Celebs Who Confronted Their Interviewer On Live TV


  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift4 tháng trước

    Which of these moments was the spiciest in your opinion?

  2. Green Phantom

    Green PhantomTháng trước

    Nicki Swift as most of us are public school kids I like Matt Damon’s response (yes I support charter schools too) but his response was appropriate.

  3. Don't Reply

    Don't ReplyTháng trước

    Nicki Swift Bill Nye is not a scientist... What he plays on TV is a scripted character and basic science

  4. eldoabrahamson

    eldoabrahamson2 tháng trước

    +ersatz723 No, we're fucked because imbeciles like yourself have the same voting power as people who are much, much smarter than you.

  5. eldoabrahamson

    eldoabrahamson2 tháng trước

    +Captain Quirk Easy there, Captain. Tiny minds can't handle that much truth, especially when you convey it with that many words. If it can't be explained with a minimum of simple verbiage, those simpletons will never get it.

  6. Edward King

    Edward King2 tháng trước

    ACTUALLY, Damon had made comments both in public and the press PROMPTING this interview in the first place. You really should research before spouting nonsense but this is a problem with people like you: act on emotion and affiliation, not fact and it reflects very badly on you when you are found to be lacking.

  7. Rebecca Lopez

    Rebecca Lopez4 giờ trước

    Bill Nye has an undergraduate degree in engineering.

  8. Penda, Scourge of the Christians

    Penda, Scourge of the Christians3 ngày trước

    Sex Pistols on the Grundy show?

  9. Anthony P

    Anthony P4 ngày trước

    Sexism is the belief of gender superiority. Calling someone a sex queen does not fall into that category. Offensive? Perhaps. Sexist? No.

  10. lucy5052

    lucy50525 ngày trước

    soooooo was it Mariah Carey's fiance (3:40 and 3:47), her husband (4:01) or her boyfriend (4:09)????

  11. HoNeStRaGe

    HoNeStRaGe7 ngày trước

    Lol I love Emma Thompson. Her humor is great. Quite intelligent too.

  12. Shevy szczupakiewicz

    Shevy szczupakiewicz7 ngày trước

    I love mayim so muchhh


    STREEEEEET7 ngày trước

    I won't talk to anyone looking at their phone but i won't call them out for it. You do whatever you want and i do the same; that's the social contract that i abide by.

  14. ugagradrn

    ugagradrn8 ngày trước

    J Law is horrible.

  15. Keoki Holguin

    Keoki Holguin8 ngày trước

    Oh great its one of those crap youtubers that just talks over every video they stole from the web and tries to make a list video. Stop with the yap yap yapty yap yap.

  16. Finding Hare

    Finding Hare8 ngày trước

    People have different opinions, I don’t agree with Mel gibson but don’t cry because he has a different opinion hahah kids

  17. Maleny Garcia

    Maleny Garcia8 ngày trước

    Im gonna go to hell for saying this but I thought the person on the thumbnail was Adam Sandler dressed as Jill...

  18. Rose J

    Rose J9 ngày trước

    Is it a copyright or legal issue to not let the celebrity speak during the narration to hear what was said during confrontation

  19. Christopher Marshall

    Christopher Marshall9 ngày trước

    Funny Media can attack you but if you defend yourself your the one that "snaps" narcissists.

  20. Max Freedom

    Max Freedom9 ngày trước

    These boneheads think Nye is a scientist? That's hilarious! 5:50

  21. Ximena Cerezo

    Ximena Cerezo9 ngày trước

    On the JLaw thing I was thinking what you said. The guy had an accent, so he was probably reading his questions to not fuck up. But oh here come relatable Jennie being all woke about phones, we love her haha

  22. thosetwodudes

    thosetwodudes10 ngày trước

    not overly impressed with this video, it should show more of the interaction, the setup etc... it's too bracketed

  23. postersandstuff

    postersandstuff10 ngày trước

    Quentin looks like The Riddler lol

  24. Spiral Notebook

    Spiral Notebook10 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence is full of herself.

