Burnt Food Taste Test ft. Padma Lakshmi (GAME)


  1. Good Mythical Morning

    Good Mythical Morning7 tháng trước

    Mythical Beasts- While we welcome constructive criticism of our show, we do not welcome disrespectful comments toward our guests or bullying of any kind. It not only hurts our guests, it hurts us, and ultimately you. The Mythical Beast community we've built over the years is welcoming, friendly, and inclusive. The comments both on this video and on Padma's social platforms are none of these things. We really personally enjoyed having Padma on the show. She was funny, feisty, excited about being here, and most of all, a nice person. She doesn't deserve the hate. We ask that you do something simple- if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Thanks, Rhett & Link

  2. A T

    A TNgày trước

    +Jane 59 bullying is a necessary social construct to force people to conform to society. She deserves to be bullied.

  3. A T

    A TNgày trước

    Did she force you guys to say this?

  4. Bun Egg

    Bun Egg3 ngày trước

    She didn’t get where she’s gotten by being coy, and reserved. Have some respect for a woman who knows exactly what she wants. On that note, she was scary, in a good way.

  5. Khansaa Dalhy

    Khansaa Dalhy4 ngày trước

    Sorry but she isn’t likable at all.

  6. Charlie Angels

    Charlie Angels15 giờ trước

    Love the fireman tho 😂

  7. Sarah McFall

    Sarah McFall19 giờ trước

    I have to agree with everyone to a point. Padma was kind of rude with spitting in to links cup and she was kind of rushing the episode but i really dont get all the hate especially with going onto her social media page and bashing her? I think were better then that guys. Besides they have had waaaaay worst guests (tony hale from the what am i petting episode) i agree tho if ur going to market ur make up maybe try to look ur best? Im not saying she isnt pretty cuz shes gorgeous but theres a rule in make up u gotta get the right skin tone. I wouldnt mind seeing her again just maybe she could relax a bit more and remember her spit bucket this time. Im not being rude or bullying just expressing my opinion. Normally i wouldnt of said much about her make up cuz sometimes we all have off days and its just make up (no big deal) but its just poor marketing on her part. I wish her the best and i hope she can take that constructive criticism and grow. Love u guys P. S. Dont bully! Unless it Tony Hale lol jk. Seriously dont bully

  8. Capn Smashem

    Capn SmashemNgày trước

    Who is she? I was listening to this in the background and clicked over cause I thought I heard Sarah Silverman for some reason. I was disappointed.

  9. Jannat Muzib

    Jannat MuzibNgày trước


  10. GodHimselfInTheFlesh

    GodHimselfInTheFlesh2 ngày trước

    Wow... Never realized how sheltered the mythical beast fandom is, seriously this woman was completely harmless and even quite funny at times, I can’t imagine how any of these children would react to getting directly insulted.

  11. Sarah Yllescas

    Sarah Yllescas2 ngày trước

    Why is she orange... Not a good look when trying to promote a makeup line 😂😂😂

  12. Will Shrake

    Will Shrake2 ngày trước

    I didn’t write any hateful comments when this came out, but I basically agreed with all of the reasonable ones. I also agree that it’s not necessary to write hate comments. Constructive criticism is good, and I believe people of this magnitude are not the greatest guests, which clearly resonates through out the audience. With all of that said, I’d really love if GMM did another video with this concept, because it’s a great one, despite being somewhat ruined by not only the choice of guest, but the disrespectful uproar of the comment section and reactions.

  13. Jonah Terry

    Jonah Terry2 ngày trước

    Y'all are such children, nothing wrong with the guest.

  14. Sara Lynn

    Sara Lynn3 ngày trước

    Glad I’m not the only one who’s extremely annoyed by her.

  15. Talking_Head 420

    Talking_Head 4203 ngày trước

    I like her I don’t see the big deal... shes cute too I watched this when it came out but I just read the tweet they put out addressing all the hate

  16. Hickchick 4life

    Hickchick 4life4 ngày trước

    I think this is the first episode that I did not enjoy from you guys and it was not fault of Rhett or Link...I know some people's comments go to far; however, the amount of disrespect that she showed everyone and her general attitude was appalling.

