Breaking Up


  1. tuur moerkerke

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    7:14 '''ahaha... good luck with that'' Lol

  2. Cagilinious Waltz

    Cagilinious Waltz9 giờ trước

    You know what? I needed this. Sure, I'm a bit late. But I'm glad I got here when I did.

  3. CuteIcyAndy

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    Comments: 55% Ive never broken up. Because I’ve never had a lover. 15% I broke up with my Lover. And I’m watching this.. 25% Other things. 10% SINGLE SQUAD 4% Like if your single 1% This

  4. Timeninja031

    Timeninja03112 giờ trước

    My girlfriend broke up with me for another guy then a month later I was chilling and she texted me want to meet up

  5. Guitartube25

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    5:33 97% of all People watching are looking at the chalk board: “ugh, Aha, it’s maths, I don’t care” *shrug* which is hilarious because Domics could have written any bullshit without most of the crowd noticing it, unless there are those real math nerds. Nothing against those.

  6. Camzerto :D

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    #Single for life

  7. Spark Motion

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    boy love really hurts xD

  8. Kaapo S.

    Kaapo S.Ngày trước

    Exams coming up, and a couple of months after that we have some larger scale exams. aaaand we both need to stay half a year extra to finish our studies in this same school that we go to, and moving away from the small town we live in, isn't an option. Outside, the relationship seems pretty fine to others I'd guess, but we're drifting apart, I've been grumpy and tired and anxious, and there's not that much we time going on..

  9. Lance Espinosa

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    hehehehehehehehehe breaking up lol

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  11. lilfrizz

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    thank you for this video. ive been wanting to break up with my acne for WEEKS! Hopefully they won’t be an ass about it when I break the news 😯 wish me luck

  12. Blood_Lust

    Blood_LustNgày trước

    what makes me sad is my gf broke up with me an hour after watching this I'm still stumped on how the h*** that works

  13. Tater Cat

    Tater CatNgày trước

    Relationships are weird when you're aromantic. It's even weirder when you have an ex as an aromantic person, so dating other people doesn't interest you, but you don't know what to do with your lingering feelings. She and I are best friends and all, but sometimes... Ouch, my heart.

  14. jotri

    jotriNgày trước

    Can't break up when you're a fuckboy. / married to ☭ *head tip*

  15. Melv W

    Melv W2 ngày trước

    That’s why you always check their horoscope

  16. Random uploader Ed

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    2:06 this needs to be a gif

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  18. Jason White

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    Always be ready for a break up

  19. Walsaka

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    i guess im pessimistic then

  20. Bigsmallblast Oof

    Bigsmallblast Oof3 ngày trước

    Welp. Funny thing is after this video. I went through the worst break up I’ve been in

  21. BroImAsian

    BroImAsian3 ngày trước

    thank you for helping me with my breakup

  22. dilshod khamdamov

    dilshod khamdamov3 ngày trước

    И все таки Domics крутой чувак. Hi bro, from Russia

  23. wii music

    wii music3 ngày trước

    my girlfriend broke up with me over text. but for the week before she broke up with me, she told everyone she had. *AND SHE WAS CHEATING ON ME WITH TWO PEOPLE*

  24. Ofbeataugust Gaming

    Ofbeataugust Gaming3 ngày trước

    I belong to a school club called UkuleleClub and our teacher said that a kid payed us to sing a breakup song to their boyfriend/girlfriend

  25. Niño Benj Anelov Agag

    Niño Benj Anelov Agag3 ngày trước

    so me and my ex broke up like last october 25,2018.. until now we act like the closest best friends and banter around. alot. alot of people were sad we broke up because we,in their eyes,were the most mature couple(still in middleschool,most couples here are just...ugh)and they looked up to our every decision. so yeah thats my story

  26. Finn Geometry

    Finn Geometry3 ngày trước

    Hey, are you a introvert who can’t get a date? Me too ;_;

  27. Lorenzo Espetxe

    Lorenzo Espetxe3 ngày trước

    U still want to fuck her.

