Casually Explained: Travel


  1. Alex Vukicevich

    Alex Vukicevich5 giờ trước

    God that Anne Frank joke really got me

  2. techguy123

    techguy123Ngày trước

    Come on man you’re flying air canada and not WestJet smh 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Best China Deals

    Best China DealsNgày trước

    2:40 G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  4. dingmadur

    dingmadur2 ngày trước

    "OH no, I'm fine thanks. And then I imagine us traveling the world together." - basically most my interactions with women

  5. B Salomonson

    B Salomonson5 ngày trước

    Anne frank was born in Germany. She left Germany when she was 5

  6. Kanika Haggins

    Kanika Haggins6 ngày trước

    I’m not sure why I’m laughing so hard at the “we landed smoothly in the fiery pits of hell” maybe it’s the “Welcome to California” sign 🤣🤣😭😭

  7. JaySea

    JaySea7 ngày trước

    1:23 ooof

  8. Ade

    Ade7 ngày trước

    Bruh you’re crazy 😂

  9. Lukáš Krtek

    Lukáš Krtek8 ngày trước

    As a czech who visited germany many times , I was blown away when nobody was able speak english! Their mentality is Deutschland ÜBER alles and they dont give a F about other languages.

  10. Leo

    Leo8 ngày trước

    Every europian country teaches English at very young age....

  11. Carter Oberbroe

    Carter Oberbroe9 ngày trước

    2:16 my new mix tape lol

  12. Pedro Henrique

    Pedro Henrique11 ngày trước

    As if Canada didn't embarras itself just by existing these days

  13. Mertvi Gruz

    Mertvi Gruz12 ngày trước

    Where is those kind people why can give me 25 cents? (Form Russia btw)

  14. JordaN xD

    JordaN xD12 ngày trước

    1:51 "It's not gay if you're on holiday" LMAOOO

  15. iFTYGakki

    iFTYGakki12 ngày trước

    Nice t-shirt, where did you buy it?

  16. Negro Neutron

    Negro Neutron12 ngày trước

    Anne frank

  17. Myles McElhinny

    Myles McElhinny13 ngày trước

    Just realized how similar casually explained is to Bill Bryson..

  18. Drakan Belony

    Drakan Belony13 ngày trước

    Stupid blacks

  19. Lord Zev

    Lord Zev13 ngày trước

    What does "MNMT" mean on the cassette tape at 2:14?

  20. nicolas callisto

    nicolas callisto14 ngày trước

    5 dollars off a 10 dollar purchase. And they say hospitality is dead

  21. TheSmokinApples

    TheSmokinApples14 ngày trước

    Oh hell no! Canada is worse than USA when going through the airport

  22. Luan

    Luan14 ngày trước

    I am german, I am fourteen and i think i can speak pretty good english compared to other kids from other countries...

  23. Gabe Swindler

    Gabe Swindler14 ngày trước

    Watch a gonna do put me in handcuffs that got me when he eyebrow raised his eyebrow

  24. row0111

    row011114 ngày trước

    A $5 voucher you can use on items $10 or over. Great Deal.

  25. Rajinder Singh

    Rajinder Singh14 ngày trước

    I bet you snore a lot.

  26. Rachel P

    Rachel P15 ngày trước

    “That didn’t work out so well for Anne Frank” 😂💀

  27. matty

    matty15 ngày trước

    i love how he always slips in these unexpected sentences that leaves u like "mhm... mhm... makes sense... mh... wait...

  28. Yordan Azzolin

    Yordan Azzolin15 ngày trước

    This is probably one of the best you have!

  29. TheInternetGnome

    TheInternetGnome16 ngày trước

    I have found this video 100% true. Especially the part about the McDonald’s xD.

  30. fosfeen

    fosfeen16 ngày trước

    Anne Frank didn't need to learn German. She was German...

  31. And the wind goes...

    And the wind goes...16 ngày trước

    The Anna Frank joke was toxic Toxic like gas

  32. John Christian

    John Christian16 ngày trước


  33. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford16 ngày trước

    Was that a Mexican stand off at that market?

