Catching Pokemon GO FEVER!


  1. Savage man

    Savage man4 giờ trước

    Why is everyone so mean to you Coyote?

  2. donielle landry

    donielle landry9 giờ trước

    Pray for mark

  3. donielle landry

    donielle landry9 giờ trước

    Calm down mark

  4. Danny Sunny and Jenny’s adventure !!!!

    Danny Sunny and Jenny’s adventure !!!!10 giờ trước

    So funny

  5. Mitch Ebanks

    Mitch EbanksNgày trước

    Coyote falls of a cliff and breaks a arm Mark:you ok! Coyote: I GOT A POKÉMON!!!! Mark:...

  6. danielle dodson

    danielle dodson2 ngày trước

    My father has pokemon go

  7. Jack Sivak

    Jack Sivak2 ngày trước


  8. Truman Lang

    Truman Lang2 ngày trước

    wo stop plaing that

  9. Gingging Harder

    Gingging Harder3 ngày trước

    Cen you play BULO monster its like po

  10. rachelann1

    rachelann14 ngày trước

    Hi Coyote, watched this video with my son and at the end of the video he got so worried that you wouldn't make any more wildlife videos that he cried. He loves your videos so much that he is contemplating becoming an wildlife expert himself. My Son is Eight and you are his inspiration.

  11. SydneytheDesigner

    SydneytheDesigner4 ngày trước

    Coyote:I got one (he caught a Pokémon) Mark:U ok dud???? Like if you laughed at this comment or video🤗🤗🤗

  12. Raheel BASHEER

    Raheel BASHEER5 ngày trước

    Anyone here in 2018?

  13. Maria Salinas

    Maria Salinas5 ngày trước


  14. Quita Mohammed

    Quita Mohammed6 ngày trước

    Don't play that game please

  15. Cesar Melendez

    Cesar Melendez6 ngày trước

    ROBLOX is better

  16. amy lee

    amy lee6 ngày trước

    Oh my gosh so funny!!!!

  17. Susie Wong

    Susie Wong6 ngày trước

    Brave we are the same I also say caterpie the wrong thing it's pronouns as katerpi

  18. Shadowed Raven

    Shadowed Raven10 ngày trước

    If Pokemon GO was Addicting how come I didn't even last 2 minutes in the game? *IT WAS PRETTY TRASH.*

  19. PianoMagic Learn

    PianoMagic Learn10 ngày trước

    So funny

  20. Diem Bommarito

    Diem Bommarito11 ngày trước

    Pokeman???? Pøķęmöň

  21. Bryant Bourgeau

    Bryant Bourgeau12 ngày trước

    Coyote gets burned by a dragon. Mark . Are you ok? I GOT A POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!

  22. cookke

    cookke12 ngày trước

    Who else is watching this in 2018

  23. Payton McKillop

    Payton McKillop13 ngày trước

    someone got kild playing pokemon Go do not play this game:(

  24. Pikachu Volt

    Pikachu Volt13 ngày trước

    That’s not a reindeer it’s a Pokémon. Researches Are reindeers Pokémon?

  25. Gene Gray

    Gene Gray13 ngày trước


  26. Shauqi M

    Shauqi M13 ngày trước

    1:48 that just your friend XD

  27. caitlin johnson

    caitlin johnson14 ngày trước


  28. Nichola Arnott

    Nichola Arnott15 ngày trước

    Coyote you have gone crazy 🤡😖

  29. Tech Gaming

    Tech Gaming15 ngày trước

    hmm looks like coyote is becoming ash quickly

  30. Joy Zafe Rodriguez

    Joy Zafe Rodriguez15 ngày trước

    Until his phone died finally

  31. Joy Zafe Rodriguez

    Joy Zafe Rodriguez15 ngày trước

    And thats what happened when someone is addicted to that game in the middle of the trip and not focusing on the job

  32. Adventure Gurl

    Adventure Gurl15 ngày trước

    Coyote love the beard

  33. Adventure Gurl

    Adventure Gurl15 ngày trước

    He is literally a moody teenager now oh my he needs a good grounding

  34. Diem Bommarito

    Diem Bommarito15 ngày trước

    I'm coyote peterson and I'm gonna enter the pokemon zone in the... middle of the ocean Who's reading this in 2018

  35. tookamai

    tookamai16 ngày trước

    please catch normal animals i love your normal chanels

  36. Diem Bommarito

    Diem Bommarito16 ngày trước

    This describes me with brave wilderness

  37. Diem Bommarito

    Diem Bommarito16 ngày trước

    Was some of that acting?

