Charcuterie & Cheese Boards | Basics with Babish


  1. sophie phillips

    sophie phillipsNgày trước

    "now who's driving" - love that phrase

  2. Disney & Coffee

    Disney & CoffeeNgày trước

    I thought the second one was a slice of melon😂

  3. Isabella Petrillose

    Isabella Petrillose3 ngày trước

    i needed some genoa salami in there :(

  4. Ash Thompson

    Ash Thompson3 ngày trước

    those Rochester hard vowels lmao

  5. Chris Aikin

    Chris Aikin4 ngày trước

    Honestly, you are one of my favorite you tubers. Your content and personality is amazing. Keep up the good work my dude.

  6. DeluxeTux5249

    DeluxeTux52495 ngày trước

    RICOTTA Eh hem, sorry Ricotta

  7. Finlay Anness

    Finlay Anness6 ngày trước

    When I went to France skiing I went to this refined bistro and I bought this smoked and cured Salami it was fucking amazing not just for a cheese board but also on pizza

  8. Bebs1675

    Bebs167510 ngày trước

    Rrrri-coat-ah . . .erm ahem Ri-COD-ah 😂

  9. James Grace

    James Grace10 ngày trước

    Love your videos. I watch and cook along and even binge them once in a while. Please do a bruschetta video! Please!

  10. PJ Canadian

    PJ Canadian12 ngày trước

    no beemster? PSHHHHH

  11. SuperCookieGaming

    SuperCookieGaming13 ngày trước

    this is less of a recipe video and more of explain what things taste like episode.

  12. Jason Hill

    Jason Hill14 ngày trước

    Fruits makes jams, vegetables make chutneys. Sir.

  13. Kalaisha K Totty

    Kalaisha K Totty16 ngày trước

    The San Daniel got me😂

  14. Kaitlynn Clark

    Kaitlynn Clark16 ngày trước

    I once thought olives were grapes and ate a handful. I'm allergic to olives

  15. Laura Min

    Laura Min17 ngày trước

    The board looks delicious but.. (and I say this with love) is so friggin ugly. Lol.

  16. Scott Fairley

    Scott Fairley20 ngày trước

    I like adding seasonal fruit to a cheese board whenever possible. Adds some colour and lightness to the mix.

  17. Belle Morris

    Belle Morris21 ngày trước

    I hate goats cheese it tastes like goats smell 🤮 awesome vid though ty so many ideas for my Christmas table 👍🏻

  18. Matthew Edwards

    Matthew Edwards21 ngày trước

    Yo, what, what is charcuteries?

  19. Rachel DeRosier

    Rachel DeRosier22 ngày trước

    What would you pair with gruyere?

  20. Look-a

    Look-a23 ngày trước

    I don't have fancy cheese and aged meat money. But I rolled up some cheap cheese slices as I contemplate ending it all.

  21. Me Hans

    Me Hans24 ngày trước

    I love goat cheese 🧀

  22. Mr. Kitty Saves The World

    Mr. Kitty Saves The World27 ngày trước

    In case I ever want to spend _several hundred dollars_ and hours of preparation on something that I will probably need to finish most of myself.

  23. Kirishima Haruto

    Kirishima Haruto27 ngày trước

    no ibérico? sad one babby

  24. timeroller

    timeroller29 ngày trước

    OK so I got the charcuterie and cheese board down now I just need some friends to invite over

  25. golden majestic

    golden majesticTháng trước

    Where's the cheeseball with almonds?

  26. Cassidy P.P. Suck

    Cassidy P.P. SuckTháng trước

    5:53 >says that the marmalade will introduce fruit to your board >literally the entire bottom row is made up of fruits (by botanical definition)

  27. Drunkscottsman

    DrunkscottsmanTháng trước


  28. Luke B.

    Luke B.Tháng trước

    S m a l l w h i s k

  29. Getfall in

    Getfall inTháng trước

    That cheese board can feed a family of 4 for dinner

  30. Claire Willis

    Claire WillisTháng trước

    Mmmm cheese

  31. Nikica Sekulic

    Nikica SekulicTháng trước

    Funny how today a fancy dinner is a nice Charcuterie plate, while i use to call this just "winter breakfast". I grew up having this kind of platters in our winter months. We always had at least two pigs and we would go hunting 3-4 times a year, so wild game meat was always in the freezer and my aunt had a dairy farm. My dad would prepare at least 6 types of sausages, pancetta (we just called it bacon), prosciutto, pate and smoked ribs (not american smoked ribs, these would have small amount of meat left on them and they only where only used to enrich other cooked meals like cabbage rolls and sour cabbage) every December, about 35-45 kg of sausages, at least 3 prosciutto and a lot of kg of other stuff so he could smoke it and dry it so it would last the whole year. I continued to do so when i moved to Canada, but this time i am doing it in smaller amounts and i buy all the meat i need, no more farming. Never considered this kind of meal an expensive of fancy, until i started living on a another continent. Now i realize how much i had while i didn't have very much, if that makes any sense. Now every time i see this kind of food i get a flashback of Holiday season when i was ecstatic to get my pair of socks or a new sweater under a xmas tree. Thank you for this. One more thing, i hope you can try Kulen (a specific type of sausage from Croatia, Hungary or Serbia, very spicy and full of flavor) and Ajvar (you can call it a dip made of red peppers, eggplant and tomatoes) that is usually combined with said dried and smoked meat.

