Breaking Up


  1. Dindigulian

    Dindigulian3 giờ trước

    Why are all of the comments the same

  2. Slient Gamer

    Slient Gamer5 giờ trước

    Top 10 reason people break up *S M A L L*

  3. Kunal Deo

    Kunal Deo5 giờ trước

    Love how he handles this with a sense of humour 👀

  4. Vlad Solomon

    Vlad SolomonNgày trước

    funny things is this video was posted and i watched it two days before i got dumped.

  5. MeAndWall

    MeAndWallNgày trước

    7:14 "It's kinda like driving a car that you can't steer... ohohoh good luck with that" i spilled my milk lol

  6. Avin Toussaint

    Avin Toussaint3 ngày trước

    Ex a sketch!

  7. XxGacha_ rocKxX

    XxGacha_ rocKxX4 ngày trước

    Me: *sees title* Dom u gay? Also me: *-GAAAAAAAYYYYY!!-* Another me: _the fuc-_

  8. Chaoz 73

    Chaoz 734 ngày trước

    Is ANYONE curious as to WHY "Karen" broke things off woth Dom? WHYWONTYOUTELLUSDOM

  9. Allsek

    Allsek4 ngày trước

    My ex dumped me and tried to get back with me by saying she’s “ugly” and “no one likes me” lmfao I didn’t even say shit the whole time so I just destroyed her without even talking.

  10. Vivian Hubbell

    Vivian Hubbell5 ngày trước

    That Yee tho

  11. JohnSydney225

    JohnSydney2255 ngày trước

    *laughs* good luck with that... That line has got me screaming on the inside, lmfao

  12. Obtuse Wolf

    Obtuse Wolf6 ngày trước

    Gosh... the first relationship I had was about 4 months ago. He was a friends friend and that’s how we knew each other, we dated for like a week and he came on waaaaaaaay to strong, literally first day we dated and we were at my friends playing truth or dare Friend 1: I dare friend 2 to make out with her boyfriend Friend 2: ok My Non-lasting Boyfriend: you know I would totally make out with you. Me: god damn fruit cake. No. He texted like every day, also he only dated me because my other friend he liked was dating someone else. (he ended up dating her a couple of days after I broke up with him and I convinced my friends boyfriend at the time to brake up with her since she was cheating on him with my “ex”.)

  13. Rockets

    RocketsNgày trước

    That sounds like a school relationship

  14. sans Deadpool

    sans Deadpool6 ngày trước

    I have 2 xs and im 10

  15. thecreeper203

    thecreeper2036 ngày trước

    I have never dated so... yeah.

  16. Andre Pham

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  17. Manisha Katiyar

    Manisha Katiyar7 ngày trước

    Because of Exams. Period . .

  18. subscribe to pewdiepie everybody

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    When u get dumped cuz u're "too good for her" and still don't know why she left

  19. Soos

    Soos7 ngày trước

    you can't have Ex's if you never were in a relationship... heheh...

  20. Ozen YT

    Ozen YT8 ngày trước

    my favorite part 7:11 the laugh xD

  21. Suraya Mendes

    Suraya Mendes8 ngày trước


  22. That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-

    That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-9 ngày trước

    I think my main issue is that i put too much time and effort into a single person Whether that be a friend or a significant other; so when something falls through, as it always does, it hurts that much more because i dont have many people to go to for comfort, as that person was my everyone (if that makes sense). Anyone got that same issue?

  23. Barack Omerkel

    Barack Omerkel6 ngày trước

    That Guy In Green -shutting down soon- yeah. its like moving from one hyperfixation to the next.

  24. That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-

    That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-9 ngày trước

    ouch the hardest topic

  25. Gacha Honey

    Gacha Honey9 ngày trước

    Don’t even get me started on middle school relationships my friend haD 5 ex’s IN JUST 6TH GRADE it’s 8th grade and this girl has liked / hit on / dated every guy, *im friends with the biggest hoe in the school.*

  26. Aidan Bailey

    Aidan Bailey9 ngày trước

    “And thank you for coming to my TED talk.”

