BTS' Beatles Transformation, Paris Hilton On Kim Kardashian Becoming A Lawyer | PeopleTV


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    I wish my husband would listen to me

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    Only clicked for queen Paris Hilton

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    I think Kim K will be a great lawyer 😃😃


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    I am middle 40s mum. Im a big fanf of them n proud of BTS.x

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    I'm here to see BTS News.

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    Me too sweetie!!😅

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    15:26 For ARMY

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    Ummm.....i iron all of mine and my children's clothes! I even iron jeans and sweat pants. Let me put it this way, the only clothing line i have NOT iron is socks and underwear. Ya.'s bad. I hate it. But i can't stand wrinkly clothes..

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    I'm a 42 years old army mom! Love my BTS boys 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    @Quiet Demon Welcome Army 💜

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    Francelina Pires and I’m a 21 year old dude and replay the Beatles constantly although I’m also an army as well

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    16:40 looking for BTS!?

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    @Quiet Demon it's an honor to be compared to such a big name, but BTS is not to be the 2nd any band. To me, they are the one and only band who can have this much impact on my life. Just thinking about the population size difference in English speakers and Korean speakers, what they have achieved is really meaningful. I dont think the other two have recieved alarms, so here i am!!

  20. Quiet Demon

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    What do all three of you think of the comparison between the Beatles and BTS I think it’s justified as they are both iconic and generation defining groups who deserve the praise and legendary status

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    @Melody Hall i did the same. Literally fast forward to the part for BTS.

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    in cho not to sound so straight forward but. I lobe you for doing that i literally only clicked because BTS wws in the title so thank you so much. ❤❤💜💜💚💚

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    You put BTS in the title, the whole world will click💜💜💜💜

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    One word I didn’t particularly like was the word “rabid”. Sorry, the segment was great but as much as I love BTS and the Fans, I wouldn’t consider using the word “rabid” to describe them. I think they are passionate and supportive. I would have liked to hear a little bit more on the similarities btwn both groups.

  25. Jennifer Pak

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    Tamera! You’ve got to look into their message and what light they bring to topics about mental health, identity, social struggles. I think you’re forgetting that BTS is breaking barriers! Music transcends all languages, races, gender, and ages! So, the reason why people are into BTS are also the lyrics to their songs, and guess what? Because of technology and the internet, we’re able to read and understand their lyrics through translation, which convey a very deep message that speaks volumes to us all. That’s what’s so amazing and that’s how everyone’s connected to BTS and understand them. So, great music doesn’t need to be in English! It’s WAY more than that, way more complex and deeper! You’ve gotta see why their so big, there must be a reason why. Just having good looks and amazing dance skills will only get you so far, their message and personalities and unification of all of us is what makes them LEGENDARY! One world, one army 💜 I hope you get to see that because you of all people understand how it is when people don’t understand and only see the surface and judge.

  26. Francelina Army Mom

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    Very well said!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼When my daughter first introduced me to them a little of a year ago; i felt the same way. I said to my daughter how i couldn't understand what they were singing?! She says to me just press the translation button. The rest is history lol. To me BTS bring us sooooo much more to the world other then their BEAUTIFUL voices and dancing skills. Let's not forget the handsome part. Also their compassion, their awareness to an everyday life problem, their love and appreciation they present to us ARMY (FANS) is incredible. I'm a 42 years old army mom, and loving my boys. I purple 💜 all of them😎

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    Omg am I rlly the fist comment? Yay! I love bts so much ! I wish they could notice me 😅😭👌

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  29. Jimin_got_me_jungshook ARMY

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