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Bruce Springsteen - The Wrestler (Full Song - Unedited version)


  1. sayheykid54

    sayheykid543 tháng trước

    Beautiful well written song!

  2. Benjamin Brown

    Benjamin Brown3 tháng trước

    Crypto-Roe v. Wade....Christians born with one foot in the grave.

  3. Zev Feldman

    Zev Feldman3 tháng trước


  4. john shipman

    john shipman3 tháng trước

    Have you ever seen a one armed man punching at a dream?

  5. Adam chewy

    Adam chewy4 tháng trước


  6. Adam chewy

    Adam chewy4 tháng trước

    "Wait a second...."Randy the Ram"....? The wrestler from the 80's ? "Ram Jam !?!?" That's crazy you look just like the dude."

  7. E Cannon

    E Cannon4 tháng trước

    By far the best movies he has ever acted in.

  8. Jussi Pänkäläinen

    Jussi Pänkäläinen4 tháng trước

    Lepää rauhassa rakas

  9. Jussi Pänkäläinen

    Jussi Pänkäläinen4 tháng trước

    Be well my love

  10. JONNOG88

    JONNOG884 tháng trước

    Loved this song. Such humility in the lyrics

  11. ed p

    ed p4 tháng trước

    R.I.P Dusty, Roddy, Pillman, Bruno, Bam Bam, Brody , Owen, Vader and every other Wrestler who gave his life to the Business of Pro Wrestling .

  12. Watcher

    Watcher4 tháng trước

    21 years old, depression fighter, Security Guard in retail security for 4 stores alone, Martial Artist (stopped for a while- getting back), used to be a Pro Wrestling trainee, lone wolf all my life, my family are spread around, may live with my nan but I may as well live alone, single. This song hits home. Amazing.

  13. Rosana Fatima

    Rosana Fatima4 tháng trước

    Esse cara é o maximo!!!

  14. Ged Reilly

    Ged Reilly4 tháng trước

    You could easily make a case for Bruce to be the greatest artist of all time. I love him, allong with millions of others like me. Here's the BUT. How come when Bruce wrote the lyrics & he showed them to someone, then sang it in the studio, then edited it & released it that no one, not one single person said to him, Bruce, don't you mean " three legged dog"?

  15. tonbo1116

    tonbo11164 tháng trước

    Big Van Vader、Leon White!I love forever!!

  16. JP Ramos

    JP Ramos5 tháng trước

    Fuck Sean Penn

  17. Rocky Walter

    Rocky Walter5 tháng trước

    " I'm an old broken down piece of meat"

  18. Chris Davis

    Chris Davis5 tháng trước

    Anyone who has struggled can understand this song.

  19. Christian Lopez

    Christian Lopez5 tháng trước

    una pelicula genial extraordinaria y un tema del mismo nivel gracias a Bruce, sin duda una pelicula de culto y un tema musical maravilloso, que nos deja con una dejo de tristeza pero tambien de reflexion.

  20. Jinx Jinx

    Jinx Jinx5 tháng trước

    This song kind of makes me think of Terry Funk tbh

  21. Mark Britten

    Mark Britten3 tháng trước

    Jinx Jinx or Mick Foley. I think you could probably make a video for this song solely using clips from the Mankind Vs Undertaker Hell In A Cell match from 1998

  22. rock stephenz

    rock stephenz6 tháng trước

    RIP Eddie Guerrero

  23. rock stephenz

    rock stephenz6 tháng trước

    RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper

  24. griffin lamp

    griffin lamp6 tháng trước

    "The only place I get hurt is out there."

  25. griffin lamp

    griffin lamp6 tháng trước


  26. Kylymbek Mamatov

    Kylymbek Mamatov6 tháng trước


  27. steven cook

    steven cook6 tháng trước

    Rourke jumps and then this song comes in..brought a tear to my eye.

  28. Nick Demino

    Nick Demino6 tháng trước

    Micky you are amazing

  29. wheelofsun

    wheelofsun7 tháng trước

    This song always reminds me of Jesus Christ :)

  30. Omnipresent One

    Omnipresent One7 tháng trước

    What Rourke did in this movie has only been done once in a life time from the top 1% to ever do it.

