Breaking Up


  1. Rafik Adam

    Rafik Adam7 giờ trước

    I can relate with you.

  2. Jp

    Jp10 giờ trước

    at the end of the video when Dom said that- *ha ha ha ha hah ah ah-* /Laughing hysterically/ *liked the video* Close

  3. Vampy Vampire

    Vampy Vampire13 giờ trước

    *cough cough* *hublblblbl blblblb blbl*

  4. CobraTheCat 22

    CobraTheCat 2214 giờ trước

    Am I the only one who isn't even interested in dating/relationships?

  5. Dat Ninja Dray

    Dat Ninja Dray14 giờ trước

    Her fathers black. Oh cool, he's not there

  6. Diane N

    Diane N15 giờ trước

    not a lot of people would give a run down of exactly what went down and what the other person should improve on..

  7. Woomy Nwegh

    Woomy Nwegh15 giờ trước

    My phone was at 1 before I watched this video after it was at 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1 percent

  8. Kaтsυмιccнι

    Kaтsυмιccнι17 giờ trước

    This guy I dated three years ago, we were super close before we started dating, sent a friend to break up with me and avoided me after that, to this day he still avoids me. I had no idea why, we were doing so well. He never gave me an explanation so I thought it was me for the longest time.



    wow, i've had so many questions about this. even though i'm single a lot of people ask me i can use this advice,Thanks!



    u just got a new subscriber :D

  11. steam punk

    steam punkNgày trước

    I just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years about 2 days ago. We have been long distance for the last 2 1/2 years of our relationship but no, it's not the reason I left. Honestly, it was towards the bottom of the list of reasons why I wanted to break up. I wont go too into detail now, but we mainly just grew apart as people and not together as a couple. I still love him and I know I'll always love him. No one cheated, there was no argument, he wasnt happy with my decision, there was no external factor(s) that drove this decision but I felt like it was time. I dont regret or wish I could take back a second of our relationship cuz it was the best I've ever had. For anyone who needs to hear this, when its time, it's time. This video is helping me cope with the loss of a great relationship and a great partner but I feel like I have a lot more life to live before I think about marriage and everything that comes along with it and consequently after it.

  12. LKRandom

    LKRandom2 ngày trước

    One of my friends dated this guy for a few months and then they broke up peacefully, a week after they broke up they made out with other people in front of each other (yeah it’s fucking weird)

  13. marianne alzona

    marianne alzona2 ngày trước

    Hey domics alot has changed here in the philipines

  14. Trinity 101

    Trinity 1012 ngày trước

    I dont have a partner cause I'm an outcast hehehe :(

  15. Madison Espino

    Madison Espino2 ngày trước

    i just realized... this video was made a week AFTER i broke up with my boyfriend. i honestly just stopped loving him. i felt like i was with a lazy friend and not a boyfriend. we had a lot of differences. and i felt like i sacrificed a lot of myself and i hated who i was with him. when i broke up with him i just said it was because i fell out of love. but as months go by, i realized he wasn't what i wanted and i wasn't really happy. i told him we could be friends again after some space... but i don't see us becoming friends ever again. it was a bad break up and things afterward were so awkward and i don't think we can get past it. especially since he asked to be friends with benefits 2 DAYS after. that would just make things worst. i felt it was better to end things for good and blocked him on all social media and deleted his number after blocking it. i admit i miss having someone to cuddle and talk about nothing for no reason with. but hey, this is a chance for me to find myself again. a journey alone will eventually lead me to better people

  16. M. Sappy

    M. Sappy2 ngày trước

    I never had been dump before. I dump them. You weren’t expecting that didn’t you?

  17. Emma’s Vlogs

    Emma’s Vlogs2 ngày trước

    M. Sappy me too;)

  18. Luna plays undertale

    Luna plays undertale3 ngày trước

    I just went through a breakup so I went to watch your videos :)

  19. Katrina Cassandra Aquino

    Katrina Cassandra Aquino3 ngày trước

    I’ve broken up with my boyfriend which is also my classmate and damn the next day I saw him in class he was sort of crying and legit did not talk to me AT ALL😂😂

  20. yzarCgnikcuFmi

    yzarCgnikcuFmi3 ngày trước

    lol i once ended a relationship by acting like an asshole. but in all fairness i was an asshole from the beginning

