Burnt Food Taste Test ft. Padma Lakshmi (GAME)


  1. Good Mythical Morning

    Good Mythical Morning9 tháng trước

    Mythical Beasts- While we welcome constructive criticism of our show, we do not welcome disrespectful comments toward our guests or bullying of any kind. It not only hurts our guests, it hurts us, and ultimately you. The Mythical Beast community we've built over the years is welcoming, friendly, and inclusive. The comments both on this video and on Padma's social platforms are none of these things. We really personally enjoyed having Padma on the show. She was funny, feisty, excited about being here, and most of all, a nice person. She doesn't deserve the hate. We ask that you do something simple- if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Thanks, Rhett & Link

  2. clarissa

    clarissa3 ngày trước

    +Ariana Bear Ramos and use him as a napkin

  3. gulabchand

    gulabchand3 ngày trước

    I'm not saying anything except. She was way too rude with the wiping on link's shirt and spitting in his cup.

  4. clarissa

    clarissa4 ngày trước

    She was so rude she pulled out makeup in the middle of the game and at 8:46 she used link as a napkin and she cheated the whole game please dont ever bring her back on the show this episode has hella dislikes for a reason

  5. Zeek Labbee

    Zeek Labbee11 ngày trước

    Links lips glisten enough don't encourage him. Sorry got make fun of link he's so funny.

  6. Jazlyn Thomas

    Jazlyn Thomas2 ngày trước

    I don't find she was as bad as people say. Some of you are overreacting a little. Yeah she was a little disrespectful, but it could have been much worse

  7. Hilarry Ciltnon

    Hilarry Ciltnon2 ngày trước

    After watching this for the second time, she really wasn't that bad. Megan Fox is the worst GMM guest ever...

  8. Burghandy B

    Burghandy B2 ngày trước

    when she spit that water or watever in Link cup i was LIVID! 😡😫

  9. clarissa

    clarissa4 ngày trước

    God she was so rude!!!!!

  10. zer00rdie

    zer00rdie6 ngày trước

    You can put makeup on your neck you know.

  11. Trucker Baty

    Trucker Baty8 ngày trước

    The sexy fireman saved the episode lol

  12. FoodforThought

    FoodforThought8 ngày trước

    Wow, I think we've found the most horrible, arrogant, stuck up and rude person on the planet. What a despicable "human being".

  13. erik sellers

    erik sellers8 ngày trước

    Came back here to compare with Meagan Fox.... 🤐

  14. william miller

    william miller8 ngày trước

    Whats up with all the butt hurt people? She wasn't rude at all

  15. Chocolate Dinosaur

    Chocolate Dinosaur8 ngày trước

    She said salmon ass so casually 🤣🤣 that was the laugh of the day for me

  16. Chocolate Dinosaur

    Chocolate Dinosaur8 ngày trước

    That lady cute as shit😍🤣🤣 but why is she just attacking the food? This is how almost all women should be when eating instead if taking little mouse size bites😂

  17. Olivia Fizzy

    Olivia Fizzy8 ngày trước

    When I saw the comments I went to re watch this episode for the third time (I watched this when it first came out). She’s not that bad. It’s obviously comical. Wiping her hands on Links shirt and spiting in his cup was a little iffy, but he responded in a funny way. He didn’t seem upset by it. Yea she swore but so have a lot of guests, they just bleep it out, it’s not a big deal. She just had a more “adult” sense of humor I guess.

  18. WhileNickSleeps

    WhileNickSleeps8 ngày trước

    Her fave colour doesn't match her body colour...

  19. Stevany J

    Stevany J8 ngày trước

    I have been a fan of the show for awhile, this episode really disappointed me. The cursing, being extremely disrespectful..just really uncalled for. Not the values your show is about. I realize I’m late to the party, but if no one says anything..you will never know the format of a show WE the viewers like watching and want to continue watching. While I agree some comments were too far, expressing opinion in a mature manner should never be frowned upon.

