Catching Pokemon GO FEVER!


  1. robaitron fury

    robaitron fury5 giờ trước

    2:03 is my favorite part now

  2. Terrell Pugh

    Terrell Pugh2 ngày trước

    A real doll stop being a weirdo

  3. Roya in the kitchen

    Roya in the kitchen4 ngày trước

    Pikacho was my fist

  4. Roya in the kitchen

    Roya in the kitchen4 ngày trước

    I have a pikacho

  5. JVasallo Vasallo

    JVasallo Vasallo6 ngày trước

    you are so funny coyote

  6. Yo Link

    Yo Link6 ngày trước

    I Love Pokémon

  7. Patience Understanding

    Patience Understanding6 ngày trước

    I collect Pokemon cards :3

  8. Patience Understanding

    Patience Understanding6 ngày trước


  9. Jesus Garcia

    Jesus Garcia6 ngày trước

    Coyote gets eaten by a whale Mark:Are you OK man Coyote:I CAUGHT A POKÉMON.

  10. Jimu Rhew

    Jimu Rhew7 ngày trước

    Just say ArE YoU oK!??!

  11. Jimu Rhew

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  12. Shadow Marley

    Shadow Marley7 ngày trước

    This video makes me so happy! Jaja

  13. Le'lands Lounge

    Le'lands Lounge7 ngày trước

    I play Pokemon go lol

  14. Cody Hudson

    Cody Hudson8 ngày trước

    I love this parody episode, I would like to know his real opinion on Pokemon and if he enjoys the Dex entrys for Pokemon and how some Pokemon take from real life animals

  15. Michael Tenn

    Michael Tenn8 ngày trước

    He finds out about Jurassic World Alive

  16. Grace

    Grace9 ngày trước

    Mark:"You Had One Job" Coyote: "ooh.. my bad"

  17. kawaii potatos

    kawaii potatos10 ngày trước

    *Hits a pole* What just happend

  18. NewDarkShadow15 GD

    NewDarkShadow15 GD10 ngày trước

    Please say this is a joke video

  19. Nooby Lasagna

    Nooby Lasagna11 ngày trước

    wow hi u idk go no wait acctually wait no dont but wait do a no pokemon

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  23. Lou Casibang

    Lou Casibang12 ngày trước

    I wait antill december too play POKÉMON

  24. Unrealisticallysarcasticavacado ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Unrealisticallysarcasticavacado ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ12 ngày trước

    “See that dog? That’s birch, he also plays Pokémon go.”


    MEMELORD LEON12 ngày trước

    like if agree


    MEMELORD LEON12 ngày trước

    i now how u fell mark ive been through it at school music almost the whole class thought they can anything because subsitute


    MEMELORD LEON12 ngày trước

    it pronounced caterpee caterpie

  28. SuperMarioLord

    SuperMarioLord12 ngày trước

    Coyote: *tries to catch a pokemon but runs into a pole* me: *dies of laughter*

  29. Sp1ce Gurl

    Sp1ce Gurl12 ngày trước

    Coyote: gets cut in half by a saw blade Mark: you ok? Coyote: *(in half)* I GOT A POKEMON

  30. Jacob VanGilder

    Jacob VanGilder12 ngày trước

    His slight Pokemon knowledge hurts me

  31. Lauren Webster

    Lauren Webster12 ngày trước

    Me working out if this is real or not...

  32. Elvis Loez

    Elvis Loez12 ngày trước

    I love nature and Pokémon to

  33. Sub Phantom

    Sub Phantom13 ngày trước

    2:02 that is a Pokemon master right there

  34. SkyHaloRiverShow

    SkyHaloRiverShow13 ngày trước

    Pokémon go is the best app ever

  35. Buxxguy 342 - animations

    Buxxguy 342 - animations13 ngày trước

    Coyote: i caught a caterpai!! Me: AHHHHHH ITS CATERPIEEEEEE WITH THE IEEEE

  36. Thomas Young

    Thomas Young13 ngày trước

    Do you know Jurassic world alive

  37. Vicky Voratanitkitkul

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  38. Marsh- Mellow

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  39. Derpy 5500

    Derpy 550015 ngày trước

    10:29 coyote is a car

  40. ironmanguitarhero

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    Pokey mons

  41. Jennifer Frend

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  42. BingBing BongBong

    BingBing BongBong16 ngày trước

    Coyote...marry me.

