Burnt Food Taste Test ft. Padma Lakshmi (GAME)


  1. Good Mythical Morning

    Good Mythical Morning5 tháng trước

    Mythical Beasts- While we welcome constructive criticism of our show, we do not welcome disrespectful comments toward our guests or bullying of any kind. It not only hurts our guests, it hurts us, and ultimately you. The Mythical Beast community we've built over the years is welcoming, friendly, and inclusive. The comments both on this video and on Padma's social platforms are none of these things. We really personally enjoyed having Padma on the show. She was funny, feisty, excited about being here, and most of all, a nice person. She doesn't deserve the hate. We ask that you do something simple- if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Thanks, Rhett & Link

  2. haley herboth-wright

    haley herboth-wright4 ngày trước

    I honestly wonder why they had to put this comment up

  3. Anonamoose

    Anonamoose8 ngày trước

    The mythical beasts are supportive, friendly and here to have fun. They don't needlessly attack people on your show. Just because they have a negative opinion doesn't make it disrespectful or mean they deserve to be chastised. I think going to Padma's page is too far but we should feel free to comment whatever we like here. She was stuck up, self centred, pushy, arrogant and rude as hell. No doubt she thought she was being quirky and cute. I've seen her type before in my 28 years and they aren't nice people.

  4. Alex Garza

    Alex Garza8 ngày trước

    Good Mythical Morning I will refrain from posting my negative comment for you guys. I believe what needs to be said has already been said.

  5. Pahoua Yang

    Pahoua Yang9 ngày trước

    Love Rhett and Link. But if there's an overwhelming opinion from the people who watch you everyday, that's certainly something to listen to. Plain and simple, she was rude and ruined the show. Just like plenty of other guests have. That's just the truth.

  6. Brian Stancato

    Brian Stancato26 ngày trước

    This is the first I am seeing this video. While I will hold judgment as enough people just scrolling thru have already stated. I will say, I would in the future avoid having her on air. Or posting anything that she does with you two in the future as I will do as you say simply not say anything. But more so I also will not watch. TBH if your fans do not provide their personal opinions and feelings, one how are you to gauge an honest opinion, and two how do you know who to include in the future?Your response was like one with participation trophies where everyone should get one. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Not proving honesty will only condone ones actions and encourage more of the same in the future.

  7. Brandon Joel

    Brandon Joel22 giờ trước

    I dont like her at all. Shes way too sassy

  8. Happy Cloud

    Happy CloudNgày trước

    On the contrary to many people i actually really enjoyed this episode

  9. Danaan Ker

    Danaan KerNgày trước

    She is terrible. I hope she is never in another episode

  10. Sophester Animates

    Sophester AnimatesNgày trước

    wait i hope she didnt use her lipstick again (or on anyone else) after link D:

  11. AlienWithABox

    AlienWithABox2 ngày trước

    There's a difference between saying you didn't like a guest and going out of your way to call them a terrible person and leave hateful comments on their social media. Personally, I thought she was hilarious because eccentric, crass humour is my thing. If you don't like it, that's completely fine. R&L have stated that they didn't take her antics seriously, so neither should anyone watching. What happened to being our mythical best?

  12. Cole Tite

    Cole Tite2 ngày trước

    First episode I literally don’t like. Guest literally is rude. So sry not trying to be rude.

  13. BestAbsolutePerfect Nicole

    BestAbsolutePerfect Nicole3 ngày trước

    I loved Padma.... i hope they bring her back.

  14. gulllax40

    gulllax403 ngày trước

    not the best guest host ever

  15. Namboss Awesome

    Namboss Awesome3 ngày trước

    if you read the comment section i would assume 99% were directed against padma, despite this, the GMM team still sided with padma condoning her behaviour but more disappointingly, disregarded our views and turned against your loyal mythical beast. THANKS

  16. 2741 Gaming

    2741 Gaming4 ngày trước

    Wtf she spit in links cup

  17. haley herboth-wright

    haley herboth-wright4 ngày trước

    13,000 dislikes?? Wow, tbh it was the first GMM episode I ever👎

  18. haley herboth-wright

    haley herboth-wright4 ngày trước

    Padma is kinda of a brat...and she talks like she is too lazy to open her mouth all the way you know what I mean??

  19. Spencer Peart

    Spencer Peart5 ngày trước

    The sexy fireman didn't get enough credit in that episode. He needs to be brought back

  20. chilidog

    chilidog5 ngày trước

    i couldn't bring myself to watching the whole thing. i'm so sorry that rhett and link actually had to deal with her behavior.

