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Cardboard Guitar!? (Dear Ryan)


  1. X Cubing

    X Cubing4 giờ trước

    Dear Ryan, sing bohemian rhapsody but the lyrics are all teehees.

  2. 10,000 SuBScRIbeRs wiTh 2 videos

    10,000 SuBScRIbeRs wiTh 2 videos5 giờ trước

    Make a song just using teehees

  3. Tom Cook

    Tom Cook10 giờ trước

    This man has a cardboard Terada somewhere in his home. Amazing.

  4. Nora Theresa

    Nora Theresa10 giờ trước

    Dear Ryan, can you make a song with only teehee as the lyric?

  5. Sorrow Dark Blade

    Sorrow Dark Blade11 giờ trước

    6:40 my singing Ryan XD

  6. Random Banananananananzas

    Random Banananananananzas15 giờ trước

    Don't worry Ryan I started playing guitar before and I still don't know how to play the happy birthday song

  7. Simple Imagination 88

    Simple Imagination 8821 giờ trước

    Dear Ryan, since your Asian, can you react to the “Asian people song” by Z-FLO

  8. Melinda rWang we

    Melinda rWang weNgày trước

    The finger placements are called frets.

  9. werewolf gaming

    werewolf gamingNgày trước

    Dear Ryan can u do magic?

  10. jackmasters gaming

    jackmasters gamingNgày trước

    Dear Ryan can you make a cooking show

  11. Infinity_Gauntlet

    Infinity_GauntletNgày trước

    Dear Ryan can you do a Fortnite emote???????.

  12. ashrafcn ashraf

    ashrafcn ashrafNgày trước

    can you balance batteries horizontally on each other

  13. MGE animations

    MGE animationsNgày trước

    0:58 that sly smile though XD


    LYRIC FORESTNgày trước

    Dear Ryan can you rap in chinese

  15. Fabian Lopez

    Fabian Lopez2 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, Can you do more parkhorse videos we watched them all

  16. Bipen Rai

    Bipen Rai2 ngày trước

    Dear ryan can you recreate your old music videos again like bromance nice guys............

  17. Skeet Man

    Skeet Man2 ngày trước


  18. Amos Lalremruata

    Amos Lalremruata2 ngày trước

    This is why you're my favorite VIreporterr Ryan...

  19. Jaspher Xyke Cortez

    Jaspher Xyke Cortez2 ngày trước

    dear ryan can you flip a coin

  20. Ylicortes360 li

    Ylicortes360 li3 ngày trước

    Where do you see the copyright claim???

  21. LegitPlaysPL

    LegitPlaysPL3 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, Can you do a "Bird Box" parody?

  22. LegitPlaysPL

    LegitPlaysPL3 ngày trước

    i dare u to put ur hands in a toaster while its on

  23. Samantha Maposa

    Samantha Maposa3 ngày trước

    That was everything

  24. XxLoser_jade xX

    XxLoser_jade xX3 ngày trước

    6:58 the face you make when you did something wrong without knowing🤣😂🤣😂

  25. Liane Ancheta

    Liane Ancheta3 ngày trước

    dear ryan can you make a korean drama scene with arden

  26. Hank's Space

    Hank's Space3 ngày trước

    This video, is not CLAIMED

  27. BtsArmy03

    BtsArmy034 ngày trước

    I fkn love Queen and im born in 2003

  28. BOOst Trickshot

    BOOst Trickshot4 ngày trước

    My favorite song too

  29. Raja Rana

    Raja Rana4 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you eat raw chicken

  30. Penus Enourmus

    Penus Enourmus4 ngày trước

    Deat ryan, can you do pickup lines in real life?