  25. emily turner

    emily turner10 ngày trước


  26. Flaca Preciosa

    Flaca Preciosa11 ngày trước

    Bill Nye is NOT a scientist. He is an engineer.

  27. James Modlin

    James Modlin12 ngày trước

    Shut up!! Just play the videos. Stop babbling.

  28. Gael K

    Gael K13 ngày trước

    Bill Nye isn't actually a scientist, but Myim is wicked smart ;-)

  29. Masha Kalinkina

    Masha Kalinkina13 ngày trước

    I actually love how Mariah Carey handled that. To pivot/deflect with a casual friendly brush off versus responding flatly/directly.

  30. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle13 ngày trước

    Mel is a nice guy

  31. John Rogan

    John Rogan14 ngày trước

    Emma Thompson has the most amazing teeth in the World!

  32. Allen Iverson

    Allen Iverson15 ngày trước

    3:40 lmao why did u edit in a scene from prison break with Mariah Carey’s music video??

  33. R F

    R F16 ngày trước

    bill nye isn’t a scientist

  34. Cadiz

    Cadiz16 ngày trước

    Didn't even know who Meghan was till she married Prince Harry

  35. elmagnificodep

    elmagnificodep17 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence is the last person that should insult someone for what they are doing on their phone.

  36. Kumara Dosha

    Kumara Dosha17 ngày trước

    Um. Hi. Bill Nye is not an actual scientist. ...So there's that.

  37. OfficialGoodMannered

    OfficialGoodMannered17 ngày trước

    Helen is boss

  38. hollywood23007

    hollywood2300717 ngày trước

    This video obviously doesn’t know what a roast show is

  39. Taylor Adams

    Taylor Adams18 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence getting on someone about nothing, like always

  40. Madeline Harper

    Madeline Harper19 ngày trước

    2:07 damn tony.. What happened??

  41. JustJJ

    JustJJ20 ngày trước

    Nye is an entertainer with a degree in Engineering. Literally, referencing any other famous "scientist" would have made a better point than Bill Nye the Fake Science Guy.

  42. You're Welcome!

    You're Welcome!20 ngày trước

    Maybe if Jennifer Lawrence was up to date in the blue collar business world instead of putting costumes on in front of a camera few times a year, she would know a lot of people take notes on their phone and communicate via instant messaging and email. It's possible he was reading the question off of his phone....

  43. CreditCEO

    CreditCEO20 ngày trước

    Horrible comparison of Bill Nye. He is NOT a scientist. He’s an engineer and an engineered actor 🙄

  44. Steven Hair

    Steven Hair21 ngày trước

    "Oh, I am definatly a shit camera man, I think I might become a teacher".

  45. Pixie Duster

    Pixie Duster21 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence and Tony Danza should be a couple. Their both horrible people and deserve each other.

  46. WakenerOne

    WakenerOne23 ngày trước

    I'm surprised that you didn't have Samuel L. Jackson in there. When being interviewed to promote Django Unchained, a white reporter wanted him to talk about the excessive use of "the n-word" in the movie. Jackson asked him what word he was talking about. The reporter kept on talking about "the n-word," and Jackson kept refusing to comment unless the reporter identified the word he meant by actually saying it. He insisted that there could be no meaningful discussion *about* the word and its place in our language if participants couldn't even say the word itself. In the end, the reporter gave up, unwilling to utter the offensive slur, and the interview moved on amicably to the next subject.

  47. Nicole G

    Nicole G23 ngày trước

    Helen Mirren, I simply love you. Bravo!

  48. Bronn of the Blackwater

    Bronn of the Blackwater24 ngày trước

    I like Jennifer Lawrence.

  49. Youssef El ouahabi

    Youssef El ouahabi25 ngày trước


  50. Fee Mac

    Fee Mac25 ngày trước

    l LOVED how Robert Downey Jr dealt with that no account nitwit. Bravo!!!

