Breaking Up


  1. Tuan Hoang

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  2. Mikasa Ackerman

    Mikasa Ackerman17 phút trước

    Duuuuuuuuude .... i just realized i haven't given my ex an explanation yet. I'll definitely be doing that

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    Well done for being 1 on trending

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  6. Ice Cream

    Ice Cream18 phút trước

    Wow alot of views I wonder how many of them broke up because of this......

  7. hofee _

    hofee _18 phút trước

    I dont get why people throw shade at others who broke up w/ someone, its thier decision, its their life, they know whether it was a healthy or unhealthy relationship

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    Ur number 1 trending at the moment: )

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  11. subscribe to me because I want it

    subscribe to me because I want it19 phút trước

    This is why I'm single

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    Kitty I upload daily videos I hope20 phút trước

    1 on trending!!!!!

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    #1 on trending btw

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    of course on #1 trending

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    *How many ppl will sub to me when they see this*

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  17. wreckin_& Rantin

    wreckin_& Rantin21 phút trước

    What’s bullshit is when you break up over the phone, geez it’s like have the guts to look that person in the face and tell them it’s over.

  18. Alex Uchia

    Alex Uchia21 phút trước

    My name is Alex

  19. Danial Beats

    Danial Beats21 phút trước

    1 place

  20. Cl0ut_ Sc6ut

    Cl0ut_ Sc6ut21 phút trước

    When a fashion review gets #2 on trending. When it takes a group to take several days to go #1 on trending

  21. Don't look at me

    Don't look at me21 phút trước

    why am I watching this? i've never even dated before..

  22. Yah gurl Iana!

    Yah gurl Iana!22 phút trước

    *EX-A-SKETCH* is my *FAVORITE* toy tha t *I can't* get *OVER*

  23. DJ_James_YT // James_Vadelz

    DJ_James_YT // James_Vadelz23 phút trước

    #1 trending in Cambodia 🇰🇭

  24. Anonymous

    Anonymous23 phút trước

    Siay everybody want to break up with me man? (my name is Alex)

  25. WonderKid2006 :3

    WonderKid2006 :323 phút trước

    Weird flex but ok

  26. ZombieBird360

    ZombieBird36023 phút trước

    Dude the animation that said “break up with Alex at 9AM” that’s my name and my crush just told me she doesn’t like me. Coincidence, I THINK NOT!😂

  27. Gucci gang gucci gang

    Gucci gang gucci gang25 phút trước

    My girlfriend broken up with me was years


    SKIDDOW NET26 phút trước


  29. KOB 59

    KOB 5926 phút trước

    Hi people my crush I think I got friend zoned because when I asked her out she rejected me and went out with my best friend But it’s still hard to stop having a crush on her, should I stop having a crush on her or should I wait till she’s single to ask her again?

  30. just a guy who likes anime

    just a guy who likes anime26 phút trước

    Number 1 on trending!

  31. Exua

    Exua26 phút trước

    Wow, o come

  32. Cody Custer

    Cody Custer26 phút trước

    Nice job getting number 1 on trending Dom

  33. Nova Zela

    Nova Zela26 phút trước

    my ex cheated on me and i had just found out monday. Thanks Dom.

  34. sleepy roo

    sleepy roo27 phút trước

    while I've never had a romantic relationship nor a crush, I dont fully understand, but I do know, my family has a lot of trouble regarding break ups, and I'm so fed up with my mom going back to the two different terrible, abusive guys. The first one was way worse, but this ones bad too. but I hope she doesnt get back with him, and is good with being "just friends".

  35. Mj garcia

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  36. Gaming Star

    Gaming Star27 phút trước

    1# treneris

  37. Lias

    Lias27 phút trước

    3:01 Is that a how i Met your mother refrence?

  38. Talia Kilani

    Talia Kilani28 phút trước

    Domics giving us advice when he hasn't dated in so long 😂😂

  39. Dilip Bansod

    Dilip Bansod28 phút trước

    My story My true love was the girlfriend of my best friend.I don't know if they are still in love! If they are,I don't want to interfere or backstab my best friend but i love her very much. They breaked up

  40. Enemy

    Enemy29 phút trước

    3 years online chatting. Finally met her this summer. After a month she says that she have found someone who makes her happy. I lost her as a girl and as a friend. ... these 4 years have been bad, only rejection after rejection and not only getting rejected as a guy but as a friend too. ... i don't want to be friends with new people, i don't want to fall in love anymore. it just won't work. they will leave me. ... one day i broke and hurt myself, i didn't felt good for few days. I think that next time there is a chance that i can break even more and maybe get rid of me. ... i don't want to meet noone anymore. ... better be lonely and misrable then getting rejected again and again and again.

