Cold As Balls All-Stars | Ben Simmons | Laugh Out Loud Network


  1. Emma Paige

    Emma Paige13 phút trước

    You can barely hear his accent

  2. JiMmYgUnZ97

    JiMmYgUnZ9714 phút trước

    Get Joel Embiid on this

  3. Ed's honda si

    Ed's honda si14 phút trước

    He's not my rookie..

  4. Moejoe King

    Moejoe King15 phút trước

    Ben towers over Kevin

  5. Sebastian Zepeda

    Sebastian Zepeda15 phút trước

    dissapointed that he didnt ask about the 3pt shooting lmao

  6. Mika MikaJackson

    Mika MikaJackson16 phút trước

    Cold as balls D rose🤔

  7. Xavier Robalino

    Xavier Robalino16 phút trước

    Bruh nothing ab his shot

  8. Percentsteam5

    Percentsteam517 phút trước

    Been waiting 4 this vid

  9. Mika MikaJackson

    Mika MikaJackson17 phút trước

    I died watching this 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Regina Rian

    Regina Rian19 phút trước

    I love you both. 🤗😘

  11. creed boy

    creed boy19 phút trước


  12. Ryan Beihoffer

    Ryan Beihoffer19 phút trước

    Do one with Paul Rabil!!!!

  13. Heck David

    Heck David20 phút trước

    Micheal Blackson and Kevin Hart 🔥

  14. DarkDecoy

    DarkDecoy20 phút trước

    Ben Simmons voice doesnt match him

  15. D Pandavila

    D Pandavila20 phút trước

    10:09 “ shoot away baby” sorry bens not about that life.

  16. Logan Neugebauer

    Logan Neugebauer21 phút trước

    we need kd on here😂😂

  17. Johns Pizza Shack

    Johns Pizza Shack21 phút trước

    Have kawhi Leonard on and he wouldn’t laugh at all lol

  18. brittany marie

    brittany marie22 phút trước

    This was boring AF...tea

  19. Spooky Shaggy

    Spooky Shaggy24 phút trước

    Who else just watched him play in the all star game

  20. Kohl Moore

    Kohl Moore25 phút trước

    Cold as balls nick foles

  21. Josh Adams

    Josh Adams26 phút trước

    I remember a while back Ben Simmons said he didn’t play NBA 2K. What changed? 🤔🤔 “His rating”

  22. Tariq Lewis

    Tariq Lewis26 phút trước

    No Tinashe questions?

  23. Fabo Fredricks

    Fabo Fredricks26 phút trước

    4:34 this mf could've literally pulled Kev's tub close to him if he wanted to

  24. Memelordbraden

    Memelordbraden28 phút trước

    It smells so bad in here let me spray some febreze in here 3:39

  25. not matt

    not matt29 phút trước

    Lowry is the real phillys finest

  26. Carmen Harris

    Carmen Harris31 phút trước

    Look at my baby ben Simmons 😍❤

  27. Michael Wright

    Michael Wright32 phút trước

    He said "We want to win a championship so we can see Kev on stage wasted!" lol Ben is lowkey funny.

  28. Officer Zztop

    Officer Zztop33 phút trước

    Best part of the video at 24:59:59

  29. Alex TeeVee

    Alex TeeVee33 phút trước

    Only thing colder than that is bens jumpshot

  30. Shawn Demspter

    Shawn Demspter33 phút trước

    Do a Cold As Balls Episode with Joes Embiid!

  31. Dr. Phil-a- bag-and-flip-it

    Dr. Phil-a- bag-and-flip-it35 phút trước

    We need Nick Foles on here

  32. AJ Welsh

    AJ Welsh36 phút trước

    Kevin Hart looks like a kid next to Ben Simmons.

  33. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt36 phút trước

    Can he make 3 pt though ?

  34. Frozen Banana Gaming

    Frozen Banana Gaming36 phút trước

    2:23 that’s no joke what happened to me but I sprained it

  35. Reece Wissell

    Reece Wissell37 phút trước

    Also I’m Aussie so Ben Simmons is the best

  36. SixCrimsonScales

    SixCrimsonScales37 phút trước

    0:47 Fart

  37. Reece Wissell

    Reece Wissell38 phút trước

    I was watching this video and then when you pulled out your phone I got a tweet about Kevin Hart retweeting this video

  38. AJ Welsh

    AJ Welsh39 phút trước

    Keven Hart got this idea after being on Hot Ones.

  39. Erica Camp

    Erica Camp39 phút trước

    Only here for Bam Bam 💖

  40. Jackson Vest

    Jackson Vest40 phút trước

    Ben is a beast

  41. dan_ryan

    dan_ryan40 phút trước

    He ain't sound Australian bro

  42. Ty Wershay

    Ty Wershay41 phút trước

    8:09 pause ben

  43. GI Zoe Sports Radio

    GI Zoe Sports Radio43 phút trước

    "Thats that half white side" lmao

  44. Broke Boyz Revenge

    Broke Boyz Revenge44 phút trước

    How tf did this get more views than Russ video

  45. d chamb

    d chamb44 phút trước

    Stephen a smith

  46. coolmatthew213

    coolmatthew21345 phút trước

    When was the last time a Philly sports star was on a youtube show?

  47. king James :/

    king James :/45 phút trước

    So this is what Ben Simmons is doing on all star weekend 😆

  48. Anthony Fatoohi

    Anthony Fatoohi45 phút trước

    Why don’t they do this with Jack Black

  49. JRT GAKS

    JRT GAKS49 phút trước

    He's finally all the way in the tub

  50. Prasun Guragain

    Prasun Guragain50 phút trước

    Who else likes comment that says "You are cursed, like to undo" to be safe?