  28. Gabriel Ortega

    Gabriel Ortega3 ngày trước

    "Her father's racist"... Idk why but I died at that part lol

  29. Morgana Moonshard

    Morgana Moonshard3 ngày trước

    My boyfriend broke up with me on Christmas Day of 2018

  30. Gregory Handevidt

    Gregory Handevidt3 ngày trước

    1:36 my dad had a girlfriend named Cindy. She was attacked and stabbed 32 times in the woods near her house in San Diego.

  31. ya gurlz Prin

    ya gurlz Prin3 ngày trước

    1:47 “Her fathers racist “ 😂😂😂

  32. Jack Kirby

    Jack Kirby3 ngày trước

    I've just never dated...

  33. starter animation

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    If the internet is watching everything we do they might like what I do :)

  34. mystery gamer starwars nerd 777

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    0:47 oh no my name is Alex

  35. Silver 2358

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    Fuck this video.

  36. Ventus277

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    ''Sorry if ur partener breaks up with u tonight'', literally that's what fking happened wtf lol

  37. PokéTuber CT

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    The fourth break up story literally happened to me a month ago She said I was awesome and that I didn’t need to change to make her happy And then the next week she breaks up with me S***** what the fuck did you do

  38. Christian Mateo

    Christian Mateo4 ngày trước

    seeing this makes me feel guilty about leaving my ex behind out of nowhere. i now know that i should give her closure about why i had to leave her

  39. Overused MemesBeta

    Overused MemesBeta4 ngày trước

    Don’t worry kids,when you break up one day,you will get over it someday but it’s hard to let it go.

  40. Qurly_Q

    Qurly_Q5 ngày trước

    I had a girlfriend when I was like, what, 11 or 12? We broke up because she told me one night’ “I kinda forgot, but I have a boyfriend at school”. I was confused, but okay and kinda took that as a compliment that I was such a good person to be in a relationship with. Now I just see myself as a disgusting human being for stealing another man’s girl from them

  41. Rex Gaming

    Rex Gaming5 ngày trước

    Enyone remembers this??

  42. Bella that Boi

    Bella that Boi5 ngày trước

    Ayyy dom your right cause when I found out my date was cheating on me I was more than happy to break up with them 😂

  43. Mr. Bro

    Mr. Bro5 ngày trước

    Вам лучше расстаться сучки!!!!

  44. PopNLock YT

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    Sick u dropped this on my birthday

  45. Dan Val

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    I didn't know this vid came out I got dumped 2 weeks and 3 days ago

  46. シンディ

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    My name is Cindy...

  47. Anime Bubble

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    Awww I feel soo badd

  48. ConfuzzledPup

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    *cAn we Sti lL be fRieNDs*

  49. first last

    first last5 ngày trước

    I was already diagnosed with depression and I used my girlfriend as an anchor as she used me and we loved each other or so I though she cheated on me and I still dont have one of my hoodies back and have considered suicide many times recently

  50. Mari Hofenstain

    Mari Hofenstain5 ngày trước

    My ex was cheating on me with his ex. Nice.

  51. Dawgkingz 22

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    Steve just hooked up to break up LOL

  52. Sage Betts

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    Karen? Did she take the kids too?

  53. Mystic_ Wolf

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    You can't get broken up with IF YOUR LONELY!!!

  54. CroLanix

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    There is no such thing as reincarnation. Hail to the Trinity!

  55. Aleksine

    Aleksine6 ngày trước

    tf the whole comment section is You can't break up if you don't have a relationship

  56. Taybah Mohammad

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    He needs to start a podcast

  57. ColourfulThoughts

    ColourfulThoughts6 ngày trước

    YES!! PLEASE people, just give the person you're breaking up with an explanation why you're breaking up with them, ESPECIALLY if you know that they're not in a good place emotionally and overall mentally, because you don't know what you're doing to them by leaving them alone with their own thoughts. Someones mind can be incredibly toxic in times like this, I know from experience. Just give them an explanation, no matter how harsh it might be, because it'll probably be not even close to being as bad as what the person will come up with on their own, just give them a reason so they know what they did wrong and can work on themselves, PLEASE.