  17. Lunden McClain

    Lunden McClain5 ngày trước

    She is verrryy sure of her self. She took his glasses, spit in his drink, cheated to win points, cursed A LOT #family show, wiped her hands on his shirt, and made suggestive comments that were awkward.. great guest..

  18. Adrian Vitente

    Adrian Vitente6 ngày trước

    Putangina nyang babae na yan sarap sapakin

  19. robert paulsen

    robert paulsen7 ngày trước

    When you have GMM at 8 but you're in a rush to worship cows at 9...

  20. Martin Petrov

    Martin Petrov7 ngày trước

    That pie.e of sh in the middle has to be the most disgusting guest I have ever seen on any show in my ~24 years. Rhett and Link deserve medals for enduring it the whole episode

  21. mt panda

    mt panda8 ngày trước

    i saw someone getting jealous in the video awwwwww lmao

  22. Baby Fratelli.

    Baby Fratelli.8 ngày trước

    Not to be rude, but she was by far my least fav guest. It was more like she didnt quite fit in the show (personality etc) and it was very awkward, that she spoke about her new products so often. I understand you protect her from hate-comments, which is always uncalled for, but I would not be mad if she didnt come back as a guest.

  23. Elizabeth Schrader

    Elizabeth Schrader8 ngày trước

    Wow Padma Lakshmi! Oh these Indian women. Too exotic❤

  24. Darryl

    Darryl10 ngày trước

    Yeah, no.

  25. Sun Sand

    Sun Sand10 ngày trước

    I agree with the comments on the guest but did anyone else notice rhetts face when he was closely examining one of the foods 😂😂😂

  26. FNAF_lover 123

    FNAF_lover 12312 ngày trước

    What kind of jerk wipes her dirty hand on Links light coloured shirt!! What the heck?! Poor link and also Rhett.

  27. FNAF_lover 123

    FNAF_lover 12312 ngày trước

    They literally had to give her two points even though she didn’t get any right! That’s cheating. Like bruh

  28. FNAF_lover 123

    FNAF_lover 12312 ngày trước

    Listen, Rhett and Link we are trying to help you, she is a grown woman and shouldn’t be that rude. She should try to be nice and respect you guys

  29. Cristina F

    Cristina F13 ngày trước

    Lol all the negative comments. She’s pretty funny. She’s just confident and mostly joking. Too many 12 year old on VIreporter.

  30. Miamifinn

    Miamifinn14 ngày trước

    bro shes not being disrespectful at all lol

  31. Sam Serrao

    Sam Serrao14 ngày trước

    I've never experienced this before, but I think that the Mythical Beasts in this comments thread are disgusting. They need to learn the difference between opinion-vomit and criticism. Criticism is intellectually responsible: "her personality did't fit the show, I found her behavior a little rude and it made the episode awkward". Opinion vomit is: "I don't like her, she didn't deserve any of her points. How dare she spit in LiNK NeAL's cup! HEr FOoOoUuUnDAtioN"

  32. Sam Serrao

    Sam Serrao14 ngày trước

    Sorry but why are people trashing this woman? I watched the video expecting her to be one hundred times more abrasive than she was. I swear, some fans are the most entitled, naive little children. She isn't extremely polite, and she isn't a people-pleaser, like most VIreporterrs. But that's because VIreporterrs, Rhett and Link included, go above and beyond to be extremely agreeable so that they can get you to like them. So, this woman doesn't kiss your ass therefore she's trash? Well, I think you all got exactly the president you deserve.

  33. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude14 ngày trước

    1st she decides to advertise her own product on someone else`s show 2nd. she keeps trying to get answers when they do not count and 3rd she spit in someone`s cup when she could have spit in the trash can and 4th she decides to cuss on a kid friendly platform. Although Rhett & Link drop dirty jokes they go over the children`s heads even if they should not be using that language at all

  34. Georgia M

    Georgia M16 ngày trước

    she was hilarious, I don't understand all the complaints

  35. Tony Bondi

    Tony Bondi17 ngày trước

    Wow, she's feisty. She doesn't really fit the GMM ethos, but I still thought she was great!

