LeBron James Jr. throws down alley-oop in epic Sierra Canyon dunk fest | Prep Highlights


  1. Rowell Baldovi

    Rowell BaldoviNgày trước

    Bronny is a good defender too

  2. Mark Jarrett

    Mark Jarrett14 ngày trước

    Amazing athleticism..2:39 catch my own dunked ball out the net.....wow go bronny can't wait to see the young prince James in the nba

  3. tony smith

    tony smithTháng trước


  4. James Buscos

    James BuscosTháng trước

    man brony looks like a young michael jordan look a like lol

  5. Tv anggg

    Tv angggTháng trước

    That Bailey kid is kind of a a mini Jayson Tatum

  6. i Frosty

    i FrostyTháng trước


  7. James

    JamesTháng trước

    3:02 that pass was clean

  8. Allagadan Design Partners

    Allagadan Design PartnersTháng trước

    Bronny's dunk is at 2:34.

  9. ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuij

    ASDFGHJKL dfghjhgcgyuigfyuijTháng trước

    where's ESPN Elementary School?

  10. Ahmed Alam

    Ahmed AlamTháng trước

    Bronny dunks like his dad🔥🔥🔥

  11. Leo Fajardo

    Leo FajardoTháng trước

    why is this kid looks like jordan? lol..he is one lucky kid, he grew up with a very supporting father, I just hope the attention does not get into his mind and be humble.on the other hand Lebron is lucky too he got a son who loves basketball unlike Jordan's, Kobe however still hoping he'll get a boy.

  12. ᎴᖇᏋᎯm ᏰᎲᎶ

    ᎴᖇᏋᎯm ᏰᎲᎶTháng trước

    lil bron bron's build is a perfect gaurd

  13. John Seifert

    John SeifertTháng trước

    That was the most bs 5 second call ever

  14. Nick Lawton

    Nick LawtonTháng trước

    Bronny shoots like steph

  15. Amir Jama

    Amir JamaTháng trước

    Now all he got to do is skip college and go straight to nba

  16. true leed

    true leedTháng trước

    Bronny is just 6 inches and a good 20 lbs from stardom

  17. Moonroof

    MoonroofTháng trước

    Bronny on epsn all day

  18. Immanuel Burgstaller

    Immanuel BurgstallerTháng trước

    When I look at Bronny James body walk, body movement, the way he walk, the way he shot the ball... In simple words: the mechanism of his play and walk look MJ.

  19. Ski Mask

    Ski MaskTháng trước

    3:00 that pass was special

  20. Peazy Playz

    Peazy PlayzTháng trước

    Whos here from tiktok

  21. john Last

    john LastTháng trước

    not good enough to play nba

  22. Dennis Yap

    Dennis YapTháng trước

    Kamukha ni jordan anak ni lebron.

  23. Pio Garra

    Pio GarraTháng trước

    Zhaire wade lookin like Pat Bev

  24. tresspass D

    tresspass DTháng trước

    The thing that i respect from Bronny & Zaire even tho their father an amazing player living legends but Bronny & Zaire still respect their senior and both of them didnt like you know "my father is legend in bball u gotta respect me and give me more minute play than the other" they still keep it lowkey and respect the older player in their team

  25. Wrist Wrist

    Wrist WristTháng trước

    There’s two LeBrons 🤯

  26. bugga boo

    bugga booTháng trước

    Go to mrsmdmartin its a super channel for getting fit ...She is so down to earth and cute!!!!

  27. TuckFrump

    TuckFrumpTháng trước

    When will the basketball world get off of his sack man....Probably will take as long as its taking for people to get off his father’s....tf

  28. Svetko Sabljic

    Svetko SabljicTháng trước

    Best plejer

  29. Bryan White

    Bryan WhiteTháng trước

    His vision..

  30. EliThaGr8

    EliThaGr8Tháng trước

    Lebron: Goku Bronny: Teen Gohan

  31. Cory Crawford

    Cory CrawfordTháng trước


  32. Pitoy Fabs

    Pitoy FabsTháng trước

    The new generation son of LBJ very athletic person also. Nice and compliments l hoping one day he played duo in Lakers before the Senior is retirement in NBA.

