BTS Carpool Karaoke


  1. Back and Forth

    Back and Forth25 phút trước

    James : Papa Mochi Jimin : Baby Mochi

  2. GlossJung

    GlossJung25 phút trước

    Tae: "dumplings..." **stares out of the window dramatically** LMAOOOOOO

  3. Lulu Memon

    Lulu Memon25 phút trước

    Of course lil meow meow says this is hard he’s so adorable

  4. Pancake ramen tattoo nation SCREAM

    Pancake ramen tattoo nation SCREAM25 phút trước

    I'm so sorry but jungkook and taehyung sitting down while jimin is teaching the dance will forever be my favourite part of this 16:50 minutes

  5. Gracy Miles Villano

    Gracy Miles Villano25 phút trước

    I will go there just to kiss the dance floor

  6. Never Mind

    Never Mind25 phút trước

    Gaduh dgn Justin Bieber k BTS ..wkkk

  7. R Widya

    R Widya25 phút trước

    I'm come from INDONESIA , not too much uderstand , but i'm enjoy stay watching 😂

  8. ジェイjay

    ジェイjay25 phút trước

    i want to properly thank the person who put jhope in the middle. his reactions and energy is unmatched.

  9. Army Sunbaenim BTS

    Army Sunbaenim BTS25 phút trước

    I Love all Army Trying to Recruit New Army in the Comments 🤣🤣 Army are so Nice explaining to Non Army Their Names,other Recommendations Song and other Video of BTS...Army speaks so nicely to Non Army...awwww~~~~😭😄

  10. Black The killer

    Black The killer26 phút trước

    I want "SUBTHAI"​

  11. Ayesha Khan

    Ayesha Khan26 phút trước


  12. WaRAnYa InPIkUl

    WaRAnYa InPIkUl26 phút trước

    11:15 what song

  13. Aina Vlogs

    Aina Vlogs26 phút trước

    Does anyone knows the song after The song “On” ??

  14. Mae Lee

    Mae Lee26 phút trước

    V is so cute when he said "was that off?"

  15. fefe mo

    fefe mo26 phút trước

    Please do another one of these it was so funny and amazing🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  16. Victoria Zúñiga

    Victoria Zúñiga26 phút trước

    why jin and v always fight? it is obvious it is not about the dumplings

  17. BTS Fangirl

    BTS Fangirl25 phút trước

    Victoria Zúñiga jimin*

  18. Impulse Storm

    Impulse Storm26 phút trước

    BTS fans are gay

  19. ten ten

    ten ten25 phút trước

    Impulse Storm yea we are

  20. BTS Fangirl

    BTS Fangirl25 phút trước

    Impulse Storm and

  21. R

    R26 phút trước


  22. Helmy Novriansyah

    Helmy Novriansyah26 phút trước


  23. Nicole

    Nicole26 phút trước

    Ta mas pq q eu to levemente com vergonha alheia dos meninos dançando fit dance

  24. Oh HaNi

    Oh HaNi26 phút trước

    Talented!! I love them 💕💕

  25. Blunny

    Blunny26 phút trước

    All of them feeling that dance class was amazing😂💜

  26. Rajeshwari

    Rajeshwari26 phút trước

    XD I had a smile on my face the entire 16:49 mins.

  27. PollosH3rm4nos

    PollosH3rm4nos26 phút trước

    James now has the coronavirus.

  28. BTS Fangirl

    BTS Fangirl26 phút trước

    PollosH3rm4nos 5:25

  29. Adrix Lishi

    Adrix Lishi26 phút trước

    Necesito subtítulos en español, casi no entiendo 😭💔

  30. Jimmy Bone

    Jimmy Bone26 phút trước

    Adrix Lishi

  31. sweet dreams

    sweet dreams26 phút trước

    it's like a family road trip ahhh ;-;

  32. Jimmy Bone

    Jimmy Bone26 phút trước

    sweet dreams

  33. Gabs Hye

    Gabs Hye26 phút trước

    Nobody: Nobody at all: Not one soul: J-Hope & RM: MY BIG FAT ASS GOT ALL THE BOYS HOOKED

  34. Jimmy Bone

    Jimmy Bone26 phút trước

    Gabs Hye

  35. HighOnGlucose

    HighOnGlucose26 phút trước

    Waiting for james to sing in Korean......

  36. Ian Moore

    Ian Moore26 phút trước

    Kpop more like Kpoop

  37. Angie C

    Angie C26 phút trước

    Was there always this many of them, or have they multiplied through the years?!

