1. Labros Lazar

    Labros Lazar6 giờ trước

    I swear if you would replace me to 1 of these *golds* i would destroy you alone

  2. Labros Lazar

    Labros Lazar6 giờ trước

    They are not even trying to lvl up They just flash into you so you get kills

  3. Masikinias

    MasikiniasNgày trước

    I see this Jayce knew you were going a melee champion and Garen so he picked something to abuse you early game but he forgot he doesn’t know how to play

  4. Fuck your life

    Fuck your lifeNgày trước


  5. NomNom TheCookies

    NomNom TheCookies4 ngày trước

    Professor NoBeard

  6. blue

    blue5 ngày trước

    If these are gold players i can already imagine what iron 5 looks like in na lmao

  7. Zylo

    ZyloNgày trước

    blue iron 4

  8. xDaviXx D B C

    xDaviXx D B C7 ngày trước

    The screen so dumb XDXDXD garen rework vs 5 golds, no more, this is creisi man

  9. MrOneShot13

    MrOneShot137 ngày trước

    How we know they are gold??

  10. Adhunik Manav

    Adhunik Manav9 ngày trước

    this is Dave Chapelle Stand up comedy level hilarious :P

  11. Alucard NoLifeKing

    Alucard NoLifeKing10 ngày trước

    Euw gold would destroy you. atleast 5 at once.

  12. Master Muamer

    Master Muamer11 ngày trước

    How the fuuck that pigs are 5 lvl behind playing free lane hahhha

  13. Master Muamer

    Master Muamer11 ngày trước

    Bronzes will say woow why you play garen mid and then go 1/15 as yasuo top or kayn jungle same stats and garen mid 15/1 ofc cant carry that bronzes boosted golds. And this guy plays 1v5 golds

  14. ColMex! -Overwatch y Demás-

    ColMex! -Overwatch y Demás-12 ngày trước


  15. Rubo

    Rubo12 ngày trước

    This jayce is gold? You mean iron right?

  16. DanYGames

    DanYGames13 ngày trước


  17. woOt_ph Official

    woOt_ph Official14 ngày trước

    it's not yet updated in GARENA Server but I can't wait adding "Phantom Dancer" to his gears. XD

  18. Adhunik Manav

    Adhunik Manav9 ngày trước

    its not in any server yet...this is PBE

  19. xMarciok

    xMarciok14 ngày trước

    This is not a Gold...

  20. Σοφοκλής Νάστος

    Σοφοκλής Νάστος14 ngày trước

    why these cancerous youtuber brags for winning 5 gold players like its high elo? XD all his videos are fcking scripted

  21. KriStoFers89

    KriStoFers8915 ngày trước

    5 man first time play i think :)

  22. Zatich

    Zatich16 ngày trước

    This garen rework is based on Path Of Exile Cyclone Build xDDDD

  23. League is For fun !

    League is For fun !17 ngày trước

    French golds :P ?

  24. The BreakOut

    The BreakOut17 ngày trước

    they are not golds .... and even if they are so they are rly not playing seriously

  25. Violate

    Violate18 ngày trước

    1 gold/plat garen vs 5 diamond team.

  26. Abd Elmasseh Mourad

    Abd Elmasseh Mourad18 ngày trước

    Can you play one of those 1vs5: master yi or darius

  27. Ákos Palotás

    Ákos Palotás18 ngày trước

    On mid they should have just picked xerath or something and farm under tower while pushing other lanes and pick a farming late game carry jg to farm both jg and thats easy win in late they just go 1 3 1or something like that and dont engage on the garen

  28. THE FUBU

    THE FUBU18 ngày trước

    Lol these arent gold players get the fuck outta here

  29. Bobi Aladzhov

    Bobi Aladzhov18 ngày trước

    Do garen E stack rage bleed

  30. mike sanders

    mike sanders18 ngày trước

    I don't know why this wouldn't get released into live servers it's totally not broken

  31. Alex Portnjagin

    Alex Portnjagin18 ngày trước

    Can u guys pls give a down vote for this obvious feeding so he earn nothing with this shit.