  31. Don Birnam

    Don Birnam7 tháng trước

    This somg is so good to bring back emotions to ones lige. Tour not a failure and your not a burnout , thinm about what you got ans if even one person loves or cares for you.

  32. Paul Watts

    Paul Watts7 tháng trước

    I always give this song a listen every time I need a good cry. Seriously though, it’s amazing how such a simple song could embody the entire feeling of a film that hits so many different emotions.

  33. Paul Dean

    Paul Dean8 tháng trước

    Stunning Song

  34. Don Birnam

    Don Birnam8 tháng trước

    What a good song and movie. I reccomend The Pope of Greenwich Village with a young Mickey Rourke ,great acting and kinda unknown movie really enertaining movie.

  35. john shipman

    john shipman8 tháng trước

    Jared Kushner is the Antichrist!

  36. nefilim ugh

    nefilim ugh9 tháng trước

    Big tragedy of human soul. He was bad father but people loved him for being wrestling star. I think many true popular stars had drama like this.

  37. Hugh K. Ayers

    Hugh K. Ayers10 tháng trước

    Have you ever seen a one-legged dawg makin' his way down the street...

  38. izbo10

    izbo1010 tháng trước

    Vaders life story right now seems to be mirroring this movie and it is sad.

  39. Mi Cuenta

    Mi Cuenta10 tháng trước


  40. Ian Meadows

    Ian Meadows11 tháng trước

    This song reminds me of why respect professional wrestling

  41. hune saint

    hune saint11 tháng trước

    Eddie guerrero , the fuckin wrestler!!

  42. Michael Luordo

    Michael Luordo11 tháng trước

    This song is perfect for any professional wrestler who retires after a long career like Ric Flair and The Undertaker

  43. loch70

    loch70Năm trước

    I could not care less about oscars, nominations and things like that. I love this song, really liked the movie. Greetings from Sweden. Love. Mattias.

  44. Leo Sicairos

    Leo SicairosNăm trước

    I think this song would go great with the movie Logan as well.

  45. Peter Meulan

    Peter MeulanNăm trước

    One of Bruce's finest songs, the Oscars are a joke@*&

  46. Peter Meulan

    Peter MeulanNăm trước

    Have you ever seen a one trick pony in the field so happy and free? If you've ever seen a one trick pony then you've seen me Have you ever seen a one-legged dog making his way down the street? If you've ever seen a one-legged dog then you've seen me Then you've seen me, I come and stand at every door Then you've seen me, I always leave with less than I had before Then you've seen me, bet I can make you smile when the blood, it hits the floor Tell me, friend, can you ask for anything more? Tell me can you ask for anything more? Have you ever seen a scarecrow filled with nothing but dust and wheat? If you've ever seen that scarecrow then you've seen me Have you ever seen a one-armed man punching at nothing but the breeze? If you've ever seen a one-armed man then you've seen me Then you've seen me, I come and stand at every door Then you've seen me, I always leave with less than I had before Then you've seen me, bet I can make you smile when the blood, it hits the floor Tell me, friend, can you ask for anything more? Tell me can you ask for anything more? These things that have comforted me, I drive away This place that is my home I cannot stay My only faith's in the broken bones and bruises I display Have you ever seen a one-legged man trying to dance his way free? If you've ever seen a one-legged man then you've seen me

  47. Joshua Mason

    Joshua MasonNăm trước

    Easily one of my favorite all time movies. The song is mesmerizing and full of emotion. Love it all.

  48. edwardmashberg1

    edwardmashberg1Năm trước

    So beautiful to see nothing but love and honor in the comments here. This movie and song are more profound than so much that passes as art and insight. It holds your heart hostage. I think it's a masterpiece.

  49. Tiffany Varela

    Tiffany VarelaNăm trước

    this song brings me to tears I love you Bruce Springsteen😘

  50. jasmike96 c

    jasmike96 cNăm trước

    powerful lyrics!!!

  51. Michael Leon

    Michael LeonNăm trước

    I think I'm going to have to kill myself

  52. yes

    yesNăm trước

    This movie is to the wrestling industry as The Deer Hunter was to the military

  53. skramble

    skrambleNăm trước

    Roddy Dusty Warrior Eddie This ones for you guys.