  21. Miss Anne Thrope1996

    Miss Anne Thrope19965 ngày trước

    All of y’all are rude and judgmental. She did fine, was relaxed and had fun. She reapplied her lipstick so what, she looked like she enjoyed herself and loved it. Y’all don’t know her and these men don’t need protection.

  22. Miss Anne Thrope1996

    Miss Anne Thrope19965 ngày trước

    I like her she was fine

  23. Kody Voyles

    Kody Voyles6 ngày trước

    Did she really spit in links cup.... okay

  24. JRKPFreak

    JRKPFreak7 ngày trước

    I dont know what people are complaining about - I think she was an okay guest. Not super into it, but not as horrible as people are complaining about. Her foundation is off tho.

  25. Anonamoose

    Anonamoose8 ngày trước

    She's not my cup of tea at all.

  26. Quibble S

    Quibble S8 ngày trước

    Poor Link trying to get Padma to slow down and eat with them :( 'We wanna play too!'


    NINJAxPENGUIN928 ngày trước

    The makeup made her face match her personality.. Burnt ;D

  28. Alissia Spencer

    Alissia Spencer9 ngày trước

    The makeup artist foundation doesn’t even match her skin tone..at least do a little of the neck ..

  29. Anon Bunny

    Anon Bunny10 ngày trước

    The only hate I had for her was how rude and quick she was :o

  30. Cincy Stone

    Cincy Stone13 ngày trước

    Every episode they say, “ Be Your Mythical Best”. Great work you Mythical Turds!

  31. Fuzzy Images

    Fuzzy Images13 ngày trước

    Wow, it's like she didn't even want to be on the show from minute one.

  32. Baltimore Z-Wad

    Baltimore Z-Wad14 ngày trước

    Def. One of my least favorite guests they've ever had on GMM. Glad I don't have to worry about her being on again

  33. Semmiboy _1

    Semmiboy _115 ngày trước

    why is she so weird

  34. Mahdi ben dhafer

    Mahdi ben dhafer17 ngày trước

    i don't know how you didn't loose it with that woman ..

  35. Morri Suki

    Morri Suki17 ngày trước

    Stop roasting her :/ the food is already burnt enough in this episode...

  36. ROboGAmeZ

    ROboGAmeZ18 ngày trước

    Sassy lady

  37. Saman Khan

    Saman Khan18 ngày trước

    worsr guest on gmm .. they handled her ..but if i wss there ..i wont handle myself ..whi the hell spits in someone's mug??????????

  38. Saman Khan

    Saman Khan18 ngày trước

    worst ans nastiest guest on gmm ..

  39. Saman Khan

    Saman Khan18 ngày trước

    9:54 link 's wink 😂😂😂

  40. Caleb Branch

    Caleb Branch19 ngày trước

    Do it again with Gordon Ramsay. Would have been a lot more fun 😂

  41. katie

    katie19 ngày trước

    Isn't that guy that's playing the sexy fireman the same guy that plays Cotton Candy Randy?

  42. Jessica Ebdale

    Jessica Ebdale21 ngày trước

    Is it just me or do you think that Padma is high?

  43. Emma Primeaux

    Emma Primeaux21 ngày trước

    I don’t believe people are bullying the guest I believe they are just saying the truth. The guest was rude and it was very sad to see a guest like that on this show. I got an uncomfortable vibe while watching this.

  44. Scott G

    Scott G22 ngày trước

    she look like an umpa-lumpa

  45. MLosUno

    MLosUno23 ngày trước

    Host of Top Chef has burnt noodles put in front of her. "Crunchy noodles!" Wow who would have guessed lol 🤣

  46. Claudiastardh

    Claudiastardh25 ngày trước

    Padma seems drunk?

  47. taylor prokos

    taylor prokos25 ngày trước

    I didn’t not like in this she ruined this episode and she low key looks like a carrot.

  48. Sour Soap

    Sour Soap26 ngày trước

    Wow she’s an impatient one 😂

  49. Casey Wojcik

    Casey Wojcik26 ngày trước

    I loved this episode and the guest!

  50. Brian Stancato

    Brian Stancato26 ngày trước

    Do not upload any further content with her on it. I will not provide personal feelings towards this lady, however I will keep it this simple and I am sure others will say the same. If she is on future episodes my guess is you will see a major drop in viewership as well as lose lots of credibility.

