Celebs Who Confronted Their Interviewer On Live TV


  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift2 tháng trước

    Which of these moments was the spiciest in your opinion?

  2. eldoabrahamson

    eldoabrahamson4 ngày trước

    +ersatz723 No, we're fucked because imbeciles like yourself have the same voting power as people who are much, much smarter than you.

  3. eldoabrahamson

    eldoabrahamson4 ngày trước

    +Captain Quirk Easy there, Captain. Tiny minds can't handle that much truth, especially when you convey it with that many words. If it can't be explained with a minimum of simple verbiage, those simpletons will never get it.

  4. Edward King

    Edward King9 ngày trước

    ACTUALLY, Damon had made comments both in public and the press PROMPTING this interview in the first place. You really should research before spouting nonsense but this is a problem with people like you: act on emotion and affiliation, not fact and it reflects very badly on you when you are found to be lacking.

  5. Sky Marshall

    Sky Marshall11 ngày trước

    +Edward King Actually, Damon trurned the guy's argument around on him to show him what a poor and insulting argument he just made about Damon's mom. The camerna said, matter of factly, that ten percent of teachers are bad. Now, because Damon's mom is a teacher, that blanket statement contains the implication that Damon's mom might be one of those bad teachers. It's an inflammatory statement, that was compounded when the guy admitted that he just pulled that fact completely out of his ass and expected nobody to call him on it. Damon was insulted by the implication that his mom might be a bad teacher, so he just handed the guy's shitty, non-factual argument, right back to him. Notice that he did not directly call the guy a shit cameraman. He said, "and you MIGHT be a shit cameraman". How do you think that made the cameraman feel, insulted? That was Damon's point. "You're right, my mom might be a shitty teacher and you might be a shitty cameraman, so what else have you got?". That's the way I saw his response. Make a BS statement in an inflammatory way and trust me, making up facts in an argument pisses people off, and then imply that someone's mom possibly sucks at her job and guess what? You'll probably get an inflammatory answer. If that's what the guy wanted, then perfect, mission accomplished. But, if he wanted to engage in an intelligent debate by coming out of the gate like that, well, then maybe he's just totally clueless and socially inept. This is a part of what they, call street smarts. It's about knowing what to say and when to say it. It's about reading people and figuring out how to communicate and bond with them and reach a respectful understanding of each other, even if you strongly disagree with them about something. That is one of the key elements to street smarts. And people with street smarts, rarely jump into a conversation and immediately piss someone off. They are much more cool and calculated. They pick their spots and choose their words carefully and they NEVER try to bullshit a complete stranger. This guy seems like the type of guy, who you take to a party and five minutes later, he's in another room getting his ass kicked by a total stranger, because he has no street smarts, doesn't pick up on social cues and doesn't know how to talk to people.

  6. Edward King

    Edward King11 ngày trước

    Actually you're ignoring the fact that the percentage of those in ANY discipline falling short of "good" standards would be about right and in fact a little on the conservative side. But regardless of the exact numbers what you appear to be suggesting is that shifting focus, ducking the subject and attacking the interviewer is in any way better or right. Which is puerile. Damon was challenged because of comments HE made, which is reasonable. "perhaps you're shit" as a response, is not. I guess you missed the lesson on reasoned debate.

  7. Sureshot 71

    Sureshot 71Phút trước

    "Using exaggerated, clownish facial expressions". No, Mel Gibson was just being Mel Gibson. And he didn't turn the interviewers comments into a "long drawn-out confrontation." He put the guy in his place and left it at that. As for his "anti-semetic rant", anybody who dares call out Israel for its constant warmongering is branded that ridiculous term. The man is entitled to his opinion.

  8. aliyamoon80

    aliyamoon8016 giờ trước

    Omg! Helen Mirren is my fav!

  9. aliyamoon80

    aliyamoon8016 giờ trước

    Danza and Gibson are jackasses. Of course, the interviewers questioning Bailek are jackasses as well.

  10. DisChick #1

    DisChick #12 ngày trước

    Tony Danza sounds a lot like Tiny Dancer

  11. chickstar69 duplicity

    chickstar69 duplicity2 ngày trước

    Mel Gibson 🤔🤔🤔 I'm Aussie. I admired him 20 years ago. Now, given his antics, (to me) he is one of the most ugly people on this planet. His appearance is unkempt too. Shame

  12. Steven Koshin

    Steven Koshin2 ngày trước

    Bill Nyes not a scientist, he's just a tv personality that presents science.

