Céline Dion - Courage (Official Video)


  1. Raphael Brudovitch

    Raphael Brudovitch13 giờ trước

    😭I cry listening to Celine Dion. I think it’s because I love her so much. ❤️

  2. Edyta m

    Edyta m18 giờ trước


  3. simaloi pangpang

    simaloi pangpangNgày trước

    COURAGE don't you dare fail me now... I need you to keep away the doubt.

  4. Ndahura Amoti

    Ndahura AmotiNgày trước

    Am watching it from DRC congo 2020

  5. barbara barrientos

    barbara barrientos2 ngày trước

    what a song, thank you, that's all I need now courage!

  6. Szelek

    Szelek2 ngày trước

    Polska? Jak tak to ona śpiewała muzę w Titanic

  7. Klaudia Tatar

    Klaudia Tatar2 ngày trước

    tyle to ja wiem

  8. Susan Block

    Susan Block2 ngày trước

    Awesome 👏

  9. The Music Council

    The Music Council3 ngày trước

    4:13 that tore my soul apart, that scene says such a lot, it has such an intense emotional power..... the way she looks almost like begging courage not to fail her in a moment of such darkness (represented by the outfit and the background) looking also like a child in desperate need of affection but still holding on to courage to save her. I love that part

  10. Andrew Wilson

    Andrew Wilson3 ngày trước

    To those 2663 thumbs down morons, listen to the words. Celine Dion is one of the worlds greatest singers ever.

  11. Satyam Gaur

    Satyam Gaur3 ngày trước

    Hiii plz give me a hiii I lov uhh

  12. Jaxe Magno

    Jaxe Magno3 ngày trước

    Blink from PH. I will support Celine Dion

  13. Emanuela Patti

    Emanuela Patti3 ngày trước

    Only someone who lost someone knows the pain of our deep souls. Music is the medicine. Best ever and forever. Thanks for sing this song Celine . Your a very courage and strong woman.

  14. Haryani Caroline

    Haryani Caroline3 ngày trước

    My heart is aching when I hear she sang this song 💔 can't help but crying just to think of her love towards Rene😭 jetaime Celine ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Mariam_Jen Castor

    Mariam_Jen Castor4 ngày trước


  16. stephanie knight

    stephanie knight4 ngày trước


  17. Daniel Dee

    Daniel Dee4 ngày trước

    I am so sorry for your loss know your mother was your biggest fan and supporter. Always know she is with you proud as can be. I lost my father 3 years ago suddenly and it hurts every single day. She is with you father, husband & brother Daniel. I will continue to pray for your family just as I do my own family. May God bless you all. Celine sadly I know how it feels to lose a parent 😔 again I offer my deepest condolences to you, your children, siblings and friends. Please know as fans when you hurt we hurt. Stay strong my love and continue to have the courage you have. Sending you so much love 🙏🏼✝️🌹✝️🙏🏼

  18. Fieser Fettsack

    Fieser Fettsack4 ngày trước

    Celine ist für mich ein Engel den uns der Himmel geschickt hat. Ihre Stimme berührt meine Seele ganz tief... ❤️

  19. Rodwell Simon

    Rodwell Simon4 ngày trước

    This song hits home hard with the death of her mother. I'm so sorry!😢😢😢😢😢😢

  20. Robin Geek

    Robin Geek4 ngày trước

    Celine comes to 🇧🇷 plsssss ❤❤❤

  21. iraq boos

    iraq boos4 ngày trước

    Great song

  22. Suzanne W

    Suzanne W4 ngày trước

    So sorry to hear of your sad, sad loss. My heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You have the love and support of your fans and I hope, like me, they will respect your privacy x💔

  23. bocca 6c

    bocca 6c4 ngày trước

    This Song it's about you again C.O.U.R.A.G.E. Céline .....Good luck for tonight " R.I.P" Maman Dion "

  24. Peter Wilson

    Peter Wilson5 ngày trước

    This is truly beautiful. I love your song very much, i've heard it for more than 10 times and 'Courage' deserves more loves and supports. Looking forward to your song in future Big love from Vietnam!

  25. Melanie Creadore Best Of Tampa Bay Homes

    Melanie Creadore Best Of Tampa Bay Homes5 ngày trước

    When you sang this last night in Tampa 1 day after your husband's 3-year passing, I just melted into tears and felt your emotions sing to him song after song! The power Celine has when she sings is just overwhelming, I have seen many artists but YOU CELINE have a gift of passion that comes from your soul.

  26. Fary7 Diop

    Fary7 Diop5 ngày trước


  27. Victoria Barkaoui

    Victoria Barkaoui6 ngày trước

    Sublime vraiment magnifique

  28. Veeveean Chichi

    Veeveean Chichi6 ngày trước

    This song made me cry and still makes me cry every time i watch it.... To everyone who has lost someone or something special , i pray courage never fails you now that you need it the most. :(

  29. Jasmin

    Jasmin7 ngày trước

    Wieviele Herzen sie mit Ihrer Stimme berührt ✋♥️

  30. jorj valdez

    jorj valdez7 ngày trước

    I feel so envy how sexy and fit she was She just like an elementary girl Im a fan way back then and now. I feel she missed her love


    MARY KIHARA7 ngày trước

    Any kenyan fan here?