  21. Ai C:

    Ai C:3 ngày trước

    Se que a nadie le importa pero hace 1 mes rompí con mi novio Fue más que nada por que me di cuenta de que no había ningun sentimiento involucrado de mi parte, cuando me pidió que empezáramos una relación lo acepté porque yo misma pensaba que me gustaba, aunque un poco de tiempo me di cuenta que no era así, simplemente compartíamos unos gustos y esa fue la principal razón por lo que acepté, pero no me sentía cómoda a su lado, era incómodo, casi no hablábamos yo lo intentaba pero cuando él estaba cerca de mi mi corazón y toda mi mente no estaba bien, no se aceleraba ni nada, como mis compañeras lo comentaban que sentían por sus parejas. Después un problema surgió, y ahí fue la oportunidad perfecta para terminar con el (segun yo) quise poner ese “problema” como pretexto para terminarlo y así lo hice. Y se que suena mal, y esta mal pero no podía seguir con la relación por que no sentía nada, y por que todas esas sensaciones y sentimientos que decían mis compañeras no las sentía con el, las sentía con alguien más, y dentro de mi se sentía como un engaño para el, esa fue otra razón por lo que termine eso. El se tuvo que ir del colegio, y hoy me sigue mandando mensajes que dicen cosas como te extraño o se que lo hice mal y todo de ese tipo yo trato de nunca ser grosera o algo por el estilo, pero nunca me e atrevido a contarle las dos razones por las que termine con el, y la verdad no se como rechazarlo ahora, y mas ahora cuando me e dado cuenta de que incluso en nuestro noviazgo yo sentía algo por algún mas y aún lo sigo sintiendo. Lo mejor hubiera sido desde el principio rechazarlo, pero me sentía obligada, pues todos en la clase nos miraban y además el era un amigo, pero sobre todo me sentía sola.

  22. Frosty Cookie

    Frosty Cookie3 ngày trước

    Oof my name is Alex

  23. Yelena Goltseva

    Yelena Goltseva4 ngày trước

    HAH! I'm never going to have to go through a break up! Cause I'm gonna be single for the rest of my life (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

  24. Nano14lol

    Nano14lol4 ngày trước

    I can relate a lot with Dom's 4th break up. I've been through the same, a break up with little to no explanation. Unfortunately, it scared me just as Dom said. This last year I pretend to be ok when I'm with friends, but it still bothers me. Specially when I found out that she got another boyfriend pretty quickly. And here I am, waiting for a proper explanation that I'll never get.

  25. Maddie Cornelll

    Maddie Cornelll4 ngày trước

    Me beach I'm just me to be honest

  26. sᴀᴅ ᴀᴜsᴛɪɴ

    sᴀᴅ ᴀᴜsᴛɪɴ5 ngày trước

    I wanna break up with her, but *im scared* ;-;

  27. Forkified

    Forkified5 ngày trước

    I had a breakup. But it wasn't my relationship.

  28. Carbon X

    Carbon X5 ngày trước

    I broke up with someone and asked if we could be friends they said no like I’m trying to keep the friendship and ur making this kinda hard

  29. Rania J. Tubadjil The Multifandom

    Rania J. Tubadjil The Multifandom6 ngày trước

    breaking up makes me want to not start a relationship.

  30. deadshot33yt

    deadshot33yt6 ngày trước

    so in the end why did you broke up with her?

  31. KamikaziFailure_

    KamikaziFailure_6 ngày trước

    I told my ex I hope she dies of cancer.

  32. Juliet Felice

    Juliet Felice6 ngày trước

    I’m in my first lesbian relationship, but I have 2 male exes Is it weird to have two exes when you’re eleven? And you only started dating 2 years ago? Is that weird?

  33. The sauce

    The sauce6 ngày trước

    Was that father's racist thing a swoozie reference?

  34. Frosty Wolf

    Frosty Wolf7 ngày trước

    2:56 that ungrateful jackass threw a switch.

  35. Thijs de Boer

    Thijs de Boer7 ngày trước

    I'm really glad i'm still great friends with one of my exes I see how it goes with other couples who are in the same group of friends and fucking hell a group of friends becomes unstable because of that

  36. waffle love

    waffle love7 ngày trước

    I wonder why isn't anyone talking bout 0:15 ?

  37. Hoy Chips

    Hoy Chips7 ngày trước

    Ah - Young Love

  38. Wolf In Slytherin

    Wolf In Slytherin8 ngày trước

    “Her father’s racist-.” Who hurt u. 😂

  39. Wolf In Slytherin

    Wolf In Slytherin8 ngày trước

    Kinda hard to breakup when you’ve never liked someone in the first place. 🤷‍♀️😂

  40. LIA

    LIA8 ngày trước

    Being left without a single explanation is the worst.

  41. Hossam El Masri

    Hossam El Masri8 ngày trước

    Did anyone see the girl in the background 1.28

  42. Cameryn Gibbs

    Cameryn Gibbs8 ngày trước

    I’m single but I have been single for all my life so honestly idc.