  43. Nicholas Ramgopal

    Nicholas Ramgopal16 ngày trước

    The memes are real lol

  44. Geedub602

    Geedub60216 ngày trước

    10:34 the people in the background were lookin at him like hes crazy

  45. SANwich Vegita

    SANwich Vegita16 ngày trước

    Wut did you do to coyote:(

  46. Oktavianto Lukito

    Oktavianto Lukito17 ngày trước

    My famaly plays pokemon i em a pro i hef a Lejenberi

  47. Oktavianto Lukito

    Oktavianto Lukito17 ngày trước

    I play pokemon go

  48. randy almonte

    randy almonte17 ngày trước

    What is your name in pokemon go name


    ROBLOX ROBOT17 ngày trước

    There is a dinosaur version called Jurassic world alive. It’s better

  50. Iza Fierro

    Iza Fierro18 ngày trước

    i have pikachu

  51. Mogish Khanna

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  52. Mogish Khanna

    Mogish Khanna19 ngày trước

    mewtwo maybe

  53. Mogish Khanna

    Mogish Khanna19 ngày trước

    hey i can trade you a raichu or a venusaur even a metagross

  54. Mogish Khanna

    Mogish Khanna19 ngày trước

    bro.... i am the trainer with a 3770 cp rayquaza and 5 mewtwos

  55. Tiffany Gabriela

    Tiffany Gabriela19 ngày trước

    Coyote’s a Giant child and mark and Mario are his parents 😂💗

  56. IvanTheBoring 1

    IvanTheBoring 120 ngày trước

    Coyote is addicted to pokemon!!!! Aaaaaaaaa!!!

  57. cristina perez

    cristina perez20 ngày trước

    LOVE IT! 👍🏻

  58. gamer david

    gamer david20 ngày trước

    I have legendarys and alola and shiny gyardos

  59. 1 subscriber without a vid

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    My name is a coyote petterson and I'm gonna catch em all

  60. Monica Brown

    Monica Brown21 ngày trước

    Coyote I'm your biggest fan no matter what

  61. FNAF Friends World

    FNAF Friends World21 ngày trước

    I have a pikachu

  62. Austin Vasconcelos

    Austin Vasconcelos21 ngày trước

    dude I have like 50 pikachu

  63. Austin Vasconcelos

    Austin Vasconcelos21 ngày trước

    hi coytote I love your vids and i dont know if this is old our what i just got done watching your golden ticket vid with you withe all the kid im your number one fan and if reply it will be a dream come true and if you cant I under stand that

  64. Cassandra Jones

    Cassandra Jones22 ngày trước

    There are rere pokemon nown as legendarys

  65. ToXiC PLaYZz

    ToXiC PLaYZz22 ngày trước

    At 3:02 He said Pokeman not Pokemon 😂

  66. Skate_Boarder_ 101

    Skate_Boarder_ 10122 ngày trước

    This is hilarious

  67. Oliver Perez

    Oliver Perez22 ngày trước

    Pokeman lol

  68. Cousin Famlit

    Cousin Famlit22 ngày trước

    Mark:You had one job And that was to make our marshmallows and you failed at doing a simple roasting marshmallows Coyote: I CAUGHT THE BURNT MARSHMALLOW POKEMON Me: *facepalm* 😆 Edit: Coyote please respond to the comments to tell us if you still play Pokemon go In *2018*

  69. Aden Awesome309

    Aden Awesome30923 ngày trước

    im about to die

  70. ?????

    ?????23 ngày trước

    lol was coyote acting or is it real that he is crazy about pokemon?

