Commercial Styled Food Taste Test


  1. Tamra Jackson

    Tamra Jackson5 tháng trước

    I was gonna comment how on they shouldn't eat the glue, but then I remembered this was GMM, and they've eaten worse.

  2. Haniya Shareef art and singing

    Haniya Shareef art and singing6 ngày trước


  3. Gulled Abdirisaq

    Gulled Abdirisaq8 ngày trước

    Tamra Jackson they eat pig anus

  4. MugG

    MugG15 ngày trước

    Bubbles Aus Theorist L

  5. Ava L

    Ava LTháng trước

    its non toxic

  6. Shadow Girl

    Shadow GirlTháng trước

    TheLastKnightzGaming YOU DARE CALL THEM STUPID!!!!!!!

  7. Meghan Adkinson

    Meghan Adkinson10 giờ trước

    *aint no ready room*


    LIITEMIES15 giờ trước

    ower shot american comersials and tv. that trowing up shuold be a real comersial what effect? health for some and others care so much. japan has fun whit that shit. know my comb lik lik bastard.

  9. Arianna Cooper

    Arianna CooperNgày trước

    3:25 *rhett aggressively stabs spoon

  10. ッDark

    ッDarkNgày trước

    Wanna a sprite cranberry

  11. Amber Lynn

    Amber LynnNgày trước

    The shoe polish part made me shiver

  12. Kaysee Manilay

    Kaysee ManilayNgày trước

    The cost of their good health insurance... Wew.

  13. Kristel sil

    Kristel sil2 ngày trước

    you forgot the cheese and the tomato..

  14. хdмeмelord

    хdмeмelord3 ngày trước

    for the first one you’re meant to put jelly on the bottom

  15. ThatMexicanGuy

    ThatMexicanGuy3 ngày trước

    You could also take a small iron rod, heat it up and press it against the burger patty

  16. Piper Kawanaka

    Piper Kawanaka4 ngày trước

    You could make glue out of milk

  17. kenyon baker

    kenyon baker4 ngày trước

    The music on the strawberry commercial brought back memories of me as a little kid watching the movie up lol

  18. freddey 43

    freddey 436 ngày trước

    “I don’t want to eat a strawberry, I want to be a strawberry!” - Rhett 2018

  19. _simply dollz_

    _simply dollz_6 ngày trước

    I wanna be a strawberry!

  20. Picket Pants

    Picket Pants6 ngày trước

    The bottom of the Whopper doesn't have grill marks because it is put on a conveyor belt and rolled through a grill machine. It kind of works exactly like pizza ovens. So yea it is only grilled on the bottom and then they flip the burger before they put it together. So really the top is the bottom.

  21. Bogus Bozo

    Bogus Bozo6 ngày trước

    Do they got a fake audience? 😂

  22. Bogus Bozo

    Bogus Bozo6 ngày trước



    ALYSSA VANPELT7 ngày trước



    ALYSSA VANPELT7 ngày trước



    ALYSSA VANPELT7 ngày trước


  26. General Disorder

    General Disorder7 ngày trước

    They must be Vinny's friends. They ate glue.

  27. Wajtek

    Wajtek8 ngày trước

    Link: Devour Me Big Boy Sure that wasn't your wife on a Saturday?

  28. Adasyne Smith

    Adasyne Smith8 ngày trước

    Mashed potatoes as ice cream

  29. Stevany J

    Stevany J8 ngày trước


  30. Maya

    Maya9 ngày trước

    *crispy soda*

  31. Sage

    Sage10 ngày trước

    For steam in commercials, they get a tampon, put water in it, and heat it up.

  32. Sage

    Sage10 ngày trước

    For the cereal they actually make a gel, put that in the bowl, pour glue on top of it, then pour the cereal in. Because that way they use less glue

  33. Swed Boys

    Swed Boys10 ngày trước

    eww glue

  34. NatCat YT

    NatCat YT10 ngày trước

    *The sprite looks so good it’s toxic!*

  35. Motorsquid 01

    Motorsquid 0111 ngày trước

    Best song 2018: Look at all those bubbles, bubbles, bubbles.

  36. Andy S

    Andy S12 ngày trước

    Their hair: The one things that’s sacred on GMM

  37. ManiacalShowz

    ManiacalShowz14 ngày trước

    I miss the *PG* part of this show.

  38. Flamez and Water Bottle

    Flamez and Water Bottle15 ngày trước

    I got a food photography ad before this video.

