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Cardi B - Ring (feat. Kehlani) [Official Video]


  1. Shannon Godwin

    Shannon GodwinGiờ trước

    They both are starting to look white...

  2. Alaina Hile

    Alaina HileGiờ trước

    I love ski mask the slump god, xxxtentacion, lil peep, etc and I my queen Cardi B 🖤

  3. Young Queen

    Young QueenGiờ trước

    Wow hello autotune👋 ring ring is this the krusty krab

  4. -F A T E-Z E R O- C-ops & More

    -F A T E-Z E R O- C-ops & MoreGiờ trước

    You mean the boxing ring on Ogus Twenny fif?

  5. Gio plays

    Gio playsGiờ trước

    We trending number #1 n Nicki taking THT #2

  6. Angela Motswi

    Angela MotswiGiờ trước

    Beautiful! absolutely flawless... 👏

  7. Gee-Ryu Karate System

    Gee-Ryu Karate SystemGiờ trước

    St. Lucia still waiting

  8. Ciise Khadar

    Ciise KhadarGiờ trước

    Mama card b

  9. Hassan Asahd

    Hassan AsahdGiờ trước

    Cardi b song like eid 💥

  10. Sahara C

    Sahara CGiờ trước

    One of my favourite songs off the album. Was a little disappointed about the direction (or lack thereof) the video took.

  11. Ŕęëź Ąŕčh

    Ŕęëź ĄŕčhGiờ trước

    I'm a huge fan of u Cardi B

  12. Dennis Akbar Putra

    Dennis Akbar PutraGiờ trước

    kehlani ilvyou💛

  13. arjun PeaKsz

    arjun PeaKszGiờ trước

    Ring ring ring rinG

  14. Samsung TAB 3

    Samsung TAB 3Giờ trước

    I have seen a video setting like this before

  15. Cynthia Soto

    Cynthia SotoGiờ trước


  16. Paris Aryanna

    Paris AryannaGiờ trước

    Perfection!!! 🔥🔥🔥Y'all go check out my cover btw 🎹🎤

  17. Thandesh Narine

    Thandesh NarineGiờ trước


  18. ARMY 4 LIFE

    ARMY 4 LIFEGiờ trước

    Cardi killed it

  19. Basil Peters

    Basil PetersGiờ trước

    I love the video it is beautiful and the song

  20. Jameslee Danton

    Jameslee DantonGiờ trước

    Kehlani looks like Donna from black ink

  21. Chasen King

    Chasen KingGiờ trước

    Ring bitch Ring

  22. Kornel Koryś

    Kornel KoryśGiờ trước

    Hi from Poland 💓😍

  23. Fabii Amaya

    Fabii AmayaGiờ trước

    Tendencia Like 2018 💞🍻

  24. Camila Mocchi

    Camila MocchiGiờ trước

    Ame 😍😍

  25. YafavbbgAA

    YafavbbgAAGiờ trước

    Gimme 1000 likes if the duo should make more songs

  26. Benny Johnson

    Benny JohnsonGiờ trước

    i got this song from carmen king but i love cardi b

  27. Catherine Chi

    Catherine ChiGiờ trước

    niki minaj all day

  28. Ngadhe Odhieng

    Ngadhe OdhiengGiờ trước


  29. ChimChim Shiteu

    ChimChim ShiteuGiờ trước

    *GET IT*

  30. Jada B

    Jada BGiờ trước

    Storm Cardi ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  31. bsteph1291

    bsteph1291Giờ trước

    Cardi needs direction man. She's awkward

  32. Magdalena U.

    Magdalena U.Giờ trước

    Love this song 💕 This is so lit 😏🔥

  33. Emily Bargender

    Emily BargenderGiờ trước

    if u look like kehlani dm me

  34. The Wolf ManDH

    The Wolf ManDHGiờ trước

    Tyga hookah (Spanish Remix) escuchalo

  35. Vanity Truth

    Vanity TruthGiờ trước

    Both did awesome. Both got blonde. Ok now. Visuals are great as hell.

  36. Evie107 Queen

    Evie107 QueenGiờ trước

    New song of the year

  37. Bre Nichols

    Bre NicholsGiờ trước

    All them phone cords Cardi been ringing that line a million times 😂

  38. Nick Miller

    Nick MillerGiờ trước


  39. Chip Providence

    Chip ProvidenceGiờ trước

    Cardi B i and a big fan

  40. Matt Bryan

    Matt BryanGiờ trước

    People dont actually like her music right?

  41. Chemist Me

    Chemist MeGiờ trước

    It's a new beat but all so trivial like I knew this song long ago, but cardi is cool tho

  42. Diana Susman

    Diana SusmanGiờ trước

    1:27 DAMN giiiiiirllll

  43. SunKissNicole

    SunKissNicoleGiờ trước

    You dont hear the rings because you both are wrapped up in the lines. 🤨

  44. ATeamMob#ATM Taylor

    ATeamMob#ATM TaylorGiờ trước


  45. Chib Lou

    Chib LouGiờ trước

    Not feeling it

  46. Razia FX !

    Razia FX !Giờ trước


  47. Jose Lopez

    Jose LopezGiờ trước

    Nikki gonna be hating

  48. kevin quintana

    kevin quintanaGiờ trước


  49. Zifrano Galimo

    Zifrano GalimoGiờ trước


  50. uta -sama

    uta -samaGiờ trước

    a de ask

  51. Avakin*Life xX TACOspy2

    Avakin*Life xX TACOspy2Giờ trước

    I am waiting to here Nikki new dis for this

  52. marcel garcia

    marcel garciaGiờ trước

    Love this song💜

  53. Alisia Pirjol

    Alisia PirjolGiờ trước


  54. Granini-Toni

    Granini-ToniGiờ trước

    little bit slack

  55. ohnvmitsme

    ohnvmitsmeGiờ trước


  56. Donelle Cole

    Donelle ColeGiờ trước

    This is most def a hit- yep, on repeat.