  27. Munch

    Munch10 ngày trước


  28. Elizabeth Srail

    Elizabeth Srail10 ngày trước

    You've already used this Title

  29. Cindy Nguyen

    Cindy Nguyen10 ngày trước

    My name is Cindy... *_SHI-_*

  30. Aidan Bramwell

    Aidan Bramwell10 ngày trước

    the best time to break up is when you are being abused or negatively affected in a relationship

  31. a- teen

    a- teen10 ngày trước

    i got broken up with around 3 weeks ago and still am left with so many questions and confusion over where i went wrong. we were so fine and so happy and so in love, nothing could have ever stopped us, until one day he was caught with another person, and admitted to cheating. this person came out of nowhere, just appeared one day and we fell apart. i still don’t know if it may have been me or what could’ve possibly happened to result to this, i’m still left so confused but i’m doing better.

  32. QueenTinaTiger

    QueenTinaTiger10 ngày trước

    I truly loved him but in the end his jealousy from previous relationships didn't let me grow, have male friends, and feel guilty for even hanging out doing things without him. He warned me that he did have slight issues from what happened with his ex, but I assumed I could handled it, I could help him grow..... but I couldn't. I have broken up but thanks to this video I was clear with him and explain the why's. There where tears but I'm there where thank you's. I truly loved him with my whole heart but for me to continue to grow and for him to get over the past it was best we went separate ways for now, maybe after some time we might be together again.... but if he ends finding stability with another I won't mind. Thank you Domics, for helping me to find the best words to end it and not give him more of a hatred for the past, Thank you!!!

  33. Emmersondafish The Loafie

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  34. Emmersondafish The Loafie

    Emmersondafish The Loafie11 ngày trước


  35. Emmersondafish The Loafie

    Emmersondafish The Loafie11 ngày trước


  36. Wilhelm Avellana

    Wilhelm Avellana11 ngày trước

    Ohh don't worry the person that I love is me but I broke up with me and later on I see him with the girl that I love and she had taken half of me but in reality she had taken me entierly sad tho because I'm moving to Canada so I won't see her but only could chat with her in the internet

  37. bogfoot201 _

    bogfoot201 _12 ngày trước

    I once tried to date this really beautiful girl in 1st or 2nd grade and her excuse was her parents didn’t let her have a boy friend

  38. GalaxyBoi80 8

    GalaxyBoi80 812 ngày trước

    My mom and dad keep on arguing and don't want to break up and is a toxic relationship. How to help or fix...

  39. IDesgettier 0_0

    IDesgettier 0_013 ngày trước

    I could break up with my boyfriend....but I won’t cuz I love him very much ♥️

  40. WingaFace

    WingaFace13 ngày trước

    1:49 Every Middle School Relationship

  41. CraftedGadgetMC

    CraftedGadgetMC14 ngày trước

    7:15 That sounds like some black man in comedy I know, I can't put my finger on it.

  42. Victor Guerrero

    Victor Guerrero14 ngày trước

    Soooooo how did YALL break up..?🥺🤔

  43. X_Rayyantio_ X

    X_Rayyantio_ X15 ngày trước

    Yup Im 7 grade and a virgin

  44. Flaming

    Flaming15 ngày trước

    Well I haven’t broke up with anyone yet because I was never in a relationship but ALL my friends already broke up with someone so I have seen a lot of tears from all my friends and I did some amount of comforting and I’m still here rejecting guys over and over again >:)

  45. Alec Brandl

    Alec Brandl15 ngày trước

    “Im soh ree” 7:25 the Canadian accent is real

  46. ToastMaster

    ToastMaster15 ngày trước

    I watched this video before and after.

  47. DARREN Hassan

    DARREN Hassan15 ngày trước

    When my gf broke up with me, i was like "yeah sure lol" and i didnt get sad xD

  48. FRESHBEETZ And FoggyDoggyVlogs Yee

    FRESHBEETZ And FoggyDoggyVlogs Yee15 ngày trước

    Cant breakup if you're not in a relationship *sniff*

  49. Riceboi 12345

    Riceboi 1234512 ngày trước

    FRESHBEETZ And FoggyDoggyVlogs Yee stop that is literally the whole comment section

  50. Tex

    Tex16 ngày trước

    You can’t break up if... You’re just friends HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA ;-;

  51. d1bbl3s

    d1bbl3s16 ngày trước

    My girlfriend broke up with me because I was a dumb-smart screaming boye.