  39. hana

    hana16 ngày trước

    "I dont wanna eat the strawberry i wanna be a strawberry" mOoD

  40. Moonlight Dragon

    Moonlight Dragon16 ngày trước

    And that is why I eat my cereal dry, yes I really eat my cereal dry because its disgusting when soggy.

  41. Twrgys Best_Friend

    Twrgys Best_Friend16 ngày trước

    How do they make links hair so grey??

  42. Austin Cox

    Austin Cox16 ngày trước

    All i could think about was the movie up when the strawberry commercial was playing

  43. Aamir Khawaja

    Aamir Khawaja16 ngày trước

    why did you say maneese

  44. John Wiggington

    John Wiggington17 ngày trước

    Burger King patties only have grill marks on one side because they ROLL the patties FROZEN through a "flame broiler" and then stick them in a steamer. Big fat BS people.

  45. Inayja Thomas

    Inayja Thomas18 ngày trước

    I love burger king whoppers no capp😍😚

  46. David Friedel

    David Friedel19 ngày trước

    Burger king commercial? I just had one :/

  47. Elodie Burleson

    Elodie Burleson19 ngày trước

    The ultimate question:.... Rett or Link?

  48. Jacob Moller nielsen

    Jacob Moller nielsen19 ngày trước


  49. Jacob Moller nielsen

    Jacob Moller nielsen19 ngày trước


  50. Matin Seyedjafar

    Matin Seyedjafar21 ngày trước

    so were gonna ignore the fact they just swallowed school glue,dish soap,hair spray and the others i dont know i didnt watch

  51. mushy

    mushy21 ngày trước

    This is a bad idea. You absorb chemicals through your gums and under your tongue directly into your blood stream. You basically IV'd shoe polish except the ROI takes longer so you didn't get a huge dose but you did get it

  52. Pkmn trainer Star/Tyler

    Pkmn trainer Star/Tyler21 ngày trước

    5:26 links face 😙

  53. _DiamondPlaysRoblox_

    _DiamondPlaysRoblox_22 ngày trước

    When you relize you shouldnt eat glue but they have ate worst

  54. Rachel Cheng

    Rachel Cheng22 ngày trước

    Except IN-N-OUT. Their food looks the way it does in commercials

  55. Pony Pro

    Pony Pro22 ngày trước

    Is links hair turning gray must be from POISONING THEM SELVES ALL THE TIME

  56. Willow Yang

    Willow Yang22 ngày trước

    Really link you make Rhett eat all the bad things

  57. VI Umar Channel 18/19

    VI Umar Channel 18/1922 ngày trước

    Huh... I got a food styling ad

  58. Dylan Donahue

    Dylan Donahue22 ngày trước

    You guys have a 70% chance of dieing from food poisoning

  59. Scripted Spontaneity Studios

    Scripted Spontaneity Studios23 ngày trước

    Tbh cinnamon frosted flakes are actually so good

  60. theLUCKYdude17

    theLUCKYdude1723 ngày trước

    Was the glue boiled for safety

  61. Will RIckard

    Will RIckard23 ngày trước

    Wait but I love soggy cereal! 😐😐😐

  62. Shy B

    Shy B23 ngày trước

    Soggy frosted flakes are 🔥🔥🔥 don't @ me

  63. Aye Beatz

    Aye Beatz23 ngày trước

    Ciao sono Agostino e vengo da Agostino, Tecsasso.

  64. Lianers Mixerz

    Lianers Mixerz24 ngày trước

    Can u guys make slime?

  65. Keira Griffin

    Keira Griffin25 ngày trước

    They should do will it mochi

  66. Gia Sood

    Gia Sood26 ngày trước

    You know what’s soo weird, the fact that there was a food styling commercial before I watched this🤔

  67. SouthernSpell Plants and more

    SouthernSpell Plants and more29 ngày trước

    No one wants to watch you eat toxic products. That's stupid and encourages children to do it no matter how many times you say not to. Please stop.

  68. Peppermint Ghost

    Peppermint Ghost29 ngày trước

    You know when all the ingredients land on each other in burger commercials are actually just snapping rubber bands in all no if that makes sense

  69. Mon Core

    Mon CoreTháng trước

    But in Tokyo, most expectations meet reality

  70. Pearl the rebel

    Pearl the rebelTháng trước

    Oh my god you actually ate it

  71. Scarli Scarz

    Scarli ScarzTháng trước

    I didn't think they were actually gonna eat the first one but... They are rhett and link after all! 😂

  72. Arnel Sugaste

    Arnel SugasteTháng trước


  73. Joseph Johnson

    Joseph JohnsonTháng trước

    So that BK commercial.......nobody vetted that?

