Choose Your FATE Riddles To Help You Escape!


  1. lyn say

    lyn say3 giờ trước

    Jay:yeah we love just waking up dead Me:ik whos the next victim :>

  2. Madysen Lovelace

    Madysen Lovelace16 giờ trước

    I got attacked by a rot-wiler

  3. Dino Perez

    Dino Perez2 ngày trước

    Gloom: I found my wife dead in the bed Jay: hahaha Me: oooof

  4. Melina Zakeri

    Melina Zakeri2 ngày trước

    Jay: why is it always three doors? Why can’t it be 4 doors? 7seccond riddles: you want 4 doors, huh?

  5. Lily Potter

    Lily Potter2 ngày trước

    Apple=a=1 and so on

  6. Bill Bill

    Bill Bill3 ngày trước

    Greatest speech ever

  7. Simone Lille

    Simone Lille5 ngày trước

    It’s dark at 7 am here

  8. Lillian Bamsey

    Lillian Bamsey6 ngày trước

    For the very first riddle it is also morning so the vampire wouldn’t be there

  9. Kabir Sanghadia

    Kabir Sanghadia8 ngày trước

    dude those were also onlythumb and index prints who holds something by pinching the side of it?h

  10. Pineapple Squad

    Pineapple Squad8 ngày trước

    Can you do more riddles it’s fun watching it

  11. Lexi Playz

    Lexi Playz9 ngày trước

    Excuse me!7 am is VERRY dark where I live!

  12. the weird one out

    the weird one out10 ngày trước

    So before you answered the first question. I said vampires don't like. Garlic And there's garlic you can use.

  13. sam reid

    sam reid12 ngày trước

    It's so funny pls like

  14. sam reid

    sam reid12 ngày trước

    Hey sir please GET OUT MY KICHEN OR I WILL CALL THE FBI hehehe

  15. sam reid

    sam reid12 ngày trước

    Pls like for more stuff

  16. CGB TV

    CGB TV13 ngày trước

    I knew it was 1214

  17. Random_Rebel

    Random_Rebel14 ngày trước

    Mary did you know That you would be kidnapped And ur ex would be eaten by a tiiiger

  18. yxll_o_yt

    yxll_o_yt15 ngày trước

    7:35 knew it

  19. Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine Williams16 ngày trước

    You are the best VIreporter ever I could watch you every single day and you are my favorite of all time show is Lauren azzyland they are the best ever to so is Jay and you

  20. jonathan madriaga

    jonathan madriaga16 ngày trước

    Im over thinking

  21. Anna Shatova

    Anna Shatova17 ngày trước

    No she should just go out that door because it said one morning

  22. Melanie Theisen

    Melanie Theisen19 ngày trước


  23. Avalynn Critchley

    Avalynn Critchley19 ngày trước

    For the fruit key code riddle me and jay said the answer at the same time

  24. Shenika Rock

    Shenika Rock19 ngày trước

    Hey jay uhh it’s 202

  25. Ruqayyah Mohammed

    Ruqayyah Mohammed20 ngày trước

    it is dark at 7am i know because I way up at that time because my alarm

  26. Ravenclaw Gacha

    Ravenclaw Gacha20 ngày trước

    For riddle #1, I was just about to suggest to my bro (who was watching this with me) that Kassie and Jay should just take the pumpkins and throw them at the vampire to temporarily blind them.

  27. Pheobe Turrall

    Pheobe Turrall20 ngày trước

    Kassie said my name 🤣

  28. Maeve

    Maeve21 ngày trước

    :we love waking up dead" YOU DON'T WAKE UP WHEN YOU ARE DEAD JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH

  29. Maeve

    Maeve21 ngày trước

    Roses are red Violets are blue But what’s this? My like button is too! (On my screen)

  30. lily moonstar

    lily moonstar22 ngày trước

    jay: its k i didn't really like nick.

  31. Jennifer Winter

    Jennifer Winter23 ngày trước

    But the dogs in Riddle one where just hungry not mean...

  32. Maria Ysabella Vizconde Vizconde

    Maria Ysabella Vizconde Vizconde23 ngày trước

    Well i will pick the vampier get the garlic

  33. TaTa x Cookie

    TaTa x Cookie24 ngày trước

    It took me 5 months to notice in the thumbnail ‘which prisoner should you wife?’

  34. Aimee Guthrie

    Aimee Guthrie24 ngày trước

    My name is drew Bryson:).

  35. Naomi Gapinska

    Naomi Gapinska24 ngày trước

    My friends dog wanted to eat my hand of

  36. Amber Veldman

    Amber Veldman26 ngày trước

    I loved the joke when Kassie told the joke of the wife being dead

  37. MiloCosplayCringe

    MiloCosplayCringe26 ngày trước

    4:22 I'm dead inside every morning

  38. Isabel Paku

    Isabel Paku27 ngày trước

    I have a rot-well-a I got to pick her she’s my dog she is a guard dog duh

  39. Emmies Gacha life-_-

    Emmies Gacha life-_-28 ngày trước


  40. Emily Swink

    Emily Swink28 ngày trước


  41. Rihanna Graham

    Rihanna Graham29 ngày trước

    He called her azzy...

  42. Itztoxic playz

    Itztoxic playz29 ngày trước

    Meh name is phoebe reallife

  43. kimber gould

    kimber gould29 ngày trước

    Haw old are you

  44. Rebecca Robson

    Rebecca RobsonTháng trước

    jay; what if it's poisonous me; it's venomous yidiot

  45. Angelica Nikolli

    Angelica NikolliTháng trước

    Cassie:My wife woke up dead!… In bed! me:HAFJIIGJ

  46. Heidi Walker

    Heidi WalkerTháng trước

    i sleep in the MOST awkward sleeping positions so i sleep like Eric's wife

  47. Vivian Martinez

    Vivian MartinezTháng trước

    Title:witch prisoner should you wife? Me:wuat

  48. Lita Brady

    Lita BradyTháng trước

    The one with the girl in the cage with the fruit am I the only one who noticed that she can fit through the bars

  49. Lucius Moore

    Lucius MooreTháng trước

    Cassie and j would be a cute couple

  50. Game Changer

    Game ChangerTháng trước


  51. Game Changer

    Game ChangerTháng trước


  52. Michael Alsbury

    Michael AlsburyTháng trước

    Here in oklahoma it will be 8 am and it is pitch black

  53. Fatima Garcia Meraz

    Fatima Garcia MerazTháng trước

    think of the children is actually a very deep movie

  54. name me nick

    name me nickTháng trước

    Jay doesn't understand me

  55. Eddie Kaspbrak

    Eddie KaspbrakTháng trước

    The thumb nail 😳

  56. Luciela Lu

    Luciela LuTháng trước

    Jay plz don't cheat on NiNi ;-;

  57. Ebony Burger

    Ebony BurgerTháng trước

    The volcano erupted a year ago

  58. Bearie The bear

    Bearie The bearTháng trước

    The first day is the best day of 2020 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁🧸

  59. Kori

    KoriTháng trước

    Normal People: Sunscreen Scientists: *heat protection cream*

  60. Nicholas Mammen

    Nicholas MammenTháng trước

    Ok, rude cause my name Is nick

  61. Christopher McFadden

    Christopher McFaddenTháng trước

    I knew it was lava because the lava is not hot it's cool yes babyyyy