  43. Valeria plays

    Valeria plays9 ngày trước

    *2 months ago* *watches this video* Me: IM NEVER HAVING A BREAK WITH MY GUY :D he’s my everything! *February breakup 2019* Me: Where are my single Pringle fam?

  44. Chloe Trusty

    Chloe Trusty9 ngày trước

    It really is break up season! Break up over *text* season. I did a booty hole move and broke up with a guy over text, ( ik but it was a vv toxic relationship and I wasn’t comfortable speaking to him at the time) my best friend and her friend both got dumped over text on the SAME DAY.

  45. Jenn Jenn

    Jenn Jenn9 ngày trước

    After 4 months of my first break up I finally watched this. So happy I finally had the balls to watch the video ^^;

  46. すごいSUGOI

    すごいSUGOI10 ngày trước

    Just call your girl/boyfriend and talk easy as that.I am not kidding just do that not like my first breakup through fucking message.

  47. 5160411406 Jimmy sim

    5160411406 Jimmy sim11 ngày trước

    5:39 and what is it? you can't just leave us here with more question? it's drivin me crazy WHAT IS IT?

  48. RaresPuscaRo

    RaresPuscaRo11 ngày trước

    I breaked up twice and i am 11 years old

  49. kid CKG peeps paul

    kid CKG peeps paul12 ngày trước

    First I got a ad of vpn and when I watch the bengianing of this it had vpn

  50. Danielle Bolt

    Danielle Bolt12 ngày trước

    I wonder how many of these comments will be people saying something along the lines of “Can’t be broken up with if you’ve never dated”

  51. Mr. Danger Noodle

    Mr. Danger Noodle13 ngày trước

    Lol a ip vanish ad on a video sponsored by nord vpn

  52. nicolezeee

    nicolezeee13 ngày trước

    i broke up with my gf before a few months ago but never replied 😂😂😂😂😂 now i have a bf and were more close and social :)

  53. Gavvoo 1

    Gavvoo 113 ngày trước


  54. Gwen Stevens

    Gwen Stevens14 ngày trước

    What's the point of there bieng a code if it's going to be on VIreporter

  55. JadeDoesThings

    JadeDoesThings14 ngày trước

    It's been almost a year since me and him broke up. I understood his reason, but I'm still devastated at this event.. I gave him a part of my life, of my heart, and he just drilled it, gave it to me with a hole that could never be filled out ever again. I'm so scared to love again because what if I keep giving it to the wrong person, all of them drill a hole, until there's nothing left to drill? I admit that I still love him, But now I'm just an acquaintance in his eyes.

  56. StewFeed

    StewFeed14 ngày trước

    No one Notice Your Cool Art ! It's actually funny!

  57. Fat Mama

    Fat Mama14 ngày trước

    I broke up with a lot of people or should I say food I always eat my food (and food is bae) after so I guess we broke up... kinda ...they’re in my stomach sooo.... yea life

  58. Leandro Jacobik

    Leandro Jacobik14 ngày trước

    so she did only explain to you after some time to fell better about herself you dodge a bullet there mate XD

  59. Farhan Mollah

    Farhan Mollah15 ngày trước

    i had break up but still kinda like her and we are in the same school sooo

  60. Random Dude

    Random Dude15 ngày trước

    not relatable vid 0/10

  61. Lucasmastacrash

    Lucasmastacrash16 ngày trước

    i just got into my first ever real relationship and the girl im dating has had a lot of exes and shes still super depressed about this one dude and this video isn't helping my mindset currently cos im trying to help her get through it and just knowing what it actually feels like after you explained it (though it will be helpful for getting her through it) its just not what i wanna hear right now.

  62. Emma the Baka

    Emma the Baka16 ngày trước


  63. Donny G

    Donny G17 ngày trước

    Got this reccomended when I'm just about to get in a relationship wow

  64. Russell Chan

    Russell Chan17 ngày trước

    Man why you gotta be right

  65. Aiden Lenhart

    Aiden Lenhart17 ngày trước

    *1:30** I GOT SPOOPED LOL!*

  66. Mark Kaufman

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  67. FrenchToaster

    FrenchToaster17 ngày trước

    Karen their my kids to

  68. Theos Reyes

    Theos Reyes18 ngày trước

    i just realized that dom hasent really talked that much about her relationship with karen he just suddenly put it straight to the point

  69. The Vegan Merman

    The Vegan Merman18 ngày trước

    I broke up with my first boyfriend on December 23rd was that like not okay?