  32. Adi Yacobi

    Adi Yacobi7 ngày trước

    Love the message ❤️ merci

  33. SONEL ADME Officiel

    SONEL ADME Officiel7 ngày trước

    Aujourd'hui même

  34. SONEL ADME Officiel

    SONEL ADME Officiel7 ngày trước

    Jésus veux te racheter artiste Céline Dion

  35. Sally Hudson

    Sally Hudson7 ngày trước

    I saw her In Boston last month. When she performed this you could feel her husbands presence . I think he would be so proud.

  36. Chioma Mabel Moses

    Chioma Mabel Moses8 ngày trước

    Courage don't you dare fail me now.😢😢😢

  37. Lillemor Bettan

    Lillemor Bettan8 ngày trước

    I'm always thinking of my Dad when I hear this song.... I miss him so much 💔😪

  38. GORDAN X

    GORDAN X8 ngày trước

    wow that waist!

  39. Sheu

    Sheu8 ngày trước

    Is this song dedicated to the late husband? Really emotional. May HSRIP.

  40. Renan Rafael

    Renan Rafael9 ngày trước

    Que voz eterna 😍❤️🇧🇷

  41. Vincent P. McDermott

    Vincent P. McDermott9 ngày trước

    Love... love... love this song. My favorite part is when your hear the orchestra solo... gives me goosebumps and makes me cry!! Love you Céline... Continue de nous émerveiller avec ta voix, ton talent et ta personnalité!!

  42. Steven Castaneda

    Steven Castaneda9 ngày trước

    #ForTheLoverThatILost!!!! 🔥 i need a video

  43. dawn lynas

    dawn lynas9 ngày trước

    This beautiful woman has the voice of an angel 👼

  44. Sinistrão Mobile Tutors

    Sinistrão Mobile Tutors9 ngày trước

    Muito sentimental.

  45. Gustavo Borges

    Gustavo Borges10 ngày trước


  46. Hening Tinambunan

    Hening Tinambunan10 ngày trước

    Love this song.


    DEDO NO LIKE OFICIAL10 ngày trước

    Celine... THE BEST AND BEST!!!!


    PBS TEAM ALL IN ONE10 ngày trước

    Indonesian Like...

  49. Islem Belaiden

    Islem Belaiden10 ngày trước

    Love you from Algeria💕

  50. bilo Z

    bilo Z10 ngày trước

    Whether you lost someone you loved or someone you discovered you'd be better without, in both situations this song reflects our feelings: the courage to go on without bec life is really really really tough !!! But we hv to be tougher. Courage must be had.

  51. Valentino Chris

    Valentino Chris10 ngày trước

    Who's here with me 2020? I love this song😭

  52. Joelle meaning Jehovah is God

    Joelle meaning Jehovah is God11 ngày trước

    This is a man. Dont be fooled people. Celine dion you need to stop what you are doing. Stop being fearful of the devil himself. Rather be fearful of Jesus. Jesus is the one that has the power. He can give and take away be careful. Jesus loves you but hates your sinfulness. Turn to Jesus now or face his wrath on you.

  53. mar montess

    mar montess11 ngày trước


  54. Exposing Liars

    Exposing Liars11 ngày trước

    Dayum, she looks like a devil.

  55. Muhammad Tessar

    Muhammad Tessar11 ngày trước

    You're backkk 😭😭😭😭😭💖💖💖🔥

  56. JAD Karam

    JAD Karam11 ngày trước

    I love you Ceilne From Lebanon 💓💓💓

  57. Laure Martin

    Laure Martin12 ngày trước

    Merci infiniment Céline Dion ❤

  58. Captain Bang

    Captain Bang12 ngày trước

    Wow a Beautiful song with a lot of devilish courage 🌚

  59. Livia Arcanjo

    Livia Arcanjo12 ngày trước

    This song made me cry, I feel like she's singing to Rene

  60. Margaret Barbour

    Margaret BarbourGiờ trước

    Because that's who the song is about xx

  61. Maharani Safitri

    Maharani Safitri9 ngày trước

    @Livia Arcanjo Rest in peace :' thanks for the answer

  62. Livia Arcanjo

    Livia Arcanjo10 ngày trước

    @Maharani SafitriRene is her husband who died in 2016

  63. Maharani Safitri

    Maharani Safitri10 ngày trước

    who is Rene?

  64. jelly123ice1

    jelly123ice110 ngày trước

    I think she is, I love this song.

  65. Edwige Masson

    Edwige Masson12 ngày trước

    Bonjour chère amie mademoiselle ou madame, monsieur. Je suis nouvelle sur le réseau et j'aimerais bien me faire de nouveau amis a travers j'aime découvrir de nouveaux horizons et j'aimerais que vous fassiez en partir de mes nouveaux amis Marina.santibanaise@gmail.com

  66. Halmimnut Lan

    Halmimnut Lan12 ngày trước

    those 2.6 dislike most probably got some mental problem.get a life.