  51. Gerry Miller

    Gerry Miller25 ngày trước

    Yes, I would say that to Bill Nye, because he isn't a scientist - he's just an actor; always has been.

  52. Leah Christine

    Leah Christine26 ngày trước

    Jennifer Lawrence is the worst of the worst god damn

  53. alex brown

    alex brown26 ngày trước

    she is a republican slag of an actress

  54. Brian Gosik

    Brian Gosik26 ngày trước

    Actually these are all justified

  55. Flawless Strategy

    Flawless Strategy26 ngày trước

    Ugh, too much vocal fry. "On their intervieweeeer." "Look, i'm a frog!"

  56. Kaylee B

    Kaylee B28 ngày trước

    Eh Billy Nye is NOT a scientist.

  57. Brenda Bevelacqua

    Brenda BevelacquaTháng trước

    your videos would be a lot better if you did not talk so damn much

  58. marley92282

    marley92282Tháng trước

    I just realized Emma Thompson is totally me.

  59. marley92282

    marley92282Tháng trước

    Does Tony Danza have a fully formed brain?

  60. Martin Boehmer

    Martin BoehmerTháng trước

    Umm Bill Nye isn't a scientist.....he's a civil engineer.

  61. Clyde Grady

    Clyde GradyTháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist

  62. wolfegang76

    wolfegang76Tháng trước

    So lame... Nicki Swift... find a new job!

  63. John Mendoza

    John MendozaTháng trước

    I hate celebrities they act like their shit dont stink

  64. Steven Strange

    Steven StrangeTháng trước

    Thank you Emma! Now if we could just get the rest of the country stop fawning over these inbreds.

  65. Maggie Buchanan

    Maggie BuchananTháng trước

    i think a lot of these interviewers would do well to have the humility to at least admit when and how they fucked up instead of either trying to hop on the defensive or pretend they knew better all along

  66. UrZ Fight4URight

    UrZ Fight4URightTháng trước

    To watch this is like to watch a car accident... You don’t want to watch it, but in a way u want to watch it

  67. Jesse Gettings

    Jesse GettingsTháng trước

    I hate Jennifer Lawrence so much.

  68. Jesse Gettings

    Jesse GettingsTháng trước

    Solange Knowles has no career without her sister.

  69. David Gibbs

    David GibbsTháng trước

    Most so called celebrities these days are all so far up their own arseholes that they shit out of their mouths on a daily basis.That said most of these interviewers think they themselves are celebrities and have their own heads so far up their arseholes they also tal shit and act like the show is all about them.Fuck the lot of em.

  70. tubeyou89119

    tubeyou89119Tháng trước

    The one interviewed Emma Thompson was an idiot...do not waste her time.

  71. Trump4 Freedom

    Trump4 FreedomTháng trước

    If any privilege ever existed it is celebrity privilege.

  72. shyam sundar

    shyam sundarTháng trước

    Bill Nye is not a scientist, contrary to popular belief. He is a mechanical engineer.

  73. itamar megidish

    itamar megidishTháng trước

    i dislike mayim... she didn't even answer the question she just deflected it

  74. Danny DP

    Danny DPTháng trước

    Ugh! I remember that last one

  75. Danny DP

    Danny DPTháng trước

    3:42 Wentworth Miller!

  76. Serg Muay

    Serg MuayTháng trước

    Not every scientist would know calculus....

  77. Jon Minnella

    Jon MinnellaTháng trước

    good job tony

  78. TheDev

    TheDevTháng trước


  79. Cheryl Ametewee

    Cheryl AmeteweeTháng trước

    Bill Nye is no scientist. He simply played one on tv. Not the same at all.

  80. Cassandra Morrison

    Cassandra MorrisonTháng trước

    Gibson may have moved on but those he has hurt by his thoughtless, crude, and downright racist comments have not. Nor should they. He should never work again.

