Celebs Who Confronted Their Interviewer On Live TV


  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift11 tháng trước

    Which of these moments was the spiciest in your opinion?

  2. Bob D

    Bob D6 giờ trước

    Hmmm, none.

  3. SRSOS

    SRSOSTháng trước

    0:03 seconds. When you claimed to not be part of the same media you are taking digs at now. smh

  4. Jon-Marc Harrison

    Jon-Marc Harrison3 tháng trước

    The moment where you put out a video calling someone a scientist that is not. Oops!

  5. Will Freeman

    Will Freeman3 tháng trước

    Can't tell you talked over most of it.

  6. Fernando Sanchez

    Fernando Sanchez3 tháng trước

    Nicki Swift nicki u better read the comments and realize what a boring, shitty VIreporterr u are

  7. Deana Rupe

    Deana Rupe3 ngày trước

    I agree with Emma Thompson. There's was not a thought in my head about the royal wedding. I don't even know them.

  8. Twinkle Star

    Twinkle Star3 ngày trước

    Who gets trained in calculus? I can understand she studied calculus but getting trained at it? Psh!

  9. Aundrea Williams

    Aundrea Williams3 ngày trước

    I didn't know Helen Mirren had been acting that long. The woman from need for speed looks just like a young Helen

  10. Kathy Ramos

    Kathy Ramos5 ngày trước

    Solange lmao ...

  11. Amir Mohammad Taherian

    Amir Mohammad Taherian5 ngày trước

    I didn't come here to see you're talking. I came to see the celebrities confronting the interviewer

  12. Gayatri Ramchandran

    Gayatri Ramchandran5 ngày trước

    Moral of the story : Never fucking mess with Helen Mirren.

  13. ualuuanie

    ualuuanie5 ngày trước

    No sure if any of you remembered an interview with the Bee Gees when they just stood up and walk out. Not sure what its about was at a friend's house warming party and did not pay attention what was really on TV.

  14. James Harris

    James Harris5 ngày trước

    Yes I remember it was with Clive Anderson and was very awkward

  15. Beverly Glover

    Beverly Glover7 ngày trước

    Tony Danza is morphing into Grandpa Munster!

  16. Colleen Schultz

    Colleen Schultz7 ngày trước

    I like Jennifer Lawrence

  17. geo fraz

    geo fraz10 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist. He only has a bachelor degree in engineering. He just plays a scientist on T.V.

  18. Deana Rupe

    Deana Rupe3 ngày trước

    I'm amazed not alot of people know that. I was surprised when I found out. More channels need to so background checks before posting some if thier comments.

  19. 023achilles

    023achilles12 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is a scientist?

  20. John Gordon

    John Gordon12 ngày trước

    He is not a scientist

  21. Sarah Michelle Gilligan

    Sarah Michelle Gilligan12 ngày trước

    Interviewer was confused = Emma Thompson IS the Queen of England, but not the actual Queen !! JLO was way out of line, guy was a non English journalist reading his question from his phone. The Hollywood Foreign Press is made up of FOREIGN journalists.

  22. Rana&Cora the BBD mwah

    Rana&Cora the BBD mwah13 ngày trước

    Oi!!! Do NOT diss Parkie! He is our National treasure! Fyi Dame Helen Mirren loves Parkinson!! 🙏👋😁🖕

  23. Nothing To See Here

    Nothing To See Here14 ngày trước

    Bill Nigh isn't a scientist.

  24. MontcomHorror

    MontcomHorror11 ngày trước

    nor intelligent.

  25. Darren Willett

    Darren Willett17 ngày trước

    Wow...something me and Emma Thompson have in common...don't give a shite about useless British Royals.

  26. Montana Mike

    Montana Mike17 ngày trước

    As much as I hate these kinds of "journalists", this video should be renamed 'times that celebs showed their true colors (scumbags, most of em) on live TV.

  27. Donald Greenbriar

    Donald Greenbriar18 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a fucking Scientist, he's a POS Mechanical Engineer.

  28. Jay Baker

    Jay Baker19 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist, he has a BA in engineering.

  29. MontcomHorror

    MontcomHorror11 ngày trước

    @james belcher Baby, don't insult people's intelligence. Bill Nye is a fraud. He's an actor. Grow up!

  30. Kathleen B

    Kathleen B11 ngày trước

    He is a political hack.

  31. james belcher

    james belcher13 ngày trước

    Engineers apply science. Engineers have to know the sciences to be able to practically apply their knowledge to solve a problem hes qualified.