  58. Johann Lagman

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  59. dank memes daily

    dank memes daily6 ngày trước

    i actually stoped dating after my last break up cuz tbh i just notice that keep dating u get heartbroken later on so how to stop break ups just dont date

  60. Jack Mikel

    Jack Mikel6 ngày trước

    My girlfriend did break up with me the day after watching this ☹️

  61. Dan Andrus

    Dan Andrus6 ngày trước

    Thanks Dom. You're videos are always so genuine and wholesome.

  62. EpicMemer9000

    EpicMemer90006 ngày trước

    Never dated anyone, which means no exes, which means I have a sad but clean slate. (Walks from comment crying)

  63. ItsJustAlex

    ItsJustAlex6 ngày trước

    My girlfriend broke up with me on Christmas day...

  64. Anubex

    Anubex7 ngày trước

    8:17 you go to disneyland alot !:D

  65. Majestic_Monkey

    Majestic_Monkey7 ngày trước

    6:45 jesus christ that looks just like my sister

  66. Jen Resoco

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    THE MLG DEMON7 ngày trước

    Hey Domics I feel the same way I’ve gone through 4 people now and currently single

  68. my goal is 5000 subs with no video

    my goal is 5000 subs with no video7 ngày trước

    Use nordvpn to bang 😉

  69. XFadedCreedx

    XFadedCreedx7 ngày trước

    I had broken up with my ex 1 month ago and had started to get feelings for another girl. But today I found out she has a boyfriend and that was a big FU to my feelings. So I was upset and decided to take some of that anger out at my taekwondo class but I don't know if I will start to like another girl any time soon. Have you seen the anime a quiet voice? If you have I feel like I'm becoming the main character in highschool. I don't want to look at people in the eyes now, and I'm liking being alone

  70. Juan :D

    Juan :D7 ngày trước

    I just interact with womens in the sims 4 (because i controll them) Becuase in online games there are 50 year old russians whit hair on the back

  71. Lisaa Thomas

    Lisaa Thomas7 ngày trước

    Connor and Karlee

  72. Bella Grow

    Bella Grow7 ngày trước

    Who else is sitting here eating dry cereal?

  73. Ace 706

    Ace 7067 ngày trước

    I’ve broken up before and she sent her new boy as a hit man to me but things turned so quickly Long story short I hospitalized that new guy

  74. chriiv '

    chriiv '8 ngày trước

    Thanks for adding more knowledge to my library brain.

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  76. Travis Marshall Signo

    Travis Marshall Signo8 ngày trước

    I got the closure I deserve but I already move on from her

  77. William Elfström - STR - 6A

    William Elfström - STR - 6A8 ngày trước

    0:25 Yu-gi-oh!!!!

  78. Firefly

    Firefly8 ngày trước

    a few years ago my friend wanted to break up with her boyfriend because she had fallen out of love. she was gonna do it over a weekend I think but a few days later he texted her saying that he thinks they should just be friends and she was like "oh shit, ya sure dude"

  79. Tomato K

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  80. Nigel Wong

    Nigel Wong8 ngày trước

    Person: (Breaks up/Gets dumped) Thanks Domics, now if u'll excuse me I gotta go to my corner to cry.

  81. Leïla_pp

    Leïla_pp8 ngày trước

    Can we just stop with the idea that if a relationship ends, it means it failed ? Can't we just see it as the end of a story, and some stories are made to last shorter than others, some longer... It doesn't necessarily mean it failed or your time was wasted... Good video tho ! 👍

  82. Enjoy skippas.

    Enjoy skippas.8 ngày trước

    I like being the one who breaks up, I give that dark evil laugh and continue working on becoming a dictator 😉 See you soon baby :)

  83. Rey Jordan Pira

    Rey Jordan Pira8 ngày trước

    How is it possible that this video came out literally a day after my friend broke up w/ his gf.........

