California Becomes The First State To Push Back School Start Times | TODAY


  1. isabel and Edith

    isabel and Edith9 ngày trước

    Maybe we don't sleep cuz all the homework they give us

  2. Rangervargas 2.0

    Rangervargas 2.021 ngày trước

    I live in California but I’m in a private school so I don’t think it applies for me

  3. Kosta Starr

    Kosta Starr23 ngày trước

    Their gonna push back the start time and my school is gonna end at 4 pm smh.

  4. Furret Boi with a gun

    Furret Boi with a gun28 ngày trước

    when tell me now pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee my eyes hurt i need sleep, wait 8am? thats no different from before, for my school anyways

  5. Mike Ammenwerth

    Mike AmmenwerthTháng trước

    How about good parenting??? Set a curfew for your kid! Let’s encourage non-responsible behaviors like staying up late on school nights. Find a cure for LIBERISM!!!

  6. joe momma

    joe mommaTháng trước

    Good thing he didn't Waste any time on the homeless issue.

  7. Donna Mcdonald

    Donna McdonaldTháng trước

    This is so overdue! The National Sleep Foundation has been recommending this for a while.

  8. flash kick

    flash kickTháng trước

    Recall Gavin Newsom on this official petition. There's 2 official recall petition forms. Let's sign this one as it has the most signed petitions so far.

  9. kathy33025

    kathy33025Tháng trước

    Tell that to my 7yr olds elementary school in south florida that starts at 7:50am 😖

  10. k barn

    k barnTháng trước

    the fact that they “pushed it back” but the times are still 8 & 8:30 is sorta ridiculous!! y’all really expect too much out of us like we’re just tryna live

  11. Karen M

    Karen MTháng trước

    Should have been done a long long time ago. Nine a.m. is the earliest they should have ever started school. Ever.

  12. RedRose7997

    RedRose7997Tháng trước

    Makes sense. Even workplaces for adults are having later or staggered start times.

  13. dirtyzombiedude

    dirtyzombiedudeTháng trước

    And work schedules are what non existent?

  14. SafeSpeeder

    SafeSpeederTháng trước

    They are much later.

  15. Princess silvia

    Princess silviaTháng trước

    I think it should apply to work shifts.... everyone would benefit from a later start ...more focus...more productive ... like studies suggest

  16. Vividora14

    Vividora14Tháng trước

    California is not the first to do this. The high schools I attended in Dallas, TX didn't start until 9:15 am and it's been that way for over 10 years!

  17. Mary Daniels

    Mary DanielsTháng trước

    Wait Florida middle School starts at 930, elementary 830, highschool 730

  18. Jon Dough

    Jon DoughTháng trước

    Preparing failures.. hard working people wake up early.

  19. SafeSpeeder

    SafeSpeederTháng trước

    There is no pride in damaging your physical health. You try to be healthy, and THEN work hard. They would work HARDER if they had the energy too. What a stupid comment. Most jobs do not require any cognition like school did.

  20. CitizenX3639

    CitizenX3639Tháng trước

    Poor babies, what they going do when they have to get up and work 12 hrs a day. o thats right leftist dont work, they steal and lie.

  21. CitizenX3639

    CitizenX363928 ngày trước

    @SafeSpeeder Apparently you never worked in transportation.

  22. SafeSpeeder

    SafeSpeederTháng trước

    1. No normal human being works 12 hours 2. Most work shifts are actually 9 am to 5pm. 3. Sleep is a need, not a luxury, more essential than water.

  23. earthminus10

    earthminus10Tháng trước should be 9 or 9:30

  24. kale n

    kale nTháng trước

    Its about time this has started.

  25. Reper1483

    Reper1483Tháng trước

    Give me a break. Poor little

  26. Lindsay Whitelock

    Lindsay WhitelockTháng trước

    When I was going to Westminster high school in California I started school at 7am

  27. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuTháng trước

    Why don't kid just go to bed earlier if they're tired in the mornings?

  28. SafeSpeeder

    SafeSpeederTháng trước

    Another ugly indoctrinated millenial who has no knowlegde of sleep rhythms or neuroscience.

  29. orando15

    orando15Tháng trước

    I think its more parental thing. My lil sis is thrown to bed at 10pm and her clothes for school pre-prepared since she has school at 8am. She gets 9hrs of sleep since we wake her at 7am for breakfast & basic morning things to do. She doing just fine & full on energy most days like any kid.

  30. Kristen Howery

    Kristen HoweryTháng trước

    I would have killed for an 8:30 am start time in high school. Getting up at 6:30 am is unnatural for a lot of people.

  31. SafeSpeeder

    SafeSpeederTháng trước

    @oiuet souiu It is usually the other way around. Most jobs I have browsed through start at 9 am and later, and adults dont need more than 7 hours, teens need 10-11 minimum.

  32. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiuTháng trước

    As a teen I got seven hours of sleep when I needed eight. As an adult I long for seven hours and get five.

  33. my fucked up life podcast

    my fucked up life podcastTháng trước

    I had school at 9..... and i was in hs

  34. Darkened Angel of the apocalypse

    Darkened Angel of the apocalypseTháng trước

    They need to fix the school system,teach better ! No need to spend 8 hours in school ,start at 9am leave by 2 pm ,no homework ,everything has to be done in school ,go home have some life ,do some activities.

