray

    the earl of gray12 ngày trước

    So bird box you can't look in a quiet place you can't speak what's next a film where you can't smell or touch....

  21. h u h

    h u h14 ngày trước

    minute and a half into the video and i already wanna click off

  22. Jayden Farley

    Jayden Farley14 ngày trước

    I just realized that you have to buy rainbow trout, and thats weird to me, because everyone here catches theirs when they're gonna eat it,

  23. LIT75 55

    LIT75 5515 ngày trước

    How did this not get age restricted???

  24. EdgyBoi2414

    EdgyBoi241417 ngày trước

    0/10 dropped plate, smashed, got caught

  25. Lourdes Cruz

    Lourdes Cruz17 ngày trước

    2:27 curse jar Pay it man you swearin there

  26. Jacob Martin

    Jacob Martin18 ngày trước

    “Oh, I thought I heard fish” I’m deceased


    NAMECOMINGSOON19 ngày trước

    You should’ve done the video in like sign language with text at the bottom

  28. Josh Pina

    Josh Pina19 ngày trước

    What was the point of scoring it if you cut it up before u presented it tho😅

  29. FlamSelk

    FlamSelk19 ngày trước

    Sounds good

  30. fruitoson

    fruitoson20 ngày trước

    the fish’s mouth opening and closing when u were scaling it will haunt me for the rest of my life

  31. James Stone

    James Stone20 ngày trước

    I always thought it was BING ing with babish. Im actually an idiot

  32. thathotfeeling

    thathotfeeling20 ngày trước

    That's the weirdest way I've seen anyone clean and eat a rainbow trout

  33. Javier owo

    Javier owo21 ngày trước

    My nasally ass nose would get me killed real quick tbh

  34. Sean Kav

    Sean Kav21 ngày trước

    I mean I’ve used oil that was like 5 years old and it was fine, I think *coughs then dies*

  35. cuddlesworth1

    cuddlesworth122 ngày trước

    You didn’t clean out the black spinal stuff, idk if it matters but I’ve caught and gutted hundreds of trout and have never left it in

  36. Keith Wadleigh

    Keith Wadleigh22 ngày trước

    Forgot the blood line babish. Loved the video:)

  37. afriu

    afriu23 ngày trước

    And then the hands became a member of the clean hands club

  38. Devin Hernandez

    Devin Hernandez25 ngày trước

    I thought those headphones were cool until I realized they’re 500+ dollars

  39. OverTheRainow

    OverTheRainow25 ngày trước

    and then the hands themselves became a member of the...

  40. Britton Ferguson

    Britton Ferguson26 ngày trước

    What disturbs me about this video is you didn't eat the fish and veg as some kind of vegan taco

  41. Soul GUMMIE

    Soul GUMMIE26 ngày trước

    Ah yes cause i have a casual 900$ to spend on a pair of headphones

  42. Raticks

    Raticks27 ngày trước

    The app is free.... i have it..... (the decimal meter app)

  43. Flying Gorilla

    Flying Gorilla27 ngày trước

    He went over eighty when he cut the fin

  44. loveyounot0420

    loveyounot042029 ngày trước

    6:23 Me the whole time I was watching that freakin movie.

  45. Guy Hero

    Guy HeroTháng trước

    stop being so hansome.

  46. Ingrid Morante

    Ingrid MoranteTháng trước

    Kinda wished it was an ASMR video tho .-.

  47. Wilson Cheng

    Wilson ChengTháng trước

    Those headphones are $600, my Bose is half that price! Come on Dolby!

  48. River License

    River License27 ngày trước

    Wilson Cheng yeah I was actually interested in buying those headphones but the price is ridiculous

  49. Gaurav Baraskar

    Gaurav BaraskarTháng trước

    this is so wrong babish! those headfones cost like 600dollars. u sell them so well that i wanna but it now but my poor ass cant afford it.

  50. Sophia Kinnee

    Sophia KinneeTháng trước

    if you scale a fishy you should use a spoon

  51. Leland Tycksen

    Leland TycksenTháng trước

    Anyone else realize at 4:18 that he didn't remove the blood line and now it's all you can think about

  52. Hi i

    Hi iTháng trước

    Imagine some guy pulling out a bag of Doritos in that movie

  53. Painted And loaded

    Painted And loadedTháng trước

    Imagine eating a crunchy leaf

  54. Craig tucker

    Craig tuckerTháng trước

    VIreporter:so you have chosen demonetisation

  55. Drew Titus

    Drew TitusTháng trước

    Ya lost me when you gutted the fish

  56. WillowProxy

    WillowProxyTháng trước

    Vinegar actually only lasts up to about 200 years. That's probably twice your life more, but still not forever. They say wine gets better with age. Well it gets better with age until the vinegar goes bad. Drink some 200 year old wine and prepare to die or come close to it.

  57. Andrew Ross Maxwell

    Andrew Ross MaxwellTháng trước

    This video would have been better - without music - without narration - without sponsorship - longer cuts with minimal editing - ASMR basically

  58. Chicken Wings

    Chicken WingsTháng trước

    5:50 Then the clean hands club became the CLEAN ARMS CLUB

  59. Ultra Instinct AirPods

    Ultra Instinct AirPodsTháng trước

    Literally no one: Babish: I'm sure they have kosher salt in the apocalypse. WHO DOESN'T HAVE KOSHER SALT

  60. Mono832

    Mono832Tháng trước

    Who is soyar?

  61. Badtodabone 2345

    Badtodabone 2345Tháng trước

    Why do you not want to show you eating a whole head of garlic?I mean who doesn't want to see a grown man eating a whole head of garlic anyways?

  62. Amare Aurelus

    Amare AurelusTháng trước

    Who else felt bad for the fish?