1. Cinnamon Bun

    Cinnamon Bun3 giờ trước

    I dont get why people don't like your baby voice because I genuinley love it, its so cute.

  2. Evan Kluesner

    Evan Kluesner6 giờ trước

    Charmin ultra soft

  3. bizzyb -hello there

    bizzyb -hello there7 giờ trước

    Out of all of the toilet paper i used it is quilted northern

  4. LaToya Jackson

    LaToya Jackson12 giờ trước

    Cosco Kirkland

  5. Leanne Gray

    Leanne Gray14 giờ trước

    I love your cleaning videos❤️❤️ if you do another cleaning video can you show more of the organizing part bc it’s so satisfying!!!

  6. Riley Thompson

    Riley Thompson14 giờ trước

    You should do a "Cleaning my furniture"video! Where you clean out the crumbs and trash out of your furniture.

  7. Bella thewolf

    Bella thewolf21 giờ trước

    Ok, first you said we hated the voice, BUT I FREAKING LOVE THE LITTLE VOICE IT ITS SO ADORABLE!!!

  8. Sarah Rexha

    Sarah Rexha21 giờ trước

    please clean your makeup

  9. Antonio Garcia

    Antonio GarciaNgày trước

    Irene is literally in love with her

  10. Star Toy Reviews

    Star Toy ReviewsNgày trước

    My favourite toilet paper is Andrex double quilted! I don’t know if you can get it in the U.S. though.

  11. Keets And Hams

    Keets And HamsNgày trước

    i happen to be not over the age of 20, sooooo.............. umm.....

  12. Langdon Putjilvoy

    Langdon PutjilvoyNgày trước


  13. My imaginary life

    My imaginary lifeNgày trước

    Me: comes here for good content Gabbie: talks about toilet paper half the vid Me: gets the good content I care for

  14. violinplayer101

    violinplayer101Ngày trước

    I enjoy watching other people clean and organize their homes. I think it’s because I think it will motivate me to clean my own home (although that only is the result about 1/2 the time, lol)

  15. AwkwardSloth

    AwkwardSlothNgày trước

    I like cottonelle, but I don't know how to describe the specific variation of it This is an edit, but I think the one I was talking about was cottonelle ultra comfort care. Also I wanna know if you use baby wipes or not, because I don't care if they were made for babies, but they are awesome for wiping the buttocks

  16. Buko Solis

    Buko SolisNgày trước

    I like how Gabbie cleaned her whole apartment and then just moved out

  17. Selena Lillo

    Selena LilloNgày trước

    Personally I have an unpopular opinion compared to who I ask in toilet paper! BUT I like a one ply thin paper so I can wad it up and not have to worry about touching my butthole and clogging the toilet. Also I don’t get paper debris that you have to find later when you shower. One ply all the way🤘🏼

  18. Celeste Rodriguez

    Celeste RodriguezNgày trước

    Scott toilet paper is good

  19. Alissa Leahy

    Alissa LeahyNgày trước

    scott is a good brand of tp its not to thin its not to thick and its not to soft its not to hard its just right

  20. Bobbie Mills

    Bobbie MillsNgày trước


  21. Jayden Register

    Jayden RegisterNgày trước

    Scott maybe

  22. Nikki Buffett

    Nikki BuffettNgày trước

    I am 11 and I have my nosed pierced lol and I love your cleaning vids

  23. Maddison Brown

    Maddison BrownNgày trước


  24. James Riley

    James RileyNgày trước

    Scott's toilet paper

  25. 2 Chx 10 Hnz

    2 Chx 10 HnzNgày trước

    I like that voice

  26. Kahakea 125

    Kahakea 1252 ngày trước

    0:04 NOBODY: NEW VIDEO FOUND MY EARPOD CASE AFTER REALIZING IM HOT TRASH CAUSE I TRIP OVER TRASH Views: 2 From Irene and Joe Likes: -1325 Dislikes: 2 from Irene and Joe Also FYI I love Gabbie this is not a hate comment Love your music😁😁😍🥰😘

  27. Kahakea 125

    Kahakea 1252 ngày trước

    3:53 She might had a orgasm in her pants!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Liam Hamm

    Liam Hamm2 ngày trước

    11:21 that fuckin scream, holy shit I had headphones on

  29. Liam Hamm

    Liam Hamm2 ngày trước

    0:13 I love that voice

  30. Maria Velez Jasso

    Maria Velez Jasso2 ngày trước

    aww gabbie and andrew : (

  31. Katelyn Whitaker

    Katelyn Whitaker2 ngày trước

    Sams club brand toilet paper I love. It’s not really thin but it’s not super soft so it doesn’t leave pieces behind

  32. Angel Archer

    Angel Archer2 ngày trước

    Gabbie and Irene would make a cute couple.

  33. Bethanee Stephens

    Bethanee Stephens2 ngày trước

    My family use Scott

  34. Simply Lia07

    Simply Lia072 ngày trước


  35. mary kate

    mary kate2 ngày trước

    7:35 foreshadowing to her house now ;)))) 🏡

  36. Melissa Thomas

    Melissa Thomas2 ngày trước


  37. Michelle Watson

    Michelle Watson2 ngày trước

    I like your voice gabby ,I like you any way because you are amazing

  38. Michelle Watson

    Michelle Watson2 ngày trước

    Please like my comment and Gabbie please reply ❤️❤️😉🙂😊🌼🌸🌺🌹🌷

  39. Angel DeJesus

    Angel DeJesus2 ngày trước

    love your videos

  40. bree wood

    bree wood2 ngày trước

    Scott comfort plus

  41. Amy D

    Amy D2 ngày trước

    I need to know whats the best toilet papers too lol.

  42. Sky Blue

    Sky Blue2 ngày trước

    Don’t mind me just watching Gab clean and trying to pull my own life together

  43. XxWinter LovexX

    XxWinter LovexX2 ngày trước

    I like gab is baby voice Ahh pls do it more

  44. Charlie Wolfe

    Charlie Wolfe2 ngày trước

    i love that voice gab be you

  45. Cupid Me

    Cupid Me2 ngày trước


  46. Kitana isnotonfire

    Kitana isnotonfire3 ngày trước

    im 10 and i laugh at hand jobs help my mind

  47. Peyton Hyatt

    Peyton Hyatt3 ngày trước

    I love her baby voice!! 😍😍

  48. shpev

    shpev3 ngày trước

    Presto from amazon

  49. o p

    o p3 ngày trước

    Bro she so nasty why is no one saying this

  50. Welp Oof

    Welp Oof3 ngày trước

    Quilted Northern: Ultra Soft and Strong

  51. Olivia hines

    Olivia hines3 ngày trước