  54. black panther marvel forever

    black panther marvel foreverNăm trước

    Fuck the dark turd this is a real masterpiece of a film Mickey rourke give an amazing performance and this was the best movie of 2008 Mickey should have one the Oscar and Bruce for this great song but it didn't happen because stupid people were overhypeing that shitty Chris Nolan garbage

  55. Sly Cooper

    Sly CooperNăm trước

    What an incoherent mess of a comment. The Dark Knight did not win for best actor nor did it win for best original song (the two categories you bring up), in fact the two movies were not even nominated in any of the same categories...... your stupidity is palpable. That said, both movies were fantastic.

  56. Efrén Espinoza

    Efrén EspinozaNăm trước

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Muy Buena Película!!!!!!!

  57. Do M

    Do MNăm trước

    Thank you Taker

  58. PapaShango619

    PapaShango619Năm trước

    When Undertaker wrestled his last match at WrestleMania 33 I thought of this song. Nearly 30 years the Deadman never left WWE. He lasted all the eras late Golden era, new generation, attitude, ruthless aggresion to the present era. He definitely was in bad shape during his last 4 WrestleManias. It was time for him to retire. Thank you Taker.

  59. smackedinthejaw

    smackedinthejaw10 tháng trước

    I remember the Undertaker wrestling when I was 8 years old....I am 35 now

  60. Syracuse Bdwag

    Syracuse BdwagNăm trước

    I cried so hard so many times when I heard this song. Oh man, I just can't stand watching a hero dying like this.

  61. Jesper Blaabjerg Kristensen

    Jesper Blaabjerg KristensenNăm trước


  62. Kyle Piquette

    Kyle PiquetteNăm trước


  63. Federico Barberis

    Federico BarberisNăm trước

    vai THE RAM! dio bastardo

  64. Michael Hemingway

    Michael HemingwayNăm trước

    I'm happy someone said that comment about having a little cry it happens to me with this song nearly every time bit embarrassing fake yawns soon follow especially if boys night oh I'm sooo tired my eyes are watering who's shout

  65. Michael Hemingway

    Michael HemingwayNăm trước

    yep OK he is getting on in years the old slugger but he truely is one cooool daddy

  66. Glorious Wrestling fan

    Glorious Wrestling fanNăm trước

    i want undertaker going out to this song

  67. dejavuinverso

    dejavuinversoNăm trước

    my grandfather used to be a wrestler, this song gets me.

  68. Chris Monvel

    Chris MonvelNăm trước

    this movie is so beautiful, if i'm going to die doing what i love most i'm fine with that

  69. jo65gm

    jo65gmNăm trước

    wonderful song !

  70. Browns Fan

    Browns FanNăm trước

    I always think about Jake Roberts when I hear this song.

  71. Beatle Tom

    Beatle TomNăm trước

    Never cared for Bruce, but this song (and the movie) is a beautiful masterpiece.

  72. CrimsonPhantasms

    CrimsonPhantasmsNăm trước

    I remember hearing this for the first time not from the movie, but from a Mitsuharu Misawa tribute. I cried like a baby. He got me into Japanese style wrestling.

  73. seanbon74

    seanbon74Năm trước

    Bruce is the BOSS

  74. Bret Harley

    Bret HarleyNăm trước

    I can honestly say I've never seen a one legged dog making his way down the street

  75. UnkeLL Grga

    UnkeLL GrgaNăm trước

    One of the biggest snubs in history that Bruce wasnt nominated for this Overall a snubbed movie in general, a pure sad realistic drama like few others

  76. Sydney Llodra

    Sydney LlodraNăm trước

    this is probably one of the most beautiful and poetic songs I've ever heard. Its lyrics just speak to the soul and gives you chills

  77. Don Hess

    Don HessNăm trước

    How does Mr. Springstein do this? Somebody picks up the phone and asks him to write a song for a movie. And then, a little while later, something magnificent like this song appears on our airways and gives the movie exactly the foundation needed. This guy does this over and over--he's a trip.