  20. Cole N

    Cole N9 ngày trước

    why does she look like the inside of a sweet potato

  21. Paul Moore

    Paul Moore9 ngày trước

    Shallow, rude, drunk

  22. windaeiz

    windaeiz9 ngày trước

    It is so weird to me that so many people hated her, cause I found her genuinely funny and cute... And I thought she fit in with them well. Am I bad at reading atmosphere?

  23. mega vega

    mega vega9 ngày trước

    Okay. Rhett and Link have treated each other worse.

  24. rydude998

    rydude9989 ngày trước

    It's really interesting how some guests set the bar. This video is notoriously suggested as the worst guest on GMM but after the most recent Megan Fox feature I'm kind of shocked Padma got so much hate here. Sure, she was a little abrasive and not really interested in Rhett or Link specifically (the only way to justify spitting in someone's cup) but at least she enjoyed the game. At least she was present and active on the show. Megan Fox was by far the worst guest I've seen on this show. Padma was way more enjoyable to watch.

  25. Elijah  Martinez

    Elijah Martinez9 ngày trước

    I honestly didn’t think she was that bad of a guest, I laughed at some of the stuff she did. Yeah, it came off as rude, but maybe that was just her way of being playful. Some people just display enthusiasm differently.

  26. Gem Holland

    Gem Holland9 ngày trước

    i..really loved this episode..? and i loved her?

  27. Jon V

    Jon V9 ngày trước


  28. Savion Jin S.Coups Ksoo

    Savion Jin S.Coups Ksoo9 ngày trước

    I'm so dead Padma wiped her hand on Link's shirt lmao

  29. Trevor Hughes

    Trevor Hughes10 ngày trước

    Please re-do this game with just yourselves, such a good idea, but she was so incompatible with you guys it really took away from it

  30. Kiraro The Kitsune

    Kiraro The Kitsune11 ngày trước

    White meat chicken... No chick!

  31. Zeek Labbee

    Zeek Labbee11 ngày trước

    She's Is not rude it's all for comedy y'all just dont welcome her because she's new. I love when she spits in links cup.

  32. Zeek Labbee

    Zeek Labbee11 ngày trước

    Why is everyone hating on her. Are you serious that fireman gives me nightmares.

  33. dan pascal

    dan pascal12 ngày trước

    A chef pushing make up? On camera her make up looks weird.

  34. Eddie Liang

    Eddie Liang12 ngày trước

    this is gae

  35. casey

    casey12 ngày trước

    Idk how but I couldn't watch the vid immediately after seeing this girl. After reading the comments I can se why I did. Bratty looking face and personality

  36. Mellow Man

    Mellow Man14 ngày trước

    what a horrible guest

  37. Sandman

    Sandman16 ngày trước

    I knew the comments were gonna say something about her attitude because they're right. She has a pretty face but she made this episode painful haha

  38. kyle hinders

    kyle hinders17 ngày trước

    Studies show eating one burned burger or chicken breast has u consuming the same amount of carbon as smoking multiple packs of cigs ive heard... so yea dont eat burnt food

  39. eyesofivy

    eyesofivy18 ngày trước

    Why is her face so orange??? What makeup artist said yes to this look?

  40. Becky Rose

    Becky Rose18 ngày trước

    To be fair, it can be awkward trying to plug a product naturally while doing the media rounds like this. At least they made it funny and didn't try to hide it. Also, her humor is assertive and sisterly playful which might be what's throwing people off since its dryness is rather unique.

  41. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue19 ngày trước

    I honestly don’t get the hate. She was pretty funny. She didn’t seem rude to me. It’s sad that Rhett and Link has to ask people to stop hating and to ask people to stop going to her social media to attack her.

