Carbonara | Basics with Babish


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish2 tháng trước

    According to my 23andMe, I'm 10.7% Italian, so...pretty much an expert here.

  2. Bunny Bro

    Bunny BroNgày trước

    5:39 start rolling my arse?

  3. FJ Narv

    FJ Narv4 ngày trước

    Hello there, WoahVicky

  4. Bill Baker

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  5. El Allen

    El Allen8 ngày trước

    @Undisclosed Music but u give more DNA just to get a check up at the doctor what would stop them from doing that too???

  6. andre rocha

    andre rocha10 giờ trước

    Babish full Italian accent can get anyone turned on. Source: me

  7. NyaMoon

    NyaMoon14 giờ trước

    I usuallY do my Carbonara with parmigiano, bacon/prosciutto, cream and salt and pepper :D I tried it with eggs but I actually prefer the one with cream xD tastes pretty good and only takes 5-10 mins

  8. Bunny Bro

    Bunny BroNgày trước

    5:39 start rolling my arse?

  9. Chubnubbs

    ChubnubbsNgày trước

    Me being 10.8% Italian:”yeah my bolognese is pretty good”

  10. S Schiavo

    S SchiavoNgày trước

    Good for you for correcting yourself.

  11. Giacomo Bechini

    Giacomo BechiniNgày trước

    Adding “starchy” water to the pan is actually a pretty Italian thing to make pasta creamier (as you said). So the only non-italian variations are garlic and beacon. As a really open minded italian, I can say that your version of Carbonara is actually pretty reasonable: not everyone can afford/find pancetta or carbonara and garlic is always good. 👍🏻

  12. AfternoonBaboon

    AfternoonBaboonNgày trước

    Quick impression: Who am I? "It's not *real* carbonara if you make it with garlic" Correct. That's an impression of a sad, sad person.

  13. Kaisergun

    KaisergunNgày trước

    As an Italian, I've grown to hate Italians. All this babbling about food and tradition as if it's some big offense if anyone does anything differently. Food is about innovation, not tradition, you idiots. Not to mention we ran this country into the ground in just a little over 100 years.

  14. Brave Conq

    Brave Conq2 ngày trước

    I made the more traditional version for my family. They all loved it. Thanks for the videos. I'm gonna be making smash burgers soon

  15. sorucha

    sorucha2 ngày trước

    0:09 your entry was the worst if I recall correctly

  16. Enlil The Prince

    Enlil The Prince2 ngày trước

    With the 2nd "recepie" you killed the italian in me

  17. paul Z

    paul Z2 ngày trước

    I like my carbonara the way i like my women.. Dirty

  18. K

    K2 ngày trước

    Sorry, it just tastes much better with cream.

  19. Gabriel King

    Gabriel King3 ngày trước

    BABISH I made the american style cabonara for my family tonight(even tho im a new Zealander lol) and it was really really good, however my gf said the sauce had "separated" a bit, she said that ment i over cooked it, what do you think?

  20. talarshistoricalsewing

    talarshistoricalsewing3 ngày trước

    I tried to make this but my eggs scrambled! How can I avoid this?!

  21. Csaba Sánta

    Csaba SántaNgày trước

    less heat

  22. B's Liquor

    B's LiquorNgày trước

    talarshistoricalsewing You didn’t stir fast enough or the pot/pan was too hot. The one time I made this I dumped everything into a fresh pot that hadn’t been on any heat, came out fantastic.

  23. John Rommel Ramirez

    John Rommel Ramirez3 ngày trước

    Hey Babish, Thanks for the video. Ever since I learned that the Carbonara sauce from this video was only made of eggs, cheese, pepper and the oil from either bacon or Guanciale I ended up making carbonara, but with canned tuna in oil. Many might not agree with me, but at least my family is happy every time I cook. Would be nice to actually try the real stuff like Guanciale and Pecorino Romano, but I don't have either the funds nor am I able to find them in our supermarkets in the Philippines.