  74. Bryan Cousins

    Bryan CousinsTháng trước


  75. Jocelyn Gadd

    Jocelyn GaddTháng trước

    Watch 0:25 to 0:45 in 0.25 speed

  76. Austin Dawson

    Austin DawsonTháng trước


  77. Seth Wallace

    Seth WallaceTháng trước


  78. Rachel Hopkins

    Rachel HopkinsTháng trước


  79. super adan plush

    super adan plushTháng trước


  80. Obvious Boulder

    Obvious BoulderTháng trước

    I’m surprised they didn’t do Ice cream because they use mashed potatoes for Ice cream so it doesn’t melt

  81. Obbsesed Army

    Obbsesed ArmyTháng trước

    I just got back from myrtle beach 1 week ago

  82. marissa deconing

    marissa deconingTháng trước

    Just got a food styling ad!😂 didn't even know they existed

  83. Person

    PersonTháng trước

    I didn't even concentrate when the strawberry advert came up because I was just thinking of the film UP from listening to the music

  84. fnaf kid

    fnaf kidTháng trước

    I love cereal 💜💙💜💙

  85. Josiah Trelawny

    Josiah TrelawnyTháng trước

    "You want that squirt to happen"

  86. Ku Mohd Zukhairi Azizan

    Ku Mohd Zukhairi AzizanTháng trước

    Everything goes wrong when we eat what weve shouldnt eat, But GMM they will do anything to make us go crazy for more! 😊

  87. Charlie Angels

    Charlie AngelsTháng trước

    " I don't wanna eat a strawberry, I wanna be a strawberry!" ~ Rhett McLaughlin 2018

  88. Joe Jaja

    Joe JajaTháng trước

    i was watching this while doing algebra homework

  89. ;3바나나진

    ;3바나나진Tháng trước

    Boy it's pop not soda ;3

  90. Burnt chicken Potato

    Burnt chicken PotatoTháng trước

    When you guys were putting the glue with the cereal and ate t my mom kept saying no!No!! No!!!. Oh and my brother said he like your guys videos.

  91. Serafina Couto

    Serafina CoutoTháng trước

    I was eating cereal while watching this

  92. PurplePinkBlueDragon

    PurplePinkBlueDragonTháng trước

    Lmao why does the strawberry commercial play the UP theme?

  93. Liz Ruybal

    Liz RuybalTháng trước

    I'm just saying, basically the equivalent to eating a shoe polish-covered burger is polishing your shoes, sticking a Whopper in them, and taking a big bite. Of course, you probably can't bite through a shoe, but on GMM, Rhett and Link can basically do anything. Learn your facts, childrens!

  94. John Cluphf

    John CluphfTháng trước

    Link didn't spit out the burger

  95. Aliyah Young

    Aliyah YoungTháng trước

    The frosted flakes dont look like they have glue lol And yes, i know that they said frosted flakes might not have glue inthe commercials

  96. Emily Evans

    Emily EvansTháng trước

    ‘Lets call Guinness I think we’re a On to something’

  97. Shea Kelley

    Shea KelleyTháng trước

    Who likes the soggy Frosted Flakes thooo

  98. Lauren Pinkie Pie

    Lauren Pinkie PieTháng trước

    He ignored the question...RHETT ANSWER THE QUESTION

  99. Stealth Fields

    Stealth FieldsTháng trước

    0:33 😂 “ devour me big boy” 😂😂

  100. Quentin Sadler

    Quentin SadlerTháng trước

    I always assumed they dunked the strawberries in water before filming. huh.

  101. How to draw/sketch

    How to draw/sketchTháng trước

    ain't no ready room!

  102. Bitter_Biscuits

    Bitter_BiscuitsTháng trước

    Does this prove that they are Kindergarteners?

  103. TheLastKnightzGaming

    TheLastKnightzGamingTháng trước

    Lol i watched this episode then farted got up & told myself, Ahhh just released one big Will it fart then i was like ?????? (No Joke then i was like.... Hey they could Do that as their next Will it!!! XD LOL XD Edit: this sounds SOOOO Dumb! XD

  104. TheLastKnightzGaming

    TheLastKnightzGamingTháng trước

    do a "Will it Juice?"

  105. ChristianGirl20

    ChristianGirl20Tháng trước

    How did I miss this episode?! I almost never miss my Good Mythical Morning!!