  41. Just Youtube

    Just Youtube29 phút trước

    Im 18 and technically I've never had a girlfriend.................*cries in corner*

  42. The Phantom

    The Phantom31 phút trước

    cant go through breakups if nobody likes you enough to date you in the first place lmao

  43. JimselDiesel

    JimselDiesel31 phút trước

    6:47 Properly equip (think about scenarios) yourself before even falling in love is a good strategy I guess. You don't have to think about it again before wanting to break up. Luckely for me: "You can't break up if you don't have a relationship" lmao. If it happens to be a schlieffenplan (outdated) then mehh you tried lol.

  44. Rebelle

    Rebelle31 phút trước

    Listen, the reason I’m single is because I need a real man. Not a boy lol

  45. DragenFlame12

    DragenFlame1231 phút trước

    welp.. i didn't breakup but i did got rejected by my crush so almost breakup sort of.......

  46. ShroomWalrus

    ShroomWalrus32 phút trước

    I think it'd be good to start culturally treating relationships as less permanent and instead focus on how good it is _now_ and maybe more people could handle breakups better or find "most relationships end" as a neutral concept rather than a sad fact.

  47. BRF Boss

    BRF Boss32 phút trước

    Subscribe to me anyone please I am desperate

  48. Night Raven

    Night Raven32 phút trước

    pesimistic is the only way to be, if you expect the worse, nothing can surprise you

  49. CarolineHasNoLife

    CarolineHasNoLife32 phút trước

    I’m still trying to get over my break up. Turns out she cheated on me and then was in a relationship a week later. She made me feel insane for thinking she was cheating, and she gave me a false hope that she was breaking up with me to fix herself and now I’m mentally ducked up. but now the other girls she dated and cheated on me with are friends! But bc of high school, I’m the one that gets the most shit for it. But I know I’m better than her, and I’ll find the right one some day. I just wish she would get out of my head. I hate it..

  50. OkayyZo0mer

    OkayyZo0mer32 phút trước

    *Coughs shamelessly* Any other single pringles watching this......

  51. Cringey McCringe

    Cringey McCringe33 phút trước

    *Number 1 on trending*

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    # 1 on trending!!!!

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    Congrats on number 1 on trending!

  55. Anthony Martin

    Anthony Martin33 phút trước

    Congrats on #1 Trending!

  56. kitty cat

    kitty cat34 phút trước

    Some of my friends are going through a breakup and I'm so confused about what to think

  57. Lilisammy Life

    Lilisammy Life34 phút trước

    Omg 1 on trendy congratulations yassssss quuueeeeennnnn

  58. Joan Tupou

    Joan Tupou34 phút trước

    Enjoyed this alot 😂 had a good laugh as always

  59. Alycornz

    Alycornz35 phút trước

    I just got into my first relationship, Dom, plz don't scare me-

  60. V eesel

    V eesel35 phút trước

    That’s why I’m single

  61. ImaginaryMdA

    ImaginaryMdA35 phút trước

    I swear my face just lights up whenever I hear someone say they were miserable. ^^

  62. Maxwell

    Maxwell36 phút trước

    What’s a break up?


    MADJIMMY36 phút trước


  64. Eduardo Rodarte

    Eduardo Rodarte36 phút trước

    I broke up Whit my life

  65. Rose Ace

    Rose Ace36 phút trước

    Oh how’d you know.

  66. warrior aves on the official gameproof01

    warrior aves on the official gameproof0136 phút trước

    Domics ask out tables

  67. tyheem myers

    tyheem myers37 phút trước

    Why it so much odd1outs wannabes

  68. Addie G.

    Addie G.37 phút trước

    I needed this.