  36. Kam w

    Kam w17 ngày trước

    Can someone please explain to me how she was rude and disrespectful? She was really nice and fun?? Am I missing something here?? Are we watching the same video??

  37. Outdoor Life: Colton

    Outdoor Life: Colton19 ngày trước

    Just to add to it, what in the world is that fake tan

  38. Briana Malfoy

    Briana Malfoy21 ngày trước

    Did anyone else notice that Link said "We got 3 lil nuggets" and they actually were nuggets. Point by default Link, lol jk

  39. Natalie Martin

    Natalie Martin22 ngày trước

    I think shes high or something lol

  40. Hassan Senpai

    Hassan Senpai22 ngày trước

    I liked her on hot ones but she is so freaking rude and bossy.. like just can you not see it?

  41. Emily Beadles

    Emily Beadles24 ngày trước

    lol a bunch of 14 year olds think she's being bratty. wow.

  42. Mrs. projectdmusic1

    Mrs. projectdmusic125 ngày trước

    Her makeup looks terrible

  43. Miden Arithmos

    Miden Arithmos27 ngày trước

    I don't find anything particularly wrong in this video? Aside from the spitting on Link's mug which is kind of overkill (but I mean, those are just properties for the show. You know GMM is using set, so those aren't really Link's real mug or anything. And since there's more grosser things in this channel, that doesn't par with that chicken embryo video) But, anything else seems fine. People see this as an actual behavior while not remembering that these kinds of video goes for the comedic purpose. Sure, in real life scenario these behaviors are rude, but this show doesn't meant to be taken seriously. When she's wiping her hand on Link's shirt is just joking around, pretty sure her hand wasn't that dirty to begin with and just wanted to tease link, Which link responded jokingly too. And even when she's using her make up, it's obvious the crews must've put it on the show script specifically to put it on that part of the video. They cut the video instantly into her using the makeup signaling that it's the portion where she can promote her product. The crew tried to make the promotion seamless with connecting makeup with the food review, but because of the way the segment goes makes it look like she's being disrespectful. (I believe this is the crews part fault) I think the complaints is too much, when you have to keep in mind these things happens on a set, a fake display for a video. That means she's not doing these on regular basis but only an act. But, I have to agree on 1 thing tho and that's watching this video was kinda uncomfortable but not unbearable.

  44. Gamewhisperer 9

    Gamewhisperer 928 ngày trước

    Padma on a test- I know the correct answer is B but A is close to B so aren’t I right.


    DESTINY RICHARDS28 ngày trước

    Not trying to be mean but she needed to blend her makeup on her neck a little more, you can she the two different colors.

  46. Super Zigs

    Super Zigs28 ngày trước

    She may be rude and unliked but damn she momma

  47. marco magana

    marco maganaTháng trước

    I hate her....

  48. C-A-T-S Cats! Cats! Cats!

    C-A-T-S Cats! Cats! Cats!Tháng trước

    I had forgotten that middle schoolers were such assholes until I read these comments. She was clearly nervous and couldn't act natural.

  49. Ashlih Kassam

    Ashlih KassamTháng trước

    “sexy fireman only gives one hint” *cue music* rhett: oh he’s back 😂😂😂

  50. Connor Garry

    Connor GarryTháng trước

    Wow that was something else. I'm assuming she won't be back anytime soon!

  51. DigitalReplicant

    DigitalReplicantTháng trước

    I've never disliked one of your videos before this one and I've been binging the last 3 seasons the last few days... This made me very uncomfortable and I see that the comment section agrees. I'm not bullying or spreading hate, I'm offering constructive criticism that this was not fun to watch. Perhaps the crew should have taken a pause off camera to explain the type of show this was to this guest. It was not at all the light-hearted, wholesome episode we've come to expect. It felt a lot more like an awkward Thanksgiving dinner with an estranged aunt who didn't want to be there to begin with. I know you guys have to save face and support fellow youtube stars, but I'm truly sorry you had to be in such a seemingly uneasy situation because the Beasts all felt it.