  34. Gregory Thompson

    Gregory Thompson17 ngày trước

    the wage gap joke made my sides hurt XD

  35. kris

    kris17 ngày trước


  36. Jacob Hood

    Jacob Hood17 ngày trước

    So? Do other countries think Canadian accents are hot?

  37. Kyle Hinds

    Kyle Hinds18 ngày trước

    that Ann frank joke burns.

  38. imcanada

    imcanada18 ngày trước

    air america light is at least better than "the fucked up colder puffiny version of SAS that lives on an island with 360.000 people and makes other purple planes go bankrupt"

  39. Carlin Gingerich

    Carlin Gingerich18 ngày trước

    "Secretly Streaming". Good way to put a positive spin on it.

  40. Tom Russell

    Tom Russell18 ngày trước

    Holy shit that "Has America discovered the metric system yet" made me laugh at out, that was glorious.

  41. Sg Kingly

    Sg Kingly19 ngày trước

    I am just casually watching the Elon Musk video on this video. I dont know how i broke it

  42. Zhuoran Li

    Zhuoran Li19 ngày trước

    1:08 Saitama!

  43. Felix not the one who sends nudes Sause

    Felix not the one who sends nudes Sause19 ngày trước

    "Like they say, you want what u cant have"😂💀

  44. Stephi Lee

    Stephi Lee20 ngày trước

    im dead

  45. Ucantseemeverywell

    Ucantseemeverywell20 ngày trước

    looking patriotic my friend .. oh god

  46. Brandon Xiong :D

    Brandon Xiong :D21 ngày trước

    1:22 jeeez lmfao 😂🤣🤣

  47. Poppy Gloria

    Poppy Gloria21 ngày trước

    Btw Anne Frank was German

  48. directfunebru

    directfunebru22 ngày trước

    USA sucks.

  49. maxsight

    maxsight22 ngày trước

    I discovered your channel while I’m traveling. Ima changed man now

  50. No, This is Patrick

    No, This is Patrick23 ngày trước

    I live 15 mins from Anaheim

  51. General Makaba

    General Makaba23 ngày trước

    Canadian airlines are like magivers of the skys. Great safety record super lucky. Especially westjet. I was on a dash 8 flight and the window I was sitting at was vibrating loudly. But I wasn't concerned since the plane doesn't fly that high.

  52. Tita-Nic

    Tita-Nic24 ngày trước

    Being a pilot and hearing the story 5:20 onward, I was laughing so hard i kept having to go back and replay it hahahahah you're welcome for that stat boost CE.. From New Brunswick

  53. Maxime Carpentier

    Maxime Carpentier25 ngày trước

    1:38 Faux. Totally faux

  54. D e w

    D e w26 ngày trước

    1:17 absolutely savage

  55. Hakkenouw - Hustle Hard

    Hakkenouw - Hustle Hard26 ngày trước

    2:33 hahah so accurate

  56. ItsKeithh

    ItsKeithh26 ngày trước

    Bruh. That anne frank joke 💀

  57. supersmex

    supersmex27 ngày trước

    Lol, California fires.

  58. SlickSloth

    SlickSloth27 ngày trước

    Fucking scotch double-sided. So good i replayed that shit multiple times.

  59. Ilovecupramen

    Ilovecupramen27 ngày trước

    😂😂 the .50 cal

  60. Boris Katzmarzyk

    Boris Katzmarzyk27 ngày trước


  61. Jack Flittner

    Jack Flittner28 ngày trước

    My god the Ann frank joke had me dying

  62. Mr. Nobody Suks

    Mr. Nobody Suks28 ngày trước

    What he really meant was $0.25 x 100

  63. musAKulture

    musAKulture28 ngày trước

    how? how r ur jokes so clever! from one canadian to another, tell me ur secrets!

  64. Blubbinio

    Blubbinio28 ngày trước

    0:41 my life... I've nothing to talk about, how should I talk then ?

  65. ori s

    ori s28 ngày trước

    Im crying😂😂😂

  66. Velmat

    Velmat28 ngày trước

    "Air Canada" yeah, I'm not surprised

  67. jamesaellis

    jamesaellis29 ngày trước

    Savage humour

  68. Imran Bughio

    Imran Bughio29 ngày trước

    Wow you made her rick with those 25 cent 😂

  69. Moose

    Moose29 ngày trước

    This fucking dude is a savage

  70. Christopher O'Grady

    Christopher O'Grady29 ngày trước

    Happy to see you’re from Vancouver, me and some friends are planning a move over there in the next few years (from the UK) time to work out how immigration works for the self-employed...