  42. Nigel Cooper

    Nigel Cooper19 ngày trước

    Just like Link to call her Padme! :-) 13:11

  43. Deart W

    Deart W21 ngày trước

    So I was watching this on my TV and was like am I the only one not liking this women? Why does this episode feel so awkward? So I went on my phone to read the comments and man was I not wrong. As soon as she said "I call bullsh*t" I was like okay kinda funny, then every time she got a food wrong she kept trying to find a way to get a point. And I'm all for cursing but this is not her show, Rhett and Link keep it family friendly for their large young audience which she ignored. Also her little comments like "can I eat now?" And spitting in links cup wasn't funny. I felt the guys were being overly nice so she wouldn't have more of an attitude. Maybe she thought she was funny but it didn't come off that way. When she pulled out her lipstick to promote her brand I was done. First time I didn't like an episode due to a guest.

  44. rubyysoho

    rubyysoho21 ngày trước

    www.datalounge.com/thread/5777045-padma-a-bitch-que-surprise wow, she sounds like just a peach of a person all around...

  45. No Username

    No Username21 ngày trước

    I liked this ho

  46. Lovetohatehatetolove

    Lovetohatehatetolove23 ngày trước

    I’m almost for certain she’s high on some sort of pills lol

  47. Lovetohatehatetolove

    Lovetohatehatetolove19 ngày trước

    Still an alright lady but if she is I hope she can get herself up!

  48. Dacia R

    Dacia R26 ngày trước

    Omg I thought she was great, and very brave to just dive right in to the food,lol she was funny

  49. fernando daniel hernandez nava

    fernando daniel hernandez nava27 ngày trước

    I just disliked a GMM video for the first time. I have nothing nice to say about her so there’s that.

  50. Medical Doll

    Medical Doll28 ngày trước

    That woman is high on something lol.

  51. Alex Distler

    Alex DistlerTháng trước

    I thought she was funny I dont get why people thought she was so rude lmao. lighten up people

  52. D. Krolmann

    D. KrolmannTháng trước

    Kane(WWE Superstar) should've been the guest in this episode.

  53. DeeDubb

    DeeDubbTháng trước

    I don't know what is wrong with the GMM fans. You guys are way too picky in your expectations of guests and your summation of "rudeness." You just watched an episode where they eat burnt testicles, and you're complaining about a guest who clearly had fun and was a very good sport in it. Keep some perspective. No wonder GMM can't get as many prominent guests as other channels. You guys are like helicopter parents to Rhett and Link. They are grown men and they can handle themselves just fine.

  54. Reashell Mills

    Reashell Mills19 ngày trước

    She spit in Links cup, and wiped her hands on his shirt. She also tossed swears left and right thinking about nothing but she was going to win. She kept saying "Well, __ does have __ so I should get a point" making her win. Such a great sport, saying that she guessed the main component of something and kept guessing AGAIN... AND AGAIN trying to get the correct answer.

  55. sausykiller

    sausykillerTháng trước

    In retrospect I see what most if you are writing about but I really enjoyed the episode and thought it was interesting to see a different guest- host dynamic with these guys

  56. Edamame E

    Edamame ETháng trước

    She wasn't rude at all!! She was obviously joking. This video has more likes then dislikes for a reason. So many fat jealous people hating on her. It's easy to put someone down online but I doubt these negative people would talk like that in public.

  57. Samer Shamseddine

    Samer ShamseddineTháng trước

    Why's her face yellow?

  58. ErinnVsZombies

    ErinnVsZombiesTháng trước

    The only guest I’ve disliked more than this lady was Zach King

  59. Blake Atencio

    Blake AtencioTháng trước

    Why is she orange

  60. Emma McDougall

    Emma McDougallTháng trước

    The camera is not doing good things for how tan she is

  61. Kenneth Young

    Kenneth YoungTháng trước

    Padma the queen of culinary ! She is not only smart but beautiful!!!!

  62. brook thornock

    brook thornockTháng trước

    I don't understand all of the hate this guest got! I was enjoying the episode just fine untill I decided to scroll through the comments and wow! Maybe you guys have never encountered people with this type of personality before??? She seems very nice and funny it's just part of her personality to be a little possessive of the people she's around.... like seriously it's no big deal I honestly barely saw anything that could classify as "rude behavior" from her in this episode (they usually give extra points to and let the guest win anyway) I'm seriously baffled by the amount of people thinking she was super rude... idk maybe it's more of a latino personality??? (I'm Hispanic and live in a very Hispanic area) maybe you guys just don't know the kind of people that act like this...