  71. Vineela Padavala

    Vineela Padavala23 ngày trước

    Damn!! That's addiction right there

  72. forcexjr

    forcexjr24 ngày trước

    6:27 Mark, that's a Stantler

  73. Lpsbella HOI

    Lpsbella HOI25 ngày trước

    cmon coyote wants to be the best, like every one else

  74. YouTubercrystal Drea

    YouTubercrystal Drea26 ngày trước

    How would a dog play a game like that

  75. Dozer Bull

    Dozer Bull26 ngày trước

    Oh boy, now Pokemon Go is huge: plus 3 more gens (1st was already in 2016), PVP, Raids, Friends list, Shinies, Raids, Field and Mythical Researches, Trade, Weather system! Good luck catching them all!

  76. Gre Ninja

    Gre Ninja27 ngày trước

    I got probably like 200 pokemon

  77. Furry Amination

    Furry Amination27 ngày trước

    3:43 i see what you mean

  78. Bob Nguyen

    Bob Nguyen27 ngày trước

    God he is too addicted

  79. Delbert Richie

    Delbert Richie28 ngày trước

    Coyote what is yuor favorite pokemon

  80. Donovan Thomas

    Donovan Thomas28 ngày trước

    You can stop anytime just you need help stop

  81. Sabrina Howard

    Sabrina Howard28 ngày trước

    Mark is mean in this video.

  82. Thunder lightning 1212 USA

    Thunder lightning 1212 USA29 ngày trước

    How do you have internet

  83. ehuntley83

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    I play pokemon go

  84. Jack Lee

    Jack LeeTháng trước

    I don't play any pokemon go

  85. Jack Lee

    Jack LeeTháng trước

    This guy is so cute and brave in the world

  86. doge suprize

    doge suprizeTháng trước

    I have more than 5 pikachu

  87. Richardo Davindra

    Richardo DavindraTháng trước

    LOL 😂😂😂😂

  88. Savage League Productions

    Savage League ProductionsTháng trước

    Wasted trip to Alaska!!!! You could have even seen the auroras!!!! Come back to Alaska and don't waste your time!!!!! (No offense)

  89. Savage League Productions

    Savage League ProductionsTháng trước

    Never mind

  90. Savage League Productions

    Savage League ProductionsTháng trước

    If I saw Coyote like that, I would worry about Brave Wilderness I would think that it would turn into a Pokemon channel and he would make the title mean Brave Wilderness as in he's brave to go catch Pokemon in the wilderness but have nothing to do with nature.

  91. Savage League Productions

    Savage League ProductionsTháng trước

    That's what I hate about people getting addicted to electronics! They don't want the other things. Example: they're so enthusiastic about animals and when it comes to electronics they don't care about nature anymore they just care about their video games.

  92. Savage League Productions

    Savage League ProductionsTháng trước

    I never expected this channel to have any thing to do with Pokemon.

  93. Candice Reeves

    Candice ReevesTháng trước

    SOPP Mmj

  94. Salted Caramel Sundae

    Salted Caramel SundaeTháng trước

    This is so cute hahahaga

  95. ThatOneIdiotWhoPlaysVideoGames AndHasALongUsername

    ThatOneIdiotWhoPlaysVideoGames AndHasALongUsernameTháng trước

    how tf do you play pokemon go in Alaska lmao

  96. LPS Frosty Fields

    LPS Frosty FieldsTháng trước

    Coyote is um something else..

  97. Rizen Brjlpz

    Rizen BrjlpzTháng trước

    He thinks the camera as a pokemon go game the reindeer as a pokemon.😂

  98. Samantha Marcum

    Samantha MarcumTháng trước

    I know this video is like 2 years old, but man the people getting mad is ridiculous. Clearly this video is supposed to be fun and goofy and this was his first time playing Pokemon AT ALL, of course he isn't going to pronounce all the names correctly. I doubt he even still plays, but I found this video adorable and funny.

  99. Snape shot 4Z

    Snape shot 4ZTháng trước

    I got a pokemon ad before this

  100. Lpsbella HOI

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    I got a pokemon ad before this

  101. Garden Turtle

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    Is this real?

  102. Pussy Destroyer II

    Pussy Destroyer IITháng trước

    Mark is secretly LazerBeam

  103. Vincent Winkenbach

    Vincent WinkenbachTháng trước

    Mark is a great actor