  71. Jack

    JackTháng trước

    Germany learns English at a young age... That's probably the reason why the characters of movies are always speaking german instead of English (when it's originaly an English produced movie)

  72. K_opra

    K_opraTháng trước

    1:15 oof

  73. Taco_Man

    Taco_ManTháng trước

    Just, don't.

  74. JustAnotherTroll

    JustAnotherTrollTháng trước

    Damn this man is savage

  75. bob bobington

    bob bobingtonTháng trước

    And then you will see the women in the flights in uniform. I dont know why but they really turn me on. Maybe because of employability

  76. Leo Illing

    Leo IllingTháng trước

    If y'all ain't using airhelp to get free money from airlines wut u doing with ur life

  77. Dumb Comment

    Dumb CommentTháng trước

    3:15 *I laughed on the inside so hard that it cracked me up*

  78. Stephen Alexander

    Stephen AlexanderTháng trước

    Asking Questions.... "What is the progress of the wall being built?" Hahahahaha! O:-)

  79. nice draeger

    nice draegerTháng trước

    "On Saturday he ate through ONE pair of italian leather shoes, ONE travel-size shoulder pillow, ONE SkyMall magazine, ONE laptop charging cable, ONE airtight bag of duty-free comestibles, and ONE oversize trench coat. That night, he had a tummy ache! The next day was Sunday again. He ate through one nice, green stack of money at the hotel bar because his flight was delayed several times for no reason."

  80. roosjeud

    roosjeudTháng trước

    2:33 where ma dutch people @??

  81. Divyam tailor

    Divyam tailorTháng trước

    this guys just a fake grade a under a

  82. Isaiah Gabriel

    Isaiah GabrielTháng trước

    1:39 "Vrai ou faux, les français s'avouent charmés par l'accent canadien" Hahaha obviously those 5 months in France were worth something

  83. Elizabeth Vinson ASMR

    Elizabeth Vinson ASMRTháng trước

    Lol I love it

  84. Wanderer

    WandererTháng trước

    “Level 5 Duolingo” Fucking brilliant.

  85. SameeArt

    SameeArtTháng trước

    I like how he draw

  86. Therauxvamped

    TherauxvampedTháng trước

    Very white man cringe🤢 the misfortunes of others are opportunities to be ignorant and privileged! This message brought to you by American whites

  87. axle K

    axle KTháng trước

    You’re awesome please keep it up

  88. Digger0008

    Digger0008Tháng trước

    California isn't that bad *Red Flag Warning*

  89. Outrageousgamez

    OutrageousgamezTháng trước

    Who or what you wanna do.. what you wanna do took me a second but i got it

  90. Mike X

    Mike XTháng trước

    That guy getting kicked off the airplane joke was nice

  91. Mike X

    Mike XTháng trước

    I love this guy

  92. IMCuttingEdge

    IMCuttingEdgeTháng trước

    3:50 I’m a pilot, and no there is no law against it. Most crew won’t like it though.

  93. Zeno Umeh

    Zeno UmehTháng trước

    Anne Frank 😭😭😭😂😂😂

  94. Jasper Bhogal

    Jasper BhogalTháng trước

    Always great content. Top.

  95. Jonathan Lumbreras

    Jonathan LumbrerasTháng trước

    2:24 That had me dead 💀 😂

  96. Muhammad Ahmed

    Muhammad AhmedTháng trước

    Asks how the wall is coming along 🤣

  97. rcpwProductions

    rcpwProductionsTháng trước

    oh right something i kind of know pilots are usually very calm about the plane doing a barrel roll nosedive because of chuck yeager, where every pilot wanted to be like him because its chuck mf'in yeager some little info for your next flight, if the pilot is genuine in his voice you know you should hop off the plane.

  98. Karma Rei

    Karma ReiTháng trước


  99. Karma Rei

    Karma ReiTháng trước


  100. Karma Rei

    Karma ReiTháng trước