  63. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue19 ngày trước

    brook thornock I agree! I was surprised to see all the hate too!

  64. califero c

    califero cTháng trước

    Haha " listen if you get a date with her you don't get paid, you can't get both"

  65. Jesse Kunsman

    Jesse KunsmanTháng trước

    Not criticism, but serious question: why does Padma get a point for crunchy noodles, but Link gets no point for ramen?

  66. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue19 ngày trước

    Jesse Kunsman Cause he didn’t say noodles. 😂

  67. Dylan Brown

    Dylan BrownTháng trước

    I'm almost certain that the sexy fireman is Cotton Candy Randy without the beard and hair

  68. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue19 ngày trước

    Dylan Brown You know what? You just might be onto something! *X-Files theme music plays.*

  69. Kathryn Williams

    Kathryn WilliamsTháng trước

    Padma was a great guest and just genuine it was a fun episode



    Gee I sure hope that she didn't catch any of Links lip herpes! She said the her makeup line is made for people "of dark skin" yet her face is clearly orange?

  71. Hentai Body pillow

    Hentai Body pillowTháng trước

    Link once only got half the point for saying peanut butter when the answer was pb&j and she gets the full point for saying rice

  72. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue19 ngày trước

    Hentai Body pillow Well, yeah. Because she’s the guest. Duh. 😂

  73. Gabrielle Martin

    Gabrielle MartinTháng trước

    I know I’m late to the party but I don’t understand all the hate Padma got. I thought she was funny and fun, her personality is just a little different and everyone criticized her for it and it’s ridiculous. Shame on all you people for being so rude...

  74. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue19 ngày trước

    Gabrielle Martin I KNOW RIGHT?! I don’t understand it either. I thought Rhett and Link’s fan base was all nice and accepting! Even Rhett and Link has to write something and ask them to stop going to her social media to attack her. 😔

  75. Official Tre D

    Official Tre DTháng trước

    bruh she wiped her hands on your shirt. like it was nothing. thats tuff

  76. The Great Amida

    The Great AmidaTháng trước

    “If you get a date with her, you don’t get paid. You don’t get both!”

  77. My_ Edits

    My_ EditsTháng trước

    8:31 Sounds like my school food

  78. X.Ploit

    X.PloitTháng trước

    Why does she look like a bronze statue?

  79. Enigma

    EnigmaTháng trước

    I loved this episode, Padma was clearly excited, eager and competitive. She was having fun and her sense of humour is dry and witty which I like, it led to some hilarious moments like when Link said "we want to play too!" plus her interactions with the sexy fireman were entertaining. Putting the makeup on Link was funny, his facial expression and when she said it was "salmon ass" that cracked me up too. Also other guests have cursed on this show before yet no-one whined and bitched about them at the time, not everyone who watches is offended by bad language. As for her makeup it was just unlucky that this episode was filmed during the time period when they were having issues with over-saturation in general due to the new camera setup in the new place which made it look worse. People are making mountains out of molehills about the spitting in the cup, she said herself she chose his cup because it was practically empty and so thought Link wouldn't be using it anymore during the episode while hers and Rhett's still had a lot of water in theirs still. She was also clearly surprised she had a trash can she could use behind her when they showed her it, she would likely have used that if realized beforehand.

  80. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue19 ngày trước

    Enigma Agreed! Also, every guest that comes on here doesn’t know that they get a trash can at first. Fans should know that!

  81. Ruby

    RubyTháng trước

    That fireman makes this episode really great. HER THO.... the moment I saw her sitting inbetween of them I already didn't like her because of her tons of makeup.. But then she just kept making it worse and worse really not enjoyable episode because of her..