  32. Joshua Dixon

    Joshua Dixon19 ngày trước

    You know what's fun but I haven't really seen, Tank Pantheon

  33. Biker20691

    Biker2069119 ngày trước

    Never they are Gold... perhaps in an other Game XD... but not in league...

  34. FlutFlutter :-O

    FlutFlutter :-O19 ngày trước


  35. imkindaretarded lol

    imkindaretarded lol19 ngày trước

    DUDE! Golds are boosted

  36. Animated Sky 11

    Animated Sky 1119 ngày trước

    Imagine new garen on urf Jesus is that you

  37. Phaltex Le Gamer

    Phaltex Le Gamer19 ngày trước


  38. سالم الزيدي

    سالم الزيدي19 ngày trước

    you must be so stupid to actually think someone would believe it's a fair "u vs 5 gold"... enough with the lies

  39. מנדי מזריובה

    מנדי מזריובה19 ngày trước

    Play as a teemo

  40. It's oK

    It's oK19 ngày trước

    jayce, a gold player, actually he is a newbie -_-, an iron player is better

  41. Susuya Juuzou

    Susuya Juuzou20 ngày trước

    by gold u mean u payed those players real money to lose, bcoz theres 0 chance u win a 1vs5 even against ai

  42. Lobo Orgulhoso

    Lobo Orgulhoso20 ngày trước

    nooo that teemo is not gold if he is lvl 30 its to much

  43. Спортивный Контент

    Спортивный Контент20 ngày trước

    Fake gold players

  44. Mamppa

    Mamppa20 ngày trước

    its staged or they are boosted na golds. ttttrash

  45. Patrick Banks

    Patrick Banks20 ngày trước

    @9:48 "We're going *BeyBlade, we're going *BeyBlade."

  46. majdy brown

    majdy brown20 ngày trước

    now damacin justice is a one man army

  47. Stephen Clayton

    Stephen Clayton20 ngày trước

    new garen out of the jungle is going to be the nastiest IMO

  48. FvM

    FvM20 ngày trước

    ''gold'' players diving a turret with 25% hp as teemo, i mean what kind of region is this?

  49. Vuk Markovic

    Vuk Markovic21 ngày trước

    Im challenger if these are gold players..

  50. Daniel Hartman

    Daniel Hartman21 ngày trước

    I know they are feeding, cause any actual 5 golds would have split his @$$ in 15... and yet I am bored enough to still watch.

  51. Sky Walker

    Sky Walker21 ngày trước

    Don't get to this lvl i love u i love bunz but man they're not gold not even an iron player will be this bad i mean literally teemo is feeding they are flashing on ur e or into ur AT range man if they are 0Iq the viewers are not i don't know if u haired them or not but they are clearly loosing and trolling

  52. Blaze Kiddz

    Blaze Kiddz21 ngày trước

    play ww

  53. Gedifilyte

    Gedifilyte21 ngày trước

    Haha! This is gold players? I think this is iron

  54. Totoy White Gaming

    Totoy White Gaming21 ngày trước

    If i were ryze, i should build Morello, and on teemo are Liandry and Frozen Mallet, Just look on their items, they're maybe not in gold 😹 But still hate rito for that Garen 😹

  55. Lorenzo Stanzani

    Lorenzo Stanzani21 ngày trước

    Gold Player in EUW are way better, What is this? XD

  56. Karma002

    Karma00221 ngày trước

    I cant take that if it is in live

  57. Ludi Iglac

    Ludi Iglac21 ngày trước

    there are better people in iron IV than these " gold " players

  58. việt thanh

    việt thanh21 ngày trước

    Nice.. hahaha

  59. John Rauch

    John Rauch21 ngày trước

    Lvl 30 Gold players. wonder what it feels like to lie to 700k people for money...

  60. Drunk Noxian

    Drunk Noxian19 ngày trước

    Dude... it's PBE... the fuck are you saying, ofc they re lvl 30

  61. FeR1997gOn

    FeR1997gOn22 ngày trước

    ¨5 gold players¨

  62. blank

    blank22 ngày trước

    Dude they are all retarded srsly

  63. LifenKnight 6732

    LifenKnight 673222 ngày trước

    if didn't they all just go mid, to win