  84. Max kid1

    Max kid18 ngày trước

    I broke up with a girl and it was fast and easy. Someone reading this might think I’m a douchebag, but being in a long distance relationship and being financially unstable causes stress and make people depressed, especially when they have bills, debts, and not financial independence

  85. Super Luigi Epic

    Super Luigi Epic8 ngày trước

    thank you so much for this video. i was feeling pretty terrible after my breakup with my girlfriend but after watching this, i realized that i should respect her decision, find closure, stay friends, and move on. even though i realized that our past progress is now gone, life keeps on moving forward.

  86. Austin Bingnear

    Austin Bingnear8 ngày trước

    Domics where was this video when I needed it a year ago

  87. Saint Rising

    Saint Rising8 ngày trước

    Lool my girl dumped me yesterday, that’s when I decided I had to watch this video I was trying to ignore. Still feeling like shit but you’re da man, Dom!

  88. Forest Elemental

    Forest Elemental8 ngày trước

    Funny enough my now gf hated me when we met because of my now best friend

  89. psyduckrocks jpg

    psyduckrocks jpg9 ngày trước

    HELP! I did the same thing as “karen” but it was bc i didn’t like this person but he got really sad and that killed me, he blocked me from everywhere and talked behind my back, he told everyone i just dumped him, AND I DID but i don’t want hin to think I’m a bad person tho WHat do i do??

  90. TheBlueWind

    TheBlueWind9 ngày trước

    I did the awful "break up over AIM" to my first boyfriend. I was in middle school, so, I was a dumb little prick. Felt bad and contacted him years later to explain properly why I needed to break up, which was depression fueled by family issues and divorce. . . and that I did not want to suck him into it but did not really know how to explain it at that age. Learned that communication is super important and that you should try to talk first before doing anything drastic. Honestly, if anyone has done the "break up without reason," send a message and explain. He was happy and felt like he could move on properly when I did it, so I can see another SO wanting it too. Super awk, but worth it.

  91. LabyrinthDays

    LabyrinthDays9 ngày trước

    Dom: I’m sorry if your partner breaks up with you later tonight Me: *checks upload date and realizes boyfriend of 6 years broke up with me 3 days after upload date right before Christmas when I was visiting family out of town and couldn’t come back home to fix the situation* 🙃🙃🙃 . . . And yes, it is breakup season. Majority of people I talk to were going through breakups as well during the last few months of 2018. 🤦‍♀️

  92. The_Guardian

    The_Guardian9 ngày trước

    0:02 Oh yeaaa, im sure a lot will treat themselves with vpns, but not for internet safety 😂😂

  93. Bubbals Nugget

    Bubbals Nugget9 ngày trước

    Most of these people are saying that they haven’t ever had a break up cos they’ve never been in a relationship. But me..... ME TOO. :)

  94. João Paulo Castor

    João Paulo Castor9 ngày trước

    7:17 *Ahaha,ooh Good luck with that!* *Ok... :)*

  95. Sophie McNugget

    Sophie McNugget9 ngày trước

    Same bro same I hate people knowing that I like people so I have a private relationship and I need to break it off right now

  96. An AK-47 Named Steven

    An AK-47 Named Steven9 ngày trước

    4.2K People got dumped after this video.

  97. FunnybunnyXP510

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    Honestly going through this right now. Thanks Domics

  98. Josh Geller

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    1:47 is that a swoosie reference

  99. Heatcliff 2.0

    Heatcliff 2.09 ngày trước

    My girl friend broke up with me last week... It's my fault and also her racist father PS: thank you for making this

  100. Alex T

    Alex T9 ngày trước

    My boyfriend and I aren't doing so well so I felt quite attacked to see my name on the calendar on 0:48 😂😂😂