  24. Philip Cavanagh

    Philip Cavanagh3 ngày trước

    Hey wow that seems simple to make.

  25. FejkJ

    FejkJ3 ngày trước

    butthurt passive aggressiveness is through the roof

  26. benzpny

    benzpny4 ngày trước

    oh man... this make me hungry

  27. Michael Lyga

    Michael Lyga4 ngày trước

    Davie504 did it better

  28. Bill Baker

    Bill Baker5 ngày trước

    I pick door number 2

  29. Watchmasterofkrieg

    Watchmasterofkrieg5 ngày trước

    no cream

  30. bakasheru

    bakasheru6 ngày trước

    *angry italian chef noises* At Least you're not adding heavy cream...

  31. rev

    rev6 ngày trước

    I was expecting the carbonara to be the blasphemous version of adding cream/milk served in outlets like Pastamania. This wasn't that bad lol.

  32. davide carbone

    davide carbone6 ngày trước

    i'm roman please don't use garlic again evry time somuone use garlic a italian grandma died *

  33. MrMoepz

    MrMoepz6 ngày trước

    Quick question, what difference does the one egg yolk make? so far I have seen recipes with whole eggs and all egg yolks, but never a mix.

  34. Jazz Of All Trades

    Jazz Of All Trades7 ngày trước

    Honestly surprised Italians haven't claimed their dishes are victims of cultural appropriation. It's okay to adapt a recipe if you cannot find the traditional ingredients or prefer a slightly different taste. Simply say it's "inspired by Italy" as opposed to straight up calling it Italian - that's when they get irate.

  35. Isabelle honorato

    Isabelle honorato7 ngày trước

    *cries in italian* I am dying hahahaha

  36. Kyle Armstrong

    Kyle Armstrong7 ngày trước

    I made this tonight, the method using guanciale. It was deliecious. Nearly forgot to take the pan off the heat and could have easily made scrambled bacon pasta 😂😂

  37. Joe Fasano

    Joe Fasano7 ngày trước

    Babish I’ve seen that video and I’m Italian.. sorry, we can be pretty harsh as very proud of our food...ehehehe... and eh... you did not make it authentically...but, don’t worry compared to other chefs I’ve seen you are good ;)...keep up the good work man!

  38. Stefano D'Ottavi

    Stefano D'Ottavi7 ngày trước

    Good job. A few tips: 1)If you're using pasta water in the pan take the guanciale out and put it back once you have finished, since it may boil the meat and ruin its consistency. 2) The deal about the meat is the fat part. If you can't find guanciale use what you want, just be sure it's fat enough. If you're using bacon use the unsmoked one. 3) I know guanciale/bacon and garlic it's delicious but not in carbonara. Try using it in other recipes tho it's a good combo.

  39. Alessia Reniero

    Alessia Reniero7 ngày trước

    beh dai, pensavo peggio

  40. masatotai

    masatotai8 ngày trước

    What kind of replacement meat could I use instead of pork?

  41. Jesus Gonzalez

    Jesus Gonzalez8 ngày trước

    "Pull out using your hand, like a real gentleman"

  42. Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog

    Ciel One Hell of A Service Dog8 ngày trước

    While i sit here with just thick cut bacon...and say fuck it.

  43. SnowWolf100

    SnowWolf1008 ngày trước

    Just moved into a new apartment after years of being at the edge of financial ruin. I was stuck in a crappy situation with crappy landlords and barely unable to cook do to faulty electricity. Now, here I am, watching a Binging with Babish video in my gourmet kitchen, finally I can cook like I always wanted too. Thank you

  44. JRH

    JRH8 ngày trước

    Food is food is what I say. :/

  45. Artur Chmiel

    Artur Chmiel8 ngày trước

    Yeee, Italians are funny about their food 😉

  46. Monroe Robbins

    Monroe Robbins8 ngày trước

    I made this.... in a giant bowl, since I made way too much for my tiny family and our tiny stomachs. :) carbonara is amazing, but also kind of a pain in the ass to get right the first time, since you have to make sure not to accidentally cook the eggs into scrambled.