  32. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen19 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence should go back to movies she is good at like home porn.

  33. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen19 ngày trước

    OMG Mel Gibson is a douchebag racist still? No way.

  34. ptr0505

    ptr050519 ngày trước

    That was ridiculous...

  35. Keto mom

    Keto mom19 ngày trước

    Gotta love Mel Gibson!!

  36. Keto mom

    Keto mom19 ngày trước

    Putting the media in their place. I’m glad to see this.

  37. Jannsmith

    Jannsmith19 ngày trước

    With regard to tenure, I would say that a *dedicated* teacher wants to get tenure and continue to do a great job. However, unfortunately, certain teachers and educators do sometimes get complacent if having the general security of tenure with not many consequences from school administration.

  38. Bobby Bellingham

    Bobby Bellingham20 ngày trước

    STop talking you stupid cow!!

  39. Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo Gonzalez20 ngày trước

    If Quentin Tarantino wasn't Quentin Tarantino that man would have died a virgin

  40. w0bbl3r

    w0bbl3r20 ngày trước

    Mayim Bollocks is the same "brilliant" woman who at christmas bragged on twitter or something that her boyfriend had left her and so she was wrapped in a blanket on the sofa, all alone. And that she "couldn't" sleep in her bed, because her cats had pissed and shit in it, so she had been on the sofa for a few days. What a vile piece of shit, and what a weak-arsed woman who allows a break-up (and it's obviously no wonder he dumped the lazy, ugly, dirty piece of shit) to drive her to such lengths.

  41. Jeff C

    Jeff C20 ngày trước

    Hey Lawrence... bite me.... ahole

  42. Chase Jackson

    Chase Jackson20 ngày trước

    i dnt knw where the motherfucker is....how am i suppose 2 know....i love it!!!

  43. Darreld Studie

    Darreld Studie21 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is one of the world's biggest frauds. I doubt he can even spell his own name let alone do calculus.

  44. Allacra

    Allacra21 ngày trước

    I would not call Bill Nye a "scientist."

  45. jakerockznoodles

    jakerockznoodles16 ngày trước

    Why not?

  46. Tom Ortman

    Tom Ortman21 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist

  47. nustada

    nustada22 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist and he doesn't know calculus.

  48. Molon Labe

    Molon Labe23 ngày trước

    Uhhhhhh bill nye isn't a scientist.

  49. Phillip E. Moody

    Phillip E. Moody23 ngày trước

    I like how we only hear a total of two to three sentences in each interview.

  50. Twisted Link Fabrications

    Twisted Link Fabrications23 ngày trước

    lose the commentary its not needed

  51. Mumbo Jumbo De Runter

    Mumbo Jumbo De Runter24 ngày trước

    Is there a Nicky Swift video that doesn't suck?

  52. gotzBearhugz

    gotzBearhugz25 ngày trước

    Can't stand Jennifer Lawrence, hate that she's from my homestate

  53. Billie Little

    Billie Little26 ngày trước

    Spoiled, overpaid celebrities acting badly.

  54. Ryan Scott

    Ryan Scott26 ngày trước

    Um Bill Nye isn’t a scientist

  55. Barry

    Barry26 ngày trước

    Bill Nye the Science Guy is a American science communicator, a television presenter, and mechanical engineer. He is not a Scientist!

  56. zerocool1ist

    zerocool1ist28 ngày trước

    Camera man should have asked Matt now how do you like them apples?

  57. chance larue

    chance larue29 ngày trước

    It amazes me how some of these interviewers got their job!?

  58. James Kratzer

    James Kratzer29 ngày trước

    I have long said that most(!) celebs have at LEAST 50% more class than most (again, 50%) celeb interviewers. Most interviewers have all the class of a VERY HAPPY Boar Hog or Sow.

  59. Kai C.

    Kai C.29 ngày trước

    Lot of sexism here too.

  60. markford1991

    markford199129 ngày trước

    Not sure about the spiciest, but, the most inaccurate would be calling Bill Nye a scientist.

  61. Rose Red

    Rose Red29 ngày trước

    Solange is a little salty about being the Khloe of the Knowles family 😱

  62. Carlos Chilipimmel

    Carlos ChilipimmelTháng trước

    Mayim Bialik needs to fire her make-up artist, she looks like my 5 year old daughter when she first found mamis make-up.

  63. geez

    geezTháng trước

    Jennifer Lawrence is kind of an ass anyway

  64. Donald Greenbriar

    Donald GreenbriarTháng trước

    Bill Nye is not an actual scientist.

