Celebs Who Confronted Their Interviewer On Live TV


  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift7 tháng trước

    Which of these moments was the spiciest in your opinion?

  2. Aaron Andrusko

    Aaron AndruskoNgày trước

    Nicki: Which of these moments was the spiciest in your opinion? 7 months ago Me: The one where you imply that Bill Nye is a scientist.

  3. Fafa Fooey

    Fafa FooeyNgày trước

    Being able to read something and understand it at a fundamental level doesn't make you a "scientist" in a specific field in any way, shape or form. He 'was' a mechanical engineer. Is he a practicing scientist in the field of mechanical engineering? No. He worked in the field. Is he a paid actor? Yes. Many of the claims he has made are patently false or exaggerated.

  4. Wayne Cameron

    Wayne Cameron3 ngày trước

    ​+Aaron Andrusko From what I've seen and heard from people you would be surprised at how many people don't know that and instead laugh at the thought of science or actually fear it (if you believe in science, that must mean you don't believe in God). Similar to some person's (nearly everyone) abysmal lack of knowledge of history, which is just how the govt wants it.

  5. Aaron Andrusko

    Aaron Andrusko4 ngày trước

    ​+Wayne Cameron Yes, because you observe things you are a scientist. Thanks for clearing that up.

  6. Wayne Cameron

    Wayne Cameron4 ngày trước

    +Aaron Andrusko What, exactly, is a "scientist"? What qualifications does one need in order for them to be referred to as such. I have no degree in any science, yet I comprehend much of what actual scientists say. Do you know that if you place water into a compartment that is less than the freezing point that water will become ice? If so, you are a scientist. It doesn't really take a degree to understand quite a lot about science, and NOBODY knows ALL about EVERY science.

  7. Marsha Ann

    Marsha Ann21 giờ trước

    Wow Helen Mirren looked so beautiful in the 70s!

  8. 1504245

    150424523 giờ trước

    sigh. Bill Nye is an engineer who is very pro science and does TV programs about it..... not an actual scientist though.

  9. B Laws

    B Laws3 ngày trước

    Lol. They called bill Nye a scientist!!!

  10. Lennard Keese

    Lennard Keese3 ngày trước

    Ur way talking too much, dude...

  11. Ryan Mcewen

    Ryan Mcewen4 ngày trước

    Just a quick point. Bill Nye isn't a scientist. He's an engineer.

  12. Terry McNeill

    Terry McNeill5 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is Entertainer not a scientist

  13. Norman Graham

    Norman Graham5 ngày trước

    Bill Nye, is actually a simple engineer. he has a minimal amount of schooling for a bachelors degree. You compared a doctoral degreed scholar, to Bill Nye, a science actor.

  14. Zachary Bushnell

    Zachary Bushnell6 ngày trước

    Mechanical engineering is a science

  15. Michael Ledford

    Michael Ledford7 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is a kids show host not a scientist lmfao at millennials

  16. Connor S.

    Connor S.9 ngày trước

    Bill isn’t a scientist though.

  17. Tiff Prendergast

    Tiff Prendergast10 ngày trước

    12 years to get a degree man

  18. David Thomas

    David Thomas10 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist

  19. mike taylor

    mike taylor11 ngày trước

    We don't need a Fucking play by play were smart enough to watch the videos and realise WTF is going on

  20. Mahatma Randy

    Mahatma Randy14 ngày trước

    Bill Nye isn't a scientist (Nor does he claim to be one). He's an engineer.

  21. Scott Klemp

    Scott Klemp14 ngày trước


  22. Chris Hansen

    Chris Hansen14 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence - shitty person but god bless her for sharing her armature porn with the world.

  23. Ingrid Weiner

    Ingrid Weiner15 ngày trước

    Mel and Mariah are so ghetto

  24. Dave S

    Dave S15 ngày trước

    Jennifer Laurence with Cum all over her face...Great Job, Dumpster! lol

  25. STOVEPIPES FSX & Guitar Riffs Channel

    STOVEPIPES FSX & Guitar Riffs Channel15 ngày trước

    Hold up, Bill Nye is not a scientist.