  82. nachotee

    nachoteeTháng trước

    Guys I think there's a woman under all that make up :o

  83. Ben Abbott

    Ben AbbottTháng trước

    She wasn't that bad, didn't enjoy her but seems like a lot of her behavior was more joking than serious

  84. Joseph Rozier Music

    Joseph Rozier Music5 ngày trước

    Ben Abbott Yeah but she was extremely rude about it

  85. Leanna Skiba

    Leanna SkibaTháng trước

    Im sure she has many fans, or else she wouldnt be a guest on here. I think we all know one thing though... She doesnt fit good mythical morning's vibe. Not the type of guest that should be on here. Now they know.

  86. James Ryan

    James RyanTháng trước

    First episode of GMM I've ever not enjoyed. The guest was disrespectful, unsportsmanlike, abrasive, and a really terrible fit for the show. I have no issues with cursing in a general sense but it doesn't belong on GMM. And plugging your makeup brand? Seriously? What a terrible personality for this show. Shame, could've been a great episode. I'm very curious as to the decision making process that led to having this guest.

  87. Josh Story

    Josh StoryTháng trước

    That makeup tho 🤭🤔

  88. sexyDadHat

    sexyDadHatTháng trước

    Why is she yellow

  89. Kaduku

    KadukuTháng trước

    I wish i was there i would keep all padma's spit food out and be the happiest person ever 😂

  90. Donotusemyname123

    Donotusemyname123Tháng trước

    How did you all get a mean cheeto on the show?

  91. DUB.REXY21

    DUB.REXY21Tháng trước

    Yuck! Why do you put on makeup that changes the skin tone color. Dislike those who cake up on makeup

  92. Stick Man is my hero

    Stick Man is my heroTháng trước

    I did not like that wamen

  93. Chuck Z

    Chuck ZTháng trước

    I hear y’all on the over the top abuse, but please don’t bring her back on. Totally ruins the vibe of the show that we all love

  94. bravorufus

    bravorufusTháng trước

    hands down worst guest ever.

  95. Cody Cobb

    Cody CobbTháng trước

    chow mein isnt made of noodles. lo mein is. its the lo mein noodle lol.


    PRIYAM SHAHTháng trước

    So cool seeing Cotton Candy Randys face

  97. Perk ThaGod

    Perk ThaGodTháng trước

    She wasn't rude she was fine yall trippin🙄

  98. The Ordinary Podcast

    The Ordinary PodcastTháng trước

    I think people are feeding off each others comments. I watched this whole thing thinking she was a UNIQUE and DIFFERENT guest, but never that it was a bad thing. She was clearly trying to be funny with half the stuff you guys are saying is rude and the hosts obviously responded in a way that shows they knew that. I enjoyed the guest and episode \(“-“)/

  99. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue19 ngày trước

    The Ordinary Podcast I agree with everything you said. Her personality is way different than any other guest they had, but she didn’t seem rude. She was pretty funny, lol.

  100. Christian Gomez

    Christian GomezTháng trước

    Most disrespectful guest ever i could feel the tension since the beginning whe she was rushing through

  101. Charlie Angels

    Charlie AngelsTháng trước

    Love the fireman tho 😂

  102. Sarah McFall

    Sarah McFallTháng trước

    I have to agree with everyone to a point. Padma was kind of rude with spitting in to links cup and she was kind of rushing the episode but i really dont get all the hate especially with going onto her social media page and bashing her? I think were better then that guys. Besides they have had waaaaay worst guests (tony hale from the what am i petting episode) i agree tho if ur going to market ur make up maybe try to look ur best? Im not saying she isnt pretty cuz shes gorgeous but theres a rule in make up u gotta get the right skin tone. I wouldnt mind seeing her again just maybe she could relax a bit more and remember her spit bucket this time. Im not being rude or bullying just expressing my opinion. Normally i wouldnt of said much about her make up cuz sometimes we all have off days and its just make up (no big deal) but its just poor marketing on her part. I wish her the best and i hope she can take that constructive criticism and grow. Love u guys P. S. Dont bully! Unless it Tony Hale lol jk. Seriously dont bully