  81. S. Rosa

    S. RosaTháng trước

    Bill Bye is not a Scientist - he did not even go to school for Science. Just throwing that out there.

  82. Nick M

    Nick MTháng trước

    Solange Knowles had 7 years of a music career?

  83. Daniel V.

    Daniel V.Tháng trước

    This is annoying and I feel sorry I am watching this.

  84. whushaw

    whushawTháng trước


  85. never brainwashed as a child Into religion

    never brainwashed as a child Into religionTháng trước

    So they said Jennifer Lawrence is supposed to be down to earth but showed a diva mood. Holy shit that is down to earth. Who here never gets mad and sais something possibly rude. Ok besides my grandma. If you're on here gma dont answer i know you are 1 of the few who is actually perfect :)

  86. Jo-Ann Frank

    Jo-Ann FrankTháng trước

    Like Tommy Confronts Sky News lies and fabrications about him!!!! REPORT ALL SKY NEWS AS SPAM

  87. Johnny ScareCrow

    Johnny ScareCrowTháng trước

    To say that Mel Gibson was blackballed from hollyhood is kind of kridiculouz antry/ % whatever the hell he wants on his own. Let's see Passion of the Christ , no one wanted to have anything to do with that and it became the nobody wanted to back him so he just put his own money and then became rich on a whole new level I think the same can be said for Apocalypto which was another fantastic film.

  88. Aalihte

    AalihteTháng trước

    Bill Nye has no scientific credentials whatsoever, besides being a comedian in a lab coat, and has never contributed any research to the scientific community. fyi

  89. KennBurch

    KennBurchTháng trước

    Why wouldn't the jerk interviewing Emma Thompson freaking let it go about the royal wedding? It's not as though she was going to start fawning about Harry and Meghan if only the reporter refused to move on.

  90. Parker Bond

    Parker BondTháng trước

    Most interviewers are intrusive an rude, they should know there fucking place!

  91. Dead Pool

    Dead PoolTháng trước

    One things for sure Jennifer Lawrence is a real nasty person

  92. Joan Stepp

    Joan SteppTháng trước

    Stop picking on people!

  93. Milzi Jex

    Milzi JexTháng trước

    Emma Thompson, bravo. Said it just right.

  94. Keith

    KeithTháng trước

    Jennifer Lawrence is a real twit. Just a dummy who can act.

  95. Neil Simon

    Neil SimonTháng trước

    Mayim Bialik is hot

  96. William Thisbal

    William ThisbalTháng trước


  97. riddlers91

    riddlers91Tháng trước

    6:12 i have seen her bum hole.

  98. Jonathan Diaz

    Jonathan DiazTháng trước

    I will just say I forgot

  99. Gandalf

    GandalfTháng trước

    Nothing burger.

  100. Chunchy Matos

    Chunchy MatosTháng trước

    Solange you still irrelevant af LMAO.

  101. I am someone

    I am someoneTháng trước

    So a celebrity really cant be down to earth and have a misunderstanding at the same time? Personally i dont think it was rude i just think she thought HE was being rude. I believe it was was a mistake in both parts.

  102. I am someone

    I am someoneTháng trước

    yall act like you've never had a misunderstanding with someone. Thats all that happened, with Jennifer Lawrence. Like calm down, yall are too soft. I still feel bad for him though but as well as i do for her. Most likely a stupid mistake on both parts.

  103. colin Paterson

    colin PatersonTháng trước

    Dame Helen just proved that we Brits still have it. George H.W. Bush was right when he said that families should be more like the Waltons than the Simpsons, you see kids today all mouthy and disrespectful just like Bart.

  104. Rickertsred

    RickertsredTháng trước

    When you're in the public eye, you have to expect shit will come out of left field at you. A true professional redirects and moves on, instead of throwing a hissy.

  105. Carl Austin

    Carl AustinTháng trước

    Everyone forgets they're human, not Gods!