Breaking Up


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    I 👏 broke👏up 👏recently

  2. Brianna Wise

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    Well I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m soooo single so like.....I’m not really in a problem

  3. Zazzinator

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    Next Video: How to Hookup with Someone

  4. chhirong yang

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    You were in you tube rewind i was waiting for you to post a video now i understand why

  5. Антон Южаков

    Антон Южаков28 phút trước

    Breaking up is such a faff!

  6. Anti YT

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    0:00 ●━━━━━━───── 9:00 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

  7. xxJagMasterGxx

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    My worst breakup story is I liked this girl a ton. Got the courage to talk to her and got her number. Talked a bit and we just ended up dating. She was my first kiss. Fated for 3 months and then she broke up with me and told me she only dated me because she felt bad for me. I was crushed because I loved her. Then a month later she wanted to get back together and said she realized it was just her trying to lie to herself. I accepted that and we dated for a month. Then on Halloween night she went to party(I couldn't because I had to study for a big test). She ended up cheating on my with one of my best friends that was also a girl(she was a lesbian). I broke up with her and was heart broken. Although is a threesome would have been a option I wouldn't have objected.

  8. Malin Maria Wikmark

    Malin Maria Wikmark30 phút trước

    An ex I don't miss decided to break up 3am in the morning before I was going in for major surgery

  9. Livie Robin

    Livie Robin30 phút trước

    Die son! * get death Arrow it shoots the person that I'm with* me: umm i dont umm want to be with you Some person:* they get all mad when there dieing*

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    #1 tendecy

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    Why I watch every domics video? What I get from it? I don't know! But I enjoy every one of them😌

  12. Evan Almighty

    Evan Almighty30 phút trước

    I broke up with my ex last week cause she started distancing herself & not talking to me cause I didn’t wanna spend time with her one day that happened a month ago. I miss her but I felt I did what was right cause she was acting as if we were just friends. I ain’t wanna be her friend if I couldn’t be her man.

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    OMG DOM Num. 1 on trending

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    dude ur like number one in trending I was shocked

  16. Obsessive Trash

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    My boyfriend broke up with me 24+ hours ago, it's really tough.

  17. Bianca

    Bianca32 phút trước

    The part you mentioned about the movie cutting midway is relatable. Saw a thriller that cut out due to the television losing signal in a storm. I spend tye time afterwards looking for the synopsis to avoid the unresolved tension the nightmare fuel caused before going to bed.

  18. fr e sh avoca do

    fr e sh avoca do32 phút trước

    bro, despite this video, i still wanna get myself a boyfriend ugh ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  19. Ross B.

    Ross B.32 phút trước

    My advice is if your gut instinct tells you to break up, do it as quickly as possible. Never let things drag on just because you feel sorry for the other person. If you know it's over get out quick.

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    Bitches be crazay resolution ep 1

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    Leaves for A month finally posts and gets number one on trending❤

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    #1 on trending! Good job dude!

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    10 months ago I went though a breakup and was never given closure. Every day I think of some reason why I was left. The theorizing thing actually helps a lot. I place myself as a bad guy a lot but also look at what she had done which was also bad. Then I look at the good and miss it. Damn it.

  25. Emma Schroder

    Emma Schroder34 phút trước

    Can’t break up with someone if you don’t have anyone to break up with 😪

  26. caroline decker

    caroline decker35 phút trước

    unfortunely no one is entiltled to closure and that is a hard truth of life.

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    Congratulations for being #1 on trending

  28. ma.lourdes yolangco

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    This is really relateable and realistic, except I wouldn't know cuz I've never been in a relationship

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    Sponshorship part is way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo short.

  32. Georgia VanScoy

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    I’m still dated the person who cheated on me twice and lies to me and leaves me on read but I’m too chicken to end it :D

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    #1 Trending!!!

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    Congrats Dom!! You've top #1 Trending👏👏👏

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    Online safety against article 13

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    plz friend me on facebook ur username is either Dominic Panginiban or Dominic Pungabob

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    hey domics! there is a VIreporter channel that translates various animated videos into Italian, including yours!

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    #1 on trending. Not many people are talking about this and I'm pretty shocked that they aren't..

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    Domics is one of the bests youtubers I love to watch your videos they are so good

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    Congrats almost 13hrs and a million views

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    When he drew that wall barrier at 3:56 with the person on the other side looking at it. That shit hit me so hard I practically paused the video for a couple seconds. Dom. You're good.

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    Oh so we trending now ok Dom.

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    Do more podcast videos PS what's your thoughts on YT rewind

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    1:28 lel

  50. EitherOr Animations

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    Half of the comments: “You can’t be heartbroken if you’ve been single all your life” Me: Wanna bet?

  51. Ariful Islam Jubaer

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    7:14 "ahaha,good luck with that." I died

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    I have been inspired cause I went through such a some problem and decided to start my own channel please I need support from you guys

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    If this video had been released 1 week ago man I would not have cried that much and ate less icecream

  55. Shanne Cortez

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    0:23 dom: is it just me or has it been break up season lately ? me: *gets flashback of lauren and alex wassabi, and mia stammer and kyle and FREAKIN LIZA KOSHY and DAVID DOBRIK* also me: yup

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    1 on trending!