  65. Hunter Wise

    Hunter WiseTháng trước

    Why does Tony look so weird

  66. Trayla Lynn

    Trayla LynnTháng trước

    Cant handle these overrated idiots

  67. Ralph James

    Ralph JamesTháng trước


  68. Ralph James

    Ralph JamesTháng trước

    00:38 00:40 CLue, Matt Damon is now a prowd member of the Bald Headed Crew! BAAA-RUCE to the Jason Statham WILLIS!!!!!! By the way, anybody get the cutie-pie-holdin hotts for the woman holding the mic to Mr Damon's face @ 00:50?

  69. Wayne Renee

    Wayne ReneeTháng trước

    Lol Bill Nye isn't a scientist.

  70. trickstered

    tricksteredTháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist, he has a degree in mechanical engineering..."The Science Guy" is simply a moniker, you dolts.

  71. Hello World I’m Luffy

    Hello World I’m LuffyTháng trước

    @treojoe it meant I learned a lot from the guy back then. I mean he is a teacher of science then again.

  72. treojoe

    treojoeTháng trước

    @Hello World I’m Luffy Apparently he is way smarter than his fans as he or his publicist have convinced them that he is a scientist in spite of the fact that he holds no credentials. Anyone besides his fans can pick up a 7th grade science text and be as educated "in science" as Billy. Not to mention that scientist is an extremely generalized term. Exactly what discipline would you ascribe to Bill. His knowledge on science? WTF does that even mean?

  73. Hello World I’m Luffy

    Hello World I’m LuffyTháng trước

    trickstered Even if that’s the case, you still can’t deny his knowledge on science

  74. rdstirewalt

    rdstirewaltTháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist.

  75. Old Ghost

    Old GhostTháng trước

    Matt Damon sure has a Pollyanna view of teachers. He thinks there’s never been a bad one ever, or that they defy human psychology and don’t become lazy with tenure. As for Bill Nye he probably knows nothing above algebra.

  76. Jonathan Atkinson

    Jonathan AtkinsonTháng trước

    Can't stand Mr parkinson

  77. James Calixte

    James Calixte2 tháng trước

    Helen Mirren was a fine lady in her younger days

  78. User name

    User name2 tháng trước

    Unpopular Opinion : Mayim Biyalik is a a Overrated actor

  79. User name

    User name2 tháng trước

    Mayim Biyalik is a Overrated actor.

  80. Sky Daniels

    Sky Daniels2 tháng trước

    Stop cutting shit off when it starts to get good. You let them say 1 lime and you say 10000

  81. CokeyNuts

    CokeyNuts2 tháng trước

    Jennifer Lawrence is an awful person and as an actress, just outrageously overrated. And no, I am not jealous of her.

  82. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker2 tháng trước

    Mel is the shits.

  83. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker2 tháng trước

    Shut up and play the clips

  84. Princess Taboo

    Princess Taboo2 tháng trước

    *"I don't know where the mutherfucker is." LOL*

  85. thischannel

    thischannel22 ngày trước

    I want Omaroas to do stinky p-u gas on my nose

  86. Molly Hatchett

    Molly Hatchett2 tháng trước

    Bill Nye, is in fact NOT a scientist. He's an actor... there's a difference. He actually is an airplane mechanic. (Airplane parts) .... I can say though i don't agree with everything about his scientific opinions... that he acts like are facts...

  87. Samantha Brandt

    Samantha Brandt2 tháng trước

    Jennifer Lawrence's was just annoying. He probably was reading from his phone!

  88. Casey Thompson

    Casey Thompson29 ngày trước

    I was about to say he was probably reading a translated text as English isn’t his first language. In my opinion she was just being rude.

  89. Hunter Wise

    Hunter WiseTháng trước

    Samantha Brandt, he was looking at the “Translation” as he knows hardly any English! I use to think she was a pretty kool Kat and a decent actor but now think she’s a bit of an asshole

  90. MattyYoungcloudsArt

    MattyYoungcloudsArt2 tháng trước

    Bill Nye is an actor....just saying

  91. Sharda Taylor

    Sharda Taylor2 tháng trước

    The last woman that was shown, Helen Miran, really aged gracefully-- she is beautiful

  92. Lou Fox

    Lou Fox2 tháng trước

    I love Mayim and think she is a great role model for young girls.

