Casually Explained: Travel


  1. The Fireblazer

    The Fireblazer51 phút trước

    The only reason i like the vid was because he said it was air canada

  2. Konnor Gann

    Konnor GannGiờ trước

    I love your work! Never stop creating bro. I’m curious though, what animation software do you use?

  3. Junk Apple

    Junk AppleGiờ trước

    Only thing wrong with this video is at 2:15 where there are other items in the bin with the laptop. Flew on 6 planes this month and theyre strict about having the laptop in 1 bin.

  4. ben-d straw

    ben-d straw3 giờ trước

    *That certainly didnt work for Anne Frank*

  5. mr squirts

    mr squirts4 giờ trước

    Well... Its Air Canada, so that makes sense... LOL

  6. tuureboelius2

    tuureboelius26 giờ trước

    Cdg shirt

  7. Kyle Fields

    Kyle Fields6 giờ trước

    Dannggg an expired granola bar? Never fly first class, it ruins coach forever.

  8. IgorAkou

    IgorAkou7 giờ trước

    Does anyone know the name of the music he uses in his videos?

  9. Eti G

    Eti G8 giờ trước

    Oh you haven't been to the Israeli section in the airport...... Security is crazier


    EAS MEDIA8 giờ trước

    Are you from Vancouver ?!

  11. Seann Erino

    Seann Erino9 giờ trước

    That Anne Frank joke caught me way off-guard hahahahahahaha

  12. Kickeristic

    Kickeristic9 giờ trước

    Damn it Dave, you had one job!


    ROCKOE DELIK10 giờ trước

    LMFAO I saw this in my recommendations WHY! Idk? But decided to click on it, Boy im glad I did this was real funny glad I discovered a new channel with a sense of humor.

  14. not lindale

    not lindale10 giờ trước

    My guy be uploading every other month but still get views. Now thats quality.

  15. Mike Psychogioudakis

    Mike Psychogioudakis12 giờ trước

    5:11 HHhahahahhahahaahahahhashhahaahahhaayahahahahahyahahayayahahahayahaayayhahahahaha

  16. Das Raven

    Das Raven16 giờ trước

    Jokes are the best when they’re facts and can’t be attacked by the PC babies.

  17. k01dsv

    k01dsv17 giờ trước

    Why would you use Germany as an example of people learning English as a second language? Germans usually suck so much at English that they actually still have to dub their TV with German voice-over. You should've used a Scandinavian country, since they're probably some of the best non-native English speakers out there.

  18. Aaron Cummings

    Aaron Cummings18 giờ trước

    3:06 it would be cheaper to take a flight from CYYJ (Victoria Int.) to KSFO (San fransisco Int.) to KLAX (Las Angeles Int.) Also did you go to ESQ high?

  19. Aaron Cummings

    Aaron Cummings18 giờ trước

    5:02 it was probably a piece of the engine cover

  20. Alessandro Munoz

    Alessandro Munoz20 giờ trước

    Is it true that Canadians have found the answer to life, or are they just tired of living.

  21. Nathan Peltier

    Nathan Peltier21 giờ trước

    you are totally from victoria! am I right?? I need to know!

  22. domesticated wind

    domesticated wind21 giờ trước

    " air american - *lite* "

  23. Joey

    Joey21 giờ trước

    Would you please casually explain the US government shutdown?

  24. wolfgangouille

    wolfgangouille21 giờ trước

    5:05 That's funny.

  25. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown23 giờ trước

    Bro, you should do stand up, you'd be good at it.

  26. Modern Afflatus

    Modern AfflatusNgày trước

    "Even if you thought you were gonna get a cheap Airbnb and live like a local, suavely haggiling the local markets with level 5 Duolingo" 😲 But how did you know my exact strategy?!

  27. Ashley Kim

    Ashley KimNgày trước

    1:50 is my favorite way

  28. Mike Giammarese

    Mike GiammareseNgày trước

    He's not laughing I'm laughing

  29. jo nicole

    jo nicoleNgày trước

    I saw that cheeky little departure from the YYJ airport.. Vancouver Island resident??

  30. Magenta Sensei

    Magenta SenseiNgày trước

    $10? That’s 1 coffee

  31. Magenta Sensei

    Magenta SenseiNgày trước

    I’m pretty tight about you not telling us that you’ve streaming for the past couple of MONTHS!?!

