Commercial Styled Food Taste Test


  1. Mythical Tamra

    Mythical Tamra3 tháng trước

    I was gonna comment how on they shouldn't eat the glue, but then I remembered this was GMM, and they've eaten worse.

  2. enrique garcia

    enrique garciaNgày trước

    Glue is Non_toxic.

  3. TRL3 RAGE

    TRL3 RAGE9 ngày trước

    It’s called non toxic glue

  4. Dr. Upsidedownington

    Dr. Upsidedownington23 ngày trước

    Mythical Tamra ur lucky

  5. The one derpy Gamer

    The one derpy Gamer26 ngày trước

    Mythical Tamra they even ate pis pee

  6. LPS Diamond

    LPS DiamondTháng trước


  7. Dwayne Jones

    Dwayne Jones3 giờ trước

    6:30 only real OG's know that that's the song from UP

  8. Corey McKeever

    Corey McKeever18 giờ trước


  9. Conor Flory

    Conor FloryNgày trước

    I used to work at but he king we have a machine to put grill marks on our patty

  10. TheTheninjagummybear

    TheTheninjagummybearNgày trước

    Such a waste of food.

  11. DeelaW AS

    DeelaW ASNgày trước

    wolah ! i get a food styling ... comon google if ur doing something fishy don't be so abvious 😂

  12. Brynn Metcalf

    Brynn Metcalf2 ngày trước

    "Look at all those bubbles, bubbles, bubbles"- Links new guy singal

  13. netalivo

    netalivo2 ngày trước

    i really need rhetts shirt. does anyone know where he might have got it?

  14. artietheonemanpartie

    artietheonemanpartie2 ngày trước

    "Happy little accidents all over this burger" nice.

  15. jade lilac

    jade lilac3 ngày trước

    I love their mugs 😊💗

  16. Black Jack

    Black Jack3 ngày trước

    Now whenever I look at food commercials, they look so unappetizing

  17. Westbrook Raider

    Westbrook Raider3 ngày trước

    Have you got a steady hand-Rhett

  18. HeyitsSusan

    HeyitsSusan3 ngày trước

    Is all this even edible lol

  19. mr xXreaperXx

    mr xXreaperXx3 ngày trước


  20. Mole Man

    Mole Man3 ngày trước

    13:39 hahaha

  21. Woo Wugget

    Woo Wugget3 ngày trước


  22. Cheese Face1663

    Cheese Face16634 ngày trước

    Eat me Link, devour me big boy 🤣 Also in the sprite commercial B.o.B says pop 15 times

  23. Catalyst Chris

    Catalyst Chris4 ngày trước

    Just an average day of looking for the not toxic side of the burger

  24. [BEMC] Machine

    [BEMC] Machine6 ngày trước

    7:16 Dr Disrespect

  25. mst3kanita

    mst3kanita6 ngày trước

    I u link, but you need to learn how to cook.

  26. Max

    Max6 ngày trước

    I was eating cereal one day with Frosted Flakes and all of a sudden the milk turned into glue

  27. Jay the Pizza Guy

    Jay the Pizza Guy7 ngày trước


  28. Sofea Richie

    Sofea Richie7 ngày trước

    "I don't wanna eat strawberry I wanna be strawberry" _Rhett_

  29. ImmortalSafe401

    ImmortalSafe4019 ngày trước

    What are y’all doing putting the glue in first. Cereal- then milk

  30. chicken nugget

    chicken nugget9 ngày trước

    they are running out of ideas now... But i still love their videos

  31. Sunshine Marie

    Sunshine Marie10 ngày trước

    Link went Bob Ross on that BK burger😂😂 *Happy Little Accidents* Classic Bob 😂😂

  32. BayBay&PayPay’s ASMR

    BayBay&PayPay’s ASMR10 ngày trước

    This is one of my favorite episodes

  33. SmiLe

    SmiLe10 ngày trước

    Why don't they just use banana yoghurt and cornflakes. It looks the same as with glue and it tastes better than with a milk.

  34. mimivivi38

    mimivivi3810 ngày trước

    But, if they have to use glue and not milk to stop the cereal go soggy that means that it’s a bad cereal 😂

  35. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick11 ngày trước

    I'm the 43,000th like

  36. DarkSans_97

    DarkSans_9711 ngày trước

    There is formaldehyde in hairspray.....