  51. Khumanshu

    Khumanshu50 phút trước

    Am I the only one who thinks that "Kevin" is "drunk" in this episode 😂🤣

  52. THE BIG C 5000

    THE BIG C 500053 phút trước

    Man! His screen name should be Kevin Fart! 😂

  53. mariachi Walter

    mariachi Walter54 phút trước

    Alv no se inglés

  54. LIL YEE

    LIL YEE55 phút trước

    Plz get Jason Tatum who agrees

  55. Casper The Fox

    Casper The Fox55 phút trước

    Don't press readmore... NOW UR 2019 IS BLESSED, LIKE 2 ACTIVATE

  56. Asad Abdulkhaliq

    Asad Abdulkhaliq55 phút trước


  57. SleMith •

    SleMith •57 phút trước

    Do it with Shaq 🤣

  58. Stephen Price

    Stephen Price57 phút trước

    Tom Brady On Cold As Balls

  59. Hakeem Harris

    Hakeem Harris57 phút trước

    Am I the only one who thinks that Ice is fake 🤔😂

  60. 123kid73

    123kid7359 phút trước

    That head nod at 8:07 😂😂

  61. Zachary Walsh

    Zachary WalshGiờ trước

    get kawaih on this

  62. Kenny Byler

    Kenny BylerGiờ trước

    Baker Mayfield

  63. The Old Kanye

    The Old KanyeGiờ trước

    Lebron needs to be on here.

  64. Finn Casperson

    Finn CaspersonGiờ trước

    You support essendon? Really my guy😂😂Hawthorn’s where it’s at

  65. Kondrez Brown

    Kondrez BrownGiờ trước

    Need lebron james next and dewayne wade and kevin Durant

  66. Brandon B

    Brandon BGiờ trước

    If he said his screen name was Black Hammer I would have died

  67. eloy h

    eloy hGiờ trước

    Jayson Tatum should have been Rookie of the Year

  68. My Tiny Beast

    My Tiny BeastGiờ trước

    LBJ please

  69. Jd Cox

    Jd CoxGiờ trước

    lolololololol I know he a comedian but I'll be dam if I let that pipsqueak mf hit me on the back like that

  70. Tia Michael

    Tia MichaelGiờ trước

    Kevin always struggles to get in and look comfortable 😂

  71. tanya.clark.113

    tanya.clark.113Giờ trước

    He is putty in the Kardashian-Jenner hands! Watch your back Ben, watch....yo....back!

  72. pillsbury doughboy

    pillsbury doughboyGiờ trước

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that this is the deepest Kevin Hart has been in the tub since episode 1?

  73. BigBodyZ

    BigBodyZGiờ trước

    we neeeeeed james harden

  74. LikeJones

    LikeJonesGiờ trước

    We want Kelly oubre

  75. Yager

    YagerGiờ trước

    It's funny seeing Kevin Hart next to a basketball player 😂

  76. Antaun Hill

    Antaun HillGiờ trước

    Put Marshawn lynch On The Show

  77. Hafsa Said

    Hafsa SaidGiờ trước

    Dang how tall is this guy like jesus Christ kendall is real lucky .....

  78. Jeffrey Grissom

    Jeffrey GrissomGiờ trước

    Put Deadpool on the show

  79. Andrew Ke

    Andrew KeGiờ trước

    get joel on the show

  80. Anthony Nero

    Anthony NeroGiờ trước

    Why Kevin ain’t talk about his 3 point shooting

  81. Kingbj

    KingbjGiờ trước

    This is the furthest Kevin has ever gotten in the tub

  82. InFaMOus187NYC

    InFaMOus187NYCGiờ trước

    Kurt Rambis lmaoooo 😭

  83. Troll King

    Troll KingGiờ trước

    I want Kyrie on thia, but I feel like it would be weird.

  84. TC

    TCGiờ trước

    Dang. He is big af and beautiful 😍

  85. Brook G

    Brook GGiờ trước

    I'm dying! 😂🤣

  86. Ricardo Francisco Jacob

    Ricardo Francisco JacobGiờ trước

    Kevin the opposite of funny... its incredible

  87. Maeji Monteza

    Maeji MontezaGiờ trước

    kalalu koalas :D :D

  88. yo-gurl- riley

    yo-gurl- rileyGiờ trước

    Like if Tiffany haddish should be on this show

  89. NJgamer

    NJgamerGiờ trước

    He got blue balls

  90. Jesse Alexander

    Jesse AlexanderGiờ trước


  91. Cold Flame

    Cold FlameGiờ trước

    Lowkey want lamelo on this show because i know he'll be clowning kevin the whole time.

  92. Outdoor Eddie

    Outdoor EddieGiờ trước

    Why do they use fake ice?

  93. Daniel Guillaume

    Daniel GuillaumeGiờ trước

    Please bring Steph !!

  94. Doc

    DocGiờ trước

    Get jimmy butler

  95. Cold Flame

    Cold FlameGiờ trước

    Like for lebron to get on this show

  96. Eric Cartman

    Eric CartmanGiờ trước

    #1 on trending

  97. Derrick Mason

    Derrick MasonGiờ trước

    That's the Half white Side !! 💀

  98. Alphamikee

    AlphamikeeGiờ trước

    Cold as Balls Luka Doncic

  99. NickFoles IsGoat

    NickFoles IsGoatGiờ trước

    Shoulda talked about his jumper