CHRIS PRATT is on our Game Show!



    IM NOT YET DONE WITH LIFE2 giờ trước

    Wtf I thought he died on Titan wtf is this

  2. Rana Habib

    Rana Habib3 giờ trước


  3. Bts Love

    Bts Love4 giờ trước

    9: 30 .................. Shane: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. Abou Ciss

    Abou Ciss4 giờ trước


  5. Alasdair Chisholm

    Alasdair Chisholm7 giờ trước

    Is this workplace bullying?

  6. Audrey Rouge

    Audrey Rouge12 giờ trước

    4:14 I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING SKJDHSJDSKJDHLSD 14:39 aww now I can't stop smiling

  7. Autumn Wyatt

    Autumn Wyatt12 giờ trước


  8. Marissa souders

    Marissa souders13 giờ trước

    I can feel other peoples embarrassment, this was so bad. I couldn't even imagine if I t was actually me tho

  9. Gabriella Pappas

    Gabriella Pappas17 giờ trước

    I feel do bad and do good for Courtney

  10. MrOrangeCloud

    MrOrangeCloud18 giờ trước

    I have one question Who is chris pratt

  11. Liv Da Wolf

    Liv Da Wolf19 giờ trước

    I was born in 2007...

  12. Ola Thufvesson

    Ola Thufvesson19 giờ trước


  13. Juliette Lopez

    Juliette Lopez19 giờ trước

    I hear kieth and shayne in the background

  14. Sam 'The Book Boy'

    Sam 'The Book Boy'22 giờ trước

    This is so cute

  15. Adriana Bonini

    Adriana BoniniNgày trước

    Courtney and Chris would be a great couple tho

  16. She's gay for Jungkook

    She's gay for JungkookNgày trước

    I'm laughing at Chris laughing at Courtney throughout the whole video

  17. Secret Person

    Secret PersonNgày trước

    Shoutout to Shayne in the background just holding up the radio

  18. Hailey Conn

    Hailey ConnNgày trước

    9:29 you can hear Shane topp laughing in the background



    Deadpool ryun rnrds

  20. Isabel Guillen

    Isabel GuillenNgày trước

    Can someone tell me why I cried at the end 😂😂😆

  21. Kim Jazmin Babasa

    Kim Jazmin BabasaNgày trước

    i wish i made money like how my chris makes pratt

  22. LazerHog Gaming

    LazerHog GamingNgày trước

    And very embarrassing

  23. LazerHog Gaming

    LazerHog GamingNgày trước

    I met Stan Lee but this is way better PLUS it’s CHRIS PRATT

  24. Mikaylah Estrada

    Mikaylah Estrada2 ngày trước

    2:49 Courtney is my legit mood when I had to wake up from my comfy bed😂

  25. marcoantonio ZaragosaAcevedo

    marcoantonio ZaragosaAcevedo2 ngày trước

    9:35. Where it talks about baby pocket Who heard Shane in the background laughing

  26. Joshua Senske

    Joshua Senske2 ngày trước

    She’s soooo star struck, it’s adorable.

  27. Leah Stewart

    Leah Stewart2 ngày trước

    “You good?” “yea-aa”(extreme levels of not okay-ness) That’s my entire existence in one conversation 😂

  28. Dragica Ljubinkovic

    Dragica Ljubinkovic2 ngày trước

    Courtney was Shook and I mean SHOOK

  29. Sophia Joseph

    Sophia Joseph2 ngày trước

    I would be fangirling so hard

  30. Mega Punch

    Mega Punch2 ngày trước

    I don't get the 21 Savage either

  31. Kinz -13

    Kinz -132 ngày trước

    This was awkward

  32. Bsb 2

    Bsb 22 ngày trước


  33. Laura Jordan

    Laura Jordan2 ngày trước

    When Shayne comes out with the camera 😂😂😂😂

  34. THEEND4444

    THEEND44442 ngày trước

    How to Break a Human

  35. Tdg ,dx

    Tdg ,dx3 ngày trước

    The crack in her voice

  36. -Stella May-

    -Stella May-3 ngày trước


  37. Sabine Messer-Goodall

    Sabine Messer-Goodall3 ngày trước

    You can hear Shane laughing in the background

  38. Nick Rhodes

    Nick Rhodes3 ngày trước

    Aww so cute

  39. QuikRubik

    QuikRubik3 ngày trước

    I ship it, wait he’s married!