  70. Sopho

    Sopho18 ngày trước

    I'm in a relationship and I'm perfectly happy I'm just watching this because I want to cry about something right now for no reason

  71. Liv K Wood

    Liv K Wood19 ngày trước

    this kinda makes me paranoid about my gf dumping me lma

  72. mary's world

    mary's world20 ngày trước

    In short: *use the victim card*

  73. Rachel

    Rachel20 ngày trước

    HEY HEY 1:WAKE UP 2:MY BF WANTS TO BREAK UP 3ME CRY HOME 4:TEXT MY FRIEND IT 5:WE KILL HIM read it in order ok I’m not tricking you jeez

  74. The fellow Comrade

    The fellow Comrade20 ngày trước


  75. Stefan Schönf.

    Stefan Schönf.21 ngày trước

    4:20 its comforting to hear that this dating stuff seems not only for me complicated and partly dangerous.

  76. Yanche Razonable

    Yanche Razonable21 ngày trước

    My roblox boyfriend broke up with me.. He now has a minecraft girlfriend

  77. Loya Aheibam

    Loya Aheibam21 ngày trước

    From this comment section I know that not to break up or not to have any girlfriend at all

  78. Mason Lamb

    Mason Lamb22 ngày trước

    *COUGH COUGH* *CoUGh cOugH* Hbblbablbblabla

  79. Rine-chan !

    Rine-chan !22 ngày trước

    break up with you girlfriend ye yea cause im bored

  80. Er boro

    Er boro23 ngày trước

    If your watching this your girlfriend broke up with you

  81. Karon pad 2.0

    Karon pad 2.023 ngày trước

    my girlfriend : “I think we need some time and distance (insert name)” me: “to count velocity”

  82. Lieutenant Keef

    Lieutenant Keef23 ngày trước

    I asked my crush out on her birthday. She said yes, BTW. I'm not sad... I- I swear. :(

  83. Maynor Cabrera

    Maynor Cabrera23 ngày trước

    thanks for the ted talk pal

  84. Jess Moron

    Jess Moron23 ngày trước

    Yo but friendship breakups. Those hurt so fucking much.

  85. Loliplaysports_YT

    Loliplaysports_YT23 ngày trước

    Congrats on being in youtube rewind i stg i saw you in it

  86. hrhitter92

    hrhitter9224 ngày trước

    Ew son don’t ever make that noise again 0:14

  87. GamingwithJesse YT

    GamingwithJesse YT24 ngày trước

    Nice accent

  88. Radames Gonzalez

    Radames Gonzalez24 ngày trước


  89. __bleeding. heart__

    __bleeding. heart__25 ngày trước

    I've been dealing with making the decision to break up with my boyfriend but I can't do it because I love him so much and it hurts. The problem is that at times he can be stubborn and he's not cautious of his words and actions. He sometimes raises he's voice or get mad at me. But it's still in the works of making decision to stay together.

  90. Nathan Cross

    Nathan Cross25 ngày trước

    Can’t break up with video games!!

  91. Halle Timer

    Halle Timer25 ngày trước

    I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of over a year. It kinda came out of no where but he kinda saw it coming because I had tried before because of similar reasons. He and I are working on being friends but this video helped me cope a bit.. so thanks :)

  92. SaphireWolfie53

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  93. Angelina Adams

    Angelina Adams27 ngày trước

    i was dumped three days ago :/

  94. IY3S

    IY3S27 ngày trước

    HAH IM SINGLE *cri*

  95. PoleMuntant

    PoleMuntant28 ngày trước

    I have a question is there someone or somebody that really just don't care about a break up or just like "Ok i dont care bye :)" i really want to know?

  96. LoveMe,com

    LoveMe,com28 ngày trước

    Breaking it up wasn't that easy, it does hurt, but you have to deal with it. If your relationship is not healthy at all, it's better to give up than go on with your relationship, and you're not happy with it.

  97. Fergus James Eric ANDREW

    Fergus James Eric ANDREW29 ngày trước

    7:25 and then she did.

  98. dfw.talia -

    dfw.talia -29 ngày trước

    4:26 - 4:31 issa me rn 😁

  99. Tomodacier Tomodacier

    Tomodacier Tomodacier29 ngày trước

    At least Karen didn’t take the kids

  100. ray_ping_minors

    ray_ping_minorsTháng trước

    Putang.... igit

  101. Luca Pena

    Luca PenaTháng trước

    I cant break up if i'm not in a relationship...... :(

  102. Just An Otaku Gamer

    Just An Otaku GamerTháng trước

    More Break up videos/ series


    CL TOLENTINOTháng trước

    Now i know why my friend love this channel....*subscribed*