  52. Broodje Doninho

    Broodje Doninho16 ngày trước

    im starting to feel like im the only one wih a girlfriend here

  53. Raptor Kitten

    Raptor Kitten18 ngày trước

    Nobody: That one 2nd grader: I’ve had more girlfriends than you Reality: they sit together at lunch in complete silence

  54. Riceboi 12345

    Riceboi 1234512 ngày trước

    RiptideV10 shut up ur prob in second grade

  55. Raptor Kitten

    Raptor Kitten14 ngày trước

    RiptideV10 no u

  56. RiptideV10

    RiptideV1014 ngày trước

    In real life : yea that kid talked to more girls than you ever did

  57. Doggo

    Doggo18 ngày trước

    When you’re getting into a relationship, know that you’ll either marry that person or break up with that person.


    DARK LION18 ngày trước

    When it said "break up with alex" I was all like "does he know me?"

  59. Victorboi27 27

    Victorboi27 2719 ngày trước

    HA YEE

  60. Baris Cankaya

    Baris Cankaya19 ngày trước

    Wow ppl are lonely.

  61. Summer B

    Summer B19 ngày trước

    on the bright side at 3:02...HE WAS TRYING TO PUT MILK ON THE CEREAL(he aint no psychopath)

  62. I'm not an 3mo YT

    I'm not an 3mo YT19 ngày trước

    I got an ad about nord VPN when i clicked this video

  63. Marissa lia

    Marissa lia2 ngày trước


  64. Laura

    Laura20 ngày trước

    brb gotta break up

  65. Cool Cheese

    Cool Cheese20 ngày trước

    Why did she breakup Dom?

  66. SmilySlimer

    SmilySlimer20 ngày trước

    Ex-a-sketch? more like Sk(ex)tch

  67. Splatoon Squid Squad

    Splatoon Squid Squad19 ngày trước


  68. ninja stealth

    ninja stealth20 ngày trước

    That sorry thought

  69. Space Kitten

    Space Kitten21 ngày trước

    If a girl bites you, you bite her back modern day problems solved with modern day solutions

  70. Gizzy G

    Gizzy G21 ngày trước

    This video really helped me heal

  71. Aidan McSween

    Aidan McSween21 ngày trước


  72. I Guess So

    I Guess So22 ngày trước


  73. Gamer Brother

    Gamer Brother22 ngày trước

    This is why I’m single forever. Because I’m not compatible with anyone.

  74. Yolo123kekdkakakqk Jdjskwmowkdkdkeowoqoqoqkqkaksk

    Yolo123kekdkakakqk Jdjskwmowkdkdkeowoqoqoqkqkaksk22 ngày trước

    Instead of crying over him for al long time and wasting time of your life just move on I’ve never bin in a relationship so I shouldn’t be talking cuz I know it’s hard sometimes but idc

  75. Angel Ruiz

    Angel Ruiz22 ngày trước

    I know a best friend who has broken up with their girlfriend or dumped but they are still together XD and he is in 5th grade like me and his girlfriend

  76. Supercreeper1000

    Supercreeper100022 ngày trước

    I had a nordvpn ad before the video started and a nordvpn sponsor appears in my face

  77. Lorraine Do

    Lorraine Do23 ngày trước

    Oh! Wo danshen! Can't relate

  78. SnApple

    SnApple24 ngày trước

    Why does your avatar look like a chibi?

  79. [lega] dofke

    [lega] dofke24 ngày trước

    Its a relation boat you racist

  80. kanji crimson

    kanji crimson24 ngày trước

    I don't have time for a guy and I don't want a guy I'm going to be a artist, Starbucks employee,QQK's second boss, therapist and a discord member

  81. Toa nuva

    Toa nuva24 ngày trước

    “My Grandpa’s Deck has no Pathetic Cards.’

  82. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood24 ngày trước

    Why am i watching this. I am forever alone.