  33. Davante Fenwrick

    Davante FenwrickTháng trước

    did that guy say wade plays for the blazers? 1:24

  34. LamboLen2023 Nelson

    LamboLen2023 NelsonTháng trước

    Why's he not in the starting 5?

  35. chloe jones

    chloe jonesTháng trước

    I normally say he’s not that good but today. Based on this clip. He’s pretty smooth. That lob was a laser pass that was on point in full speed not an easy pass to pull off.

  36. Cristina Haro

    Cristina HaroTháng trước

    The dude is a freshman 😂 Bronny has a smooth jumpshot and crazy skills . That kid has nba written all over him

  37. Jim Godwin Panganiban

    Jim Godwin PanganibanTháng trước

    2:35 Thank me later

  38. High School LBJ

    High School LBJTháng trước

    Prince James and King James 👑

  39. Mhikael Tiglao

    Mhikael TiglaoTháng trước

    Boruto will never be the same level as naruto

  40. Yağız Ceylan

    Yağız CeylanTháng trước

    I bet Sierra Canyon has the potential to beat Knicks for sure

  41. englewood price

    englewood priceTháng trước

    that alley hoop pass from bronny. you cant teach that

  42. ROTA 003

    ROTA 003Tháng trước


  43. Camp Gemini

    Camp GeminiTháng trước

    No hate but bronny's not special. Just a son of an nba player.

  44. Isidro De La Cruz

    Isidro De La CruzTháng trước

    Bronny is going to b a star in the NBA I say averages 18 pts 7 a 5 rb but he ain't going to be a super star like his old man

  45. John Bautista

    John BautistaTháng trước

    Why zaire wade look like pat bev tho 🤔💀

  46. Sam 13

    Sam 13Tháng trước

    These highschool players throwing dunks with ease.👀

  47. Crispy Chris

    Crispy ChrisTháng trước

    Imagine he plays his dad in the NBA

  48. C. KHiD

    C. KHiDTháng trước

    I barely have grey hairs and I remember this kid being BORN.................. to Lebron and Savannah... Truly a blessed child. Good to see he's taking advantage of his platform the right way. Same with Zaire. AMEN! Black Kings!

  49. Tyreese Smith

    Tyreese SmithTháng trước

    Zaire Wade is the realest teammate I’ve seen 😭

  50. Brandon LURENZO

    Brandon LURENZOTháng trước

    When ur gets 6’8-6-9 that height will set him apart from the pack

  51. Omar Jamal

    Omar JamalTháng trước

    he got high basket ball iq just like his dad. plus he got nice touch.

  52. Meiner867

    Meiner867Tháng trước

    Everyone talking about the dunk when the pass is the more difficult part of the alley-oop. Unless your just dealing with a freak athlete the pass has to have the timing and accuracy for things to work

  53. Wxvy_ Kevin

    Wxvy_ KevinTháng trước

    Rocking the saints row 3 music

  54. King Cash

    King CashTháng trước

    Bron Bron Jr. Stunting like his daddy!😎😎

  55. Christopher C. Harris, LPC, NCC

    Christopher C. Harris, LPC, NCCTháng trước

    Check the young man release for the breakaway “aayyy!!!” at round 25-29sec. That’s the Basketball I grew up with. You gotta be putting the ball down as you gather yourself for the finish. Not catching the ball, or picking up your dribble, then taking 2-4 steps, that’s traveling. I know the excitement of the high flyers led to that quiet culture change, not just a rules change. But still. That’s traveling. The young man displayed a fundamental visual cue of how it’s suppose to be. 👍🏾

  56. GaniiHassan

    GaniiHassanTháng trước

    He run just like his father after that dunk lol 2:34

  57. heno 1

    heno 1Tháng trước

    LeBron James Jr goes to the store and buys some milk ooooohhhhhhhhh. Dam mmm this sad

  58. Chris Frazier

    Chris FrazierTháng trước

    Go boy don’t let no words or no one hold you back

  59. V Choppa

    V ChoppaTháng trước

    Bronny looking good out there. Facts

  60. Captn_Taco

    Captn_TacoTháng trước

    Saints row 3 music ???