  51. Moha Elahwal

    Moha Elahwal28 ngày trước

    If she’s makeup artist why her face is yellow? Why she puts yellow makeup?!! So ugly .. really bothered me while watching + If she’s professional cook why she tastes the food like that? She eats the whole thing in one bite? Plz don’t bring her back again 😖

  52. Matthew Reagan

    Matthew Reagan29 ngày trước

    Come on guys, she wasn't *that* bad.

  53. Tyler Mills

    Tyler Mills29 ngày trước

    Kinda hope she dies soon 😁

  54. Es Rach

    Es Rach29 ngày trước

    get rid of her

  55. Cris Monroe San Juan

    Cris Monroe San JuanTháng trước

    4 bleeps in a GMM vid.. hmm.

  56. Alex Marzani

    Alex MarzaniTháng trước

    And people said that the perfect woman didn't exist.

  57. Bradley Parker

    Bradley ParkerTháng trước

    Worst episode I've seen. Love Rhett and Link but her personality is that of a bitchy potato.

  58. Papa Xan

    Papa XanTháng trước


  59. Cal

    CalTháng trước

    This woman needs to apologize

  60. Cresiree DC

    Cresiree DCTháng trước

    her foundation is too yellow wtf

  61. Leftie Owens

    Leftie OwensTháng trước

    Does anybody know if she was putting on a persona for comedy or if that's just how she is?

  62. ethan gallagher

    ethan gallagherTháng trước

    That woman is wearing to much matchup she looks orange!!!

  63. XxNoobMasterXx Srry

    XxNoobMasterXx SrryTháng trước

    Good Mythical Summer

  64. patricia palmer

    patricia palmerTháng trước

    I paused just to guess that the sexy firemen is Chase. Ok. I'm turning it back on.

  65. Presious P

    Presious PTháng trước

    Here face is literally yellow and very oily

  66. Charlene Gibson

    Charlene GibsonTháng trước

    Not my favourite guest gmm has had. I personally love when they go on the jimmy fallon show because hes such a good sport

  67. Sethketchup

    SethketchupTháng trước

    Her mom must be disappointed

  68. Natalia Roman

    Natalia RomanTháng trước

    that lady is dramatic asf.. and she swore on the show like wth

  69. Risha Bharathan

    Risha BharathanTháng trước

    Padma laxmi needs to go to a charm school!

  70. Carl Emerick

    Carl EmerickTháng trước

    She single handedly ruined the entire episode! She had no right being on this show! I understand why! But you guys dont need to stoop this low. This episode could have been amazing!

  71. grant dandeneau

    grant dandeneauTháng trước

    i liked her. she seems like a strong woman with humor. not easily digested

  72. chowdhury raisa

    chowdhury raisaTháng trước

    i literally don't get all these comments? she was so good on the show.

  73. Misty Lovejoy

    Misty LovejoyTháng trước

    I read all these comments before watching this video and I am utterly confused on how all these mythical beasts thought she was being rude. she obviously did all these things for comedic effect. link loved it, you can just tell. and rhett too! it didn’t seem awkward or unbearable at all. and the reason she did the makeup-touch up stunt was to promote her makeup line which is OBVIOUSLY one of the biggest reasons she was on the show. she looked like she had fun and wanted to be there. and for her “bad” foundation application: you need to go watch a video of James Charles or any other makeup artist. they do their makeup to work with the lighting that they are in most of the day. she probably didn’t realize that Good Mythical Morning has such “low” lighting. y’all are real idiots and I can’t believe Rhett and Link had to literally yell at you all in the comments. you can have your opinions but there is no reason for THIS amount of negativity. i’m disgusted

  74. SmokyBarret

    SmokyBarretTháng trước

    to be honest, already after the second tasting I lost the will to watch this episode till the end, because I didn't like her attitude. then I went to the comments section and read that there was A LOT more to come, like some serious disrespectful behavior. I don't even want to continue watching. I'm sorry guys, I love you and almost every show, but not this one. Although the game could have been really fun

  75. Paul courson

    Paul coursonTháng trước

    please never have her again. i could not finish the episode she was so rude

  76. kahlai cummins thore

    kahlai cummins thoreTháng trước

    i think ive lost brain cells watching her

  77. Charles Mogensen

    Charles MogensenTháng trước

    I definitely think you guys should redo the concept but not with her☹️ Like so they can see this comment 👍👌

  78. Marion Williams

    Marion WilliamsTháng trước

    Her makeup is horrible, she has a bad attitude, and she all around was giving me a bad vibe from the moment she wanted a point because sushi has rice. I really hope she doesn't come back. Ever.

  79. A Band Show 3000

    A Band Show 3000Tháng trước

    But the carcinogens!

