Colton and Cassie open up about their journey to love l GMA


  1. rania lena

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  2. sarah kelly

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    Great Interview. 😍

  3. Michele Harrod

    Michele Harrod2 tháng trước

    Seriously, I didn't even watch this show - I can't stand this sort of programme but these two are about the cutest and inspiring couple I have seen in a long time. Good on them BOTH for being brave enough to stand up for their own authenticity, and for hfighting for a true and meaningful connection. Awesome, I hope you have the happiest long life together!

  4. sarah kelly

    sarah kelly2 tháng trước

    Yah.. Colton changed the trajectory & fought for her. 👏👏👏LOVE❤WIN.

  5. Nae Ru

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    Colton was cool to change up the not to lead other ones on, but Hannah G. had no idea. Hannah G. should get her chance. And Cassies dad gets #1 DAD OF YEAR...THATS A REAL DAD. LOVE HER DAD 4 HOLDING TRUE 4 HIS DAUGHTER. CASSIE'S DAD KNOWS HIS DAUGHTER AND NOT ACCEPTING THE BLESSING WAS TOO COOL. ROCK ON MR. CASSIE!!!

  6. Nae Ru

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  7. beltop5

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    Omg I used to do that fake cutesy laugh in college and hey it worked back then!

  8. norma creation

    norma creation4 tháng trước

    I feel like im watching two high school kids. When Colton was on the bachelorette, he seemed to be his age. Now I feel like he aged down to a teenager with Cassie.

  9. Belinda Carter

    Belinda Carter4 tháng trước

    Stay in your lane GMA. - YOU TUBE is for people not networks!! Go away

  10. M Palmer

    M Palmer4 tháng trước

    Who cares she joined the show well knowing he will have to choose from 2 ladies, but she ran away expecting him to chase her which he did. I will never watch this stupid show ever!!! Wait if to be chosen, that’s how the show is scripted! Not to cut short so he can run u down? Please and even then he had to beg n wait for your affection? Please tell me when Cassie dumps this virgin!!!

  11. Janelle Odionu

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    She's playing him... POINT BLANK PERIOD!

  12. Bri Ojeda

    Bri Ojeda4 tháng trước

    Her dad has always loved Colton but didn’t give him his blessing because Cassie wasn’t sure. Cassie was ready to leave because she wasn’t sure of her feelings. Now, all of a sudden, she’s all in love. Not saying that they are not in love, but definitely believe that that whole drama was fabricated by the producers and Cassie and Colton just played along.

  13. Shanna Ruvolo

    Shanna Ruvolo4 tháng trước

    I didn't like cassie on the show but after seeing her now I really like her. She stuck to what she believed. She didn't want to get engaged after 2 dates! Good for her. Best of luck to them both.

  14. Official JOY

    Official JOY4 tháng trước

    Cassie = GORGEOUS

  15. Rebecca S

    Rebecca S4 tháng trước

    Second reality show she landed

  16. julianna Gonzalez

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  17. Del Picsla

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    they make a super attractive couple

  18. Mary-Anne B

    Mary-Anne B4 tháng trước

    beautiful couple!! so happy they found each other

  19. Walter Brown

    Walter Brown4 tháng trước

    A virgin Bachelor ! That is a con man play book say that you are a quote-unquote virgin means. That every woman wants to be the first to have SEX With HIM. First ! Colton was a Sokol football player and you believe that he's just a virgin ! How about asking Magic Johnson was he a virgin when he first started out !

  20. Angeliquelovely

    Angeliquelovely4 tháng trước

    Colton is not in love with Cassie he's in LUST

  21. Mary R

    Mary R4 tháng trước

    Thanks VIreporter for ruining the ending for me. everyone commenting on what was gonna happen and spoiled. Not everyone wanted to know what happens. Remember that.

  22. marina n

    marina n4 tháng trước

    Mary R once it airs on TV, it’s not a spoiler!

  23. Nicknametaylor

    Nicknametaylor4 tháng trước

    He's into her more then she's into him :/

  24. Jennifer Julien

    Jennifer Julien4 tháng trước

    They should grow old together with there children and grand children

  25. Theodore Moore

    Theodore Moore4 tháng trước

    If this type of show appeals to you, you are probably a complete idiot

  26. FE Grace

    FE Grace4 tháng trước

    I’m not into the Bachelor series but I will say that he seems very sincere and respectable.... With that said, after seeing the effortless fence jump that he should be cast for Marvel and/or DC Comics!

  27. R Moo

    R Moo4 tháng trước

    He is an idiot..... I would have tried each one of the girl all of them one by one session by session until the one !