  52. Sage

    SageTháng trước

    Link, she isn't a star wars character, I'm sorry to break it to you lol

  53. Teish Mae

    Teish MaeTháng trước

    Sorry but I thought the exact same thing. She came off poorly...rude, bossy, pushy and a little snooty. She almost seemed like she didnt want to be there. But what do I know I guess lol

  54. Alyx Anderson

    Alyx AndersonTháng trước

    Everyone is so mean to Padma i'm not at all surprised rhett and link had something to say. like people actually going out and harassing her on her OWN profile too? She's a Top Chef in a largely male industry at this point, and you don't get that far by being super down to earth and nice. They were all having a good time and laughing and she didn't do anything to any of the people in the comments so those of you being like "wow how rude and awful are rhett and link to be stern with the PEOPLE WHO MADE THEM HOW DARE THEY SHE WAS AWFUL" like. clearly they didn't think so and they were the ones who interacted with her directly, plus rhett and link don't owe you anything, they already make the content you enjoy. be decent human beings. if you don't like her, just don't watch the episode.

  55. BLP

    BLPTháng trước

    What a joke of a guest. I’ve never seen somebody so off putting and disrespectful on somebody else’s show before

  56. Chrissy Ryan

    Chrissy RyanTháng trước

    In some parts she was funny but in other parts she was out of line and rude

  57. Country Aficionado

    Country AficionadoTháng trước

    Jordan! 😂

  58. Joe Ogburn

    Joe OgburnTháng trước

    This lady was no bueno

  59. robert smith

    robert smithTháng trước

    11:46 car honk

  60. robert smith

    robert smithTháng trước

    Maaaannnnnn I was hoping the sexy fireman was chase..

  61. mr.bmc

    mr.bmcTháng trước

    If you dont like Padma y'all would hate a lot of people I know

  62. LiebeAlle

    LiebeAlleTháng trước

    My two favorite Southern gentlemen are being so patient and polite in this video. As always. Respect.

  63. Nightshade Studios

    Nightshade StudiosTháng trước

    8:10 to 8:14 me watching her in this episode

  64. idkyoutellme

    idkyoutellmeTháng trước

    Does she look orange? Or is it just me.. lol

  65. Some Guy

    Some GuyTháng trước

    meh, hope you got paid some decent bank for plugging her makeup lol.

  66. Misty Moo

    Misty MooTháng trước

    Rhett and Link are the straightest people I know to have eaten things such as penis and testies 😂

  67. Jose Colon

    Jose ColonTháng trước

    The problem was she wasn't familiar with the format. she was less abrasive by the end of the episode.

  68. DingDongDanger

    DingDongDangerTháng trước

    Oh man, I cannot finish this episode. Sorry GMM still love your stuff. Don't want to be rude or nothing but, just she just seemed a tad too pushy. Didn't really fit the typical flow of your guys' show.

  69. SharmaineDORK

    SharmaineDORKTháng trước

    ew spitting in other people's cup is terribly disgusting

  70. Tracy Hughes

    Tracy HughesTháng trước

    disappointing Padma

  71. Todd

    ToddTháng trước

    Padma's a shit person, yo.

  72. Deanna Wheeler

    Deanna WheelerTháng trước

    eww, don't get her make up if it is gonna turn you that weird color, damn what is that???

  73. josh Godbee

    josh Godbee23 ngày trước

    Indian probably considering that's where she was born..

  74. Dark Paradise

    Dark ParadiseTháng trước

    Wasn't her first time on this show, but honestly, I think it's just her personality, maybe she is intimidating, and hold some power, and that's why we assume she is being rude/bossy idk, she is just a born leader

  75. Amber Yup

    Amber YupTháng trước

    definitely my least favorite eposode of GMM and i watch everyday...

  76. Kheldaurus

    KheldaurusTháng trước

    I was just thinking, what would Rhett look like without a beard?