  32. Last Angel

    Last AngelNgày trước

    I love your jokes. xD

  33. Sapher

    SapherNgày trước

    Who tf says that? You just go for fun and food, lol.

  34. Tony Mathew

    Tony MathewNgày trước

    Oh man; I just love your subtle humor. You gotta pay attention to catch the good ones

  35. mromar

    mromarNgày trước

    Haha.. 1:29 " Who do you want to DO?".... That wasnt just a fumble guys.. lol

  36. Elisa Held

    Elisa HeldNgày trước

    I loved your videos and thought they were so intelligent just until now, when I saw this one. I am an open minded person, working in a very international and diverse company in Berlin, opening my heart like so many other Germans (including my bosses) to people from other countries, with other languages and beliefs. I just can't hear one more person or movie mentioning our country's history as if it was our all time "thing". Can't you take your popularity's chance to actually reflect instead of just reproducing the same contents just as so many Americans do? This leads to some people with not a lot of access to education thinking we're still under some Hitler guy's regime. We still have people who suffer from an ugly racism disease, just as America has. But please. Get some perspective. For a change. And use this thing called internet, which has become an educational tool, to spread something that is actually nowadays reality. You hurt my feelings and there might be some more people out there.

  37. Angel Gomez

    Angel GomezNgày trước


  38. Jacob Green

    Jacob GreenNgày trước

    Funniest video you’ve made

  39. Akai Shinkirou

    Akai ShinkirouNgày trước

    i'm more offended by your pronunciation of stroopwafel than i am by that anne frank joke

  40. Pablo

    PabloNgày trước

    That ending 😂

  41. Henk De Tank

    Henk De TankNgày trước

    YOU sir, deserve a cookie... or better a stroopwafel :3 👍

  42. Edward Comerford

    Edward ComerfordNgày trước

    The very hungry caterpillar, respect

  43. gc1543 xd

    gc1543 xdNgày trước

    Dat breathing tho

  44. moemoney131 vee

    moemoney131 veeNgày trước

    “Idk if you’re allowed to hook up on a commercial airline” lol:.. things don’t become well known phrases for no reason bud

  45. ILLuminated Onxy

    ILLuminated OnxyNgày trước

    I’m not quite I just don’t got shit to talk about *Im gonna use that more often 100%*

  46. chua yiyang

    chua yiyangNgày trước

    Can your videos be louder though, can't hear you clearly even on max volume, maybe it's my environment, but I think it can be louder P/s I'm not deaf

  47. WessY

    WessYNgày trước

    1:39 vrai


    SOCIETY IS A JOKENgày trước

    Shitty ending

  49. IBrainedMyDamage

    IBrainedMyDamageNgày trước

    Loved the accent! ❤

  50. Jacob Badali

    Jacob BadaliNgày trước

    1:30 oopsie doopsie

  51. Darren Godbold

    Darren GodboldNgày trước

    That’s special aviation tape. It’s expensive but probably stronger than flex tape.

  52. Penguins

    PenguinsNgày trước

    lmao you wild on this one

  53. Penguins

    PenguinsNgày trước

    1:23 no you can’t say that

  54. Not Actually Ben Shapiro

    Not Actually Ben ShapiroNgày trước

    Wa ge

  55. Kathy Ryu

    Kathy RyuNgày trước


  56. Dayle Levi Baynes

    Dayle Levi BaynesNgày trước


  57. RCN KC

    RCN KCNgày trước

    Just realized that I believe you live in the same city as me. Victoria?

  58. Noah Busbee

    Noah BusbeeNgày trước

    One of the funniest and best videos I've seen from you man! Great content

  59. Hip Wanders

    Hip WandersNgày trước

    it was like 4 years ago that I discovered you, anyway i am glad to see your new content! Consider subscribing, we subscribe to everyone who does! Thanks!

  60. Chiina Sandoval

    Chiina SandovalNgày trước

    If they see that you’re not from Mexico, they will over charge you!

  61. ig q

    ig qNgày trước

    the air canada bit :D

  62. John Doerth

    John DoerthNgày trước

    austistic?! naaaahahhhhh :)(: finnish land polesiish

  63. L_W

    L_W2 ngày trước

    *decides to travel* Bank account: NO

  64. miles5k

    miles5k2 ngày trước

    nice play shirt

  65. Niamh O'Connor

    Niamh O'Connor2 ngày trước

    Wage gap joke summed up western feminist ideology.