  38. Tami Han

    Tami Han26 phút trước

    Jungkook looks like he's having the time of his life. Love him! 😍

  39. Jimmy Bone

    Jimmy Bone25 phút trước

    Tami Han

  40. love skztxt

    love skztxt27 phút trước

    I'm so happy 'cause the non-fans loves Jhope while other fake armys doesn't like him.

  41. Jimmy Bone

    Jimmy Bone25 phút trước

    love skztxt

  42. Aly corredor

    Aly corredor27 phút trước

    J hope sitting like that with his legs wide open and slouching is making me feel some type of way

  43. Jimmy Bone

    Jimmy Bone25 phút trước

    Aly corredor

  44. Jadie Girl

    Jadie Girl27 phút trước

    I've become a fan of the guy with the tats hes fucking hot, I even set my profile pic as him

  45. Jimmy Bone

    Jimmy Bone25 phút trước

    Jadie Girl

  46. Kai Young

    Kai Young27 phút trước

    James : "My Korean is not Great tho" Me : "Me too James..." *Meanwhile Jungkook : *Speak "Me too" Suddenly*

  47. Joy Gutiérrez

    Joy Gutiérrez27 phút trước

    Jin: "i've watch Friends and I didn't learn english"

  48. Khaty khay Walker

    Khaty khay Walker27 phút trước

    I suddenly want to hear a cover song in english by Jin

  49. Haley Bell

    Haley Bell27 phút trước

    2:38 Jungkook Lol

  50. Leto77

    Leto7727 phút trước

    this is a good case for exterminating the entirety of human civilization.

  51. Jungkook Jeon

    Jungkook Jeon26 phút trước


  52. Jungkook Jeon

    Jungkook Jeon27 phút trước


  53. jyu. ya

    jyu. ya27 phút trước

    The way their dancing is synchronized even when being all crazy inside a car

  54. Zipkan

    Zipkan27 phút trước

    "I wanna see.....Papa Mochi Dance" - I about fell out of my chair.

  55. Alexus FAIMALO BROWN

    Alexus FAIMALO BROWN28 phút trước

    Yayyyy baby mochi found his papaaa 😅💜

  56. Dead Watcher

    Dead Watcher28 phút trước

    Is cool then voice

  57. Lac Vo

    Lac Vo28 phút trước

    Nếu có vietsub thì hay biết mấy

  58. Leto77

    Leto7728 phút trước

    this is the gayest thing ive ever seen in my entire life. theeeee gayest. how do you go from led zep, to nirvana, to this?

  59. Jungkook Jeon

    Jungkook Jeon26 phút trước


  60. BTS Fangirl

    BTS Fangirl27 phút trước

    Leto77 5:25

  61. Sagal

    Sagal28 phút trước

    Should've listened to some BTS classics too

  62. 딥베이지

    딥베이지28 phút trước

    Jimin : Mang gae tteok ^_^ Tteok , not mochi Papa tteok .. Baby tteok.. 떡!!!

  63. ming Li

    ming Li28 phút trước

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  64. 김동현tv

    김동현tv28 phút trước

    nice good 💓💓

  65. wait what

    wait what28 phút trước

    this makes my heart happy! everyone there is so genuinely happy to be there and the love and excitement, especially in the dance class, was thriving. bts deserves to have such a wonderful fun time to recover from all the recent interviews they had, and thanks to james, they got to do work that was fun 💖

  66. Andrew Shore

    Andrew Shore28 phút trước

    Not driving again

  67. Jungkook Jeon

    Jungkook Jeon25 phút trước


  68. Christian Luna

    Christian Luna28 phút trước

    Funniest carpool karaoke

  69. jaki

    jaki28 phút trước

    Watching this after a huge fight with my family 💔 really helped calm me down

  70. Sharon Chu

    Sharon Chu28 phút trước

    papa mochi

  71. Aly corredor

    Aly corredor28 phút trước

    They way Jimin transformed real quick from baby mochi to hot serious Jimin IS SENDING ME 6:15 - 6:23

  72. Joy Gutiérrez

    Joy Gutiérrez28 phút trước

    Yas, everyone, Jungkook cannot sepak korean well.

  73. René R

    René R28 phút trước

    “Not my little Mochi” - James Corden you too are a cute Mochi , papa Mochi 💜

  74. Ashley Hur

    Ashley Hur28 phút trước

    4:33 Taehyung is so cute

  75. Autumn D.

    Autumn D.28 phút trước

    Omg this was amazing! Also am I the only one who wants a BTS dance/cardio routine DVD now?!! 🤣🤣🤣

  76. Rachael Nguyen

    Rachael Nguyen28 phút trước