  35. Dev

    DevTháng trước

    How about we fix the sanctuary state bs the homelessness and the drugs. California is a failed state.

  36. Daniel Trevino

    Daniel TrevinoTháng trước

    Are these people crazy? Dont they know that all this means is teenagers are gonna stay up EVEN later now.

  37. Tanya Jensen

    Tanya JensenTháng trước

    we have 8:15 start times for elementary and middle and high schools. always have. kids are fine. sports are after school if they are involved and sometimes morning weights or chorus practice for some before 8 and wednesday nights here in our town is known for church night so practice is only for a small amount of time if held...

  38. SafeSpeeder

    SafeSpeederTháng trước

    That's child abuse, sports are not important. Give them a break

  39. K H

    K HTháng trước

    They can't just take that time out of school?.. It's going to be exactly the same if they just have school later on in the day. When they start isn't the problem it's the length of time they're required to be there plus the homework they're given afterwards...

  40. Cody Painter

    Cody PainterTháng trước

    Of course you sign this in right after I graduate.

  41. Matilda Taylor

    Matilda TaylorTháng trước

    Idk you might want to check on South Carolina. We started school at 9am and we're still one of the dumbest states just saying.

  42. Bourdeaux Photo

    Bourdeaux PhotoTháng trước

    School at 8:30? Now I can stay up to 1am

  43. megan smith

    megan smithTháng trước

    Am I the only one thinking “Go to bed earlier?” That gets you more sleep instantly

  44. afutla qian

    afutla qianTháng trước


  45. Lasty K

    Lasty KTháng trước

    This should help kids that use public transportation IMO.

  46. afutla qian

    afutla qianTháng trước


  47. Fee Mee

    Fee MeeTháng trước

    is it just me or does that thumbnail look like an older Tom Holland? 😂

  48. Seth Phillips

    Seth PhillipsTháng trước

    As a kid in high school I hate that they are pushing back the time!

  49. Jared A

    Jared ATháng trước

    glad to see california tackling the big issues at hand... 👀

  50. ermooree5

    ermooree5Tháng trước

    Just go to bed early?

  51. Charles M

    Charles MTháng trước

    As a teen I got seven hours of sleep when I needed eight. As an adult I long for seven hours and get five.

  52. Ryker Saenz

    Ryker SaenzTháng trước

    My high school starts at 9:05

  53. BOOTSontheGROUND

    BOOTSontheGROUNDTháng trước

    My county has been going to highschool at 9am for years now

  54. BOOTSontheGROUND

    BOOTSontheGROUNDTháng trước

    And I still slept all day in school

  55. Michael Clark

    Michael ClarkTháng trước

    Mine goes to school from 9am-4pm and it helps her a lot. Would say it definitely makes it more difficult if you are a single parent for sure though. (Missouri)

  56. Craig Forrest

    Craig ForrestTháng trước

    This is brilliant...great way to teach our kids responsibility and how to deal with adulthood. Here’s a neat idea...GO THE F TO BED EARLIER, JFC CALIFORNIA. In the immortal words of John Mclane, “...f$#king California”

  57. Molon Labe

    Molon LabeTháng trước

    They'll just stay up later at night. They're not gonna get more sleep.

  58. Captainnoone

    CaptainnooneTháng trước

    I’d rather go to school at 7:15 and get out at 2:15 than 9:00 and 4:10

  59. Clint Lewis

    Clint LewisTháng trước

    California needs to fall in the ocean...

  60. Michael Brown

    Michael BrownTháng trước


  61. my name name

    my name nameTháng trước


  62. FROGIE 24

    FROGIE 24Tháng trước

    Stop being stupid stop listening to all these new wave change everything people they're stupid is a reason why are civilizations way it is because if the only way you could be losers

  63. MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster

    MediaMatters IsMyCockHolsterTháng trước

    by the time Newsom is done with California, the only people with guns will be criminals, the only people with money will be Hollywood, the only people not living on the street will be the wealthy, the only people who speak english will either be homeless or wealthy, and the only people with an education will be those who didn't grow up in California. And you wonder why the voters there are so stupid. Those kids have no idea what the Bill of Rights is or which bathroom to use, but I betcha they can give you the tenets of the climate change cult by rote.

  64. Donovan Gebert

    Donovan GebertTháng trước

    This is an example of a good liberal policy

  65. Ashraven PB

    Ashraven PBTháng trước

    Wow California did something smart for once. Good job

  66. Los EMS

    Los EMSTháng trước

    The kids have to go to sleep EARLY

  67. SafeSpeeder

    SafeSpeederTháng trước

    Still not enough time

  68. disturbed3330

    disturbed3330Tháng trước

    Lol California already has a bum problem 😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  69. Will Roderick

    Will RoderickTháng trước


  70. Jonathan Levu

    Jonathan LevuTháng trước

    Where I live, all high schools have been starting at 8:30 for years



    Click like button to support earlier or the same times for highschoolers

  72. Whut Now!

    Whut Now!Tháng trước

    Zombie kids