  80. Alden Legge

    Alden LeggeTháng trước

    She is beautiful 😄 reminds me of Gal Gadot haha

  81. Margo Danahy

    Margo DanahyTháng trước

    carcinogens wya

  82. Aen Studios

    Aen StudiosTháng trước

    I can hear the frustration in stevie's voice, I can tell she haaaates the guest.

  83. Taco-Tanner

    Taco-TannerTháng trước

    I did not enjoy her part in this episode.

  84. Samuel Donovan

    Samuel DonovanTháng trước

    Padma is an Efficient Machine. TASTE. GUESS. TASTE. GUESS. Fascinating.

  85. San D. G.

    San D. G.Tháng trước

    Worst guest you’ve ever had on the show. I hope you never invite her back. She was rude, vain, and appeared to be drunk or high. That, or she’s just a horrible person. I’ve been a fan of this show for 4 years and have never disliked an episode until now. :(

  86. Blueberryymuffin

    BlueberryymuffinTháng trước

    Was the fireman Cotton Candy Randy?

  87. NinjaPandaen

    NinjaPandaenTháng trước

    link has herpes

  88. Java Goblin

    Java GoblinTháng trước

    That lady is gross, in ever sense of the word. YUCK!

  89. Crazy Bonehead

    Crazy BoneheadTháng trước

    Just going on the record, last time I saw this much negativity in a comments section was when Rhett and Link first changed to the new format and they had those sucky lights.

  90. Alexandria Alexander

    Alexandria AlexanderTháng trước

    I'm seeing these comments and she wasn't that bad a guest. She seemed nervous and scared...and who wouldnt be with the things Rhett and Link eats....lol

  91. EPöXY

    EPöXYTháng trước

    95% of the people complaining about Padma are female. Jealous much??

  92. Warren Hammonds

    Warren HammondsTháng trước

    She was absolutely insufferable. Hopefully she never appears on the show again.

  93. Joseph Olney

    Joseph OlneyTháng trước

    Was the fireman cotton candy randy??

  94. Deersaredabom1

    Deersaredabom1Tháng trước

    Why dose her face foundation look so different to her hands and end of neck??🧐 Edit: I just read the comments and finished watching it and she is rude wth......your not gonna have her back😂😏 Edit agin: why is she trying to get the point so much.EDIT ANGIN WHY DID SHE SPIT LINKS CUP...NOPE THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW😑

  95. beastmode mcgee

    beastmode mcgeeTháng trước

    Yea she was too much lol she wont be back

  96. Puppyman 97

    Puppyman 97Tháng trước

    How can people be so cruel to her!!!! She is so funny! and her spitting in links cup adds to the humor plus a few curses is fine and they are bleeped out (Come on Rhett and link have quite a few jokes in many videos that are a little inappropriate!) plus when she touched up her makeup she added humor in to it. I thought the the fans would be a little nicer! come on!!!

  97. MrTibberz

    MrTibberzTháng trước

    Omg she’s so annoying

  98. Thiccc Gaming

    Thiccc GamingTháng trước

    Crunchy noodles I win when link said Raman and a rice I win she doesn’t know anything and ruined the show and she was so rude and full of herself

  99. Crys Pardo

    Crys PardoTháng trước

    Although I was not a fan of this guest there is no need to be rude. Remember if you are disrespecting a guest on gmm you are disrespecting Rhett and Link. Also for those complaining that she is the guest that has been bleeped out the most ya'll have not been watching gmm recently Post Malon and Keke Palmer if i recalled were bleeped quite a bit too.

  100. Ronyae A

    Ronyae ATháng trước

    I’m glad other people are picking up on this woman’s rudeness

  101. sophia pagliughi

    sophia pagliughiTháng trước

    Well I mean it’s all just gonna taste burnt it won’t taste like a different burnt ?!

  102. Caitlyn Swann

    Caitlyn SwannTháng trước

    Girl, that foundation formula needs some work or you need to get color matched again before you try to promote it. Also, kids, when you're putting on foundation never forget the finishing powder. Or you're gonna look like a sweaty jaundice patient.

  103. ElGato7000

    ElGato7000Tháng trước

    Was this episode entertaining? Yes Are most of you 13k who disliked this because of Padma Lakshmi way too sensitive? Yes

  104. Autumn Leafa

    Autumn LeafaTháng trước


  105. AnAsianbr0skii21

    AnAsianbr0skii21Tháng trước

    Padma just generalizes lmfaoo. Yall gotta tell her to be more specific i dont think she knows what specific is