  37. Eve Lanch

    Eve Lanch11 ngày trước

    This is one day before my birthday! I love GMM, YOU GUYS ARE GREAT

  38. jacob lord

    jacob lord11 ngày trước

    I thought from one of your videos hairspray is deadly

  39. Seth Mueller

    Seth Mueller11 ngày trước

    Mashed potatoes for ice cream!!!!!

  40. Jennifer Heiner

    Jennifer Heiner12 ngày trước

    Did anyone else notice they put the “milk” in first before the cereal 😂

  41. Cerberus Animates

    Cerberus Animates12 ngày trước

    Omg dont eat glue

  42. Ajwa's Bytes

    Ajwa's Bytes12 ngày trước

    Can any body tell me why link's hair is white

  43. Coby Fitzsimmons

    Coby Fitzsimmons12 ngày trước

    I swear the title gets longer and longer every time

  44. Frosted Flakes inc.

    Frosted Flakes inc.13 ngày trước

    yep its good

  45. Gentle Foox

    Gentle Foox13 ngày trước

    Rhett: Big boy Huh Rhett’s mind: That’s a new one link

  46. squadfam msp

    squadfam msp13 ngày trước

    When they played the married life song, i felt that 😫🤧😭

  47. Aiden Dixon

    Aiden Dixon14 ngày trước

    a food photography ad literraly came on before this video

  48. Wilma Forsström

    Wilma Forsström14 ngày trước

    This is literally them eating toxic things in a whole video, love it

  49. xydoit

    xydoit14 ngày trước

    I love cereal soggy if it is chocolate or i do that with wodka. Or to eat it without a milk

  50. xydoit

    xydoit14 ngày trước

    Too long title. Don't let Rhett wrote titles anymore.

  51. Toad The Mushroom

    Toad The Mushroom14 ngày trước

    I thought all those foods they show on commercials were CG...

  52. azooz al omani

    azooz al omani15 ngày trước

    I don't care bout the look I care about the taste

  53. Keischa Guzmán.

    Keischa Guzmán.15 ngày trước

    Look at all those bubbles v:

  54. That bacon guy 276

    That bacon guy 27616 ngày trước

    "It's round and plump and calling you like 'Eat me Link, devour me.'

  55. Jessie Thaden

    Jessie Thaden16 ngày trước

    _-_*_1:14_**_ 👌🏻?_*_-_

  56. Payton Sellers

    Payton Sellers16 ngày trước

    The milk in that commercial is actually real milk, it’s the cereal that is styled (some kind of coating is put on the cereal).

  57. klybe

    klybe16 ngày trước

    7:16 doc?

  58. Isabel’s Wizarding world

    Isabel’s Wizarding world16 ngày trước

    I hate burgers lol

  59. Karoliina Nauha

    Karoliina Nauha17 ngày trước

    In almost every single video I hear the staff and Rhett and Link laughing and it makes me feel happy and it makes me laugh too. and I always wonder, why do you eat stuff like shoe polish or hairspray?! You guys are hilarious!😂🤣😍😋😛😝😜🤪😇😆😶😐😬😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  60. guineapig_ slimes

    guineapig_ slimes17 ngày trước

    How are they not dead yet? 😂🤷‍♀️

  61. guineapig_ slimes

    guineapig_ slimes17 ngày trước


  62. JishwaDONE

    JishwaDONE17 ngày trước

    Did that strawberry ad use the opening song from UP or am i nuts?

  63. Daniel 12

    Daniel 1217 ngày trước

    play on 2x its soo sick

  64. Kitty Cake

    Kitty Cake18 ngày trước

    M My Myt Myth Mythi Mythic Mythica Mythical Mythica Mythia Mythi Myth Myt My M

  65. Maddie Mayhew

    Maddie Mayhew18 ngày trước

    I remember seeing that sprite commercial on the tv all the TIME😂

  66. B and C Productions

    B and C Productions18 ngày trước

    DEVOUR ME BIG BOY!!!! 😂🍔

  67. Steve Martin

    Steve Martin18 ngày trước

    Probably the best video ever. Haven't even watched it completely- but with it being exactly 13:37- it is bound to be epic.

  68. The potato dude Poop professor

    The potato dude Poop professor18 ngày trước

    Ummmm it’s kinda weird to eat glue

  69. Big Scarecrow

    Big Scarecrow19 ngày trước

    Hair spray is toxic and you ate some 😂😂😂

  70. Siena Miller

    Siena Miller19 ngày trước


  71. CritCat

    CritCat20 ngày trước

    any one realise the video is 13:37 long?