  31. Me_NaMe_Eli _Person

    Me_NaMe_Eli _Person5 ngày trước

    Yay, Ryan agrees about older music being better

  32. AndrewTRA

    AndrewTRA5 ngày trước

    Three things happened today. 1. My friend said he hated Ryan Higa. 2. That same friend got hit by a bus. 3. I lost my bus license

  33. Shuri Miyashita

    Shuri Miyashita2 ngày trước

    why does everyone say that

  34. The Nameless

    The Nameless5 ngày trước

    He said he would be able to play anything no matter how hard, not true a lot off hard songs have bends

  35. Lukah Valentiner

    Lukah Valentiner6 ngày trước

    im a VERY hardcore queen fan and i don't care. i think it was funny

  36. Mrinalini J

    Mrinalini J6 ngày trước


  37. MoreGaming

    MoreGaming6 ngày trước

    Bohemian rhapsody is the best song ever! It was released in 1975 btw

  38. Klaire Gubler

    Klaire Gubler6 ngày trước

    Queen is the best

  39. Imagination Spark

    Imagination Spark6 ngày trước

    Can u swim without ur hands

  40. Zo Chill

    Zo Chill6 ngày trước

    I actually wanted that full guitar cover

  41. Potato Chip

    Potato Chip6 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, can you fit two eggs in your mouth?

  42. Jake Jones

    Jake Jones7 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you be boring?

  43. W Wach

    W Wach7 ngày trước

    Did you gonna said n-word ?!

  44. Aliza Cerulean

    Aliza Cerulean7 ngày trước

    That 'B' note thou 5:13

  45. Lillian Yang

    Lillian Yang7 ngày trước

    them lines on the geetar are just Uwu👌

  46. Rohan

    Rohan7 ngày trước

    Can you break egg vertically with fingers?

  47. Spark Frost

    Spark Frost8 ngày trước

    That guitar sounds epic....

  48. Aur Aur

    Aur Aur8 ngày trước

    i know so many people who only know queen because of the movie and it’s just sad. i’ve been listening to them since i was born :)

  49. PO-TA- TA

    PO-TA- TA8 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you say your channels name

  50. Boss Presents

    Boss Presents8 ngày trước

    Dear ryan Can you buy a donut and return it because it has a hole in it :)

  51. Tamim Sajed

    Tamim Sajed9 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you dance like michael jackson?

  52. Kyle1227

    Kyle12279 ngày trước

    Ryan: We don't want to upset the Queen community. Ryan: still does it

  53. Aurelia Halemai

    Aurelia Halemai9 ngày trước

    Well clearly nobody thought the movie bohrab was an insult he won the golden global award

  54. Homemade Custumz

    Homemade Custumz9 ngày trước

    Did anyone else here the infinity war trailer 2:06

  55. Sunita Karad

    Sunita Karad9 ngày trước

    dear ryan can you stack dice with the help of a cup please select my dear ryan plzplzplzplzplzplsplz

  56. IsaiahD10

    IsaiahD1010 ngày trước

    5:23 Vs. Ridley Theme starts playing

  57. Nuskill Cosplay & Prods

    Nuskill Cosplay & Prods11 ngày trước

    Dear ryan can you do kung fury parody!

  58. Ryan Wade

    Ryan Wade11 ngày trước

    Dear ryan, can you change your 1st name to dear and your 2nd to Ryan

  59. LJC Plyz

    LJC Plyz11 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, Walk But don’t but do but fake it then play super mario bros 2 then watch community then search up community gay dean then at the end instead of teehee put THATS HIW YAAAAAAA’ll DO IT IN DIS TOWN.................. bruv. TEEHEE

  60. its KCJ

    its KCJ6 ngày trước

    LJC Plyz we have the same logo nearly lol

  61. silver xxi

    silver xxi11 ngày trước

    Deer Ryan when are u gonna make another skitzo video

  62. Ryce Gabriel Major

    Ryce Gabriel Major9 ngày trước

    It'S dEd

  63. satinder pal kaur

    satinder pal kaur11 ngày trước

    Ryan how are you so perfect 😭😭💜💜❤️

  64. Sanya Davalbhakta

    Sanya Davalbhakta11 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you make a skit about the life of a toilet paper roll..

  65. Yogesh A

    Yogesh A11 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, can you do a video without any jokes and without editing?

  66. Brandon Yang

    Brandon Yang12 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, can you make a “fake” trailer for The Flash?

  67. Jakob Pro

    Jakob Pro12 ngày trước

    Ryan are you asian

  68. musa vlogs

    musa vlogs12 ngày trước

    Hi I'm a you tuber too , your biggest fan I need tips from you still in school.