  13. John Grayson

    John Grayson3 ngày trước

    If i recall Bill Nye isnt actually a scientist but an engineer by training. I mean engineers are still awsome, just a technical interest.

  14. jovani barboza

    jovani barboza3 ngày trước

    Fuk beyonce. Over rated trash

  15. Madeleine Farrell

    Madeleine Farrell3 ngày trước

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  16. Larry Zach

    Larry Zach3 ngày trước

    Bill Nye isn't a scientist you guys need to do better research.

  17. shadrach

    shadrach3 ngày trước

    Teachers have tenure bc they were fired when a new political party took over as the state governor ., The teachers were fired and the governors appointed their cronies.

  18. SEB1991SEB

    SEB1991SEB3 ngày trước

    Mayim Bialik was the one you used for the thumbnail, but that was hardly a confrontation. She calmly let the interviewers know that she was actually a scientist in real life.

  19. Solus

    Solus4 ngày trước

    Okay, so I don't are about Jennifer Lawrence at all, but are you all serious? Can you not tell that it's all sarcasm? Call it poor taste, whatever, but she's not being fake, or pampered, she's just making a joke at the guy's expense. I'd do the same thing for no other reason than I had the opportunity. I make fun of everything. The only difference is that no one was previously expecting ME to be a role model. The problem isn't Jennifer Lawrence, the problem is every single person who expects an ACTOR to be a ROLE MODEL. They're friggen people man. They're regular people who are paid to act like other people, stop basing your ideal human model on them.

  20. KanchoKomancho

    KanchoKomancho4 ngày trước

    Bravo to Mr Damon, Mr Gibson and to Mrs Thompson

  21. Ayame Williams

    Ayame Williams4 ngày trước

    Emma Thompson is a boss😍

  22. Hot Dog

    Hot Dog4 ngày trước

    Good on Matt Damon! I think celebs will get crap because that’s part of being a celeb. Just stay professional although some interviewers can be social and some can be rude like the rest of the public.

  23. Christine Tysoe

    Christine Tysoe4 ngày trước

    Go Mel 😁

  24. Tristen Collyer

    Tristen Collyer4 ngày trước

    3:30 he looks like an old shia labeouf

  25. David Dahl

    David Dahl4 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence is proof that looks aren't everything. What a terrible person

  26. David Dahl

    David Dahl4 ngày trước

    The best one was the one you didn't show. You show aglimpse of Robert downy jr, but never the clip.

  27. Kay Bee

    Kay Bee4 ngày trước

    10% nah that’s to low

  28. Mike Smith

    Mike Smith4 ngày trước

    Too much narrating.

  29. Superkid x

    Superkid x4 ngày trước

    Screw privileged Mayim. What an Uncle Tom her words revealed. Wattle home, white bread.

  30. Stefan Jürgens

    Stefan Jürgens4 ngày trước

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  31. Opinunate ted

    Opinunate ted5 ngày trước

    I just noticed this, but: Mel Gibson has demonic eyes.

  32. Alex

    Alex5 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist. Get your own facts straight.

  33. John Jones

    John Jones5 ngày trước

    Wow that Lawrence woman is an obnoxious piece of work.

  34. jesus mathias

    jesus mathias5 ngày trước

    That Jennifer lawrence gave me cringy. Why did she chastize that reporter ??? Bad girl. Something crawled into. She said bro. The reporter should have said " as your bro i advise u to go .... " he apologized .

  35. Bob Mooney

    Bob Mooney5 ngày trước

    mel is worth roughly 500 million, why does he give a shit if he still works in any way other than his love for it.

  36. Jim 762

    Jim 7625 ngày trước

    Tarintino needs a good biotch slap every now and then ....

  37. ShanteYouStay

    ShanteYouStay5 ngày trước

    This video was just so amazing and I thought you would love it.

  38. Craig Bull

    Craig Bull6 ngày trước

    Mel Gibson is a national treasure.

  39. TheNemesis442

    TheNemesis4426 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist. He has a 4-year mechanical engineering degree - he's not a scientist. Nicki Swift, you need to do your research.

  40. Jason Lee

    Jason Lee6 ngày trước

    I have even more respect for Helen Mirren now. I had no idea how badly she'd been abused back in the day...that interview is not the worst i've seen now that i've looked her up.

  41. Trojan Lamb

    Trojan Lamb6 ngày trước

    Bill Nye isn't a scientist lol. He is a comedian who did a kids science show hahahahahaha

  42. Acsfive Pall

    Acsfive Pall6 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence is a self-absorbed moron.

