Conspiracy Series


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    Hold on to your lawsuits

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    Shane ;~; I missed you

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    I just fell over. YESSSSSS SHANE!

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    Google controls you

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    Who else misses his old house

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    its 2 on trending CONGRATS SHANEEE

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    Why you gonna make me wait so long?

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    We'll definitely be on trending Shane🐷*oink*

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    Queen protecc Queen attacc But most importantly Queen is bacc 💕❤️

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    Bruh, I’m in!

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    1st on trending good job

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    Freaking sociopath

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    send help

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    omg i’m so excited

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    Who edit this shit.

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    Ahhhhhh!Yes queen!

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    I miss drew

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    I sense Maxs army of stupid 12 year olds incoming

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    I'm crying

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    When is this starting?

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    Conspiracy Theory Soulja Boy started everything

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    I can'tt wait🤠🤠

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    Hells yes Shane is coming for our wigs and I'm shook

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    *Shane:* so um... *Layer:*

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    Eat my flemn

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    I’m so fucking excited!!!

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    This is such a cliffhanger I honestly cannot wait. Proud of u Shane ❤️

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    Don’t worry guys it’s only the wii shop shutdown

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    10 days to go till it’s uploaded

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    Yessssss queen finally

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    There were a genocidal operation in Cali...

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    Oh yeah yeah

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    I’m expecting another series of Shane quietly whispering into a camera like he’s about to be killed.

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    1:11 is on trending 1?????? Mrbeast is gunna be mad

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    Pls say drew is coming back or at least mentioned

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    I was 2 hours late Let's just say I couldn't comment "here before 1M views"

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    Hell yes a conspiraseries! I’m gonna barf my pants

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    i’m so excited for this honestly oh my god

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    ля что это

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    I hope I’m earlyyyyy Shane please likeee my comment THAT WOULD BE MY DREAM Edit: sorry the notification that said recommended was seven minutes ago but then I saw Shane’s comment and it was one day ago ohhh goddd I’m so stupid

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    Yeahhhh baby the king is back👑❤

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    *BRING BACK THE SPOOKY BOYS* Also according to the desc the first episode is in 10 days!!!

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    Ahhhh shit, Shane firing up that suspense cannon loading it up with as much drama as he can stuff into the chamber Can't wait Shane! This looks super epic! (As always)

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    I can't wait to see this, cuz it's gonna be good😁

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    H baa

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    Yesss omg can’t wait to trigger my anxiety again

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    Hey!!! Please give me a shout-out!

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    Support my friends channels You will like my work and there will be free entertainment for the most active fans will surely like you beautiful and new videos

  82. G. H

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    As far as we know this is going to talk about phones and technology stuff 1. Zepeto 2. The AI thingy where it creates a talking, animated face (the Obama one) 3. Somehow....YTRewind is in this too (?) And more, i’ll add later if i, or even you find anything

  83. chimchim charoo

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    WHY AM I HYPED ASF BUT SCARED ASF AT THE SAME TIME OMG...tbh all conspiracy things put me on edge and paranoid but I'm still here for it all...💜💜

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    i think shane has the most loyal fanbase, because of how long we wait for his videos, yet we still show up as soon as they come out

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    this is so ugly

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    Comment AGREE If You Love Shane Dawson

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  96. fr e sh avoca do

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    do kurt cobain. i believe he was murdered by courtney love. because they were both "cokeheads" and in kurt's last days his and courtney's relationship was a bit rocky. so naturally she didnt want her "source for free coke" to go away. hence she got him killed. and banks the money today, his net worth in 1994 was $100 million dollars and after he died courtney inherited his massive fortune of $115 million dollars. also why dont courtney and francis get along?? there are loads of theories about that too. please do a theory on this shane ! lots of love.

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    Omgggg wtfff im soooo exciteddd

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    I don't care about the content , I just wanna see you 😍

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    exited ass

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    Ahhhhhhhhhh....can't wait

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    You are killing meeee OMG I CANT FREAKING WAIT

  104. JJ Stinz

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    so uh i recently found out a bunch of creepy stuff about Pearson Realize, that weird learning program thats pretty new, I found out it owns a psychological testing website and just has a bunch shady vibes. Already most of the stuff on the psychological tests got pretty personal as you answer....

  105. K. Fisch

    K. FischGiờ trước

    JJ Stinz !!! Yes please actually I don’t trust Pearson at all and it’s website(s?)give me shady vibes Probably a cult 🤪

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    I thought that was selena