  78. Bernadett Horváth

    Bernadett HorváthNăm trước

    mickey the one

  79. Bernadett Horváth

    Bernadett HorváthNăm trước

    magyarorszag kazincbarcika 3700 babits m ut 13 rigo peti love you please autogrammm

  80. Harold Tan

    Harold TanNăm trước

    this film had me in tears

  81. Alain Aguayo

    Alain AguayoNăm trước

    cuando bajaba al primer piso a mirarte no era una coincidencia, era algo que tenía que hacer si o si, pasaban los días y pude conquistar tu triste corazón y te robaba besos cuando terminaba mi trabajo y corría a verte y decirte que te quiero, espero nunca olvides mis besos a miel y mis abrazos que significan amor.

  82. Tao Ky

    Tao Ky2 năm trước

    Man this song represents all of the hard working individuals who have all the odds stacked up against them, yet they're still working towards their dream.

  83. Maitiu Jarrett

    Maitiu Jarrett2 năm trước

    that ending tho.

  84. dat calculation tho

    dat calculation tho10 tháng trước

    Dat calculation tho

  85. LaVitaNouva

    LaVitaNouva2 năm trước

    The film that hurt wrestlers and fans so hard, because it's too real, no sugar coating at all.

  86. P H

    P H2 năm trước


  87. Mitch Ritchie

    Mitch Ritchie2 năm trước

    and the soundtrack... born in '74 n grew up through the 80's n 90's, the 80's music often looked at as cheesy cookie cutter hair band music. Its refreshing look at the era in 80s music as CLASSIC. I feel as time flows n moves on from the era of the hairband it is looked back on more fondly and warm, it was a fun and safe simple time

  88. Isaac Arellano

    Isaac Arellano2 năm trước

    crying over here...

  89. funny pussychanger

    funny pussychanger2 năm trước

    whats a fall? when you are emotionally dead and still breathing

  90. Reed Naylor

    Reed Naylor2 năm trước

    I was wrestling since 16 and then had to retire following a massive concussion. It was the hardest thing Ive ever done to give it up; I even have a hard time going to shows because I want to be in the ring so bad

  91. Dustin Martin

    Dustin Martin2 năm trước

    This song now reminds me of my father.

  92. Luke Strong

    Luke Strong2 năm trước


  93. Im_ RuL3zZ

    Im_ RuL3zZ2 năm trước

    But "the wrestler" is the sound's title too?

  94. Intenxsify

    Intenxsify2 năm trước

    This movie was amazing

  95. Mel 21

    Mel 212 năm trước

    That ending man .... 😪

  96. Jamey Evans

    Jamey Evans9 tháng trước

    Just the idea of no guaranteed happy endings in life as a reality really hits you hard.

  97. Maitiu Jarrett

    Maitiu JarrettNăm trước

    Mel 21 "you never know who's in the crowd"

  98. K Herbo

    K HerboNăm trước

    Mel 21 because of that ending it gives me the ability with anything that I do go out like the warrior you are 😢😢

  99. Intenxsify

    Intenxsify2 năm trước


  100. memie lol

    memie lol2 năm trước

    I play this every time a wrestler dies. Rest In Peace Mr. Fuji, you'll be missed

  101. Guillermo Pomales

    Guillermo Pomales2 năm trước

    You Just have to live it Up while you can and as when it comes to wrestling I have been a watching a fan of wrestling since a was 8 years old and now I'am n my 40's and I still watch it but The Wrestler,Mickie Rourke I mean the movie not even a Real Good Wrestler just ever Could it had done the movie Better than Mickei Rourke.

  102. Guillermo Pomales

    Guillermo Pomales2 năm trước

    One of the Greatest Song I've had heard from Bruce You got to have a Real Heart to feel it

  103. Rasoir983

    Rasoir9832 năm trước

    I was a weightlifter, an ascending one. I lived for my sport and gave it every last thing I got. Then just as I was qualifying to make the jump I got badly injured. I tried so hard to get back on saddle, but I'm so broken down and that was just a battle I could not win. I find myself very much in the story of Randy. Since I also don't have a family or very much else. I felt so much for him as I watched the movie. And I felt so much for him mostly in the final scene. I know perfectly how it feels like.