  26. Doc

    Doc16 ngày trước

    Lol Solange need to shut the hell up, she ain’t nobody. If you wanna introduce her as Jay Z’s and Beyoncé’s coat tail passengers that’s fine because that’s what she is.

  27. Jesus 24/7 Ministry

    Jesus 24/7 Ministry16 ngày trước

    Lol bill Nye isn't a scientist silly

  28. JR S.

    JR S.16 ngày trước

    Spare me, there's much more difficulty for the person interviewing the celebrity, than for the celebrity. You are twisting it.*

  29. You Tuber

    You Tuber17 ngày trước

    I applaud Mel Gibson, he had every right to snap !!! Mariah is an IDIOT I F@#!! hate jennifer lawrence, despise her

  30. Joxer the Mighty

    Joxer the Mighty18 ngày trước

    I never knew Solange sang

  31. Kyle G

    Kyle G18 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is an actor not a scientist.

  32. ccc ccc

    ccc ccc18 ngày trước

    Bill nye is just an actor not a real scientist, he just played the role of a scientist. That's why i hate his nowadays comments in science, idiot only knows how to read a teleprompter.

  33. Sassy Slytherin

    Sassy Slytherin19 ngày trước

    Why is everyone mad at Jennifer? She made sense, everyone needs to stop living behind their phones

  34. Crystal wistle

    Crystal wistle20 ngày trước

    Kanye should be on here at least ten times

  35. nasterdomise

    nasterdomise20 ngày trước

    Bill nye is an engineer not a scientist.

  36. Parz1fal

    Parz1fal21 ngày trước

    I really like Maria Careys and J-Laws reactions. They're cool and entertaining.

  37. Little Mac

    Little Mac21 ngày trước

    Bill nye?! He only has a bachelors degree😂 hes an ACTOR lmaooo

  38. Animal Revenge

    Animal Revenge22 ngày trước

    Helen Mirren 👌🏻

  39. Michael B

    Michael B23 ngày trước

    Danza knew he was live


    MICK JAMES23 ngày trước


  41. jdesens1

    jdesens124 ngày trước

    Except Bill Nye isn't a scientist. He has a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering. He is an honorary doctorate recipient but is more of an actor than anything else.

  42. The Joker

    The Joker27 ngày trước

    They should all take lessons from Trump.

  43. GretschDog

    GretschDog28 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence has got to be the most overrated slab of flesh in Hollywood.

  44. Suzanne Paire

    Suzanne Paire29 ngày trước

    I thought Lawrence (sp?) was great.

  45. oksanasdad

    oksanasdad29 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is no scientist... LOL

  46. Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro

    Jesus Parangaricutirimicuaro29 ngày trước

    Beyonce has a sister? First time ive heard of her.

  47. Joey Bishop

    Joey Bishop29 ngày trước

    "Okay, maybe you're a shitty cameraman." - Damon Lol.

  48. Matthew Sheridan

    Matthew Sheridan29 ngày trước

    Ummm bill nye is an actor and people take his bullshit as science. Cracks me up

  49. captainrobots

    captainrobots29 ngày trước

    Honestly the Jennifer Lawrence one was a little funny

  50. Albert Chehade

    Albert ChehadeTháng trước

    Carey is a COUGAR

  51. ActionSid

    ActionSidTháng trước

    The thumbnail looks like a female Adam Sandler

  52. Jayson M. Sternberg

    Jayson M. SternbergTháng trước

    Over hyped group of people given way to much praise for memorizing and acting out lines. ridicules. Never understood People who want autographs. Pathetic

  53. nedthegreat6

    nedthegreat6Tháng trước

    i like what jennifer lawrence did, most people need to learn to put thier phones down and live

  54. BioHazard Shrimp

    BioHazard ShrimpTháng trước

    I wish you would have just played the damn clips.