  57. Sir Pastryrot

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    Same thing w friends too. Some friends just aren’t the right fit or they just drag on you. But sometimes you can find a soulmate in a friend. Just someone you know is there for you. Someone you feel safe and content around. Someone whos the person who you know will listen, even when you might feel crazy yourself. Soulmates are that person, whatever form or tie they come in.

  58. Explosion Boom

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    Reason people go into relationships To get a duo partner in fortnite

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    THANK YOU domics for making this video for a perfect time for me thanks dude

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    Ooo, congrats on #1 on trending! :D

  62. InspiredAspirin

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    Hi welcome to my ted talk on breakup timing from the never-even-been-in-a-real-relationship-but-still-giving-advice expert. In general, you want to break up ASAP. These are really the only exceptions that I can think of: 1. Don't do it on holidays or in front of someone else, obviously. Romantic holidays especially. 2. Wait it out if someone is having trouble *with a definite end*. An example would be during a stressful finals week. 3. Don't do it in immediate response to a stressor; e.x. if you fight with their parents wait about a day to chill before talking. 4. Give a couple of days if something actually traumatic just happened; a dead family member or suicide attempt would be a good example. Common excuses to procastinate when you should actually bring it up: 1. It's too out of the blue; of course it is, but as mentioned earlier better to do it when things are chill rather than while something's happening. 2. They're too happy and I don't want to ruin that; if you're not doing it when they're happy or sad, when will you? 3. I'm not ready (if it's been over a week of you thinking that); nobody's ever ready, but it has to be done. Chances are you'll figure stuff out while talking. 4. They're in a long-term stressful situation (e.x. they're having a bad year/month); life happens, and you can probably point out a stressful situation at any point during their life. Better now than when something even worse rolls along. Tips to not procrastinate 1. Set a date to do it. Unless something crazy comes up if you have a strict rule to follow you're more likely to carry out your plans. 2. Do it in person. Aside from being respectful, scheduling a meet-up makes it harder to escape. If you're long distance then scheduled video calls work too. 3. Don't give yourself a conversational escape. Open with the main idea ("I wanna talk about the possibility of breaking up"), then explain the reasons. Otherwise you might be chicken like me with everything and nope on outta there. 4. Watch some just do it memes P.s. all of these work for pretty much all necessary but unpleasant convos, since we all always want to procrastinate.

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    я хз что тут говариться я русский

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    #50 on trending in Norway!

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    Voltron broke up with me

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    my ex broke up with me when my exam was near , it was hell . i kept thinking about wht i did wrong the entire time when i was suppose to be busy thinking wht the answer was on de sheet of paper in front of me .-. i dont really wanna hate her but it somehow helps me so yea owo/ *im dying a little bit inside everyday*

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    don't know how it feels because i've never been in relatonships...It really breaks my heart

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    The dislikes were at 999 I'm sorry but I clicked it to 1k, I apologise 😅

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    L- breaking O-up V-sex included E-game

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    D a girl down good worries. I'm Talk in screaming Os/squirt.....if they break up if u haven't done this. They got better D...or BBC

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    My ex broke up with me half way through the summer holidays... I was lonely for 3 long weeks... anyway!

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    Did you just break up?

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    Where have you been Domics ? You took so long this time.

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    ewww relationships. Ive had 3 and thats all Im havin until I finish school

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    "online safety" nope. i use for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

  80. zzbrdy

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    People think that when you date someone you have to be in love with them. You literally date to see if you can love them.

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    I never had exes. Just.. Ex crushes lol

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    this is just an excuse to animate flags ...right

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    I think the reason why so many people break up is because very few people know how to properly build a long lasting relationship. Relationships are not easy. They're a balance of dedication and sacrifice. If one side doesn't cooperate with the other, it will never be balanced and it's going to fall. If I've got any tips, I think they would be: -Do your part to keep the balance; -Let them know right ahead what are your beliefs and what are you looking for in a relationship; -Don't be afraid to tell them if they do something that bothers you; -Don't date strangers, pick someone you've known for a while. If anyone is planning to try these tips, good luck.

  85. immature kid

    immature kid54 phút trước ex gf started being a dick to me out of no where and i just kept telling her that im sorry if i angered her and that i still love her no matter wat.She broke up with me later the same day

  86. atlastpeace

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    Dom.. You just realize you probably fueled cowardly people in pushing themselves to break up with someone before Christmas right? Hang in there folks

  87. M& Ems

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    as said in the disney song *finding you can change learning you were wrong* :)

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    1 minute silence for those who never had a relationship and still watching break up videos ^_^

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    This is so random

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    Domics you can’t break up with me ! We barely started our relationship 😂😂😂 hehe just kiddin was so shook when you said my name ^^

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    I just have contact with the friends of my ex because I'm a fuckboy and I like it

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    Your closure needs to be shared. WE need closure

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    vRoo the comment section is making me suicidal

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    The video is so convenient I just got broken up with💔 Thank u

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    I just broke up with my boyfriend a few days ago and this was uploaded today, timing is just so on point.... thanks Domics I needed this

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