  69. BaconTroll156210

    BaconTroll15621037 phút trước

    Break ups 5

  70. Lord Hater

    Lord Hater37 phút trước

    My girlfriend legit broke up with me this morning, no lie. And I'm not sure if she's a huge Domics fan, but I do tend to see him in her recommendations.... Coincidence????? Probably

  71. Nastya Petrova

    Nastya Petrova37 phút trước

    😨😨😨 **

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    1 in trending

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    We #1 in trending baby

  74. AnimatedAvenger3

    AnimatedAvenger338 phút trước

    I don’t think I have to feel this pain in a long time! Hahaha!! Because I’m lonely...... Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  75. Nida Sultana

    Nida Sultana38 phút trước

    1 on trending

  76. Shadow Ream

    Shadow Ream38 phút trước

    Oh wow, just in time... I was about to tell my partner that things aren't working out for the both of us and that i'm not ready for a relationship. Yes, we both are dating but the thing is, he is assuming that we were both together now. The whole class in my section told me that we've been together for 1 year, I asked who told them that and the news surprisingly came to my date. I want to clarify that what he said isn't true but he keeps denying it and defends that we were together. Of course they believe on him instead of me. I want to handle this situation and I don't want to do it any longer, i've been thinking how I should tell him that things aren't working out and give him a proper closure and letting it down slowly. But I do really hope he can handle this and both of us can stay as "friends" I don't want to cut our bond because the boy I was dating was my friend and me and my group of friends (including him) have strong connections. I just hope things will get better soon.

  77. elijah O.

    elijah O.39 phút trước

    wait.. you never told us her reason for breaking up with you. i can’t handle the curiosity

  78. Đ尺Ø乇メ

    Đ尺Ø乇メ39 phút trước

    Atleast cars don't break up with u

  79. Tag

    Tag39 phút trước

    with the trending tab.

  80. Rufafuu Campu

    Rufafuu Campu39 phút trước

    what do you think about VIreporter Rewind 2018 getting the most dislikes ?

  81. Sora Prince

    Sora Prince39 phút trước

    i think when you break up, you shouldnt "gossip" about your breakup. there doesnt have to be ill-will or hate spreading if it was a decision made maturely. its between you and the person you dated. if it was a real problem, like abuse, sure, confide in others, but otherwise be respectful and at least care to keep it between you and them

  82. Salad Ass

    Salad Ass39 phút trước

    aye number 1 one trending

  83. khattab walid

    khattab walid41 phút trước

    The majority of us are 35 single men who live on their mother's basement What? only me?ok (I'm not btw)

  84. AnimeLover

    AnimeLover41 phút trước

    Broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. Yay 😭😭😭

  85. How Many Subs Without Any Videos

    How Many Subs Without Any Videos41 phút trước

    How many subs can i get with any videos

  86. 10 sub without video!

    10 sub without video!41 phút trước

    #1 on trending.

  87. Sal Shah

    Sal Shah42 phút trước

    I just broke up last month. Damn you Dom for remembering me that I’m aloneee

  88. Thomas Carluccio

    Thomas Carluccio42 phút trước

    Breaking up = 1 one on trending good job Dominic’s

  89. Taga Way

    Taga Way42 phút trước

    I don't have exes because I never gave anyone the tittle of anything. I just called them by their names. Now is the first time I officially have a boyfriend. And pics with that person. And a cute name on my phone, And gifts, I know it sounds dumb But I never felt obligated to give a "boyfriend" tittle to noone till I was sure I was ok with that particular "relationship".

  90. Jello :D

    Jello :D42 phút trước

    Congrats on trending

  91. wakaweenie

    wakaweenie42 phút trước

    Number 1 on trending DAMM GOOD JOB DOM

  92. Cindy Manene

    Cindy Manene43 phút trước

    I didn't know I was in a domics video

  93. thatnormalguy9

    thatnormalguy943 phút trước

    How hard can it be? Just walk in the door and be like " we're done" and go about your day.

  94. Viscouvious

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  95. Google One

    Google One43 phút trước

    You are hilarious

  96. Jay Paul

    Jay Paul43 phút trước

    Nord VPN sucks.

  97. shelby anderson

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    But safiya and tyler just got ingaged too!

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    #1 on trending, let's goooo

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    #1 on trending lessssssss go boiii

  100. Subrina Rouf

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    Douche bag men tell the don't want her..... decide...... horrible men