  103. Sarah McFall

    Sarah McFall19 ngày trước

    +Eden Blue i really dont think it was the lighting. Ive been doing my make up for years and years in horrible lighting and its never looked that way and even if it was the lighting wouldnt they all look odd? Its still not a good representation of her make up if it can make u look a totally different color in different lighting. Theres plenty of make up out there that wont do that. As for the spit bucket thing they had to of told her she had one before hand. When Link pointed it out she was like oh yeah. Which implies she was told before hand. Even how Link said it was like he was reminding her. Plenty of guests have used theirs in the past. Often times theyd present them to them as a special thing but everyones always told before hand. Also she didnt ask if she could use Links cup. Its not like her mouth was full or anything. No matter how u look at it its rude although maybe not intentionally so. If someone did that to me theyd be kicked out of my house. I try to take into consideration that she may be nervous but that doesnt make it alright or ok. I am willing to give her another chance if she modifies her behaviour. Im not picking on her just giving constructive criticism.

  104. Eden Blue

    Eden Blue19 ngày trước

    Sarah McFall Wasn’t this the time when they were still fixing the lighting though? Everyone was talking about how the lighting was bad back then. I honestly think it’s the lighting. Also, most guests don’t know they get a spit bucket at first until Rhett and Link tell them or show them. And she picked Links cup because it was almost empty while hers and Rhett’s were still full.

  105. Capn Smashem

    Capn SmashemTháng trước

    Who is she? I was listening to this in the background and clicked over cause I thought I heard Sarah Silverman for some reason. I was disappointed.

  106. Jannat Muzib

    Jannat MuzibTháng trước


  107. GodHimselfInTheFlesh

    GodHimselfInTheFleshTháng trước

    Wow... Never realized how sheltered the mythical beast fandom is, seriously this woman was completely harmless and even quite funny at times, I can’t imagine how any of these children would react to getting directly insulted.

  108. Christian Centeno

    Christian Centeno22 ngày trước

    Same. I just started watching this show, so I'm watching things very retroactively. She acted no different than them really. I've seen them pour things on each other or get each other dirty by being reckless, jab at each other, etc. Other guests have plugged their products as well. She does the same thing here, nothing more, nothing less. Either most of the base are children/have childish mentalities, or they hate a woman with a strong personality...

  109. Sarah Yllescas

    Sarah YllescasTháng trước

    Why is she orange... Not a good look when trying to promote a makeup line 😂😂😂

  110. Will Shrake

    Will ShrakeTháng trước

    I didn’t write any hateful comments when this came out, but I basically agreed with all of the reasonable ones. I also agree that it’s not necessary to write hate comments. Constructive criticism is good, and I believe people of this magnitude are not the greatest guests, which clearly resonates through out the audience. With all of that said, I’d really love if GMM did another video with this concept, because it’s a great one, despite being somewhat ruined by not only the choice of guest, but the disrespectful uproar of the comment section and reactions.

  111. Jonah Terry

    Jonah TerryTháng trước

    Y'all are such children, nothing wrong with the guest.

  112. Sara Lynn

    Sara LynnTháng trước

    Glad I’m not the only one who’s extremely annoyed by her.

  113. Talking_Head 420

    Talking_Head 420Tháng trước

    I like her I don’t see the big deal... shes cute too I watched this when it came out but I just read the tweet they put out addressing all the hate

  114. Hickchick 4life

    Hickchick 4lifeTháng trước

    I think this is the first episode that I did not enjoy from you guys and it was not fault of Rhett or Link...I know some people's comments go to far; however, the amount of disrespect that she showed everyone and her general attitude was appalling.

  115. Lunden McClain

    Lunden McClainTháng trước

    She is verrryy sure of her self. She took his glasses, spit in his drink, cheated to win points, cursed A LOT #family show, wiped her hands on his shirt, and made suggestive comments that were awkward.. great guest..

  116. Adrian Vitente

    Adrian Vitente2 tháng trước

    Putangina nyang babae na yan sarap sapakin

  117. robert paulsen

    robert paulsen2 tháng trước

    When you have GMM at 8 but you're in a rush to worship cows at 9...