  69. KA Bros

    KA Bros12 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you make a infinity war trailer

  70. Red Redemption

    Red Redemption12 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you make a real turkey man

  71. Red Redemption

    Red Redemption12 ngày trước

    Don’t hate me

  72. Rafael Prates

    Rafael Prates13 ngày trước

    You are so creative. The best youtuber ever.

  73. Darwin365

    Darwin36513 ngày trước

    make him sing soulless 4.

  74. Aiden Ng.

    Aiden Ng.14 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan throw away your wife clothing

  75. GunFly

    GunFly14 ngày trước

    I could have use those batteries for my controller

  76. Kenzie Rivera

    Kenzie Rivera14 ngày trước

    My reaction to the baterry stackering thing I be like "WACK"

  77. IME’s Wonderland

    IME’s Wonderland14 ngày trước

    Ryan is my favourite youtuber 💛

  78. Josh The Noodle

    Josh The Noodle14 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, can u open your eyes. if y'all didn't notice that in the fake trailer

  79. nelle salazar_PTX

    nelle salazar_PTX14 ngày trước

    Can you recite the Alpabetong Filipino?

  80. Red Hernandez

    Red Hernandez14 ngày trước

    Can you recite the english alphabet backwards?

  81. Rhicxey Mei Malicse

    Rhicxey Mei Malicse14 ngày trước

    Can u play piano with no skills?

  82. eepowling 260269

    eepowling 26026914 ngày trước

    noticed that the battery is called ryangizer

  83. 13 Hashtag

    13 Hashtag14 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, can you make a computer screen in the living room visible in the kitchen with only mirrors?

  84. D' foxes

    D' foxes15 ngày trước

    dear ryan, can u make a song with the happenings on our world now????

  85. AgentWUTsquid

    AgentWUTsquid15 ngày trước

    Ryan I LOVE Queen and who ever doesn't like them FIGHT Me

  86. Michelle Mars

    Michelle Mars15 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you dab 20 times

  87. Shirley Zheng

    Shirley Zheng15 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you get hypnotized

  88. Tedd Zagan

    Tedd Zagan15 ngày trước

    Originally saw this a few hours you uploaded it and just re watched it after watching the movie. even better the 2nd time around. Seriously how long did it take you to do the guitar thing? Mad props

  89. Zenki Amacan

    Zenki Amacan15 ngày trước


  90. Monster789 _7ATE9

    Monster789 _7ATE915 ngày trước

    The part about tuning the guitar with his voice cracks me up everytime LOL

  91. NN Clan

    NN Clan15 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan make a new skitzo

  92. Robert Li

    Robert Li15 ngày trước


  93. Nguyễn Việt Hương

    Nguyễn Việt Hương16 ngày trước

    Can u make a trailer Happy Dead Day?

  94. Mariel R. Galvez

    Mariel R. Galvez16 ngày trước

    ryans videos must be a pain in the ass to edit lol

  95. Vincent Casal

    Vincent Casal16 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, can you paint your nails?

  96. Noelle Sander

    Noelle Sander16 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan, Can you paint? 🎨

  97. CampCoder

    CampCoder16 ngày trước

    Dear ryan, can you make indian music video with English lyrics!!!!!!


    KANISHIKA GUNJIYAL16 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan Can you tell me how to pronuounce tee hee


    KANISHIKA GUNJIYAL16 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can you hear me?


    KANISHIKA GUNJIYAL16 ngày trước

    Dear Ryan can u plzz be my friend. Thanks I love yaaaa

  101. Ronita Bhattacharya

    Ronita Bhattacharya16 ngày trước

    Dear ryan, can you eat something and sing with mouth full

  102. Манлайбаатар .М

    Манлайбаатар .М16 ngày trước

    1:10 just reminded me of sean

  103. Carlo Angelo Vitamog

    Carlo Angelo Vitamog17 ngày trước

    You should tune that guitar

  104. Anna & George Mammoliti

    Anna & George Mammoliti17 ngày trước

    So much effort