  40. Ruby Suarez

    Ruby Suarez3 ngày trước

    I wonder if Shayne is jealous by now..

  41. TJ Gallman

    TJ Gallman3 ngày trước

    I love that you can tell Shane's in the audience by his laugh

  42. Opindahouse

    Opindahouse3 ngày trước

    9:31 all i can hear is shayne laughing

  43. Haeinscute

    Haeinscute3 ngày trước

    Is this an actual game show or a scripted show? Either way, this is freaking hilarious.

  44. One Handed Gamer

    One Handed Gamer3 ngày trước

    When I was younger I accidentally at the hard tail on the shrimp.

  45. Jamie Bullock

    Jamie Bullock3 ngày trước

    Courtney is friggin HILARIOUS!

  46. Evan Hall

    Evan Hall3 ngày trước

    This is hilarious.! 🥴😜🤪😆🤣😂

  47. Fabrobin

    Fabrobin4 ngày trước

    Wow look! Back when working at smosh was a real job

  48. Portal 455

    Portal 4554 ngày trước

    Courtney.exe stopped Working

  49. Marissa Lynn

    Marissa Lynn4 ngày trước

    I just want to know the name of the song that they play when they slow dance but I I scrolled through tons of comments an they are all just about shayne laughing in the background. Yes we all heard it like we get it

  50. Marissa Lynn

    Marissa Lynn4 ngày trước

    14:42 What song starts playing when they slow dance

  51. Alexa Jimenez

    Alexa Jimenez4 ngày trước


  52. Jess Weed

    Jess Weed4 ngày trước

    4:37 when Ian says MAY 15 THATS MY Birthday

  53. Katherine Teideman

    Katherine Teideman4 ngày trước

    Shayne 's face when he was watching them dance 14:40

  54. Caden Bradley

    Caden Bradley4 ngày trước

    Shaynes laugh at 9:33 is the funniest shit

  55. Ella horner

    Ella horner4 ngày trước

    I Wana meet Chris pratt

  56. Brayden Spilde

    Brayden Spilde4 ngày trước

    😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😅😂😂that starlord tweet first round doe

  57. Erin bullock

    Erin bullock4 ngày trước

    I feel so bad for Courtney lol

  58. MrPineapple

    MrPineapple4 ngày trước

    Shayne in the back 😂

  59. Ava Magana

    Ava Magana4 ngày trước

    You can hear Shayne in the background laughing his head off 9:33

  60. Xx_Lovely_Xx

    Xx_Lovely_Xx4 ngày trước

    Dude, I just watched Jurassic world,AND I HIM SEE AGAIN!

  61. Manar Dilaruntes

    Manar Dilaruntes4 ngày trước

    this is so scripted im cringing ewwww this is not a fangirl

  62. Paul O'Reilly

    Paul O'Reilly4 ngày trước

    I just had the stupidest grin on my face the whole time while watching this 😅

  63. joseph kranz

    joseph kranz4 ngày trước

    all i noticed was shayne laughing in the back

  64. Hollie Brannan

    Hollie Brannan5 ngày trước

    Did anyone else hear Shayne laugh in the background of Courtney second is it funny

  65. rick losque

    rick losque5 ngày trước

    This is so fake

  66. Wolfie Blackheart

    Wolfie Blackheart4 ngày trước

    Yeah its not like smosh paid Chris Pratt to lose for the amusement of VIreporter and to surprise the employee of smosh Courtney.....No I don't think it's fake at all hehe

  67. Mega Comics

    Mega Comics5 ngày trước

    They should have played it with James Gunn. That would be fun. Right?