  55. bret alleman

    bret allemanTháng trước

    the people have too much money they need to quit whining try living check to check!

  56. Dave B

    Dave BTháng trước

    . *Bill Nye has a Mechanical engineering BS degree, he is N O T A F U C K I N G S C I E N C E G U Y, P E R I O D !!!* .

  57. Emanuel B.

    Emanuel B.28 ngày trước

    +Dave B he works with some type of science as engineer, you dont need to be a priest to be a religious person, maybe he is not a scientist but he is a science guy

  58. Dave B

    Dave B28 ngày trước

    +Emanuel B. No, he is given a script and he does what it tells him to do. He does not and never did make any of his "science" experiments!

  59. Emanuel B.

    Emanuel B.28 ngày trước

    Why not? He likes, uses and divulgues science; you can call "dinosaur man" a man that really loves prehistoric animals and fossils

  60. TheNitroG1

    TheNitroG1Tháng trước

    yeah, um he probably looked at his phone to read the question he wrote...what a bitch...like if it had been a notepad would she have even reacted?

  61. Rod Kelly

    Rod KellyTháng trước

    Boring just play the clip

  62. This is how it's done

    This is how it's doneTháng trước

    Did you just say Bill Nye is a scientist? You should check your facts.

  63. Ferdie Cassel

    Ferdie CasselTháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist.

  64. Richard J Mendoza Mendoza

    Richard J Mendoza MendozaTháng trước

    Matt and Trey were right to make fun of Matt DAHMON. such a douche bag. Ditch his ass on mars or On some sort of distance planet in another galaxy.

  65. Justice Brown

    Justice BrownTháng trước

    Bill Nye isn't a scientist lmao

  66. Romeo W

    Romeo WTháng trước

    4:05 Mariah Carey was just being honest. There's a reason why she turned from a size 6 to 12 after the marriage is over.

  67. itscork

    itscorkTháng trước

    Bill Nye is NOT a scientist.

  68. Rob Cog

    Rob CogTháng trước

    Bill Nye has NEVER been a scientist. You need to research this stuff so that you won’t sound stupid. He’s a comedian and was featured in the Seattle late night Saturday show called “Almost Live”.

  69. Lola Pulkin

    Lola Pulkin9 ngày trước

    Rob Cog idk what your implying so whatever

  70. Rob Cog

    Rob Cog9 ngày trước

    Technically? Ok...😉😄

  71. Lola Pulkin

    Lola Pulkin9 ngày trước

    Rob Cog a mechanical engineer is technically a scientist

  72. flowersb08

    flowersb08Tháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist. He is an actor. Check your faCts

  73. Spectral Thundr

    Spectral ThundrTháng trước

    What Nicki Swift fails to mention is good ol Blossum is also a zionist racist with a fancy degree.

  74. Girthy McFatkid

    Girthy McFatkidTháng trước

    This channel makes me want to commit suicide.

  75. Micky gonzales

    Micky gonzalesTháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist haha

  76. jimmy Hoffa

    jimmy HoffaTháng trước

    mayim bialik is a femminist how smart can she be she also lets cats shit and piss all over her bed yea she is a real clever girl

  77. Bore Ragnarok

    Bore RagnarokTháng trước

    #1 Randy Orton

  78. Have a great day!

    Have a great day!Tháng trước

    Bill Nye is an actor actually. Never a scientist. At least that’s what I heard.

  79. matt robinson

    matt robinsonTháng trước

    who cares, your american and have the ineptitude of a pond frog! it bitters me that you have english blood possibly flowing through your veins and asking such vacuous questions!

  80. lintbing

    lintbingTháng trước

    Disliked for too much commentary and not enough of the actual clips.

  81. RF RC

    RF RCTháng trước

    Bialik is not a good person

  82. Nite 8800

    Nite 8800Tháng trước

    Maybe not but I actually thought she handled that situation with grace.

