CEO Firing People Prank! Pt. 2


  1. Robert Evan

    Robert Evan29 phút trước

    I dare the white Man to do this prank to one of my people next thing you know your gunan be the one acting like ur fired lmao 😂 #puertoricanpower #cubanopower #hispaniclatinoproud

  2. Aw350m3 H3R0

    Aw350m3 H3R041 phút trước

    The third one is gonna look at all receipts from here on out hoping to not get fucked with

  3. Dem Animalz

    Dem Animalz47 phút trước

    short man in a tiny suit

  4. Jerry Pena

    Jerry Pena58 phút trước

    "This so sad" with a smile...

  5. Maryam Keivaniomid

    Maryam Keivaniomid2 giờ trước

    F u

  6. Jon Colon

    Jon Colon3 giờ trước

    "How's it going 🤝 your fired" right after the handshake

  7. Jon Colon

    Jon Colon3 giờ trước

    Was a lil funny but I didn't like the way you made that girl feel, cause she already looks like she doesnt want be there but she has to make a living, and she doesn't look like the being around people type. And you made a good person sad.

  8. Polarish 35

    Polarish 353 giờ trước

    Well tbh she isn't greedy at first she was refusing to accept the money lol i mean who cares this youtuber can make that money back

  9. Collin Thomas

    Collin Thomas3 giờ trước

    Awe the girl was so sweet!

  10. Young Vet

    Young Vet3 giờ trước

    fucking with minimum wage workers is fucked...some of them can barely afford rent and food...ive been there and its not a fun place to be


    MIXED VIDEOS3 giờ trước

    This aint funny at all😏

  12. L Cast.

    L Cast.3 giờ trước

    If people only knew that big corporate companies can't fire associates without HR being present? 🤔

  13. JoshR Gaming

    JoshR Gaming3 giờ trước

    $80? "To make your day better"? I don't think their day was made better by your visit. Making people think they've lost their income, and can't put food on the table. They're thinking about the effects on their children/family, not being able to pay bills, getting evicted. That could shake them for the whole day. Eighty lousy bucks!? You lack empathy.

  14. Mateo_Cafe

    Mateo_Cafe3 giờ trước

    Not funny.. life is too stressful, and people are maxed out and on the edge. This is not ok.

  15. Damon Torres

    Damon Torres4 giờ trước

    Wow I work for that company and his wording is almost spot on. Wow lol


    CHI- TOWNS FINEST4 giờ trước


  17. Gagan SiNgH Chhatwal

    Gagan SiNgH Chhatwal4 giờ trước

    Felt very sad n bad for d 2nd girl but it's just a Prank dats it

  18. Jonathan Olivo

    Jonathan Olivo5 giờ trước

    Just fyi is not the law that you have to show anyone from Walmart your receipt after a purchase as you are walking out. I know they always have people at the front checking receipts BUT it is NOT breaking the law if you choose not to show them.

  19. caribbean rasta

    caribbean rasta5 giờ trước

    I felt bad for the girl It made me sad

  20. arturo garcia

    arturo garcia5 giờ trước

    I feel lick slashing he's car tires 😎

  21. Dimension of Reptilians

    Dimension of Reptilians7 giờ trước

    Too harsh . Thumbs down.

  22. Shari Young

    Shari Young7 giờ trước

    “Greedy” IM DYING 💀💀😭💀💀💀💀💀😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  23. Johanna Ayvar

    Johanna Ayvar8 giờ trước

    Awwwwwwwwww 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢I actually cry for these people , nice humble people

  24. Cubano Porvida

    Cubano Porvida8 giờ trước

    This is not right Cassidy wrong

  25. Rutul Karbhari

    Rutul Karbhari9 giờ trước

    Thanks for making his day better...🙏🏻🙏🏻

  26. Libaan Cabdi

    Libaan Cabdi9 giờ trước

    This can't be ajoke!


    MRBIGBLACKCOCK9 giờ trước

    You probably still got them fired because it is against company policy to take money from customers, hopefully they can argue that you weren’t a actually customer 😂

  28. Krowe 333

    Krowe 3339 giờ trước

    Yeah man now that's what's up bro.I wish more where like him bro

  29. ali bakhtiari

    ali bakhtiari10 giờ trước

    i hate you dude for making that girl cry

  30. Jarrel Lewis

    Jarrel Lewis10 giờ trước

    Playing with people life and how they eat. Shit ain’t koo

  31. plung3r

    plung3r10 giờ trước

    It's psychology. When people see an authority figure it's very easy for them to be tricked. It's so simple yet very dangerous, just wearing a suit and having a business card can make you powerful. That's why we need to be very careful. I know that this is a prank, but in real life con artists and psychopaths do this to persuade people to their own interests.

  32. Diaz Fan

    Diaz Fan12 giờ trước


  33. manjeet singh

    manjeet singh12 giờ trước

    This is heavy. I have been fired , it hurts very much. Don't do these pranks.

  34. Alouis Magaisa

    Alouis Magaisa13 giờ trước

    One day you will give someone a heart attack

  35. ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ14 giờ trước

    I don't understand why he didn't give the 3rd guy the money even though he said he wasn't allowed to accept it, the other two both worked in walmart and took it

  36. Elias 77

    Elias 7715 giờ trước

    That Suit is way too Tight....