  68. Migo Abunio

    Migo Abunio5 ngày trước

    Lol that dance lol 😂

  69. Kawaii Kitty :3

    Kawaii Kitty :35 ngày trước

    I could hear Shayne laughing 😂😂😂 it’s great 👌🏻

  70. Averybun_ 19

    Averybun_ 195 ngày trước

    My heart was just went through so many emotions and I don’t even know Courtney 😂♥️

  71. Cody Destroyer

    Cody Destroyer5 ngày trước

    Chris Pratt looks like my uncle

  72. Allie Svendsen-Dumencu

    Allie Svendsen-Dumencu5 ngày trước

    Remember when smosh was funny?

  73. Valerie Leriche

    Valerie Leriche5 ngày trước

    9:33 Shane laughing in the background XD

  74. get uwu’d on

    get uwu’d on5 ngày trước

    I feel the embarrassment radiating off Courtney

  75. LeGeekMaster

    LeGeekMaster5 ngày trước

    the face of Courtney was worth a 1000$

  76. Steven Universe HD

    Steven Universe HD5 ngày trước

    OH MY GOD!! Everyone at Smosh loves to embarrass people.

  77. Stale Meme Lord

    Stale Meme Lord5 ngày trước

    Crisp Rat 😮

  78. Skitzie T

    Skitzie T5 ngày trước

    I can’t escape this video!!!

  79. Cooper Hampson

    Cooper Hampson5 ngày trước

    Not baby groot 😂😂😂

  80. Rustie

    Rustie5 ngày trước

    Ya see, I’m just poor and can’t afford McDonald’s

  81. Cianan Comey

    Cianan Comey5 ngày trước


  82. KesMikeJan

    KesMikeJan5 ngày trước

    9:33 you can hear shayne laugh in the background

  83. the cup RM throws in the Run MV

    the cup RM throws in the Run MV5 ngày trước

    poor Courtney

  84. Pumpetphoenixhunter 2

    Pumpetphoenixhunter 25 ngày trước


  85. Addyson Mayhew

    Addyson Mayhew5 ngày trước

    Shane in the back lol

  86. Foxy 678

    Foxy 6785 ngày trước

    poor courtney ! she was so nervous

  87. chim chim

    chim chim6 ngày trước

    9:32 que shaynes obnoxious laugh 😆

  88. AwesomeAlex500

    AwesomeAlex5006 ngày trước

    1:19 I love how you can practically read Courtney's mind based on her facial expressions Ian: "It's the guy who told my mum I had an STD" Courtney's mind: Uhh, what? Ian: "And star of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Courtney's mind: Wait a second Ian: "Chris Pratt" Courtney's mind: Nah, it can't be, he's kidding (Chris Pratt walks in) Courtney's mind: ..................................................

  89. CHOMP cookie

    CHOMP cookie6 ngày trước

    I’ve been here since 23m

  90. xSupernova Galaxyx

    xSupernova Galaxyx6 ngày trước

    Its ok courtney im cringing for you....i would probably act like you too xD

  91. That guy under the staircase

    That guy under the staircase6 ngày trước

    I didnt realize this show was made by smosh until Now, I thought the channel died ages ago

  92. Alesasandra Lovelace

    Alesasandra Lovelace6 ngày trước

    I fell so sorry for her!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 R.I.P😅😅😅

  93. Seth Little

    Seth Little6 ngày trước

    Greatest episode ever

  94. Marsis Cool

    Marsis Cool6 ngày trước

    I'm so sorry for Courtney.She must have been so embarrassed.

  95. Roderick McCulloch

    Roderick McCulloch6 ngày trước

    So adorable

  96. Blackheart Ontario

    Blackheart Ontario6 ngày trước

    Chris was just so entertained by Courtney

  97. Taylor Crowley

    Taylor Crowley6 ngày trước

    This is the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen

  98. Savanna Hadra

    Savanna Hadra6 ngày trước

    Same here Courtney if I were you right now I would pass out because I'm like the one biggest fan like you Chris Pratt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Galaxy Unicorn

    Galaxy Unicorn6 ngày trước

    I feel SO bad for Courtney! Poor Court Bort

  100. lena truong

    lena truong6 ngày trước


  101. Avior Shadestar

    Avior Shadestar6 ngày trước

    Chris looks so uncomfortable XD