  28. dramaqueen2451

    dramaqueen24514 tháng trước

    Basically they’re under contract by ABC to be together for a certain amount of months so like the whole “ we’ll see!” About an engagement is kinda an iffy sigjn

  29. Epic Wolves 125

    Epic Wolves 1254 tháng trước

    It’s all scripted and fake

  30. Ayoutube user

    Ayoutube user4 tháng trước

    They will be divorced in a year

  31. DarKnight

    DarKnight4 tháng trước

    The show is staged and they’re just actors. They are gonna break up in a month or two.

  32. Brandein Guerrero

    Brandein Guerrero4 tháng trước

    This show kinda sucks.

  33. Rocky305MS

    Rocky305MS4 tháng trước

    🤢🤮this is everywhere , They will be divorced within a year like every couple that those these reality TV gigs.I hope they stay forever until eternity but who are we kidding.

  34. aspenrebel

    aspenrebel4 tháng trước

    Hannah B. is the next Ette? Blech!!! Why not Caelynn? How can you go wrong with the Runner Up in the Miss USA Pageant? Instead of "Miss didn't even get out of the starting gate at Miss USA".

  35. EA J

    EA J4 tháng trước

    The best part of the season was when he jumped the fence.

  36. McKendra Ray

    McKendra Ray4 tháng trước

    I'm sorry but I don't like this bitch. She seems so incredibly fake. He even admitted that he knows she doesn't love him and she knows how much he wants true love. She's doing him an Injustice by dating him. She's just playing a game and she's probably just in this to bring more media attention and fame to herself. I don't want to see Colton hurt but I don't believe she is truly committed to him. She literally said that before he knocked on her door. Good thing his family can see right through her.

  37. donna

    donna4 tháng trước

    Best season ever!!!! Now? Hope to see the wedding televised - Cassie and Colton? I want to come so if you see this? Please.... send an invitation my way.... love the both of you and good luck.

  38. Konad B

    Konad B4 tháng trước

    Colton, you must stay honest with her. She literally sacrificed for you. I truly understand her situation because I was in her position. My husband, a medical officer then was like a stalker. He literally followed me even when I was posted to a rural area for my first posting after graduated. Rejected his proposal but the next day I said yes because pitied him. Eventually I married him and turned out he is the best man. So Colton I hope you treasure her sacrifice for your happiness.

  39. Jay plays

    Jay plays4 tháng trước

    Ok but I wanna know, IS HE STILL A VIRGIN?

  40. nacy adams

    nacy adams4 tháng trước

    Rachel Lindsay should have done what Colton did with Peter.She clearly faking with Bryan.She just can not stand to be around him.She do more traveling than been with Bryan.Bryan need to wake up and act like a real man and do not marry to this woman unless she ready to be a wife and stop with all her hot mess.

  41. nacy adams

    nacy adams4 tháng trước

    Ignore everyone and just have fun with each other.Nothing else matter

  42. No Name

    No Name4 tháng trước

    Money brings so many unhappy people together awwwwww

  43. C A

    C A4 tháng trước

    Time is a true test of strength

  44. DS

    DS4 tháng trước

    She looks older!

  45. Nikki J

    Nikki J4 tháng trước

    Her back is towards him, she’s leaning away from him, her legs are crossed away from him, and she barely looks at him when he talks. Yeah, she loves him all right. 😂

  46. Bonnie Yarbrough

    Bonnie Yarbrough4 tháng trước

    What song is playing in the background in the beginning of the video??

  47. Justin Everett

    Justin Everett4 tháng trước

    I'm so tired of this fake ass love era we live in it makes you not even wanna be on this earth anymore like I've lost faith in humanity. So fucking sad and depressing😒😒😒😒😒😒😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  48. Ruby TianCer

    Ruby TianCer4 tháng trước

    I hope Cassie really falls in love with him sooner or later and not just doing this under the pressure (I’ve been in this position before just so you could please people and not have them cast judgments on you) In the end, everyone deserves true love

  49. Sade A

    Sade A4 tháng trước

    I feel bad for her! If she was my sister/friend I'd advice her to take some time to herself and examine her feelings. This all seems so weird. It didn't seem like she bailed only because she wasn't ready to marry, she said that she's not in love with him. It felt like she just wanted to be set free and Colton kept pushing. She seemed happy and relieved when packing her stuff before he came in and kept pushing it again. But now they tell a different story and Colton repeats that the audience sees so little... Well we saw enough. I highly doubt they edited out all the scenes that support their/his story. There was and is so much pressure on her. She wanted to leave, Colton went after her and told her about the fence jumping and sending the other girls home. Then asked her to meet the parents right away and then there's the whole virginity thing... Maybe Cassie's Dad needs to have another conversation with her!

  50. Freddy Krueger

    Freddy Krueger4 tháng trước

    Meanwhile in poor African countries...

  51. FlutterSimZ _

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    Why is this in my recommended VIreporter? Not cool