  38. Diem Bommarito

    Diem Bommarito16 ngày trước

    This episode and the coconut one are my favorite

  39. Diem Bommarito

    Diem Bommarito16 ngày trước


  40. I.Y. Rodriguez

    I.Y. Rodriguez19 ngày trước

    One rare pokemon is a ho oh

  41. Juju Bee

    Juju Bee19 ngày trước

    Pokemon noob

  42. Husayn Plays

    Husayn Plays19 ngày trước

    Stop pokemon now

  43. Anjelie Noel

    Anjelie Noel19 ngày trước

    I am a Pokémon go player

  44. Spaceplayz 80

    Spaceplayz 8020 ngày trước

    I love anything that relates to Pokémon that means movies cards even Pokémon go

  45. Diem Bommarito

    Diem Bommarito20 ngày trước

    cσчσtє *ѕєєѕ α pσkєmσn cσчσtє * hítѕ pσll "σw í fσund σnє" mαrk " αrє u σk? thαt'ѕ nσt α pσkєmσn : *mαrk* lσσkѕ αrσund cσчσtє íѕ gσnє...

  46. Joe Angela's YouTube

    Joe Angela's YouTube20 ngày trước

    Has anyone noticed, that on the boat, coyote said, I CANT PLAY MY POKEMAN APP?

  47. Joe Angela's YouTube

    Joe Angela's YouTube20 ngày trước

    Is this real?

  48. Guest Buke

    Guest Buke20 ngày trước

    Did he caught bitchachu ?

  49. Jessica Baisden

    Jessica Baisden21 ngày trước

    Actually bulbasaur is very common

  50. NadunTube

    NadunTube21 ngày trước

    Wow you got good Pokémon not

  51. Sheila Gilker

    Sheila Gilker22 ngày trước

    Coyote gets eaten by a shark Mark:r u ok coyote:I caught a zoobat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Nagato

    Nagato22 ngày trước


  53. Undertale Sans

    Undertale Sans22 ngày trước

    Coyote: *gets bit by poisonous snake* Mark: you ok?! Coyote: *I cAuGhT A PoKeMoN!!*

  54. Timothy Barbour

    Timothy Barbour22 ngày trước

    Cool thanks to get a feed

  55. Evi Herawati

    Evi Herawati23 ngày trước

    That common pokemon

  56. Evi Herawati

    Evi Herawati23 ngày trước

    That just oddish

  57. HarmlessWolfShark a

    HarmlessWolfShark a23 ngày trước

    I have 2 starters

  58. ABeeGal Werner

    ABeeGal Werner23 ngày trước

    this would be me, but with food ;D

  59. Samantha Sonntag

    Samantha Sonntag23 ngày trước

    Anxiety teen mode activate

  60. Jeene Lung

    Jeene Lung24 ngày trước

    Im actully adicted! :)

  61. Dakota Lilley

    Dakota Lilley25 ngày trước

    He was acting like a little kid when the connection is gone XD

  62. Gyan Ralph Salta

    Gyan Ralph Salta25 ngày trước

    so u still play? ull have to be at least lvl 10 while doing just pokemon only and yet ur just around lvl 4 in 414 days so that confirms u have done a lot of things than just playing pokemon go oh wait..... U DONT HAVE SIGNAL and it happens A LOT

  63. Jonny_mazerati

    Jonny_mazerati25 ngày trước


  64. Anneliese Osborn

    Anneliese Osborn27 ngày trước

    *coyote slides* Are you okay? Coyote: I CAUGHT A POKEMON AHA I GOT IT

  65. Matt Benkner

    Matt Benkner28 ngày trước

    That a dum game you should find animals and you can play jurassic World alive you catch dinosaurs.