  83. frank hinstine

    frank hinstineTháng trước

    Not one Trump supporter or Brexiteer amongst them,they live privileged and separate lives and are bemused by the masses..

  84. not BANGERTV

    not BANGERTVTháng trước

    Bill Nye isn't a scientist, he's a science explained and engineer.

  85. Mywork777

    Mywork777Tháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist. He is an actor.

  86. cindy mananzala martinez

    cindy mananzala martinezTháng trước

    5:18 im just here to see who mayim bialik is...im curious when i watched snl quirky girl segment with zoey dechanel... oh and jennifer lawrence is a fake...pretentious, she was faking the downtoearth and innocent persona...she was just playing the part..i can see right through her acts

  87. Larryada Rivera

    Larryada RiveraTháng trước

    Thought you wanted to be famous

  88. Joe Sycamore

    Joe SycamoreTháng trước

    Get your facts right. It's been proven time and again that the ignorant reporter was not checking notes on his phone, he was actually videoing Jennifer Lawrence and taking photographs while she was talking to him. Just because he was foreign didn't give him the right to treat her with such disrespect. I'm sick of tw*ts like you continually dragging up this shit to try and discredit Jennifer.

  89. bigrub tocool

    bigrub tocoolTháng trước

    Bill Nye the Science Guy is An idiot

  90. jason donnelly

    jason donnellyTháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist ( He's a mechanical engineer ) . He does play a scientist on TV though.

  91. luptoneous

    luptoneousTháng trước

    It would be nice to see the entire clips instead of hearing you narrate about them.

  92. Tom Broder

    Tom BroderTháng trước

    Ahhhbh Bill Nye is not a scientist he has a ba in engineering.. and is reported to be a pedophile.

  93. RJ

    RJTháng trước

    Assholes that fk around with their phone while talking to you.Ignore.

  94. Robert S

    Robert STháng trước

    I wouldn't assume Bill Nye knows calculus. He most likely does not.

  95. Karen Hughes

    Karen HughesTháng trước

    Uhhhh … dude … Bill Nye isn't a scientist, he studied Mechanical Engineering.

  96. james spectre

    james spectreTháng trước

    is it just me or is "solange" very arrogant and self entitled , I genuinely never heard of her till this vid.! which probably explains alot

  97. Cathy T

    Cathy TTháng trước

    How the hell is the big bang theory still on tv???? Its almost as bad as the view.

  98. David

    DavidTháng trước

    Mariah is big as a house. That's the problem with women, they hit 30 and blow up like parade balloons

  99. David

    DavidTháng trước

    Interviewers have to understand they're interviewing the insane

  100. Paul St. Germain

    Paul St. GermainTháng trước

    Helen Mirren is awesome.

  101. Teran Jordan

    Teran JordanTháng trước

    Mayim can get it...

  102. brad trisdale

    brad trisdaleTháng trước

    she talks to much

  103. Skorlang

    SkorlangTháng trước

    Bill Nye is no scientist

  104. Just Browsing

    Just BrowsingTháng trước


  105. Anathema Nu

    Anathema NuTháng trước

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of jl

  106. peter papadimitriou

    peter papadimitriouTháng trước

    Interesting merry Christmas and Happy New year from me in Hamilton Ontario Canada

  107. Telly Bitsakakis

    Telly BitsakakisTháng trước

    Fact Check : Bill Nye is not a scientist

  108. firecrakka

    firecrakkaTháng trước

    Doubt Carey was covering for Packer.... Her and her "people" tried to milk him for millions while they were together. Doubt she cared what happens to him after they broke up.

  109. Amelia Ray

    Amelia RayTháng trước

    Solange Knowles had a music career???

  110. Jonathan Riley

    Jonathan RileyTháng trước

    If females couldnt speak?

  111. Juib Morrowind

    Juib MorrowindTháng trước

    damn those closeups with facial hair on female celebs

  112. Ghost Dragon

    Ghost DragonTháng trước

    I like the one where I think her name is Myla Kunis defend Timberlake in a russian