  77. KittySalvo

    KittySalvoTháng trước

    She’s an absolute asshat

  78. Virginia Callis

    Virginia CallisTháng trước

    That was gross af at the end. Really Padma?

  79. KiDD ViDD

    KiDD ViDDTháng trước

    Links glasses are fake?.. WTH is up with ppl that move to LA. Sell your soul and be a hipster? I'm starting to be distracted from the content... What's that say

  80. KiDD ViDD

    KiDD ViDDTháng trước

    Whats a female version of a tool? Padma

  81. KiDD ViDD

    KiDD ViDDTháng trước

    I like that crew member best

  82. Peter Sebio

    Peter SebioTháng trước

    Rice is the main component of sushi? sure....

  83. Hillbilly Hickey

    Hillbilly HickeyTháng trước

    please redo the burnt food concept again! this episode is terrible

  84. ms._ spooky_joseph ll-//

    ms._ spooky_joseph ll-//Tháng trước

    7:08 *BuRnT cHiCkEn NuGeTt* RIP VINE-

  85. paetz paetz

    paetz paetzTháng trước

    Is her makeup that she is advertising a bowl of foundation that you stick your face in because it is very clear to me that is what she did before she decided to go on this show.

  86. Bromius

    BromiusTháng trước

    Could she be more full of herself?

  87. Michelle T

    Michelle TTháng trước

    I liked her so much on Hot Ones. I'm not going to watch this fully because I read the comments and skimmed through parts of the video. This ain't the energy I'm trynna feel. The woman is gorgeous and fierce, so I'mma let this one slide.

  88. Louella.y

    Louella.yTháng trước

    I mean... I thought she was funny ?? Mythical Beasts are so sensitive haha

  89. Ashley Swafford

    Ashley SwaffordTháng trước

    she’s ready to get out of there 😂😂

  90. billl o'connel

    billl o'connelTháng trước

    You all know what you are saying about that lady is wrong. Can't quite put your finger on why you don't like her, right? I wonder what you don't like about her in 2017 or 2018. You all sicken me. This show has always been clean. Treat people with respect.

  91. Allison T.

    Allison T.Tháng trước

    Is she drunk?

  92. Mc Suckables

    Mc SuckablesTháng trước

    Damn was she drunk

  93. Rhesa Jonathan

    Rhesa JonathanTháng trước

    i wonder why i never saw this episode before, now i guess i know why youtube never show me this episode to me before

  94. Margarita Louka

    Margarita LoukaTháng trước

    You can tell that felt like a day-long episode for them.

  95. Luna Random

    Luna RandomTháng trước

    padma is pretty af and soo funny how can yall hate

  96. Allegra Calin

    Allegra CalinTháng trước

    Oh God no I had to stop while she had the water in her mouth I don't think I can even watch the next part it's too cringe oh god

  97. Papa Xan

    Papa XanTháng trước

    All Of You Will It Mythical Beast NO Will Padma Guest Yes Will Hate GMM No So Stop Being So Rude She Spat In Link's Cup Because IT'S GMM I's Supposed to Be Gross

  98. Steph Johnson

    Steph JohnsonTháng trước

    Not too fond of the guest this time :/ She just didn't fit with the flow of the show, seemed pushy and rude and I couldn't even finish the episode

  99. Top Ramen

    Top RamenTháng trước

    Can someone put a time thingy for when she spits in Links cup? I need to see what’s making people angry about a guest.

  100. Top Ramen

    Top RamenTháng trước

    I can’t even find the parts where she was being ‘rude’.

  101. Daniel Tomczak

    Daniel TomczakTháng trước

    If you think this beautiful lady is rude your gonna live a disappointing life....

  102. Jay Carp

    Jay CarpTháng trước

    Jordan makes a good sexy fireman

  103. Tessa Smith

    Tessa Smith2 tháng trước

    LOL. The Rhett burns.

  104. Getaimed NotiC

    Getaimed NotiC2 tháng trước

    Something felt off about her. Her chest didnt match her face either... Such a wierd episode...

  105. Brandon Joel

    Brandon Joel2 tháng trước

    I dont like her at all. Shes way too sassy