  66. MagicRobo

    MagicRobo28 ngày trước

    the caterpie is pronounced cater-pee

  67. Alysha Luan

    Alysha LuanTháng trước

    OK calm down coyote I LUV pokemon but U. NEED. TO. CALM. DOWN.

  68. Sian Truter

    Sian TruterTháng trước

    I'm sort of disappointed in you, but good luck

  69. Cookie Moo milk

    Cookie Moo milkTháng trước

    Coyote: *gets stung by a Beedrill* Mark: are you okay? Mario: *sits and watches* I miss the old coyote

  70. subwei

    subweiTháng trước

    seriously. i really like this guy!

  71. Chua Szehoon

    Chua SzehoonTháng trước

    Read more book


    NOLANZILLA 03Tháng trước

    Pokémon is awesome

  73. Earvin Velasco

    Earvin VelascoTháng trước

    Coyote goes to a school to catch pokemon.

  74. Earvin Velasco

    Earvin VelascoTháng trước

    Coyote about to catch Mewtwo Mark takes the phone

  75. Earvin Velasco

    Earvin VelascoTháng trước

    wow Coyote might start make pokemon videos more than animals

  76. kayla galaxy

    kayla galaxyTháng trước

    he looks like he needs like needs to stay with his phone and to make sure it doesent die 😏

  77. Karli Lyons

    Karli LyonsTháng trước

    Oh my gosh I didn’t know my phone could ahhhhhhhh! But yes I do play Pokémon go and I have a lot of Pokémon

  78. Karli Lyons

    Karli LyonsTháng trước

    You can’t make a video because you’re already doing a video

  79. Zephyr Gaming

    Zephyr GamingTháng trước

    11:37 p0KemAN apP

  80. Illuminati /\

    Illuminati /\Tháng trước

    Pokemon deaf........

  81. Jorge Nanez

    Jorge NanezTháng trước

    i got shiny wingull

  82. Tiny Mouse World Cuty pies

    Tiny Mouse World Cuty piesTháng trước


  83. Tiny Mouse World Cuty pies

    Tiny Mouse World Cuty piesTháng trước

    I was just like you and Im still the same.

  84. debbie linden

    debbie lindenTháng trước

    I’m sorry about the struggle buddy I’m very sorry 😐 I wish it wasn’t a struggle

  85. tdesha100

    tdesha100Tháng trước


  86. christian benedick

    christian benedickTháng trước

    Its caterpie not caterpy

  87. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew BarnesTháng trước

    Try to find a stone fish

  88. Harley Reilly

    Harley ReillyTháng trước

    Were you really upsessed


    EKUL SEVENTháng trước

    Coyote i have really good Pokemon cards!

  90. Jineene Brown

    Jineene BrownTháng trước

    pokemon go rocks

  91. David Kennett

    David KennettTháng trước


  92. Looking In With Victor B

    Looking In With Victor BTháng trước

    I almost took this seriously, except for three things: 1. The scene with Mark answering e-mails. 2. Coyote smiling when his dog went to ask the cameraman for attention. 3. Coyote smiling as he hid from Mark on the boat...

  93. jenna hamilton

    jenna hamiltonTháng trước

    2018 anyone

  94. Daralynn B

    Daralynn BTháng trước


  95. Jineene Brown

    Jineene BrownTháng trước

    cyote peterson rock,s

  96. Stephen Fresh

    Stephen FreshTháng trước

    Geez coyote

  97. Stephen Fresh

    Stephen FreshTháng trước


  98. Stephen Fresh

    Stephen FreshTháng trước

    This is a first🙃

  99. Dominic Rodriguez

    Dominic RodriguezTháng trước

    It's good picachu is rare

  100. MetalGamerShow Edition

    MetalGamerShow EditionTháng trước

    crazy pokeman guy

  101. Alex rivera

    Alex riveraTháng trước