  43. Liberalism is a Cult

    Liberalism is a Cult6 ngày trước

    6:00 Bill Nye is NOT a scientist. He has a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering...he learned about pulleys and weights. Think about that next time he tries to come across authoritative on subjects he never studied.

  44. Happy Day

    Happy Day6 ngày trước

    What a perv that British dude was!

  45. Happy Day

    Happy Day6 ngày trước

    Emma Thompson has never looked more GORGEOUS.

  46. Happy Day

    Happy Day6 ngày trước

    Tony Danza has high standards folks. AND, he can smell cheez a mile away so don't even TRY it. 🙄

  47. Happy Day

    Happy Day6 ngày trước

    I wouldn't want to be in the same room with someone as super WIRED as Quentin Tarantino. Of course he's a fascinating guy, but what a spaz. He's "on" all the time.

  48. M Jeezey

    M Jeezey6 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is NOT a scientist!

  49. subg88

    subg886 ngày trước

    Helen mirren was pretty much a softcore porn actress back then. The line of questioning was appropriate in the context of her career

  50. Kind Man

    Kind Man6 ngày trước

    Solange? lol. Mel Gibson is a good man bless him

  51. CamChan

    CamChan6 ngày trước

    Jennifer is so petty

  52. Shawn West

    Shawn West6 ngày trước

    Yeah sorry while some of these are shit interviewers, some you just dug up and tried to make look worse than what they were. There seems to be a business for this these days on social media. Thank you for your contribution...

  53. Truth Hurts

    Truth Hurts6 ngày trước

    Did she say Bill Nye was a scientist? He is not a scientist. He has a BS degree in engineering. That is a glorified mechanics degree.

  54. Stephen Lennox

    Stephen Lennox6 ngày trước

    Bill Nye has zero scientific credentials, he has never been a scientist of any kind. Fact.

  55. Farfel Goldendoodle

    Farfel Goldendoodle6 ngày trước

    Why does the public care what celebrities have to say?

  56. Ultraviolet Ray

    Ultraviolet Ray7 ngày trước

    Solange wanna be Carter 🙄🙄🙄

  57. Bale Monte

    Bale Monte7 ngày trước

    Aw man I always had a crush on Blossom as a kid, and IDK why she was so dorky and awkward but she was so godam smart and cute. She's an expert in child development as well.

  58. Ryan Banks

    Ryan Banks7 ngày trước

    FACT...Most American teachers come from the bottom 20% of college graduates..


    YAlX SÅVÅGE7 ngày trước

    Bill nye is not a scientist

  60. TraXXXtar

    TraXXXtar8 ngày trước

    whats with this comment section so butthurt by jennifer lawrence? is it some pathetic likebotter. probably some triggered autist who proposed to her on twitter and he got offended cos she didnt respond or some shit

  61. Bob Cunningham

    Bob Cunningham8 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist

  62. plue31

    plue318 ngày trước

    this video is completely bias towards the celebs in question! sure, everyone can have a moment of reacting badly when being probed by unwelcome questions, but at least this video should include the questions that triggered the response, right? At least I am interested in seeing the complete conversation...

  63. Nicolai Morten Leopold-Christensen

    Nicolai Morten Leopold-Christensen8 ngày trước

    But Helen Mirren didn't confront the interviewer?

  64. silvermica

    silvermica8 ngày trước

    5:58 bill nye isn’t a “scientist”

  65. Douglas Findlay

    Douglas Findlay8 ngày trước

    Bill Nye actually isn't a scientist. Do your homework.

  66. freethinker4liberty

    freethinker4liberty8 ngày trước

    Bill Nye, you fn kidding me?

  67. Scott Lipe

    Scott Lipe8 ngày trước

    Mariahs fatass....worthless

  68. Dave lowinger

    Dave lowinger8 ngày trước

    Tavis Smiley, Charlie Rose, Al Franken: but yet this stupid son of a b**** who nobody cares about goes on and on and on..... we get the world we deserve don't b****

  69. mekatekalook

    mekatekalook9 ngày trước

    Way too much commentary! I could care less what Nicky Swift has to say about anything. The title of this video and enough of the actual interview segments would have been so much better.

  70. Adrian P

    Adrian P9 ngày trước

    And for the main I would like some Sluttish Eroticism, medium rare with fries

  71. Dave Collins

    Dave Collins9 ngày trước

    Nye is not a scientist 6:00. Stop propagating that lie.

  72. Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson9 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist although he did study calculus

  73. roger king

    roger king9 ngày trước

    bill nye is not a real scientist!