  83. Trickz Tremor

    Trickz Tremor25 ngày trước

    i want to know how many people dom broke up

  84. Anthony

    Anthony25 ngày trước

    I am watching tv while i am watching your videos btw they really great and i love your personality btw and saw your name Dominic


    THE ANONYMOUS25 ngày trước

    nords hairline tho 7:35

  86. Gachafox Playz

    Gachafox Playz26 ngày trước

    *when your boyfriend sent you this video*

  87. nobody knows

    nobody knows26 ngày trước

    I don't date people because almost everyone seems to suck

  88. Candswe

    Candswe26 ngày trước


  89. Donovan Vasquez

    Donovan Vasquez26 ngày trước

    And I can’t get a computer to animate until summer

  90. Donovan Vasquez

    Donovan Vasquez26 ngày trước

    DOMICS IM NEW TO YOUR CHANNEL but are you me because where the same guy but your older

  91. Y

    Y26 ngày trước


  92. Chaoz 73

    Chaoz 734 ngày trước

    No frikin idea WHY he didnt tell us other than its too personal. Still sucks not to know tho

  93. Worthless_That_Can_Draw

    Worthless_That_Can_Draw27 ngày trước

    Well I never had a girlfriend. I loved 3 girls my entire life and all rejected. I was best friend with all of them and some excepted and rejected next day. Now I when I ask someone out. I think back and don't ask out the person I love because of possible rejection or wrong choice of soulmate. I know I'm just 14 and have lots of time in the future. But it really hurts when you get rejected. Especially when it takes long time having courage to ask someone to date.

  94. thoughtful thoughts

    thoughtful thoughts27 ngày trước

    a clockwork orange

  95. shamima nasrin

    shamima nasrin28 ngày trước

    Stop dating. As simple as that. OR never date because one day u will find ur soulmate no matter what.

  96. SuperStarWhale

    SuperStarWhale22 ngày trước

    How do you find your soulmate by never dating

  97. Armageddon Apocalypse

    Armageddon Apocalypse28 ngày trước

    Last year, I broke up with this guy that I've dated for 2 years. The reason I left him is because he was lazy, irresponsible with money and his family was weird, mostly his grandma. For example, I invited her and my ex over at my dad's and stepmother's house for Christmas a year and a half back and she kept acting trashy and saying a bunch of inappropriate things around my kindergarten aged nieces and nephew, like blowjobs and crap. My ex, on the other hand, behaved well and my family seemed to like him. They didn't like his grandma though due to how she behaved around the kids. The next time we had a family gathering my dad messaged me ahead of time telling me that my ex was allowed to come but his trashy foul mouthed granny wasn't welcome. I didn't blame him honestly. That aside, I broke up with him a few months later. Mostly because it was a long distance relationship and neither of us tried to make it work. I also fell out of love with him. About a month before our anniversery, I sent him a breakup text saying that I wanted to part ways and move on. But for whatever reason he didn't get it until the day of our anniversery. Talk about bad timing. He didn't take the news too well but who cares. We haven't spoken to one another since then.

  98. Blaziken YT // BlazikenGaming 2133YT

    Blaziken YT // BlazikenGaming 2133YT28 ngày trước


  99. seippel

    seippel29 ngày trước

    im here just cuz im not felling loved much as i love she.

  100. ThisDued - Trove/Roblox/Etc.

    ThisDued - Trove/Roblox/Etc.29 ngày trước

    My name is lad.

  101. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

    The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer29 ngày trước

    Nord(and Audible) is like the Justin Y. or Tails is disappointed in your recent desitions of the sponsor world.

  102. SonidgieDreams15

    SonidgieDreams1529 ngày trước

    0:25 is that period blood?

  103. puremlg bren

    puremlg bren29 ngày trước

    I mean when I get dumped if you truly love them you should accept it cause you want them to be happy

  104. Maple Tree

    Maple TreeTháng trước

    i broke up with my gf of 1 year bc my parents were mad that i liked girls :’^))

  105. Youssef Alawady

    Youssef AlawadyTháng trước

    they say that the female count in the world three times the male is that true 99% of the chat are males that never had a relationship😂😂

  106. missy 814

    missy 814Tháng trước

    My sis's ex's mom like her better than her sons new gf

  107. urbron and slveon

    urbron and slveonTháng trước

    Who else got an ad for Vpn before the video

  108. KennyTheDingus

    KennyTheDingusTháng trước

    The weird thing about break ups for me is that they are hard for me to do in the first place and for some reason I feel the need to let them say it first.

  109. Colton Thomas

    Colton ThomasTháng trước

    What was it

  110. MxLuminous

    MxLuminousTháng trước

    so basically i had an unskippable 3:45 second ad, then another ad about nordvpn 🤣