  93. Lou Fox

    Lou Fox2 tháng trước

    @Princess Taboo Yeah I actually realised this after I said it. still impressive though :)

  94. Princess Taboo

    Princess Taboo2 tháng trước

    @Lou Fox *She was an actress before she was a neuro-scientist . She was in 'Blossom' and in 'Beaches' as a young Bette Midler.*

  95. Lou Fox

    Lou Fox2 tháng trước

    @Skincarejunkie yeah I just really love the fact that she was a neurologist before an actress, just goes to show you can do both!

  96. Mihail Iancu

    Mihail Iancu2 tháng trước

    Bill Nye is actually an engineer officially and not a scientist, though he does have a lot of knowledge on science.

  97. Lindsay Sundefreelancewriting

    Lindsay Sundefreelancewriting3 tháng trước

    I wouldn't make a good interview because I wouldn't do them. Ever.

  98. Hanz Downdabest

    Hanz Downdabest3 tháng trước

    Bill nye is not a scientist. Holy. I hate false information being spread to the masses.

  99. Leon Kennedy

    Leon Kennedy3 tháng trước

    Bill nye isnt actualy a scientist though.

  100. Linda Bell-Crandall

    Linda Bell-Crandall3 tháng trước

    You skipped the one where the Bee Gees walked out on a rude interviewer.

  101. Captain Atheist

    Captain Atheist3 tháng trước

    Bill Nye isn't a scientist. Fake news.

  102. j b

    j b3 tháng trước

    Your channel sucks.

  103. Ale Portillo

    Ale Portillo3 tháng trước

    Jlaw is so rude!

  104. Kevin H.

    Kevin H.3 tháng trước

    Tony Danza did that on purpose, to get attention. If you really listen you can tell he hears her.

  105. Bobby Bellingham

    Bobby Bellingham3 tháng trước

    Bill Nye is an actor...……...and a paid corporate puppet.

  106. Jeremy Welch

    Jeremy Welch3 tháng trước

    Bill Nye isn't a Scientist tho! He is a False Science Fluffer! Nothing More. I mean The Man thinks there's more than 2 genders! Aand That We Have been to Space!! Probably even thinks The World is Round!! Paid Clown to push Falsehoods!!

  107. Habs Fan

    Habs Fan3 tháng trước

    Okay finally, Bill Nye is not a scientist!!!! He's a fake scientist

  108. Isreal Gordon

    Isreal Gordon3 tháng trước

    Should’ve had mike Tyson on here

  109. Sam Armstrong

    Sam Armstrong3 tháng trước

    Bill Nye isn't a scientist though.

  110. AbhiSasha

    AbhiSasha4 tháng trước

    If matt damon gets angry on someone, its his fault entirely and not matts!

  111. C Van

    C Van4 tháng trước

    when at the Golden Globe awards, it is understood to professionals that the attention is for honouring the Golden Globes function, not another upcoming one. For instance, would one begin to ask the Nobel Peace Prize guests about the Golden Globes? Or ask the Cancer Benefits Gala visitor about an upcoming Parkinson's Benefit Gala ? Concentrating on the event one is attending is the courteous professional thing to do. If one gets free swag and photo opportunities, then the celebrity is doing the correct thing to direct the audience to the event under whose banner she is attending! Good for you Ms Lawrence

  112. Aleksander Larsen

    Aleksander Larsen4 tháng trước

    Why all this commentary? Annoying

  113. Fallen6987

    Fallen69874 tháng trước

    THANK YOU VIreporter !! Yaaaaasss hate on Lawrence! I cant stand her. Get her out of Hollywood

  114. Morga Hussain

    Morga Hussain4 tháng trước

    It's better not to talk to anyone anymore. Everyone gets offended in everything. Keeping quiet is better I guess .

  115. Yetifacekilah

    Yetifacekilah4 tháng trước

    Lol Bill Nye is NOT a scientist

  116. random269

    random2694 tháng trước

    I love Emma Thompson.

  117. Flutter Flut

    Flutter Flut4 tháng trước

    This would have been much better if we just got to see the actual clips instead we got explanations and no substance.

  118. Evelyn Overcash

    Evelyn Overcash4 tháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist. He is an actor.

  119. SLY SPY

    SLY SPY4 tháng trước

    Why let these idiots ever interview you , they're looking to get a rise out of you

  120. Jim B

    Jim B4 tháng trước

    I love it when people have the balls to strike back at the lowlife reporters who are trying to do a gotcha!

  121. Marsha Ann

    Marsha Ann4 tháng trước

    Wow Helen Mirren looked so beautiful in the 70s!

  122. Flawlesslyfe

    Flawlesslyfe3 tháng trước

    yeahh she was fineee lol