  72. strong moon

    strong moon20 ngày trước

    0:31 "Eat me Link, devour me big boy." Mind: *Patiently waits in a dark corner for that one fanfiction*

  73. JudyHopps 1234

    JudyHopps 123420 ngày trước

    8:00 Oh man he got us good

  74. Jade the Skeleton

    Jade the Skeleton21 ngày trước

    I thought glue was poisones

  75. Bella cullen

    Bella cullen21 ngày trước

    my sister and I couldn't stop laughing at the bubbles song lol you guys are so funny

  76. Cynthia Gao

    Cynthia Gao21 ngày trước

    For the hamburger they actually use vegetable oil

  77. Kaiser Etherington

    Kaiser Etherington21 ngày trước

    6:40, do you also want a needle stuck in your system?

  78. PixelVideos

    PixelVideos21 ngày trước

    If Burger King used the commercial idea of people spitting into a bucket, it would be a more accurate representation of their product. Just kidding BK, your bacon king is delicious!

  79. Steve Terry

    Steve Terry21 ngày trước

    7:17 😂 yeyeyeyeyeaYEYEYEAAA

  80. Lea

    Lea22 ngày trước

    is link's hair graying?

  81. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM22 ngày trước

    You went real big on the dish soap😂

  82. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM22 ngày trước

    Link: Rhett i think the cereal needs almonds

  83. Unicorn Pink1234

    Unicorn Pink123422 ngày trước

    Can i uhm... use that glue for slime ;) -Unknown,2018

  84. Declan Sheppard

    Declan Sheppard23 ngày trước

    Did you just admit to putting the cereal in before the milk

  85. NolanGamingN'Raging

    NolanGamingN'Raging23 ngày trước

    hearing them mention how someone believes in the "flat earth" made me more sick than watching them eating cereal with glue!

  86. David Smock

    David Smock23 ngày trước

    $4 million each to eat glue. I gotta say as a person who lives in poverty and is permanently disabled, I'm a bit resentful.

  87. Harry Lai

    Harry Lai23 ngày trước

    Rhett is a flat earther 2018 comfirmed

  88. Marco Perez

    Marco Perez24 ngày trước

    Why does link always want to touch someone else's food WTH

  89. True Pigg

    True Pigg24 ngày trước

    I worry for their health

  90. Cody Alexander

    Cody Alexander24 ngày trước

    thers not 1 single peice.of cheese on that whopper in the commercial.

  91. AshLee R Parker

    AshLee R Parker24 ngày trước

    Bubbles 🙌🏾💃🏾

  92. Casey Kuhr

    Casey Kuhr25 ngày trước

    Good thought mithical tamra

  93. Zube Tube

    Zube Tube26 ngày trước

    D E V O U R M E B I G B O Y

  94. goat head cactus pillow

    goat head cactus pillow26 ngày trước

    you've been tricked. they use something called editing

  95. Elsa -Bella Sisters

    Elsa -Bella Sisters26 ngày trước

    Is my life a lie😾😤😐

  96. Elsa -Bella Sisters

    Elsa -Bella Sisters26 ngày trước

    You seriously ate this stuff

  97. Miriam Fease

    Miriam Fease26 ngày trước

    Every time I get cast for a commercial I wanna cry cause I have to eat that stuff...

  98. Brianna Brereton

    Brianna Brereton27 ngày trước

    oh my GOD. when link screamed biker week it’s brought me way back to when my parents took us to myrtle beach on biker week ( I WAS 7!!) by accident and let’s just say, it was very eventful 😂😳

  99. Savana Phillip

    Savana Phillip27 ngày trước

    "Eat me Link, devour me big boy." -Link 2018

  100. Creeper Catgirl

    Creeper Catgirl27 ngày trước

    so childish

  101. Caty Thompson

    Caty Thompson28 ngày trước

    my dad was hired to paint grill marks on burgers when he was a teenager

  102. XxCrystal kitty :3 xX

    XxCrystal kitty :3 xX28 ngày trước

    I’ve eaten worse!

  103. The Cocaine Yeti

    The Cocaine Yeti29 ngày trước

    This was kinda cringey with the humor. And how many people are in that room and why are they dying laughing at all the jokes? Great audience today huh?

  104. anthony merrell

    anthony merrell29 ngày trước

    i thoughtthey were actuly gonna eat the glue

  105. DavoJay99

    DavoJay9929 ngày trước

    Make sure those strawberries don't have needles in them...