  74. Daniel Wood

    Daniel Wood9 ngày trước

    Since Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer, not a real scientist (although he plays one on TV) I would not ask him science questions.

  75. UnSUPERVISED w/ Carlos & Kelly

    UnSUPERVISED w/ Carlos & Kelly9 ngày trước

    Bill Nye. NOT a scientist. Carry on...

  76. dani brooks

    dani brooks9 ngày trước

    Another LEFT WING SHIT STORM of a channel!

  77. BeeeNastie

    BeeeNastie9 ngày trước

    Bill Nye isn't a scientist lmao

  78. I am no one

    I am no one9 ngày trước

    Maaatt Daaamon!

  79. The_Lost_Son

    The_Lost_Son9 ngày trước

    So the Bill Nye comment. He's a mechanical engineer. Which in truth isn't that hard to become. So can we please stop putting him on pedestal please

  80. Nobody Nonperson

    Nobody Nonperson9 ngày trước

    Complete waste of time.

  81. Herf Podcast

    Herf Podcast10 ngày trước

    Bill nye is a mechanical engineer, and a promoter of science. Just sayin 😂

  82. Internet Viewer

    Internet Viewer10 ngày trước

    Gibson is awesome. Jennifer Lawrence is great!! *this is a comment section not a debate section, don't expect a reply to responses to my comments, you will be wasting your breath*

  83. DickButkus

    DickButkus10 ngày trước

    0:44 when I was in preschool my teacher would shove soap in random kids mouth for the stupidest things and when I was in elementary school if someone was acting in a way that irritated the teacher she would grab us on the wrist while digging her nails into the skin and dragging us across the room.

  84. C Cornwall

    C Cornwall10 ngày trước


  85. Disfavored

    Disfavored10 ngày trước

    Another point, Bill Nye isnt actually a scientist....

  86. violetgirl1996

    violetgirl199610 ngày trước

    Helen Mirren is the bomb. And I think the 70s was a time for the creepy lunatics to set free. Fricken creeps

  87. violetgirl1996

    violetgirl199610 ngày trước

    Mariah carey didnt just not care, she was taking a professional approach by putting on a facade that she was just chill.

  88. Jude Lewis

    Jude Lewis10 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence is a very funny person with a great sarcastic sense of humor. That's all it was!

  89. Robert Green

    Robert Green10 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is NOT a Scientist!!! He's a Mechanical Engineer!!! ...and likely not a great one as it would seem that he's not actively sought out for his mechanical skills by anyone. ...and now he spends his time as a "shill" for the "climate change" fanatics! ...obviously not a scientific endeavor!

  90. Christian Man

    Christian Man10 ngày trước

    repent and follow Jesus Christ ppl. escape hell fire

  91. Jon Hendricks

    Jon Hendricks11 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist. He is an actor that plays a scientist

  92. Cat S

    Cat S11 ngày trước

    Solange who??

  93. Richard Terry

    Richard Terry11 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist.

  94. Oleg Cherkasky

    Oleg Cherkasky11 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist, he's an actor who was an engineer for a brief time.

  95. This Guy

    This Guy11 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist. He has no degree in science. You used him as an example of a scientist without even checking to see if he is one?

  96. Calvin Mngatana

    Calvin Mngatana11 ngày trước

    Get em Solange

  97. caveman Versace

    caveman Versace11 ngày trước

    OK Bill Nye is NOT a scientist! He's an aficionado at best.

  98. Ellie Gibbs

    Ellie Gibbs11 ngày trước

    Emma Thompson. 😍

  99. red jasper

    red jasper11 ngày trước

    Bill Nye isn't really a scientist. He's just a paid mouthpiece.

  100. keith hutchison

    keith hutchison11 ngày trước

    Mirrens's claim to fame at the time was Caligula.

  101. JillyBean860

    JillyBean86011 ngày trước

    Helen Mirren is awesome.

  102. Daniel Griffith

    Daniel Griffith12 ngày trước

    left in 10 seconds due to crappy music

  103. Carli Fabrizio

    Carli Fabrizio12 ngày trước

    Umm, I’m sorry, Bill Nye. He is in no way a scientist. He’s a comedian. Just had to throw that out there. Not a scientist. Just FYI.

  104. Rix Pix

    Rix Pix12 ngày trước

    Nye is not a scientist. Bialik is an ass. Lawrence is a pos.

  105. Ryan Carpenter

    Ryan Carpenter12 ngày trước

    Bill nigh is not a scientist.