  104. Zang Bro

    Zang Bro4 tháng trước

    we have your back brah

  105. 8th Gen Fla Native Steve

    8th Gen Fla Native Steve9 tháng trước

    yep, I boxed for many a year and opportunities in my life gave me the fast track to the top. Well, life had other plans. Watched this movie to kill time one evening, WOW!!! I WATCHED IT TWICE !! This one got it right.


    MAC THE SLOVAC11 tháng trước


  107. John Doe

    John DoeNăm trước

    there's always another battle: don't give up...

  108. jaggededges

    jaggededges2 năm trước

    life's tough and this world is unforgiving, I wish you the best and hope you find yourself a life you can truly live with that doesn't tear you apart. I have been through some serious shit too

  109. William Diament

    William Diament2 năm trước

    Mickeys performance in this beautiful film was unlike anything I've seen it felt real I didn't see Mickey Rourke I saw the ram and it broke my heart to see him struggle every step of his path!

  110. Bryan Corts

    Bryan Corts2 năm trước

    I had met a old timer after he had swam in a creek by the crossroads to war (civil war) on a bike trail in virginia with the best taste in liqour and beer. Even had a nice bike he let me try out. Hahaha we was laughing our asses off like we were blood brothers. I told him him we were all on this train called time and I happened to stop by on his train car to have a beer and pester the other workout alholics as they went by. I will never forget this guy. He smoked mavericks too lmao!!!!

  111. We Soy Beto Sanchez

    We Soy Beto Sanchez2 năm trước

    This song is the best and the movie is a masterpiece

  112. Batool Abbasi

    Batool Abbasi2 năm trước

    This song reminds me of my dad. He is not a wrestler but an aging man. He had me late in life and now i am 18 and he is 64. Sometimes i watch him struggle with things, get confused, be fooled by someone. slow down and it frustrates me. I get angry because i dont wanna be sad. The movie reminds me of him. A man trying so so so hard to free himself from the bitter death of old age, holding on every so tightly to a distant glorious past.

  113. RedneckersonPhD

    RedneckersonPhD6 ngày trước

    “The bitter death of old age” That’s exactly what it is. Just waiting things out. It’s maybe the toughest part of life...

  114. Gonzalo Ramos

    Gonzalo RamosTháng trước

    Hug your dad anytime, we dont know when it's going to be the last :c

  115. Jerry Hanley

    Jerry Hanley3 tháng trước

    Your feelings are you feelings...they are yours alone..don't let anyone dilute have strong emotions with your father...tell him that stuff....make his eyes sparkle they did when he first held you!!.. life gives so much, if you let it....peace and blessings 🤗

  116. Absaalookemensch

    Absaalookemensch4 tháng trước

    Trapped behind the shackles of age is an 18 year old struggling to be free. Look at the 18 year old in him and enjoy the time you have together. Never leave anything unsaid, for one day he will be gone, and if you don't have it now, you'll live with regrets and guilt. Parents and children don't have to be perfect, just good enough. It's an easy goal to achieve. God Bless.

  117. Wawmeesh G. Hamilton

    Wawmeesh G. Hamilton6 tháng trước

    I'm a bit long in the tooth now, myself. My son sees this, like you, and helps me along when I need it. It means more than you know.

  118. Al Novi

    Al Novi2 năm trước

    When I first watched this film, I thought it was typically the ups and downs of famous athlete and come out with a happy ending but as it moved on I was so depressed on how it ended. Sad but one work of art.

  119. Daniel Pfost

    Daniel Pfost5 tháng trước

    It did end “happily”, if the Ram was going to go, he did it on his terms despite everything happening outside of him.

  120. Intenxsify

    Intenxsify2 năm trước

    You must've thought.

  121. Al Novi

    Al Novi2 năm trước

    I agree, prayers go out to those who never lived a happy life. Im sure they in a better place now.

  122. Moosey Man

    Moosey Man2 năm trước

    As much as I wished it had ended happily, I'm glad it didn't. Would have taken away from the power the movie displayed. It ended as real as living on earth is; Sometimes endings aren't as happy as we wish they would be.