  47. Asia C

    Asia C8 ngày trước

    You cook your pasta perfectly

  48. Fin Williams

    Fin Williams8 ngày trước

    did anyone else struggle to pick with one you were going to make lol

  49. Nick - Brawl stars and More

    Nick - Brawl stars and More9 ngày trước

    I’m guessing 1.5k Italians didn’t like the babish way

  50. Alex Vikendi

    Alex Vikendi9 ngày trước

    There is still a lot of wrong in this video.

  51. Codis McBrodis

    Codis McBrodis9 ngày trước

    Just made a nice Carbonara for a lazy Sunday brunch, and I (for the most part) stayed true to the video. Absolutely delicious! Even my two year old daughter and my incredibly picky wife loved it! Love your videos, Andrew! I've been a huge fan of yours for years!

  52. varva001

    varva0019 ngày trước

    Little note for everyone... He correctly states guanciale is the way to go and then proceed to use pancetta calling it guanciale... I hope this is a honest mistake...

  53. Marius Periwinkle

    Marius Periwinkle9 ngày trước

    “Don’t throw it against the wall you fucking weirdo”. I grew up doing that a couple of times because that was how I was told to do it. But it is fucking weird. And it doesn’t really work. It is a messy, strange, ill-conceived solution to a nonexistent problem. Just taste your pasta you freaks.

  54. Jacob Hinchliffe

    Jacob Hinchliffe10 ngày trước

    My dad uses cream cheese

  55. James Spence

    James Spence10 ngày trước

    I tried this but it by the time I mixed in the slurry the carbonara wasn't hot anymore, just kind of warm. Any tips to avoid this? Heat my plates or leave the pan on a low heat while I mix the slurry in?

  56. LonePine Bride

    LonePine Bride10 ngày trước

    Carbonara with gnocchi is 💯 sooo chewy fatty salty delicious

  57. jlee29170

    jlee2917010 ngày trước

    What about using hog jowl instead of bacon? It is available smoked and unsmoked here in the south.

  58. martino villa

    martino villa10 ngày trước

    Vai con la De Cecco! Ottima pasta

  59. Smitty Number1

    Smitty Number110 ngày trước

    Unless you get your Italian recipes from an Italian grandmother, its not authentic

  60. Lucian S

    Lucian S10 ngày trước

    Before i saw this I was so afraid his own cabonara was gonna have a ton of cream in it and ruin it. Needless to say I'm very pleased he did not.

  61. TheSeer101

    TheSeer10111 ngày trước

    When you think your an expert and real Italian chefs put your ass in its place.

  62. TheSeer101

    TheSeer10111 giờ trước

    @Siberian Gopnik Haha you idiot. No one cares what you do. But when your dumbass puts ketchup on Spaghetti and call it spaghetti marinara, you are officially a VIreporter moron. Just a little education for you, they have ketchup in Venice and people really like it. Only on VIreporter LMAO!!!!!!

  63. Siberian Gopnik

    Siberian Gopnik21 giờ trước

    Lmao what are they going to do? I'm putting mayo and ketchup just to piss them off to Venice

  64. Simone Taricco

    Simone Taricco11 ngày trước

    Ma da quando si usa il parmigiano e l'albume?

  65. lilly

    lilly11 ngày trước

    i just realised mine in a mixture of the traditional and broke person

  66. Diane Montefalco

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  67. Miss Lili Delaney

    Miss Lili Delaney11 ngày trước

    *pauses the video to search for Italian Comments*

  68. LasTCursE69

    LasTCursE6911 ngày trước

    To all normal folk that aren't a super-sensitive weirdo: Remove the egg (cuz we ain't making fucking scrambled eggs here) Instead use: Smoked Pork, Mushrooms, Garlic, Heavy cream, Little bit of the pasta water and finish by sprinkling fresh cut parsley and Parmesan on top when it's done You can thank me later : ]