  32. Majd Freiji

    Majd FreijiTháng trước

    5:15 now imagine him faking the pain while recording the audio for this.

  33. vlad luck

    vlad luckTháng trước


  34. gcaj85

    gcaj85Tháng trước

    I'm pretty much convinced you're an MBTI personality: INTJ. Not an expert. Just also an INTJ.

  35. Luke Edward

    Luke EdwardTháng trước

    Sooo. . . What do you do when there’s more than two people? Because, that, my good man, would be devoured by me and (maybe) one other person quicker than an obese boy’s unchecked foray into the all-u-can eat dessert bar at Golden Corral.

  36. Tangui Roulet

    Tangui RouletTháng trước

    Les américains n'ont aucunes connaissances en gastronomie... mélanger des fromages et viandes de différents pays est simplement hérétique. Rien que de mélanger viandes et fromages me fait trembler. Les deux se mangent séparément, à la limite avec du pain, et encore.... Only taking the piss, love all these product (although nothing beats French cheeses or saucissons)

  37. Lee

    LeeTháng trước

    That's antipasti. If you want a cheeseboard, go to rural England lol. Served a little later after your meal, with too much wine.

  38. tatiana Mckoy

    tatiana MckoyTháng trước

    Man this is a fancy cheese tray

  39. John G.

    John G.Tháng trước


  40. Wheelspin Productions

    Wheelspin ProductionsTháng trước

    Can the Irish cheddar also be called dubliner? Becuase I think they’re the same. Either way, it’s one hecka delicious cheese

  41. Daniel Cox

    Daniel CoxTháng trước

    Love you but your cheese choices kinda killed me. You go for about half blue cheeses, the other half cheeses that smell so strong your neighbours complain, and one cheddar choice for the resident bitch at your table xD xD

  42. shoutycrab 413612111111

    shoutycrab 413612111111Tháng trước

    my favorite fancy cheese? sheep's milk white cheddar. no joke. that shit's good.

  43. Carlos Rios

    Carlos RiosTháng trước


  44. N I b b a Gay

    N I b b a Gay2 tháng trước


  45. Matthew Cotton

    Matthew Cotton2 tháng trước

    Oh sweet Babish why do you do this to me, I'm so hungry for all these different wonderful flavors now

  46. hoi7100

    hoi71002 tháng trước

    Wtf is double cream gouda????

  47. BLT FireBurst

    BLT FireBurst2 tháng trước

    2:47 -riccota- *_R I C A A T A_*

  48. OGS Maverick

    OGS Maverick2 tháng trước

    Just saw 0:55-1:00 being used for an advertisement on channel 7 for sunrise in Australia. Wonder if they asked babish for permission first >_>

  49. BeanFromPA

    BeanFromPA2 tháng trước

    Have you tried Euphoria sheep’s milk Gouda? It’s delicious & crunchy

  50. DaveyC

    DaveyC2 tháng trước

    Soooooo....... if you happen to have 300$ for a single cheese board, this is a good video.

  51. Shawna Spadafore

    Shawna Spadafore2 tháng trước

    DaveyC maybe this is just a guideline and you can have as much or as little as your budget allows. Looks for cheese on sale. Here in Canada we have a store called food basics which has a good selection of cheese at a cheaper price than the more expensive stores

  52. Tanya Nguyen

    Tanya Nguyen2 tháng trước

    To me, your board is way too busy, and there for not as visually appealing. I emphise, TO ME. I use three or four different boards, placed thoughout my party space, depending on the number of guests. I always have a bend of fruit, heat, meat, cheese, and bread. Spreading them out also creates spaces for guests to linger, rather than in one place. And i always tey new things. Like your onions, ill try a relish, some new olive, a local jam, especially if ive brought one back from somewhere (recently lilicoi jam from hawaii). Such fun, cheese boards.

  53. Te lo explico

    Te lo explico2 tháng trước

    I would highly recommend adding jamón serrano, or if you can get it in the States: accorn-fed Ibérico ham. It's way WAY better than prosciutto

  54. mgzw90

    mgzw902 tháng trước

    Another great video. Please do one of your watches!!

  55. Golden Pants

    Golden Pants2 tháng trước

    Lol "Ricotta - sorry - Rekadda"

  56. Golden Pants

    Golden Pants2 tháng trước

    Goddamn I love cheese

  57. Angry Irishman

    Angry Irishman2 tháng trước

    Also, it's pronounced more like shar-coo-teh-ree.

  58. Evan Goyette

    Evan Goyette2 tháng trước

    Midnight Moon is titts.

  59. Alpin Art

    Alpin Art2 tháng trước

    it's called Speck but pronounced like Shpeck. I would know, I'm german

  60. bobbyjoe2402

    bobbyjoe24022 tháng trước

    Well no, because it's italian

  61. CKMLMA8

    CKMLMA82 tháng trước

    Who's here after Pusha T?

  62. Amber Ramel

    Amber Ramel2 tháng trước

    Idk why im watching this like i have enough friends to invite over for a dinner party lol