  37. Yuqi ZHANG

    Yuqi ZHANG15 giờ trước

    4 victims, 2 American African, 1 Asian. Is it coincidence or something else?

  38. Morteza Güney

    Morteza Güney16 giờ trước

    You the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. claudiu Bodea

    claudiu Bodea16 giờ trước

    asking for $ 20. has demonstrated that she is very smart and capable once again. it's brilliant girl

  40. shh_ Ramosjose1208

    shh_ Ramosjose12082 giờ trước

    That is showing that she's a fucking interested

  41. eksine

    eksine16 giờ trước

    if nobody is laughing it's not a prank

  42. Brian Boron

    Brian Boron16 giờ trước

    That’s so mean

  43. Sid Katragadda

    Sid Katragadda17 giờ trước

    For those who are putting down the girl asking for $20 more...I think she's Indian, and Indians are very superstitious - numerology etc is inbuilt into them, accepting whole numbers etc.

  44. Ajay Virk

    Ajay Virk18 giờ trước

    Its not a good prank dude .. fuck of this .. you hurt someone .. then you try to keep smile

  45. TheKandiceissweet

    TheKandiceissweet20 giờ trước

    That was fucked up bc what if someone really got fired the next day from unrelated events 😾..their day is already hard enough $40/$100 for causing me severe anxiety I would be suing! Bro come up with better material

  46. Isacc Rosales

    Isacc Rosales20 giờ trước

    Lol. Go and for a manager.

  47. Kundan Neupane

    Kundan Neupane21 giờ trước

    this ignorant person, playing with people's feeling. Trying to act cool with people who work hard all day and barely make it through the month and you think you can make yourself feel better about what you did by giving money to those people. If there is fate and there is karma, all the sadness in the video shall haunt you.

  48. Malsawma Varte

    Malsawma Varte21 giờ trước

    Go for the interview and fire the interviewer 😂

  49. CHANCE Cayenne

    CHANCE Cayenne22 giờ trước

    Damn, that black dude wanted to cry 😭....

  50. Emmanuel Abanes

    Emmanuel Abanes23 giờ trước

    this is so sad. they're shocked and you can see it in their faces that they don't want to lose their job

  51. Gio The rock

    Gio The rock23 giờ trước

    I Would not ask people for money (cough) second lady not even a dollar and she asks for 100$

  52. Xacute

    Xacute23 giờ trước

    My mom is a manager at walmart....

  53. Alexis Entertainment

    Alexis EntertainmentNgày trước

    Alot of money he dishing out hope he got stacks

  54. Alexis Entertainment

    Alexis EntertainmentNgày trước

    The guy that's checking the door receipt, really listen to his job nd not take their money but the other employees at walmart took the money

  55. CallMeVENOM

    CallMeVENOMNgày trước

    The first guy...needs a hug bruh Edit: he got one lol

  56. jericho small dick

    jericho small dickNgày trước

    "Dont tell anyone" *told us in camera*

  57. Alexis Entertainment

    Alexis EntertainmentNgày trước

    Hes so nice, nd calm

  58. Bts_slays_my_life

    Bts_slays_my_lifeNgày trước

    This is not right tf 😡😡😡

  59. Bts_slays_my_life

    Bts_slays_my_lifeNgày trước

    The first guy 😭😭

  60. Donnai Black

    Donnai BlackNgày trước

    “You’re fired so you can’t be improved”. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  61. Angel Hxze

    Angel HxzeNgày trước

    Aw I feel bad for the first guy lol Edit: Aweee now I don't anymore. Good on him being nice afterwards!

  62. Alexander el rey

    Alexander el reyNgày trước

    first guy make me cry

  63. jason matthew

    jason matthewNgày trước

    that's so hard to do when they are being nice and calm back.great job holding character

  64. George Watson

    George WatsonNgày trước

    People always playing no laughter in this very sick remember wal mart employees carry box cutters

  65. scott m

    scott m20 giờ trước

    George Watson yeah this is not funny, he is just upsetting people and making out he is a hero giving them a wee bit of money, the guy is not funny and just cringe

  66. Market Global MG4

    Market Global MG4Ngày trước

    I felt bad for second girl 👧...,Till she asked for 20 more dollars 😂 😂

  67. DarkWestern

    DarkWesternNgày trước

    This is so arrogant and cringey. The worst is when he says they're not fired, and hands them a couple twenties because he "understands how these jobs are" If he really did, he wouldn't do this shit in the first place. With "these types of jobs" you can get fired over basically nothing like this. Fuck this channel.

  68. Josie Mae

    Josie MaeNgày trước

    So saddddddd

  69. Beccah R

    Beccah RNgày trước

    I no joke cried watching this. I didnt smile at all

  70. Beccah R

    Beccah RNgày trước

    I thought pranks were supposed to make you laugh...

  71. Beccah R

    Beccah RNgày trước

    I came down to the comment section while watching cuz fuck. Oof. It’s hard to watch this.