  57. angel h

    angel hGiờ trước

    I didn’t know Christmas came early

  58. Wello Elly

    Wello EllyGiờ trước

    bardi gang✊


    GLADYS DIAZGiờ trước

    You know then drill: 1:Cardi 2:Kulture 3:Offset 4:Hennessy (sorry I don’t know how to spell) 5:Kehlani 6:the dogs 7:her mom (sorry I don’t know the name) +:other

  60. Ranim Chabbah

    Ranim ChabbahGiờ trước

    Pls u can't be nicki so stop, u 're not a rap Queen

  61. Wello Elly

    Wello EllyGiờ trước

    cardi +kehlani 💕favourite song on the invasion of privacy album 💕💕

  62. Melyssa Bizon

    Melyssa BizonGiờ trước

    Illuminati symbolizes on point 🔺

  63. shaboop

    shaboopGiờ trước

    This like will get 100 likes.

  64. Laquinda Brown

    Laquinda BrownGiờ trước


  65. Mie Mie

    Mie MieGiờ trước

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  66. Misha Gilbert

    Misha GilbertGiờ trước

    2:08 and 2:37!!!! Kehlani looked so mesmerising!

  67. CharlSteven Jones

    CharlSteven JonesGiờ trước

    give me 300 likes for cardi b!

  68. Angel R

    Angel RGiờ trước

    My queens😘😍 #1 on trending❤

  69. Himbeer Pizza

    Himbeer PizzaGiờ trước

    This bitch did a whole ass song cuz one fuckin guy ain't called her petty ass

  70. abdel ohod

    abdel ohodGiờ trước


  71. Marie

    MarieGiờ trước

    stop making stupid people famous

  72. Gravando com Kylie

    Gravando com KylieGiờ trước


  73. Gravando com Kylie

    Gravando com KylieGiờ trước


  74. Keep it Old

    Keep it OldGiờ trước

    Wtf is this, some comments are giving that song more credits than it should be



    That girl cant sing.....👎👎👎

  76. BigMama's House

    BigMama's HouseGiờ trước


  77. Tsonga Queen

    Tsonga QueenGiờ trước

    Ring on my phone 📞ring on my finger !😍

  78. gigi castell

    gigi castellGiờ trước

    Queen Cardi 👸🏼

  79. BEC highlights

    BEC highlightsGiờ trước


  80. Theylove Arri

    Theylove ArriGiờ trước


  81. Cody Dang

    Cody DangGiờ trước

    Would sound so much better if nicki was rapping this


    YOUNG CELLGiờ trước

    Brasil ?

  83. just0r

    just0rGiờ trước

    Ugly, no talent, cant sing. You people disgust me.

  84. Demar Derozan

    Demar DerozanGiờ trước

    Nicki who ?

  85. Apoorva

    ApoorvaGiờ trước

    Ring. Repeat. Ring!

  86. Andrew Velis

    Andrew VelisGiờ trước

    0:14 We see a rotary phone & a telephone switchboard. At 0:31 we see telephone booths. Nice usage to older telephony tools. Interesting fact, there are currently only 100K telephone booths in operation in the U.S. today.

  87. Lucia Garcia

    Lucia GarciaGiờ trước

    Cardi always on the #1 trending like damn girl you up there always

  88. Rainbow

    RainbowGiờ trước

    This is carmen kings intro song xD

  89. Trinidad Gray The Sauce

    Trinidad Gray The Sauce2 giờ trước

    I'm really fw this❤

  90. Natalie williamsleary

    Natalie williamsleary2 giờ trước

    My babyyyyyyyyyy Kehlani 😫😫😫

  91. arjun PeaKsz

    arjun PeaKsz2 giờ trước

    I like it

  92. Kelvin Don

    Kelvin Don2 giờ trước

    Nicki probably gonna be mad again at this vid on trending #1

  93. Alexie Ortiz

    Alexie Ortiz2 giờ trước

    Dang this lit

  94. Reajanev101

    Reajanev1012 giờ trước

    Cardi looks stunning in here gray hair love her XoXo😍

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  96. Ä Ghøül

    Ä Ghøül2 giờ trước

    Única coisa que presta é o clipe, porque a mú coloco no mudo e finjo que a Cardi tem flow bom

  97. Gabriel Hormuth

    Gabriel Hormuth2 giờ trước

    one like=another Cardi B song

  98. Karen Sambrana

    Karen Sambrana2 giờ trước

    Cardi b la mejor

  99. Itz Vashti

    Itz Vashti2 giờ trước


  100. Sykora Esposito

    Sykora Esposito2 giờ trước