  66. George Tanner

    George Tanner2 ngày trước

    that canada/america joke made my chuckle bigtime tbf :)

  67. Maupau

    Maupau2 ngày trước

    Germany is the WORST example lol!

  68. Chow

    Chow2 ngày trước

    This might be your best one yet.

  69. Sean Hartnett

    Sean Hartnett2 ngày trước

    50 pesos is like 2.5 dollars.

  70. Sean Hartnett

    Sean Hartnett2 ngày trước

    You can’t miss your flight because it is delayed so often. Lol. So true.

  71. Sean Hartnett

    Sean Hartnett2 ngày trước

    American airport security is funny. It probably does nothing.

  72. Sean Hartnett

    Sean Hartnett2 ngày trước

    Get wasted on the beach for cheap. Lol.

  73. Sean Hartnett

    Sean Hartnett2 ngày trước

    The Anne Frank joke was funny.

  74. LandInbetween

    LandInbetween2 ngày trước

    I don't understand when people say they love traveling in their bios. Like why? I enjoy the actual place, not the fucking process.

  75. Just An Hermit

    Just An Hermit2 ngày trước

    In Europe every kid learns English from a young age. It's just as important as maths.

  76. I better be a Mod

    I better be a Mod2 ngày trước

    You pulled off those edgy jokes pretty well wow

  77. Victor Carrillo

    Victor Carrillo2 ngày trước

    I thought he said he visited Vietcong instead of VidCon at first

  78. VideoNozoki

    VideoNozoki2 ngày trước

    Love your channel usually. But if you don't have a good story/video idea, you can wait longer until you do. Usually these are really well made.

  79. Lol TrolZ

    Lol TrolZ2 ngày trước

    im from europe and im gonna spend a year in the US just so i can eat all that junk food u have. fuck becomming a better person im just gon eat until im fat and do a lot of drugs

  80. Alex Chen

    Alex Chen2 ngày trước

    at least I learned what they mean by seperate your coloured and your whites LOL

  81. RobinLSL

    RobinLSL2 ngày trước

    I thought the Anne Frank and handcuffs jokes were a bit too much tbh. But that may be just me.

  82. J M

    J M2 ngày trước

    Oh Canada!

  83. ScytheNoire

    ScytheNoire2 ngày trước

    Have a joke for you: Air Canada

  84. Some DUde

    Some DUde2 ngày trước

    Casually Explained: Gender

  85. Impossabear

    Impossabear2 ngày trước

    1:39 true or false french people find canadian accents hot .... learning fench has been worth it now

  86. Tricus

    Tricus2 ngày trước

    Such a good guy.

  87. bucket415

    bucket4152 ngày trước

    AF joke....ooooofffffffff

  88. F Maz

    F Maz2 ngày trước

    Your French is questionable ;)

  89. Eld3s blu313

    Eld3s blu3132 ngày trước

    Leave Anie Frank alone bro she was a cool Asian transgender!!!! She's an American hero!

  90. Small Moustache Man

    Small Moustache Man2 ngày trước

    1:13 You mean every country? Anglos L M A O

  91. Victoria

    Victoria2 ngày trước

    *Air America Lite*

  92. Eli In The Sky

    Eli In The Sky2 ngày trước

    Where's the juul bro?

  93. Sailing a Hobie

    Sailing a Hobie2 ngày trước

    That didn't work so well for Ann Frank was savage!

  94. Luciano N

    Luciano N2 ngày trước

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  95. Josephine Katabarwa

    Josephine Katabarwa2 ngày trước

    If your look as sexy as your voice sounds, I could help you join the mile high club ;)

  96. Rutwik Navalgund

    Rutwik Navalgund2 ngày trước

    Separate your colours from your whites. So subtle man, so subtle.

  97. Xavier Zara

    Xavier Zara2 ngày trước

    1.2 K didn't appreciate the Anne Frank joke

  98. A. MuSuKE

    A. MuSuKE2 ngày trước

    "In order to close the wage gap"😂😂😂😂😂

  99. Ethan Gilchrist

    Ethan Gilchrist2 ngày trước

    1:23 a savage reminder to German people that they can never complain about people being culturally insensitive, ever

  100. Damian Jonker

    Damian Jonker2 ngày trước

    2:34 as a dutch Guy i can confirm that this is 100% accurate

  101. qwerty22

    qwerty222 ngày trước

    Damn, that was brutal, but absolutely fantastic! Glad you're back!