  72. Jon Hisey

    Jon HiseyNgày trước

    You sir are a dick!!!

  73. Willinda Davis

    Willinda DavisNgày trước


  74. Willinda Davis

    Willinda DavisNgày trước

    Not funny at all very MEAN

  75. Bwh3200

    Bwh3200Ngày trước

    OMG that's soooo wrong dude!

  76. Threeli

    ThreeliNgày trước

    CEO: You're fired. Employee: for real CEO: You're fired. Employee: just like dat? CEO: You're fired.

  77. Ryan Cismesia

    Ryan CismesiaNgày trước

    that bitch said give me 100 dollars

  78. rugby ajay

    rugby ajayNgày trước

    She said give me a 100 😂

  79. Eric Haber

    Eric HaberNgày trước

    Would love to see a follow up with that girl. What an absolute sweetheart

  80. Jacco Prins

    Jacco PrinsNgày trước

    That girl is no gold digger she was just shocked and didn't know if she should laugh or cry and was just really nervous. When he left she was still not back on earth and probably didn't felt good at all because 5 minutes before she was about to loose her work. She laughed because she was really nervous and that's normal behaviour, she's not a bad person but probably very friendly and helpful and good chance she didn't even keep the money herself but gave it to her mom or something like that

  81. Jacco Prins

    Jacco Prins9 giờ trước

    +plung3r So true man, she even apologized for doing her work

  82. plung3r

    plung3r10 giờ trước

    I felt really bad for her, I almost cried. Even when she was told she was fired she asked what she did wrong so that she can improve herself yet she was met with a very rude reply " you can't because you're fired". damn that was heartbreaking. I see people laughing in the comments section, I felt the opposite. Who knows maybe she traveled all the way to USA just to afford a living for her family. Just imagine being in that situation and then being fired for no reason.

  83. TheRealTTrapGod

    TheRealTTrapGodNgày trước

    I feel so bad for the first guy

  84. Ronan

    RonanNgày trước

    Lady:How much you gave me Him:80$ Lady:give me 100$ At that point i would slap the shit out of her

  85. David Hla

    David HlaNgày trước

    This is bullying...and then you give them money. This is bad.

  86. Tim Timkthy

    Tim TimkthyNgày trước

    Dude who didn’t take the money needs a promotion right now

  87. Teresa Lai

    Teresa LaiNgày trước

    was boring af

  88. Cabdiweli Mohamed

    Cabdiweli MohamedNgày trước

    oh i feel bad 2nd girl she have clean heart

  89. Doniec

    DoniecNgày trước

    He knows the definition of acting like a racist person as shown in the 1st part damn

  90. Deacon St. John

    Deacon St. JohnNgày trước

    CEO of the complex 🤣

  91. Uh Gunzzy

    Uh GunzzyNgày trước

    Yo that's fucking sad doing that to the first guy. I felt for him man. He must've been thinking what the fuck am i going to do now. So sad

  92. Hanabi Fuentes

    Hanabi FuentesNgày trước

    Bad joke😠😢 my tears start to fall👊

  93. Jay Jay

    Jay JayNgày trước

    What an idiot lmao I can't take it, he serious with that shit😂

  94. MCRTV

    MCRTVNgày trước

    GIVE ME 100 LOL

  95. Juan Wong

    Juan WongNgày trước

    Are you donal trunp

  96. lil’DAMPY lol

    lil’DAMPY lolNgày trước


  97. Davon

    DavonNgày trước

    This is the very definition of white supremacy. Wow

  98. Death Dealer

    Death Dealer5 giờ trước

    White men love having others at their mercy,thing is that aren't merciful at all.They also enjoy being the savoir at the same time,thats why he offers money.

  99. iamphil84

    iamphil84Ngày trước

    Felt bad for the first dude wow man..can tell he's a good man

  100. Alesh Sharma

    Alesh Sharma2 ngày trước

    It’s against Walmart policy’s to receive a tips or any forms of cash or anything. This guy still puts this hard working people under problems . Bro please don’t do such prank in work place . I know it’s fun to do or watch but ppl who actually gone through know the how it feels .

  101. Simon Sez

    Simon Sez2 ngày trước

    “I know, girls get emotional” lmfao what a comforting gentleman

  102. Don't judge, Hate me

    Don't judge, Hate me2 ngày trước

    Dang it I've never felt this bad watching a prank video before

  103. Ian John Gonzales

    Ian John Gonzales2 ngày trước

    thats corporate america for can do your best in your job.but you are just one small cog in the giant machine.thats a mean prank.

  104. G D

    G D2 ngày trước

    Imagine if they left their work, never came back, and then they actually WERE fired. Thats symbolic to what happens when someone fucks with your head growing up, and then you believing it true, make it true. All this person had to do was trick them and it was enough for them to give up their JOB. Which they were GOOD at. That is the power of words and belief. So powerful. So we have to Doubt our Doubt and see whats on the other side..

  105. Michael K

    Michael K2 ngày trước

    Lay off the yayo homie. Sniffing ass

  106. Michael K

    Michael K2 ngày trước

    You're a weird fucking guy.